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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  December 21, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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ning, i'm juliette goodrich, in for ann notarangelo. i'm brian hackney. the phenomenon is called a tide. for the next two days, we'll experience extrs -- very high high becareful around the coast. >> the phenomenal that is
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called a king tide terror for the next two days we will experience high tides along with very low, low tides. it this morning, it this was the scene as the bay spilled over into this hotel parking lot. flooding blocked a few roads but weekend bike riders were able to get through it without too much trouble. >> no closed trails but we had to go through parking lots to make it back on the trail. >> king tides will peak tomorrow. they will have posted warnings and warnings about rip currents. it makes the shorelines a place to be. a 76-year-old man was hurt when a tree he was cutting fell
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on him this afternoon. the tree had toppled down in last week's storm. the homeowner was pinned underneath when the structure collapsed. he is expected to be okay. another car erupts in flames. the fifth vehicle torched in the area in the past week. but, they tell us they are all connected, christian? >> reporter: that is right. they know it is a no-brainer. someone is intentionally setting the fires, including this this one this morning. >> oh my goodness. >> reporter: a car pops and crackles here, engulfed in flames as a neighbor captures the scene on cell phone. they knocked down the flames before it spreads to a near by building. a neighbor that saw it all said something is not right here. >> that part of the neighborhood is gated and
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partly blocked off. i don't think it was an accident that the fire started that way. >> reporter: flashback to several days ago these pictures show charred insides of a jeep. one of four vehicles porched in a one-hour period in the same area. sanfrancisco police and fire officials said that day they would be treating it as an arson investigation. >> four fires within an hour or so. that is definitely suspicious. >> as for the fire this morning, they are not saying much just yet. >> the police say it is not being treated as an emergency incident that requires attention because nobody was hurt. now, they will take a look at the report come tomorrow. live in san francisco, kpix5. >> all right, thank you. the raiders edged out the buffalo bills for a win in their final home game of the season. we learned it will not be the team's final game there. yesterday the nfl put the brakes on any idea of any team moves to loss loss next season.
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fans who filled the parking lot at the coliseum today told us they are looking forward to another year of raiders football and with a possible move on hold they are hopeful the city will find a way to keep the team in oakland for good. >> i am hoping they upgrade the stadium. hoping for a brand-new stadium by the water. a few plans, a few talks but oakland city officials and the raiders have not come to terms. i am hoping in the next year we will have a deal in place. >> reporter: oak land is pitching a coliseum plan finding the athletics to have megacomplex with hotels, retail space and housing. until a few days ago most americans could only dream about viceiting cuba. now, thousands are suddenly looking into taking that trip. we talked to bay area business people who are counting on the crowds heading to havana. -- visiting cuba. now, thousands are suddenly looking into taking that trip.
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we talked to people who are counting on the crowds heading to havana. >> reporter: the beauty here has been shut off to american tourists unless you are ted lewis. >> there are a lot of really kind of idiotic things people had to do and kind of double standards people had to adopt around cuba. >> reporter: for years he organized trips for academics and missionaries. >> all of the stuff we labeled cuba is all done. >> reporter: they are itching to see the country, web sites, surfing for cuba went up 50% and then there are the cuba cigars. >> very, very smooth cigars. >> reporter: michael riley can not wait to put them on his
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store shelves. >> i am going to grab one, clip the end and light it up and try it out. >> reporter: that moment is still awhile away. you can go to cuba and bring back cigars for a souvenir but to stock them on the store shelf will literally take a act of congress. >> those policies have not changed it will take congress to clear the way. [music] >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix5. still to come, gunshots and fire in the sierra foothills at and a 7 our police standoff comes to a deadly end. a bizarre scene at a california mall. a woman dropped a 3-year-old girl off at valet parking and does not come back.
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ended with the suspect dead. the man was holed up inside house in auburn.. which lat caught fire. friend told a standoff and shootout ends with a suspect held up at a house in awe bunch that later caught fire. the suspect's girlfriend said he pepper sprayed her and she called for help. when officers arrived he started shooting at their patrol cars, they got into a standoff and tried to tpheg oerbiate with had him to get on
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out. he shot at officers again they responded with -- negotiated with him to get out. he shot at officers again and they responded with tear gas and found he was dead. a woman dropped off a 3- year-old at valet and left her there. audrey's grandfather who lives near san diego saw her on the news and called the father. >> the father was not aware that the child was missing. the father was under the impression that child was with the family member. she will be able to go home with her father or another family member. still to come, could drones be the solution to the drought? how the small aircraft can produce major amounts of rain. >> not this week. it looked like santa will work on on his his sun tan as we look live towards levi's. we will have the forecast, that
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looks dry for a change, after a break ,,,, okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
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waiter: yep. new gingerbread french toast and pumpkin pancakes. but they're only around for a limited time. girl: can i still get it if i'm on the naughty list? waiter, chuckling: i think you'll be fine. [bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's! could soon get help from an unlikely source: drones. bigad shaban on how the unmd aircraft could hel f gallons of california communities suffers from extreme drought could get help from an unlikely source, drones. the unmanned aircraft can produce billions of gallons of water. >> reporter: this machine, 9,000 feet up in the sierra, nevada, is helping scientists squeeze 10% more water out of the sky. but that job may be soon done better by drones. this meteorologist showed us his cloud creating generator
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that shoots particles into storm clouds. the process transforms water vapor into snow or rain in an hour. >> i assume that higher the elevation the better results you get from it? >> over the sierra that is true. >> reporter: that is why the team and the research institute is developing the first of its kind drone, piloted planes have been used for 60 years and produce one billion gallons of water for every 24 to 25 hours of flying but they have to stay a buff the clouds for safety reasons. drones can fly through clouds and stay in the air longer. producing more precipitation for communities devastated by drought. >> you can think of it not only i have more water to shower with or water my plants with or water crops with, you are helping to keep the economy from having a brake put on it by the amount of water. >> reporter: they hope it will soak the communities by the end
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of next year. >> drone could cut cloud seeding in half because it requires less fuel than planes. >> the brave new world with playing with the water. we have been doing that for the last couple of weeks. we are ahead of averages for the bay area now. not much in the way for the next couple of weeks we have the coastal flooding. that will be around 11 clock and noon tomorrow, low-lying flooding extreme low tides, remember, it functions on either side of it. high tides but with the really low tides sitting at anchor going down to the muddy bottom. you have to worry about it on the both ends not just december but jeopardy where it is even more extreme than this. we will stay tune if in all of. that meanwhile, the golden gate bridge tonight it is not slick as we dry out. the numbers right now are mostly in the upper 50s to low 60s.
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livermore has has got 63 of these 59 in santa rosa. winter solstice happened today officially at 3:03 p.m. shortest daylight hours, longest night of the year. that means now we will get more sunshine, longer daylight hours from now until the summer. the days will feel longer. that much longer for the next few weeks and month, but never the less it is a step in the the brighter direction. out the door tomorrow morning we will have fog, dense fogging in some spots, along the shore lineup. temperatures in the 50s, increasing sunshine tomorrow. high pressure, increasing over the coast. it this high, it is built in over the weekend, builds in more robustly. fog developing, dense fog
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advisories posted and dense fog in the valley sunny skies if in the area. a few patches of clouds. the highs are building in. the lows are in san francisco, 1/100th of an inch. headlines are showing dry weather all this week. more sunshine, mild temperatures on christmas day. that will be mild. that is good for travelers, a lot of people heading out on the roads this holiday week. that is good news unless you are going to the central valley. fog in fresno through at least the midmorning hours, along the shorelines, looking nice tomorrow. over night lows tonight, we will be down to about the 50
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degree range, not bad, they will be patchy, very dense fog out there with the moisture hanging around and high humidities, forecast highs, showing above average, you know, these have not been a series of cold simples, the temperatures, 7 degrees above average tomorrow for the bay area. san jose tomorrow, hitting 74 degrees. 65 in campbell, in the 60s. 63 degrees. pleasant hill comes in at 64, north bay looks nice at 65, and in the far north bay we are looking at 63 degrees. christmas day, looking supy. the t-flss in the middle 60s, extended forecast,a i few -- looky soupy. the temperatures in the middle 60s, extended forecast is
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looking good. new rules for cars have been extended. technology is still in prototype testing and there are a lot of unanswered questions, one of which is what happens if the car's computer crashes. well, it will soon be legal to take your dog out to dinner -- it will soon be legal to take your dog out to dinner. still up to the individual restaurants but they will able to legally allow dogs on outdoor patios. health standards will still take precedent. animal advocates can thank the governor's trusted advisory and his doing, sutter, posting his approval on his facebook page saying no more doggie bags. >> yes. on the streets of carmel. there are shops and places, it is dog friendly. >> it is a done deal there. >> they look dogs better than
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people down there. >> yes. >> amazing. what i got for you, nfl play off picture getting clear. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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nfl up top... ...and the raiders...they wear black...thrive good day today, we like the outcome. >> yes. >> now, they were ready to go. strap on your chinstraps, let's
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go. how about another contender, the buffalo bills. how about max? he is playing against a pro team. how do you like that d.! and get that. hits it back, they grab it, they are on the board. now, jones, touchdown, tie it up at 7. 2nd quarter, ray was looking to make a move. and an explosion play outside of the 40. 5 minutes later, now, a 2 upon- point game. -- a 2-point game. now, waiting to do a jump ball on this play. now, carr throwing it for the first career touchdown. bills not going away.
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scrambling, saying get open, robert woods, he did, it in the end zone. they pulled it within 2. and charles, the future hall of famer was waiting. and the score 26-24, raiders win. >> do i feel like i deserve it? >> do -- do i feel like it? yes, do i deserve it? it is not for me to decide, okay. >> well, he won three. so, ben roethlisberger, 6-5, rocking on, big-old corn-fed dude against kansas city. and they unleech on bell, the second quarter, steelers are up by 4. late in the 3rd. they are not going to get it again. flip it to brown. steelers win it 20-12 and clinched a play off invite for
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the first time since 2011. afc playoff picture here, folks, weeks to go. 4 of the 6 spots, bryan, writing it down. chargers moving into the final spot, ravens, texans and still with the outside shot of getting in. else where, man, boy, they were laying a smack down and big d, for dallas. now, first, on the receiving end of a romo pass. here is murray. crashing in making it 28-0. they roll it, final 42-7 to clinch the nfc east. the first division title since 2009. meantime, cutler, no, jimmy
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clawson, yes! bears against detroit. now, the miss match. 20 yard touchdown, 14-10. 4th quarter, now, lions, they are good. did not like the inside, goes to the outside. cuts back. rumbles in. 17 yard may. the lions win it 20-14 to improve 11-4. green bay packers boss mccarthy, here in tampa, what happened in florida? aaron rodgers, to nelson, a pass and catch. packers beat the bucs. and clinch the spot. now, only one play off spot needed to be determined. the nfl south will be won by next week's carolina/atlanta game. checking out the ladies. against louisville. look at them going around. killing you on the outside. hitting the 3.
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bears with a 8-0 run. murray, on the fast break and louisville wins, so, cal is hovering around there. they may drop out but it is a long season. it is not even christmas. but, the top story, raiders winning at home. we have "gameday" coming up tonight, we will talk about jim harbaugh, we are talking warriors basketball, a slam packed show. >> why did they win and then not win, the psychology behind it. >> we will break it down and put it under a microscopes. we will bring it to the viewing odd audience. when football season ramps up, where is jim harbaugh going to be? >> my gut, today, right now on a sunday, my gut, jim, next
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season will be coaching in the nfl but i don't know where. i hope it is the raiders. i do. >> that is like when they say, "chance of rain," sounding like a weatherman. >> speaking of which, dry condition for the first time in a while, all of the way through christmas day. temperatures in the low 60s. appreciate you watching, 60 minutes is watching. >> so we can say no chance of rain. [ laughter ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on select new volkswagen models. captioning funded by cbs and ford >> pelley: havana is a city of antiques, a living museum of old models, chevy and ford, marx and lenin. so it fits the pattern when an 83-year-old dictator clothed in fatigues made the historic announcement. there are a lot of reasonable americans who argue you're caving into the castro regime. >> we haven't gained anything in 50 years with this refusal to have a dialogue, embargo, all that. that hasn't gained anything. >> it's time for a change! republicans and democrats alike.


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