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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 27, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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thousands of homes and businesses all left without power. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, happy thanksgiving. i'm juliette goodrich in for michelle griego this morning. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:00. we have developing news in oakland. hundreds of people gathered at the port of oakland for a wild sideshow. police finally swarmed the scene. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us from the newsroom now with a story and some pretty incredible video too, ann. >> officers have arrested several people and they are reviewing social media and other video sources to find more evidence in this case. the pictures do not lie. we caught a lot of the action from chopper 5. you can see there are cars doing donuts in the middle of the street. this is at 7th and maritime near the port of oakland. sideshows are of course illegal but they have been very popular
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in oakland for several years now. sometimes it's one car performing as you can see there. sometimes two or three. and there was a crowd of about one to two hundred people watching. it's dangerous. those cars can easily veer out of control into the crowd. where were the police? first we saw a few patrol cars standing by. then more cars arrived blocking in everybody at the scene both spectators and those doing the sideshow and then some people tried to flee. it looks like they used a red van to smash through a cyclone fence near the railroad tracks and got caught on the fence. then you see some people there trying to help free it. we also spotted a car on fire at one point and not sure how that started. we know again that several people were arrested but police have not yet released the numbers. if you search youtube you will find a number of amateur videos of these types of events but this was an especially large gathering. frank? >> i guess so. the port of oakland is that kind of a popular place to do
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it? >> reporter: it is. they can be held anywhere. they are often held on city streets in east oakland. even the freeways tying up traffic creating danger for people who come to watch. live in the newsroom anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> oakland police had another busy night chasing vandals around the city. it was the third night of protests stemming from ferguson, missouri. watch as a group goes into a cvs breaking windows. the crowd targeted another dug store in oakland. this is at 14th and broadway. police in riot gear showed up as protestors tried to smash the windows there. and police made 35 arrests last night on top of the 140 from monday and tuesday. there's a crowdsource campaign to race bail money for those who are in jail. they have a website going to get donations. one person even tweeted, they would like to get them home for the holidays. meanwhile out in ferguson,
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missouri crowds of protestors braving the snow and carried signs and flags through the streets there. >> "hands up, don't shoot!" >> of course that created traffic problems but the protests were much less destructive than the previous two nights when the grand jury decided not to indict police officer darren wilson for michael brown's death. >> it should definitely be peaceful but at the same time the rioting and looting is also a necessary evil. >> it's brought awareness to our situation. >> the national guard helped the ferguson, missouri police department control the crowds. protestors say they will stay in ferguson until they get justice. >> for more on the situation go to 6:03. let's check in with liza battalones for the morning commute. >> good morning. if you are heading for the 880 commute, it has been a problematic morning for northbound 880.
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we have had two separate accidents. both of them blocking multiple lanes. the first one happened overnight northbound 880 at "a" street. a fatal accident. chp still on scene continuing their investigation. you have only one lane open there. and then in the backup north 880 at winton, a three-car accident blocking multiple lanes. just a tough ride for north 880. that would be the hot spot this morning with chp issuing a traffic alert for that commute. the rest of the drive looking fine. it is thanksgiving light over at the san mateo bridge. a lot of that traffic being metered off by the accidents on 880. and the bay bridge toll plaza wide open. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's brian. all righty, liza! we are starting out with mostly cloudy skies around the bay area but the forecast for thanksgiving day looks like high and dry. in fact unusually warm. look at that. temperatures going to range between the mid-60s and the mid- 70s with a few clouds starting out but we'll have a sunny finish. what's happening is that low pressure out there will advance to the shoreline. that will bring us rain by the weekend. but in the meantime today and
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tomorrow, mostly sunny. the rain begins tomorrow night in the north bay and will spread south over the rest of the bay area over the weekend. forecast highs for today santa rosa up to 66. fairfield 70. 72 at livermore. and 71 degrees in san jose. 68 for mountain view. we'll have the extended forecast including that rain in a few minutes but first, let's get the latest with frank and juliette. traditional kickoff to the holiday shopping season may be tomorrow but retailers are doing things differently this time around. getting an early start here. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live at san jose's almaden valley to explain how some of this year's deepest discounts can be found today on thanksgiving. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. itch covered a lot of black friday events. this is the first time i saw a campfire. this is how you do black friday in style. you stay warm. nevermind the hot chocolate and the sleeping bags. but yeah, these guys are doing it right out here at best by in
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almaden valley. you can see save money newcombe out here in person but the data seems to suggest that you can save money by staying home and shopping online but there is a catch. you have to shop online today on thanksgiving. analysts over at adobe systems have crunched the numbers for online shopping trends and found some interesting results. on thanksgiving, retailers will discount items by 24% on average. that's a bit better than black friday when shoppers will see a 23% discount on cyber monday that drops to about a 20% discount. >> the data indicates that thursday is going to be the lowest price day of the entire year on average. by the time i get to cyber monday, there are five times more out of stock situations. >> i will not be going to any stores for thei sale. i'll be shopping online. it's easier. >> reporter: there are some of deals you can only get in person on the big day. they are called doorbusters and that's because retailers still want you in the stores because
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there's a very good chance that once you're in the doors you will spend more money than you initially intended. back to you. >> wow. so what are some of the popular gifts? i mean, there must be something that they are all after to be there right now, right? >> reporter: online we're hearing for adults it's the roku streamer and. iphone 6. for kids it's anything related to the disney movie "frozen." live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> i hear that barbecue is popular, too. >> i bet so. >> it is today. >> yeah. happening today in san francisco, it's an annual tradition at glide memorial. >> let's take a live look at some pictures from the breakfast right now cooking up for all these volunteers that are coming -- they are graciously giving their time to feed so many people in the bay area. thanksgiving dinner will be served from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. hundreds of volunteers help glide feed thousands of people during the holidays every year. glide is in the tenderloin.
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let's take you live to thanksgiving festivities in new york, new york, a town so nice they named it twice. thank you, ken. [ laughter ] >> this is of course the macy's thanksgiving day parade. getting under way right now. 90 years to the day after the first one was held. and we have -- that's the big choo choo train. >> that's thomas the train. >> it's a new balloon. they have six new ones, thomas the tank engine actually and owners. i think they have over 40 balloons in the parade itself. and they are pretty cool. i'm sure the veteran balloons don't get old either. >> i like all the balloons, they're so awesome, but i like snoopy the best. >> well, we like snoopy, too. the thanksgiving day parade is right here on cbs and can be seen at 1:00 this afternoon. it's right after the bears/lions football game here on kpix 5. a lot of football
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today on thanksgiving. >> yeah. going to be a great day. time now 6:08. the journey to the turkey dinner is going on for some people. how the wicked weather back east continues to affect holiday travel. >> and a group of burglars in san francisco appear to be real pros. the smash-and-grab crime that was over in an instant. >> thanksgiving is looking nice in the bay area. temperatures today as warm as the 70s and then we really turn it around by the weekend. we'll have the forecast in a few minutes. liza? >> it's been a busy commute on 880 with two accidents still out there blocking lanes. this is in the northbound direction of 880 through hayward. i'll give you some alternates to the backup and give you a complete look at your thanksgiving drive when kpix 5 continues in a few minutes. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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female announcer: through thanksgiving weekend get three years interest-free financing and save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. mattress price wars ends sunday, at sleep train. forecast in just a few minu police are looking for two
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as that great meteorologist fred rogers once said what a beautiful day in the neighborhood for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. 37 degrees out there and a few clouds. about as chilly in santa rosa right now. we'll have our forecast coming up in a few minutes. you got it. >> okay. >> all right. well, a beautiful day out there. beautiful morning. happy thanksgiving, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 6:13 now. police are looking for two men suspected in the deadly shooting of a hiker at a park in alameda county. the victim was david ruenzel here of oakland. he was a freelance writer and former teacher in the area. he was found on a trail in huck am berry region -- huckleberry regional park. he was a regular hiker. robbery is a possible motive. police are trying to find two burglars who smashed a car into san francisco at a store yesterday morning in union square. police say after the car shattered a glass window, the passenger got out went into the
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store and loaded the car with very expensive handbags. we haven't gotten a dollar value of the stolen goods. have you made it to grandma's house? consider yourself lucky this morning. a monster storm that struck the northeast stranded millions of people. a lot of folks don't have power today, too. nearly 750 flights canceled yesterday and 4700 more were delayed. highways and roads were also closed throughout the northeast. snow is falling in the region and more delays are expected. so if you're airport-bound and heading east, be patient. on this thanksgiving morning we salute a school that truly knows the meaning of the holiday. taking care of those less fortunate with a turkey dinner complete with all the fixings. and much of it is thanks to the students at san jose's presentation high school and we think that is pretty cool. >> reporter: this cargo truck is about to be stuffed with turkeys. >> let's go! >> reporter: dozens of strong hands from the students at san
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jose's presentation high school. they all lined up and loaded up frozen bird after frozen bird for needy families. >> our goal is 1300. last year we brought in over 1100 turkeys. so fingers crossed i think we're at about 1,000 right now. >> reporter: the ladies at presentation high school tallied 1,151 turkeys. some students bringing in two or three. all from the goodness of their hearts with the only incentive a chance to shake up their wardrobe. >> the kids are not required to bring in anything. this is all because they love to give back to the community. there is an incentive of "free dress" of this they bring in their turkey. but this is really out of love. >> it's awesome. i want to be part of it and donate and make sure families have turkey on the dinner table. >> reporter: these 1,000-plus turkeys end up at sacred heart community service the santa clara don't where they are boxed up with bread, rice, fresh produce and lots of other goodies everything needed for
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the perfect holiday meal all prepared by over 1,000 volunteers to guarantee thousands of families one big happy thanksgiving feast. and they provide meals year round. >> every day we see upwards of 300 families coming to our doors in need of food and clothing and housing and work. there's just not enough. >> it's incredible. the girls collect over 1100 turkeys. sacred heart collects about 4,000. so over a quarter of the turkeys come from the girls at the presentation high school. >> you can tell they love doing that each year, right? >> they bring in a turkey, they get to have casual clothes instead of the uniform for one day. nice job, girls. what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. let's clerk -- let's check in with traffic and weather. >> motors roads are fine on this thank. we have had big-time problems for northbound 880 where we
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have had a pair of accidents still out there. slowing down traffic down to 33 miles per hour. the big accident north 880 at "a" street with one fatality. it happened overnight so chp still on scene doing their investigation. and only one lane open there. in the backup to the accident, where traffic is down to 33 miles per hour, have an accident northbound 880 at winton. that involving a few vehicles, as well. so it's going to be a busy commute for northbound 880. it's going to be slow for westbound 580 as you drive through the livermore area, not bad. no longer delayed actually just a very brief delay leaving the altamont pass. but by and large a nice compute on this thanksgiving. westbound 92 looking good approaching the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge has been fine. thanksgiving light there. and expect big delays near levi's stadium. we have special service on caltrain, vta, also special service on the ace train and all heading towards levi's
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stadium. so go 9ers. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to brian. we are starting out this morning, liza, with mostly cloudy skies. and temperatures on the chill side. we are looking at mid-40s for the most part. 45 in concord. in san francisco though 54 degrees and a chilly 39 in santa rosa. hey, it's a "spare the air" day for thanksgiving unhealthful levels of air quality down in santa clara valley. everybody else is moderate this morning. here's what we're expecting. this low pressure that's abeam cape mendocino is going to begin to push the jet stream over the bay area by friday night and saturday and sunday. so we get a double shot of rain this weekend. it looks rainy up to 3" more much of the bay even more in the mountains of the north bay and the santa cruz mountains, as well. could get up to 7" in the north bay mountains. and the same for the san lucias. it's going to be a rainmaker. very wet weekend for the bay area and more on the way next weekend. moderate flooding to the extent of urban and small stream
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flooding but that's going to have a big effect on travel especially on sunday as folks begin to return home from the thanksgiving break. so have a care out there. in the meantime today looks nice. a dry mild thanksgiving today. rain begins late friday. and then a wet weekend ahead. here's how it looks if you are heading out of the bay area today. things very nice with readings mostly in the 60s. some clouds by eureka. sort of fore runner of the clouds coming to the bay area this weekend. sunny and 74 fresno. extended forecast looking for a cloudy morning then sunny thanksgiving day. friday rains increase and rain spreads south on friday night. saturday and sunday again one to three inches of rain over the bay area. and then monday a little break and more coming in next week. so tell you what, by next week at this time, i will bet you that we will be near or above normal rainfall in the bay area. >> for the year and -- >> the rain year begins on july 1. and it's still early in the rain season so it's easy to
6:20 am
get back up to normal but we'll take it. >> thank you. and i'm dennis o'donnell. bacon might replace turkey on jim harbaugh's dinner table tonight. we'll tell you why. and the 49ers think it might not be hot right now but what about the warriors? tip-off coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everyone. couple of nights ago, the warriors win in miami. and head coach steve kerr was saying, it's the media's job as to start up the steph curry mvp candidate campaign. but i don't think he needs any help. phil watson said i won two green jackets.
6:24 am
why can't you win the mvp. andrew bogut saves it from going out of bounds to hurry to barnes for the dunk. warriors running. curry dropped 40 a couple nights ago against the heat didn't cool off last night. there's the fifth three of the game. he had 28 in just 24 minutes. 3rd quarter it's a golden state runaway. draymond green hits the three and they win 111-96. they are 12-2, winning 7 straight games. of the 46 million turkeys on dinner tables today, one of those will not be in jim harbaugh's dining room. >> they were, um, showing all the turkeys and everything, my son jack and katie and look at the turkeys, look at all the turkeys there! the next shot they loaded the turkeys on a truck. [ laughter ] >> and they were driving 'em, um, driving 'em away and they're like, where are they going! we kind of thought maybe we won't have turkey this year.
6:25 am
[ laughter ] >> warriors have a late-night game with the seattle seahawks. full day of nfl on your slate. have a great thanksgiving, everybody. lots of football today. okay, dennis. play of the day we are going to take you to the nba hardwood. we have dallas leading the knicks by 2 points. final seconds regulation, and j.r. smith going to nail that shot right there to tie the game up. but in the end, it was all mavericks. they win it in overtime 109-102 but an impressive shot inover time it is 6:25. as if oakland police didn't have enough to do, a huge sideshow broke out coming up, the ugly side of these pop-up events caught on camera from chopper 5. >> and if you think black friday sales are starting earlier and earlier every year, you are right. i'm kiet do with a live report on what's being called black friday creep. ,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. november ha busy all night. fast cars pulling dangerous stunts in front of a huge crowd in the east bay. we'll show you the bay area sideshow that had police busy all night. >> growing momentum behind a nationwide effort to get disney to change its ways and it's all because a bay area girl wanted to help her sister. >> dry in the bay area, numbers in the mid-70s but big changes coming this weekend. we'll have the forecast for you in a few minutes. >> and we are thankful for finally better news for northbound 880 in hayward where one accident is cleared and the big problem northbound 880 is almost gone. all lanes now open approaching "a" street. i'll have more traffic for new just a few minutes. >> okay, great. good morning to you.
6:30 am
it is thursday, november 27. i'm juette goodrich in for michelle griego. >> happy thanksgiving. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. developing news as protests continue in ferguson, missouri and elsewhere. crowds of protestors braved snow in ferguson, carried signs through the streets there. >> "hands up, don't shoot!" >> as you might imagine that created traffic problems but the protests were less destructive than the previous two nights after the grand jury decided not to indict officer darren wilson for michael brown's death. ferguson had only two arrests last night. meanwhile, in oakland, police arrested 35 people last night and chased vandals around the city. chopper 5 over oakland when one group went after a cvs store on 20th and webster. you can see the windows smashed. >> and we also saw protestors trying to smash windows at a rite aid in the heart of downtown oakland. this is 14th and broadway. police in riot gear showed up and put an end to that.
6:31 am
>> and then the crowd headed down the street to the "oakland tribune" building. protestors sprayed graffiti and broke windows. some of the protestors told us the vandalism is likely to continue. >> i'm not afraid. they already beat me up once. they did what they wanted. they can do it again. i'll still here fighting. we're going to fight for our justice because this is america, and i'm not going to let nobody run over me just because of their badge. >> martinez is the oakland high schooler seen in surveillance video being beaten by a school guard. oakland police stayed with the roving crowds last night but some protestors managed to get away from the police line to do more damage. well, of year, about this time, shopping -- every year, about this time, shopping enthusiasts strategize about how to get the best deals in stores or online. the hard core shoppers. kiet do is in almaden valley
6:32 am
with shoppers in line at best buy. >> reporter: hard core is a great way to describe it, they are in the home stretch now. they have about 10.5 hours before the store opens up here. you can see the blankets and campfire and people are just real comfortable and trying to stay warm out here. you don't have to necessarily come out here to get some of these good deals. retailers are trying to let some of these deals go out early. you can get some of these deals days ahead of time. it's changing the meaning of black friday. black friday creep. the phenomenon where thanksgiving itself is gobbled up in a blur of bargain hunting coming to an inbox near you. bestbest buy urged customers to get a jump on black friday starting last thursday. so miguel did just that. he got this black friday deal four days early buying a 70" sony tv. he saved $2,000 and a lot of
6:33 am
stress. >> that's one less item you have to be, like, worrying about less when you're going through the whole store tomorrow and trying to say, like, i want, like, this and that and it just kills your time. >> reporter: dale retail expert at santa clara university says it's a natural evolution in the holiday battle for the wallet. >> if someone kicks off the holiday shopping season earlier and the consumers move that direction, you as a competing retailer are going to get a smaller share of the wallet. >> reporter: at target the black friday sales for tvs are already on the floor. want a black friday ipad? no need to wait in line. when debbie found out the beats headphones on sale for half off were available now, it was a no- brainer >> like it. you don't have it go shopping.
6:34 am
>> reporter: retailers are still offering doorbusters. >> hopefully they can provide good customer service and good shopping experience. and you also buy other items. >> reporter: over here on the right-hand side we have our solar panels. if you think the days of waiting in line are over. miguel has been at the best buy on almaden expressway in south san jose for 12 days. he is likely the only black friday bargain hunter in the bay area to be sponsored by a major corporation. sony has given him a few hundred dollars worth of merchandise to display the banner. what do you say to folks who say that you're, um, everything that's wrong with this country? >> um, now what, um, growing up, you know what, hearing parents say hey, you know what you need to find your own thing, you need to follow your own path and you find something you love doing, you do it. >> reporter: and researchers have found that half the people come out here to save money. the other half come out here to spend time with friends and
6:35 am
family. so that's the saying, go for it, to each his own. >> why not? so with the economy on the upswing, how much more are shoppers expected to spend compared to last year? >> reporter: you know, so they are thinking it will be a two to four percent bump this year over last year. one important thing to consider is just because you expand the window of black friday deals, that does not necessarily mean that people spend more money. it just means you have to work harder to capture a lot of that market share before they spend money elsewhere. kiet do, kpix 5. >> i guess there's a science to it. you better start in july or you're going to be left out. >> start now. hopefully that fire is keeping him a little bit warmer. it's chilly out there. it is chilly. it's not going to stay that way all day. numbers will be up in the 70s today. here we are in the -- gee, approaching the fourth week of november. it's warm. but it's not going to stay that way. this weekend things will change. as we see by the dawn's early
6:36 am
light, concord's 44 degrees right now. oakland 47. livermore 46. santa rosa 39. readings into the 70s inland this afternoon. we'll be near 70 degrees at the bay. and right along the coastline mid-60s. plenty of sunshine later in the day high clouds to start out with, low pressure that's lingering out there will be slowly working its way toward the coast and spreading rain south so mostly sunny today. but look at the extended forecast. increasing clouds tomorrow. rain saturday. rain sunday. it will be a big story this weekend with all the folks on the roads. monday a bit of a break but looking even farther ahead there's more rain coming in maybe even tuesday, wednesday. a little iffy but this weekend looks like a good bet. liza? brian, we are looking at great news for the bay bridge toll plaza. we're thankful for the light traffic leaving oakland heading into san francisco this morning. it is thanksgiving light for most bay area roads this morning. if you plan on making the 880 drive right here through oakland that's looking okay.
6:37 am
880 through hayward has been problematic just south of the picture. there were two big accidents both of them cleared. with northbound 880 now moving well through the hayward area bound for oakland. the san mateo bridge has been trouble-free still looking good for that westbound drive across the bridge heading into foster city. and just keep in mind, it's free parking all day long at the bart stations. they are on a holiday schedule. be there will be extra service towards levi's stadium in santa clara for the 5:30 game. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to frank. 6:37. oakland police had two major crowds to deal with last night besides the protestors upset about the missouri grand jury decision. there was a big sideshow at the port of oakland. you see below there dozens of police cars rushing to the scene and kpix 5's anne makovec joins us in the newsroom with more details and pretty incredible video too. >> reporter: these sideshows
6:38 am
are very risky not only could there be car accidents spectators are often hit and last night there were reports of shots being fired we caught a lot of the action from chopper 5 as you can see there a car doing donuts in the middle of the street. this is at 7th and maritime near the port of oakland. now, sideshows are illegal but they have been popular in oakland for many years. sometimes it's one car performing sometimes it's two or three. and there was a crowd of hundreds of people watching this and taking their chances by doing so. those cars can easily veer out of control into the crowd. where were the police? first we saw a few patrol cars watching. then growing in number and eventually blocking in everybody at the scene spectators and those doing the sideshow. some people tried to get away. looks like they tried to use the red van to smash through a fence near the railroad tracks. that van got caught in the fence and some tried to help free it. we also spotted that car on
6:39 am
fire at one point. not sure how that started. we do know that several people were arrested but police have not yet released those numbers. the highway patrol did tweet this photo as they were processing some of the folks coming out of the sideshow. they also sent out this one. they say they are going to have more information later today on how many people were arrested and what charges they may be facing this morning. they are also going to be reviewing video from various sources including social media to develop leads and make arrests. frank? >> a lot of people there, too. how do these things get organized? >> reporter: they start as flash mobs. organized very quickly usually by a social media with large numbers of vehicles various locations and groups that are constantly on the move until of course they get blocked in by police. live in the newsroom anne makevoc, kpix 5. happening today thanksgiving events of course all over the bay area. >> one of the biggest extravaganzas is the tenth annual silicon valley turkey trot. just about to start. 30,000 people are expected to
6:40 am
take part in the morning 10k run and 5-k run and walk. the start and finish lines are both in downtown san jose not far from the s.a.p. center. and silicon valley leadership group hopes the event will raise a million dollars for local charities. now, live pictures from walnut creek where that city's 22nd turkey trot begins later this morning. this is the starting line where they will take off in a little bit and money raised from the event goes to the contra costa county food bank. and also the local schools. rapper mc hammer will kick things off this morning. the turkey trot starts on broadway and civic park and ends next to the ice skating rink. way to start your day. >> a little trotting around. don't touch this. >> that's what the turkey says. 6:40. a bay area family could change the way disney does business. the growing momentum behind a push to get the company to think differently. >> a 4-year-old boy is in the
6:41 am
hospital after falling off a cliff earlier in the month. only on kpix 5, this morning his family will share stories and video about his remarkable recovery. coming your way. ,,
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good morning and happy thanksgiving. we have mostly sunny skies to start out with. 65 in the city. 69 palo alto. 69 mountain view today. milpitas 70. east bay sunny and numbers topping out in the low to mid- 70s. 70 at fairfield. 72 for livermore. a little cooler in the north bay but still plenty of sunshine and looking nice. mid-60s will do it. 67 at petaluma. and 67 at san rafael. far north bay we'll be looking for things to get all the way
6:45 am
up into the mid-60s at ukiah and clearlake. more on the forecast and you're going to want to hear what's going to happen this weekend. first here's frank and juliette with the latest. time for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." anthony mason with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. happy thanksgiving to you. ahead, treacherous road conditions and hundreds of cancelled flights giving millions of americans a thanksgiving headache this morning. we're in new england where thousands of families woke up in the dark. and we're along the route of the thanksgiving day parade here in new york where police are watching out for people threatening to disrupt the holiday tradition. plus, how this has become one of the busiest workout days of the year. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you all at 7:00. >> you got to leave a little room for all that food, i guess, right? the. >> right. >> have a great show, anthony. "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. >> see you then. we are getting a better idea of what was going on in
6:46 am
the minutes before a man fell from a san francisco high-rise last friday and survived an 11- story drop. a viewer now sharing these photos of the window watching crew just before the accident happened. the pictures show the crew getting ready for a job at the bank building on the corner of montgomery and california. and now at one point you can see the scaffolding there several stories up on the side of the building. the pictures don't show or explain exactly what happened. but they do give you a better idea of the work that was involved that day and where he was. the window washer on the roof just before he fell by a stroke of luck came crashing down on that car right there. the car broke his fall. it was moving at the time. passersby kept the man still and called for help. on monday the family said the man has had several surgeries and is still in critical condition. this accident is under investigation. bay area family is leading a nationwide effort to get disney to create a character
6:47 am
with down syndrome. they hand-delivered 77,000 petition signatures to disney yesterday. the parents of delaney ott-dahl started the online petition to ask disney to create characters with disabilities. that was after delaney and her big sister were watching "frozen" together. >> delaney could never be a princess because there is no princess with down syndrome. >> we put the petition up and we had 1,000 signatures in an hour. so then we knew we had something. >> the family had received a statement from disney that said, quote, the disney brand has always been inclusive with stories that reflect acceptance and tolerance an celebrate the differences that make our characters uniquely wonderful in their own way. we are going live to the thanksgiving day festivities in new york city. this of course is the macy's thanksgiving day parade under way 90 years after the first one. that is a power ranger. still going strong. a lot of folks -- i think
6:48 am
there's over 40 balloons and five or six new ones and always very popular as they work their way through the streets of manhattan on a chilly day but no snow. >> i wonder if there is going to be a "frozen" theme. >> that might happen. >> we'll check it out. we'll have to see. liza battalones has the traffic report. >> can you imagine there being a kid at the thanksgiving day parade and seeing those massive balloons? good morning. we are going to talk about the morning commute this morning. thanksgiving light across the board. earlier accidents have been cleared and we are now looking at light traffic for oakland into san francisco. in the city traffic at the speed limit on 80, 280 and 101. 880 the nimitz, we have massive problems earlier this morning in hayward. both of those accidents are cleared. northbound traffic looks good. 880 rolling well in both directions right here through the oakland area. and over at the san mateo bridge, traffic has been fine all morning long still no delays leaving hayward bound
6:49 am
for foster city. the altamont pass has been trouble-free so far this morning. we had an accident which blocked lanes for a few minutes in livermore but that cleared up and you can see all the green there for the westbound commute leaving the altamont pass for the tri-valley area. for the bart system remember free parking at bart no service on the ferries. there's extra service today though for caltrain approaching levi's stadium for game time today at 5:30. that's "kcbs traffic." now to brian. all righty, liza. we are starting out with some clouds out there but more sunshine as the day goes on. and temperatures will be in the low 70s in some of the warmest spots so nice thanksgiving day under way for the bay area. there's the numbers. 44 degrees concord. 47 livermore. 45 -- 45 livermore. 54 in san francisco. and here's how it looks. it's a "spare the air" day for thanksgiving with santa clara valley unhealthful level of air pollution down there. so no wood-burning. low pressure that's abeam the
6:50 am
pacific northwest will slowly make its way toward the shoreline and by friday night, begin to spread rain over the north bay but today looks good. great travel day for everybody in the bay area. if you are heading far north you will get more clouds. mostly sunny for us. heading out of the bay area, 60s will do it in sacramento. 74 in fresno. 41 for yosemite. 55 at lake tahoe. and along the shoreline will be in the low 60s. back in the bay area today looks nice. 65 degrees in san francisco. 68 for redwood city. in oakland 69 today. 67 in san rafael and 72 degrees at livermore. extended forecast looks sunny today and sunny tomorrow but don't be lulled into a false sense of security. increasing clouds lead to rain in the bay area and sunday. one to three inches of rain saturday and sunday. by the time we get more rain early next week, let me push a button and you will see the rest of it, wednesday we get more rain coming into the bay area. we get up to 7" of rain in the
6:51 am
mountains. >> it's higher elevation snow in the sierra. it's coming out of the pacific. >> resorts are happy. >> thank you. we can see the progress of a 4-year-old boy after falling 200 feet down a cliff. only on 5 ryan takeo has a special look at how the little boy from santa rosa is doing. >> reporter: walking into his hospital room, you can tell 4- year-old sebastien johnson's right eye is still a little swollen but his mom says he is looking better every day. the family is thankful they can share simple moments. >> he could have died. and he didn't thank god. >> reporter: sebastien tumbled 230 feet down a jagged cliff near bodega bay about two weeks ago slipping while throwing rocks into the ocean. >> the toughest part is seeing him struggle in pain and not being able to help him, just standing by his side and seeing
6:52 am
him hurt so much. it causes me hurt. >> reporter: that hurt is slowly fading as he heals. she says every day brings a milestone at the children's hospital. he raised his leg on command. as the recovery continues, the family is now dealing with their next shock. they just got a $17,000 ambulance bill. they are trying to raise money for sebastien's recovery through this "go fund me" account. >> with help from everybody, we are doing it. >> reporter: jamie knows this is only the beginning of a long tough road. but despite the pain and struggle, she now has a reason to appreciate this thanksgiving like never before. >> very thankful for the hospital, for the rescuers, for sebastien's life. >> reporter: in oakland, ryan takeo kpix 5. >> he will be in the hospital for another month. his mother thinks his son is strong because he thinks he is a superhero. >> he is getting better. good for him. 6:52.
6:53 am
more mayhem on the streets of oakland overnight. the latest on the damage and a new round of arrests coming up. >> reporter: more and more stores are opening on this thanksgiving day. i'm kiet do with a live report. i'll have a full rundown of with to go to avoid family and turkey. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
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five things to know at the :55. things are largely peaceful in the streets of ferguson, missouri. smaller groups of protestors gathered into the night yesterday. but they were easily outnumbered by police and the national guard on hand. relative calm follows two nights of destructive violence there. >> it was a very different scene in oakland overnight. 35 people were arrested as protests got out of hand for a third night. protestors sprayed graffiti and broke store windows once again.
6:57 am
oakland police have arrested more than 150 demonstrators since monday. >> and at the same time, officers were dealing with a sideshow at the port of oakland. take a look. chopper 5 spotted cars doing donuts while hundreds of people watched. chp shut it down. a monster storm struck the northeast stranding millions of people looking to get out of town for thanksgiving. nearly 750 flights were canceled yesterday and 4700 more delayed. highways and roads were also closed throughout the northeast and more delays are expected. one of the biggest thanksgiving events here in the bay area the turkey trot in silicon valley. 30,000 people expected to run today. the start and finish lines are both in downtown san jose. it's right near the s.a.p. center. the event hopefully will raise a million dollars for charities. and i'm kiet do live in san jose. you know, if you are not doing the whole turkey thing at home this year, if you want to get away from the family, maybe you want to spend more time with
6:58 am
the family, there are plenty of options on this thanksgiving day. check it out here. the folks at the best buy in south san jose camping out here with their tents and the campfire. you know, they have a long day ahead of them. best buy is not open for at least another 10 hours. now, our crack research team at kpix 5 have been working to compile a list of store openings on thanksgiving day. 6 a.m., kmart. 7 a.m. big lots. 8 am radio shaq. 4 p.m. michael's. 5 p.m. fry's. best buy toys 'r us, j.c. penney and, of course, 6:00 is the big bulk of them, target, walmart, kohl's, macy and sports authority. a lot of these stores will stay open for a couple of hours and then re-open on black friday. some retailers are taking a stand and not opening at all to respect the families of their employees and that's costco and nordstrom. so good luck to you all. happy thanksgiving. we are live in san jose, kiet
6:59 am
do, kpix 5. all right. we're thankful for light traffic throughout the bay area. the earlier problems we had in hayward have cleared out all lanes are open approaching "a" street in hayward and you can see right here, in oakland, northbound traffic and southbound traffic looking okay. we haven't had any major problems for the bay area bridges. the san mateo bridge looking good if you need to take that drive to make it to grandma's house. you're in good shape. southbound 880 moving well leaving fremont bound for milpitas. brian? >> all right, we are looking at a beautiful thanksgiving day under way with temperatures ranging from the mid-60s along the coast to the warmest spots in the mid-70s inland. and the extended forecast after a couple of more sunny days enjoy it while you can because we have something even more enjoyable at least even more necessary, coming in this weekend, we have heavy rain coming into the bay area on saturday and sunday, get to a break on monday, more coming in midweek. >> nice and moist. moist turkeys. all right. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update coming up at 7:26. >> "cbs this morning" is next. we leave you with some sights
7:00 am
and sounds from the macy's thanksgiving day parade. happy thanksgiving! captions by: caption colorado


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