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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  December 28, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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area high school are mourning the loss of a popular administrator.. killed in a bicycle accident. good evening, i'm brian hackney. i'm ann notarangelo. our christian hartnett is live outside saint mary's college keley.. where tributes stunned and saddened. a school is mourning the loss
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of an assistant principal. >> students and alumni have been coming here to lay down candles and flowers and shed tears together. now, the principal here is as the school has lost its right hand man. >> reporter: it is supposed to be winter break and campus is supposed to be empty. but current and former high school students found themselves here to pay their respects to assistant principal and teacher. shunn was biking with 50 to 60 other cyclists on highland road, east of san ramone. an accident with the bicycles in front of the line caused many to try to avoid it, he
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veered and was hit by a truck and died on the scene. >> at first it just takes your breath away. >> reporter: the principal got the call from his wife saturday night telling him what happened. he says that he taut government and asian history for upon 11 years at the school and set to take over as principal at the high school in napa next year. the students loved him. >> he was a great teacher. he had a repore with the kids that was unlike i have seen with other deans. just extraordinary. >> reporter: now, the principal says that the school is planning on having students and alumni here tomorrow from 3:00 until 5:00 p.m. to come and remember his life. there will be a memorial service held when school is back in session on january 9th. we are live in berkeley. back to you. >> all right, christian, thank you. taking a live look outside, fair skies in the bay area, things will get a little chilly again as we look towards the bay bridge. overnight lows will be near freezing in some spots in the
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bay area. san rafael down to 43, san jose down to 38. what is happening is high pressure is pulling arctic air over, it will continue be chilly but sunny. it is putting a lid on the pollutants, it tomorrow will be the second spare the air day in a row. big changes coming in late tuesday. we will have more of the forecast in a few minutes. >> it is the end of an era if for the san francisco 49erss. >> final game will be a victorious game. >> reporter: the team announcing tonight they are parting ways with jim harbaugh. we are live where the faithful want to know what happens now. >> reporter: that is what we are wondering, where will jim go next? according to comcast sportsnet they say they are heading to
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michigan. the contract is worth $48 million for 6 years and they will hold a press conference on tuesday but fans at today's game are not happy that this was the last game with jim as head coach. >> it kind of makes you mad. with we pay all of had this money to sit in that expensive stadium and you hear about the players quitting, you hear about the coaches not getting along and the gm does not like the coach. it is ridiculous. >> reporter: we know jim will not be staying in the bay area. it was official. the 49ers and harbaugh have muteuely parted ways. we are reporting live, back to you. >> and vern glen will have more on the coach's departure ahead in sports along with highlights from today's game. it is the end of an era in palo alto. mings cuisine is serving their
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final meal after six decades in service. in a way the popular restaurant was a victim of its own success. >> reporter: ming's restaurant first opened about the time hewlett-packard opened the headquarters here. not until the '60s when they moved in their current building they hit their stride. >> it started, prospered, grow with silicone valley. it is a silicone valley thing. >> reporter: the place is huge. in its kitchen a staff of 40 plus serve up mouthwatering food to room after room after room of loyal diners. but the sheer size of the place is what is leading to the demise. >> the valley appreciated so much. whatever was a good idea as far as land use is concerned no longer is. so, just like everything else, we have to move with times.
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>> reporter: after it closes tonight, mings will be demolished. replacing the building and the large parking lot will be a new extended stay hotel and in about two years a much smaller version of the restaurant. those who grew up here came today for one last chinese chicken salad and one last memory. >> oh it will be test stating. we will have to come up -- oh, it will be devastating. we will have to come up with a new place. >> we have to make sure we say good-bye and tell them how much we misthem and can not wait for them in two years. >> it is sad for me. but it is not a super big deal because there are a lot of other restaurants that are similar to it this. >> reporter: today it is more about history but even in silicone valley it is possible to miss the good ole days, isn't it? >> it is a sad day for the restaurant workers some, will
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retire and others will lose their jobs. big changes in the bay that has scientists excited tonight. >> a great white shark attacks, why it could have been worse.
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he was attacked by a great white shark late this morning near morro bay. the shark bit
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the surfer on the hip. a surfer on the central coast is lucky to be alive tonight. attacked by a great white shark late this morning at the state park. the shark bit the surfer on the hip but it could have been a lot worse. the shark was believed to be a juvenile, just 8-10 feet long. the victim was a man in his 50s and he is able to paddle himself back to shore. his injuries are considered minor. new tonight, scientists are finding lower levels of toxins in the bay. it comes after they ordered a review. researchers notices decline of the p.e.d.e.'s in the water. >> we seen birds, we are concerned about reproductive and development toxicities. now in people these chemicals
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may be hormone disrupters. >> researchers say another concern is that remacement chemicals can start to build -- replacement chemicals can start to build up. now, time is running out for financial help from fema for the earthquake. they will shutdown their center at 6:00 tomorrow. making a stand and changing the world. how it this 5th grader turned a little lemonade stand into a global crusade for good.
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changing the world. lori wallace on how one child --- turned a philanthropic project into big -- one glass of she is only 11 but a 5th grader is change canning the word. more on how a child is putting a project in there. >> >> it started easily. >> putting our compassion in here. it is a family thing. but she really took it on. did everything. putting an end to child slavery. that was just the beginning. >> doing a lot of things that grown-ups can. >> reporter: the skies the limit. >> it is astonishing what one person can do in the world. >> reporter: she was the first
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kid if in american history to pwotel -- to bottle her lemonade. >> i have a business and a child's book. >> reporter: 5% of the revenue going back to the cause. >> i think i was putting crayons in my nose at 8. she is taking on the world. when they say your kids should do better than you, we overshot that a little bit. >> reporter: google and twitter inviting had her to speak. now she is taking on another project. >> they rescue animals from factory farming and they want you, like i their main mission is to get people to eat like less meat. >> reporter: she wants to be an ambassador to share their
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mission. she is already taking small steps to do her part. >> now she is doing meatless mondays and meatless sundays and the family is following her. that is great. >> reporter: her efforts are making a big impact. her whole family in awe of her dedication to making a difference. >> she is really taking it further than we had imagined and it has been an amazing journey for our family they launched "make a stand app". we have chilly weather on the way tonight. as we are looking at the golden gate bridge, the traffic is clear. winds and calm conditions it will chill right now. 51 degrees in oakland right now. in san jose, 50, santa rose a50 degrees, livermore is in the low 50s. within an hour we will be back in the 40s for much of the bay area. middle 40s for the most part. clear skies, the numbers will fall-like a set of car keys in the bay area tonight.
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near frosty conditions. we will continue sunny and chilly with the high pressure over the west coast. by tuesday, what will happen, low pressure will dive out of the gulf of alaska and come down to the midwest. when it does, tight enit up between the low and the high. getting strong offshore winds in the bay area. in the summertime, off shore winds, they will warm us up. tp-szly transporting warmer air from inland. it this time of the year they are taking cold air from here and putting it over the shoreline. so we are going to pull the cold arctic area over the bay area. not a huge deal in terms of the temperatures it in the low 50s, that is chilly for us. the biggest thing is the in fact we have winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour tuesday and wednesday s -- tuesday and wednesday morning. it could bring down weakened trees. as we roll ahead in the
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forecast, fog forming in the central valley, in the early morning hours. but, it will mostly break. sunny and chilly. 50s, strong winds move in late tuesday. gusts to 40 miles an hour. 50 mile-an-hour wind gusts in the mountains, overnight lows tonight, chilly by california standards. not huge, not record breaking but 34 degrees in santa rosa, 37 in liver more. compare that to tomorrow, 13 below in billings, 6 below in denver and 18 below in north dakota. you can see the big push of cold air going into the rockies tomorrow. heading out of the bay area tomorrow, mostly sunny the valley. and just 19 at yosemite. high temperature foredast tomorrow, 56 at hayward, 57 for fremont and 57 in san jose. we will look for napa to come
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in at 54 degrees and 56 degrees at concord in santa rosa tomorrow. middle 50s will do. it cooler than that, though. heading into tuesday and wednesday time frame, numbers manage from 50 degrees in the bay area. we can get a light dusting of snow in the bay area peaks. the extended forecast shows things warming up and we will continue with plenty of sunshine. in the mean time, get your weather on the go with our bay area app. check the area and send us your weather photos. search kpix in the a pp store or google play. i know ann and vern have. >> absolutely -- app store or google play. i know ann and vern have. okay, what more about jim harbaugh. the jet to ann arbor is gassed up and ready to go terror for a
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party of two. a if nn and jim harbaugh. -- ann and jim harbaugh
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post-game press conference as head coach of the 49ers... nice all right, quote, i had the time of my life, unquote. that was a nice send off. before the game in arizona parting ways with the ceo because management and coach could not coexist. his players made it count. here is kaepernick.
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stepping up, finding boldin. 76 yard touchdown play. the catch put him over 1,000 yards for the season. game tied at 7. final minute at the half. ryan, up top, michael floyd. yes! stays if in bounds. 17-13 card nals. late 3rd,kap, rolling out. now, 3-yard play giving them the play. under 2 minutes to go. still 20-17. now, picked off in the 3rd, by craig to get the game for the niners, gatorade shower for harbaugh. looks like the team knew it was the last game. a record 8-8. >> i want to focus and congress trait on how much i appreciate you, too, i appreciate the
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fans, media, people that i mentioned in terms of our football team. great allies, great friends and people i am going to have -- be friends with forever. meantime, pete carroll, runs the seahawks football team. they are trying to clinch the nfc west. tied up at 6 with the rams and beast mode. it is a touchdown to make it 13- 6. the replay of beast mode. here is the pass. comes up with the interception, takes it back to nail the coffin. seattle don't allow any 2nd half points to the rams and go on to win to clinch home field throughout the playoffs with a record of 12-4. the raiders, 0 for the road schedule. the spirit was willing at denver but, come on. the broncos. playing at home for a chance
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for a playoff bye-week. here is the student, carr in the mile high city in a positive vibe and here is the master, peyton manning, the ball batted away. that is a live ball, that is a touchdown. the raiders cut the lead. cut it to 3. now, secretary, for anderson, the native,ed product scored to make it 17-7. a rough one. 1:15. an interception. this ugly one they fell on it. check out this one, by anderson. getting get out of my way. 25 yard run, 27-7. broncos piling it it on.
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47-17. >> i don't make the decisions, the decisions will be made shortly and they will be made by daveis and mckenzie and, you know, i am totally prepared for that. and you know, i just know that the body of work where we were a long time ago and where we are nought are two -- are now are two different plays. how about the other harbaugh. now, here is gabrielle. down near the goal line. leading 10-3. but the 4th, belongs to the ravens. past, catch, 27 un0ed. tphr-rbgs l arbs cc -- pass,
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catch, 27 yards. now, a lot depends on steelerses game tonight. but the raiders would play the bengles. now, rodgers left against the turn. the catch for megatron. signing him up at 14. we are in green bay. comes back to engineer a drive. here is the go ahead. randall cobb, touchdown, packers win it 30-20 clinching the nfc north. still in the nfc. that is newton. you know it is the panthers, winner take all. play off spot. all carolina, duke, the 5 yard touchdown. and then he took over. and the south division. record of 7-8-1. blowing up the
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falcons at home. 34-3. nfc, play off match up, sea hawks, packers, off next week, the lions, facing the cowboys and the cowboys and cardinals will get the panthers. that is the book on the nfl. >> so on game day you will talk about the niners. >> over my shoulder, i have murphy. he talks to harbaugh every week and we will see what he says. >> thanks for watching, "60 minutes" is up next. >> see you back here at 11:00.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> pelley: tonight, on this special edition of "60 minutes presents," inside the vatican. this holiday season, we once again introduce you to pope francis through some of his closest friends, from the woman whose children he baptized and calls every birthday... >> i knew that he would phone me, but i didn't expect that he phone me so quick. >> pelley: this man. you are the pope's rabbi. >> let us say so. >> pelley: rabbi abraham skorka has been a close friend of the jesuit since he was an archbishop in argentina. >> i know him very, very well that he's a revolutionary. >> pelley: we'll talk to president obama about whether this revolutionary is influencing his politics. >> buona sera. >> pelley: and we'll hear how seriously the pope takes his position as su


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