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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> president obama wraps up a three-day trip to china today after reaching a historic agreement on climate change. they pledged to work together to reduce gas and greenhouse emissions. >> came to the side of me and told me not to tell her child what to do. >> police have arrested the woman accused of punching a fellow shopper outside nordstrom rack in colma. the woman was allegedly attacked after she told terry elzie to quiet down her screaming child. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi,
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killed a child, and kept go kpix five's anne makovec hae details from san leandro. "..." the deputies involved in the chase are now on administra leave.
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the prices at the pump could keep falling. saudi arabia announced it's going to keep lowering the price per barrf crude oil. the average price for gas in the bay ars three-dollars and 19 cents a gallon the lowest it's been since . in san francisco it's threea gallon.. on average. in san jose... its 3-18.. and in oakland it's 3-23. let's get a look at weather.
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here's meteorologist lawren karnow. it is a parking job like no other........landing a lawrence karnow. it is a parking job like no other........landing a spacecraft on a
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comet.....heres the kicker e comet is moving 41 thousand miles anr the european space agency is giving it a go right now here's k-p-i-x five s kiet , to explain how they are tryg to do it (yes! woohoo!) "this comet's gravity is a 100,000 weaker than earth'sd it would naturally tend to bounce off if you didn't do anything. they have a thrusr there to kinda drive it dow the surface while ice screwd a couple of harpoons fire to lock it down." can't the scientists just sr the probe to a flat landing spot?
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it's a cold and hazardous wk in the rocky mountains and
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upper midwest... as an early-season storm brings a of snow and ice. at least four deaths in minnesota are linked to accidents on icy roads. amo the areas hardest hit... michigan's upper peninsula, where up to 25 inches of sn has fallen. the rest of the midwest and the eastern u-s expect this weather, later week. the u-s and china made a mar breakthrough... an agreemen drastically cut greenhouse s emissions. president obama and china's president unveiled new targs during a summit in beijing. new goal: reduce emissions 26 to 28- percent by 20-25. that's compared to 2005 lev. earlier in his presidency, a pledged cutting emission le by 17-percent by 20-20. a suspected burglar is dead after being shot by police menlo park. officers got the call just r noon yesterday about a
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suspicious person on willow place. they say they found the sus, and he took off running. wh they used a taser to try top him, they say he threatened officers with a gun. that'sn officers shot and killed hi happening today .. it's baco court for suspects in a federal corruption case in san francisco. former state senator leland, raymond "shrimp boy" chow a former san francisco school board president keith jacks are scheduled in federal cot at ten o'clock this morning. they were arrested in an f-i sweep in march. today's court session is foa status hearing. a total of 29 suspects are accused of political corruption, money laundering, drug and gun sa and other crimes. at this morning's hearing, yee, chod jackson are expected to argo have their cases heard separately from the others. it's the second day of the northern california nurses strike. close to 18- thousand kaiser permanente nurses walked ofe job yesterday to protest.. they call inadequate trainio
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treat ebola kaiser officialy this is a p-r stunt.. and tt they are prepared for ebola. all of the hospitals are stg open though. kaiser says it's bringing in nearly three-thousand temporary nu. this is the final day of the strike. the time is 6: lava is slowly starting to overtake a small hawaiian village... the latest on the destruction 's caused-- and more incredible images of the natural disaster. a group of bay area student a trip to russia suddenly f themselves at the center ofn international incident. we' hear from the students about their unexpected journey thh the russian court system. weather ad libs traffic ad libs time is 5-- i'll have your complete fort in just a few minutes. a destructive force of natu can be beautiful... take a look at 'lava-falls in haw.
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the flow from the kilauea volcano is slowly spreadingo the a destructive force of nature can be beautiful. this is the flow out of the kileaua volcano slowly spreading into pahoa in hawaii. it's burned up one house already. dozens more homes and power polls in the village are at risk from the lava, as well. four students are home in northern california after a visit to russia. they returned to sfo last night. they were in russia for a student leadership conference. they were meeting with their russian counterparts when authorities demanded their travel documents. the students were held for several hours in st. petersburg. >> we were basically told that we needed to start signing things that we're going to spend the night in the room, i mean, they purposely pulled us in and they fingerprinted us
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right next to the jail cells that are like dark and dreary. >> the group says they have been to china, pakistan and other countries and they have never had a problem with documentation before. they're home now. so that's good. plenty of snow has fallen already and that means people can start hitting the slopes soon. >> yeah. time to start thinking about that a lot of people turned to one place up in the north bay for their ski needs. >> reporter: this is old town sports in novato and this is the place to come when you want anything that has to do with sports. ski snowboarding season just days away. so we came to roger goodwin here in novato. how long have you operated this store? >> 35 years. >> reporter: so you must be a real family oriented store. >> reporter: we're totally supported by the community. that's the base, families, kids, moms with the three little kids, um, that's how we
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make our living. >> reporter: ski and snowboarding is just a matter of days away. what are you expecting this season? >> well, we are hoping for a better ski season. we go back to not having snow for the last two or three years so we are hoping this is a good ski season. the skiers are capable of making snow even in bad seasons but go back to the years 35 years ago, we had our worst drought. 77, '78. last year was similar. '77, '78 we didn't have snowmaking capabilities. now the ski areas can function with no natural snow. >> reporter: so this week is the week to prepare to head to the greater lake tahoe area because we will have snow. it will be falling in a matter of days from now. what is in, what is out? >> well, this year, skis are certainly back. the evolution of the new technology of the ski product, skis are fatter, they are more user-friendly. so you can learn a lot quicker than you did on the previous product. really, really fun, lots of
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snowboarders are transitioning back to skiing. >> reporter: wow. speaking snowboarders, what is it in as far as clothing is concerned? because boarders like the baggy look. >> not anymore. the clothing is more fitted. it looks better. >> reporter: now, okay helmets or no helmets? >> >> helmets. everybody should be wearing one. i would say if you go to the mountain you would probably look up and see 80% of the people on the mountain wearing helmets. it's a smart thing. they're warm, comfortable, you don't even notice you're wearing them. >> reporter: do you find this an individual or family sport? >> it's a sport that unites families, lets them spend time together which is unique sometimes for families. kids are going in all directions. just riding in the chair lift with your kids can be very enlightening. >> are you a border or skier? >> i do both. >> reporter: of course you do. you do it all here at old town
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sports. if you want more information about old town sports, skiing wear, boarding wear or the upcoming storm that promises snow in tahoe, you can visit us on line at click on "links and numbers." reporting from novato this morning, kpix 5, roberta gonzales. >> i'm a ski e.r. >> ier. >> i would like to try snowboarding. i have never done it before? >> i'm more of a sledder, wait in the lodge. [ laughter ] >> cocoa. yeah. i prefer to sit on the snow than stand. yeah. >> we're talking turkey. >> we are talking turkeys. that's a big story today in sa ramon. southbound 680 alcosta off-ramp closed since 2:30 this morning. you can see all the sand there. they are cleaning up the fuel and now they have to take all the frozen turkeys out of the big rig. probably tens of thousands of those frozen turkeys and now they have to get them to the other big rig that they move to
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the scene so they are saying about 10:00 this morning they hope to get the off-ramp cleared. i want to show you quickly what it looks like on our sensors. this is not causing a huge traffic jam right now on 680 itself. it's just the off-ramp that's closed so you can use bollinger canyon in the meantime. so obviously all this talk of turkeys is getting all the attention but it's this accident right here in the sunol grade that's causing a backup. it's southbound 680 at sunol. they just cleared it to the right-hand shoulder. but look at that. we have a big backup all the way to 580 in pleasanton. so that's a hot spot actually early this morning. bay bridge metering lights are turned on 5:42. you're stacked up clear through the maze 580 already sluggish almost to 24. and 880 looking great so far near the oakland coliseum. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. a check of your forecast, i guess it could be wet tomorrow. >> yeah, i think so. we have storm clouds just spinning up off the coastline right now. you can see that on our satellite image. those clouds going to be paying a visit to the bay area a little bit later on. still, we are starting out mostly cloudy right now but it is dry. this evening, though, expecting some showers to move in maybe some showers tomorrow morning,
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too. and then more storms lining up as we head into next week. right now, high pressure out ahead of this system so that will slow it down a little bit but as we get in toward the evening about 8:00 beginning to see some showers. around the country it's bitter cold in denver, high of 5 degrees there today. 10 in billings. only 45 degrees in dallas. clouds will continue to thicken up into the afternoon and timing this out for you, about 8:00, 9:00, showers in the north bay and overnight tonight you're going to see pockets of downpours sliding through, through tomorrow morning. so tomorrow's commute could be wet. looks like we'll see rainfall amounts between a quarter to half inch in the wettest spots. so a nice little soaker overnight. temperatures 60s for highs today. as we look toward your sunrise time, 6:47. sunset 5:01. the next couple of days looks like a return. rain. dry weather on friday and saturday. maybe more rain as we head toward next week. we are going to have more news when we come back. ,, ,,
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good morning, everybody. spurs coach gregg popovich is a coaching idle to warriors rookie head coach steve kerr. last night the teacher gave another lesson to his star pupil. >> he is one of my all time favorites, and it's going to be really strange looking down the other sideline at him. >> kerr won two rings playing for pop in san antonio. warriors turned it over 20 more times last night. festus couldn't handle the pass. there's leonard on the other end. spurs led by 13 after that baby. golden state rallies in the 4th. thompson missed the last game with a hand injury hits a three. warriors within 7. thompson had 29 points. but the spurs could not be
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cooled off. tony parker hits the 3 to put san antonio up 12. they win 113-100. the spurs took 93 shots, they shot 50% from the field. the other team that has more turnovers than the warriors, how about the 49ers? just as soon as all done smith -- just as soon as aldon smith was reinstayed by the nfl, the 49ers lost one of their star linebackers. patrick willis will have season ending surgery for a strained muscle in his big toe. an injury he resuffered on october 13th in st. louis. willis missed the last three games but was hoping to return. too bad the big toe was too big of a problem to overcome. >> i don't look to play this game for just another year, you know. i feel like i have five or six more years of great football left in my body but unfortunately, you know, this toe was, um, telling me otherwise. >> but we have a silver lining. he might be gone, aldon smith is back and will play sunday against eli manning and the new york giants. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight.
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play of the day, get this, we have dug very deeply and take you to the final table of the world series of poker in las vegas. the final hand, watch. >> all in? >> all in. >> and there it is! the pocketknife for jacobson! >> and there's a -- [ screaming ] [ inaudible ] >> there is your winner. martin jacobson won with three of a kind. the grand prize, $10 million. 6700 started and oh, by the way the entry fee $10,000 apiece. >> is that a watch? >> a bracelet. that's right. they get the bracelet. $10million and a diamond encrusted bracelet. >> there you go. 6:26 right now. big brother is watching in one bay area city.
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they want to major sure you know. the newly approved plan to tram everyone entering or leaving town. >> reporter: this morning, officers are looking for a driver who hit and killed a 14- year-old boy in a crosswalk during a high-speed police chase. we are live at the scene next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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les ,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. it's november 12. time now 6:30. an update on the breaking news in san ramon. chopper 5 is live where a big rig carrying tons of frozen turkeys overturned.
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it happened a little before 2:30 this morning on the alcosta boulevard off-ramp on southbound 680. the chp says the driver had minor injuries. the turkeys didn't spill out. it's going to take hours to off- load the trailer and get it uprighted. we have heard reports of anywhere between 23,000 and 40,000 pounds of frozen turkeys in the trailer. and just about a half-hour ago another big rig arrived to help with the transfer. >> liz is talking turkey and the commute. let's kick it over to her and find out how it's affecting things. >> so far it's just the off- ramp that's really affected. the southbound 680 off-ramp to alcosta, so you can use bollinger canyon in the meantime. you may have seen chopper 5 zoom in a couple of seconds ago showing the boxes of turkeys they are off-loading. they brought in another big rig. so they are doing that turkey transfer right now. the boxes say butterball on them so some stores won't get the turkeys delivered to them in time for thanksgiving. maybe, you know, maybe they
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will get there on time. in the meantime, you can see them all being off-loaded now. they had to do some fuel off- loading before that. now they are saying 10:00 before they can re-open the off- ramp. southbound 680 is fine. it has no effect on the morning commute. just use an alternate off-ramp. another accident south in sunol is backing up the commute from pleasanton. southbound 680 they cleared a crash, it was another overturn accident. this time a car approaching the sunol exit. it's jammed up fro 580. the usual slowdowns on 101 in san jose. back to you. >> thank you. a hit and run driver is on the loose. an accident at east 14th and ashland area in san leandro killed a 14-year-old boy. anne makovec reports. this all started with a police pursuit. >> reporter: that's right. it was the suspect driver who
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hit and killed this 14-year-old boy. there is a memorial that has been growing this morning of teddy bears and this is where witnesses say the boylanded after being hit in that crosswalk which was several yards away. this boy was a freshman at san lorenzo high school. he was hit during a police chase that began with a car driving recklessly at 6 p.m. alameda county sheriff's deputies tried to pull the car over and it sped off on east 14th street and hit the 14-year- old boy as he was riding his scooter in the crosswalk. several witnesses saw it happen. >> as soon as i see him fly i ran over to try to help him out. there wasn't much i could do. i called 911 as soon as i do the to where he was at. >> the car kept going and the sheriff's officer that was behind the car also kept going. >> reporter: officers tried to
6:34 am
catch the driver after the accident but didn't catch him. investigators are reviewing some surveillance video from around this neighborhood trying to get out a suspect description, a description of that car. they say they are working several leads. live in alameda county near san lorenzo, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> deputies involved in the chase are now on administrative leave. right know big doings in space. high hopes for history in space, as well. >> it's going on as we speak. an attempt to land a spacecraft on a comet that's moving at 41,000 miles an hour. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live to explain what's going on. >> reporter: good morning. they are in the final moments of the very long mission. we have a live camera feed of mission control in germany. it's been a 4 billion-mile trip. 10 years in the making to get to this point. scientists gave the signal to the probe to release the lander and head towards the comet earlier this morning. the washing machine sized probe is making its final 7 hour trip
6:35 am
to the surface of the comet. the comet's gravity is about 100,000 times weaker than earth's gravity so to keep it from bouncing off they have thrusters, harpoons, and ice screws to lock it down. and if all goes as planned it will be the first time a spacecraft has landed on a comet. scientists hope to gather information that will help understand more about the origins of the universe. >> the comets are these mysterious objects in the night sky that we now know that these are objects which connect the origin of the solar system with the origin of the planets, with the potentially the origin of water on those planets particularly on earth and perhaps the building blocks of life. >> reporter: their biggest fear is landing on a boulder or hillside. they should get word of success or failure around 8:00 our time. they are going to have their fingers crossed at this point. >> have a party. >> no kidding. we hope it's successful.
6:36 am
how much did it cost? >> reporter: $1.6 billion. they say it's not a total loss even if it fails because they have learned quite a bit from it. so now we are 90 minutes away from history in the making hopefully. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> if they can park the washing machine on the comet. >> that far away. can you imagine the scientists how nervous they are? they worked on this for a decade. >> 90 minutes away. >> they are biting their nails. >> i bet. we have changes coming our way looks like, a lot of clouds out there now, a chance of rain developing. but i think the better part of the day going to be okay. you stay at work late you could run into some showers. we have a storm system brewing off the coast now. more clouds from that all day long. and the temperatures this afternoon generally in the 60s outside with some increasing clouds thickening up especially late in the day. it is cloudy out over the bay right now. the temperatures are staying in the 50s and the 60s in most spots except 50s? santa rosa. clear skies there now.
6:37 am
but by the afternoon, skies will be mostly cloudy. about 66 in livermore. 67 in san jose. and 65 degrees in napa. later on this evening, it looks like a chance of rain heading in our direction. that's the latest forecast. back to you. bay bridge officials looking for a cheaper way to build a two-mile trail along the western span of the bay bridge. right now, it's estimated to cost $400 million to $500 million, nearly a half billion bucks! the bay area toll authority is considering a $10 million study now to come up with alternatives. interest in that path picked up after a trail opened up on the new eastern span. drivers beware. cameras will soon be taking pictures of your license plates when you enter or leave belvidere. belvidere police say the goal is to curb crime in the city. it will be a few months until they are installed and will cost about $15,000. the money comes from the city's general fund and an individual donation. belvidere joins tiburon as the second city in the area to install license plate cameras.
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49er defensive end ray mcdonald spoke to the media for the first time since santa clara county prosecutors have decided not to pursue domestic violence charges against him. >> i knew what kind of guy i was and what kind of upbringing i had and, you know, i respect women and i knew the truth would come out eventually. it didn't affect me a whole lot but it was weighing on my mind because all this stuff that people were saying about me that i knew wasn't true and, you know, it sucks, man, it sucks having people saying that stuff about you when you knowing it not true and i just had to keep my mouth shut and let the whole process play out. >> mcdonald was arrested back in august for an incident involving him and his girlfriend at his home in san jose. prosecutors announced monday they will not file charges citing insufficient evidence and a lack of cooperation from the alleged victim. colma police say they arrested the suspect in connection with an attack outside a nordstrom rack store last week. at the top of your screen here
6:39 am
you can see the woman in red punch another woman in the parking lot. the suspect is 27-year-old terry elzie. the victim, natalie richardson, says elzie followed her out there after the two argued in the checkout line. elzie is facing felony battery charges. in east san jose, a car hit and killed a woman on barberry lane at south king road yesterday afternoon. the driver of the car stopped and was arrested. police have not said whether drugs or alcohol are factors. so far this year, 21 pedestrians have been killed in san jose. that's more than half of the 38 total traffic deaths. 6:39 now. a 4-year-old remains in critical condition after falling over 200 feet down a sonoma county cliff. rescue workers explain why he actually got extremely lucky as we hear from the boy's family now for the first time. >> and this might look like a normal night out but these bay area women are talking about fertility. the doctor dubbed the egg when is sperrer. we'll explain what she calls
6:40 am
the -- the egg whisperer. we'll explain what she calls the modern twist on the tupperware party. ,, ,,
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i gooh fitting the tree through the door, that's feast-worthy. so celebrate with the kfc festive feast. a bucket of the world's best chicken, our famous sides,
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biscuits and our new pumpkin cake. the kfc festive feast. we are seeing eye lot of clouds this morning. no rain yet. cool at the coastline, 65 san mateo. peninsula going to keep temperatures down a lot of clouds coming our way. we have a storm off the coast. and a chance of rain developing a little bit later in the evening, at least in the north bay first. temperatures as you head toward the east bay mid-60s in the milpitas area, mid-70s in pleasanton, too. 65 in danville. 66 in hayward. about 64 degrees in alameda. 64 also in berkeley. in the north bay, it is dry now but later on this evening, about 8:00 or so could begin to pick:some showers there -- pick up some showers there. cool temperatures in san francisco, 63 degrees. time now for a look at what's coming up a little later
6:44 am
on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president obama landed in myanmar a couple of hours ago. ahead major garrett on the tense issues discussed on the final day in china. and seth doane looks at some of the more awkward moments from that trip. there were a couple. plus, right now european scientists are attempting to do something that's never been done before. the pictures are amazing. land a spacecraft on a comet. wow! charlie d'agata is at mission control. he is in germany this morning. and russell brand shares his serious side. the comedian looks back at the choices that nearly ruined his life, he says. he is doing a note to self for us today. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. it really is is russell brand like you haven't seen him before. >> okay. thank you. >> gale, thanks. see you at 7:00. well, a startup from san
6:45 am
francisco now has a big yahoo connection. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. yahoo making a big purchase buying san francisco-based bright roll for $640 million in cash. bright roll develops an automated video ad platform that's used by a majority of the top 100 u.s. advertisers. this is key as yahoo develops more of its own original video content and tries to revive its slumping online digital ad sales. big key for yahoo going forward. the company that makes folger's coffee schmucker is paying a price this morning after raising prices on folger's earlier this year to offset higher wholesale coffee bean costs. apparently, customers have been looking elsewhere instead of folger's. schmucker says it's overall sales in the recent quarter will be down 5% because of weaker coffee sales. investors looking at kraft because it raised its prices in
6:46 am
response not folger's price hike. stock market lower this morning after several straight record closes for the dow and s&p. a little profit-taking is under way. let's take a look at the big board see how we're doing. dow down 70. nasdaq down 12. s&p down 6. shares in schmucker down 3.5% on its news. yahoo shares up 1%. typically not what you see when a company spends a lot of money money. 6:46 now. doctors hope a santa rosa boy who felt off a cliff can breathe on his own today. andria borba at children's hospital oakland reports the boy might be taken off a ventilator later today. >> reporter: the rugged beauty of bodega head is breathtaking and if you are 4-year-old sebastian johnson, likely terrifying. >> they had a competition to see who could throw the rocks the farthest and sebastian slipped. jamie tried to catch him and barely missed him. >> reporter: to get a feel for how frightening his fall was, you have to change your perspective. the little boy fell 230 feet
6:47 am
off the ground. that's roughly 22 stories. that's how far my photographer is off the ground right now. the only difference is, i have concrete under me, not sand. >> i don't think an adult would survive that. >> reporter: bodega fire was prepared having trained for a rescue just like this one a few days earlier and when they got to the boy, they heard the best sound of all. his cries. >> whole time i'm thinking breathe, hopefully you're alive and get there and he was breathing and moaning. it was a relief. >> reporter: sebastien didn't just had firefighters on his side. he had mother nature, too. not only did he survive a fall on to the beach, the tide was out. >> if it was high tide he might have have gotten swept out. who knows what would have happened. >> reporter: sebastian is here at children's hospital in oakland. he is in very rough shape at this point. he has a fractured skull, fractured sinuses, fractured him, broken leg and arm, and is on a ventilator. so administrators at the hospital are hoping to get him off that today.
6:48 am
in oakland, andria borba, kpix 5. thanksgiving turkey deliveries still delayed out of san ramon after this big rig overturned on the off-ramp from southbound 680 to alcosta. this is a 4 1/2-plushour closure and will be closed for a few hours more. they have to off-load the turkeys off the big rig, the frozen turkeys. you see the boxes as chopper zooms in, they are going into another big rig and they have to up right the big rig. southbound 680 is a little slow in the area but actually what's more impacting the commute is not that overturned big rig with the frozen turkey spill. it's an earlier crash in sunol. it took a while to clear it to the shoulder. in the meantime that's what's stacking up traffic through pleasanton and it's even slowing the commute on westbound 580 heading to the
6:49 am
dublin interchange. all right. elsewhere, bay bridge toll plaza here's a live look stacked up knew through the maze. the approaches are beginning to slow 580 pretty sluggish from the 24 interchange. so just kind of the usual stuff right now over at the bay bridge. san mateo bridge getting crowded as well from clawiter to the flat section of the span up to 18 minutes between hayward and foster city. 880 looks great. no delay heading into downtown oakland. mass transit is on time. with the forecast, here's lawrence. turkeys today, tomorrow maybe showers. maybe even some showers this evening as we have a storm system headed our way those clouds just spinning off the coastline right now. we have mostly cloudy skies around the bay area although santa rosa reporting some clear skies right now. you can see the storm system slowly working its way in our direction. this is going to take the better part of the day to get here so most of the day is going to be dry. we could see some showers though as early as this evening. -at least in the north bay and showers elsewhere overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. high pressure ahead of it so that will slow this down a bit. but not much. into the evening we have
6:50 am
showers coming in our direction. cold weather across the country midsection. check that out. a high today of only 5 degrees in denver. some of the wind chills down to minus 30 degrees. stow that cold air sticking around looks like for probably the next week or so. looks like temperatures around the bay area going to be on the mild side. here come the showers as we head into 8:00, 9:00 and then overnight that spreads across the entire bay area. could be a little wet for the early commute tomorrow and then we start to dry things out. half inch of rain in the wet spots. nice soaker. temperatures in the 60s. toward the next few days, looks like we'll catch a break saturday and then maybe into sunday. but next week, more storms are coming in our direction. that's the latest forecast, guys. back to you. >> keep you busy. thank you, lawrence. a group of women met in walnut creek last night to talk eggs and fertility. christin ayers went to see what it was all about. >> reporter: they call her the egg whisperer. >> i have patients who have
6:51 am
coined that phrase for me. >> reporter: dr. amy is so passionate about fertility education, she is taking it out of the clinic into the cocktail lounge. >> i say it's all about empowerment and knowledge. >> reporter: at a restaurant in downtown walnut creek, hosting what she calls an egg freezing party. talking about what it takes to put your fertility on ice. >> you can eat and drink and be merry and talk about your future dreams and what you want and how we can make that happen. >> reporter: dr. amy calls it a modern day tupperware party, wine, cocktails, appetizers and lecture about egg freezing. >> egg freezing party is not about scaring women into thinking they are infertile. >> reporter: the seminar hit a nerve for these women at a time when tech giants apple and facebook have offered to pay for employees to freeze their eggs and faced public backlash over it. >> i think it's great now that they have this egg freezing coverage. >> reporter: dr. amy herself is
6:52 am
facing her own critics who say she is giving women false hope in a process that doesn't always work. >> i don't hear anyone upset that we freeze sperm. they have been doing it since the 1950s. why are we being so sexist? i just done understand. it doesn't make sense to me. >> reporter: for women like 40- year-old june chang an unmarried dentist who is still deciding whether to have a family -- >> a lot of us have been just kind of putting it on hold just making sure that it's the right time. >> reporter: the benefit of a party like this one is a no- brainer. and now she is thinking of hosting one of these parties herself. >> i think it's just something to get a group of girls together and just have a great time. >> reporter: in walnut creek, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> women who attend dr. amy's parties get 10% off the cost of freezing and then storing their eggs. >> normally it runs about $15,000. time now 6:52. you probably noticed a welcome trend. bay area gas prices are going down. the decision that could
6:53 am
determine if those prices continue to drop. >> this morning police are looking for a man who hit and killed a 14-year-old boy during a police chase. you will hear from witnesses after the break. ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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he wraps up his trip to chi five things to know at the :55. president obama is hoping to take u.s.-china relations to a new level as he wraps up his trip to china today. yesterday both nations pledged to move faster to cut harmful carbon and greenhouse gases. they also tackled more controversial issues like chinese hacking of u.s. computers. bitter cold is gripping a growing number of states. the same storm system that dumped a foot and a half of snow in the upper midwest is bringing arctic air to the south and east.
6:57 am
in some areas, today's low temperatures could be as much as 70 degrees lower than monday's highs. and right now, an unmanned spacecraft is attempting to land on a comet traveling more than 84,000 miles an hour. european scientists have worked for a decade on a project that could give us clues on the origin of a solar system. if everything goes well touchdown will happen in just about an hour from now. saudi arabia announced it's going to keep lowering the price of crude oil and that means we are seeing some of the lowest gas prices in five years. the average price for gas in the bay area is now $3.19 a gallon. later this month, opec could decide to cut crude oil production to stabilize prices. and a big rig carrying several tons of turkeys overturned on the alcosta boulevard off-ramp southbound 680. this is in san ramon. live pictures. chp says the driver sunday minor injuries. turkeys did not spill out of the trailer and another truck has arrived to assist with the turkey transfer which is going
6:58 am
on now. i'm anne makovec live near san leandro. officers are trying to find a driver who hit and killed a 14- year-old boy in the crosswalk. he was riding a scooter at the time. it happened just after 6:00 last night on east 14th and ashland avenue during a police chase here in unincorporated alameda county. sheriff's officers were trying to pull over a driver for driving recklessly when that driver took off. witnesses a speeds reached 50 miles per hour when the suspect driver hit the boy. >> the car came when the little boy was in the middle of the street. he got hit and then flew into the air and he landed over there. >> the car kept going. and the sheriff's officer that you know that was right behind the car also kept going. >> officers tried to catch up with the driver but he got away and is still on the loose this morning. investigators are reviewing surveillance video. you're looking live at a memorial that's been growing throughout the morning for this
6:59 am
14-year-old boy. we understand he was a freshman at san lorenzo high school. live near san leandro, anne makovec, kpix 5. back out live to our big traffic story of the day a toppled turkey trailer. that pile of frozen turkey boxes is growing bigger by the moment. you can see chopper moving in. they are transferring it to another big rig. they hope to open the alcosta off-ramp around 10:00. a tweet that we just spotted from "kcbs traffic," there are major delays farther south of that accident. so looks like from pleasanton straight down into sunol that's where the backups are because of another earlier crash. lawrence? toppled turkey trailedder in the midst of a turkey transfer. >> in traffic. [ laughter ] >> amazing. a lot of clouds out there now. no rain just yet but toward the evening hours rain is likely in the north bay. 60s now. showers into early tomorrow. the commute could be very wet. >> good to know. thank you for watching. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, november 12th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a cold snap sweeps east across the country. >> an historic mission to land on a comet. the world is watching, with the touchdown just hours away. no shirts, no service, no shoes, but guns, no problems. why one restaurant wants its customers to be locked and loaded. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> a space probe is on its way to attempt the first landing of its type on a moving comet. >> the world watches history in space. >> it could price information on the comet's


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