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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 29, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> keep those umbrellas handy and drove slow down on the roads. i'm ann notarangelo. >> i'm brian hackney. the second of a one-two punch is blossoming off the coast at this moment. high-def doppler shows a large band of heavy rain moving onto the coast. zooming in, you can see cells of heavy rain embedded in a moist flow come out of the southwest. all of this steering toward the bay area. heavy rain in the bay area. it will take a while to reach the east bay. even bigger storm is due within days. we will have details on what happens tonight and tomorrow when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. >> well, snow and rain is making for treacherous travel conditions in the sierra. just thousands of people prepare to hit the road after
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the long weekend. we shock with some of the travelers. >> reporter: the winter weather is officially here. snow was coming down hard at the boreal ski resort. >> a lot of snow. a lot of snow. it's nice. we need it. i'm happy. >> reporter: many hit the slopes, some hitting the ground in the process geting in as many runs as possible while they can. >> i had two front flips. it was crazy. >> reporter: at low elevations, rain fell off and on. some people cut their holiday weekend early in anticipation of more wetwet. >> wet weather. they are headed back to the bay area not dealing with messy crowded roads sunday, they took
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their chance saturday night. >> pretty much just started to lighten up on the way down this side of the hill. >> reporter: in response to what could come, caltrans' salt truck loaded up. >> we are gearing up for what might come. not sure what will happen, but we need to be prepared just in case. >> reporter: you can track the snow on the go with our cbs bay area weather app. it is available for iphone or android at darren wilson is no longer with the ferguson police tonight. he resigned. protesters flocked to the police station as soon as they heard the news. the demonstrations are far from over. some of the protesters are marching 120 miles to missouri's state capital as we speak. christian hartnett is in the news room with more.
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>> reporter: what has felt like an unending controversy has come to this. darren wilson no longer has his job, but protesters feel no better about him not having to face a jury. wilson's attorney says his resignation is effective immediately. this comes less than a week after a grand jury decided not to indict him for killing 18- year-old michael brown. >> i have a clean conscience. i know i did my job right. >> reporter: it was just days after he went on abc news to defend his decision to shoot brown. >> i said get back or i will shoot you. he immediately grabbed the top of my gun. he said you are too much of a [bleep] to shoot me. he is trying to shoot me with my own gun. that is when i pulled the trigger for the fist time. >> reporter: the grand jury's decision touched off protests in ferguson and around the country including the bay area. demonstrations in oakland and san francisco quickly went from
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peaceful to violent with over 200 arrests between the two cities. many protesters say the resignation brings them no peace. >> you took somebody's life, they took your job. you can go find another job. you can't get that life back. >> we need to continue this movement. black lives matter. >> reporter: wilson said in his resignation letter he had no choice but to resign. my continued employment might put the residents and police officers of the city of ferguson at risk which is a circumstance i cannot allow. and in a letter, wilson added he hopes his resignation will allow the community to heal. he also thanked his supporters and his fellow ferguson police officers. live in the news room, christian hartnett, kpix5. this picture from a ferguson protest in portland is going viral tonight. the officer noted this 12-year- old boy was crying over the grand jury's decision not to indict. the boy was holding a sign that said free hugs. the officer decided to ask him
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for one and the boy obliged. many businesses in san francisco's downtown shopping district have their windows boarded up to night after the latest round of protests. things got out of hand last night when a group tried to make a scene at the tree lighting at union square. the group headed toward the mission smashing windows along the way. they eventually clashed with police officers injuring six of them. san francisco's police chief had this to say today. >> this is somehow license to steal, damage property, and throw rocks and bottles at police officers, scare children. i mean, it is just shameful. >> all 78 people were arrested. this week's protests have taken their toll on oakland businesses as well. in more ways than one. our mark kelley found out not all the damage is physical. >> reporter: one look, and this
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store on telegraph looks spared. but walk inside and the clientele in anthony rego's paint store has dried up. >> yesterday, i had the slowest day i have had in ten years. >> reporter: on this small business saturday, timing couldn't be worse. it is the day to honor these mom and pop storing spending money here. instead, aisles are empty. sales plumed by 60% and anthony has a hunch why that is. >> they are all afred to come out here. >> reporter: images of looting have some shoppers reluctant to spend in this district. that perception worries joey bright. >> i had two people say to me, i don't know about coming down. i said there is not going to be anything going on. well i don't know. it starts building a perception that everywhere in oakland is bad. >> reporter: in picking which stores to target, looters have been somewhat selective hitting
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the corporate store and sparing the mom and pop. the kelly moore paint store had nearly every window broken. paint stolen and spilled onto the street. just across the road, the mom and pop paint store, not a window broken. >> they have done the damage here, we really would have had a rough time. >> reporter: whether the damage to a business is visible or not, the stigma has already taken its toll. looters marching up and down telegraph isn't good for any business whether corporate or your local corner store. >> this really hurts businesses. and that's not what the message is. >> reporter: in oakland, mark kelley, kpix5. more people are avoiding the long lines and crowds on black friday by avoiding family time on thanksgiving day. americans spent more than $3 billion at stores on thanksgiving days. 24% jump from last year. they spent three times that
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much yesterday, but the $9 billion black friday total is actually down 7% from last year. the figures, by the way, don't include online purchases. we know tonight who won't be running for san francisco mayor. mark leno has been rumored as a possible opponent to ed lee. a poll showed he to head, he could beat him. but he told the chronicle now is not the time. one of his big challenges would be funding. he is expected to raise and spend millions in his reelection effort. when they were built, they were the deepest piers on earth. now the piers holding up the old eastern span of the bay bridge may be there for good. leaving the deep piers in place could save more than $12 million in demolition costs and the project was already well overbudget. they might support a new part near the oakland side and others near treasure island could support a memorial to the
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old span. tonight, there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the killers of david runzuel who was shot to death while hiking in the huckleberry regional prereceiver. he used that trail system regularly and it is rare for any sort of crime to happen there. they think robbery may have been the motive. they released these sketches of two men spotted in the area shortly before the killing. call the east bay police if you recognize them. a real life tale of horror. a gunman in a werewolf walking into a check cashing business. he didn't say a word and shot 58-year-old man who was renovating the billing and then ran off. tonight, he is still on the loose. the victim wasn't badly hurt. he was treated at a hospital and released. a tearful reunion between
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mother and son. four years after he vanished, a missing teen is found alive hidden in the wall of a house. tonight, the secret message that saved him. >> plus, it is the new frontier in cyber crime. the simple way stalkers can find their way into your phone and use it to follow your every move. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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andria borba shows us: the digital world is making it easier than ever-- for
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to gain contro >> tonight, it is the new reality of cyber stalking. andria borba shows us the digital world is making it easier for abusers to gain control of their victimming from anywhere on earth. >> this girl came over. said her nose is broken. she said there is an ex- boyfriend attacking her. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of the dangerous new frontier of domestic violence. >> gps devices can be installed. we have seen them in a child's stuffed animal. >> reporter: abusers can install global positioning systems to track their victim's positions. others use data bases and they can do it long distance. >> the suspect was outside of the united states of america and he was stalking his victim from outside of the united states of america for years using e-mails and social media. it was very distressing for the victim. >> reporter: for prosecutors, the evidence of damage is not as easy to gather or stop as
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bruises or broken bones. facebook, twitter, or your phone are the latest weapons for monitoring a victim's every move. >> they don't understand what it is capable of. >> reporter: it is spy ware masquerading as data. >> she knows what she has been, who she has talked to. can recall detailed conversations of people on the phone. >> reporter: making removing women from dangerous situations harder than ever. >> it is a really critical element when we are safety planning with victims and survivors. helping them think through how their information is out there. how they can protect themselves. if their computer use is being monitored, where they can use a safe computer or all of these pieces that sort of tie back to is someone able to find out where they are.
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>> reporter: that is where the tour network in cambridge university comes in. it stands for the onion router. used to find the silk road and the dark internet. >> this is not magic. your phone is infected. that is how they know where you are. your text messages, your phone calls. they can read your e-mails. >> reporter: andrew lumim is partnering with shelters to remove the spy ware and keeping the evidence for prosecution. >> to bolster the court cases with data. >> reporter: and freeing one victim at a time from domestic violence. andria borba, kpix5. >> it is estimated one in 12 american women will be cyber stalked in their lifetime. new information tonight about the rescue of a missing boy found hidden behind the false wall in a house near atlanta.
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the 13-year-old was reunited with his mother today for the first time since he disappeared four years ago. last night, police found the boy hidden in a compartment of a closet in his biological father's home. >> we found him, we saw him. to say it was a great feeling was an understatement. >> what did he say to you? >> he just couldn't thank us enough. he said thank you, thank you, thank you. just overjoyed that we had found him. >> officers say the boy sent a text message to his mother in florida after he downloaded a phone app. he never went to school. his father and three other residents of the home are under arrest. bill cosby is offering refunds to some people who have tickets to his upcoming show and don't want to go. he let ticket ticketholders
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know they could get their money back if they wanted. a salvation army in north dakota has an out of this world costume. the bell ringer is dressed as an astronaut. he made it himself and designed it to keep warm during the frigid months leading up to christmas. it draws plenty of attention too. there is a lot happening in the weather department. we have heavy rain moveing in. there is not much in the south bay or the southeast bay. places are getting punched and getting punched pretty hard. it is happening because of the low pressure happening like a huge wheel house gathering moisture off the pacific. and that is opening the jet stream upright over the state and it is along the track the systems are moving of the it is a wet pattern in place now. and the subtropical moisture is being tapped all the way to the
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hawaiian islands. let's get look at the high-def doppler. you can see you have plenty of rain moving over the central bay area, up in the north bay. a good cell off of san francisco right now. basically, the time lapse shows that it is moving like this. if you are south of, you know, sfo, there will not be quite so much to the south and it is not making its way too much into the east bay. right where it is coming down, it is coming down but good and it will the next little while. a little closer, you can see the spread across the bay over to richmond and all the way out through parts of san rafael. and up through sonoma as well. and that will be some pretty good rain tonight. before, it all ships north. we haven't had that much in the last 24 hours. just about a third of an inch at mountain view. better amounts at ben lomen. just 800s of an inch in san francisco. gnaw doesn't include what has
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happened since 11:00 tonight. it has come down good in the city. two-thirds of an inch in napa. santa rosa added to the totals as well. we could pick up from one to three inches by tomorrow night up in the north bay. right now, with slick streets on the golden gate bridge for a background, concord has 57 degrees in san jose. in santa rosa, 57 degrees. future cast shows the rain lifting north out of the north bay, but, as we get toward sunrise tomorrow, you can see another band of showers getting ready to head to the peninsula region. we will roll this on tomorrow, you can see widely scattered showers bubbling like popcorn over the bay area. by 1 clock tomorrow afternoon, overcast skies, you can see variable showers. it is just a widely scattered pattern of rain and some of it will come down really good. over places won't get that much. by tomorrow night, it breaks up a little bit. actually there is a high pressure bubble that pops up over the bay monday. it will not clear us out, but it will back off the rain a
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little bit for monday. so the biggest break comes late sunday, continuing into monday. then we get a bigger system coming in late monday night and tuesday. future cast toasts just from this first series of storms shows up to two inches in the south bay. santa cruz mountains half a foot of rain. in the north bay, as much as five inches. winter weather alerts are in effect for the sierra 6,000 feet. new snow likely to accumulate, two to seven inches. lit be windy at the passes as we head to the monday tuesday time frame. the problem is the elevation for the snow is fairly high. so periods of rain tomorrow. showers early monday. a stronger system coming in tuesday and wednesday. travel weather if you are headed out of the bay area, you are not going to catch a break. it will rain from redding to fresno. snow in yosemite. in the bay area, lows will be on the mild side. forecast highs for tomorrow, low to mid 60s for everybody. it is the rain we are thinking about and we are going to get
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it tonight and tomorrow for the bay area. scattered showers come down pretty good time to time. monday it backs off a little bit. tuesday, another shot of rain. good, more powerful than this system. wednesday, we ease it up and the latter half of the week looks like it is clearing up. stay tuned on that. that's the weather as for the sports and all the rest? ann is standing by. >> there is a lot of tv tomorrow. >> yeah. you may spend tomorrow at the lumberyard building an ark. holy smoke. stick around, i have a couple of segments filled with four in-state football rivalries and a cal bears game of high importance. ,,,,,,
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. college football program... ..the minimum to become bowl shot >> a sixth win is a game changer for a college football program. the minimum to become bowl eligible. cal had a shot against usc. stanford. let's go to berkeley. jarred golf. here we go. second quarter, good touch on this pass. we tied the school record. look at this catch. trevor davis. 23-yard play. tied again at 35-35. under three minutes left. christian stewart. he tossed five touchdowns.
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this got wide open. they are back in front, 42-35. a moment of truth time. calvin inside the 15. 14 seconds left. and his pass is incomplete. byu wins 42-35 and cal season is over as they finish at 5-7. how about san jose state looking to finish their season on a high note against san diego state. the problem is san diego state did not comply. a blast here, third of the game. made it 21-0. he had a 25- yarder making it 28-0. san diego state won the game 38-7. spartans finish the year at 3- 7. and look at alabama coach nick saban. ripping into nick kapin. that is his offensive coordinator. they were down to auburn at the time. five yard touchdown, tigers led 33-21.
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here came the crimson tide. blake simms up top. amare cooper could be a raider next year. 75-yard play. 36-34. early fourth quarter, anybody, oh, takes off and runs anyway! wins the race to the corner. alabama wins the iron bowl, 55- 44. they are number one in the nation and they are 11-1. how about the egg bowl? it is to the winner of the state champion in mississippi. mississippi state and ole miss. third quarter, rebels leading by a touchdown. left, right, move. game, took it away. he goes. 91 yards for a touchdown. they put old miss up on fourth ranked mississippi state 24-10. they pull off the upset 31-17 and they walk away with a big prize, the egg bowl. how about oregon star marcus mariato?
11:26 pm
the ducks facing them in the silver war. here are the ducks. mariota takes off. he had six total touchdowns in the game and the ducks win it 47-19. second ranked oregon now 11-1 for the year. sharks have been floundering. four-game losing streak in the night. they had to play one of the league's best. and why are we showing you george mason basketball? you won't believe the finish. ,,,,,,,,,,
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control. four straight loss coming into tonight's game versus top teams in >> the sharks season starting to spiral out of control and it is not even christmas. four straight losses coming into tonight's game against anaheim. one of the top teams in the league. fellows! fellows! yeah, it was intense. first period, here is logan couture scoring second goal of the game. he was in the hospital this morning with an illness. comes back and scores two goals! sharks up 2-1. then up 5-1. but it is 5-4 now, and matt comes out of it with an empty nether. san jose hangs on. 2-0 against anaheim this year. college basketball, yeah, randy bennett in saint mary's taking on cal poly. look at brad waldo working inside. he scored 22 and the gayles won it 82-56. you got to see this finish.
11:30 pm
manhattan. up the line. here is george mason's jalen jenkins for the rebound and the win! he launched it 75 feet! they had to stop and review it and he was good! george mason wins the game 64- 63 in an absolute thriller. >> that was incredible. >> thanks vern. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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thirty. news and weather updates are -com. >> thanks for watching, our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 7:30. >> news and weather updates on thanks for watching as we look at the center, take an umbrella. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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i don't know what he did, charlie. the teacher just called and told me to come get him. well, i want it on the record that if the kid was running a blackjack game under the bleachers, he didn't necessarily get the idea from me. what? i said, "he didn't." well, i can assure you that he did not learn that kind of crass behavior from me. you know, maybe i should wait in the hall. hold on. what is he doing here? well, uh, my car's in the shop and charlie was nice enough to give me a ride. no, charlie was nice enough to call you a cab, but you wouldn't take it. so what's going on? your son gave his teacher the bird. okay, i want it on the record that he didn't necessarily-- charlie, just leave it alone. wh-what exactly happened? well, i was writing on the board, and he thought i couldn't see him. is this true? yeah, i really thought she couldn't see me. i'm afraid this kind of behavior is grounds for suspension. maybe we can catch a matinee.


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