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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news. tonight, another security breach at mineta san jose airport. this time, a woman made her way onto the airfield. good evening, i'm allen martin. ken bastida has the night off. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. let's get right to betty yu at the airport tonight. betty? >> reporter: liz, it was a ups employee who spotted this woman in the south end of the cargo area. that is opposite of where i'm standing near those buildings. this happened around 5:15 tonight. san jose police say this woman possibly jumped the fence on the southwest corner of this airport. that is near earthquake stadium. and then she walked across the runways. now police say that she was
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uncooperative. she resisted arrest and had to be subdued before she was eventually arrested. now this is the fifth security breach here at mineta san jose international airport in less than a year. you may recall that santa clara teen who made international headlines last april when he hopped the fence last year and climbed into the wheel well of the plane and survived the trip to hawaii. tonight, san jose police say this woman had no identification on her and she refused to give her name to e santa clara county jail booked on charges of trespassing and resisting arrest. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. a lot of people are wondering how does this keep happening? among them, congressman eric swalwell. i spoke with him a short time ago. >> something is happening at the san jose airport. the number of breaches there exceeds by a very high number
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the breaches we have seen at any airport across the country. >> is there any explanation for that you can see? >> no, and i don't believe that is fence isn't high enough or there are problems with the outside perimeter. i think that, you know, there's something unusual and perhaps because one person breached, and made national news, it is attracting other individuals to want to breach the perimeter there. but, the bottom line is, airport officials need the know at the moment of the breach. not minutes later, perhaps, later. once the individual is on the grounds and passengers are exposed. >> congressman swalwell has been calling for high-tech sensors for months now. and late breaking developments in the sudden death of andrew getty. son of billionaire gordon getty. what's the latest, andria?
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>> an initial investigation rules out foul play. it appears to be natural or an accident. but it may be a while before his family has some answers. los angeles police officers swarmed the hollywood hills home of andrew gett where this afternoon investigating another tragedy in a real life american dynasty. >> we are looking at this as an undetermined death investigation where we found an individual deceased. >> reporter: 47-year-old andrew may have called la home for years but he has deep roots in san francisco. he grew up in this broadway mansion. his father gordon was the reason the street was nicknamed billionaire's row. the getty family is a mainstay of san francisco society and he ran in the same circles as gavin newsom.
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the family acknowledged his death and released this. the family has asked that members of the media and public respect its privacy during this difficult time. the getty home was not unknown to lapd. there had been 30 calls to service over the years. just two weeks ago, getty filed a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend. today's 911 call came from a woman inside the home as a general distress call. by the time crews arrived, the los angeles coroner had to be called in. >> he was not feeling good the last couple of months and he supposedly had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow with a personal physician. we did collect some prescription bottles. >> reporter: now we are told the woman who called 911 is cooperating with la county authorities. an autopsy has not yet been scheduled. >> very tragic day for the getty family.
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well andrew getty's grandfather j. paul getty founded the getty oil company. his father gordon is one of the richest men in america. was it a kidnapping? a hoax? more twists and turns tonight in the ongoing drama in vallejo. the woman's attorney says those are the drill mark ins the window sill matching what kidnappers allegedly described to an e-mail to police. denise huskins disappeared in her home and turned up safe in huntington beach. she and her boyfriend through their lawyers say it is not a hoax. the kidnapping really happened. the kidnapper sent another e- mail. >> the person said he would possibly turn himself in if an agreement could be reached. if the other people involved in
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the case would receive immunity from prosecution. >> in earlier e-mails, the kidnappers described themselves as gentleman criminals like ocean's 11 and said they took countermeasures and had full body wet suits and for purposes of a swimming escape in case the island was sealed off. the fourth suspect identified in the death of an oakland mother killed shielding her kid ifs gunfire. michael stills is charged with murder and more suspects could be involved. the gunfire came from two groups fighting near is victim's home on chestnut streets. andreas lubitz knew he suffered from depression. andreas lubitz had been treated for suicidal tendencies and they accused him of hiding his mental health problems from his
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employer. but in a new twist today. it was admitted that andreas lubitz told the airline about his depression when he resumed flight training in 2009. just last week, lufthansa's ceo said that andreas lubitz was 100% airworthy. two news outlets claim to have video from the flight taken before the crash. they say the scene is so chaotic it is hard to identify anyone. the passengers clearly knew what was about to happen and are heard screaming my god in several languages. so far, neither publication has released the video. new backlash in the pay bay area over indiana's religious freedom law. oakland mayor libby schaaf joined san francisco mayor ed lee to travel to indiana. >> we have a perception problem here because some people have a different view. and we intend to correct that.
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>> indiana governor mike pence bowed to public pressure today saying his state's new religious freedom law needs to be clarified. >> the smear here against this deal is that it created a license to discriminate. or license to deny services. and that's just completely false. >> pence asked his legislature for new language making it clear that while religious freedoms would be upheld, businesses cannot deny services to anyone. he wants it on his desk by the end of this week. >> were you expecting this type of backlash to the law? >> was i expecting this kind of backlash? heavens no! >> protests and boycotts led by gay and lesbian groups who feared the law would allow discrimination have gained steam all week. today, despite the uproar in indiana, the arkansas state legislature also voted to pass a version of a religious
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freedom law. #boycottarkansas is trending on twitter. if you live in hayward, union city, san leandro, get ready for some sticker shop. mark kelly explains tonight. >> reporter: starting tomorrow, buy something in hayward and you will get whacked with a 10% sales tax. outside the city limits it will be a half cent cheaper. downtown hayward is just coming back. jessica says another tax is the last thing a city trying to turn around needs. >> it keeps increasing the way it does, i think it can have an effect on hayward. >> reporter: last summer hayward voters taxed themselves. measure c passed with an overwhelming 68% approval. city spokesperson frank holland says it could mean $10 million dollars every year for the city to hire more cops and build better roads. >> people were saying look, we want to do this. we want to invest in our
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community and get things done. >> reporter: but buy a brand new $20,000 car in hayward tomorrow and you will pay $250 more in sales tax. >> you buy something relatively expensive, that 1% will determine a lot. >> reporter: john admits the half a percent is small, but every bit adds. >> that could be the difference in diapers, food for your kids. >> reporter: in hayward, mark kelly, kpix5. >> and the sales tax could go up more, there is a bill in the legislature now allowing cities to add 1% to their sales tax. a big power outage tonight in the south bay. the culprit? a squirrel. not kidding. reps with silicon valley power say a squirrel wheeled its way into a transformer damaging it knocking out power to about 5,000 customers for a couple of hours. mostly in the southeast part of the city. coming up, stanford med students poisoned. a fellow student arrested.
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tonight, the troubling confession. >> a mystery in the skies over the east bay tonight. a lot of people talking about a loud boom. what was that? >> plus, how would you like to work here? a first look inside face
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>> more trouble for stanford tonight following last night's news of a potential cheating scandal. a medical student has been charged with four felony counts of poisoning. the suspect allegedly put a chemical in lab mate's water bottles last fall. claimed to be not conscious of
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the act. in a police report, the suspect said "i am truly sorry for what had happened, but i really didn't mean to harm people. it was me crying out for help and i didn't know." now according to vice magazine, the student is a 26-year-old woman. she pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. and is no longer a student at the university. a big boom in berkeley lately and we are not talking about business there. christin ayers reports tonight, a lot of neighbors are asking what is that loud noise? >> reporter: martin luther king jr. street in south berkeley isn't exactly quiet. but rachel never expected what she heard two nights ago. >> i would say it was around 1:00 in the morning. scared the hell out of me. i jumped out of bed. >> reporter: ask her or any of her neighbors what it was and you will get a slew of different answers. >> sounded like a gunshot. >> like a sonic boom. >> an aerial bomb explosion.
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we are puzzled by it. >> reporter: berkeley police can't solve the puzzle either and now it has inspired an explosion of interest on twitter. hash tag berkeley boom. loudest i very heard one user said. another said it sounded m8 willish but more concussive. what it is, people want the sounds of their neighborhood back. >> i hope you guys figure it out because it is scaring the heck out of us. >> reporter: in berkeley, christin ayers, kpix5. >> have you heard the boom? if so, share your story with us on our kpix5 facebook page. a close call for an 11-year- old boy in santa rosa. a pickup truck slammed into the wall of liam fitzsimmon's bedroom while he was sleeping in his bed. the impact sent him flying across the room. >> the truck launched him out of bed, shot him through his closet door, and the hole in the closet is where his torso
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went through the wall. >> i think when i went into the closet, i think, there is this big scratch on my back like the size of a baseball. >> wow. he is lucky to be alive. other than that scratch, liam is okay. police arrested the truck driver. they found pot and a hash lab inside his home. a couple of san francisco bars have come up with a neat idea tonight to help save water. soma's wish bar and the bond bar in the mission are offering a $1 discount on all drinks that don't need ice. it is all about starting a conversation. >> we are not going to cure the drought with ice cubes but it will ... as long as people are talking about it, then we have done our part and it is worth it. >> no ice, ice baby. think it won't help in think again. cocktail bars use twice as much ice as most restaurants. >> well, it will take a lot to make a dent in this drought. but maybe a little something is
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coming next week which could help. >> we are turning a corner. can't do it in january. won't happen in march. >> we will wait to the last minute. >> now that easter is a couple of days away. yeah. we are going to get a wetter pattern. wait until you see the changes coming up. get you outside tonight where it is still kind of breezy. not as windy as earlier. a beautiful shot from the oakland airport. we have the bay bridge, the bay, and the financial district of san francisco. chilly night tonight. already in the 40s in the north bay, you will drop all the way down to 42 in santa rosa. fairfield, vacaville, low 40s for you. dublin, 43. san jose, 44. definitely a jacket for the kids on the way to school tomorrow. remember this. mark this down. april will be wetter than march. that's a bold prediction. until you see how little it rained in march. it is not a bold prediction. we had 2% of our average rainfall in santa rosa. five inches below average. 4% of our average rainfall in
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san francisco, and 9% in livermore and san jose. it barely rained at all in march. it did not rain in january. now we are talking april. look at what is happening. high pressure is way down to the south. way down to the southeast. it has moved out. something else has to replace it. that something else was a dry cold front that came through today. cooler. breezy. and we have another front coming through tomorrow to keep the breeze elevated. no rain just yet. easter sunday. easter egg hunts. want to get outside? the kids may need an umbrella. the ridge will park itself not over the top of the bay area this time. about 600 miles offshore. that will steer in the storms. didn't happen all winter but now it is april and we will see perhaps two or three different weather systems starting on easter that will give us some rainfall. much needed rainfall that may prevent us from needing to water our lawns which is a huge water spender or water waster. that would be wonderful news. the breeze continues tomorrow. mornings will be chilly for the next couple of the days but afternoons will be mild and we will be sunny.
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the wetter pattern begins easter sunday. highs tomorrow, breezy 70 degrees in san jose. los altos 70. still breezy in walnut creek, 71. antioch, 72. vallejo, 68. alameda, breezy for you. windsor, 67. pretty status quo weather through the saturday time frame. next four days, a lot of highs in the 60s and 70s . rain easter, chance of showers monday night. more rain is possible. on tuesday. we cannot end the drought in april. this will not happen. but we can help a lot. because we take it out of the bank in the summer. we can push that back, squeeze a little more, it would be wonderful. >> clean out the allergies. >> that would be nice, too. >> yeah,. >> thanks paul. coming up, think your office is stylish? or do you wish it weren't? an inside look after what could be the coolest workplace in the bay area. >> but first, his dance moves made him an internet sensation.
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>> some new digs for facebook tonight. the employees moving into their new headquarters in menlo park. >> devin fehely takes us inside the posh campus. >> reporter: did you ever wish you had a window into facebook and see what work and life was like inside the social media giant? well look no further than social media itself. facebook invited ten instagrammers in for a sneak peek of their palatial state of the art headquarters. it is 30,000 square feet and holds nearly 3,000 employees.
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it also boasts high end custom art pieces and a sprawling rooftop garden with walking trails overlooking the bay. the new campus like ones in the works like google and apple looks to make a grand statement about the company and its future. >> each one of these buildings is spectacular and certainly shows a certain amount of competition between the firms. >> reporter: facebook says the new building with its massive open floor plan reflecting their corporate values that happy workers are productive ones so facebook readily admits they have more campus, more space than employees to fill it. but they say that is the good news about being on the right side of a growth spurt. in menlo park, devin fehely, kpix5. we don't have offices. but, sports has a great grand office. >> yeah. >> we have the best sport office in the country. >> we do. >> in fact, everybody gets tired of news, you are all fighting out in the news room, peace and serenity now. [ laughter ] baseball right around the
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corner now. barry zito is paying for it. big league job may have ended though. and the team that ended the warrior season last year are paying the price
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my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for twelve years. i have 3 kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible - not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown. it's a rewarding feeling.
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>> already having clinched the top seed in the western conference, steve kerr sent draymond green against the clippers. draymond, first half, warriors, blake griffin. get out of his way. 40 points for big man. la led by as many as 17 points and the game did mean something. klay thompson tied the game at 67-67. then, a few possessions later, curry gives him the lead. the splash brothers combined for 52 points. fourth quarter, warriors up just one. andre iguodala. he has the foul on matt barnes. he made all three free-throws to ice the game 110-106. they win their tenth straight game. stanford and old dominion at madison square garden. cardinal senior jason randall hoop in the foul.
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stanford up 15-0. stanford ended up blowing a 21-point lead, but randall bailed him out. he scored 21 points and he broke their school scoring record and they will play miami now. thursday in the final. the as gave barbara chance to revive his career this spring. barry zito. the odds were against him according to the experts from one to ten, ten being the highest chance, what chance does he have of making this team? >> i would say six. that is fair. six is probably a generous estimate. >> michael urban probably didn't foresee him throwing 13 straight scoreless innings in the cactus league, but the angels pounded him on seven runs with three home runs. that six is looking a little more like two now. the wisconsin badgers are in the final four for the second straight year, but their coach bo ryan starts the top
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five. >> i was the number one pinball player in the state of pennsylvania. >> i could freeze flippers better than anyone. i could take a dime. and play for two hours. you think the who had something in mind when they did that song? >> number four, elton john. the clippers not only lost their game, they lost their head during the halftime show. number three, typical day at the elk's lodge. paul, you do a lot of work. what is this guy doing? what is he getting out of that? seamus winston. what? >> no, no, no. >> have a nice trip, see you next fall. steph curry breaking ankles in la. chris paul used to be at the top. steph curry is that man now. schooling chris paul.
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the warriors win again ten straight wins. just keep everybody healthy. >> exactly. >> nba favorites. >> exactly. goo
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>> count down to the rain on sunday. >> yeah, we have rain coming. >> easter egg hunts. it is looking like it is get ago little earlier in the day. >> sunrise easter egg hunt. >> early like saturday. [ laughter ] >> there you go. >> it will be a little wet. >> david letterman is next.
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>> we will see you tomorrow. have a good ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from a place indicated by a red. i on the map, it's "the late show with david letterman." tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now the castle in the corner of a chess board, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show


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