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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 15, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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cleveland to plan her wedding just before being diagnosed. her case has triggered new rules for those possibly exposed to the virus. 29-year-old amber vinson was part of the medical staff that treated ebola patient thomas eric duncan at texas health presbyterian hospital before he died last week. a frontier airlines jet was scrubbed down at cleveland's airport after health official reported vinson was on board monday. officials say vinson flew on frontier airlines flight 1143 from cleveland to dallas. it also made stops in atlanta and fort lauderdale before it was taken out of service tuesday night. vinson was not showing symptoms on her flight so the risk of spreading the virus could be low. but officials are trying to contact all 132 passengers on board the plane. the cdc says vinson violated guidelines against taking public transportation after being exposed to ebola. >> we will from this moment
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forward ensure that no other individual who is being monitored for exposure undergoes travel in any way other than controlled movement. >> reporter: hazmat teams are deacon cam naturing her apartment -- decontaminating her apartment. >> please be advised that a healthcare worker who lives in your area has tested positive for ebola. >> reporter: doctors say the condition of 26-year-old nurse nina pham has improved. she got ebola while treating duncan. 75 other healthcare workers are being monitored. >> it may get worse before it gets better. but it will get better. >> reporter: now, that second nurse amber vinson visited three relatives in ohio 30 work at kent state university. she never visited the campus but school officials are keeping her relatives away from the university for the next 21 days. allen? >> all right, veronica, thank you. ebola fears contributed to a market plunge today! [ bell ]
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>> wall street saw some of its worst moments when the dow jones industrial average plummeted as much as 460 points in afternoon trading. stocks ended the wild day with a partial recovery from that early plunge. but still in the red. the dow came in 173 points lower. >> there are a host of reasons for the heavy selling ranging from all sorts of global economic concerns in china and europe to the ebola scare continuing to hit airline and hotel stocks and a weakness here in the u.s. economy. >> retail sales in the u.s. dropped in september. that was the first time in eight months. investors were quick to dump risky assets and put their money in safe investments such as government bonds. new at 5:00, frightening moments at a high school in fremont. kids let out with their hands on their heads after someone reported seeing a suspicious man on campus possibly armed. it all started just after 1:00 this afternoon at irvington high. our juliette goodrich is there. >> reporter: liz, when that call came in of that suspicious
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person with a gun, the school immediately took action and police came in. they put the school on lockdown surrounding schools on lockdown and parents had an agonizing wait for their children. the images are frightening as three cops focused in on room 201. one armed with an assault rifle. students are told to put their hands behind their heads. one by one they are brought outside and patted down. students led single file across campus still with hands behind their heads still not knowing if or where there's a threat. >> have a report of a gun on campus. we had a description but we just weren't sure what we had. and so for everyone's safety we went through those stats to ensure that -- those steps to ensure we didn't have someone leaving campus. >> reporter: parents waited for their children to be safely let out. the hours of waiting agonizing. >> very nervous. i'm frustrated. i received a random text from my son saying mom, the school
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is on lockdown. but i'm okay. >> reporter: finally, an update for parents to wait in a nearby parking lot. >> if your student drove a vehicle to school, they are being escorted to their car right now. they are not allowed to go to their lockers. they will be able to get in their car and then drive home. but they are not allowed to go to their lockers. >> reporter: after all this time, just about 10 minutes ago, parents were reunited with their students. in fact i got to see the carpio family. how many hours did you way wait? >> i got the call at 12:45 and waited for three hours. >> what was it like for you during that time? >> it was nerve-wracking. >> reporter: did you have the same feelings as mom? >> kind of. not really as much. >> reporter: but the school took precautions. i'm glad you're safe. there were no arrests but the school took this call seriously
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as you saw with this lockdown that lasted more than 3 hours. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. new details in the crash that killed a pilot near yosemite. the ntsb says the air tanker struck a tree and lost its wing before going down probably. the cal fire air tanker crashed a week ago in a canyon killing veteran pilot craig hunt. the preliminary report confirms that he had made one retardant drop on the "dog rock fire," was headed back to the airport to reload. it confirms what a witness told kpix 5 about the moments before plane went down. >> just as he came over, we saw him tilt and the missing wing, it clipped a tree or something. we really don't know yet. but then he went straight down and then just somersaulted all the way down the canyon, that's when it exploded. >> cal fire planes like the one that hunt was flying were grounded after the crash last week. they were put back into service later. a san francisco woman shot in a domestic violence incident in her south of market home has
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died. police say see celia lamb's ex- boyfriend cedric young, jr., broke down her door on natomas street early friday morning shot her and then killed himself. police have been called to the home four previous times that night. she toll them she and young had been in a relationship for nine years and he had recently moved out. at one point, they hauled young off to the drunk tank. but as soon as he got out, he went back and killed her. police have made two arrests in the home invasion and beating of an elderly couple in el cerrito last month. the suspects are both transients from alameda. police say they tricked the couple into letting them into their home on september 12 by asking for clippings from their garden. they say the pair robbed them that day then came back the next day and attacked them. they were badly beaten but are recovering. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick had his fine for inappropriate language cut in half today. the nfl hit him with an $11,000 fine for this incident against
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the chicago bears last month. our kpix 5 camera rolling on the sidelines when it was thought the quarterback used some sort of a racial slur. kaepernick denied it. he appealed the fine. but the nfl decided to reduce the fine but made kaepernick pay up because even though he didn't use a slur he still violated the league's language rule. the giants looking to make some more magic tonight at at&t park. >> game 4 of the nlc is about to get started. meteorologist paul deanno is at the ballpark. paul, it was more like candlestick yesterday. what kind of weather are they going to have tonight? >> reporter: yeah. the weather caused a significant issue over the past 24 hours. we talk about all that wind and all the issues that we had yesterday, with those flyballs getting knocked down by a south wind. today, the sun is out, we're at the corner of second and king and the feeling is electric! thousands of folks still waiting to get into at&t park. we have ourselves game 4. we have a san francisco giants team that's two wins away from playing the kansas city royals in the world series.
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folks waiting to get in the game about to start. some folks only went a couple of blocks to get to the game. some folks traveled 100 miles to get here. >> oh, yeah. we drove from sacramento and we parked at the el cerrito north bart station and rode the bart in. >> reporter: now, let's talk about parking because a lot of folks walked here but some folks hit those nasty signs once again. $70 to park. $90 to park. $100 to park. they love their team. but they do not like the parking prices. let's talk to kitty who is a season ticketholder from el sobrante. she was not happy to pay $100 to park her car. >> during the season, it's $30. it's $40. so why do they feel that they can raise it to $90 and yesterday i paid $100? because it was during a day game and yeah, i do pay it. but i complain about it.
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i could park -- there was one for $40 four blocks over the one across the street is $70 and it's double from the regular season. >> reporter: as i mentioned, about an hour ago, the sun came out and we're talking about weather that is markedly different than 24 hours ago. we had 40-mile-per-hour winds yesterday. we had rain on the way. today, the front has come through and kpix 5 hi-def doppler is completely clear. the weather is thumbs up for the game tonight. just about to start. folks still waiting to get inside at&t park, an electric place to be, game four national league championship series. hopefully, two wins away from the world series. guys, back to you. >> play-off fever means atm fever, too. you swipe that card so much it gets worn. >> reporter: that's right. $100! >> amazing. >> yeah.
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>> 29 years of frustration has ended! >> the kansas city royals await the winner of the giants cardinals series. they completed a sweep of the baltimore orioles this afternoon. this is a royals first world series appearance since 1985. >> partying like it's 1985. [ laughter ] all right. mauled by a pack of pit bulls that were in their own backyard. a man killed trying to save his mother from the attack. why the dogs' owners won't be charged for a security flaw in their home. >> there's a new noise buzzing over local neighborhoods. why this ultramodern helicopter will make a huge difference for bay area children. >> a wedding crasher out for more than just a good time. how an empty bird cage and this video could bring justice to the bride and groom. ,,,,,,
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attacked in the backyard of their home in mo a man has died after trying to save his mother from a pack
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of vicious pit bulls. the two were attacked in the backyard of their home in modesto. lee martinez in modes where a lot of questions about how the neighbor's dogs got loose. lee. >> reporter: well, california law requires your animals be held securely on your property. in this case, the dogs' home has a fence around the whole thing and in some cases even doubled up here. but we're told by law enforcement that the dogs found a vulnerable spot a way through and their victims on the other side. jerome didn't want to speak on camera saying he is too angry. he says he wasn't home last night when his neighbor's four pit bulls mauled his mother. he wasn't there to help. >> i was sad to hear this news. >> reporter: neighbor john came back this morning to see for himself evidence of the attack on his friend. he says the neighbor's dogs
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always appeared vicious. stanislaus county sheriff's say fernandez came home to find four american pit bull terriers attacking his 77-year-old mother in the backyard in front of jerome's rental. mom survived but is in critical condition. her son died last night after saving her from the dogs. san rafael county animal control has come to this street several times but to investigate calls about stray dogs running loose near homes and the middle school. animal control's director says while 30 strays were removed in a recent glen avenue sweep, the neighbors' four pets were back here -- until last night, when they fought through the fence. animal control is investigating whether these dogs had previous complaints or if last night's deadly mauling came without warning. now, all four dogs were shot and killed by deputies. the sheriff says at this time the owners of the dogs are not
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facing criminal charges. lee martinez, kpix 5. state lawmakers are pushing to get an earthquake early warning system in place as soon a possible. >> earthquake, earthquake! >> at a meeting with statement emergency officials at san francisco city hall, senators asked for an update on installing the system. officials say an early warning system is still two years away and will cost $80 million. but it could provide up-to-the- minute warning for a big earthquake. >> we have 38 million people who produced the world's 8th largest economy on the shakiest grounds in the united states. >> the technology exists that will allow us to save lives and reduce injuries in a big earthquake. i feel compelled to bring that benefit to the general public. >> governor brown signed a bill last year ordering the development and funding of an early warning system by 2016. four years and hundreds of millions of dollars later, the bay tunnel is done. it carries water from the hetch
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hetchy reservoir under san francisco bay. this is where it ends at the crystal springs reservoir near redwood city. it is built to withstand an earthquake and is the first true tunnel under the bay. bart's transbay tube is actually on the bay floor. a new children's hospital in san francisco is going to open its doors in february. it will be the only hospital in the city with its own helipad. kpix 5's don ford shows us it comes with a chopper designed to please the neighbors. >> reporter: it's an historic moment. for the first time in years, san francisco has a medical helicopter landing at a soon-to- be operational helipad part of the new ucsf benioff children's hospital at mission bay. getting it built wasn't easy. >> san francisco is notoriously antihelipad. >> reporter: noise, historically people in san francisco have complained about helicopter noise. but this helicopter is
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different. it's a brand if you state-of- the-art aircraft. >> we want to come in here in stealth and not bothering people. >> reporter: most helicopter noises come from the tail rotor. this tail is housed inside a special shroud keeping the noise to a minimum. it will serve as an advance air ambulance transporting critical patients to ucsf. today is a drill a test for the new hospital and a test for the staff working with the helicopter for the first time. the test went well, and the rest of this brand-new hospital and its new helicopter will become fully operational next february 1. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> that helicopter will bring critically ill infants, children and pregnant women to ucsf from other hospitals. now, the hospital is estimating it's only going to be used once or twice a day. meteorologist paul deanno live at at&t right now. paul, i have a feeling rain or shine, giants fans were more
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than happy to come to the ballpark today. >> reporter: absolutely! remember game 7 of the nlcs a couple of years ago where marco scutaro had his arms open as it poured and the giants one that game 9-0. we are not going to see a repeat of that this time but we certainly had some rainfall around the bay area this morning. now, as we start game 4 of the national league championship series here at at&t park, the weather will not be as much of an impediment as it was 24 hours ago where at&t kind of felt like the stick with those gusty winds 30 or 40 miles per hour. i'm not expecting a repeat of that today. so let's talk about tomorrow. game 5, hopefully wrapping up this nlcs tomorrow. partly cloudy skies, low to mid- 60s. it will not be terribly windy tomorrow, as well. rainfall totals, they were impressive in the north bay this morning. how about .75" of rain for you in novato? about a third in san rafael. quarter inch in orinda. 1/10 in danville. measurable rain in fremont and san mateo.
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temperatures now in the low 70s in santa rosa, livermore and san bruno. low 60s in san francisco. a light jacket for the game of course. and san jose 69, oakland 69 degrees. chillty tonight. low 50s in fairfield, upper 40s in the far north bay. san jose 56 overnight. fremont 55. even though the front moved through the cool unsettled pattern will be with us for a while. we have a big parent low pressure over the northeast pacific with tinier areas of low pressure like the kids heading in our direction. we'll have one more coming through tomorrow night, another the top of next week. so this quote, unquote wetter pattern will be with us with increased cloud cover and cooler temperatures. it's going to be sticking with us for the next five or six days. we'll be mostly cloudy tonight. we will have a rain-free day tomorrow with a mixture of sun and clouds. the next rain chance not that far away. friday evening showers return to the bay area. tomorrow thursday we are dry but not terribly warm. 70 for you in vallejo. good evening to you in santa rosa. you'll have a high of 72
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tomorrow. san francisco 67. livermore 75. san jose 74 degrees for your thursday. extended forecast, this is not a warm forecast. remember just a few days ago we are talking about 90s inland. we are not going to hit 80 over the next week. near the bay low 70s at most. that will be on saturday and sunday. we talked about that rain chance friday night. it's gone by saturday morning. the weekend will be dry. sunday the sunnier and warmer choice over the weekend. and our third and final rain chance will move through next monday before high pressure builds back in. it's a beautiful night for baseball. it's the fall classic we're trying to head toward here in the world series. so we wanted it to feel like fall. it does feel like fall but not as windy as yesterday. there is no rain on the radar. and i am forecasting the home team to win game 4 and take a 3- 1 lead in the nlcs. we already know who we're playing. the royals are done. now we have to beat kansas city, too. >> a sweep, yeah. >> fun night. thanks, paul. >> reporter: back to you. >> thank you. when it comes to buying a house or a car, most americans go to a bank for a loan.
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that's the usual way but what if you could turn to your neighbor? kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains [ non- english language ] is proud of her car and how she got it. >> i had the cash with me not going to a bank not using a credit card. >> reporter: she got that cash from a no interest low through something called a lending circle. >> i started with $100 a month. >> reporter: here's how it works. 12 people each chip in a set amount each month and in her case it was $100. then each month one member of the circle gets the whole pot at no interest. >> it was definitely a similar idea to me. >> reporter: lending circles are a centuries old tradition. in her homeland of india and other countries, it remained popular in many immigrant communities today. >> it was crowdsourcing before crowdsourcing. >> reporter: the director of the asset funds says they are bringing the age-old idea of lending circles into an old era.
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>> we are formalizing the practice by having them sign a promissory note so that way we can track it. >> reporter: and unlike the old school informal loans, mission asset fund reports their lending circle transactions to credit bureaus enabling participants to build a credit score. >> we are helping people build their financial stability. >> reporter: california recently became the first state in the nation to make it legal for nonprofits to offer small no interest no fee loans. and they are paying off for people like shweta whose credit score soared from nonexistent as to the high 700s helping her to achieve her next goal. >> i want to save for a condo in san francisco. >> reporter: we all know that can be expensive. now, the default rain among participants is less than 1%. far, far lower than the default rate on loans issued by banks. if you are interested, find a link to the program on our website, he looked like a guest until he made off with the gifts. the clues police have to solve a wedding crash caper. ,,,,,,,,
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look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. wanted the gifts. police in westport, connecticut are looking for uninvited guest who made off with a bird cage filled with cards and cash. he was caught on surveillance video leaving the
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reception. police were able to find the birdcage -- whi had been completely emptied. now, they're just hoping soe will recognize the thief. it's not exactly evidence of life on other planets.. but police in petaluma did disc it's not exactly evidence of life on other planets but police in petaluma did discover a bunch of little green men. they found nine of these neon green traffic control signs planted in one yard on crene lla drive. a prankster put them in one yard as a joke. if you are missing a little green man, give them a call. we'll be right back. . new at 6:00 tonight:
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i' in the kpix 5 we have live pictures of the second patient the newest dallas ebola patient being taken by ambulance in atlanta. she was taken by private plane being taken now by ambulance to emory university. she is going to receive specialized treatment for ebola. she is 29-year-old amber
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vinson. and it turns out she was on a frontier airlines flight just one day before showing symptoms but again she is on the way to emory university in atlanta for treatment. i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00 billions to fix traffic like this is money from from a proposed hike in your sales tax but it may not be going where you think. plus, california's efforts for renewable energy drying up drastic cuts to power in our state because of the drought. those stories at 6:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. ,,,,,, ♪ ♪
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,,,,,, thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first.
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>> pelley: tonight, the virus spreads in the u.s. a second nurse has ebola and four across the midwest, raising questions about containing the virus. reports from manuel bojorquez, anna werner, dr. jon lapook and debora patta at ground zero in liberia. the stock market takes a nosedive. anthony mason on wall street's wild ride. agents swoop down on child sex trafficking suspects. and rescue dozens of victims, some as young as 11. elaine quijano reports. and jeff pegues on deven's story. don't tell him what he can't do. >> they probably would say, he can't play football no more, and i showed them up. captioning sponsoredcb


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