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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 13, 2014 4:30pm-5:16pm PDT

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i'm elizabeth cook. thanks r joining us for a special mo night footba ws. we good evening. i'm allen martin. >> i'm elizabeth cook. thank you for joining us for a special monday night football edition of kpix 5 news. >> the 49ers take on the rams in an hour. but first, new concern that
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consider dr.s and nurses are not ready to deal with an ebola outbreak here after a nurse thought she took every precaution but still contracted ebola. 26-year-old nina fam is the first known person to get the virus through transmission in the united states. the government is telling hospitals across the nation to that think ebola. the ckdc is launching a review of procedures for treating infected patients. >> care for a person with ebola requires meticulous attention to detail. we're looking at every aspect. >> there are only 4 u.s. facilities in georgia, nebraska, maryland, and montana with specially-trained health care workers and biocontainment areas to treat ebola. some 70 staffer at the dallas hospital cared for the first ebola patient, and now they will also all have to be
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monoford. >> bay area nurses are concerned they haven't been properly trained to address a potential ebola outbreak. don? >> liz liz, high-ranking public officials ask they be transported to containment centers. other areas are not confident they know how to handle ebola cases. >> they have people who are highly trained, putting on personal protective equipment, etc. the difference now is that because ebola is so deadly, because this disease is very different than anything we've faced before, hospitals are work get their level of competency up. >> reporter: a nurses' organization said that hops are
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not doing enough to train their health care workers. >> 64% says their hospital has not communicated to them any policy regarding the addition of patient insfected by ebola. >> reporter: one hospital responded in writing, saying they're fully prepared to evaluate and treat suspected and identified cases of ebola. >> i would say hospitals are prepared, however being prepared is not a destination it's a process. we can always get better. >> are we overreacting? >> as a world xument, we are not. this is a devastating outbreak that i don't think any of us would have anticipated. having seen this level of sustained transmission occurring. >> reporter: dr. aragon say it's more of app issue for underdeveloped countries than for countries line the yates that have the infrastructure
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and know how diseases are transmiptd. >> we have that capability in the united states. we will never have the outbreak that you're seeing in africa in the united states. >> reporter: dr. aragon says he expects more health care workers to be exposed, but does not expect an outbreak in the general population. >> everyone is on heightened alert for possibly bow la cases. hazmat crews we rhode island moved 5 passengerrers in boston reported to have flu-like symptoms today. the flying had landed at logan international airport from dubai. none of the passengers had traveled to northwest africa, but nobody is take any cases. these photos show the trouble on an american airlines flying that needed to make an emergency landing at sfo. it was a problem with the
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ventilation system. the plane took off from sfo, was headed to dallas fort worth when it had to turn around. it landed safely just after 2:00. authorities tell us the plane was still at low altitude, so oxygen masks did not deploy. >> a depest test reinwas hit and killed. the driver, a teenager, was suspect of driving drunk. caution tape blocked off a strip of east bay shore shortly after 6 a.m. this morning. police say torres hit a power pole and flipped over. during the crash, his car hit and killed a pedestrian. the name of that pedestrian is not being released until his family is notified. in south san francisco, crews are working to get a train back on the tracks after
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it derailed. >> new this afternoon, we learned manyson san jose police recruits are currenting ship before they even join the department. all of the most -- 29 of the most recent cadets were offered a job. 22 said yes, 7 said no. >> we're in dire straits. right now, essentially for every one person we hire and at least temporarily keep web lose 2 to resignations and retirements. >> the last recruiting class was the smallest in a while, and they're getting smaller. the academy has just 21 recruits. a big bay area congressional race is just starting to heat up. district 17 challenger r october e canna has closed a 20 point gap and is now running neck nance with mike honda.
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the canna campaign paid for that pole. the honda campaign just responded. >> reporter: it includes a big name in san jose and includes some of the biggest names in tech. and now 2 democrats are running for congress in this tech-heavy district. >> reporter: roe canna is the challenger in this races, facing mark honda. cann a's polling data shows the race is essentially tied. >> i think that's what's doing it. >> i took all of this experience. >> reporter: also today, incumbent mike honda's campaign released their own data.
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it tells a different story. hop day's chief of staff says this latest poll shows that congressman honda is the overwhelming choice of voters. roe canna's campaign is getting desperate. with 2 democrats running in this race, canna says one of the big challenges is so sway republicans and independents. >> i think people know even where i may disagree, i'm willing to listen. >> reporter: but some voters wonder if any one candidate can make a difference in congress. >> i don't think that they focus on what the things are that are important to me. >> reporter: it was 2011 that california changed the voting reed yours, allowing the 2 top vote-getters to move on to the general election. that's why we have the
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situation where 2 democrats are running against each other in the general election. locked in their own intense campaign battle, the top candidates for oakland mayor gathered today in support of measure z. it would extend for 10 years the $100 a year parcel tax to renew funding for vital city services such as police and fire. >> we are working to step forward in a way that does not increase taxes, but that preserves and enhances vital public safety services in the city of oakland. >> it will help the firefighters. it will guarantee that we will have officers stiend neighborhoods. >> measure z would not generate enough money to add officers to the streets. right now, there are more than 600 officers. policing experts say oakland needs 900 to 1,000 officers. stocks sink to their lowest
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level in months on wall street. airline and energy stocks took the biggest hits. in general, investors are concerned economic growth in europe and asia are slowing. the dow dropped 223 point, the nasdaq was down 62, and the s&p lost 31. countdown to football is on tonight, 49ers versus rams. >> dennis o'donnell has a preview. >> 49ers's stock numbers are up. have you heard the name austin davis? paul? >> i have heard that name. who is he? >> don't worry. if you haven't heard, you're not alone. even the 49ers defensive coordinator admitted he knew nothing about this rams quarterback, and here's why. sam brad god got inexpwrurpd next guy up, sean hill when got hurt too. up steps some guy named austin davis. he was a walk-on in college and undrafted in the nfl, but he's
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been a star the last few weeks. the 49ers have to watch out for plays like this. >> davis, flushed out of the pocket. he will roll back, throw to the end zone, touchdown, brian quick. >> that doesn't change the approach. we still have to push the football down the field and create explosive plays. >> some people think this could be a trap game for the 49ers. >> better take them seriously. >> yep. big big friday night football. : it's neighbor versus neighbor in a nasty fight over a shrub. >> it's like democrats and republicans in this neighborhood. that's what it's like. >> why this plant has a north bay community so fired pup. >> not everyone wants the
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million dollar price tags. the huge project some worry will threaten the bare bai area city's small-town charm. >> today, we were forecast for the low 80s -- yesterday, we were in the low 80 was plenty of shine. so what happened we still have areas of sunshine, but we're 20 degrees cooler. and yes, we have the chance of rain coming up. i need to take care of myself, as well as take care of my business.
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now, americans everywhere are discovering that galbani ricotta inspires moments that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). i'm protected and i'm covered, and i love that feeling. i'm in, so i can grow my business. over one million people have enrolled in health insurance through covered california. soon, you can join them. fire concerns across the bay area earlier today. it's now expired..
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but in one north bay neighborhood, tensions are heating up. neighbors are battling over a red flag warning fueled gear concerns across the north bay today. it's expierpd but in one north bay nibbed nabbed, neighbors are balling over juniper plants -- it's expired, but in one north bay neighborhood, neighbors are battling over juniper plants. some say the flammable plant has to go. >> reporter: people are concerned that flames could jump the hillside into their juniper plants and into their neighborhood. other people say they like the juniper plants. but this has truly yoid dwieded the neighborhood. >> reporter: neighbors decided to have it out over juniper plants. >> it's like the republicans and democrats in this neighborhood. that's what it's like. >> jan richmond is leading the
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charge to get the junipers removed. she says the safety of the neighborhood depend on it. >> they have some oil and they're like little gas lands. >> reporter: they've back all june per plants since 2011. it's 2014, and they're still there. >> we have the money. it just doesn't make sense, and it's delayed. >> reporter: we took that question to hoa vice president don blainey. >> we're doing the best we can. >> reporter: he said the hoa had to find the money for the juniper removal first. >> had to add a line item to our budget so we can do this. the plan is throw move them by next spring. if they remove them, there will
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be a lawsuit. >> we will file a lawsuit against the hoa and city council. you can bet on that. >> reporter: the landscape ark tect in that piece and the hoa vice president has more than 3 decades of experience in landscaping. he grease they're more flammable than other plants, but says if there was a large fire, many plants can go up in smoke. live at china camp, mark kelly. >> it could cost $35,000 to replace the junipers. you can blame the drought for making giant pumpkins from being a little less plump. but it still didn't stop a man from setting a record at the half-moon bay weigh-off. >> 2,058 pounds! >> did you marry that? 2,058 pounds, shattering an american pumpkin record. the winning pumpkin about 200
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pounds shy of the current world record from germany. that big boy will be on display at the half-moon bay current kin festival. >> that's impressive. and vain on the way. >> this will be 7 day forecast that's the exact opposite of what we've had recently. it's been hot, it's been sunny, it's been everything but what we're about to have for the next week. enjoy heat while you have it. we will be foggy tomorrow morning. take a look at this, san francisco, 2:00 yesterday. a 2eu 21 degree temperature drop in 1 day.
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it has been a rough, rough couple days at the beach. a lot of rough surf, snooker waves, the high risk of wind doesn't. two things will happen, the sneaker wave danger will go away, but it will be cold, so you won't want to go to the beach. let me show you a graphic. we have some baseball games coming up, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we have giants hosting the st. louis cardinal, mostly cloudy and breezy tomorrow. we'll stay dry on wednesday and thursday. it will get cooler in the evening. we hope all 3 are giants victories. i can guarantee you all 3 will
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be much cooler than the past several waydays. big area of low pressure sliding in our general direction. tomorrow we're going wetter because we will have a front moving through. even after the front is gone a huge, big area of low pressure will keep things unsettled. gone are the 90s, gone is the sunshine from start to finish. much cooler, much cloudier, and it all begins tomorrow. light rain moved to the north baby tomorrow afternoon. showers arrive tomorrow evening. it will rain through the morning commute on wednesday. then we catch a bit of a break.
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thursday is try. friday, another chance of showers. showers october does 2 things opinion it's hot to start and wet to finish. it's not unusual to hear about new bell medical dollar homes in the bay area. >> but when the proposal is for luxury homes in facifica, you can bet that will cause a stir. some neighbors are taking a stand to protect their small- town charm opinion. >> reporter: pacifica is known for their eclectic shops like pacific at heart. sandy beaches make this among the bay area's hidden gems, which most people here don't mind. >> i love the weather. it's perfect. i mean, it's foggy.
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don't let anyone move here. >> reporter: some homes planned here are about to change the price. >> reporter: the views are priceless. they're million dollar views. but they're starting at over $4 million. >> only 15 minutes from downtown san francisco, 15 minutes from the airport, 35 from silicon valley. >> reporter: neil schwartz is generous with those driving times, but these homes should be fantastic. only 10 of them, each over 4200 square feet. >> some question if anything in pasksa is worth that much. >> i don't expect them to fly off the market. >> reporter: and some wonder if the kings of the hill moving in might change the working class
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character of this home. >> there's a lot of high- episode homes and wealthy bean they're just low-key. >> reporter: mike sugarman, kpix news 5. tonight, it's the 49ers versus the rams. verne? >> i'm verne glen on the sidelines in st. louis, getting you ready for the 49ers and the rams. the report, coming up. it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars
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their spine. but one south bay dentist s julie watts-- a new way to going to the dentist a litt nats o for some folk, hearing a dentist say open wide is enough to send chills down their spines. >> mrs. a new way to make going to the deeptist a little less scary. >> reporter: like mr. m, jeeper if croll dreads going dentist. >> my palms get sweaty. i get cramps in my stomach. >> reporter: even walking to
4:55 pm
the dental chair can be unneiving. enter remy, a therapy dog, his job, calming the neives of patients like jen fern. >> he's literally waiting at the front door in the morning, knowing where he's going. >> reporter: therapy dogs in professional settings isn't new. hospitals, court, even some officers use them to help aleave qlait everyday anxieties. >> only on in. >> reporter: and while there are no hard number on how many dental offices are now using therapy dogs in their practices... >> that was a problem for a while, wasn't it? >> reporter: remy's owner thinks it's on the rise. >> a long process pup need of the right office, the right staff. >> reporter: and the right dog. remy spent many weeks being desensitized to loud noises. and since he's around kids,
4:56 pm
chemical flee sprees a suspects aren't used. >> i like to go to the dentist because i get to have a dog on my lap. >> reporter: patients decide if they're willing to have remy sit with them. if remy doesn't have anyone to look after, he just takes a nap. it's a good life for a good dog. >> it's icing on the cake. it makes them comfortable and makes it much more pleasant. >> reporter: remy is not a service animal, so he wouldn't be allowed in restaurant or certain other establishments. the ada laws on service dogs refer to services someone with a stability. the cardinals have arrived in san francisco. it's the 49ers and rams that take center stage in st. louis. is it a trap game for san
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francisco? we break it down as we head to kickoff next on kpix 5. ,, trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because
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i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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and i'm allen martin. you re watching a special monday n football edition of kpix 5 . the 49ers take on the rams t louis in half an good evening. i'm liz birth cook. >> al allen march fin the 49ers are taking on the rams in st. louis? half an hour. >> we'll have a full preview of tonight's big division matchup. first, a quick look at your top stories. an american airlines flight made an emergency landing at sfo after an air duct malfunction. it started to come apart at the seams. you could see the insulating material inside. >> a 26-year-old texas nurse wore protective gear but still contracted ebola while treating an infected patient.
5:00 pm
nina fam is the first person to get the virus through transmission in the united states. bay area nurses are conditioned they have not been properly trained for an outbreak. >> reporter: the last academy produced just 22 new officers. 7 other recruits turned down the job and went to other departments. the police union and the city have been battling for year over pay and benefit. just 21 cadets are signed up for the next academy, which starts tomorrow. monday night football just minutes away. we have the niners against the rams. >> bleats go to dennis o'donnell with the preview. >> the 49ers have won 2 straight. they appear to be back on track, facing a 1-3 st. louis rams team with a grand total of 1 sack all season. let's go inside the edward jones dome where burt glen has a pre-- verne glen has a
5:01 pm
preview and a hall of fame guest. >> reporter: throwback night as the rams will be wearing those 1999 greatest show on turf uniform, that's the royal blue ant yellow. this current edition wishes they were that good. austin davis is in the lineup. they're averaging 26 points a game and over 400 yards of offense. davis nearly rallied the rams to a comeback win over the eagles. st. louis scored the game's final 21 points. when jim harbaugh looked at the coach as' follow film, he couldn't believe the rams ended up loseing. >> you know the score, you know what happened, but every now and then, you're like, maybe you got it wrong. >> did you get it wrong? >> no. industry seen scores printed wrong before, living in the midwest, you read the papers, i'm thinking about being a kid
5:02 pm
now, but i would check the scores in the sunday paper the next morning. sometimes they would get the west coast games wrong or not have them. sometimes they would write due to lants, they didn't have the score. as a rule liked to know 8 or 9- year-old jim harbaugh. that would have. a real treat for pup a bit different from 50-year-old. >> harbaugh certainly liked what -- >> reporter: harbaugh certainly liked what he saw out of bran dan lloyd last week. the rams are one of lloyd's 6 former team. he left football in 2013 for a job in sales. did you get any double-takes?
5:03 pm
>> i would hand my card over to people, and they would say, you know, there's a football blamer named brandon lloyd. i only cashed in on that one time. and it really helped. >> do you see any scenario where the 49ers could have a struggle? >> it's the nfl, so you have to be careful. on monday night had austin davis, the quarterback for the ram witness he was talking to sean hill and said, what's the big deal about monday night? he said the only difference is more has-beens on the sidelines. i said, hey, you're talking about yourself. and you saw what happened in seat. teams are getting better. we used to know who was good and into wasn't good. it take longer now.
5:04 pm
>> reporter: what will you specifically be looking for tonight. >> for me, it's the long haul. i'm not looking for anything for tonight. the definition of the 49ers offense, who are they? if we're trying to get a full feelfield read quarterback,let do that. >> wortdz from the man with the franchise word for most it'ds on monday night, 42. >> really? did not know nap. >> yeah, 42, a 49er record. >> that's a good thing to go out on. >> reporter: with that, back to you, dennis, in-studio. >> we're join bid jeremy newberry to break it down. if you go back to 2005, they're the second-worst team in the nfl, 43 wins, 103 losses, and 1
5:05 pm
tie. would you guess who the worst is? >> i think it's one of our favorite bay area teams. >> that's right, it's the raiders. how do you see this one breaking down. >> i think they're a young, improving team with a lot of talent. they have some guys that can get over the quarterback. they didn't enin sacks. >> give me your keys to the game. >> number 1 is run the football. they've got to establish the run. they have to hit this young quarterback. this guy can play really, really well. and limit the penalties. if they can do those 3 thing, this is going to be a walkway
5:06 pm
for the 49ers. >> the 49ers have got. back to their bread and butter. the giants head back from the art city after a thriller last night at busch. and we'll look at the big blast by colton long and look ahead to tomorrow's afternoon afternoon pitchers in game 3. ,,,,,,,,,,
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californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk."
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time to vote no on prop 46. the giants bullpen sunday at busch stadium... 7th innig, rookie oscar tavares ties the game off jn machi with a solo blast.. tn off hunter strickland, matt adams gave st. louis the le er solo blast.. a rough night for the giants bullpen thursday at busch stadium. off hunter strikeland, matt a.m. adams gives st. louis the lead with another solo blast. they tied it in the top of the 9th within and colton long did it again. >> everyone's hitting bombs. whip you don't execute it.
5:09 pm
>> it hurts, but you have to get back to it tomorrow. there's a good chapts i'm going to bet g et the ball again. let's go at it. >> the giants were packback at at&t this afternoon. the giants will send tim hudson to the mound. >> one thing i noticed about too you faced a good lineup, including barry bonds. you intentionally walked him 4 times in that series. >> wouldn't you? >> just curious. as you look at this giants lineup, who concerns you the most? >> they don't got barry bonds. >> the giants won it world series without barry bonds. jeremy, who do you like?
5:10 pm
>> i like them at home. i thought they would win that one last light. what a game that was. >> i was joking. i didn't expect you to break down baseball, okay? >> we got to do the raiders yesterday after a loss. >> i have newfound respect for our center. if prank gore goes to the hall of fame, he can thank the rams in his ab acceptance speech. he has an 11-3-1 record against them in 15 games. gore has had back to back 100 yard games now and had 1 particular bayplay last week that nearly wrought hah because to his knees. >> he was running between bruce and the defender and was blocking. it's almost like the car racer when they drive through the smoke of an accident.
5:11 pm
he just went right through it. >> they have gotten back to what they do best. >> i see a teachation to pass the ball. but this is the 123 13áeust rushing defense in the. >> speaking of frank gore, he's the toughest runningback i've ever face. he teems so be getting better and better every year.
5:12 pm
>> john harbaugh said chuck norris calls aldom smith sir -- calls justin smith sir. that might have been only compliment he gave him. >> would you like justin smith to retire. >> yeah, this would be great. i'll go to his retirement party. >> the rams have been without defensive end chris long. the 49ers have 5, which is second-worst in the league. how do you expect them to attack that offense? >> he wants nothing more than to get after the quarterback. >> the rams and 49ers, monday
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night football, immediately following the monday night game. i was told there would be cake. - "dear scan,
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♪ ♪ ♪ stand by all cameras. roll tape. >> good evening and welcome to nfl monday night football. >> it goes to homer jones. >> an amazing event that makes rock concerts look like tea parties. >> what a show tonight. >> 99 yards and a half. >> we have lift off! >> tear down this wall. >> nobody catches bo! >>


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