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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 16, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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questions for the cdc after a second health care worker infected with ebola boards a plane, despite telling health officials she was exhibiting symptoms of the disease. >> we're going to make sure that something like this is not repeated. >> as you can see, the two candidates who were invited to take part in this debate right now are not stepping up on the stage. >> debate dispute. a fight over an electric fan holds up the campaign showdown between florida's gubernatorial candidates. and the kansas city royals party like it's 1985, advancing to they first world series appearance in 29 years. captioning funded by cbs
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this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, october 16th, 2014. good morning. i'm susan mcginnis, in for anne-marie green. this morning the second dallas nurse with ebola is being treated in atlanta, but the response to amber vinson's diagnosis is raising all kinds of questions. vinson was cleared by the centers for disease control to fly from cleveland to dallas even though she had a low-grade fever. the cdc director said that was a mistake. the plane she was on was taken out of service, flown to denver, and decontaminated for the fourth time. adriana diaz is in dallas where they have yet to figure out how the nurses contracted the virus. adriana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, susan. officials are still investigating how amber vinson and the other nurse contracted ebola here at texas health presbyterian hospital. they've moved her from atlanta to emory university hospital. 29-year-old amber vinson was helped by workers in full hazmat
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gear. she'll be treated at emery university hospital in atlanta in a special isolation unit while she receives treatment for ebola. news that vinson was cleared by the cdc to board a flight from cleveland to dallas the day before she fell ill is fueling questions. >> the person at the cdc looked at the chart and saw that she didn't officially meet the criteria as somebody for high risk because she department have a fever of 100.4 or above, so she was allowed to fly. >> reporter: frontier airlines says they've paid six of the flight crew members on paid leave for six days and health officials are notifying the 132 passengers on board. two students were among them. they were pulled out of class wednesday and will be monitored closely. >> we've heard from our local officials that the risk is very low and our students are safe. >> reporter: the cdc say all people possibly exposed here are
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now banned from traveling on public transportation. as for the first nurse to contract ebola here, nina pham, she remains at the hospital in good condition. there are now safety protocols in place to keep workers safe. texas health maintains they are equipped to treat ebola and they have room to care for as many as three patients in isolation. susan? >> adriana diaz in dallas. thank you. well, in cleveland, a teacher who may have come into contact with vinson has been told to stay home. meanwhile the road in the akron suburb where vinson's parents live has been blocked off. three of her relatives who work at kent state university have been told to stay home for 21 days. and three employees of the cleveland clinic on vinson's flight have been put on paid leave. president obama canceled several trips to deal with the ebola crisis. today congress begins hearing on the u.s. response.
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kris van cleave is in washington. good morning, kris. >> susan, good morning. president obama says his administration will be responding to this ebola crisis in a much more aggressive way moving forward. yesterday the president met with members of his cabinet and other top advisers to discuss the government's response. the president says he has ordered the cdc to step up its response to any new ebola cases. >> as soon as somebody's diagnosed with ebola, we want a rapid response team, a s.w.a.t. team essentially from the cdc to be on the ground as quickly as possible, hopefully within 24 hours, so that they are taking the local hospital step by step through exactly what needs to be done. >> now, the president says the threat from ebola to the united states remains low, but house speaker john boehner is asking the president and the white house to at least consider a travel ban blocking travel from
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west africa who have been impacted by this virus. susan? >> kris van cleave in washington, thank you. nurses want better training and protection to deal with ebola. danielle nottingham has that part of the story. >> reporter: 11,000 nurses from around the country took part in a conference call with national nurses united to voice concerns that their hospitals are not prepared for ebola. >> what we heard on the nurses yesterday was heartbreaking, outrageous, and totally preventable. >> reporter: they're demanding more protection and training after two health care workers working with thomas duncan with ebola got the virus. >> we would not send soldiers to the battlefield without armor and weapons. >> reporter: the national nurses association says the information needs to be shared quickly so the right protocols are in place. we know that organizations are taking this seriously, but i
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think without the threat at their doorstep, many are not as prepared as we would have believed is true earlier. >> reporter: to get ready for an ebola patient, nurses at this hospital are using chocolate syrup in their training to make sure workers can take off their gear and not contaminate themselves. >> our prevention inspection specialists are going unit by unit and helping them practice. >> reporter: nurses on wednesday's conference call say 85% of the hospitals have not provided education on ebola and that many refer health care workers to the cdc website. danielle noting ham, cbs news, los angeles. this morning bermuda residents are preparing for hurricane gonzalo. hurricane experts are warning a dangerous storm surge could cause significant damages. residents on bermuda have been boarding up windows and buying generators and batteries around other items it might need. the government said they were
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closing the airport tonight when the outer edges of the storm are expected to hit. in the pacific tropical storm ana is expected to strengthen as it approaches hawaii. the islands could start to see high surf by friday. a state of emergency has been declared, and some schools have already canceled classes for tomorrow. this is the fourth day of oscar pistorius's sentencing hearing. the star paralympic athlete faces up to 15 years in prison in the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he was found guilty of culpable homicide last month. steenkamp was shot multiple times by pistorius last year. yesterday her cousin gave emotional testimony saying steenkamp's death devastated the family. coming up on the "morning news," details of apple's next generationi ipad are leaked. plus a mixup. grandmother gets a good scare after opening up a package delivered to her door. this is the "cbs morning news."
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each delicious serving provides... 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, and 26 essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support bone health. plus, boost contains 3 grams of fiber which helps support digestive health. try boost original nutritional drink today. on the "cbs moneywatch" a sneak peek at apple's new ipad and fedex delivers a big surprise. wendy gillette is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, wendy. good mornin morning, susan. the dow lost 1783 point, the s&p fell 15, and the nasdaq dropped 11 points. amazon is ramping up with jobs for the holidays. the internet retailer is hiring
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80,000 workers for its distribution centers as it looks to improve its shipping efficiency after big problems last year. that's 10,000 more plemployees than the company hired last year. starting next year, hbo will have a separate streaming service on the internet. it will sell the popular hbo go as a standalone product for as low as $15 a month. that means users will not have to pay for high cable or satellite contracts to see top shows. there was a leak of the new ipad before apple's unveiling. screen shots showing images and details for the ipad air 2 and ipad mini 3 appeared in ibooks wednesday. it appears the new ipads will have fingerprint sensors which are currently only available on the iphone. and to compete google makes its jump. the new smartphone with the
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stronger battery and the nexus 9 tablet are priced slightly lower than iphones and ipads. they hit the stories in november with preorders this month. and fedex delivered a package to a woman in illinois she definitely did not want. it contained baby spotted python. police believe someone got ahold of her credit card and ordered the snake that arrived at her front door. >> i let out a big scream and went to the floor and my granddaughter came over and asked what was going on. and i said there's a snaaake, snaaake. >> the store will take back the snake and refund her the $100 that was charged to her credit card. you never want to hear is that. >> oh, my gosh. what a scare. wendy gillette at the new york stock exchange. thanks. straight ahead.
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amopé pedi perfect. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. there was a dramatic rescue in south america of dozens of children when police broke up a major sex trafficking ring. colombia has become a destination for tourists looking for sex with boys and girls. the police were helped by an american who worked undercover to save them. elaine quijano talked to him. >> reporter: tim ballard has one mission, to track down child traffickers. four months ago colombian authorities asked him to investigate a tip that children were being sold there as sex slaves.
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>> within half hour this individual walks up to me asking what i'm here for, what i want, and within minutes he says, i've got kids as young as 11 years old. >> reporter: ballard, a former homeland security agent now heads up operation underground railroad, a nonprofit group that rescues trafficked kids. after that first meeting the colombians asked him to put together a sting. >> no men will be in here, only women. >> reporter: underground operation railroad spent months planning, rigging this house, putting in hidden cameras and coordinating with authorities and negotiating with traffickers. >> what they do is lure them in pretending to have a modeling agency. they target them by age 9 or 10 years old, and by 11 they're ready for sex. >> reporter: what is it like? >> it's horrifying. i've got a smile in the face of evil.
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>> reporter: less than 24 hours after the operatives landed, the suspected traffickers arrived on the island and the final deal with the undercover teen began. 54 boys and girls aged 11 to 18 were ushered in for what had been billed as a sex party. they were given candy and drinks and told to wait in this small room. >> this 10- or 11-year-old boy that i remembered, asked if he could have cocaine. he said they usually give me something because i'm usually scared. >> reporter: by the time they were done the alleged traffickers were to make $25,000. that transaction was never completed. 25 colombian special operatives stormed the party, arresting five suspects, four men and one former beauty queen, all charged with child trafficking.
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the victims, 29 of whom are under 18, were evacuated, given medical exams, and placed in a rehabilitation center where specialists are working to undo the damage. >> right before we got in the building, we had to walk by this room where the kids were and they put their hand up, and i touched their hand and see that there's liberation now. >> reporter: liberating one child at a time. elaine quijano, cbs news, new york. and when we come back, debate fanfare. florida's gubernatorial debate gets off to a strange start after a dispute over a fan. and get ready for the royals. kansas city returns to the world series after a 29-year absence. kansas city returns to the world series after a 29-year absence.
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how u-s health officials are handling ebola. apple could unveil a new i-d in just a few hours. this morning we have a few secret details. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's thursday, october 16-th i'm michelle,,,, well, here's a look at today ice forecast in some cities around the country.
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well, there was a bizarre delay in the debate between candidate and a governor. former governor charlie crist walked out alone last night. current governor rick scott refused to participate because he thought a rule was violated by an electric fan below crist's lectern. crist refused to discuss it. >> so the rules that the side campaign just showed us that said no electronics can be used -- >> are we going to debate about a fan or are we going to talk about the education and environment and future of our state? i mean really. >> minutes later scott camed on the stage and the debate began. back in 1985 "rocky" rulwasp
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in the box office and "born in the usa" topped the charts, and the kansas city royals were the king of baseball. now in their postseason appearance since then the royals are returning to the world series. they complete the four-game sweep of baltimore with a 2-1 win. they're captured their first american league pen gnat in 29 years. >> there hasn't been excitement in this town for 29 years. we love bringing it back. we love what the fans feel right now because we feel the same way too. >> the royals have won all eight of their playoff games this year. well, kansas city awaiting the winner of the national league series between the cardinals and giants. st. louis gets out to a 4-1 lead in game four. san francisco scores three runs in the sixth inning to take the lead for good. giants win, 6-4, and lead the series, 3-1. with a win tonight san francisco can clinch their third pennant in five years. coming up on "cbs morning news," what the nfl is doing to
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actress elizabeth pena's career spanned four decades and included dozens of roles in comedies. she most recently appeared on the network drama "matador." she was one of the voices of the animated hit the "the incredibl" she died yesterday after a brief illness. she was 55. a pennsylvania boy is overcoming some serious odds to pursue his passion. jeff pegues has his inspiring story. >> reporter: 10-year-old devin jackson has always had a passion for football. >> i love it because it's my favorite sport. >> reporter: but two years ago something off the field started to slow him down. michelle and david jackson are his parents. >> it was like a bad dream we couldn't wake up from because we
4:26 am
thought devin had a strep throat. that's all he complained about. >> reporter: it wasn't strep throat. it was much worse. it was bacterial meningitis. how close were you to losing him? >> they told us he had a 10% chance. >> reporter: he survived, but they had to amputate both legs below the knees. >> i just cried. i couldn't say nothing. i just cried. >> reporter: football seemed like a lost dream, but devin decided he would prove everyone wrong. >> they thought i would never like -- playing football, they probably would say like that kid probably can't play football no more, he can't do nothing, and i showed them up. >> reporter: he set his mind to getting back on the field. it took him a year to learn to walk again. and then to use customized running blades. ready, set, go.
4:27 am
good. >> reporter: and this fall, he's back playing peewee football. >> i want to go to the nfl. >> you do. >> i want to be in the hall of fame. that's what i want to do. >> reporter: recently he scored his first touchdown in two years. >> probably one of the best moments of my life right there is seeing that again. >> it teaches us not to give up, like life might deal you bad hand, but you've just got to continue on. >> reporter: it's been a long road to recovery. along the way, it's the player who's become the coach. jeff pegues, cbs news, shermandale, pennsylvania. and coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the white house responds to the ebola outbreak, and we will hear from dr. jon lapook. plus controversy around the sexual harassment policy and we'll talk with legal analyst rikki klieman and we'll talk
4:28 am
about smart home devices. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm susan mcginnis. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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and i'm frank mallicoat good morning. it is thursday, october 16. i'm michelle griego. >> it's friday eve. we are getting close to the weekend. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we don't have the time up there. i'm assuming it's around 4:30.
4:30 am
>> i think you're right. >> there we go. >> giants won and lawrence is back. it's a beautiful day. >> yes! it is a beautiful day. one more game. they got to get one more. of course, weather could be a factor in that game. outside right now we have some passing clouds, another storm on the horizon. when can we expect that? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and it looks like we have a few minor fender-bender out there. we'll have a full report coming up in just a few minutes. in the meantime, here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks really quiet. there is some overnight roadwork out there. you may have hit it. yesterday was crazy. today so far off to a smooth start. >> so far okay. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. new this morning, police are investigating a shooting in the east bay where a young boy was wounded. it happened about 9:00 last night on well done street in bay point. the contra costa county sheriff's department says a 12- year-old was found lying in


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