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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  November 15, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. their first catch.. of what coul od season. it's a sure sign the holidays are almost here. fresh crab, local fishermen reeling in their first catch of what could be a very good season. good evening, i'm brian hackney.
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>> i'm ann notarangelo. kpix 5's mike sugerman is down the docks and mike, how's it looking? >> reporter: it looks fantastic! fresh crab, get your fresh crab! it does in the get any fresher than this. mmm! these guys are saying, help, get me out of here! but around the bay area, they are going, gimme some of that crab! yeah, there's turkey at thanksgiving. but the old-timers say that's not the main course. >> turkey yes, crab definitely. >> reporter: what marks the start of the holiday season for you? for real san franciscans and all people in the bay area it's when fresh crab is available and it will be starting tonight. when can i get my first crab? >> right now if you put your hand in the pot. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i'll wait. but mel of pier 45 seafood has been a wholesaler out here for more than 50 years and has yet to tire of the custom the routine and the excitement of
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the start of crab season. >> well, i don't know where it really started back 100 years ago. you know, but i think it just goes along with the concept of a feast. you know? this is a local popular item. i mean, everybody eats crabs around the world. and these are particularly good crabs. >> reporter: often there's some labor strife, arguments about price, maybe bad weather. this season started with an agreement of $3 a pound and the weather couldn't be better. nor the catch. >> they look good. everything is looking good volume, good quality. good weather. let's not jinx it. >> reporter: how do you cook 'em? i talked to a 30-year veteran captain into sharing his recipe. >> cup of sea salt, boiling water, put your crab in. 13 minutes from reboil. as soon as you see the bubbles reboiling, after 13 minutes, cold water, five minutes. crab's done. ready to eat. >> reporter: all right. that's what they look like now. after you boil them for 13
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minutes? is that what he said? they look like this and this is the way they taste. >> oh!! >> oh, my god, it's like buttah! $3 a pound is what the fishermen are getting. i hear in the stores, safeway, 5 bucks a pound. this tourist trap $11 a pound. >> everybody else in the bay area sitting down to dinner and look they're watching you eat crab. not fair! [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's very, very good. i got to tell ya. it's so much fun to be out here, too. this is really for a san franciscan, this is just, um, just the beginning of the holidays. it really is. and it's a lot of activity and great stuff going on down here. >> enjoy dinner, mike. well, as mike was talking about the prices, buyers are paying fishermen 75 cents more a pound so retail will be higher. expect to pay about $6 to $9 a pound. well, switching gears, if you need health insurance, now's a good time to apply. the annual enrollment period
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for "covered california" starts today. this insurance fair in millbrae was one of several held around the state. organizers say a lot of people still don't realize that insurance is now a requirement not an option. >> i think it's one of those things that it's very important that we begin to educate and inform, get everybody the opportunity to have equal access to the quality healthcare. >> the enrollment period ends february 15. if you already have insurance through "covered california" and you want to change it, your deadline is december 15. california is under orders to start releasing certain offenders from prison as soon as possible. federal judges have set a january 1 deadline to the parole process for nonviolent inmates. it's part of an order to reduce overcrowding. inmates who have served half their prison sentences are at the top of the list. it's up to the state to get their names to the parole board. a huge protest today in san francisco's mission district over the disappearance of dozens of students in mexico.
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hundreds gathered at 24th and mission streets for a rally. a lot held signs demanding justice! 43 students disappeared nearly two months ago much of the blame placed on mexican politicians. activists think it has to do with a push for more freedom in their education system. >> but over there when these students were expressing themselves you saw that a dissident voice will be crushed. the government isn't willing to tolerate private education. >> the there have been few leads in the disappearances. it's thought the students were arrested by police, turned over to a drug gang, and then killed. a seattle-bound plane that took off from oakland around this time yesterday finally around 2 a.m. arrived this morning. it hit a bird after the departure. the pilot returned to the airport as a precaution. no one was injured but the 144 passengers on board were
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transferred to another plane. that flight finally left oakland around midnight. the oakland city council is expected to give the oakland zoo the green light this week to expand on to it the nearby hillside. environmental groups though oppose the plan. they say the expansion would reduce public open space in nolan park and threaten the habitat of the alameda whip snake. the zoo says it will create a larger conservation area for the snake if the expansion plans move forward. the city of napa can't seem to catch a break. the earthquake that hit in august is still triggering water main breaks all overtown. the latest pipe broke this morning at california and lincoln. at the same time, work is also being done on several other broken lines. mark kelly reports, that fixing them could take a while. >> reporter: keeping up with napa's water main breaks looks like a game of whack a mole. >> seems like they just keep popping up and you put your finger in one hole and a hole
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pops up somewhere else. >> reporter: burt is lucky. we found him outside with plenty of water fixing his neighbor's sprinklers. merced street escaped the water main break that was just around the corner. >> we haven't had any problems at all. >> reporter: unfortunately, the same can't be said for burt's neighbors minutes away. at browns valley road this crew works to fix a broken storage tank from the napa earthquake and just yesterday, another break popped up near highway 12 and 29. >> reporter: this person has taken safety measures into her own hands. how long do you think you're going to go just with bottled water? >> probably until this thing gets done and even a week after that because it's not safe to drink it at least i would say. >> reporter: the city assures customers in the middle of the work on the water pipes, the water is still safe. now they just have to work quickly to make sure its pressure is good, too. >> everybody says they are
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jumping on it. people are happy with the response. >> mark kelly, kpix 5. >> quake victims have until december 29 to apply for disaster aid. it's estimated the quake caused $360 million in property damage from a magnitude 6. the funding helps affected residents in napa and solano counties to repair or rebuild their homes. still to come, the budding bay area engineers have spent months in the garage. how the robot they are building could send them all to college. >> we are learning about the next shot of rain headed for the bay area as we look over the city of san francisco. we'll get details with the forecast after a break.
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parents' garage for months.t they . anne mak inside a garage in fremont a group of teenagers is hanging out but they are putting their energy to good use. they are creating something to help their future careers. as kpix 5's anne makovec test us it's all because of their passion for engineering. >> reporter: eight teenagers designed and built this robot in a garage in fremont. >> it's always nice to see the robots doing what we want it to do. >> reporter: a variety of simple tasks and someday it will do so on a competitive stage. the first tech challenge. >> to get it to where it is right now, it would take about three or four months and even now we're tinkering a little bit.
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>> reporter: they spend about 10 hours a week in this garage as a team not for class credit but a passion for engineering. >> robotics allows me to work on what --something that interests me. programming and engineering outside of school. >> reporter: she is one of two girls on the team of eight. >> i think, um, having girls also can keep the boys in line. >> reporter: they are also spreading their passion for engineering teaching other kids about robotics at local schools. and the robots are teaching them right back. >> helps me when i'm dealing with like science or if i am doing physics or math i can apply those same concepts doing robotics. >> reporter: skills that will help them in future careers and hopefully in sunday's competition. >> very beautiful in my eyes. >> i'm very proud of him. >> reporter: in fremont anne makovec, kpix 5. >> it's refreshing to see kids do that, isn't it? >> the students are competing for a spot in the world championships and to qualify for some of the $13 million in scholarships. to find out more about the first tech challenge, go to our website, click on "links and numbers."
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the ribbon was cut to open dove hill park. it was built in the '80s not updated since. the old wooden playground equipment has been replaced with a brand-new play structure. still ahead, fans are flocking to san jose to hear oprah's ideas for living a better life. that's if you have the money to hear the message. details next. ,, there's a legacy at raley's about having the best meat and the best produce. it's my job to start a new legacy, the best wine beer and spirits. we travel all over california and the world to find all sorts of new craft spirits,
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this was the final d tour. it was people had one last chance this weekend to get their fill of oprah. this was the final day of her nationwide tour. it was once again a full house at the s.a.p. center in san jose. those who attended got to experience o town and guest speakers. many found it was inspirational and motivational and some were just in awe that they were in the same reoprah. >> it's something that i just never imagined in my young life. you know? so it's such an incredible feeling to be honored and blessed with this experience and this knowledge. i just can't imagine, you know, without like i'm just so honored. >> some people paid $1,000 to experience the life you want
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weekend. stockton street in union square is going green for the holidays. check out this grassy plaza. crane, cars and construction between geary and ellis. expect nightly light shows, carolling and other winter themed events from now until new year's day. now time to check the weather which is getting a little bit chilly tonight and we'll start out that way tomorrow morning, too. a little bit of rain on way, too, in the week ahead for the bay area. tomorrow looks okay. high and dry and the numbers now 5859 concord, oakland 63. san francisco 60. santa rosa 57 degrees. here's how it looks if you are headed out. the numbers will be in the low 50s. there will be a gauze of high clouds out there. filtering in some of the starlight but not a big deal. temperatures chilly as they will be tomorrow morning. high clouds a mix of clouds and sun and temperatures near 50 degrees by 8:00 tomorrow morning. in graphics designed by our chief meteorologist paul deanno we have high pressure that's built over the west coast. that will hold in through at
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least monday. but then low pressure begins to sneak into the west coast so that by early wednesday, we get a chance of some showers moving into the bay and not unlike the rain that we got was it on thursday? it's going to be just on the order of a tenth to half inch. but there's more coming in for the weekend. and that's the first time in a long time we have had a double- barreled dose of rain. we'll show that you in the extended. but check tomorrow of the high clouds in. this overdoes it. it's not going to be solidly overcast like that. this is just a suggestion there's going to be high clouds tomorrow in the bay area. high clouds but no rain. so sunday's looking good. headlines, fair on sunday. it will be breezy tomorrow morning because that high pressure is going to build in over nevada. and that give us good offshore winds. it's not going to spike temperatures. it will give us a fairly mild day and chance of rain is coming in by wednesday. so if you are heading out tomorrow here's a fun thing to do. the holiday ice rink this weekend at the time embarcadero partly cloudy skies and 65 degrees.
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they got the same idea in walnut creek. walnut creek on ice, 65 degrees tomorrow and there will be a mixture of sun and clouds. over into the lows tonight 42 in santa rosa, 44 napa, 45 fairfield. 48 for san jose. and 51 in pacifica. average highs were right about where we should be. a little cooler than average in most spots. the exception being oakland tomorrow at 69. down in the south bay the numbers will be in the mid-60s tomorrow. 68 for santa clara. 68 for cupertino. same for campbell and morgan hill. it will be 66 at the namesake of the hayward fault. 66 union city. in the east bay mid-60s and high clouds mixed in with some sun. up in the north bay we'll be near 70 degrees. it will especially be windy in the north bay tomorrow. so when vern glenn heads to the dog park, he is going to have to hang on to chubs because that dog's going to get blown around by some strong winds. temperatures 69 in cloverdale tomorrow. 67 ukiah. high clouds tomorrow, sunny
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monday and tuesday, then wednesday things turn wet. thursday partly cloudy skies. and then saturday it looks as if it's going to be getting a little bit wet on saturday, as well. and if you don't want to watch me, can't imagine why, get your weather on the go with our cbs bay area weather app. it's now available for both iphones and android phones. just search "kpix" in the app store. you can also do it on google play. i know ann has. ann, vern? >> absolutely. although i don't know if you are going with chubs to the dog park or heading on that plane to san diego? >> i will get on the plane to san diego. i'll try to get chubs to the park. i have breaking 49er news regarding linebacker navorro bowman. >> the stanford utah outcome. i got pictures. ,,
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football... ...hey, next w's cal/stanford big game? got major cache now... ...a lotl be on the line... plenty of hits from college football. next week cal, stanford, big game. a lot will be on the line there after what happened to david shaw. cardinal hosting utah today. 1st quarter, kevin hogan will play fake and toss and leeward that's a touchdown. 7-0. wilson ties it at 7. then the game puts you to sleep through regulation. fast forward to second overtime
6:53 pm
tied at 14. cardinals jordan williamson 51 yards out career high is good. so stanford led by 3. ball to utah. they needed a touchdown to win add and they got it. wilson to scott game winning touchdown. utah won it 20-17. stanford falls to 5-5 going into next week' big game at 5-5 cal. both teams will have bowl eligibility on the line. and the axe. give me ron caragher. they are hosting hawaii and san jose state. trailing by three. it's an interception! hawaii just flexing the muscles. penalty did bring the ball back but still warriors football. ahawaii broke the playing of the goal line. hawaii wins 13-0. that's a bad loss for the spartans who fall
6:54 pm
to 3-7. national game, quarterback dack prescott in the unbeaten mississippi state bulldogs at number 5 alabama. quarterback matt prescott and the unbeaten bulldogs at number 5. alabama 2nd quarter blake to cooper quick hit. it goes from 5-0 to 12-tide. 4th quarter here's alabama's tj tough run 7 yards out. alabama up 25-13. they hang on to win 25-20. mississippi state suffered its first loss of the year and alabama is 9-1. they got this freedom trophy on the line when nebraska and wives get together. melvin gooden and gordon gets alone for a 62-yard touchdown run in a huge day for gordon. badgers come all the way. here's the last play of the 3rd quarter. gordon scoots out for 26 yards of the touchdown.
6:55 pm
he rushed for a record 480 yards and 4 touchdowns and the badgers would find the 59-24 to beat nebraska. switch over to hockey. let's drop the puck for the sharks in columbus. fifth game of the seven-game road trip and they fell in a hole in the second period. bluejackets all over niemi and atkinson scored. increased columbus lead 2-0. they beat the sharks 2-1. san jose 2-3 on the road trip. nfl. good news/bad news. here's the bad. 49ers place defensive back jimmy ward on season ending injured reserve. injured his foot in new orleans last week. aldon smith took his place on the roster. more good it is being reported that linebacker navorro bowman out since injuring the knee last year in the play-offs has been cleared to practice. next week. meanwhile, second year nose tackle quentin dial will start
6:56 pm
tomorrow. with ian williams out with the brokendial was drafted last year out leg.of alabama! and he told me about getting recruited by the crimson tide head coach nick saban. what is nick saban like? >> like you know nick saban he's a great guy, a great coach but when you're on that field coach is strictly business. you don't know you stuff he gonna be on ya. [ laughter ] >> when you signed with the crimson tide, i mean, was he the one that came in and closed the deal? >> yeah. coach saban came and see me at my high school and we closed it out there. signed them papers and everything. it was good. >> that was almost bigger than the governor coming to the school, huh? >> yeah. >> nick saban's coming to the school, huh? >> oh, yeah. everybody wanted to get a picture with him and get him to sign stuff. >> big news in clay, alabama, huh. >> clay, alabama, baby. [ laughter ] . >> have you seen him? he looks like yosemite sam.
6:57 pm
he just -- wah! all clenched up. yosemite sam without the moustache because he is so wound tight so uncomfortable in his own skin. like somebody kicked his dog. >> i have to ask you you're heading to san diego. tomorrow's headline from the raiders chargers game what do you think it's going to be? >> it's 0-9 raiders against the chargers a chance for the raiders to get 'em while they are down. i can't believe an nfl team could go 0-16. so maybe tomorrow might do it. >> thanks for watching. see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado ,, (vo) if you live in the san francisco area and you're eligible for medicare,
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>> he started contacting her when we were together. >> announcer: a jealous ex... >> he was driving through my neighborhood with her in the car. >> announcer: ...takes his rage to the street. >> he ran me off the road and punched my passenger window three times. >> announcer: now judge judy takes him to task. >> judge judy: you thought it would be a good idea to cut them off and have fisticuffs there in the middle of the street? >> correct. yes. >> judge judy: you're an idiot. >> okay. >> announcer: "judge judy."
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you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution 26-year-old patrick smith is suing his ex-girlfriend 18-year-old sales clerk elizabeth hall for loans, rent, eviction fees, and harassment. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 17 on the calendar in the matter of smith vs. hall. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. gentlemen, have a seat. >> judge judy: how old are you, mr. smith? >> 26, ma'am. >> judge judy: and you're 18? >> yes. >> judge judy: she was your girlfriend. she became girlfend when she was 17. you're no longer involved. you claim she owes you the balance of a loan that she made for a car. you borrowed the money from your grandmother in order to give to her. you've since paid your grandmother back. she's paid back $400 of -- how


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