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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ng into cars in san francisco in an alarming rate. >> burglaries are the new fruit they can't stop plucking. broken safety glass on san francisco sidewalks. if the taped windows didn't tip you off, burglaries are up 75 percent. >> they are trafficking stolen property. >> ask scott and his wife. in the past two years their cars have been broken into a dozen times. >> my wife takes the faceplate off and there is no radio in it. >> there is a note asking criminals. >> nothing to steel steal in
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this car. >> pleachesplexiglass is in. >> you can see the burglary attempt on that. no one is immune. it isn't just joe public. >> it is city cars, black and whites, the inspector cars too. >> i had my car boosted a year ago. i left a jacket. >> this is not just a san francisco problem. we were speaking to auto glass in oakland, they are doing 70 cars a day. >> thank you. >> the best way to stop a thief is keep your valuables out of
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sight. >> a daycare owner is reopening. 5 years after a plane crashed into her home and business, it forced her out. she is now back home. we are live in east palo alto with strag toll struggle to get back on her feet. >> reporter: she needed settlement, but it wasn't enough. >> for five years her home has been silent. >> quiet. quiet. quiet. >> reporter: for two decades she ran a daycare. then everything was gone. >> i already this explosion.
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>> a small plane crashed into her home. >> i was shooting from the roof top, i made sure the children were out. >> she bounced between relative 5 years. >> they went home to their families and their jobs. it was as if, oh, well, she will have to wait. >> friends, family, and the community stepped in to help lisa. she is ready to reopen. she wants to fill her home with the laughter that has been miss ing. >> i'm open and ready to go. >> an exciting week. she expecting kids here this week. >> pilot error caused the plane
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crash. he was flying in dense fog. police need help tracking down a 1-year-old taken from san pedro, southern california. his father attacked the child's mother and her boyfriend. he might travel to oregon or washington in a 2006 gray nissan altima, plate number 5ucf010. >> another student death. a 15-year-old high school sophomore was killed on the caltrans tracks. he is the third student to take his own life since september. there is an effort at the high
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school to prevent these types of things. they are leading a grass roots campaign called safe the 2008. >> a colossal wound like an earthquake that has come through this community and the fault line is still there and still active. >> save the 2008 is demanding smaller class sizes. they want students and teachers to reconnect. >> how to deal with the growing issue of 8 fatalities on the tracks this year. some are suspected suicides. at 6:00 we spoke with cal train today. >> they are looking. they are in as much shock as
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anybody on the peninsula. we have seen it before. we may see it again. can they make it safer? >> 7 of the 8 will be ruled suicide. >> with the frenetic pace today it is no question. >> we heard someone rented a car and drove here to commit suicide. >> the 52 miles of track and 92 trains a day is another question. >> we have a lot of fencing. people climb over, cut through. >> are there cameras? >> we have 24 hour security at each of the rail crossings. >> cal train has an emergency response team. >> we will wait for an expert
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to get to the scene. we generally stop 3 times as many potential suicides. >> cal train runs through a very heavily populated area. speeds up to 79 miles per hour. it has led to close calls. >> the best, most effective way to reduce the fatalities is move the tracks. >> they need the funding to raise the tracks. >> some said put it in a trench or up in the air. >> there are always more things we can do. funding being what it is is difficult. mental health at the root of the suicide issue is a
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community problem. >> in recent years, cal trans has put up 18 miles of rail. there will be more cars, more trains. >> thanks, phil. a difficult problem. there are warning signs to be aware of when someone is thinking of suicide. if you want to know more about those we have information on a 2-year-old recovering after being hit by a car. the toddler wandered just before noon today. the driver stayed at the scene and tried to help. there is no indication that drugs or alcohol were a factor. the injuries are serious but non-life threatening. a driver with a 4-year-old girl
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trying to flee from u.s. marshalls went to the hospital after a crash. their injuries are not clear. one person in the van went to the hospital as a precaution. palo alto is considering regulating air b. and b. the city is not getting their fair share of rental revenue. a new tax they would join the long list of cities with regulations for house sitting. they collect a 14 percent tax on rentals. kpi x 5 has a look at what apple unveiled today. >> the center theater to
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welcome the newest apple device. >> time teaching has never been done before. >> you can text, call, read, send e-mail and post to instagram. the new apple watch has the ability to act as a health and fitness device. you can track activities you have done for the day and watch calories. the first new product launch without steve jobs. highlights from the event, the new mac book. >> it is 13.1 millimeters thick. >> they boast a connector cable and port the usbc. no fan making it the quietest
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laptop yet. a new tool called research kit collecting medical data from iphone users. this could be a game changer. >> it will open the door to people who can get information in doctor's hands. >> users have to consent to submitting health information. they will not have access to your data. >> are you interested in getting an apple watch? $349 for a sports watch and up to $10,000 for a luxury 18- carat gold watch. what can be a rough bay area neighborhood. bridging two worlds. we are all on the water
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watch. see where people are breaking news rules. mother nature helps when she waters the lawn for you. great shot from san francisco. blue sky or the financial district. we will talk about what days are looking wet next. the roads are often packed heading into
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a tour through san francisco's tenderloin district. tech workers have been the latest to move in.
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>> reporter: i am at the corner of the tech boom and tech backlash where $6 hot chocolate meets a $2 bottle of wine. can they mix? the lifestyle of san francisco and life on the streets. it is right next door. >> it can be uncomfortable walking on the streets. >> reporter: there are 10,000 high tech workers in the twitter tax break neighborhood. it is also the edge of the city's tenderloin. >> i am dale. we will take a walk through the tenderloin. >> the rich and the poor in san francisco are calling for a cease fire. >> don't step in that. >> reporter: the tour is based
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on two decades of living on the streets. business has picked up when tech companies hired him to give workers a view of the neighborhood. >> we have a lot of volunteer events. it gets people out of their comfort zone. >> it is good and bad. >> i try to bring the tech community into my old community to show there is nothing to fear. >> the pan handlers, pimps, the drunks. >> they have computer training classes. >> it works. >> it helps kids. >> we need to understand them. they need to understand us. we are normal folks. >> making the relationship normal as well. >> reporter: tech workers are
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gobbling up areas to live in this neighborhood thrvment . they will have to live together. dell is making sure it will work. in the tenderloin. >> 1 in 5 workers live in that area. >> we have breaking news out of oakland. 1 person is dead, another injured in a shooting. we have a live look from chopper 5. emergency vehicle versus s have the street closed. you can see the streets are shut down. this is fluid right now. we will stay with the story and report back changes.
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the alcatraz ferry may not ship out from the embarcadero. they may have to move if they don't have an agreement with the port of san francisco with a new lease. it could be fort mason. a public meeting to discuss the details will be at the end of the month. a new sand delivery. big trucks dropping off the sand backed up as close as possible before unloading. the 20-ton donation replaced sand after vandals broke bottles. cemex donated the new sand. the start of daylight savings time means new watering rules. no watering from 8:00 a.m.
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to 8:00 p.m. we were checking to see if people were getting the message. >> this is a no no in san jose. 10:30 this house had their sprinklers full blast. this home was also breaking the law. >> you can't turn on past 58 8:00 a.m. >> the homeowner had no idea. the first few days is getting the word out. >> educate people. they need to understand how they can safe water. >> the new watering rules go in effect at daylight savings time when the weather warms up. >> restricting water to prevent water loss due to e
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evaporation. >> if you are a repeat offender you could face fines in the future. kpix5. >> anyone who wants to report a violation can call the water district. we have rain in the forecast. >> that is good news. >> let mother nature do it for you. the ground is doing fine because of the rain we had a month ago. today it was about the sunshine. liver more was almost 80. gillroy 76. how are we doing? october to september?
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it poured but we are close. livermore 96 percent. santa rosa 78 percent. the snow pack is very bad. your yard isn't doing that bad. you don't have to water your lawn every day. we want to allow a storm to give us rainfall. it is listening. we will get rainfall. the high pressure dome moved. a weak front will pass by. we will have rain coming. santa rosa it will not be 7368 degrees. i will fix that.
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redwood city 60. thursday and friday we have sunshine. saturday after 80 degrees we have showers. see the computer just freaks out. >> good that you caught that. >> that would be warm. you would need to water your lawn. >> we have a nice weekend to look forward to. great for a trip to wine country. >> it can take a while with all
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there is no arguing about the bay area's wine country, but is it too big? >> it could put the cork on new winieries. >> they are putting the finishing touches on the napa
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school district. the board of supervisors will have a joint meeting to discuss are there too many wineries in the napa valley? >> what's the problem? >> that's a great question. it is talking about what are the issues rising to the surface. >> alfredo has been hearing complaints that the wine business has outgrown this areas. there is too much traffic and too much land being farmed. >> i believe people think there are too many but we have to understand the data and the facts to tell that story. >> the county points to traffic studiys showing 17 percent of traffic is wine related. new land being put in production is at or below the projections of a general plan from 2008. then it was estimated they
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figured there would be 60 new wineries but only 52 approved. she has heard old timers say it has lost the old time feel. >> we are not broken. napa has been successful. how lucky are we to have the success. >> they are likely to get an ear full from people who don't want to live with the success. >> it will begin at 9:45 at the napa high school auditorium. >> coming up. before emergency crews could get there, they were on it. helping passengers escape a burning yacht. how changes could protect your scores?
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fans and what they didn't
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welcome back. a school district dealing with another student death. a palo alto student was hit and killed on the train tracks in an apparent suicide. he is the third students to take his life since september. >> an update on breaking news. bart service getting back to normal as police were searching for a suspect on the run. he had escaped in a bart tunnel. 30 minutes ago they arrested the individual and the trains are rolling. >> a daycare center is reopening after a plane crashed into it. the owner has been moving around ever since. today she was finally able to reopen after a long struggle and moving numerous times.
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apple fans have something new to gets their hands o the apple watch is unveiled. the largest credit reform in over a decade. how the credit bureaus are changing the way they determine scores nationwide. jeremy expected to have a scar from his hernia surgery. he just didn't expect it to be on his finances. >> surely it would be in network. >> they ended up with tens of thousands of dollars threatening his credit score. >> i didn't know the rules. >> the rules are about to change beginning with medical debt like jeremy. >> tens of thousands have
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medical debt issues on their reports. >> today the credit bureau agreed to overhall how they handle that debt. you will have to wait 180 days before adding medical debt to a report and remove it if the insurance company pays. it can be up there 7 years because of delays in paying the bills. the bureau must have trained employees reviewing disputes. they can't take the creditor's word. creditors will no longer ding you for debts you didn't agree to like tickets or fines. >> some have a library fine they didn't know they have. >> for millions of americans financial health will not be
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dependant on physical health. >> it stems from consumer complaints. this will be nationwide. >> one set of rules for everyone. >> it crosses over to all the bureaus? >> yes all 3. >> thank you. president obama is launching a new nationwide push to get people in higher paying tech jobs. it is called tech hire. it has 300 employers. they have agreed to higher tech workers. they want to continue to be a global leader. >> in our digital lives, if you have the drive and will to get in this field sha have a path to do so. >> $100 million to the program
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coming from government fees companies pay to hire foreign skilled workers. university of oklahoma frat house caught singing a racist chant. the frat house has been shut down. members have 24 hours to find a new place to live. others could be kicked out of school for good. the kappa chapter was canceled for good. >> we are appalled and shocked. we cannot believe that members of sae would do something like that and post something like that on social media. it is complete inappropriate and racist and we will not tolerate it. >> there were protests. some students say there has been racism on campus that has now gone public. the vatican is rejecting a
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ran som demand for letters stolen 18 years ago. allen has the latest from rome. >> reporter: the stolen letters are writings of michelangelo who created the sistine chapel. they demanded a ransome of 100,000euro. >> it is a ridiculous sum. >> it was not made public until recently. it took 18 years to disclose the theft. they believe it may have been
6:36 pm
an attempt to have the stolen documents returned. >> the vatican was cautious about not making it known so the people who stole the letters would feel secure about returning them. >> in 2011 60 minutes got a rare glimpse at the writings. these are kept under tight security. who ever is responsible for the michaelangelo theft has to make a deal with the vatican. >> it is almost impossible to make a profit. >> there is no deal being done. they are investigating. everyone else in the church hopes the thief has a change of heart. >> this is not the first time
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rare works have been stolen. a university professor stole pages. he was caught selling them to a dealer. a pair of heroes jumping into action. she is 18 months old but an amazing story
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♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. a couple of cousins fishing raced to the rescue to help 7 people trapped on a burning yacht at angel island. the fire was in the engine compartment.
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justin and jimmy heard the may day call. >> smoke was billowing out. right away our options were limited. it was either theyville to be in the water or get on your boat. >> they took all the people from that yacht before rescue agents could help. the yacht is waiting while they determine the cause. brian webb on the crash that killed a girl's mother and how they got the child out alive. >> the frigid waters of the spanish fork river. >> you could see an arm. >> they found the young mother dead in the driver's seat and
6:41 pm
spotted a baby girl upside down strapped in a car seat. they flipped the car over. >> raised the head out of the water. >> 25-year-old lin jen jennifer's car launched into the river. the impact likely killed her but her 18 month old survived all alone for 12 hours. >> the car seat could have been out of the water. >> several rescuers were treated for hypothermia. >> she was just a very compassionate and caring person. she loved lily. >> she was enrolled at provo
6:42 pm
college. >> a go fund me panel page has been set up for the funeral and her medical care care. not a drop of fuel, only using the power of the sun. how long will it take to fly around the world. a great time lapse with the cloud cover and nothing but sunshine in the afternoon. we are talking rain? yes. when and how much next. one 49er player is arrested and several star players are leaving. pablo sandoval why he left the giants and another bay area
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saving the life of a raccoon. what happened? you can join me for that story and much more at 10:00 on kbcw, 44 cable 12. a quest to fly a solar plane around the world. the solar impulse 2 took off and landed in oman completing the first leg. it was supposed to take 12 hours but high winds delayed the landing. they want to complete the global journey in 5 months. there will be 12 lay overs. weather watchers. >> we are asking people to send in pictures. we will tackle that around the region. i love that we can do this on a
6:47 pm
day in march. we nearly hit 80 and it is still sunny. it is a 22-degree spread. san jose 70. oakland 66. you know the temperature spread is wider in the summer. but crazy we can do that in march. san francisco will be the warmest spot overnight. you will hold on to the heat you have. livermore will be up to 58. 7:28 not 6:28. a rain chance will move south. it will push south. a low pressure area over the ridge will make it here. that will begin this time tomorrow in the form of cloud
6:48 pm
cover in the form of rain. enjoy wednesday. thursday the ridge scoots right back. sunny and warm for 3 days there after. we have new information from future cast. it paints not the wettest picture but nice light to moderate rainfall. as you head up north there will be rainfall in the south bay. fog, low cloud cover. cloudy skies with rain moving in tomorrow night. nice to have a rainy day. high 73 in san jose. cloudy, foggy start. upper 60s. foggy in san francisco. high of 64. san rafael 67.
6:49 pm
warm saturday with a minor chance of rain coming up sunday especially in the north bay. we are asking for your weather information. it is a program called weather watchers. we have norm in gernville. i love this post. bill in arinda sent the wind and the pressure and pictures. we have pictures of what is going on. there is hazy sunshine and a nice backyard for that gentleman. you can join too. you sign up and send your weather information. sports next.
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the 49ers are enduring one of their darkest memories. they are losing star players left and right and another has been arrested. for 49er fans it feels like the answer is everybody. >> i don't think anybody has any clue what is going on with this team but they look like
6:53 pm
the worst team. >> 7 time probowler patrick willis will retire and justin smith is leaning toward calling it quits. >> we have to learn to communicate better in this organization. >> after signing jerome simpson with several run ins with the law, you have to ask, i don't know what he was thinking. that's not exactly the account ability we heard at the end of the season. >> the san francisco 49ers win with class. >> no one has hit that description better than frank gore. the all time leading rusher who will be 32 in may is headed
6:54 pm
elsewhere. the football analyst jeremy newberry thinks they got it right. >> at some point as we get older this is year 11 for frank. you have to part ways if the price is right. >> they will not have a probowl guard. mike will be with the rivals. all eyes will be on york. >> we expect to win the superbowl every year. >> there is more bad news. bruce miller was arrested on spousal abuse. we are disappointed to learn of this. we will collect all relevant information. after last season with numerous
6:55 pm
nfl players he may face possible suspension. it was all bad news for the 49ers. raiders have a deal with rodney hudson making him the highest paid center after winning a third world series may be a surprise to many. they didn't give him an extension. sandoval said i knew early in spring training i was going to leave. it is not about money. it is about how you treat the player. sandoval said there is only one member of the organization he will miss. matt cane under going elbow
6:56 pm
surgery. women's hoops. only one win away from the tournament. they outscores for a deficit. 65 to 57 for the first time since the clinton administration. >>. >> we know what happened. he didn't play didn't play yesterday was fined $10,000 for a bump. green made a huge issue of that after that game. >> 10 grand. >> how about the 49ers. >> we will talk about it you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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