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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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studios, this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news tonight. a plot to kill the queen. a british newspaper says terrorists were planning to assassinate queen elizabeth. >> it is one newspaper reporting this so far. >> reporter: check it out. this is the headline folks in england are waking up to. the sun newspaper reporting that british security forces foiled a plot to kill between elizabeth. it is a british tabloid. cbs news has not confirmed the story. but scotland yard reports police have raided eight properties in and around london arresting four men between the ages of 19 and 27. the men are being held on suspension of terrorist acts. scotland yard says there is an investigation into islamist related terrorism. people who saw the raid talked
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to the bbc. >> it was just loads of police running all over the place. they check someone out. got him out of the car. they put him in the back of a vehicle. >> they rolled out the guy who was in the car. he was handcuffed with his arms behind him. he was in his late 20 . >> reporter: the 88-year-old queen was to be killed at knife point and the plan was to assassinate her sunday at the festival of remembrance. she lays the wreath at a veterans day memorial. british officials are telling the sun that she will follow through with her plans to attend the event. her security will be unprecedented. only one newspaper is reporting this. >> but people take this very seriously. >> reporter: exactly. >> thanks joe vasquez. this isn't the first plot. back in 1970, assassinned tried
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to derail the queen's train in australia. they failed and just today, the president announced he is doubling the number of troops in iraq sending in 1500 more to fight isis militants. the white house says these troops will train iraqi and kurd issue forces and will not have a direct combat role. also tonight, we have these new numbers from the san jose mayor's race. sam liccatdo is still on top of cortese. betty? >> reporter: that's right. the cortese campaign wants to make sure every vote is counted. the registrar welcomed the state to come in and take a look at its procedures. 72 hours after election night, workers at the registrar of voters are still counting ballots. the reg registrar says this is
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normal. it asked the secretary of state for an independent investigation into procedures. >> i would like to show the world they can trust our voting system. >> reporter: to add to election night drama, the it director quit right before the election. a computer glitch caused delays in the vote count because he was gone and not around to troubleshoot. >> that did not affect our voting, tallying and counting on election day or election night. us counting until 4:00 a.m. was expected. >> reporter: councilman liccardo has already declared victory, but cortese has not conceded. his campaign is raising red flags. >> our biggest concern is the integrity of the data so each vote is counted. >> dave cortese is on the board of supervisors of the county. if the problem had problems in
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counting ballots, i hope they would fix those before he decided to run for mayor. >> reporter: the registrar expects to count the 75,000 mail ballots by sunday, but it will take several weeks to finalize the tally. meanwhile, liccatdo is ahead. as far as he is concerned this race is over. >> betty yu live in san jose. thank you betty. while we wait for a winner in the san jose race, we know mike honda has been reelected. >> i called congressman honda to congratulate him on his victory after a hard fought campaign. i wished him well. as he returns to washington for another term. >> that is ro khaana who conceded tonight after honda declared victory this morning. honda said there just weren't enough votes out there for ro to close the gap.
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>> pg&e repaired a gas leak after thousands of people had to be evacuated. a backhoe truck a pipe at 11:00 a.m. and took seven hours to repair. there was a strong smell of gas in the area. a plume rose from beneath the pavement. people covered their faces because the fumes were so strong. >> my workers said they could smell gas inside the building and it was really strong. the fireman came on every door and said get out, get out. >> the contractor that struck the pipe was working on high- rise construction project. nobody was hurt. tonight, hundreds of people joined the search for a 26-year- old guy who has not been seen in a week. andria borba is outside his apartment in san francisco's south of market. >> reporter: well ken, his last location was here. south of market. a week ago today. that is when his cell phone last pinged off a tower.
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in san francisco's tech community, an electronic fingerprint is everything. that is what is so troubling about the disappearance of 26- year-old engineer dan ha last seen on halloween. >> he hasn't used his cell phone, credit card, bank accounts, anything since then. >> reporter: he left his apartment near fourth and brnnon on the 31st. his roommate began worrying tuesday. >> sometimes he will go on weekend trips for one or two days. but not without his phone. not without notifying his parents. >> reporter: a post from dan's twitter account in september says if you feel like wasting time, let it happen. focus will return when you need it to. until then, just enjoy exploring unbounded. dan's disappearance has brought the tech community together. there is an 800 member private facebook group coming up with plans to find him. >> they are the donating ad time.
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there's people, there's even, like a dating app, co, that was able to message everyone using the app. >> reporter: but the search for dan has gone decidedly low tech with fliers getting taped the telephone poles and restaurant windows hoping someone finally sees him. dan's family is on their way to san francisco from canada do night to help continue searching. live in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. a college student from santa clara fell five stories to her death. 19-year-old melissa kennen died near san diego state university. she fell from the top of this building. kevin rampan climbed to the roof with her. he said he had just met melissa and she told him she wanted to do something daring. she climbed to the ledge and lost her balance. >> my heart sank. i look over. i called 911. rushed down to the floor.
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and talked to the operator. >> melissa died several hours later. alcohol was a factor. switching gears, heading across the golden gate bridge this weekend, get ready, there will be lane closures at various times. crews are doing initial work on a new movable median barrier. they will install the actually warrior in january. late today, bart told us tram service to the airport will be up and running just in time for thanksgiving. the service will start saturday november 22. christin ayers went to find out how it works, how much it costs. christin? >> reporter: we found out that futuristic tram that will take people from coliseum station to the oakland airport is going to be quicker and more convenient than the bus. it is also going to cost you double.
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two weeks before it carries its first passengers, the airport connector is still running practice laps to the airport. and riders are still stuck catching the bus to the airport. at $3, it's a bargain compared to what the fee to ride the train will be. >> $6 is still fine with me. >> reporter: that is $6 on top of what you pay to ride bart to coliseum station in the first place. >> it is kind of a lot of money. >> not worth it. >> too expensive. >> reporter: not if you consider the alternative. a shuttle for $26. a taxi for $40. uber can cost close to $50. bobby who was on her way to tucson loves that the new connector will cut the time it takes to get to the airport from 20 minutes to nine. but she can't help but feel she is being nickeled and dimed. >> it is costing us like, you know, $89 just to go from berkeley to here. >> reporter: there will be a grand opening ceremony on
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friday, november 21. the day before this officially opens and peel will get to ride the tram for free. but after that, if you are going from san francisco downtown to oakland airport, it will cost you 10.05. christin ayers, kpix5. google. well. they figured out how to map the moon. they are trying to detect cancer. but tonight, cate caugurian found out there is one thing google could not pull off. and get this. it is very low tech. >> reporter: the google barge, a water mystery at first. now? >> no changes. >> i haven't seen anybody in and out of there. >> part of the scenery now. >> i haven't seen anything. i haven't seen a single thing. >> reporter: it is as good as scrap metal. >> it is like a fixture, nothing going on. >> reporter: nothing going on because the wall street journal found out the brilliant minds behind google glass and drone delivery service couldn't keep
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this show boat afloat. they couldn't come up with a fire safety plan. the journal published e-mails from the u.s. coast guard to google. there was a lot of fuel, flammable terrible, but not enough emergency escape routes. it was docked here at treasure island until it was found out it didn't have the permits to stay. so it floated to stockton where the most activity it is getting now. >> most of the guys have been spreeinged. they are hitting golf balls at it. >> reporter: it is across from the ninth hole. >> if they are not doing anything with it, it is like a waste. >> reporter: in stockton, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> we told you months ago, google had a similar barge in maine. that one has already been scrapped for metal. tonight, robin williams' official autopsy report revealed what his wife thinks he learned about suicide from one of his movies. >> plus, chicken washed in chlorine. would you want to eat that?
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we uncover what happens before the meat gets to your dinner plate and what to look for on the label.
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reports: williams may ha >> robin williams autopsy report reveals he was sober when he died. but linda yee reports williams may have learned about a way to kill himself from one of his movies. >> reporter: robin williams talked openly about his battle with depression and alcohol abuse. >> it cuts allot of barriers. are there clubs are people go no, they are horrifying
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experience. at the same time, you talk about some brutally sad things. >> reporter: toxicology tests found no traces of illegal drugs or alcohol. he was diagnosed with parkinson's disease last year, the autopsy showed abnormal growths in his rain and a neurologist told kpix5 their effects could have caused a number of symptomming including depression, anxiety, and hallucinations. williams wife said he could not sleep and was featuring an increase of paranoia. the night before his death, he was concerned about his wristwatches. he may have gleaned information on suicide from a movie he made several years ago. williams character played a father who discovered his son's accidental death from auto
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erotic asphyxiation. then he fixes it to look like hanging with a belt. the belt and towel were exactly what investigators found when they discovered his body. investigators asked robin williams wife if he had any history of auto erotic asphyxia. he said no. they checked his iphone and computers and did not find a suicide note. linda yee, kpix5. williams wife says that she thought robin was in a good mood the night before he died because he took his ipad with him. she thought to read or watch tv. something he had not done in months. well tonight, there is a new potato that could shake up the fast food industry. the feds approved the first genetically modified potato. the gmo has a lot less of the cancer causing chemical that comes out when the potato is fried. when was the last time you ate chicken? well the way many chickens are processed here in the u.s. is holding up a trade deal with
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europe. what don't the europeans like? the chlorine. when it comes to chicken, michelle prefers hormone free antibiotic free, organically raised birds. >> i'm feeding my children and my husband. this is my family so i want to feed them the healthest options out there. >> reporter: but did she check chlorine free? these baths have chemicals that can include chlorine. >> heavily diluted in water. >> reporter: a tiny amount gets absorbed into the meat. >> i use bleach to clean my whites. think children swim in chlorine. but ingesting it and eating it? i feel a little bit .. apprehensive. >> reporter: government regulators say this use of chlorine is safe and effective
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in poultry processing. studies show once it hits the bird, it breaks down into safe bye products. that is not what the european union says. this french political add shows chickens bathing in swimming pool water. the fear it causes cancer. while there is no evidence. >> they operate on the precautionary principle. since there is controversy about using chlorine in poultry processing, they decided to keep it out. >> reporter: out for nearly two decades costing u.s. poultry farmers hundreds of millions of years. >> this is a matter that political science has trumped sound science. >> reporter: there is a different approach. at anonelli's. consumers buy air chilled chicken. they raise their birds differently. from egg to chick to farm to slaughter house. >> i can't eat a chicken that
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has had chlorine bath. that is what makes us different. >> reporter: they blast freshly slaughtered birds with very cold air to low their temperature. that is how it is done in europe. >> they are in cold air. >> reporter: a whole chilled chicken costs about $2 more per pound. even so, this mom might just consider it. >> i would be willing to pay more money for it. >> there is nothing on the label to tell you the chicken has been bathed in chlorine, you can only look for air chilled. let's move on. talk a little about the weather. >> let's do that. >> it cooled off. had a little fog. >> a foggy start. >> more sun. we are going to see warmer and drier. we are going in the wrong direction. november is supposed to be cooler and weather. nope. mother nature says two steps back. clear skies for now. but we are looking at some fog rolling in overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. a great shot of the bay lights
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and the bay bridge from our rooftop. man, do we have a nice view here. temperatures are dropping into the 40s and the 50s . fremont 52. concord 50. napa 50. san rafael, 52. maybe you are going skiing and thinking we are in a drought. what is going on? borea opened up today. we had rain here, snow in the sierra. about ten inches of mother nature made powder. they had the snow guns on for the week. they will be open this weekend as well. the first resort in california opened for business. talking burlingane. maybe water skiing there. sunny coming up with a high of 75. we have very active weather way off to the west. way off to the east. we will start west. that former super typhoon nuri. 40 or 50-foot waves in the
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aleutian islands. it is causing a kink in the jet stream that is having huge impacts here. we have the return of the polar vortex. it works all the way down into the united states. in between, we find a super large ridge of high pressure right over top of us. that is the reason why we will see widespread 80s and why we can't get a drop of rain in november. a little fog. coast in the bay. overnight tonight. we are dry, sunny this weekend. we do have a patter change. there is a rain chance coming. but it is not until late next week. umer 70s tomorrow for you in san jose and concord. 8 degrees above average. campbell 81. 81 in san ramon. fairfield 83. 73 in san francisco tomorrow. sonoma. 84. very warm saturday. equally as warm on sunday, we begin cooling down monday vet rans day. by the end of next week,
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perhaps next friday, we will be much cooler. finally a chance of rain. it will be the first one in november. >> that would be great. >> yes. >> thanks paul. >> coming up, who would steal this cute little dog and dump it in the trash? her owner never thought she would get her back. the reunion next. ,,,, ♪ ♪ ,,,, thank you!
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lucille williams waited 3 ms >> a san francisco woman has her stolen chihuahua back. >> lucille williams waited weeks for that. saturday the dog was found in a trash bin in the tenderloin. >> trama, broken ribs. so fairly serious injuries. >> i had never been separated from her except when i was in hospital for knee replacement. >> well kaley was micro chipped so annal was able to find her owner. police are still looking for the thief. >> they are reunited.
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good happy ending. i have never been more excited about a top five than i am tonight. >> oh, i can't wait. >> it happens tonight. straight ahead, we got two nfl teams, both underdogs this weekend. and if you think this is hot, wait until you see what we have lined up for the top five. this one, this one isn't even the top play! ,, introducing the new subway "simple 6 menu". six of our best six-inch subs- like the italian bmt and tender turkey breast! with a 21-ounce drink and a bag of chips for just $6 every day. it's value made simple. subway! ♪
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at the saints... niners have lost 7 of t b patrick >> nfl up top. the 49ers the underdogs. patrick willis will sit out a third straight game because of a toe injury. offensively, spotlight is on the o line. they have to do a better job of protecting colin kaepernick. he has been sacked a league high 27 times this season. eight last week, but caps not counting. >> i feel like we have having the average season. four and four. that is the only stat that matters. >> having said that, what is the character, the identity of the team? >> we are a hard working team. same as we have always been. >> see, i was there. as for the the raiders, they
11:29 pm
are double digit underdogs at home. peyton manning pays a visit and they know they have their handing full trying to slow down the future hall of famer. >> there is not much you are going to throw at him he hasn't seen or studied and overstudied in some situations. you know, that guy, you know, he is a football junkie. >> are you prepared? he may just say let's see what 25 has got. >> they will have to continue their hot start without david lee. warriors at the equally 6-0 unbeaten rockets tomorrow night. time now for the friday, oh, it is back! here we go!
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number 5, slithery florida state sorority girl. harris on the punt return. there you go. 6 -9d yards. they roll low. 46-8. oh man. how about number three? this is a half court shot? come on man! number two, charlotte lance stevenson for the win. beat atlanta in double overtime. yeah! and at number one, tonight, alameda's derek desa is going up top. the ball is underthrown. misplayed by lloyd ashton here. through the hand, popped into the hair. into the hands of antonio raleigh. the coach can't believe it. they did win the game to raise the record to 10-0. way to go high landers. push to the limit on that.
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>> oh wow. >> that play, that shot with these hands. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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