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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  November 23, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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to figure ou on the wrong s a deadly head-on crash caused by a wrong way driver. tonight, the chp is still trying to figure out how the driver got on the wrong side of the freeway. and good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> and i'm brian hackney. two people were killed in the crash just after midnight on highway 101 in novato. kpix 5's mark kelly tells us why it was so difficult for the chp to pinpoint where the one way drier was headed. -- driver was headed. mark? >> reporter: well, brian in the middle of the tense moments, police say witnesses were giving mixed reports to 911 dispatchers as far as exactly where that wrong way driver was on 101. but in the end by the time the driver got here to the marin
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sonoma county line, it was too late. >> apparently we have one critical and we didn't -- >> reporter: using every tool at their disposal. for thes peeled back -- firefighters peels back the car's frame hoping the -- to save every life inside but for the two drivers it was too late. >> chp across the freeway northbound. >> reporter: chp says the driver, a 61-year-old male most likely drove on to 101 near novato heading northbound towards show that county -- sonoma county in the southbound lanes, four minutes later he collided with the nissan sentra. >> 61 miles per hour and he could have made it here in that four minute time span. >> reporter: the collision killed the 66-year-old driver of the sentra and severely injured the female passenger. >> alcohol does appear to be a factor at this time. but that will be confirmed later. >> reporter: this is not the first wrong way driver in the bay area in recent weeks.
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most likely not the last. remember this car? it's from the wrong way driver that caused a four car crash on the bay bridge earlier this month. at chp, sergeant marcus bartholomew says simple tips like looking several cars if front of your -- in front of yours may save your life if a wrong way driver is baseballing toward you. >> if you're paying attention and driving and looking far up ahead you may be able to avoid some dangerous situations out there on the freeway. >> reporter: now that wrong way driver was driving in the fast lane, chp says that's quite common with wrong way drivers. because they believe they are actually in the slow lane and brian advice from officers tonight, avoid that fast lane when driving anytime in the evening. >> all righty mark kelly, thanks very much. driver fatigue may have played a part in a deadly tour bus crash this morning in shasta county. it is chp says the bus ran
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off i-5 down an embankment and rolled over. one person was killed and 30 others were hurt. nine of them seriously. the bus was headed to los angeles from washington state. ironically the chp says the buss buzz was involve another minor crash this morning in red bluff. for the third time this year, someone has slipped past security at the san jose airport. 39-year-old miguel zaragza is in custody. but police say he got on the atlantic aviation ramp and he was stopped by employees and escorted back to the lobby to wait for police. but they say he got loose, ran off and stole a maintenance truck and then drove it along the curb to terminal b. where he was stopped and arrested. he's charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and trespass. no one was hurt during the incident. the most notable security breach this year was abide.
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the 15-year-old jumped the fence and hid out for hours and then slipped into the wheel well of a hawaiian airlines flight. -- he survived the nearly six hour flight and then over the summer, serial stow away mare yell hartman manages togged get on flight -- managed to get on a flight to los angeles. she was arrested at l.a. x. a fire gutted their century old church last week. mass was held at a rec hall near the remains of the old church. it's not as ornate but parishioners of holy cross catholic church are grateful. a portrait of our lady of good lieu pay survived the fire. it's now on the wall temporarily. >> they are going to rise from the ashes. like the phoenix. and you know, it will be -- it has been and will continue to be the great parish here in the diocese. >> building inspector will decide whether the church can be saved or if it will have to
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be down torn and rebuilt. across the country, nfl mass cots have sparked a contentious debate. today the washington team at the center of that was in the bay area the play the 49ers. john ramos shows us the protests that took place outside levi stadium. >> reporter: as fans arrived for the 49ers and redskins game. another group assembled at a park not too far away. about 100 native americans and their supporters gathered to protest the use of the term "redskins" as a mascot name. a term they consider a racial slur. >> what the r. word reference ends is the state sponsored genocide that was imposed by the state of california that paid 25 cents for our scalps back in the 1850s. >> reporter: this has become a common occurrence wherever washington plays. as the drum beat of public opinion begins to turn against
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the use of such names. but as the group neared levi stadium -- [ people chanting ] they didn't appear to convince many football fans. >> it's not negative. positive. >> when you're putting the team, the name on a pedestal. right? i love the team. so how is that racist in any way? >> think the mascot of native people and people understanding of what we are and i think until there's balance, that that is unsemiable. >> reporter: some fans say the team names are meant to honor indians but it's hard to believe that images like these would be allowed if they were depicting any other racial group. >> mascots promote stereotypes of native people. >> there is the warrior spirit. ain't got nothing to do with racism in my view. >> reporter: all one question -- who gets to decide whether a word is offensive? and skins. >> reporter: the person saying it? or the person who hears it? in santa clara, january ramos, kpix 5. >> washington's owner dan
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snyder has vowed never to change the team's name. shock and sadness after a 12-year-old boy dies after being shot by a police officer. the reason the officer says he felt compelled to open fire and why his actions are being called into question. >> he broke the color barrier in baseball. how ucla is honoring jackie robinson. that's next. ,,
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police shot and killed a 12- year-old boy after he pullet a b-b gun. to a anger? cleveland tonight after police shot and killed 12-year-old boy after he pulled out a bb gun. police responding to a number of callers who described the guy who appeared to be a juvenile pointing a pistol at people and scaring them. when they arrived they found the boy and asked him to show his hands. police say the boy refused. lifted his shirt, and flashed the bb gun. officers believed it was a real weapon. >> the young man had the weapon in his waistband. he pulled the weapon out. one of our officers fired two shots. striking the -- striking the young man. >> a 12-year-old boy? >> yes. >> police say the bb gun did not have an orange tip on the muzzle which helps police identify it as a toy.
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as posed to a -- opposed to a real gun. the cleveland case is very similar to a case out of santa rosa. 13-year-old andy lopez was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy last year. he was carrying a pellet gun that looked a lot like an ak- 47. a deputy opened fire saying he feared for his life when lopez refused orders to put down the gun. and started to turn around. former washington, d.c. mayor marion barry has died. barry is possibly best remembered for getting caught on video smoking crack crow cane in the '90s while serving as mayor. it was part of the fbi sting and barry ended up going to prison but that was not the end of his political career. he was elected to city council and ultimately became mayor again. barry died from heart problems. he was 78 years old. and ucla is honoring the legendary jackie robinson by retiring his number 42 for all sports. robinson plied baseball -- played baseball, basketball, football and ran track at ucla. of course he later made history
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by becoming the first black player in major league baseball. robinson wore 28 while at ucla. but the school chose to retire his iconic 42. that he wore with the dodgers. announcement came last night during the ucla and usc football game. school is marking the 75th anniversary of jackie robinson's arrival on the ucla campus. 90,000 tons of snow removed and counting and now the financial burden for those areas blanketed in last week's snowstorm could get deeper. >> we're also digging our own weather. highs near 70 by midweek and then big changes. for the weather on the go get the cbs bay area weather app. check conditions in your area and get realtime radar. downloads are available for both iphones and an divides at -- android at ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we have lift off. >> away it goes, the soyuz rocket lasted off into space today carrying a three person crew including an american astronaut. russian and italy's first female astronaut are also aboard the capsule. they will join three others already based at the international space station. including another female astronaut from russia. this will make it the second time that two women have been aboard the space station on long-term missions. and a huge pile of mulch is on fire in arizona and firefighters say it could burn for days. it started last night in ole mirage. nobody knows how exactly but more than 20 acres have burned so far. the tactic for firefighters,
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moving the mulch around to smother the flames. but that could be hard because the pile of mulch is 15 feet deep in some areas. most roads in upstate new york are back open today after last week's paralyzing snowstorm. tens of thousands of tons of snow have been carted from the buffalo area since then. but as temperatures rise, reporter jericka duncan reports on the flooding. >> 100% of streets are passable in the city of buffalo now. >> reporter: the mayor says crowds like these have removed 9,000 tons of -- 90,000 tons of snow in and around the city. serve feet of snow well in parts of western new york in three days last week making for a difficult and costly clean- up. >> it's a storm of historic magnitude in terms of snowfall in the city of buffalo. >> reporter: but the expenses make it even higher is warming. thes over the next -- temperature over the next couple of days quickly melt the snow causing flooding. >> if this becomes in effect a
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dam, then you see the water here build up and come other thed -- over the road. >> reporter: new york governor cuomo is warning residents to take precautions now. >> people say my home doesn't flood. i know but there's always a first time and we are seeing first times all the time now. >> reporter: hundreds of members of the new york national guard have been deployed to the area and there's a warehouse filled with pumps and other supplies just in case they're needed. jericka duncan, cbs news, west seneca, new york. >> and that's why a two bedroom in palo alto is about $1.7 million these days. it's all because of the weather my friend. as we have a look outside tonight. we have pretty nice weather today and mor on tap for the early part of the week. looking live toward the bay bridge and the numbers now. we are mostly near 60 degrees in the bay area. san jose though at 59. concord 61. oakland 59 degrees. and here's how it looks as we head out tonight. there's some clouds out there mostly high clouds coming over the top of high pressure in the
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eastern pacific. still a nice night in the bay area with temperatures at 8:00 pretty much in the low 50s. out the door tomorrow morning, we get more sunshine on monday. a little -- you know hazy sun. near the shore. but inland around the bay, 50 degrees to get us started on monday morning. futurecast shows us what should be happening over the next few hours. high clouds dissipate tomorrow. so that you can see it's a time lapse runs on everything that's -- clouds is staying out here out of the pacific and for us, it looks mostly clear as we start the workweek. high pressure is still firmly entrenched offshore and the high clouds are just coming over the top and the high is going to push all of that up into washington and far northern california and into oregon so for tomorrow mostly sunny for the bay area. temperatures rise a little bit but more on tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow afternoon we're looking at highs from the mid- to upper 60s a few high clouds but that's about it. it looks like a really sunny monday. and the next couple of days, tuesday and wednesday get even warmer and thanksgiving looks
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dry. after that, though, there's some changes coming our way. over the sierra we've got cool temperatures again. 19 degrees atimy not up in third degreed in -- up at minott up in north dakota. just 21 at chicago and 31 rat detroit. heading out of the bay area we're looking at pleasant day across northern california. more clouds the farther north you go and eureka gets mostly cloudy and partly cloudy and beautiful mendocino and 66 degrees in sacramento. here's how we look overnight tonight. a little chilly but not bad. 42 in santa rosa. 43 degrees at fairfield and 48 in san jose. for tomorrow, the numbers will mostly be in the mid- to upper 60s. livermore plenty of sunshine and 68. 65 at san ramon. and oakland 68 degrees. right along the shoreline, we'll be in the mid 60s. up in santa rosa 68 degrees and 67 in novato. looking nice there for thanksgiving day. it will be mostly sunny. temperatures range from the mid 60s to the low 70s on thursday. but it's after thanksgiving
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that things begin to change. standard forecast calls for sunny and sunny sunny and then friday increasing clouds bring temperatures down about five degrees. look at what happens on saturday and sunday. it looks wet on -- it's a one- two punch. one storm comes in on saturday and then it looks like this one it looks like an even bigger storm coming in on sunday. this is good news you know. we're getting rain a couple of days a week. that's a start. ann? well frank talking about thanksgiving niners playing on thanksgiving. but -- >> it's going to turn out to be mighty big one. and you know what? nothing, never a dull moment for san francisco. colin kaepernick didn't engineer a fourth quarter touchdown drive all year. he would have to do that if the 49ers could pull it out today against washington. we're up next.
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away and paid the price thet never a dull moment. mr. o dynel? >> yeah it's one they had to have because everybody else in the wild card race continues to win. so it was critical. the 49ers didn't put the rams away and paid the price the last time they were at home. today washington threatened yet another upset. it hasn't been pretty for the quarterback robert griffin iii. a blowout looked imminent in the first quarter. pretty pass boldin. 30 yards. 7-0 san francisco. bole fin's fourth touchdown of the season. washington, eating it up in the second quarter. alfred morris, barrels through to make it 7-7. 125 rushing yards on 21 carries for that man. 10-7. san francisco. third quarter. griffin to desean jackson in the middle of the field and races by cox and that's a gain
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after 32 yards. later in the drive. aaron lynch nails griffin for a big sack. but -- he's called for a helmet to helmet hit. 15-yard penalty enabling the game tying field goal. so fourth quarter. and for the second straight week, frank gore will lose the football as he's hit by the former stanford man trent murphy. the redskins recover in san francisco territory and kick a field goal for the 13-10 lead. gore's second fumble in two weeks. but the 9ers put together the eight play, 75-yard drive. capped off by the four yard carlos hyde touchdown run. 17-13 san francisco. same score, under a minute to go. griffin in desperation mode is hit by justin smith and ahmad brooks has the football. the 49ers take over and hold on for the slim 17-13 win. they are 7-4. >> this -- big time stuff. a team that good team doing what it has to do to win the
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football game. defense -- you know i thought they played another outstanding football game. so yeah there's things, and you know there always is. it's never going to be perfect. valiant effort and individual effort and team effort. and what more can you want if you're a coach? >> game-winning. the, take us through that -- touchdown, take us through that play. >> i'm not the man of the hour, the offense is the men of the hour. >> uh-huh. >> that play -- worked out pretty good for us. >> i'd say so. yeah. >> well, the arizona cardinals were 9-1 heading into today's showdown in seattle but the head coach of arizona bruce arraigns says the great starlet doesn't mean a thing. >> -- start doesn't mean a thing. >> we don't need extra motivation to go play them especially at their place, they're the world champions, we're just 9-1. we haven't done [ bleep ]. >> fitzgerald out with the knee injury and missed the first game since 2007. third quarter. seattle leading 9-3. drew
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butler's punt blocked. he gets body slammed by seattle. seattle got a field goal off that block to make it 12-3. later in the quarter we get our first touchdown of the game. russell wilson, to him for a 20- yard touchdown play. to make it 19-13. that's the final. and the seahawks are 7-4. tough to beat up there in the northwest. so today's game the 49ers remain tied for the second in the nfc west with seattle at 7- 4. the loss by the cardinals dropped them to 9-2. two games ahead of seattle and san francisco. the seahawks, at levi's thanksgiving night. welcome to the world of bill belichick. gray ran for 201 yards and four touchdowns last week. today he was benched for being late to practice. blount was signed late in the week after being released by the sealers and ran for -- steelers and ran for two touchdowns as he comes back to life. gronk was held out of the end zone but the other tight end tim rice scored twice. the patriots blow out the lions 34-9. they are looking like the best team in the nfl. that's their seventh straight win. well these guys didn't get
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the memo. the vikings are playing outdoors in the season. vikings and packers second quarter. bridgewater to charles johnson to tie the game at 7 apiece. and later in the half, aaron rodgers rolls out and throws across his body to a wide open richard rodgers, the first career touchdown for the former cal bear. green bay beats minnesota 24-21 to take over first place in the nfc north. peyton manning and the broncos, looking to avoid a second straight loss versus miami. late third quarter. miami leading 21-17. tannehill looks up with -- hooks up with landry for a touchdown and the dolphins up 11. 28-17 in denver. but they couldn't keep peyton and denver down. five minutes to play. cj anderson gave the broncos the lead with a 10-yard score. 32-28 denver and anderson rushes for 167. the broncos win 39-36. they are 8-3. things are going very well for oregon football. they're 10-1 in position to win the pac-10 and get a spot in the college football playoffs.
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oh one of the biggest reasons why? that man. the quarterback marcus mariotta. expected to be among the top picks in next spring's nfl draft. if the junior decided to leave early. the head coach was grilled on whether he would return by a reporter from o'hara catholic high school. >> do you know anything about marcus if he's staying or leaving? [ laughter ] i mean -- i mean, that's like the talk around school. is he saying or is he leaving -- staying or is he leaving? >> what is the talk around school? what are you guys -- how are you broken -- have you broken it down? what do you think he'll do? >> well there's three things go- go an -- well four okay? >> obviously -- >> that is a reporter in the making right there. >> yes no kidding. >> good job. i like her style. thank you for joining us. that does it for us at 5:30. >> we'll see you back here in a half hour. the cbs "evening news" is next and news updates always on we'll see you at 6:30.
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>> jeff: tonight multiple threats. plotting dangers increase following a massive snowfall. severe storms it in the south, and a storm could hit the east coast just before thanksgiving. >> so help me god within the man of extreme comebacks and controversies. bill plante on the death of former washington d.c. mayor marion barry. >> outrage on the university of virginia campus after startling rape allegations. julianna goldman is there. >> it's called zombie-- jill schlesinger on the information that stays on credit reports even after bankruptcies. an one of the smallest victims of washington state's wildfire season is getting a second chance. carter ef apps on cinder. -- there is the


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