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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> tonight, oakland, burning, it's absolute mayhem in the streets for the second night, hundreds of protesters took over the freeways, only this time, they did it twice. looting, setting fires, and vandalism along the way, we have seen it all. >> joe has been watching this cat and mouse game playing on 880 and 580 all night long. >> reporter: police estimating 350 demonstrators on the streets of oakland for most of the evening, their intense focus has been on trying to block the freeways. this is how it played out over and over tonight. demonstrators would sprint toward a freeway entrance ramp, then get with police, on to the
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freeway, and block lanes of traffic. neighbors driving home had to come to a screeching halt. the cops would quickly amass the troops and push the demonstrators back. [ shouting. >> reporter: ] >> reporter: he explained to me the reason for taking the freeway. >> if the police won't do somebody about their own internal problems and they won't protect our lives, thep we will mobilize and protect ourselves and take control of the streets, of the city infrastructure and whatever else we need to in order to ensure our lives and longevity. >> reporter: why shut down the highway, so that's clear? >> it wasn't my decision to shut down the freeway, i can't say why they decided to shut down the highway, but it just makes it in terms of shutting down
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business as usual and bringing the world of commerce and regular daily affairs to a halt until we address the crisis and genocide that's happening at the hands of law enforcement in america. >> reporter: when i was in the middle of one of many skirmishes tonight and demonstrators get right in the faces of the police officers they showed incredible restraint but in this one moment, this one woman was yelling at a cop and he actually told her, you know what, if i were you, i would back up because people are throwing rocks at us and it's not a safe place to be. and he wasn't joking, take a look at this picture just tweeted out by the chp in oakland, they've actually recovered a rock being thrown at officers by deck straighter -- demonstrators and we know there are arrests but we don't have numbers just yet.
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>> joe vazquez, thank you. telegraph, stretching all the way across the street, garbage cans from the neighborhood and then used the garbage to keep the fires going. we saw other fires around oakland tonight as well. now, down the street at 34th and telegraph, protesters did their best to bash in the windows of the walgreens, they also sprayed graffiti all along the sides of the building. >> a lot of the vandalism along telegraph, 42nd and telegraph smashing their way in to this dealership, hard to tell what they did inside but you can see individuals running amongst the cars there, the group dispersed pretty quickly, this is what chopper five got from the air. christin ayers saw it all, she's noticed something
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different about these protesters, christin? >> reporter: still milling around, they've crossed from oakland in to emoryville, and that's one of the things we've seen, the tactics are similar but we've seen the businesses targeted from oakland as opposed to the middle of downtown oakland and protesters targeting big corporations rather than small businesses, some protesters saying that was intentional. for the second night in a row, a peaceful protest evolved in to this. [ shouting ] >> reporter: the doors of a walgreens kicked in, fireworks set off. as protesters scrambled on to a freeway. as chaotic as it was, protesters told me there was a plan tonight. >> everyone's organized, together, following rules. >> the protests look the same, you see the same vandals. >> reporter: graffiti on some
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businesses, protesters tell me they have a different strategy this time around, they're not targeting small businesses. our cameras captured several protesters tagging, but small businesses went virtually unharmed. and we quickly found out the next rule, no taking video of vandals in the act. protesters tried to rustle away our cameras tonight when we took video of one vandal. >> shut the camera. >> reporter: the consensus they agreed, no incriminating law breakers by showing their faces on camera. again we don't know exactly how many arrests, we do know the protests are continuing tonight, the crowd has shrunk quite a bit, but again, people crossing over in to emoryville in to the next city, police called mutual aid, fremont police driving around here earlier, this may or may not be the end of a very active night of protesting, we'll have to keep an eye on it tonight, ken. >> okay, christin, an agreement not to show protesters, but we will as long as we have cameras
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show everybody what's going on, thanks for your help. >> reporter: absolutely -- >> #handsupdon'tshoot is trending tonight on twitter, the woman who shot this was in the thick of it, protesters held their hands up in front of a line of chp cars on 580, another tweeted no justice, no peace, along with trash cans on fire in mcarthur. other protesters set this mattress on fire in the middle of the freeway. chopper 5 also over demonstrators in san francisco's mission district, 150 protesters made a sweeping circle near 24th and valencia, they marched around for about an hour, and ended back at the bart station, many told the crew they were then heading to oakland. to ferguson, missouri where this all got started because the grand jury chose not to indict a white officer for shooting an unarmed black teen, tonight it's
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a little calmer, take a look at the right side of your screen, protesters first tried to flip it over and when that didn't work, they then tried to set it on fire. short time ago, police ordered protesters to leave the streets or face arrest. also tonight, the governor of missouri has ordered more than 2,200 national guard troops to ferguson, that is triple the number that was there last night. andrea borba is keeping an eye, we are hearing from the officer himself, andria? >> reporter: that's right, in the interview, officer darren wilson says he has a clean conscience because quote, i know i did my job right. >> reporter: once again lighting up the sky in ferguson. as protesters and officers faced on in the streets and in front of the police department. after a near nonexistent presence last night, tonight there are triple the national
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guard troops in place after more than a dozen businesses were torched and looted. >> why did you promise me that you'd be here to protect my workers? >> reporter: there are questions being asked of the timing of the grand jury announcement, reverend al sharpton placed blame the unrest would place on the officers. >> in a town that has been forecast to have all kinds of problems, his solution is let's announce it at night after dark. >> reporter: in the aftermath of monday's chaos, darren wilson, the officer who shot and killed michael brown says the teen did not put up his hands. >> get back i'm going to shoot you. and then his response, immediately, he grabbed the top of my gun, and when he grabbed it he said you're too much of a [ bleep ] to shoot me. and i can feel it get inside my hand and try to shoot me with my own gun. that's when i pulled the trigger for the first time. >> reporter: now, among the
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stores that were looted, ferguson mark and liquor, the same store brown was seen robbing, standing in front of this video, the store's owner, surrounded by the looted remain of his business. when the owner was asked if he was all right standing in front of all that mess, he says, yes, sir. andria borba, kpix 5. the woman among several hundred people blocking traffic outside the police station, the driver plowed right through them, officers were right there to make an arrest. and with kpix 5 and for the latest. also the news tonight, bart was a complete mess as well, two stations had to be shut down for hours because of medical emergencies police say they found a dead body on the tracks at the downtown berkeley station, and a person on the tracks under a train at the
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embarcadero, that person taken to the hospital. tonight we're getting a good look of a security breach, 39-year-old miguel zaragosa going on a ticketing line, he breaches security in an area where private jets fly. he was eventually arrested, this is the third big security breach at me netta since april. and parents in fremont are scrambling their five new day care because their day care center has been shut down, furniture crushed a pair of preschoolers and the school did not call 911. >> before school got out, fremont's code enforcement team posting notices, after everyone goes home at night, the
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children, ages 2 to 6 are not allowed in until changes are made. >> i was quite disturbed when i saw the report of what happened. >> reporter: a wall cabinet fell on two sleep be children, a little boy had minor injuries but a little girl had significant traumatic injury and airlifted to stanford. code enforcement says the cabinet wasn't properly mounted to the wall. >> too much weight on them and it appears that's what caused it to fall over. >> reporter: it doesn't end there. the city found other violations. firewalls had been removed and emergency exits have chains. the school didn't want any outsiders in today, rushing children in the doors and keeping out even code enforcement. the california department of social services is investigating friday's incident, parents told us they still haven't been formally told of what's took place. >> we haven't received any e-mail or, announcement about it. >> reporter: the last inspection of enlight preschool
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was january 2012, the day before it was licensed. there have not been any complaints or citations. police say the 3-year-old has a significant time to recover but she is expect to do make a full recovery. only on 5, a viewer called us when she spotted this license plate, looks innocent enough until you find out what it really means, tonight we track down the owner of this provocative plate. a gizmo that this guy's wearing make you smarter and more alert, some people swear by it, tonight, how bay area hackers are breaking in to your brain. and the drive to grandma's house tomorrow is going to be just fine, the drive home will be a whole different ball game, the radar's going to light up like a christmas tree! find out when. ,,
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give back your vanity licen plate. because it says a vulgar ph in vietnamese. it has to do with people's moms. our reporter "kiet do".. who sp vietnamese.. spotted it and alerted the d-m-v. a viewer who saw kiet's sto last y: wait 'ti >> spotted it and alerted the dmv. a viewer who saw kit's story last night e-mailed to say wait till you see what i found, so they went out, it may make you blush. >> reporter: it was the word that caught susan's eye as she was driving around. large suv with a license plate
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that says priattism. it's an erection that lasts longer than four hours. spelled differently but meaning exactly what it says. >> i thought maybe it was another word, that was the only answer i got up as a result. so no pun intended. [ laughter ] no pun intended. >> reporter: she laughs now but susan wasn't amused. >> it was right in my face at a stop light, wasn't what i expected to see. >> reporter: she took a couple pictures in order to ask how this could get by. >> a little out of balance for me, and i have a good sense of humor. >> reporter: i tracked down the owner, turns out he meant every letter and that's because it was supposed to be a joke, you see. it was originally on his lamborghini and at the time, the owner wanted all to know four hours driving in this would get
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you one of these. in dnaville cate caugiuran, kpix news. google mapped the moon invented a driverless car but tonight, throwing its money and bane power at something simpler, the spoon, it helps people with parkinson's. it keeps their tremors from shaking the spoon too much and spilling food, it was created by lift lab, a start-up that google recently acquired. now imagine a gizmo you put on your head that can make you smarter and more focused. sounds too good to be true, right? doctors aren't convinced. i talked to some people who swear by it. >> reporter: after hours in a huge warehouse, a group of hackers are meeting. but they're not breaking in to computers, they're breaking in to brains. on the agenda, a skraing looking
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device. >> a voltage through my, certain parts of my brain. >> reporter: it's called transcranial direct stimulation or tcds. with a small current. >> electric current to activate the cells. >> reporter: and that they say will make your brain sharper and more focused. >> the effect is to improve learning and memorization and just overall brain function. >> just relax. >> reporter: several studies back it up, for example, air force pilots who used it did better on training tests. however the devices aren't approved by the fda. >> even so, all you have to do is click and you can buy one online or make it yourself with a nine volt battery. >> i've had this on for like, 20 minutes. >> reporter: it's creating quite a buzz. >> especially in the san francisco bay area where everyone's a hacker, you have people who don't have qualms about hooking electrical things
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to their head. >> reporter: before you scrounge around for parts. >> i sure wouldn't put anything i made for 25 bucks on my head and turn the switch. >> reporter: hank greeley, specializes in the ethical, social, ramifications zbl before you put a volt through your brain, i think it's important to try to make sure that it's safe and it's effective. >> reporter: that's also on the minds of these neuroscientists. >> we really think of this brain stimulation as being kind of like giving someone a drug. would you really want to let people cook their own drugs and take them in whatever quantity they want? >> reporter: at the uc davis center for mind and brain, emily cappenman and steve luks are studying tdcs. while it appears safe, to date, there are no regulatory guideline. >> basically, modulating your brain processing and if you're not sure what you're doing, you
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can essentially do some damage. >> reporter: back at the meet up, they're moving forward. >> you don't have to wait for fda approval, i don't think i've lived that long. >> one silicon valley start-up called thing hopes to have it available in a year. >> little nine volt battery, i'd need like a car battery. >> that i don't want to see! [ laughter ] >> that would help you out? >> yeah, i think it would work. [ laughter ] >> all right! oh, goodness. we have some rain moving, tell you what, we have much needed rainfall coming, the timing may not be your favorite but this is the perfect size storm, peek outside, take it from the oakland airport, looking toward downtown san francisco where it is clear outside, 42 degrees in napa, 40 degrees mountain view, clear skies it's a long night it will drop down and be quite chilly. if you're travelling tomorrow and heading over to the east, we
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have snow, rain, and wind for you. a nor'easter will impact you in boston and new york city and philadelphia and washington dc, big travel headache at the beginning of the holiday weekend, the travel headache at the end of it will be back here in the bay area, but nobody should complain because it's exactly what we need, the ridge is holding, big ridge of high pressure, get it sunny and dry will today and thursday, friday mainly dry but off to the west we have a building storm, a juicy storm tapping in to the tropics they'll take several days to get here, when it does, much needed beneficial rainfall snow level, tons of snow for the sierras so the ridge hangs out through friday, travel in tomorrow or in here, we're going to be fine, thanksgiving you want to go outside for an early dinner, shopping on friday, you'll be fine. saturday, rain. sunday, rain. monday, rain. likely the wettest series of weather that we have had so far this calendar year, up to three inches of rainfall over three days, that's perfect a lot of rain but not enough to cause
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widespread flooding. in the east bay two inches of rainfall up to two and a half inches in san francisco, san mateo, the south bay, an inch to inch and a half of much needed rainfall, clear tonight, tomorrow is another spare the air day, dry and mild, status quo through thanksgiving but that wet pattern takes shape this weekend and likely will be very wet. san jose, 73 degrees, eight degrees above average, los altos, nevada, sunshine if you're travelling up to mendocino, the weather holds through friday, saturday morning you wake up and where'd the sunshine go, you're not going to see if for three days, going to pour over the weekend, saturday sunday and monday, like i said this is not a storm that's so significant that we see widespread flooding but it is significant enough that we're going to put a sizable dent in the drought by next monday. >> not great for the commute
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back home. >> the drive home will be an absolute mess but you can say we need every drop of rainfall. >> absolutely, thanks, paul. well, do you know how many calories are in your favorite cocktail or brew? well, soon you'll have to face the sobering truth, every time you order a drink. ,,,,,,,,,,
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those calorie counts on our menus are about to tell us more... talk about a buzz kill. >> yeah, those calorie counts on menus are about to tell us even more. the fda announced today that chain restaurants will have to start posting calories not just for food, dennis, but for alcohol! yes the new rules take place immediately, several states already require calorie info for food but not booze. >> that's why go with miller 64. first pablo and now another popular giant is gone. yeah, richard's rant wasn't been the 49ers this time around, hear what he's complaining about next.
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other was former dodger hany former dodger hanley ramier but now that they're teammas it looks are now fr one of two signings by the red sox, the other you know was ramirez but now the teammates
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former rivals are buddies, sharing a meal in boston tonight, one of many, i'm sure, introduced in bean town after signing a five year $95 million deal, pablo was already making friends with the red sox panda, said he loves san francisco because he needed a new challenge. >> >> want the best, want a new challenge so put that choice to be here in boston, because i need a new challenge. >> and more news tonight, the giants lost third baseman as you know also a third base coach, tim flannery will step down after eight seasons with frisco, a musician says he wants to focus on music and his family. the warriors facing the heat minus wade, bosh nails the three to make it 15 point miami lead,
11:30 pm
curry takes over, up three in the very next possession, holds up for three, knocked it down, to make it 85-80 golden state miami did take it 95-93 but the respond with the 14-0 run, curry again, clear, 40 point game warriors win, now 11-2 richard sherman uses the week to bash crabtree, but using a cutout for the nfl. >> seems like we're in a league, players, you don't endorse alcohol, no duis, please. but yet, a a beer sponsor is their official sponsor, how do you feel about that? >> making me play two games in five days. >> oh my gosh, geez.
11:31 pm
they've been talking about player safety so much, and it's like, two games in five days, doesn't seem like you care about player safety. >> paging richard sherman, that is the commissioner roger goodell online one. >> next time you hear will be the cash register. >> he makes valid points, right? obviously there is a lot of criticism to the nfl. yeah, hypocrisy. we'll take a commercial break, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> david letterman is next, emily blunt. >> our next newscast 4:30, we'll see you bright and early. ( band playing "late show" theme ) from the world headquarters of cbs television, throughout the solar system and beyond, it's the late show with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now with his cornucopia of merriment, davi david letterman!


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