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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 3, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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kicking off their early commute. >> and some rare thunderstorms hitting the bay area overnight. there were hundreds of lightning strikes too and more likely later today. >> good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, december 3. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 4:30. it is a crazy, crazy morning, folks. rain is coming down like no tomorrow. >> and we have been picking up lightning bolts this morning, as well. the first batch started around 3 a.m. and we see lightning off the coast. and right about there, you see them. also right around the mill valley area. santa cruz mountains have been waking up to thunder and lightning. today the difference between yesterday is it won't be raining everywhere all at once like you see right now. san francisco has a little break. but when it does rain, it is heavy. the winds are playing a factor this morning as well southeast up to 20 to 25 miles per hour. temperatures today in the 60s and we will continue to see more rain in the forecast
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throughout the day today into tomorrow. more coming up. boy, what a drive in. >> i can't remember a scare ye commute coming in at this time of the morning. we do have a number of problems already on the road. i'll tell you about two of the biggest right now. southbound 101 closed approaching lakeville highway so you need to get off there, transfer to highway 37 and then you can get back on to 101 from there in petaluma. then we are getting word of a landslide coming into san francisco. two lanes are blocked on northbound 101 at vermont street, a car on a tree. we're expecting many problems. >> if you come in from orinda through the tunnel into berkeley it's crazy. >> on the bay bridge just a short time ago it was blinding rain. >> high wind advisory, as well. >> let's check the storms around the bay area. in san rafael a 40-foot oak tree fell in front of the front door of a home.
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a family couldn't get out of the home and crews eventually removed the tree. in the haight in san francisco, a tree crashed down on a toyota corolla smashing the back window. and in north san jose, this suv spun out on a very slick highway 87 guadalupe freeway. a police car pushed it to the shoulder to get traffic moving again near mineta international airport. at the san francisco airport, airlines canceled 146 flights yesterday. many of the flights that did take off and land were delayed for hours, especially those commuter jet flights. rain pointing away at southern california too but not everyone is welcoming it. this is camarillo in ventura county yesterday. a mud slide went into people's homes. the area was made vulnerable by a wildfire last summer. snow in the sierra and lots of it. north shore could have gotten five inches overnight and almost 16" of snow fell in some
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spots yesterday. heavenly, northstar, mammoth all open for skiing right now and other resorts will open soon. water experts are concerned the recent storms will make many californians forget we are still in a major drought. as tony lopez reports, folks in many parts of the state were already easing up on water conservation. reporter: chances are it's the last thing on your mind on a day like this but state water officials say this is not enough to end our drought and not enough people are conserving water. calling it conservation fatigue, the state water resources board says california residents aren't exactly soaking in the spotlight when it comes to saving precious water. for the second straight month fewer people in the state are making an effort to conserve. year to year, october numbers showed just a 7% reduction in water use compared to a 12% reduction in august. water officials remind us reservoirs are still at historic lows and the snowpack is nowhere near what the state needs. but there are some areas of the
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state outperforming others when it comes to conserving water. so who is going above and beyond? redwood city in the bay area saw a 38% drop in water use year to year. the city of davis a 23% drop. sacramento comes in with a 20% decline. the next move for the state water board is to go where people are conserving least, southern california. it will hold a board meeting later this month to talk about strategy as we possibly could be headed for another year of drought. another look at weather and boy, mother nature is just catching up, i guess, huh? >> but we're still in a drought as tony was saying. >> it's coming down. it's coming down in sheets. the difference between yesterday and this morning is the high winds affecting the bay area blowing that rain sideways. let's get to our hi-def doppler
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radar. and you'll notice the difference when looking at the radar, as well. yesterday everybody had rain at the same time. today, it's more hit and miss spotty showers but when you get hit, you get nailed with pockets of moderate to heavy rain as we are now seeing in throughout mill valley. we see shades of orange as the possibility of a thunderstorm develops. very hazardous travel in the area along 101, north or south. and then east of the bay orinda heavy downpours. this is occurring all on highway 24. bay bridge from san francisco, currently a break. the roads in the city of san francisco the streets of san francisco totally inundated at this hour with ponding. we are in the 50s, mild because of the subtropical moisture. today very windy, periods of heavy rain, temperatures in the 60s. still, that good threat of a
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thunderstorm throughout the day at any point of the day. we'll still see lingering showers throughout the evening forecast but they will taper off. thursday morning a shower. a chance of a brand-new storm system on friday, drying out over the weekend before yet another chance of rain on monday. elizabeth, i think all of us early birds had the worst commute of our lives this morning. >> i know. i was asking that. this can't be. we are just going to see accident after accident. it was so bad coming into oakland and the bay bridge. watch out for the ponding. i know i almost kind of spun out. you can see when your car gets out of control. you may feel that on the bay bridge this morning. there's a high wind advisory in effect. traffic is still light but you can see the ponding there usually gathers in the middle lanes approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. but throughout the macarthur maze that's where we noticed some dangerous conditions driving into work. also in san francisco, we still have this traffic alert in effect. it's a landslide, sounds like a
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tree landed on a car. it's affecting the northbound lanes of 101 at vermont. several lanes are closed. you can see some slowdowns there trying to get into the city. so 280 might be your best bet right now if you are trying to head downtown. once again, bridge traffic looks okay except for the high wind advisory in effect and the petaluma commute we have better news now. southbound 101 all lanes are back open. for a while there was some flooding problems on the petaluma river bridge so they had to temporarily close all of the southbound lanes. traffic was actually diverted on to lakeville highway. in the last few minutes they got the problem cleared out. all lanes are open. hopefully that will be a better drive in petaluma. here's a live look at the east bay in the meantime. you can see the rain really coming down in oakland. fortunately, no major incidents right now up and down the nimitz freeway. that is a live look near the oakland coliseum. but i just checked the chp reports. 48 different incidents around the bay area. bart would be a great idea for today and so far all the trains
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are on time. in fact, all mass transit so far looks great at 4:37. back to you. >> thank you. police are begging bay area teens now to stop trying to assassinate each other. it's a popular elimination tag game played for cash, few rules, no boundaries. this guy nearly ran over a buddy trying to get away here. police telling kpix 5's ann notarangelo, not everyone realizes it's a game and there is real danger here. i got shot next to that pole. reporter: granada high senior rey sanchez was assassinated the first day of the school's elaborate game of tag. >> he got me right before i got in the car and i thought this was a safe zone. >> reporter: students buy into the game for $5 and assassinate a classmate by either shooting them with a nerf gun or drawing a red marker across the person's throat. this is video students at san ramon high in danville. the last person standing can make about $1,000 and this game
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can last for months. >> the kids are crouching behind bushes, if a neighbor sees somebody in the dark with what looks like a gun they assume it's a gun. i'm worried the kids are going to get hurt because of what they appear to be doing rather than what they are doing. >> reporter: last year, livermore police officers pulled over a car of seniors after reports of people with guns. >> pull them over, did what we call a felony car stop which means we point, you know, our real guns at them and order them out of the car and we found out it was just a game of assassin. >> reporter: kids say they're using nerf guns but livermore police showed us these guns that look fake and are real. it's not just a gun issue. >> i made a traffic stop on a young lady that was driving double the speed limit in a school zone and she said her assassinator was following her. there was no car behinder. she was just absolutely paranoid. >> reporter: but kids say this is a tradition they want to carry on. >> i'm ready for this. i'm ready for this moment. i'm there. i'm gonna win. watch me, guys. >> reporter: to them, it's still just a game.
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but students who play assassin here on campus will be suspended because it is against the rules to bring any gun whether it's fake or not to school. in livermore, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. authorities in missouri are considering charges against a stepfather of michael brown the young man fatally shot by a ferguson police officer. they are trying to determine if lewis head was trying to incite a riot last month when he yelled, quote, burn this [ censored ] down before a crowd of protestors. the incident happened shortly after the announcement that a grand jury decided not to prosecute the officer who shot brown. and the candlelight vigil for michael brown held yesterday evening at san jose state university a few dozen people gathered at the student union last night. they hope to at least to have a broader discussion on the campus about relations between police and minority groups. in contra costa county, richmond police chief chris magnus has been chosen by the justice department to join a panel of experts looking into
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the ferguson fallout. the grand jury decision sparked violent protests in many parts of the country including san francisco. chief magnus has reduced violent crime and officer- involved shootings in richmond. oakland police announced three more arrests last night. these men are charged with looting a business downtown. they are among dozens of arrests made in oakland over the past few weeks. time now 4:471. a live look outside as the rain continues to pour down as more and more cars head out on the roads. we have the danger spots you need to know about. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we do it every thursday. we'll be right back. ,,
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second day today. his face is being hidden du his captain of that cruise ship that wrecked is on trial. his face has been hidden for
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causing a shipwreck and abandonment. he told the ship he steered the costa concordia close to the coast to treat passengers to the view. 32 died. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas on capitol hill. the capital christmas tree was lit last night. a spruce from minnesota, it's decorated by ornaments made by children from minnesota. the rockefeller center christmas tree tradition dates back to the great depression. if you cut down a tree, you have a tree to put it up this week it might take a year to finally dry off. >> i'm just happy to see that tree going up when we have so many going down here in the bay area. >> no kidding. >> we'll see more trees down today. it is certain because the winds are blowing out of the southeast today up to 20, 25 miles per hour and we have
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cumulative effect now with saturated soil. hi-def doppler radar, the difference between yesterday and today at this hour. everybody had rain at one point. today, it's more scattered, widespread scattered showers. but it's just as heavy. take a look right there. you see some heavy rain showers throughout atherton, highway 280 this morning into woodside. east bay into vallejo, american canyon, novato all the way to san rafael, very treacherous driving around highway 101 north and south and meanwhile, right here boulder creek one of the key areas that receive up to 6" of rain by the time this is all said and done tomorrow morning. now we are in the 50s. southeast winds at 15 miles per hour. this picture has gone dark. that means the clouds have taken over our roof cam. our weather headlines, scattered showers, very heavy rain at times. windy this morning through the afternoon. occasional rain will continue with the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. we now have an urban and small
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stream flood advisory in effect until 7 a.m. this morning for just about the entire bay area. and let me show you why. yesterday it was a plume of moisture. this area of low pressure was tapping into it. that's what we saw. now this core, this area of low pressure, is now scraping across the bay area. as it does so gist more widely scattered showers for the morning through your lunch hour into the evening commute. but again some of these cells could contain moderate to heavy rain also thunderstorms that could contain small hail. by the time over the next 24 hours this core has moved out, we'll easily see up to about .75" in redwood city, san rafael, as well. also, right here in the city of san francisco, over an inch in hayward. over .3" in san jose and they see more rain in the -- they have seen more rain in the past couple of days than all last year. you had to go all the way back 1, 777 days to see those kind of totals in san jose, as a
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matter of fact. winter weather warnings still effect for the high sierra above 7,000 feet. two feet of snow by thursday afternoon. we have already seen nearly a foot of snowfall, heavy snow, as well. today 60s, showers into thursday morning. a storm on friday brings a chance of rain and more on monday. elizabeth, i drove 40 miles, took me 65 minutes, four accidents and one toppled tree. >> i know. it was downright scary coming into work this morning. we have been encouraging folks to use mass transit. i guess i spoke too soon. now we're getting word of bart delays. so it's only in one direction in the east bay direction on that pittsburg-bay point line but just heads up if you plan to ditch the roads this morning. 15- to 20-minute delays right now at the san francisco station but they are only into pittsburg-bay point direction. if you are heading into the city trying to get to sfo, all trains in that direction appear to be looking okay.
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but again we'll continue to watch it. that bart alert just slashed on our screen. here's a live look. it looks like a lot of folks are deciding to work from home today. here's a quiet golden gate bridge. you can see how wet it is out there. we keep getting more and more flooding reports coming in. this one now alerting us that the right lanes are blocked by some flooding coming into sausalito and southbound 101 at least the freeway is back open. all lanes are back open there. the problems continue near the dublin interchange. a big rig crashed into the center divide and they are repairing the fence. westbound 580 right before 680 and the dublin interchange. there's a traffic jam for at least a couple of exits. it looks slow definitely westbound. eastbound is sluggish as well in the dublin-pleasanton area. and i know roberta was commuting around this area. it's a lot of heavy rain and fog making it difficult to even
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see the roads this morning. so the drive time is already up to 21 minutes. typically what we see closer to 6 a.m. again you're seeing your usual slow traffic again out of tracy to the altamont pass. clears up a little bit through the livermore valley. and then slows again because of that traffic alert in effect in dublin. here's a live look in oakland. this is where a lot of us this morning hit a lot of heavy rain. 880 so far we haven't seen any major incidents. a little earlier there were flooding reports approaching 23rd. we haven't seen too many major accidents out the door since we have been on the air at 4:30. northbound traffic you can see it, the taillights look okay past the coliseum. that's your latest busy "kcbs" drive to work. frank and michelle, i'll toss it back to you guys. >> okay, liz. thanks. 4:49. the sidewalk on the golden gate bridge not quite wide enough for this bluford mustang. a suspected drunk driver got stuck on the bridge yesterday. they had stopped traffic on the bridge yesterday morning to bring in a crane to finally lift that car out of that spot
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there. the chp says the drive was leaving the marin headlands before sun-up but instead of turning on to 101 turned into the parking lot there at vista point, hit a pole, through a fence. the driver, from san francisco, is treated for minor injuries and then arrested for dui. time now 4:50. a san francisco homeless man is beaten to death and police say brutal surveillance footage of the crime is hard for even them to watch. but they are still hoping it will lead them to the suspect. ,, over a million californians have a gotten something that's beend. out of reach for far too long. health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality,
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good morning and then december 3 urban small stream and flood advisory in effect for just about the entire bay area. this is hi-def doppler radar heavy rainfall right now right
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there as you take a look at the san mateo bridge as you head out of the east bay towards the peninsula. otherwise, we'll go upstream towards the north bay. heavy rainfall at this hour highway 101 heading out of novato to san rafael as you make tracks towards the the golden gate bridge and american canyon under the gun. heavy rain over the entire area. we'll update you on our morning newscast as we continue. what a mess on the roads already about 52 different flooding reports, accident reports. this is one of them in san francisco. a landslide blocking several lanes northbound 101 at vermont street. there's flooding reports cars submerged approaching cesar chavez. 280 a better option for getting into san francisco. we'll take a check of our busy bay area bridges plus the rest of the bay area roadways. "kcbs traffic" is coming up. despite facing possible fines, owners of a bay area christmas tree lot say they will fight for frosty. their giant inflatable snowman, they are trying to keep him up.
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it stands 30 feet tall above johnny moore's christmas tree lot in pleasanton for 25 years at the alameda fairgrounds. but this year they moved the lot a few miles away and the city says take it down or face a fine. >> he has been around for about 25 years and it's an icon here in town. >> it's a little spirit christmas spirit to cheer everybody up. i don't see nothing wrong with that. >> frost eve was deflated yesterday for a brief time because of all the rain. the moore also face a $100 fine starting tuesday and then it doubles each day after that. a pleasanton code enforcement took pictures yesterday and left. an update on this video. a passerby recorded this outside lucky river. a chinese restaurant in san francisco. that's the cook slamming slabs of frozen meat on a sidewalk. the health department has seen the video and we're told the worker in question has been fired and the remaining members of the cooking staff will be
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required to take an eight-hour food safety course. it is 4:55 now. police hope surveillance video will lead to the man who beat a homeless man to death in san francisco. the video shows one young man stomping and kicking 67-year- old ty pham in a sleeping bag near sutter and montgomery streets last sunday. san francisco police are not releasing the foot a.m. another video shows three men smoking on nearby steps. they later went back and attacked him again killing him. >> this attack is extremely brutal in nature. the fact they left and came back and resumed the attack speaks volumes about how bad it was. >> police say the lack of any clear motive suggests the murder was done for fun. now to an unforgivable crime in santa cruz county. toys for needy children were snatched from two toys for tots
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drop-off locations. it happened sometime before thanksgiving. volunteers estimate the thieves stole $15,000 in toys. >> 4:55. the big story this morning, keeping an eye on the storm pounding away in the bay area. more bad weather on the way. details on the forecast plus a look at traffic. >> reporter: big flooding, thunderstorms, and one submerged here in downtown. san jose we have a wrap of the big mess coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. there you go. hi-def doppler very active this morning heavy rain pounding the bay area and it's causing a flood of trouble for some drivers during their morning commute. >> good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat.
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nearly 5:00 at this hour. we are going to kick it off with weather because that is the big story today. >> and the weather will continue to diminish as far as the quality is concerned during the morning commute. good morning, everyone. it's different than yesterday in which everybody is not getting pounded all at once but when you do get a cell in your particular neighbor, you get hit hard. in fact, right now, our hi-def doppler radar is picking up very heavy rainfall right there. take a look at american canyon wrapping around to san rafael and into novato streaming all the way into the petaluma area, as well. even hercules receiving some pretty moderate rainfall at this particular time. we just had that one large cell move out of benicia but meanwhile let's take a look out over towards the san mateo area where we have this cell over here. it has now moved very quickly across the bay toward hayward so you're going to have heavy rain. all this out over the open waters, this is still moving in our direction. so the morning compute no doubt
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about it, we will continue to see pockets of moderate to heavy rain all through the commute. and the difference between yesterday and 24 hours ago is also we're picking up some very gusty winds out of the southeast up to 20 to 25 miles per hour. air temperature if it matters is in the mid-50s at this hour. now, meanwhile, we do have an urban and small stream flood advisory in effect which means when you step out, there's going to be a lot of ponding on the sidewalks and on the streets and on the freeways, the highways, as well. and we will see this urban and small stream flood advisory in effect all the way until 7:00 this morning. daytime highs in the 60s with heavy downpours and thunderstorms. we have seen plenty of lightning this morning. when will we buy a break? about midafternoon tomorrow. and then friday yet another system is poised to move into the bay area producing light amounts of rainfall, same story again on monday. me


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