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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 12, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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a new scandal at the secret service. two high-ranking agents are under investigation accused of crashing a car into a white house barrier after what's described as a night of drinking. a new wave of violence in ferguson, missouri. two police officers are shot during a protest hours after the resignation of the city's embattled police chief. a dramatic day at the trial of accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. jurors seeing the moments before the suspects allegedly shot down an mit police officer. and subway survivor. a man falls between two cars at a washington, d.c., metro train, and seconds later it pulls away from the station.
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captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs 12th 2015. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. early this morning two police officers were shot in ferguson missouri. violence erupted during a protest following the resignation of the city's police chief. he is the latest city official to quit following a justice department report finding incidents of racial violence in the city police department and the government. witnesses say several gunshots were heard from a distance. >> we hear what we thought were fireworks up the street. it turns out it happened three more times. it was gunfire because we saw the muzzle fire from the gun on top of the street and so we were all kind of just duck down and once we duck down we saw the cop shot down next to us. laura hettiger is outside the
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hospital in st. louis. laura, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, anne-marie. yes, this is where two police officers are being treated the morning for what the county police chief is calls very serious gunshot injuries. let's get you right out to the scene right outside the ferguson police department. we're being told it was around midnight that the st. louis police chief got the call that two of his officers had been shot, the county police chief saying that the evening was fairly uneventful right until midnight. that is when he said someone from the crowd of protesters fired three gunshots two of which hit two police officers. we do know that one of them was from slus county police. he was shot in the shoulder. the other was from near bys we ter grove. also from st. louis. he was shot in the famous both officers were conscious when they were transported to the hospital but the chief did not
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have any suspect information and did not comment on how the officers are doing right now. he does say they have been fortunate that more incidents like this have not happened in the last seven months. >> we have seen in law enforcement that this is a very, very vhat we have experienced up there. >> reporter: it's been a very eventful day in the st. louis area. we did get word the ferguson police chief tom jackson would be resigning yesterday afternoon. that was made official right around 5:30. and that is when the protests started. protesters went to city hall and then we understand they went to ferguson police department. they were peaceful protests again, until right around midnight. and right now we're being told there is a manhunt for the suspect or suspects who did this. anne-marie? >> kmov's laura hettiger in st. louis. thanks a lot, laura.
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well this morning the department of homeland security is investigating another alleged incident of misconduct by secret service agents. two senior agents drove a government car into a security barrier near the white house following a reported night of drinking. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie good morning. this is the last thing the secret service needs after a string of security lapses. one of the agents being investigated is second in command of the president's security detail. this incident happened march 4th at about 11:00 p.m. while the secret service was investigating a suspicious package. the agents have been identified as mark connolly who works on the president's detail and george ogilvy a sign yore supervisor. they arrived at the scene after a night of alleged drinking they ran through security tape and then ran through the gate of a white house during an investigation of a suspicious
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package. the package turned out to be nothing. the new secret service direct eror john clancey. the leaders of the house committee that oversees the secret service issue add statement last night saying the fact that this event involved senior level agents is not only embarrassing but shows a clear lack of judgment in a dangerous situation. a report last december called for new leadership at the agency following a string of embarrassing security lapses. agents were disciplined for hiring prostitutes before a presidential trip to colombia in 2012. the failure to detect gunshots at the white house and last september, a fence jumper who made it inside the executive mansion. the president shows s chose clancey to clean up the agency even though the package asked to choose
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someone from the outside. >> rangeing from misconduct and breakdowns that undermine the conduct that previous generations worked so hard to establish. also under investigation a super ceased officer who may have wanted to arrest them and do sobriety tests. >> thank you susan. crewser is through the night for 11 servicemembers who are presumed to have died in a helicopter crash on the florida coast. one turned back because of poor visibility. the other crashed into a narrow waterway. there were seven marines and four crew members on board. debris and body parts began washing ashourd yesterday. at the time of the crash, dense fog had moved in. >> you can depart from one station and hit weather that you didn't expect. so the conditions have to be right for them to take ofoff.
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now, what t they r run into while they're aiairborne is a different story.y. >> the helicopter that crashed was pilotted veteran national guard crew. the marines were based at camp lejeune in north carolina. it's day six in the testimony of the boston marathon bombin wednesday the jurors focused the last casualty several days after the attack. kris van cleave reports. >> reporter: prosecutors say the blurry figures in this video are brothers dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother tamerlan after they shot the officer in his cruiser. five hours earlier the fbi identified the suspects but they approached the police car anyway. >> i believe it was because they wanted to find another firearm. >> they never got the officer's gun, but the officer was killed at the scene. the biker is student nate
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harmon. in court he pointed to dzhokhar tsarnaev as the man he saw leaning into the driver's side of the vehicle. he snapped up turned around he looked startled the day. they pegged the older brother as the master mind. dzhokhar's lawyers say it was tamerlan who shot collier. collier paid his own way into the police academy. his last words to the officer, i told him to be safe. kris van cleave, cbs news, boston. texas executed a gang member over the killing of a woman for a drug debt. he was injected with a lethal dose of phoenix oh bash toll.
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look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good. there was rally in dallas last night. more on the racist chants. they protested outside the home of one of the young men seen in
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the video. they want them to apologize and are demanding a federal investigation. on the "cbs moneywatch" major banks launch buybacks and a talking baub by doll. good morning, anne-marie. the federal reserve has given its approval for major u.s. banks to raise dividends and buy back shares. it was one result of the stress test that determined the banks have enough to withstand a major downturn. it's important to investors. some shareholders especially retires, rely on dividends for a portion of their income. asian markets finished mostly higher after south korea central bank cut its interest rate. tokyo's nikkei added 1.5%. hong kong's hang seng gained half a percent. it was a generally quiet day on
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wall street with the dow finishing slightly lower. the dow lost 27 points. service has been restored to itunes and app stores. yesterday the widely used services broke down and were inaccessful to users. apple blames an internal technical afternoon. its bookstores weren't working either. petsmart has gone private.buyout offer back in december. the deal values ss petsmart at $83 a share. and a consumer advocacy group wants to shelf mattel's barbie doll this fall. the doll asks kids questions about their interests, families
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gray-free look. guaranteed. just you and the look you want. just for men. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. in sports arguably the two best boxers in the world got together to promote a fight that really needs no promoting. floyd mayweather jr. will fight manny pack yell on may 2nd on what is already being called the fight of the century. danielle nottingham has our report. >> reporter: the gloves were off as two of the most decorated boxers faced off in los angeles. dressed in suits they made their first and last appearance before
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their welterweight bout on may 2nd. >> this is a fight that the world can't miss. >> i believe that it's what i've been waiting for. >> reporter: floyd mayweather jr. has. pack yeel has it. >> if you lost once, it's in your mind. if you lost twice, it's in your mind. >> pacquiao's trainer had mar realistic approach. >> reporter: it's no accident. the flight between floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao is expected to be the highest grossing boxing match in history. the bout has been five years in the makes with each side making different demands. cbs president leslie moonves acted as a mediator to end the stalemate. >> once the ball started
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rolling, they were gentlemen, they were respectful of each other. i was really glad it came together. >> reporter: pay-per-view ticket prices have not been set but are expected to cost about $100. danielle nottingham cbs news los angeles. in case you needed reminding, march madness is here. they tied in their conference u.s. tourn mnlts game. watch how it ends. he sinks a buzzer beater to win the game 57-54. now the only place to see where all 68 teams of this year's ncaa tournament are right here on cbs. the tournament selection show is this sunday evening at 6:00 p.m. eastern. a florida golf course is putting a new spin on the term water hazard. it's this monster alligator that lives in one of the ponds at the course. the gator was photographed earlier this week. it's believed to be about 12 feet in length.
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golf course employees swear this picture is not doctored and they say there actually used to be an even bigger gateor that lived on the course. when we return a misstep. a man falls between two subway cars and the train pulls away. the power of three medicines to take on your worst pain and fever, cough and nasal congestion. it breaks you free from your toughest cold and flu symptoms. theraflu. serious power. whether you need a warm up before the big race... or a healthy start before the big meeting there's a choice hotel that's waiting for you. this spring, choose choice twice, get a night at no price at 1,500 hotels. book now at
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around a man in washington, d.c. fell onto train tracks between two cars but he survived. surveillance video last week shows the 32-year-old man leaning against the metro plain for support and then he get between the gaps and onto the
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train. passengers began yelling. >> the train started pulling away and everybody started getting much more frantic yelling to get him to stop the train. >> they say he seemed intoxicate intoxicated but passengers were able to get him back on the track. he suffered minor bumps and bruises. the woman who owns the home feature odd the hit tv show is upset because people keep throwing pizzas on the roof. the walter white character did that in a subpoena three episode. show's creator says it's not funny. >> she's the sweetest lady in the world and if you were doing something like, that's not funny at all. >> he's asked fans to cut it out saying it's so uncool. coming up after your local
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news on "cbs this morning" duchess kate middleton visits the set of "downton abbey." i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." buffs away hard skin even on those hard-to-reach spots. it's amazing. you can see it and feel it. for soft, beautiful feet. amopé pedi perfect. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs.
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while others may keep trying nobunny knows easter better than cadbury.
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it is a race against time to save the rhinos of south africa from extinction. last year more than 1,200 were slaughtered for their horns. debora patta went along on a life-saving mission. >> reporter: these rhino know only too well what it's like to run from danger, but this time the man with the gun is trying to rescue them. dave cooper is the lead vet on a project to listft 100 rhinos to a secret location in botswana. >> you want to get them into an area that's nice and open. >> reporter: on the ground, park warden simon naylor is in constant touch. >> carry on.
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>> reporter: once a rhino is hit with the tranquilizer, our convoy speeds across the savanna. we have only a few minutes to find the rhino and inject an antidote before there is any fatal or long-term injury. the rhino is blindfolded. his ears plugged to block out all senses. this is not a pleasant experience for the rhino, but it is a brief experience of discomfort that could ultimately save his life. >> i was lucky today. i see that the drugs worked nicely. >> reporter: moving a groggy 3,000-pound rhino often takes two dozen or more men. cooper and his team also darted this huge female. her calf was clearly terrified. but naylor says the poaching crisis demands desperate actions. >> now most of my day is spent protecting these rhinos. we've had to double our guard force.
4:27 am
we've really had to become like a fortress just to protect the rhinos that we have. >> reporter: in two days the team captured ten rhinos, but poachers killed 1,200 rhino last year alone. >> right now it does look like an insur municipalitiable tavgs but you have to keep at it. if you throw up your hands, you've lost. >> reporter: and for these rhino, new hope as they begin their 900-mile journey far way from the deadly reach of the poachers. debora patta, cbs news, johannesburg, south africa. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," we'll go to the white house for reaction to the latest secret service scandal. plus, the fight over powdered alcohol, which was approved by the federal government this week. jan crawford has details. and duchess kate middleton visits the set of the hit show "downton abbey." finally the late cbs news correspondent bob simon was remembered by his peers last night. simon was awarded the lifetime
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achievement award by the radio television digital news foundation. "60 minutes" expectative producer jeff fager spoke and simon's daughter taniaya accepted the award on behalf of the legend air legendary correspondent who died last month. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, march 12. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, it is nearly 4:30 on this thursday.
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get you out the door with traffic and weather. of course the weekend -- you're mighty tall today. [ laughter ] >> anyway, roberta, how are we doing? >> after .15" of rain in some locations today, today we're drying out and we'll warm up. temperatures across the bay area, there you have it from 65 degrees in pacifica to 73 degrees in concord and san jose. it will top off at 76 in gilroy and that's nothing. 80s over the weekend. we have those details straight ahead. >> we have a traffic alert in san jose. the connector is partially blocked from northbound 280 to southbound guadalupe parkway. we'll have details on that accident and when it's expected to clear. it's all coming up. >> much better. >> i dropped by a foot. you did. >> you had the wrong box today. [ laughter ] >> i will take care of that. thank you, liz. two police officers were shot overnight in ferguson, missouri. one in the face. as don champion tells


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