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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 5, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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of the class. >> staff and the governing board believe that planned parenthood does an excellent job and the concerns that are raised are without merit. >> reporter: the students and parents we talked to at acalanes high school have no problem with who is teaching sex education. >> i never felt like planned parenthood was promoting their services or encouraging us to have sex or anything like that. >> i am a catholic, yes. i don't see any problem with it. >> reporter: the one parent who opted out her daughter from the sex ed class in the district, she sent me an email earlier saying she wants the district to be more transparent. the district is responding that it is being very transparent. they sent out notices to the parents before the class. live in lafayette, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the acalanes union high school district meeting starts at 7:30 tonight. the noise coalition plans to raise its concerns to the board. crews trying to fix a water main break in san jose.
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you can see from chopper 5 the break has flooded that area. this is around the villages parkway. the pipe snapped around 1 p.m. while it does look bad for the neighborhood, right now, none of that water is going into homes the city says the break doesn't affect service in the neighborhood but does supply hire hydrants in the area. >> we have been trying to find the shutoff valve to isolate the leak. we turned off 8 valves so far and we have slowed it down significantly and still looking to fully stop the leak. >> first impression if you look at the video, you might think somebody hit a fire hydrant. that's not the case. the hole is opened from the break and that hydrant you see there is actually sinking. now to campaign 2014 and the races too close to call. in san jose, sam liccardo has a thin lead over dave cortese.
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but as len ramirez says, liccardo is already making his plans at city hall. >> i look forward to serving san jose as its 65th mayor. >> reporter: city councilman sam liccardo is claiming victory in the san jose mayor's race over county supervisor dave cortese. >> i'm making this announcement because i think it's time for us to move beyond the election day battles. it's time for healing in the city. >> reporter: cortese was not available today but hasn't changed his stance that with only about 2,000 votes separating the candidates, the race is still too close to call. >> we want to win and we think it's important that we win. >> reporter: here's why he is not conceding. box after box of uncounted ballots at the registrar of voters office anywhere from 120,000 to 150,000 vote by mail ballots that were dropped off yesterday. add to that about 14,000 provisional ballots. machines are tallying some, others are being counted by hand. >> we have in our results on
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tuesday night, we had all of the vote by mail ballots that we had received on monday in that count. so we are literally getting half of our entire vote count received on one day. >> that was len ramirez reporting. also too close to call tonight the democrat on democrat congressional race in district 17. right now incumbent mike honda leads challenger ro khanna by 4.5 points but thousands of vote by mail ballots are still being counted. oakland voters elected a new mayor. the vote count showed libby schaaf as the clear winner. in the latest tabulation she beat rebecca kaplan 63 to 37%. >> oakland can't wait to start moving in another direction. a government that's more responsive to its people and delivers the basic service of
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safety. >> schaaf spent time thanking supporters and answering questions this afternoon. she says she ready to hit the ground running. today mayor quan said she inherits a city where crime is down, unemployment is down, and the economic renaissance is well under way. after the election, a new day, a new dynamic in washington. the first time since president obama took office he will face a congress with republicans in control of both houses. >> to everyone who voted, i want you to know that i hear you. >> we're going to pass legislation, um, some of it he may not like. but we're going to function. >> ken bastida is in the newsroom with more on the shift in the balance of power. ken. >> reporter: yeah, liz. republicans have taken control of the senate for the first time in eight years and added to their majority in the house, as well. now the question is, what happens next? >> obviously, republicans had a good night.
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>> reporter: the gop picked up at least 7 senate seats from the democrats and added at least 10 seats in the house of representatives. the president phoned senator mitch mcconnell, who is positioned to become the new senate majority leader. >> the american people have spoken. they have given us divided government. the question for both the president and for the speaker and my self and our members is what are you going to do with it? >> reporter: the president has pledged to take executive action to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants. >> what we can't do is just keep on waiting. >> it's like waving a red flag in front of a bull to say if you guys don't do what i want i'm going to do it on my own. >> reporter: the president invited congressional leaders to the white house on friday to start discussing some of the changes that lie ahead. both sides are facing questions about whether they can end the gridlock. >> as president, i have a unique responsibility to try to make this town work. >> the democrat who counts is
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the president of the united states. >> reporter: frank lutz says that voters sent a clear message they want compromise. >> now that you won, start to govern, start to lead, and start to get things done. >> reporter: so it's not all that unusual. this has happened before. most notably in the bush administration. the balance of power shifted and nothing was done. the, uhm, races are not over yet. there is a runoff in louisiana next month. the republicans can actually add to the majority. in the newsroom, ken bastida, kpix 5. >> time now to zero in on some winners and losers here. let's bring in our political insider phil matier. good to see you. >> it is. what a night. and as always, politics is always a game of chutes and ladders. who is up and who is down, here's the story. winner, libby schaaf. >> you know, i'm just proud. i'm really proud of the campaign that we've run. >> reporter: right out of the gate she took the lead in the oakland mayor's race and then won with 63% of the vote.
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mayor quan finished third. potential loser? the san jose police officers union. they warned about officers quitting if their guy dave cortese lost. instead, sam liccardo who promises to follow through with pension reforms has a small lead. surprise winner? former new york mayor michael bloomberg. he bankrolled berkeley's measure d. that city is you know the first in the nation to tax sugary drinks. surprise loser? house minority leader nancy pelosi. her democrats suffered double- digit losses in the house of representatives. republicans haven't been this strong since the truman presidency. her chances of becoming speaker again, very much in doubt. another loser? charter schools who backed marshall tuck for state school superintendent of public education. the teachers union candidate tom torlakson won the $30 million race. but the biggest winner of all? jerry brown. not only did he cruise to an unprecedented fourth term, he backed two winning ballot measures one-on-one and another
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or a rainy day fund. >> save water, save money. and those two are pillars. >> reporter: and it turns out that jerry brown had coattails last night. he was the endorsements of the councilwoman libby schaaf that gave her the boost in the polls and the one that she rode right into the mayor's office. >> indeed. and a statewide turnout of about 30% or so? >> but on the other news we have a tied race going or a very close race going right here in the bay area between democrat tim entrainty sbranti and his opponent. >> thank you. marijuana activists also scoring big in yesterday's election. voters in oregon and washington, d.c. said yes to recreational pot use. a similar measure seems to be headed for victory in alaska. the measures in oregon and alaska would include the establishment of state taxation systems and you can look for california to be next.
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advocates have their sights set on a vote here in 2016. stay with kpix 5 and for continuing election coverage. we have updated results as well as analysis. san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to announce he will seek re-election. the mayor has been focused on raising money for some of the propositions on tuesday's ballot in the city. with that behind him, it's anticipated he will launch a campaign for mayor in the coming days. among the pop opponents in next year's race -- possible opponents in next year's race, mark leno. she is known as the oldest cheerleader in nfl history and now she is at the center of the league's next scandal. the shocking sex scandal allegations against this socialite mom. >> the fake gun doesn't stop a man. how far he went to protect the pizza shop. >> you have to stare at the calendar to remember that this is november. temperatures today approaching 80 degrees away from the water.
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we have completely clear skies and there is no rain in the immediate forecast. but what about the long- range forecast? we'll have the seven-day forecast in six minutes. >> the fleas are out in force. this may be the worst season in more than a decade. the new generation of flea killers to protect your pets. ,, ,,
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at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ high-profile murder case. ravi kumra died during a roy a man is convicted of killing a south bay tech investor in a high-profile murder indicate. robby kumra died during a robbery of his monte sereno home in november of 2012. prosecutors say kumra was bound and gagged while three suspected gang members ransacked the house. couple are suffocated. marcellus drummer was the first to be convict. he faces life in prison when he is sentenced. embattled nfl player ray rice is making a plea to the league today. he wants to be reinstated immediately. rice and his wife arrived in new york to appeal his indefinite fit suspension by the nfl. he was banned in september
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after this video of him hitting his wife in an elevator went public. the ravens also dropped him from the team. the former u.s. district judge will hear his appeal and will make the final decision. a former cheerleader for the baltimore ravens is under arrest for allegedly raping a 15-year-old boy. >> by being a professional nfl cheerleader, i am able to completely be me. >> molly shattuck gained celebrity status as the oldest cheer liter in nfl history after earning a spot on the ravens squad at age 38. she is now 47. investigators say she had a month-long physical relationship with the teenager. and spent a weekend with him at a vacation home in delaware. shattuck turned herself in to police today. she is charged with two counts of third degree rape. after all this denials, documents show baseball star alex rodriguez admit to using performance-enhancing drugs. the confession came during a meeting this past january with
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the drug enforcement administration. the report says rodriguez told investigators he used various banned substances from 2010 through 2012 while playing with the new york yankees. major league baseball suspended him for the entire 2014 season. itching, biting, scratching, pets doing a lot more of that right now. how you can fight off one of the worst flea seasons in years. >> talk about bottle shock. the misunderstanding that led to a $4,000 wine bill. ,,,,
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a philadelphia street.. hasn we have breaking news. a woman seen on this surveillance video has been kidnapped on a street in philadelphia, she has been found safe outside of baltimore. police say 22-year-old carlesha freeland gaither has some minor injuries but otherwise is okay. her alleged abductor was caught on camera sunday night dragging her down the sidewalk to his car. now, he has been arrested. not identified. they are not releasing that nor his motive. president obama says he needs $6.2 billion to fight the spread of ebola. he is asking congress for the emergency funds. they would cover fighting the disease in west africa and securing the u.s. against the virus. some of that money would establish more than 50 ebola treatment centers throughout the u.s., buy safety suits and monitor travels arriving in the u.s. this has been a bad flea season. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts tells us why.
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>> reporter: it's a tough time of year to be a dog. >> i noticed she was itching. >> scratching, licking and biting. >> they don't seem comfortable. >> reporter: if you think your pet seems to be doing more of this, this vet says you're probably right. thanks in part to the drought. >> hot, dry weather, usually when the fleas come out to play. >> reporter: many are calling this the worst flea season in more than a decade. not only are fleas out in force, but the standard flea treatments just don't seem to be working anymore. a sign fleas are evolving backing immune to some -- becoming immune to chemicals. >> resistant is a question just like with bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics. you know, species mutate. they can develop genes that make them no longer susceptible to different drugs. >> reporter: atkins says newer products particularly oral medications are more effective. >> some drugs are what's called adulticide that kill adults. some are birth control for fleas and some are repellents. >> reporter: she says the new
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generation of flea killers is safe. but some pet owners prefer the natural route. >> i put garlic or fresh rosemary, good for fleas and ticks to repel them. >> reporter: there are natural flea products on the market made with herbs, shells, and other remedies more pet owners are willing to try considering the old ones don't seem to be working. the makers of the traditional topical flea products tell us, in spite of what vets say, their tests find no reduced susceptibility of fleas. cooler weather will bring relief either way. >> a lot of pet owners know what we're talking about. >> everyone says my dog, my cat, it's happening to them. >> hard to get rid of. >> thank you. in bay area headlines san jose police are searching for the gunman that killed a man inside an apartment yesterday. witnesses reported hearing
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gunshots from the building on almaden road near blossom hill. when officers arrived, they found the victim's body inside. a 16-year-old boy was also hurt. police say he was injured while trying to escape the gunfire. 26-year-old is under arrest accused of firing a pellet gun into a jiffy lube in palo alto. police say the man shot the gun from the balcony of his home. the rounds narrowly miss a jiffy lube employee. it hit signs and a customer's car. he faces felony assault charges. a new warning about google glass. watch out for blind spots. a group of ophthalmologists from ucsf published a study. they said it blocked participants' peripheral vision on the right side even with the software turned off. they say that could make google glasses dangerous for driving or even walking. didn't need goodle glass to see how nice the weather is --
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didn't need google glass to see how nice the weather is tonight. >> it feels more like summer in san francisco than many, many days in june, july and august no fog whatsoever. the sun is going down earlier. one sign that, yes, we are in november despite what the thermometer says. we are in the 70s. san francisco 75 degrees. what's going on? oakland 76. otherwise we're 70 in san bruno. livermore san jose and santa rosa. despite the warm temperatures, it is november. and here's a sign i want to show you some video that we are approaching the holidays. that is the ice rink at the embarcadero center. they keep things cool there on the ice because it's 70 degrees, you would have a problem. holiday skating began today. you can go ice skating in 75- degree weather and enjoy it and have a good time. in san francisco the skating
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rinks are getting up and about. ice skating today. cloud cover moving into the north bay. i'll explain why in a second. that will keep our overnight lows milder. vallejo down to 52. napa 46. mountain view 53. look at the rainfall spread here throughout the state. it has poured up toward eureka. they are double their average rainfall for the water year which is only a couple of months old. but look at san francisco. much less. 64% of average and you go to southern california, los angeles, only 43% of normal. so the haves have been up to the north. guess what's going to happen over the next 24 hours, another storm system in the north, we'll get cloud cover, we'll have cooler weather tomorrow but this ridge will keep the rain up to the north. it will make it down to about crescent city perhaps eureka but not for us. the ridge moves a bit but not enough to give us any rainfall. so a little cooler and cloudier tomorrow as the storm slams into the pacific northwest. big picture though ridge hanging out. warm the two warmest days will be saturday and sunday. we are going to see some 80s
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away from the water mid-70s in san francisco. we are very confident that when the ridge moves it will slide off to the east. we will have some storms coming down from the gulf of alaska. but right now, all the long- range computer models say that's at least 7 days away. it's going to be likely another week before we talk about our next rain chance. clear tonight, fog at the coast, high cloud cover, filtered sunshine tomorrow not quite as warm as the onshore flow picks up a bit and the ridge comes back and we'll continue to be dry and mild. 70s tomorrow for concord. 74 for you. 4 degrees above average. san jose 73. cupertino 73. san mateo, union city, fremont, low 70s. antioch tomorrow for you 76. some filtered sunshine in the morning in pleasanton 76 degrees. benicia, martinez, vallejo, right around 70. 68 in san francisco tomorrow. berkeley 67. sonoma, napa, petaluma, 70s for you. and mid-70s in lake county and mendocino county. look at the weekend. that would be the second weekend of november.
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couple of weeks away from thanksgiving. 70s near the bay. 80s inland. now, next week we'll go cloudier, especially around veterans day. but in general, the big time pattern change where we would go cloudy and wet it's not happening yet. >> wild. >> we'll get there, but nowhere soon. >> not going to kick in yet? >> not yet. >> thank you, paul. a baby sea otter found abandoned and crying along the coast of san mateo county getting used to its new home. the five-week-old orphan fattened up at the monterey bay aquarium before being sent to chicago for rehab. how cute is that? her name, well, right now it's pup 681. she is learning how to groom and find food and when she is in the clear, she will join other otters at the shedd aquarium's habitat. >> can't stop looking at that video. >> she likes people. >> so cute. well, coming up, he has a gun in his face but a pizza guy won't give in to one man's
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crime spree. the crazy thing that happened after he wrestled the bad guy out the door. ,,
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and the wild showdown is cau a man with a taste for robbing pizza places finally meets his match and caught on video. he burst into the washington state store waving a gun but the manager tells the man to leave. but the robber grabs a bag of cash. the two wrestle their way out the door. at one point the manager narrowly avoids a bullet that hits the ceiling. he is able to get the cash back, though. the robber then takes off only to hit up another pizza store 45 minutes later. >> i don't know how he still had the courage to keep going after that. i mean, i would think he would want to stop after that. >> didn't learn his lesson. turns out the guy has hit up six pizza stores in just a month. the owner of the pizza time store is offering free pizza for a year to whoever can catch the suspect. a group of diners could
5:26 pm
probably teach us all a lesson on how not to order a bottle of wine. three friends eating at the bobby flay's steak in atlantic city. the host didn't bring his glasses so he asked the waitress of a price of bottle of wine. she said 3750. turns out that meant $3,750! so imagine the shock when they got that bill. turns out what the waitress brought them was a rare napa vintage, of course, the three were able to get the price negotiated down to about $2,000 and then, well, they split the check just so they could leave. >> i hope they enjoyed every sip. >> all right. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the triple choice sale ends tuesday, veterans day. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ tonight: i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. here's what's new at 6:00 tonight. the little guy wins. we told you about chevron spending millions to get hand- picked candidates elected. tonight why not one of them came out on top. >> also, the key to solving the ebola crisis might be right in our backyard. why the bay area company behind it has not worked on it in years. >> plus, no more stopping at the front desk. hotels are going high-tech with check-ins. it's all straight ahead at 6:00. >> thank you. thank you for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. and remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, the president says the voters sent a message. >> they want us to get the job done. >> pelley: but can they? >> maybe there are some things we can agree on. >> pelley: bob schieffer, nancy cordes, major garrett, and anthony mason on the power shift and the road ahead. baseball star alex rodriguez on performance-enhancing drugs. >> did you do any p.e.d.s? >> no. >> pelley: jim axelrod on new court documents that reportedly tell a different story. anna werner on what's becoming a cheap, dangerous alternative to pain pills-- mexican heroin. and mark phillips on war and remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice a century ago. >> it just brings home the number of lives that were lost, some might say wasted. captioning sponsored by cbs


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