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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 1, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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companies will be required to comply. >> reporter: so what will all these new restrictions mean for you? ann notarangelo begins our team coverage from pleasanton where one water district has already figured out how to cut back. ann. >> reporter: yeah, 25% water reduction, it does seem like a cruel april fool's joke but for people living here in the tri- valley, it is already the norm. >> it's a very doable goal because we did it last year. >> reporter: the dublin-san ramon services district mandates a 25% water reduction for its customers and gets it. but you don't see brown medians and dead landscapes because in this area, 23% of their water is recycled. that's nearly 2.5 million gallons to be used on landscaping. >> it's ideal. and not every community has it. but, you know, if you have a waste water treatment plant, you have the source material to make recycled water. >> reporter: people were lined up for water today. >> i qom out a couple times a week and -- i come out a couple times a week and i get water
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for my and neighbors' yards. >> reporter: it outlines partnering with local governments to replace 50 million square feet of lawns with drought-tolerant landscaping. golf courses, cemeteries and campuses will be required to make significant cuts in water use. >> you have to think regionally. >> reporter: if you see you in developments popping up they will be required to use recycled water or drip irrigation systems. on a personal level, a temporary consumer rebate program will help people replace their old appliances with more water and energy- efficient models. >> rebates have been around for a long time. it's just -- is it enough to motivate somebody to change out their washing? >> reporter: the governor wants people to conserve more now but the formal restrictions will be adopted in may. is it drastic? >> it felt like it. i don't know how much longer people are going to want to
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keep doing this. >> reporter: the governor is going to mandate enforcement telling water agencies they are going to have to adjust water rates to discourage water waste. in pleasanton, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. there's certainly no drought relief on the horizon. a little rain but no relief. paul deanno at the lafayette reservoir with the kpix 5 mobile weather lab. palm. >> reporter: allen, simply too late to fix this drought this year. this is something that will absolutely carry on at least into and through next winter. the country's most populous and biggest farming state,water! look at the drought map. here's where we are as of right now. this is updated every thursday and the latest information is a severe drought continues for the north north bay. extreme drought continues in various areas. things started off so beautifully with 11 inches of rainfall in december. then we flipped the calendar to 2015 and look what happened.
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rainfall for january, february and march, 24% of what we need or what is average in santa rosa. 13% of what is average in san francisco. 30% for livermore. and only 23% for san jose. so not only did the drought stick this winter, it got worse even after that record setting december. we need more rainfall. and simply put it is too late in the season to end this drought because now the rainy season is wrapping up. out here live, the lafayette reservoir, one of the reservoirs that is the most full of any in the bay area. if every reservoir looked like this we won't have a problem. but there is a problem. even though there's rain in the forecast, it's a problem that will be with us for months. we'll talk more about the chances of rain which may impact your holiday weekend coming up in a few minutes. it is a problem because one northern california community is already in a dire situation. people having to cut back water use by 50% are on the verge of running out. that's coming up tonight at 6:00. a very strange crime on the
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stanford campus where a grad student is accused of poisoning her classmates. kpix 5's len ramirez with details on the student who may have been motivated by a severe case of jealousy. len. >> reporter: you look around the stanford campus and just about every student walking around or biking around has a water bottle. it's how they get through the day. but now one student is accused of tainting her fellow students' water bottles with a cancer-causing agent. 26-year-old [ non-english language ] a graduate student from singapore was captured by a security camera during the time she allegedly poisoned four of her lab mates by contaminating their drinking water bottles with a cancer- causing chemical paraformaldehyde. >> i have never heard of something so extreme as this. >> reporter: most students are starting to hear about it even though it happened last year. court documents say graduate students doing stem cell research in the lorry lokey
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building near the stanford medical center began smelling the drug when they drank from their water bottles in september and october of 2014. some ingested enough to give them burning sensations in their mouths and throats. all of the victims are women. they began to suspect the woman when she was spotted and photographed in stem cell incubators where she didn't belong. at the same time, students tell investigators their stem cells began mysteriously dying. the woman was described by her lab mates as quiet and shy unsure of herself and stressed out and although she attended group functions and parties, she admitted to the others that she envied them for having boyfriends and a social life away from school. >> doing research can be very stressful. um, and it can make people uber competitive and i, you know, i think that can cause all sorts of strange behaviors but this one is particularly extreme.
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>> reporter: this afternoon, i spoke to the suspect's attorney. he said she has not yet entered a plea in the case although she did make statements to officers last year, elizabeth. she said that when she was asked about whether or not she had done this, she said, quote, i just grabbed whatever was around even tap water, end quote. so this will be moving ahead in court here in santa clara county. >> it is curious, len, how she was able to access this very, um, harmful ingredient. would you think something that was so dangerous would be under lock and key? >> reporter: in the research lab this is a very common thing. people have it on their desks or work spaces in that type of a research facility. it is a very common thing that people have. and it's so common that some of her victims may have not even noticed it because they became so accustomed to the smell of it that they couldn't tell when they drank it. others who might have been newer around the lab noticed something was wrong right away. >> wow. very bizarre. all right, len, thank you.
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trouble for two united airlines flights out of san francisco. both had to return to sfo after sudden problems. the first plane took off for calgary but returned 30 minutes later because of the smell of smoke in the cabin. the second plane was leaded to boston when it turned back because of a sick flight attendant. the person was taken to the hospital after landing. last night's security breach at mineta international airport is prompting new calls for heightened the security. it's the fifth time that somebody snuck on the airport grounds in the past year. eric swalwell sails sensors are needed on the fences to keep trespasses out. the 20-year-old woman is behind the latest incident. she was spotted walking inside the fence yesterday. police say she put up a fight when officers tried to arrest her. >> it's concerning but it also is -- continues to motivate us to ensure we have a safe airport. >> the current fences meet faa standards but they are pushing for taller ones.
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they are also testing the use of cameras, radar and motion sensors. final memorial preparations will get under way in just a few hours for a fallen hero in the south bay. from the funeral home in los gatos to services at the s.a.p. center in san jose, the body of officer michael johnson will be accompanied by thousands of fellow officers and mourners tomorrow. johnson was killed in the line of duty last week. he was responding to a call about a suicidal man when he was ambushed by the suspect. police officers from across the country are expected to attend tomorrow's event. we'll have live coverage of the procession and services starting at 10 a.m. taxi driver tries to do a passenger a favor and this is what he gets in return. the beating caught on camera. >> plus, confusion bubbling over in berkeley. why you may be charged extra by mistake because of the city's new soda tax. >> here's one way to stop a
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wrong-way driver. police officer has his dashcam rolling's faces the danger
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a tennessee police officer put his life on the line to stop a wrong-way driver. his dashcam rolling as he faced that danger head on. the officer intentionally crashed into the car as it sped down i65 near nashville. the officer and that wrong way driver were treated for minor injuries. a taxsty driver takes a back seat beating from a passenger inside his cab. it happened as the drive was trying to do the taxi driver a favor. kpix 5's ryan takeo with the attack that was caught on video. >> what's going on? >> reporter: surprise attack happened just after midnight tuesday morning at 7th and market in san francisco. it was even after the driver offered to save the passenger some money. >> actually, you know, if you are just going to bart there's a bart station closer. >> reporter: the passenger
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repaid him with this assault and attempted robbery. >> master lock hit him in the back of the head. >> reporter: there have been other recent attacks on cab drivers too like when this woman stabbed a cab driver in san mateo last year. on valentine's day, a passenger who didn't want to pay the fare threw punches instead. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: as shocking as these crimes are many in the industry think there are fewer acts of violence because of the cameras on board. >> i would say it does deter crime. >> reporter: there are actually two cameras inside the cab. one looks back at the passenger and the other one shows what the driver sees to help accident investigations. >> any complaint they can review the camera. >> reporter: either way drivers like juan like that the video settles disputes irrefutable evidence of what happened and a big clue for police on the hunt for a suspect. in san francisco, tacoma kpix 5. >> the youtube video cut out midway through the attack and robbery. police say the attacker unsuccessfully tried to steal
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the cab driver's electronics on the dash. you need more proof the bay area housing market is out of control? look no further than this european castle. because it's cheaper than some san francisco studios. >> and never run out of laundry detergent again or anything else for that matter. the new way you can summon whatever you need with
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the nation's first-ever soda tax took effect in berkeley last month but kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains confusion over the new tax has some businesses breaking the law inadvertently. >> reporter: they knew it was coming. but that doesn't make the measure d soda tax any easier to swallow. >> when people are thirst think they have to spend more. >> reporter: there's a lot of confusion about who is supposed to pay the new 1-cent per ounce tax and on what. you had to pay a soda tax on tea too? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: the cost of all sodas has increased to nearly $3 at some berkeley retailers and others haven't changed anything. at least one popular restaurant added an itemized 22-cent measure d tax to the bill for every fountain drink sugar- sweetened or not but it's only supposed to be paid on sugar- sweetened beverages and the soda distributor is supposed to pay t as we pointed out to
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burger meister which is charging a tax measure d states it's neither a sales tax or use tax. >> then what is it?! >> reporter: well, berkeley city councilman lori capitelli explains what it isn't. >> it's a little bit misleading. first of all, it's not a tax on the consumer. >> reporter: but he says the tax on the distributor can be passed down to the consumer in the form of higher drink prices or even a soda surcharge. the retailer can't charge tax because technically they keep that money. semantics aside, capitelli is more concerned about the fact they are charging more for regular and sugar-free drinks which defeats the purpose of the bill. >> if they are charging that on everything we're not going to discourage people and move to a healthier product. >> reporter: minutes later they stopped the tax and is offering free soda with any purchase for the next week a grand gesture even if it too defeats the
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purpose of measure d. now, burgermeister says it will get the $455 it's collected so far to the city and stresses this was an honest mistake. the city has plans for an outreach program to clarify the measure. and remember, if you have a consumer problem, story idea, give us a call 888-5-helps-u. >> they are also offering a 22- cent discount for the rest of the month on soda to make up for it. >> thank you. a double-digit sales tax took effect today in five east bay cities. it's 10% in hayward, union city, albany, el cerrito. voters in five cities approved the increases last year. the extra revenue could amount to $10 million a year in hayward alone. money the city can use to beef up the police force and repair the roads. we all know it takes a pretty penny to buy a home in san francisco and now it is confirmed. it takes nearly a million dollars to buy what's considered an average home in the city. one real estate firm says
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that's the new median selling price. it's up 16% from a year ago. and it turns out it's actually cheaper to buy a castle in europe than to buy a condo in san francisco. mike sugerman with how for the same money you could be living like a king. reporter: where would you rather live, here in the french peer and as ? >> it's built on the foundation of a roman outpost that dates back to the 14th century. >> reporter: or here? in corona heights san francisco where you have to move your car to avoid street cleaning tickets. they both cost the same. this fixer-upper in a nondescript apartment building where there is currently noisy street repair and no parking is more than -- >> a newly restored watch tower a giant pool and stunning views. >> reporter: -- than this. >> it needs some updating, obviously. it's been lived in and loved for a lot of years. >> reporter: this realtor will
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put you in 945 corbitt number 305 for a million. >> we keep saying really? you know? wow. >> reporter: checking european castle listings as the website did can make the insane san francisco real estate market seem even more insane. >> the oldest parts of the castle date all the way back to the 7th century. >> reporter: up where you can't park on wednesday at corona heights we're talking 20th century and expect more than the $2.6 million asking price. >> very low inventory a lot of enthusiasm about san francisco in general and not enough places to live. >> reporter: castle inventory much greater. >> the castles in europe don't have silicon valley, they don't have kind of the great restaurants we have, you know, not walkability. >> reporter: demand remains sky high. you can be the king and queen of a real castle or one with a laundry room down the hall. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> but you have to heat that castle. demand for san francisco housing the strongest in the upper end of the market which is over a million dollars.
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>> they don't mention the upkeep on those older castles. they're beautiful but -- >> how's the water over there? >> a lot more rain than we have here, that's for sure. paul deanno is live in -- [ simultaneous speakers ] >> hopefully we are getting some rain, right? >> yes. we are going to see some rain toward the end of the seven-day forecast. one thing about a castle, you get that moat you could use it right now. we need a lot more water and simply put the drought that is now forcing mandatory water restrictions for the state of california issued today by governor jerry brown. drought is going nowhere. even this little bit of rainfall we are going to see in april will not be enough to end a four-year rainfall deficit. that's the bad stuff. here's the good stuff. it's a nice day for a walk. we're here at the lafayette reservoir one of the finest places to jog, walk or walk your dog and lots of folks hundreds already passing by over the past 15 minutes enjoying a breezy but sunny wednesday afternoon. temperatures kept down. san jose sitting at only 62. livermore 65. it's 64 in lafayette with the kpix 5 mobile weather lab. cool in san francisco at 58.
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the warm spot santa rosa. good evening to you, 69 degrees your high. but you're going to drop down tonight to 42, santa rosa. san francisco 49. livermore chilly 42. mountain view 46. and 45 in san jose. tomorrow night into friday morning, we're going to see some 30s as the winds relax. that cold air will settle down to the ground. here's the setup in the skies above us. we have a weak area of low pressure which is passing by to the north. as that moves through, the wind will get enhanced once again tomorrow. i would call yesterday windy. i would call today breezy. tomorrow may be borderline windy once again so we will stay breezy to windy and mild and these troughs are not giving us any rainfall yet. rain chance enters the forecast for easter sunday. and a few more after that. let's talk more about the wind overnight tonight. we'll stop the clock. san rafael, san francisco,fairfield and napa with 20 to 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts overnight tonight. so we're clear, windy tonight. we're sunny and mild through
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friday with some significant weather changes coming easter weekend as high pressure parks itself way offshore. there will be a series of weather systems that come through giving us the chance of rain for three straight days starting sunday. highs tomorrow generally in the low 70s. san jose 72. redwood city 72. livermore 70. san rafael 71. napa your high 73. san francisco one degree shy of that 70-degree mark. look at the extended forecast for the first time since february, we have three different days with the rain chance. now, it's not going to be thursday, friday or saturday. highs will be 70s inland, 60s near the bay, 50s and 60s at the coast. easter sunday, don't cancel any outdoor plans. don't cancel the easter egg hunt but plan on a few showers around. and also markedly cooler. barely into the 60s. monday and tuesday, more showers with highs in the mid- 60s and we will not dry out until wednesday. lafayette reservoir, it is a beautiful fine afternoon but frankly, we have had too many of these beautiful fine afternoons. we live in california. we love sunshine. sunshine is great.
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but that's all we have had for four straight winters so we need sunshine mixed with rainfall. thankfully this seven-day forecast we'll see that. rain moving in on easter. guys, back to you. >> going to feel very refreshing. >> thank you. it's about to get a lot more convenient to stock up on household items thanks to amazon's new dash button. basically attach the button to your favorite products like maxwell house coffee or bounty paper towels. when you run low, just press the button and amazon will automatically order you more. right now you have to request an invitation to sign up for the service. >> easier to spend your money. history making road trip that started in san francisco just ended on the other side of the country. and the cool part, the car drove a lot of the way by itself.
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from san francisco to new york a driverless car completed a success cross-country trip. the vehicle pulled into new york after a 3500-mile journey. for most of the trip that car was driving itself. it use gps, sensors and cameras to steer through traffic and brake on its own. >> the car actually handled extremely well. it slowed down near other car, following the lane lines. >> the path to total autonomy on the road faces, well, you might say a major roadblock. most states have yet to pass legislation that would make self-driving cars street legal. there are also questions about insurance coverage in a self- driving accident. speaking of high-tech travel, here's a new reason to fight over that window seat the next time you fly. airbus has filed a patent for a new smart window. the interactive display will allow passengers to simply tap
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the touchscreen to learn more about the landmarks below. and some peace of mind for airline passengers traveling with pets. delta just rolled out a new gps service to keep track of animals in the cargo area. it can monitor their location, the temperature and other conditions. the costs $50 per flight. >> cheap insurance for some. >> absolutely. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news," scott pelley is in new york. scott. >> - >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. we are going to begin the broadcast with the historic water restrictions being instituted in california because of your devastating drought. we'll also have arkansas's governor taking a second look at the state's controversial religious freedom bill and he's making music from abandoned buildings, we'll show you how he does it tonight on the western edition of the "cbs
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i'm kpix 5's veronica de la cruz. new at 6:00 tonight, imagine new luxury apartments on this prime piece of real estate. the city says that would help solve its debt problem. but it won't happen without a fight. and new keys to a new life. how these families just hit the housing jackpot. join us for that and more tonight at 6:00. allen, i will see you then. >> see you in 30 minutes. boy that family is lucky. >> very. >> winning the lottery. thanks for watching. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. and remember the latest news
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and weather are always on our website, >> pelley: another governor gives in to pressure, including from his own family, to change legislation that critics call anti-gay. also tonight, school teachers caught cheating could be headed for detention behind bars. california takes historic action as the drought worsens. and the musical treasure found hidden in the walls of a great american city. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. today the drought forced california's governor to order mandatory water restrictions for the first time ever. nearly all of california is in


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