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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, a driver on the run from the law hits a kid on a scooter and takes off. and we have just learned that boy has died. >> this happened at east 14th and ashland avenue. joe vasquez is there with the latest in san lean doe. >> reporter: you can see, investigators are still on the scene. i just got off the phone with a chp spokesperson who tells me what happened was around 6:00 this evening, they spotted a car driving wrecklessly. so they tried to pull it over, but instead, he sped up and right here he hit a 14-year-old boy who was riding his scooter through the crosswalk. >> i saw the young boy crossing the street, and i heard the sirens and i believe it was a high speed chase. and the car came right when the little boy was in the middle of the street. he got hit. and then he flew in the air and
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landed over there by where the bus stop sign is at. >> what went through your mind? >> oh man, i was shocked. i couldn't believe it. i was, wow. i was shocked. as soon as i see him fly, i ran over to try to help him out. but there was not much i could do. i called 911 as soon as i got to where he was at. >> just so it is clear, was the chase in progress or had the police stopped the chase and the other car was still going? >> reporter: i believe the chase was still in progress because the car kept going and the sheriffs officer that was right behind the car also kept going. so i guess the chase was still in progress after the little boy got hit. >> reporter: and in fact, chp says they tried to catch up with him but that driver got away and he is still on the loose right now. and in fact, officials are not yet releasing the name of that
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14-year-old boy. reporting live, i'm joe vasquez, kpix5. >> meanwhile, in east san jose tonight, a car hit and killed a woman on barbary lane at south king road. the driver of that car stopped and was arrested. police have not said whether drugs or alcohol were factors. this woman is the 21st pedestrian to die this year in san jose. tonight, we have a better idea how incredible it is that a little boy survived falling off a bay area cliff. andria borba puts it into perspective for us in the children's hospital in oakland. >> reporter: liz, we have been talking about this number, 230 feet. the height this little boy fell off this bluff from. we wanted to give you a better idea of what he survived. the rugged beauty of bodega head is breathtaking and likely terrifying. to get a feel for how frightening his tumble was, you
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have to change your perspective. >> reporter: the little boy fell roughly 22 stories. that is how far my photographer is off the ground right now. the only difference is i have concrete underneath me. not sand. >> we were just lucky. >> reporter: bodega bay fire was prepared having prepared for a rescue like this one a few days earlier. when they got to tiny sebastian, they heard the best sound of all. his cries. >> i'm thinking scream for me. hopefully you are alive. we get there he is breathing and moaning and it is a huge relief. >> reporter: sebastian didn't just have firefighters on his side, but mother nature. not only did he suffer a fall onto a beach of the rough and cold pacific, the tide was out. >> if he had fallen into the ocean, he could have been washed out. >> reporter: just a short time
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ago, we spoke to sebastian's aunt jessica evans about the moments before he fell. here is what she had to say. >> and sebastian picked up a bigger rock and jamie bent down to pick up a rock. when she got up, she today up, she saw him falling. so, i mean, they were just throwing rocks. they were having a competition who see who could throw the furthest and sebastian slipped and jamie missed him. >> reporter: heartbreaking to hear. this little boy is in very rough condition, but he is expected to survive. he has lots of broken bones and is very, very lucky to be alive. he is heavily sedated. still on a ventilator. they hope to get him awake tomorrow. live in oakland, andria borba, kpix5. >> a coast card helicopter that
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helped rescue sebastian is stuck in bodega bay tonight because of heavy fog. they are trying to figure out how to move it. police in colma say they arrested a woman who did this. terry elsy is the woman in the red there. she is knocking another woman to the ground outside nordstrom rack last week. the victim, natalie bree hajac. richardson said she followed her out there. natalie asked her to quiet down her child who was throwing a fit. >> she came to the side of me and told me not to tell her child what to document do. i asked you very nicely to calm down your child just a little bit. >> natalie, also admits that she also told her to go to
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hell. the punches knocked three of her teeth loose. tonight, 49ers defensive end ray mcdonald says he is ready to move on. this is the first time we have heard from him since the da dropped the domestic violence charges. >> i know what kind of guy i was and the upbringing i have. i respect women. i knew the truth would come out. it was weighing on my mind a little bit. because you know. all this stuff that people were saying about me that i know wasn't true. it sucks man, it sucks having people saying this stuff about you when you know it is not true. i had to keep my mouth shut and let the whole process play out. >> prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to show he assaulted his pregnant fiance. china made a breakthrough to cut greenhouse missions. president obama and china's
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president unveiled new targets in beijing. the new goal to reduce 26 to 28% by 2025 compared to the 2005 levels. earlier in his presidency, president obama pledged cutting emission levels by 17% by 2020. in about an hour-and-a- half, we human beings will try to do something in outer space that has never been done before. paul watches the skies for us tonight. he is aiming higher into the heavenning. >> much higher. there is a comet zooming by at 49,000 miles an hour. trying to paint this picture. 300million miles away from earth. and europeans are trying to land a spacecraft on the comet. the rosetta space probe has been flying across the solar system the past ten years. in about 90 minutes, they are going to release a landing craft. once it is released, it can't be steered. that is fancy jargon for saying they are dropping it.
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the comet has to be in the right position for touchdown. scientists hope the probe will land and help us learn more about the composition of comets and how they react when they get close to the sun. >> the comets are mysterious objects in the night sky. we now know they connect the origin of the solar system with the origin of the planets. potentially with the origin of water on those planets, particularly earth, and perhaps even the building blocks of life. >> so, if all goes according to plan, it should take about seven hours for that landing craft once dropped to reach the comet's surfaceful it takes 28 minutes with rosetta, so everything has been programmed to happen automatically. if anything goes wrong, all scientists can do is watch. we should know some time tomorrow if we humans dropped a landing probe on a comet. i hope they took ap math. >> thanks paul.
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inviable new video tonight of lava flows in hawaii flowing into the village of pahoa. it has eaten up one house already with many more in itself path. history has been made on the web. people flocked ali baba, china's version of amazon for singles day. it is an antivalentine's day in china. it raked in $9.3 billion and more than 278 million orders. this is by far, the biggest online shopping day ever. last year, both of our black friday and cyber monday sales pulled in a measlely $1.2 billion combined. back to the fight for online music. taylor swift has pulled off of her songs off spotify. they say they have a message for taylor.
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taylor swift broke up with spotify. she calls streaming services like it a grand experiment that gives artists the raw deal. today, spotify's ceo shot back saying the company paid $2 billion in royalties. our whole reason is to help fans find music and help artists connect with fans through a platform that protects them from piracy. >> the trend is going toward streaming and that is not going to change. >> jermaine hamilton runs studio recordings in san mateo. streaming services have gone up hurting the lesser known artists he working with. >> it comes down to the consumers. how are we consuming music? at the end of the day, who is buying music? nobody! [ laughter ] well, not a lot of
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people. >> taylor would have made 6 million this year on spotify, but considers the 12 million her 1989 album made in its first week. tonight, brian zist hosted the tech summit. >> i don't want to see the benefit of the smaller artists is them pulling from spotify and not having a career otherwise. for someone like taylor or u2 who can make enough money to live the rest of their lives, they have choices. >> so do users. they are getting tons of free music available just about everywhere including sites like youtube. in san mateo, betty yu, kpix5. >> we reached out to oakland based pandora, but they didn't want to comment. some of california's toughest criminals no match for this dog. he is sniffing out one of the biggest problems behind bars. watch what happens when we put
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him to the test. >> guys have been doing it for years. this doctor says what's the big deal about women? tonight, meet the egg whisperer who is throwing freezing parties near you. ,, ♪ ♪
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first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. officers were called out to investigate a report of a suspicious person on willow place. >> police in menlo park shot and killed a suspected burglar. officers were called out to investigate a report of a suspicious report of a person on willow place. when they got there, they caught this guy in the middle of a break in. he takes off running. one officer tried to use a tazer to stop him. that was not enough. >> the male suspect pulled out a gun and possibly took aim at the officers. at this time, it is unconfirmed
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whether the suspect fired his weapon. >> that is when police officers were forced to shoot and kill him. it is menlo park's first police shooting in nearly eight years. california prisons have had a problem for years. how to stop people smuggling in cell phones to the convicts. now they have some help. allen martin shows us some four- legged help. >> he looks for marijuana, heroin, cocaine. >> reporter: but it is cell phones that are california prison's biggest problems. finding cell phones is what draco seems bred to do. in four years, he has found a thousand. >> we go in a cell, draco knows what time it is. he knows it is time to go to work. >> reporter: so what we have done is taken an old cell phone and hidden it in one of these jars of peanut butter. we will put it in the cell and see if draco can find it. >> reporter: he quickly passed over two full jars of peanut
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butter. >> get it. >> can you tell by the way he reacted? >> he paid the other peanut butter no attention and he came over here and showed attention to this. >> reporter: draco once found 30 cell phones hidden by prisoners in a microwave. so we tried it and turned him loose in a prisoner's tv room. watch what happens when he gets to the microwave. >> is there something in there? show it to me! >> reporter: what's in the cell phone that sets draco off? they don't know. >> he turned off a cell phone one time. >> reporter: whatever it is, it is unique. as unique as draco. at one time, draco was a reject. a drop-out from regular canine training school. >> the trainer back east said draco wasn't going to turn out. he locked him up in a cate. ignored him. >> reporter: so officer brian pile got draco for free. >> no cost to the taxpayers. >> reporter: and they became a
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team where the top guy is in charge. >> i'm just the guy at the end of the leash. >> reporter: in vacaville,, allen martin, kpix5. >> visitors caught smuggling cell phones can be fined up to $5,000 per phone and face up to 6 months in jail. staffers are keeping an eye on a group of gorillas. they are holding their heads low after a 16 month old gorilla was accidentally killed. they allowed her mother to touch and examine her body. gorillas mourn much the same way humans do. tonight, a group of women met in walnut creek to talk about eggs. their eggs. and fertility. christin ayers went to see what it was all about. >> reporter: they call her the egg whisperer. >> i have patients who have coined that phrase for me. >> reporter: dr. saymy is so passionate about per
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fertility, she is taking it out of the clinic and into the cocktail lounge. >> it's all about knowledge. >> reporter: tonight in a restaurant in walnut creek talking about an egg freezing party. what it takes to put your fertility on ice. >> you can eat and drink and be merry and talk about your future dreams and what you want and how we can make that happen. >> reporter: dr. amy calls it a modern day tupperware parties. there is a lecture about egg freezing. >> egg freezing party is not about scaring women into thinking they are infertile. >> reporter: the seminar hit a nerve for these women at a time when apple and other tech giants have offered to freeze their eggs and received backlash for it. dr. amy herself is facing her own critics saying she is giving women false hope in a process that doesn't always
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work. >> i don't hear anyone upset that we freeze sperm. we have been doing it since the 1950s . why are we being so sexist? i don't understand. it doesn't make sense to me. >> reporter: for women like 40- year-old june chang, an unmarried dennist debating whether to have a family. >> a lot of us have put it on hold making sure it is the right time. >> reporter: the benefit of a party like this one is a no- brainer. she is thinking of hosting one of these parties herself. >> i think it is just something to get a group of girls together and have a great time. >> reporter: in walnut creek, christin ayers, kpix5. >> women who attend dr. amy's parties get 10% off the cost of freezing and storing their eggs that normally runs about 15,000. you know, people make tupperware really upset about that. [ laughter ] but, there is something good to look forward to. and that is the weather. >> yeah. because it is changing. >> it is. >> for the worst. >> we need the rain! >> it is a good bad thing.
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i think a lot of people say the worst is better. it all depends on perspective. we have rain moving into the forecast. the wettest forecast i have shown you since april. first, the great sunset today from stanford stadium in palo alto. what a gorgeous shot there. you can see the clouds rolling in. on shore flow very prevalent. nobody made it to 70 degrees. that is rare even in november. not one part of the bay area dropped it there. santa rosa 46. napa 45. san jose, 49. san francisco, the warm spot, at 54 degrees. so changes, what is going on? stronger on shore flow. certainly confident that you notice the cloud cover and cooler weather outside today. that stays with us tomorrow. and a large area of low pressure approaching us that gives us rainfall as soon as tomorrow night. the next step in the process will get pretty wet around here will be this front coming in from the north. storms from the north are historically cooler and drier.
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there is not so much juice in the atmosphere. we need storms to draw up tropical moisture. that likely will begin next week. so a little bit of rainfall tomorrow night. much more rainfall potentially a lot more rainfall coming up for the first half of next week as we tap into the tropics and some of the tropical moisture. but fist things first. rainfall moving in tomorrow night. future cast shows the green and the yellow. rain arriving as soon as 9:00 tomorrow in the north bay. less than 24 hours from now. a slow and sloppy morning commute on thursday before things clear out a bit by thursday afternoon. tonight, cloudy, chris l at the coast. tomorrow, we are staying cool in the 60s once again with rain arriving on wednesday night. 60s again tomorrow which is very close to average. talk to denver, their high tomorrow is 8. union city, fremont, clouds in the morning, 66 degrees.
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san ramon, pittsburgh, high, 67. petaluma, 67. ukiah, 62 degrees. soggy extended forecast. we have the rain moving in wednesday night and thursday morning. a break on friday. a break on saturday. it is late sunday. and then next monday, and next tuesday. where we may just not get a little bit of rain, we may get a big bit of rain and we could use more of those storms of the it is all about where the storm is coming from. we want it to come from the south. >> that was a beautiful graphic you made. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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mi'm a lineman and troubleman. i work out of the stockton division. been married seven years. i got two kids. this is where i want to raise my family. pg&e lineman, our job is to keep the power on so that our customers
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can go about their daily lives. if there's an emergency, we'll get the lights back on. i grew up in ripon and i've traveled the world with the military we can use that work ethic that the military instills in you to make a better employee. it feels great to work in the community that i grew up in. i'm proud to work for pg&e. we keep the power on. recognize her voice. 21:24:07 (phone rings) yellg "howard the ph >> actresses carol ann susie has died. you may not know her name or face, but you will likely recognize her voice. >> howard, the phone is ringing! >> she has been on several tv shows since the 70s . susie is perhaps best known for playing the never seen mrs. wolowitz on the big bang theory. tonight, her agent says she lost her brief battle with cancer. she was 62. time to check in with
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dennis now. a lot of changes in the lineup. >> i don't know how much more drama any one team can overcome. who knows if bowman is coming back. now, another star is gone. what is coming back? here we go again. and the warriors test their mettle against the defending nba champs. tip off next. ,, ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪
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teacher gave another lessono his star pupil. "sideline at him" >> sports coach gregg popovich is the teacher of steve kurt. >> he is one of my all time favorites. it is going to be really strange looking down the other side at him. >> he won two rings playing for popovich in san antonio. the pass to leonard's lay up. golden state rally ins the fourth. warriors within seven. thompson had 29 points. but, the spurs could not be cooled off tonight. tony parker puts san antonio up 12. they win 113-100.
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the spurs took 93 shots and shot 50% from the field. joe thorton, the only sign of fight for the sharks tonight. panthers already up 2-0. niemi stopped one, but he is not stopping mackenzie on the rebound. florida wins 4-1. san jose has lost three of the last four, the only other team with turnovers, the 49ers. they lost one of their star linebackers. patrick willis will have season- ending surgery for a strained muscle in his left toe. now willis missed the last three games but was hoping to return, but the big toe was too big of a problem to overcome. >> i don't look to play this game for just another year. i feel like i have five or six more great years of football left in my body. but unfortunately, this toe was telling me otherwise.
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>> yeah, they are going to miss number 52, but the pass rush is back. alden smith is back when they take on the new york gianters. he has been a trouble 49er since his arrival, but it looks like time off will give him perspective. >> i have had a lot of time to get out in the community, you know, spend time with my family. spend time with my son. and just, you know, look at the game from a whole different aspect. so you know, definitely, just, you know, being happy for the chance that i have to play this game. and i'm excited. >> and nationals manager and former giants all-star, matt williams was voted the national league manager of the year. bruce bochi who beat the washington club finished third. but giants fans, you got to realize that they vote before the playoffs begin. obviously, bochy is the king of
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the hill. you know he will take the hardware any time. the world series hardware. >> and the guys who voted now have to realize that bochy out- managed matt williams without any problem at all. >> right. but give credit to matt williams. a good guy, a former giants third baseman. he did a lot for the washington nationals. >> yeah. i wanted to do that. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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