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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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studios this is kpix5 news. lot more than candy. is in hercules an 8-year-old girl goes out trick-or-treating and comes home with a lot more than candy. >> andria borba is in hercules tonight. >> reporter: every year police officers warn parents to go through their kids' candy stash before they eat it. this year in hercules that phrase more than just lip service. that's not pixie stick sugar inside that pink baggy. it's meth. a dad found it while going through his 8-year-old daughter's halloween candy. he called hercules pd who knew that wasn't candy. >> pretty instantly. it's something we see a lot in this area, methamphetamine. >> reporter: the dose was only 1/10-gram but more than enough to harm a child. >> big enough to use either snorting or injecting. >> reporter: the child went trick-or-treating in the promenade neighborhood of
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hercules, white sidewalks, bronze leaves and actual white picket fences. maureen alberton says 400 ghouls and goblins came to her daughter. >> there are times where you could have 25 at a time. >> reporter: kids came from all over seeking candy. now police wonder who may have done this. >> it wouldn't be easy for us to try to locate who did this unless we had more to go on. >> reporter: part of the problem is this neighborhood here in hercules is exceptionally large. we're talking about several hundred homes and there's a very small baggy of meth for police they say to get any information as to who may have given that away. a rude a wickening for a san francisco couple -- awakening for a san francisco couple, a naked man breaks into their house and then attacks them. joe vazquez tells us how it all went down. >> reporter: 3:00 sunday morning folks on brighton avenue began to hear loud noises above their homes. what did the noise sound like? >> like an earthquake.
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>> reporter: several neighbors heard sounds because apparently the intruder was going rooftop to rooftop until he decided to settle on the yellow house. he broke a window, then went inside. police say the intruder was completely naked. he fought with the homeowner biting him on the shoulder, then jumped into his wife's bed and bit her in the leg. >> i was scared. >> reporter: the cops arrived quickly and took the intruder into custody. neighbors say the burglar had to be restrained. >> creep. >> reporter: strapped to a gurney he was screaming incoherently. >> i saw them take a guy out on a stretcher and put him in the ambulance. >> reporter: what was he yelling? >> he was saying like cops trying to kill me, thing like that. mark kelly on tonight a chp offer who worked out of dublin is saying sorry, sorry for what he did to women he pulled over.
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mark kelly on the nude photos and mean texts. >> reporter: shawn harrington's defense isn't much of one at all. outside court his attorney offers no excuses but not much of an explanation either. >> what was he thinking? probably the honest answer is he wasn't thinking. >> reporter: harrington has confessed to stealing explicit photos from the cell phones of women he arrested and then forwarding those pictures to other chp officers. nudes are always better with the face one texted. maybe she knows she has a jacked up horse face the other texted back. >> reporter: did he know it was a crime when he did it? >> i don't think he thought about that. that's what i said before. i don't think he was thinking when he did this. >> reporter: investigators call the stealing and sharings these nude photos a game, a game he heard was also played among chp in southern california. >> he used the word game and i
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said this before. this is no game and he knows it was no game. >> reporter: especially no game at this point when it has cost harrington his rank and respect among law enforcement. >> his apologies extend to all of the members of law enforcement whose reputations are potentially tarnished by this kind of behavior. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5 news. >> officer harrington also sent his apologies to the women involved for the indignity of it all. tonight a lot of people are saying wait a minute. b.a.r.t. is changing plans for future service to the south bay. b.a.r.t. may cut two of four planned stations in santa clara county. len ramirez says b.a.r.t.'s eyes may have been too big for its budge. >> reporter: just as b.a.r.t. to silicon valley is closer to reality there may be a big change-up in the number of stations in san jose and santa clara. b.a.r.t. silicon valley partner vta says greater competition for federal transportation dollars and lower than expected tax
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revenues may force them to cut two b.a.r.t. stations from the plan, proposed stations in allen rock and santa clara are on the chopping block. after years of planning and community input neighbors in the areas feel betrayed. bpa says nothing is definite, but it does need to trim $1 million from the project. tonight we've learned the test pilot killed in friday's virgin galactic spacecraft explosion grew up in the bay area originally from scott's valley. michael alberry was married with two children. we have new information about the spacecraft's final moments. >> reporter: as investigators are continuing to collect evidence from the wreckage scattered over 5 miles of desert, they now know what happened in the seconds before the spacecraft broke apart. twin tail sections of spaceship 2 called feathers were unlocked by the copilot earlier than
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usual. what is supposed to happen is shown in this virgin galactic test flight video. the mother ship releases the space plane which then begins to climb. if as it goes up, the feathers -- as it goes up, the feathers remain behind the craft. on the descent pilots have the feathers go up to deploy the spacecraft. >> about two seconds after they started to move is when the tape stops. >> reporter: the copilot was killed. the 43-year-old pilot remains in the hospital after parachuting to safety. ntsb investigators have not yet interviewed him. the crash is a setback for billionaire entrepreneur richard branson. he has signed up some 800 potential space tourists who paid up to $250,000 to ride a virgin galactic flight into
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space. >> we need to know exactly what happened to make absolutely certain it can never happen again. ely take a year to complete. >> branson hoped to begin commercial flights into space next year, but the feds say the final report on the accident will likely take a year to complete. don't even r the elections tomorrow, polls open at 7 a.m. but tonight a lot of californians don't even realize jerry brown is running for governor again. a poll found only 40% of voters know that brown is on the ballot and only 20% could name his republican opponent. in oakland the 15 candidates for running for mayor are making a final push. phil mattier says part of that push -- is trying to explain the unexplainable. >> one of that is where we have
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invested. >> i am tired of people asking me whether i feel safe in my city. >> we need to go after violent crimes. >> reporter: it was the final crime in tuesday's oakland mayoral race. they wasted no time in bringing it on. >> libby said would you liar a doctor who didn't know how to operate? -- hire a doctor who didn't know how to operate? my question is would you continue to hire a doctor to do surgery when they failed in the past? >> i really am the only person up here who has worked in every neighborhood in the city. >> reporter: even as the candidates work the room, the ballots in the election were already coming in at the registrar's office where they were sorted and test run for what will likely be a very long complicated count. >> for a final tally it's probably going to take into the following week. >> reporter: reason for the delay is rank choice voting which allows every voter to make three picks, tabulating all the extra votes taking extra time, in fact, people in as much time as it takes explaining how it works.
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are you clear on range choice voting? >> i don't think as clear as i want it to be. >> i think it's going to become more of a tie. one candidate is spending a lot of money for a seat on the santa clara water district, not usually the kind of race that involves a lot of money. documents show candidate gary cremons spent nearly $400,000 on his campaign mostly out ofly own pocket, five times more -- of his own pocket, five times more than ever has been spent on a water election. he's the founder of and owner of water. a water supply tha >> this is a board that has 1,000 employees and a $400 million budget and there's no person with any business experience and there's no person with any technology experience. >> portable reuse of recycled wastewater, that is a water supply that could be half or more of our water supply for
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the county. >> brian schmidt is running for a second term. his war chest is around $18,000. a sad little girl got a presidential pick me up at a campaign rally in arkansas. this photo of former president bill clinton photo bombing her has gone viral on social media tonight. the person who posted the picture yesterday said the girl was cold and wanted to go home. tomorrow catch all the returns right here on kpix5. scott pelley anchors national coverage at 7:00 and 10 p.m. we'll be cutting in with up to the minute local results and a special edition of kpix5 news at 11:00 with 30 minutes of commercial free campaign coverage. b rats.. to test hing from medicine tonight only on 5 we uncover bay area companies using dogs as lab rats to test everything from medicine to chemicals, why beagles are their breed of choice. >> and a stranger lying in wait grabs a woman walking down the street, drags her into a car and disappears. the video police want everyone
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to see tonight. ,,
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street. look toward the top of your screen. the suspect follows the woman across the street we have some dramatic video tonight of a woman kidnapped off a philadelphia street. look toward the top of your screen. the suspect follows this woman across the street and grabs her and drags her kicking and screaming down the sidewalk to his car. a witness heard all the ruckus just before 10:00 last night and found her cell phone and glasses that fell into the street. police say that she kicked out one of the car's rear windows as it drove away. this is the woman they are trying to find, 22-year-old
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karlesha freeland gaither. police believe she does not know her captor. the kidnapper almost got caught. police say another car drove up to the suspect vehicle but quickly made a u-turn and drove away. tonight only on 5 we have discovered four companies in the bay area are doing tests on dogs, tests for things like medicine and household chemicals. the breed of choice? beagles because they're so friendly. betty yu found a group that's saving these beagles and we want to warn you, some of the video is disturbing. >> reporter: life hasn't always been so carefree for these beagles. >> these dogs have spent their lives in a cage. we were told directly by the people in the lab this they have never been outside, that they had never seen sunlight, that they had never had a toy. >> reporter: the beagle freedom project changed that. the organization is dedicated to saving beagles like these used in research labs, often for chemical and pharmaceutical testing. since 2010 the l.a. based nonprofit has rescued
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more than 300 beagles across the country. 3-year-old riley is one of them. he first met his bay area family in july. >> he was looking at the trees and the sky and we got in the car and i don't know what he was expecting, but it started moving and all i rot wanted to do was run around our car. >> reporter: -- all he wanted to do was run around our car. >> reporter: at first on a walk down the street riley laid down to rest. he quickly learned the ropes around his piedmont home from his border collie brother freddie. >> i think he taught him how to play. riley didn't actually know how to really run around and play with another dog, so it was great. >> reporter: even though these dogs are used to their new lives, there are still reminders of their old 1. they all have tattoos from the lab and spanky here can't bark. he had his vocal cords cut, a common procedure in many labs. what goes on in many labs is
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rarely made public. this video from an undercover peta investigation shows a worker force feeding a beagle oxycontin. another investigation revealed beagles going crazy after being confined for years. >> i think it's really important to note that there is no experiment on dogs that's illegal. experiments have to be approved by committee within a laboratory, but nothing is against the law. so they're put through all kind of cruelty. >> reporter: peta says most dogs end up euthanized. it's rare for beagles bred for a life in the lab to end up here. >> laboratories don't want to release the animals to us. they simply don't want the information out there. >> reporter: back in the bay area at riley's new home casey is learning a whole new way of living, too. >> i'm just going to hit the scan button. >> reporter: she use an app to figure out how to avoid products that are animal tested. >> this product is cruelty free. >> reporter: three weeks after our first visit it's clear this former lab dog is living the
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life of riley. >> he really brought a lot of happiness to our family. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix5. >> we contacted all four bay area labs for comment. only one responded. in a statement we were told as part of the research process beagles are used to evaluate potential new meds. our facility has a longstanding rehoping -- medicine. our facility has a longstanding rehome program. we asked for an interview. they tomorrow us no. it looks like -- told us no. it looks like a rash of gastrointestinal illness at a hotel was worse than first thought. tonight the health department says people who ate at the hotel continue to get sick for days afterwards. the hotel has been fully cleaned and food service
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resumed. as for the cause of the illness, the lab results are not back yet. with little girls. some adus we there were some popular halloween costumes this year, elsa from frozen, big with little girls, of course, and some adults went as the ebola virus. >> one guy in santa cruz went as a tv reporter and cate cauguiran tells us that wasn't very popular. >> reporter: there's nothing more interesting than the radio traffic downtown because you hear officers looking for superman, batman, i just took spider-man into custody. >> reporter: based off this mugshot you wouldn't know what sean kory was dressed as, but we do know he's particular about his news sources. >> they yelled a lot of expletives at him and told them they hated fox news. >> reporter: another person tried to attack him over the weekend because he was dressed as a fox news reporter. the suspect sean kory took the victim's halloween costume
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prop, a fox news microphone, and shoved it down his pants and tried to hit him with this before running away. the victim was not hurt but was able to lead police to sean. >> they were able to give us a good description of mr. kory who wasn't hard to find. >> reporter: because sean was dressed as a female tennis player and when police cuffed him -- >> he reiterated the fact he doesn't like fox news and that was the impetus for the whole attack. good thing he wasn't a kpix5 reporter here. we protect our local bay area reporters. >> reporter: in santa cruz, cate cauguiran, kpix5. >> we appreciate that. on social media tonight some say sean is the new contender, yes, for the hot inmate. a stockton felon jeremy meeks, remember that guy? took that title when his mugshot went viral earlier this year. a loser. huh? >> what do these two good looking guys have in common? >> they're both felons. >> yeah. they're in jail, interesting. another chilly evening out
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there. doesn't feel like november during the day when it's sunny and 72, but in the evening, yes, it feels like the time of year, clear skies, chilly evening, already down to the 40s for you in livermore and santa rosa, 52, oakland 57, widespread 40s for a third consecutive night tonight, concord down to 48, livermore 47, santa rosa 46. november typically begins our rainy season because in october we get 1 inch of rainfall in avenue, but in november our average rainfall is -- in october, but in november our average rainfall is triple that. 71 tomorrow, 73 on wednesday with mainly sunny skies because even though the calendar says november, it is november, mother nature is playing like it's august. high pressure is off to our west taking the storm track, rainfall from the pacific northwest but none for us. as a matter of fact, by this
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time next week we're talking about a storm track that is up in canada. the ridge moves closer and gets stronger and will be sunny and dry and raining closer to alaska than around here. this ridge until it moves, our weather won't change. we'll get the sunshine. it will be chilly at night, 30s and 40s, but afternoon sunny and mild with not a drop of rain in sight. your tuesday oakland 5 degrees above average, 71 for the high. in san jose 72. mid-70s in san ramon, 69 degrees in san francisco, kentfield 73, santa rosa 74 and ukiah 74 with sunshine for tuesday. a couple degrees warmer on wednesday and then we stay there, set it and forget it, sunshine, mid- to upper 70s inland, mid-70s on the bay, nice week to head to the beach
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right around 70 degrees. beautiful to get outside when we're talking about a drought for a fourth straight year, might not be the best start of the rainy season. we've got time. the bay area guy just won almost $4 million with a lotto ticket that was a loser. what? we'll explain that next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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scratcher. a san jose man just won 3-point-75 million dollars.. off a non-winning scratchers ticket! alexander nguy closed captioning is sponsored by wall beds and more. he talk about a real head scratcher, a san jose man won $3.5 million off a nonwinning ticket. alexander nguyen took the top prize after winning in the california lottery's second chance program. he says he plans to take his wife on vacation. want to see the world for free? >> well, if you're canadian and your name is elizabeth gallagher, you're in luck. i got the first part right. i'm not canadian, though. jordan exon ibooked the 18 day trip for himself and his girl friend. then they broke up. the trip is next month. jordan doesn't want to waste the extra ticket, so he's offering it to anyone with his
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ex's name and a canadian passport. >> isn't there a country western song about that? >> it is if you spin it backwards. play it backwards and you'll get your dog back, your girl friend back and the trip is all good. >> sounds like the offensive line for a certain football team i know. >> did pablo take the giants offer? what a new baseball manager said that will guarantee him a job for life. you'll hear that next. ,, man: i get why people like denny's new pumpkin pancakes. first of all, they're light and fluffy,
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topped with pumpkin whipped cream and cinnamon sugar and only $4.99. second of all, they're light and fluffy, topped with pumpkin whipped cream and cinnamon sugar and only $4.99. [bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's!
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the bank of the west sports report is next on kpix5. 49er suggested the 49ers ne following the 49ers loss to the rams steve young said the team looked broken. another former 49er suggested the 49ers might need an attitude adjustment. >> you got to be pissed off that you put that effort off in front of these fans. these people are paying a lot of money to watch you play. you play that poorly as an offense you got to be mad about it. st. louis dropped the 49ers down to 4-4, as many regular season losses as the team has had in each of the last two seasons. jim harbaugh says the blame goes teamwide. >> we all have finger prints on this. it wasn't just one guy.
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it wasn't just one player, wasn't just one coach. the guys are frustrated, surprised we didn't get the job done and that's on the men in the room. exclusivel 's re >> the giants gave world series hero pablo sandoval a $15 million qualifying offer. kpix5 has exclusively obtained panda's response. today the chicago cubs a bay rays no laughing matter for giants fans. as of 9 p.m. tonight panda is officially a free agent. today the chicago cubs introduced former tampa bay's manager joe maddon as their newest skipper. >> they wake him from a nap? >> no. not all his money. he will try to inch chicago's 106 year world series route and today made friends with the media. five.... >> the bartender here, bar keep anywhere?
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>> right here. >> i got the drinks right now. what do i got, round? theo said i got one round. actually i thought about that. so one round is on me, please. [ laughter ] >> that's a shot and a beer. that's the hazleton way, shot and a beer. >> great stuff. i haven't said this in 25 days. can you give me the top five, please? you can't get a world series ring and still buy stuff like this. mini figure set for $160. man, monday night football colts quarterback andrew luck threw four touchdowns. t.y. hilton ripped the ball away from roger cromartie. indy beat new york 40-24. no. 3, t-rex teamed up to prank his teammate. looks like some players didn't know it was a joke. look at that. can you remember when you were rejected for a date by the homecoming queen? >> no. never. >> james harden knows how you feel, rejected.
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high school football in utah, spanish court led and their quarterback lost the football and it was run in for a touchdown. maple mountain picks it up and wins it. apparently jason muddy was devastated when the video went viral. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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