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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  November 16, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill. unprecedented move on the n: springing a surprise they got a drug problem. tonight, the feds make a move on the nfl. springing a surprise inspection on the 49erss medical staff. good evening. we go the newses room with the unannounced guest in the locker room. >> federal drug enforcement
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agency. they descended on several teams, including the 9ers playing in new jersey. >> deep, running, right. on the 1stdown. >> reporter: just after today's game, a spokesperson for the dea saying agents went inside of the 49ers locker room and asked questions of the team staff about how they give drugs to the players and if team doctors are allow today to practice medicine in new jersey. >> an interception. >> reporter: dea agents intercepted the tampa bay buccaneers at baltimore, maryland. >> i know there have been questions talking to former players the way they administer drugs. >> reporter: a pro bowl center playing for the 49ers for 11 years. he is now the football analyst at kpix5. jeremy, the other players, a federal lawsuit against the nfl earlier this year. they want the league to change the way it hands out medicine
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to players. the fact that they went into the locker room, what does that is a? >> i know there is a problem. >> i am sitting here with stage 3 kidney failure because of the medical professional's part irresponsibility. i would be surprised if they did not find what they wanted when they went in there. >> a piece of paper. if there were easy answers paperwork. >> if it was, explained to the player. a lot of times you get's handful of stuff and you don't know what you are taking. this hurts, that urt hads, you get medicine, you are taking it aa long with whatever shot they are giving you at the time. >> reporter: the dea says the agents inspected the staff of multiple nfl team bus they have not released a complete list, back to you. and the the 49ers just released a statement acknowledging that the organization was asked to participate in a random inspection, the medical staff complied and the team departed the stadium as schedule. >> a 4 alarm fire burned a 100-
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year-old catholic church in san jose late today. kpix5 is live at the scene where the danger is not over yet, linda? >> reporter: hi, brian. yes, the fire is now contained. but, take a look behind me. the features are saying, now, they are going to be here all night and pouring water on the remaining flames. the sad news, this old church is in danger of collapsing at any moment. the fire started just before 2:30 this afternoon. the pastor says 1:00 p.m., they just finished. the church was empty. he was closing up when he noticed smoke and flames coming from the area of the pipe organ. it was a wooden structure. it made it difficult for the firefighters to put out the flames. >> almost 0 visibility throughout the area. smoke, was heavy, making it to
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the 2nd floor, it was unsuccessful, we went from offensive to defensive strategy. >> worry grateful. hopefully nobody got hurt. the church was empty. >> reporter: the priest living there will not ba able to go back home because the church is so unstable and could fall on all of the builds around it. one firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> thank you. investigators say a lit cigarette sparked a fire that burned through a house in hayward. there were three peopled in of the home when flames sparked this morning. everyone now made it out safely. but, as power lines came crashing down, make ting it difficult job more dangerous for firefighters. very visibility. intense heat throughout the
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first floor. in addition -- an addition add for a second story for the back of the residence, they had hard time finding the stair case, 0 visibility. >> there was heavy smoke damage to the second floor of the home. nobody was hurt. police in south san francisco say a tkrufrpg driver in a brand-new sports car was to blame for a -- drunk driver in a brand-new sports car was to blame for a crash. lopez took out a pg&e poll just after midnight. it sheered off a at&t control panel on the way down. lopez initially tried to leave the scene but later he was arrested at the hospital. parishioners want their lawn back. someone ripped off the artificial turf that used to surround the church. the fake grass was a donation from two church members who wanted to keep the parish beautiful while still being sensitive to the drought. >> i just can not believe that somebody would want to do something like this. >> this was the best thing that
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we can do for the church. >> i would have to say they were neat and tidy. >> nobody knows who took the fake grass or y but the parishioners believe in forgiveness. still ahead, what may be a murder mystery unfolding in the north bay. if the location of the body has the investigators so puzzled tonight. a dream vacation takes an ugly turn off of the california coast. a cruiseship pulls into port with something nasty on board. there is something else off of the california coast tonight, it was rather unexpected as we look live at san jose at the scene of the church. the forecast for the week ahead, after a break.
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bulldog: oooh!
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bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: on now. ♪ mattress discounters bay highway. her body was found just bef5 this morning on highway 29 calistog how a woman wound up dead in the middle of a highway. her body was found off of a highway. not cheer how long she had been this. she was in her 50s, had head trauma and the investigators say it appears she was hit by a car but not clear how she got there. the sheriff's department says
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it is not in an area where people typically walk on the road. the cdc is doing a sweep of a cruiseship docked it in southern california after another out break of nora vie russ. >> reporter: the snapshots show a family trip of a lifetime. 28 days on board the crown princees stopping in hawaii, tahiti, a dream for this family until one morning. an announcement was made on board the ship. >> there were a number of people who contracted the virus. >> reporter: a word that has stopped many vacations this year. even turned around cruise liners, a fast spreading virus with symptoms similar to the stomach flu. this ship dealt with it on a different cruise in april. passengers leaving the cruise terminal say they were cautioned not afraid. >> we used our elbows and took
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the stairs. tried to avoid touching handrails. apparentlies say there were procedures to help the sick get better. >> keep them confined to an area. each they they sterilized the room. >> reporter: they credit the captain if for keeping everyone calm. >> they had it wrapped off and extra staff in charge of actually serving us instead of us serving ourselves. >> reporter: small sacrifices that contained this outbreak. only 3% of the 4,000 on board. >> and this is the second it time this year there has been an outbreak of it on that ship. the ship is scrubbed from top to bottom before it sails again. secondhand marijuana smoke can be just as dangerous as tobacco smoke. if you are breathing in the fumes you can not only get secondhand high it can also damage your heart. the researchers tested lab rats who breathing in pot smoke.
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they had a drop in blood vesel reduction t it can reduce blood flow and cause black to build up. after the break, how this group of volunteers are working to send a bit of holiday cheer to u.s. troops overseas ,,,,,,,,,,
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they're off serving our comg home for the holidays. so instead, the holidays are coming to them. our john ramos-- on the unique bay aa partnership working cheer. for many serving overseas there is no coming home for the holidays. instead, the holidays are coming to them. our partnership working to deliver holiday cheer. >> reporter: at the stadium this morning, the action was not on the field.
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or, even in the stands. it was in the tunnels that people were scoring for the home team. the group called operation care and comfort took over the home of the san jose giants to collect donations and box up christmas packages for military members serving overseas. there were snacks, toiletries and the most important item to a soldier serving in a desert environment. >> baby wipes are the best. baby wipes, that is for sure. >> reporter: if there is one thing that was not in short supply it was candy. >> it is so much. it is like a river. >> reporter: two weeks after halloween it is not hard to get donations. for young volunteers to sign up for such sweet duty. >> because you are just putting handfuls of kapbdy -- candy
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and put it in a bag. >> it is so far away from home, this stuff makes us feel like it is home again. >> what were you thinking when you started this? >> got started in my garage in 2003 with 19 boxes it and it is grown to where we ship thousands overseas. until the real christmas wish of every military family can be answered. in san jose, kpix5. >> maybe you notice that sign, operation care and comfort, a special relationship with the san jose giants. each opening day is a solute to the troops and a fundraiser for them. sunday night, look at what is happening on your california coastline. a few showers, mostly aloft, and mostly evaporating before
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they get down to the peninsula. never the less, a sign that there is moisture off shore. it will not result in anything for us but i am sure the national weather service are going, we did not predict this. here is how it is going. 48 degrees at concord. same for oakland, 55 at oakland, san francisco, 61 degrees, santa rosa, 56. out the door tomorrow morning, we will have fair skies and chilly temperatures. the numbers now are diving into the 40s overnight. and, still, we will get off to a start of about 50 degrees in much of the bay area. high and dry tomorrow. later in the week, rain. high pressure over the west coast, low pressure off shore. that will change as the high finally gets pushed east a little bit. a that means it will open the door for the potential for showers arriving in the bay area. late tuesday in the north bay. and early on wednesday for the rest of the bay area. and then it looks like wednesday it will be a little wet. just a little bit. 1/10th of an inch to half an inch. future cast shows us what sky conditions should be like tomorrow. notice you get thinning of the clouds later in the day.
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a few more moving through. the oregon, and the clouds, well, variable, earth way, sunnier tomorrow than today. so, fair and mild for monday as we look towards the bay bridge. more clouds coming in on tuesday. that sets the stage if for wednesday when we expect, once again, to get wet but not in a major way. plus, something different happening. finally we are getting another system coming in by next weekend. speaking of the lows, over night, near 50 degrees if in san jose, and in livermore, fremont looks good. santa rosa, 45 degrees. tomorrow, the numbers are, i don't know, some places are warmer than we should be with concord, a degree warmer than average, san jose, 71, more sunshine, high pressure still up top, the numbers, mild, 70 degrees. over by the shoreline, usual high clouds starting the day out with and sunshine for the rest of the day. in the east bay, middle to
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upper 60s. 68 degrees at fairfield, 66 degrees. 67 for brentwood and 69 degrees at livermore. heading up to the north bay, looks nice. near 70 degrees. san rafael and santa rosa, over by the shoreline at the bay. 64 degrees. and in mill valley, 68. the far north bay. i wrote -- somebody wrote me and said why do you call it the far north? i said what do you want me to call it, how about the far north bay. so that is what we are calling it. the far north bay. 62 degrees at clear lake and 72 degrees at clover dale. we get sun tomorrow, tuesday, partly cloudy skies. on wednesday, rain moving into the bay area. not a huge rainmaker. look at what happens this weekend. side, increase the clouds again, get a second shot of rain for the bay area. so, for the first time in a hong time a bit of a wet week to contend with before cheer ting it up on sunday. you want to track it in realtime, get your weather on the go.
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it is now available for iphones and android phones, search kpix in the app store or on google play. >> all right, we will. >> okay. i was reading something for the last time this weekend the raiders won a game was a year ago monday. >> that is right. yes. that is 364 as of today. that is right. could it end today? actually, the 49ers and the raider defenses stepped up today. the question s did the offense do it? the new york giant had a chance to beat san francisco, did they do it? ,,,,,,,,,,
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the league's worst defense,t didn't show much of that futility today against the s at metlife stadium aldon smith back in the sade after his 9 game conduct suspension.. first quarter, a frank gore fumble, the worst defense, did not show that much against the 49ers, at met life stadium. after a fumble, manning, 19 yards, now, 7-0, new york on top. that was the only highlight of the game for eli manning. now, in the red zone, it will never change. three field goals gave the 49ers the lead. then, kaepernick, down, to michael crabtree, he goes on the new york defense, coming up with the first touchdown in a month. 48 yards, 16-7 san francisco. 16-10 in the 4th quarter. a brilliant pick through, over
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cox. lands inside the 5 yard line. that play was reviewed. upheld. giants, 1st and goal. manning's first pass, incomplete, the second, incomplete. third, now, he hauls it in, watch the ball bounce at the ground and go for it on 4th. and that is when they become the first 49er rookie in history linebacker. two interceptions if in a game. they improve 6-4. >> the defense played great. i think that is the biggest thing that we got from this game. they continue to play great and put us in a position to win. >> we will enjoy this one. going home. it really -- feeling good. really, really good. playing with a lot of heart, playing a lot of fight. >> yes, alex smith, just 11 of 16 for 108 yards against
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seattle. but, the pass, here, 159 yards and two touchdowns, he averaged 8 yards a carry. they beat seattle. that means the 49ers and the seahawks are tied 6-4. they got two head-to-head match ups for the next few weeks. arizona holds it up. improving the nfl best 9-1. the san diego chargers coming off of a 37-loss to miami. that got ken bastida to boldly saying they are going to win against the raiders. now, let the ball hit the turf, butler recovers, the chargers take over, then, less than a minute left into the game, san diego made them pay. river to floyd, touchdown, 7-0, san diego. same score, raiders had not had a rushing 1stdown all game. no one last week, murray, pokes
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up the middle and gets the ball again, 37 yards his 2 runs but the raiders it was it for the running game. they had 71 yards on the ground. the defense did their part, rivers can not find an open receiver, nailed. the first snap, rivers, 22 of 34, 198 yards, 4th quarter, converting to 2 third goal games, now, thompson set up a field goal to lead it. hold on everybody. now,172 yards, but he had a chance to throw a hail mary and tie the game. it was short. the raiders are 0-10 as ann pointed out they have not won a game in 364 days. >> we ask each other the same question that you just asked me. i don't know the answers to that. you know, i don't know the
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answers. what needs to happen for us to get over the hump. we just want to get over the hump. the sharks in carolina. a little ice hockey. now, making nhl debut. how about this for the first impressions, turned away 45 shots by the hurricanes to be be the first shark goalie to report a shutout in his debut. they wrap up their 7 game rodey on tuesday in buffalo. nas car, going to miami for the final race. joey lagono, bringing it to an end after a disasterrous pit stop. he finished 16. now, open and score. now, that man, kevin harvick who won last week, got a spot in the final 4. took the lead with 7 laps to go. held off newman to win his first career sprint cup title. you know he races for tony stewart racing. and, tony stewart is the owner. he had a tough year. an emotional win by the owner
6:57 pm
and the driver. >> yes. >> all of the fans and everything. "game day" going to solve the raiders problems? >> we will have the 49ers and the raiders. >> what are you going to say to ken when you see him tomorrow? i will replay him and rub it in his face. it will be great. >> yes. >> okay. must see tv. >> thank you for watching, "60 minutes is next." for now, good night ,,,,
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this is your private bank. and ford >> stahl: it's getting harder and harder for the world to meet the demand for fresh water. so, as you'll see tonight, more and more of it is being pumped from deep underground. are you and are the farmers worried that, by going that deep, you are depleting the groundwater? >> well, yes, we are depleting it. but on the other hand, what choice do you have? >> stahl: what's the result of all this drilling? that's our story tonight. that's alarming. >> it should be. >> o'donnell: if you want to know what pope francis is planning to do to change the catholic church, you'd do well to ask his closest american advisor, cardinal sean o'malley. in st. peter's square, he stands


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