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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 18, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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studios, this is kpix5 news. >> only on 5, we learned a popular bay area restaurant has allegedly been stealing from employees for years and that's just the tip of the iceberg. >> here is linda yee with a story she has been working on for a year. >> reporter: it won all the major awards but there was a dark side to this family owned restaurant. the kitchen staff said for years they were underpaid and faced daily mental and physical abuses. kpix5 got a copy of a letter workers sent to the owners alleging managers even hit some workers. in one case, used a steel pipe to threaten to hit the worker. and hungry kitchen help said during one meal time, when we ate a second piece of bun, the manager would grab it from us and toss it in the trash. >> i don't think a lot of
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things in the letter are true. we had a slew of issues and we made significant mistakes. >> reporter: the owners hired jonathan glick to fix the problem. community groups say low paying workers are often exploited. >> have their tips stolen from them? get yelled at? threatened? slapped? shoved? >> uh-huh. uh-huh. >> it is the ugly side of the american economy that many people don't realize. oftentimes, these workers don't speak up because they don't feel they have options. >> reporter: the labor department worked more than a year to make corrections. it resulted in a whopping $4.25 million settlement. >> we need support employers who do that and go above and beyond what the law requires. >> reporter: in fact, they agreed to pay employees above
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minimum wage, they will get holiday and vacation play and there are mandated rest breaks. health benefits with no deductible. and finally, the changes in management. >> we lost a lot of our management staff and we have done a significant amount of raining with those who remained. >> did you release them or did they leave? glick a combination of both. >> reporter: the low paid workers had the courage to speak up. in san francisco, linda yee, kpix5. >> tomorrow, yangsing will start giving checks to employees for stolen wages and back pay. let's have a look outside. gorgeous, the most beautiful city in the world, but maybe a little rain tomorrow paul. some showers out there? >> i concur with the most beautiful city. welcome to what will be the wettest four day stretch than
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we had last april. kpix5 high-def in addition doppler. some light showers out there. but they are a couple of hours early. they are pushing inland meaning right now, vallejo, napa, hercules, emeryville. san rafael picking up showers. so what to expect? it will be a mild night. widespread showers for wednesday morning. rain totals with this round are light, but guess what? there are three rounds of rainfall between now and the weekend. find out when they will hit coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good. we will see you then. a crash, a bad one, closed all southbound lanes on i680 in martinez over an hour tonight just as the evening commute was getting started. chp says that is about 5:00. a honda pilot sideswiped a car and collided with another vehicle before landing on its roof. the 66-year-old woman driver of the pilot was killed.
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five other people were injured. the headlights showed just how far back traffic was stacked up. the suspect in the hit and run death of a 14-year-old san leandro boy faced the judged today. sunny anderson headed to court to find out he was denied bail. he is charged with killing ivan cruz during a high speed chase last tuesday. he has a long rap sheet including beating an elderly woman in her home. that woman told mark kelly the justice system failed her. >> he should have been put away a long time ago. >> reporter: anderson was sentenced to three years for that crime and served only half. anderson also has a violent history, muteuating animals at the petting zoo in hayward. san jose is the biggest city in the bay area. but the last time its police force was this small, ronald reagan was president.
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the city has 962 street ready sworn officers rite now. but the pd projects that by next year, that number could shrink to just 908. that is about what san jose had 30 years ago. about 300,000 fewer people were living there. officers are resigning at a rate of three to four per month. some are retiring. others leaves for much better pay and much better benefits. mayor elect sam liccardo says it is time to sit down and bargain. >> it is critical we keep in mind those projects are based on the assumption that nothing will change and we know that is not true. there are a lot of opportunities to change the formula. >> whatever changes he has in mind, he has to move quickly. the most optimistic projection shows police staffing levels in san jose will continue to drop all the way into 2017. meanwhile in oakland tonight, christin ayers says police are getting ready for a
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grand jury decision on whether or not to charge a white police officer with the death of an unarmed black teenager in ferguson, missouri. >> reporter: you have to look closely inside dion's store to see the marks of protest past. >> this is something left over from the trayvon martin case here. >> reporter: splintered glass on her window. >> purple spray paint everywhere. >> reporter: the work of violent protesters who set fires in this street when george zimmerman was exonerates. now she wonders if the same thing will happen in the michael brown case. >> as a business owner, we are nervous because we don't know what to expect. >> reporter: mayor jean quan told people toexpect the worst. save recordings of criminal
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activity. keep the cash drawer empty. this building and three others across oakland will function as healing centers. places where people can come to vent their frustrations rather than taking them out on the city. the city is determined to be ready this time. during the trayvon martin protest. chief sean whent said his police were caught flat flatted. this time they will be ready. they cancel all vacation days and time off. san francisco police already carrying riot gear. is. >> three people are in custody for leading police on a high speed chase. they brought a toddler along for the ride. it started when police said they robbed a safeway store in castro valley. they took off on an suv with police following on westbound
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980. she told police her two-year- old was this the creek. police caught up with the other suspects at a home in oakland. the toddler is okay. well those suspects may never have gotten out of the parking lot if there were security guards. but sometimes, guards can't be everywhere. or can they? tonight, only on 5, joe vasquez shows us some crime fighting robots now on patrol. joe? >> reporter: here they are liz. security robots hard at work. this is not a hollywood set. this is the mountain view headquarters of night scope. the makers of these robots, now, they are not armed. they are not going to chase after a bad guy or try to make an arrest, but they will probably make the bad guy think twice before committing a crime. at first glance, the k5 security robot looks like a star wars character. >> most people say that is so cute when they see it. we have had people go up and hug it. >> reporter: but beyond the cute, it is also big. five feet tall.
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300 pounds. its primary purpose is to scare a bad guy away. >> the first thing that will happen is the burglar will spot the robot. criminals are inherently lazy. they are not looking for something confrontational. they want an easy target. >> reporter: so when they see the robot? >> they may move down to the next place. >> reporter: the robot is designed to avoid confrontations. watch what happens when you try to step right in front of it. it will stop, and it will redirectit's path around you sending video inside to where a human is monitoring. >> that is live video from the machine outside? >> if the burglar persists, what happens? >> the robot is looking at the video. listening for any glass breakage. any kind of loud sound breaking in would cause. get the license plate. a picture of the vehicle, tag, time, et cetera. >> reporter: the security robots are patrolling in the bay area. >> they are in effect at an
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undisclosed location in silicon valley. >> reporter: in a company you don't want to tell us? >> i can't share it yet. but soon, there will be more. soon, you will see them everywhere. >> reporter: so the k5s are patrolling their own company's parking lot and that other undisclosed company. right now, but the founders say you know what? they expect to go live in at least four dozen other companies. a listen list of people who want security robots to start now. reporting live in mountain view, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> the robots are leased, not sold. it will cost much less than security guards salaries. 6.25 an hour. we are at the red carpet premier the new movie is calling an act of war. we asked star seth rogan if he is afraid of the dictator. >> these are the guys they call. an exclusive look at an elite special operating team operating right here in the bay
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attack in jerusalem has cli to five. nats of attack >> well, the death toll in the synagogue attack in jerusalem has climbed to five people now. the killers struck at the end of morning prayer. the aftermath, bloody. the palestinian attackers used a gun and a meat cleaver to kill four rabbis and a police officer. three of the rabbis were born in the u.s. one of them, 50- year-old rabbi coleman levine was from southern california. the united nations has a lot on its plate. ukraine, syria, ebola. but north korea wants them to
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take action against a seth rogan movie and promised violence. that movie premiered in san francisco tonight. we asked seth is he worried? >> i'm agent lacy with central intelligence. >> in the interview, they portray a talk show producer and host recruited to kill kim jung un. >> it is a comedy? >> you will shake his hand with a fatal dose of poison. >> reporter: but north korea is not laugh. it is calling the movie an act of war and threatening merciless retaliation if the feds don't step in to stop the film's release. they haven't. the film made its red carpet debut in the castro tonight with plenty of security on hand. rogan laughed it all off. >> are you worried there are north korean agents here in the
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castro? [ laughter ] >> it would be impressive if they were. it would be amazing if north korean agents got to america and we were their top priority. >> reporter: sony ultimately had certain imagery removed to avoid the potential for a lawsuit. >> i think once he sees the movie, he might be less unhappy. or way more unhappy. >> but not terrible concerned? >> not at all. >> reporter: the interview opens nationwide christmas day. a spokesperson for the north korean government told british media, kim jung un will most likely see it. we learned an elite military group will be heading overseas for a mission. debra got extraordinary access to this team. tell us about it. >> reporter: thanks ken. i first met the team a year ago in afghanistan and learned
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there is a rescue unit in the bay area. once you see what you do, you will understand why the u.s. military calls them guardian angels. in the movie black hawk down, a u.s. assault mission in sew moll yangsing mission goes down. underfire, they rescue the injures and dying but it is not just a hollywood fantasy. it is real. >> you can see the mushroom cloud coming up. >> reporter: when u.s. troops are cut off and in desperate need of medical help, they call these guys. the special ops team. the u.s. air force para rescue. >> these folks are simply an amazing national treasure. >> reporter: fearless, rugged, highly trained. >> we do what we do because we enjoy it and we want to bring people home. >> we flew in from afghanistan. >> reporter: i first met the force a year ago in operation enduring freedom.
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>> we have been all over the world. >> reporter: one wing, the 129th is stationed at moffat field as part of the air national guard. on this day, training for a classified deployment. >> empty with no extra training gear is 800 pounds. >> reporter: this is an inflatable boat. engine, fuel, medical gear. the package gets pushed out of mc130p combat shadow aircraft thousands of feet above the pacific notion. then para rescue men jump, follow, secure and inflate the boat in the water. >> first jump? >> yes. >> reporter: on board, two newbies. >> i'm totally stoked. >> reporter: they practice aerial refueling to a helicopter. they conduct rescue operations in hostile environments. when they rescued american soldiers caught in taliban cross fire. >> we took the helicopter and
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put one wheel on the ground, we grabbed him and pulled him onto the helicopter because there was no way to hop out. >> reporter: close tore home, the missions are extensive. >> the things we do others may leave is our wing motto. >> reporter: from the rim fires to the rebel heart rescue mission where they found a disabled boat in the middle of the pacificing to and saved a life of an american infant. >> what they would tell you, it was just another day at the office. >> reporter: bottom line. >> we can rescue you any time, any place under any circumstances. >> reporter: no one ever quits. 65% of the rescue wing are in the reserves. they have day jobs. they are doctors, software engineers, teachers, you name it. when needed, they put their lives on the line to save others. >> you and i were talking about this the other day when i was watching some of this video. we were talking about the perfect storm. that whole incident. the pjs were there. and they rescued many people out of that storm. you sat with them. you were in the helicopters with them.
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how tough is their training? >> reporter: extremely tough. 90% of those who enroll fail. and it is solely dedicated to rescue and recovery. quite a treasure ken. >> amazing group of dedicated americans. thank you debra. >> thank you. in the east tonight, hundreds of drivers are trapped on the new york state throughway because of snow. look at this. five feet in some areas. people are stranded in cars, in and around buffalo. crews are working to get them out. some have been stuck more than 24 hours. that includes members of the niagara university women's basketball team. they have been tweeting and asking for help and prayers. no food and no water. the coach says some got so thirsty, they drank melted snow. unbelievable. >> hard to imagine. that much snow coming down in that quick a period. >> intense, but narrow band. portions of buffalo, 60 inches of snow since yesterday.
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the other side of town, three. three inches of snow. it is incredible how much snow is concentrated in some spots where literally thousands of pounds of the weight of snow crashing into some houses because the roofs are failing in western new york. back here, we have rain coming, but nothing like the intense winter going on in mid november back east. san jose, santa clara, cloudy, no rain yet. it is coming. san jose overnight tonight, 50. livermore down to 48 degrees. the big story is rainfall. already some rain showers out there. some more intense rainfall. the yellow is moderate rainfall. that is still offshore. but we have some of that green color which will be light showers out there. that would be you in walnut creek and pleasant hill. martinez, vallejo, american canyon. one wave of rainfall, already moving through. this will usher in a somewhat wet pattern for us. especially compared to where we have been the past few months. showers on the way. this is the first of three. rain chances over the next
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several days. one will get here tonight and tomorrow morning. timing things out for you, here is the problem with each one. they are not able to dip into the rich tropical moisture which is there in the south and the jet stream is moving west to east. there is no dip to grab the moisture. instead, light to moderate rain showers three different times. around 1 is tomorrow morning. round two, thursday afternoon. round three will likely be the steadiest rainfall over the weekend. saturday looks pretty showery. so the first one we can sign out with future cast. 7:00 in the mornings, here comes a line of showers. they will continue into the early afternoon. what to expect? pretty mild night tonight. you saw the temperatures as the showers approach. lit be a wet drive to school and this will last four days. that is rare for us. we have not been this wet for a while. concord 62 degrees. average 63. campbell, tomorrow, scattered
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showers, 68. union city, 66. san ramon, 65. wet in pittsburgh and antioch. 63. san franciscoing bring the umbrella. morning showers, 64. novato, 63. only 54 with rain up toward ukiah. thursday evening, more showers, we get a break friday. saturday, more showers. thanksgiving week is looking drier as is sunday. so next week looking dry. this will be a nice little stretch. it will feel like fall. it will feel like rain. it will smell like rain. get the allergens down. all good news. >> it is a duck. [ laughter ] coming up, this niners fan wanted to buy her mom a special seat from candlestick park but it went missing. tonight, they found it in indiana! how did it get there? that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ ♪
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she's been hoping for. ght the >> a hayward woman searching for her mother's seat from candlestick park got the souvenir she has been looking
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for. she was society the wrong seat. and the right one was found in indiana. >> we ran out and opened it together and i almost fell down. it literally started crying right there. >> wow. well the 9ers say some of the seats were shipped to indiana. they went through them one by one until they found the one on which leanne wrote mom, this will always be your seat. they found it. the warehouse will have it delivered to her door. the first domino falls in bay area free agency baseball. and it is not pablo. first of all, they're light and fluffy, topped with pumpkin whipped cream and cinnamon sugar and only $4.99. second of all, they're light and fluffy, topped with pumpkin whipped cream and cinnamon sugar and only $4.99.
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their offense that cost them dearly down the stretch ando the playoffs.. today, they d some >> when yoenis cespedes was traded away, they really traded away their offense. they did a little damage repair. they signed billy butler. the deal, three years, $30 million. 28-year-old. 271, 96 runs batted in. helped kansas city reach the first world series since 1985.
11:29 pm
he played 37 games at first base. only 6200 in buffalo tonight. the sabers and sharks due to a huge snowstorm. san jose power play. brad burns. scores, tie it is game at one. just a little over a minute to go. the sabres score past the rookie corey grosnic. he had a shut-out. not tonight. the sharks go down 4-1. san jose finishing their seven day road trip at 3-4. for michael crab tree, amon brooks. whether or not jim harbaugh will leave the 49ers. they have an ongoing thing on and off the field. but all the drama is media created says the safety. >> nobody even knew what that was. the immediate sabres says this thing about our team, we just come together. we know it is the media's job to make a story. no matter what is said, it
11:30 pm
doesn't matter to us. we are just here to accomplish a goal. that is to win games. >> adrian peterson has been suspended indefinitely by the neville. he will miss the remainder of the season. he pleaded no contest to wreckless assault of his four- year-old son two weeks ago. he played in only one game this season before being charged. i have in my hand the tuesday night top five. these guys at a bachelor party convincing a groom he was bungee jumping but instead, that happened. nobody was hurt. nobody was hurt. capitals, larson scores. coyotes lost in overtime though. 2-1. japan and australia friendly. shenji okasaki scores with his back heel and a japan won 2-1. rochester, minnesota high down. going for the two-point conversion.
11:31 pm
the running back laterals to the quarterback who scores to win the game. what is the temperature there paul? excellent. at number one. manhattan trailing umass by two left. seconds left. rick williams tied the game on the ally-oop. but umass won 77-68 in overtime. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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