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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 1, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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median with vegetation on our roads and highways, it affects all of that all sorts of institutions. >> here's what it means. everyone has to cut back on their water use by 25%. local agencies will have to enforced tiered water pricing to charge higher rates as more water is used. there will also be a statewide consumer rebate program for people to replace appliances with water efficient models. >> the drought is so bad, one california community is actually running out of water. lake don pedro is about three hours east of san francisco in the sierra foothills. new at 6:00, the drastic measures the small community may have to take. >> we have 2500 in population. it's actually 1400 and 50 homes. >> reporter: lagrange is the kind of place where it's easy to feel 1,000 miles from anywhere but in these quiet sierra foothills it's impossible to escape the drought. >> comes from lake mcclure
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right out of yosemite national park snow melt and rain runoff into the reservoir. >> reporter: all you have to do is look at the lake to understand how bad things are. >> this is incredible. i can tell you. i been coming here for the last 20 years and this is the worst i ever seen. >> reporter: in fact, the water is so low, that you can look right through the old railroad tunnels that used to make for catfish habitats. but the bigger problem? the water line will soon drop below the pumps themselves meaning the people here will simply run out of water. >> we're counting back from about mid to late august of this year. >> reporter: plan a is cutting releases to nearby waterways. but that would mean getting relief from the state. >> a lot of what ifs whenever you're dealing with the state water board. >> reporter: plan b is digging deeper for ground water which costs time and money this community doesn't have. >> we're right in between two of the major reservoirs in the state of california and we're going to run out of water?!
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that's really ironic! >> reporter: from here, the problems just run downstream to the parched fields of the valley where farmers have their demands. caught in the middle are the fish who depend on healthy rivers and creeks. a tangled complicated mess that's really just a new reality as the drought bears down even harder. >> statewide, i think the whole picture is going to change. >> there's something going on. we all need to wake up. and what are we going to do with this? >> coming up at 6:30, more on the new drought restrictions and how some bay area communities who have already had to cut back are trying to adjust. a big fight is brewing over a prime piece of real estate in oakland. the empty lot on east 12th street sits right across the street from lake merritt. a developer wants to build a luxury apartment tower here. new at 6:00 kpix 5's da lin with those who are asking, what about housing for the average guy? da? >> reporter: allen, that's right. the city wants to sell a piece of prime real estate to a
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developer so he can build market rate housing but neighbors are packing this planning commission meeting to voice their frustration and opposition. this one acre plot is the most valuable piece of land in the heart of oakland. it's next to bart, downtown and lake merritt. >> lake merritt is the jewel of oakland. this piece is sitting at the very tip-top on the crown of the jewel. >> reporter: taxpayers paid for the land but the city wants to bridge its budget deficit by selling it to developer michael johnson, for $4.6 million. >> we are going to be building 298 units in a 24-story building, um, it's a combination of studio, one- and two-bedroom units. >> reporter: problem is, the average rent is $3,100 a month. >> it's public land. it should be for the public good. >> reporter: dozens of long- time neighbors like monika garcia are trying to stop the sale saying the high-priced units will only deeper the
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affordable housing crisis. >> it's outrageous. 75% of the people in this neighborhood are classified as low income. >> reporter: but the developer says the project will create construction jobs and tax revenue for oakland. he even started an online petition to win support saying his rents are cheaper than san francisco. >> there's more people attracted to the city. we need to provide housing at various different ranges of affordability. >> reporter: maybe libby schaaf says oakland needs all kind of new housing including luxury housing. the mayor plans to use the profit from the development to pay for affordable housing elsewhere. >> i'm very focused on moving this project forward because we cannot wait to build more housing in oakland. we have a shortage problem. >> this is housing but it's housing not for oaklanders. it's housing in the wrong direction. >> reporter: after this planning commission meeting, the city council will pick it up on april 21 to vote on whether or not to sell the land
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to the developer. those neighbors say they will be back for that meeting and protest at that -- they will protest at that meeting, as well. live at oakland city hall, i'm da lin, kpix 5. also, critics claim the city hasn't been very transparent about selling that piece of land. the deal was worked out back in 2012 but many are saying they just found out three months ago. oakland's coliseum city plan is taking a step forward. the oakland city council passed several environmental and planning measures. now, this is going to clear the way for a developer to come in. but the coliseum city still needs signed deals with the raiders and the a's and a financing plan before shovels can go into the ground. the investor backing the deal needs to present a plan by the middle of august. two united airlines flights had to turn back after taking off from sfo today. the first plane was headed for calgary but returned 30 minutes later because of the smell of smoke in the cabin. the second plane was bound for boston when it turned back because of a sick flight
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attendant. that person was transported to the hospital. mineta san jose airport dealing with another security breach. kpix 5's keit do on the woman who made her way onto the airfield. >> reporter: another month another fence-jumper here at the airport in san jose. this is now the fifth security breach in less than a year. that's more than any other airport in the country. deanna perdole looks like she had been crying in her mugshot. she had just got nene a fight with san jose police -- gotten into a fight with san jose preliminaries. at 5:15 yesterday evening a u.p.s. employee spotted the 20-year- old woman walking along the southern fence and called police. when officers tried to take her into custody, she fought back and had to be subdued. it's unknown what her motive was or how long she was inside the perimeter. >> is that the embarrassing? >> it's -- it's concerning. but it also is -- continues to motivate us to ensure that we have the safest airport possible. >> reporter: mineta san jose is
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a frequent target of security breaches starting when this teenager yahye abdi hopped the fence and stowed away in the wheel well of a jet to maui a year ago. since then it's been a bizarre series of incidents ranging from bypassing tsa security to a suspect stealing an airport truck. do you feel like this is the new normal? >> the new normal in terms of? >> people jumping fences all the time? >> that this is detecting and deterring people that want to scale our fence line is something that's always a primary concern for us. >> reporter: the airport says the current 6-foot-high fence with barbed wire meets faa standards but they are pushing for a taller fence. they are also testing the use of cameras, radar and motion sensors. as for that woman yesterday, she has been booked into the jail on charges of trespassing and resisting arrest. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. one of the infamous chowchilla kidnappers has been granted parole. he needs to go through an
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internal review and the governor has to sign off. he and two other men hijacked a bus near chowchilla in 1976. there were 26 children on board. they then held them captive in an underground bunker near livermore. but the bus driver and children dug their way out and schoenfeld and his accomplices were caught. schoenfeld pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison. fire officials think squatters started a house fire in atherton early this morning. flames tore through the entire home. firefighters had to work from the outside because they were afraid the floor could collapse. the home was abandoned. the fire chief says this isn't the first time a suspicious fire has started there. in san francisco, you can't miss 'em. the homeless just about every place you look. but the city is trying something new to get as many of them off the streets at once. new at 6:00 phil matier with the new direction that san francisco is going. phil. >> reporter: that's right. they are making another stab at trying to deal with what's becoming, well, one of the most common sights you see when you
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come to san francisco. but it's a sight that the city officials would just as soon see gone. here's the story. [ bell tolls ] >> reporter: from the scenic waterfront to the steps of city hall, they have become the new symbol for the city of san francisco. visit a city park, take your kids to the library -- >> why is san francisco like that? and why has it been like that for such a long time? it's not getting any better. >> reporter: andy montoya is one of a dozen homeless who have been camping across the street from the ferry building since november. >> it's all they do is [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: how many camping tickets have you gotten? >> four? i think? three or four. >> reporter: what do you do with them? >> i throw them away. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the city spends over $167 million a year on homeless programs. the latest is a new navigation center that just opened this week. >> a lot of things that don't work for people in shelter are very different here. >> i wouldn't leave my dog behind. >> reporter: you could never
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house them all. >> that's a challenge, phil. that's a challenge for our city, oakland, every city in the country. >> reporter: why can't you just say enough's enough, move on! >> well, in certain areas, we have to say that we are going to have to change the character of that neighborhood make it more positive. >> reporter: and this morning after four months the police did tell the ferry campers it was time to go. >> it's an eyesore, sure. >> reporter: so move, they did. right across the street. >> if they don't want them to have to see us, they don't want to see homeless people. >> reporter: and i'm going to tell ya, this evening they're moving back. it just goes to show that in san francisco, when it comes to the homeless, about the only move city officials have been able to make so far is moving them around. they are trying to get more housing. they have the new navigation center. but the mayor said, these scenes continue and the tourist industry is unhappy. phil matier, kpix 5. this is something you might
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not expect people in one san francisco neighborhood want to get rid of parking spots. residents say a stretch of eddy street in the tenderloin is a hot bet for drug dealing. they have a petition to eliminate all parking between taylor and mason street because it's a hotbed for drug deeming. the city removed parking on a stretch of turk street after a survey said it was one of the most violent parts of san francisco. well, still ahead, backing up their fellow officers. the new show of support for the san jose police department mourning the loss of one of their own. >> for us, it's just yardwork but wildlife experts say trimming your trees now could have dire consequences. >> we are 93 days into the calendar year. it has rained in the bay area 5:00 times. here's another number for you. over the next 7 days it will rain three times. find out when the wet pattern begins live coming up. >> and eating healthy. easier said than done, of course, especially when you're busy. one company's new plan to give
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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tomorrow, thousands of people will gather to mourn fallen san jose police officer michael johnson. bay area police agencies will be stepping in to cover for the san jose officers as they attend memorial services. kpix 5's elizabeth cook is in the newsroom with the planned tribute. >> reporter: allen, officer michael johnson will be laid to rest tomorrow after being killed in the line of duty last week. he was responding to a call about a suicidal man when he was ambushed by the suspect. the motorcade for officer johnson's body will start in los gatos along north santa cruz avenue continuing to winchester and stevens creek boulevard before arriving at the s.a.p. center in san jose where thousands will gather to honor, remember and celebrate the life
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of officer johnson. final preparations at s.a.p. center will be under way in just a couple of hours. meanwhile, the memorial of flowers, candles and cards is growing outside the san jose police department. mourners added to it today one dropping off a wreath of flowers. several others showed up to pay their respects. police officers all across the country are expected to attend tomorrow's event. we'll have live coverage of the procession and services starting at 10 a.m. and we'll have a complete wrap- up tomorrow at 5:00 and 6:00. veronica, back to you. >> thank you. one of the south bay's busiest emergency rooms just got bigger. regional medical center's expanded emergency department is finally open. the three-year project added trauma and treatment rooms as well as specialized cardiac rooms. the $350 million expansion is supposed to make it more efficient. it will also help it keep up with an increase in patients. >> so now we have the facilities that really allow our clinicians to -- to -- to do their work in a better
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setting, more advanced equipment in the emergency department, and so it really just supports our programs. >> they are already talking about adding at least two more floors to the hospital. google has a new office building and it's not the typical one you might expect. the tech giant took over moffett field in mountain view today. inside some of those giants hangars some cool things going to happen. google says scientists will testing is called a high altitude internet balloon. they are also going to develop robots and drones. google signed a 60 year lease deal with nasa for just over $1 billion. south san francisco's big vision for a new downtown is taking shape. a developer is ready to build housing complexes at four spots. just needs city approval. everything would go near the brand-new caltrain station. that project would add more than 250 units. south city's master plan includes adding 1400 housing units over the next 20 years as well as retail space. be careful where you cut
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when trimming trees this spring. new at 6:00 don ford explains how spring cleaning can affect wildlife. reporter: this baby gray squirrel barely survived its first month alive. >> it still has a bloody nose and broke two teeth. >> reporter: high in a tree his nest was accidentsly cut down by tree trimmers. lots of squirrels are ending up like him. >> this is happening throughout the bay area. >> reporter: spring is when most folks trim trees. it's also nesting season for lots of animals, not just squirrels. >> hawks, owls, squirrels, racoons, skunks, everybody is having babies right now. >> these baby squirrels just came in. >> reporter: wild care says getting more squirrels every day. >> we typically treat about 200 a year. >> reporter: many tree companies are on high alert for wildlife and some jobs have been touchy. have you ever had the owners who say just cut it down!
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>> yes. a lot of people will do that and, you know, it's our job to try and educate them. we're just saying look this is not -- we're not there. >> reporter: small world tree service says most folks like the owner of this house value protecting wildlife. even delaying pruning until late summer. in marin county, don ford, kpix 5. well, it's so warm that several recreation areas near lake tahoe have opened more than a month ahead of schedule. usually they don't open until the middle of may because there is no snow though, officials deciding to make today opening day. however, the u.s. forest service does say it's not going to have those sites fully staffed for quite a bit so that's going to mean that the water might not be turned on and those restrooms might not be cleaned. let's go outside for a look at our forecast. we find chief meteorologist paul deanno. paul. >> reporter: and we're talking about tahoe, yes. kind of crazy. you can go to tahoe this weekend and go mountain biking and not skiing. the weather is more conducive for that. i'm standing in beautiful
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lafayette and i'm standing next to the exception not the rule. we are talking about statewide water restrictions which began today because our reservoir levels are low, our snowpack is nearly nonexistent. the lafayette reservoir is 84% of capacity. if every reservoir in the state was that high we wouldn't have a problem. but we have problems. there is rain in the extended forecast three days with a chance of rainfall. highs didn't hit 70. santa rosa 69. concord 68. morgan hill 66. fremont 66. san jose 65. san francisco 61. believe it or not, baseball albeit exhibition baseball but it's our two teams the giants and a's, the first of three exhibition games at&t park for the first two, tomorrow night, 57 degrees for your first pitch temperature. it will be breezy and cool. but then again, so will the entire summer. highs around the region for tomorrow redding if you are traveling up north on i-5 mostly sunny 69 degrees. if you are heading to yosemite
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lucky you mostly sunny 65. and sacramento 72 degrees tomorrow for our state capital. weak area of low pressure passing through much like a couple of days ago. all it will do is increase the wind. it won't give us any rainfall. so tomorrow breezier than today so we'll call it breezy and mild tomorrow with highs hugging 70. san rafael 71. cord, oakland, san jose 72, concord, too. i have to spend some time showing you the extended forecast. easter sunday our forecast turns on a dime! markedly cooler, much cloudier, with a chance of rain. don't cancel any easter egg hunts but it will be showery on sunday with highs only in the 50s and 60s and a chance of showers also exists on monday and tuesday. so a wetter pattern really for the first time this year will be starting on easter sunday and that's not an april fool's joke. it is a beautiful moonrise as we are waiting for the sunset in lafayette. that's lafayette reservoir the
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a great waxing gibbous full moon about two days a washington it's a fine evening to be outside. really -- full moon about two days away. it's a fine evening to be outside. really a nice day for a stroll. guys, this is good news, the pattern is going to change and at least early april will start off wet. wet. such a simple word that we haven't used that much, wet starting this weekend. back to you. >> thank you. >> not like waxing gibbous. wet i can understand. [ laughter ] straight ahead changing the way we think about fast food. one company's mission
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okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity...
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oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. union city, hayward, san leandro, albany and el cerrito will now have a 10% sales tax up from 9.5. that hike was approved by voters in each one of those cities last year. well, fast food is getting
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a healthy makeover in oakland. a new restaurant is about to open and it will have nothing but produce. kpix 5's john ramos with who it's going to cater to. >> reporter: at mandela foods in oakland they have everything you need to prepare a delicious healthy meal. but would you really consider this lunch? >> all of now that fresh fruits and vegetables are the healthiest things to eat but most of us don't do it. >> reporter: cory wants to change that. so he is creating the core kitchen at oakland citycenter in what was once ironically a hot dog stand. but at his lunch-only restaurant there won't be a weiner to be found. >> so every, single thing on the menu is made from 100% produce. just fruits and vegetables. >> reporter: he thinks people will eat healthy if it's delicious. so he will be serving up lettuce wrapped burritos and veggie kabobs all with fresh greens exotic sauces and large helping of imagination. >> we take the pepper, we cut it in half, divide it, and then
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it turns it into a taco shell. >> reporter: the idea is to attract oakland's growing foodie crowd but he says everyone can benefit from healthier eating and hopes the public will be willing to reconsiderate usual noontime gut bomb. >> you have to walk in the front door expecting something that's brand-new. not expecting something to taste like a burger because we're not trying to do that. you have to challenge yourself to reset a little bit but it's the best investment you can ever make is an investment in your own health. >> reporter: they are scheduled to open in august. the goal is to create fast food that will help people live a long time. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> core kitchen is raising startup money with a kickstarter campaign. donors will essentially prepay for meals at a 25% discount. >> love that idea. >> i actually do. yeah. coming up in our next half- hour, getting the water saving message as the governor demands cuts statewide. see how some communities are
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already making it work. >> new keys to a new life. how these families just hit the bay area housing jackpot. >> and much more than fetch and roll over. this shelter dog's very specia
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a developer wants to build a luxury apartment tower across from lake merritt in oakland. taxpayers paid for the land. neighbors say it should be used for affordable housing. in san francisco, the city is trying a new tactic to get as many homeless off the street as possible. it's opened what it calls a navigation center that can house up to 75 people at a time. the shelter allows the home throws bring in all their belongings including pets and shopping carts. california's drought is prompting historic water restrictions. for the first time since 1942, there was no snow to measure at today's sierra snow survey. governor brown signed an
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executive order for 25% water cutbacks statewide. kpix 5's ann notarangelo reports. >> reporter: here in the tri- valley, they have already reduced their water usage by 25%. it hasn't been easy. some people have been fined but there's proof it can be done. >> everybody seems to be getting on board and contributing to the effort to reduce water use. >> reporter: it made headlines last year when the dublin-san ramon services district mandated a 25% water reduction for its customers and got it with fines up to $1,000 for repeat offenders, people started cutting back on water from their faucets. and they stepped up their use of recycled water for landscaping. 23% of their water here is recycled. the water district thinks statewide we can meet the governor's goals to replace 50 million square feet of lawns with drought-tolerant landscaping. golf courses, cemeteries and campuses will be required to make significant cuts in water use. and new home landscaping will
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also have to be water-wise. to help out consumers, there will be a statewide rebate program to help people replace their old appliances with more water and energy-efficient models. but even the people who have been doing it for a year now say, well, it can be done, it's not easy. is it drastic? >> it felt like it. i don't know how much longer people are going to want to keep doing this. >> the people -- excuse me, the governor is asking people to start conserving more water immediately but formal restrictions won't take effect until sometime in may. in pleasanton ann notarangelo, kpix 5. a bizarre crime at stanford. a grad student is accused of poisoning several classmates. kpix 5's len ramirez tells us, jealousy may having tong do with it. >> reporter: -- something to do with it. >> reporter: 25-year-old xiang yu ouyang allegedly poisoned four lab mates by contaminating
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drinking water bottles with cancer-causing chemical paraformaldehyde. >> i never heard something so extreme. >> reporter: most stanford students are just hearing about it even though it happened last year. court documents say graduate students doing stem cell research in the lorry lokey building near the stanford medical center began smelling par formaldehyde when they drank from their water bottles during september and october of 2014. some ingested enough to give them burning in their mouths and throats. all the victims are women. they began to suspect ouyang when she was spotted and photographed in stem cell incubators where she didn't belong. at the same time, students tell investigators their stem cells began dying mysteriously. ouyang was described by her lab mates and quiet and shy, unsure of herself and stressed out and although she attended group functions and parties she admitted to the others that she envied them for having boyfriends and a social life away from school.
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>> doing research is stressful. and it can make people uber competitive and i think that can cause all sorts of strange behaviors but this one is particularly extreme. >> reporter: this afternoon i spoke to ouyang's attorney who told me she has not entered a plea in the case but spoke to investigators earlier and she admitted that she did some bad things but not consciously, she said it was not herself. at stanford, len ramirez, kpix 5. a scare at palo alto high school. a teacher is recovering tonight after getting burned during a science experiment. the fire was out by the time firefighters got to the campus and no students were hurt but the teacher has first- and second-degree burns. but is expected to recover. no word on exactly what went wrong with the experiment. 18 families have hit the jackpot. cate caugiran reports they didn't win money be scored brand-new housing in a very
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tough market. >> reporter: a fully stocked refrigerate, a clean space to work, things most of us take for granted but not single mother lydia flores. >> the flores family, your keys. >> reporter: she got the keys on unlocking the door a new life a rent subsidized apartment in san francisco's financial district. home used to be a single room occupancy hotel or sro where lydia struggled to keep her children safe from nearby drug abusers living in a space where dirty communal bathrooms were the norm. [ speaking spanish ] >> i never felt safe in that place. >> reporter: moving into the broadway apartments was like winning the lottery. new floors, new appliances, a safer place for fatima to grow up in. [ speaking spanish ] >> the moment i came here to sign the lease i just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: lydia has come a long way surviving sexual assault, domestic violence, along with the grueling selection process and five-year wait to get one of the 18 affordable housing units.
6:35 pm
eligible families can't make more than $20,000 a year, lydia will pay just $200 a month to live here. [ speaking spanish ] >> everything is changing in this new environment. our appetite is better. we're able to sleep better. >> reporter: right now, there are at least 600 families living in san francisco. ros in need of better homes. in the last decade, only 40 units like this have become available for families like lydia's. >> it's too long. >> reporter: a probable san francisco mayor lee acknowledges. >> it feels like these new high- rises are popping up faster than affordable units. what would you say is the biggest roadblock for you and your administration? >> i think it's finding the land. i think we're figuring out the financing now. >> reporter: but ther issue is time one the mayor is trying to get ahead of. for now lydia's best advice to other families? [ speaking spanish ] >> my message is that it is really important to be persistent. you're always going to encounter a lot of people that tend to put you down. you just need to hang in there because you have to look after your kids. >> reporter: in san francisco,
6:36 pm
cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> mayor lee says he plans to introduce a proposal for a housing bond in november to help speed up building more affordable housing in the city. >> boy do we need it five-year wait, that's unbelievable. coming up most kids can't wait for that bell to ring signalling that school is out. but these students want to stay in class. thanks to some hands on learning and a very special mentor, his story is coming up. >> plus she adopted a dog and got a whole lot more. how one woman's new
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firefighters in the east bay found an injured golden eagle sitting on a sidewalk right in front of their station. the bird has a head injury and might be sick, too. but firefighters did notice it was weak so they captured it. the eagle is being treated at a wildlife hospital it might have
6:39 pm
eaten animals that ingested rat poison. a northern california woman has a pet that warns her when she is about to have a seizures periodically because of a spinal cord injury. one day the dog started barking to get her attention, usually quiet. >> i didn't know what was going on. i was, you know, thought maybe something was wrong with him. and about 10, 15 minutes later, i had a seizure. >> danielle says it wasn't a one-time thing. she said it happened eight times in less than two months. doctors say the dog senses the hormones that are released before a seizure. building robots and building character. the big lessons students are learning coming up. >> it has been nearly two months since we have had one rain event with a tenth of an
6:40 pm
an inch of rainfall. that's super dry but guess what. we have three chances at one of those rain event. that's coming up in the forecast looking live toward the golden gate. no rain tonight. but there is rain in my seven- day forecast. we'll have it for you next. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, an ex-warriors pledge to the big apple. >> i think it's really important that we dominate new york. >> the sharks, they haven't dominated anybody. but -- >> we're not out of it. >> -- the sharks aren't the only ones who have
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well, right now in san francisco, state attorney general kamala harris is kicking off her campaign for u.s. senate. tonight, we ask, why is she the only one running for barbara boxer's seat? i'll have that and much more tonight on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. some south bay high school students are getting engineering lessons that will carry them far outside the classroom. elizabeth cook here to explain. >> that's right. it's incredible. >> reporter: it's all thanks to this week's jefferson award winner. a teacher who spends almost as
6:44 pm
many hours volunteering with students after class as he does working during the schoolday. it's not your typical after- school program. instead of racing home after the bell rings, these cupertino high school students are choosing to spend hours after school building robots leading ai group of young electrical engineers mentor and teacher charles williams. >> we're really building students. we're building people. this has a -- >> reporter: in addition to teaching advanced physics and math, charles volunteers anywhere from 12 to 30 hours a week with the robotics program. >> we are giving them opportunities to learn about themselves, opportunities to grow, opportunities to see the importance of learning to work with other people, learning to cooperate with other people, resolving conflicts. >> reporter: alex lo has been building robots with charles for three years. >> it's not just about building the robot. it's also about how can we make our communities better.
6:45 pm
how can we become better leaders? how can we better citizens? >> reporter: while they're building machines, they're also learning a very human lesson. how to deal with something that most students will do anything to avoid. failure. >> our students have a tendency to be very successful and so they have not had the experience many of them of actually trying something and not having it work. >> so let me build something and it breaks, we just try to accept it. we don't try to do the same thing again. >> reporter: and the proof is in the results. many of williams' students go off to become engineers and physicists for some of the biggest companies in the world. >> we can't be afraid to really dream big and that's really how he inspires us. it's always how can we push ourselves to make something better. >> reporter: for helping kids build confidence and success and a few robots along the way, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to charles williams. >> the robotics club has about
6:46 pm
100 members. it's divided up into five teams that compete in challenges around northern california. >> the robotics clubs are really amazing because the kids are so inspired and they are usually led by a parent or teacher volunteering his time. it's fantastic stuff. >> he started in tech and was an engineering professor at stanford so he is really -- >> how rewarding is that? >> amazing. what a gift. >> great story. thanks. and you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at time now for a look at weather. paul deanno live for us in lafayette. >> wait, where are you going? >> where are you going to go, ball? >> mobile weather lab has heated seats. you know? highs only in the 60s today. so hanging out inside. if you are not working, telling people about the weather, you might be doing this. you might be on the path here enjoying a walk or a stroll with your dog or maybe a jog. i'm here at the lafayette reservoir one of the best spots in the east bay if you want a
6:47 pm
level walk around the bay. it's cooler but weather not an impediment to being outside. these days have been nice to get outside. today another nice day to get outdoors. san bruno 58. oakland 62. livermore 62. san francisco up a degree over the past hour at 59. san jose checking in at 62 and santa rosa 66 degrees. it will get chilly tonight as the winds relax and it's a cool air mass coming down from canada. we'll see widespread low 40s in the east bay and north bay including santa rosa at 42. 45 in san jose. livermore you'll be chilly 42. concord 46. san francisco even you will dip down for an hour or two below 50. here's the setup. we don't have a huge ridge of high pressure over us like we have had most of the winter. now that we're in april the pattern is changing and weak low pressure areas are moving in from the north. not strong enough not close enough to give us rainfall yet. that will change on easter but we'll see an increase in the
6:48 pm
wind once again tomorrow. we'll call it breezy and mild higher elevations it will be another windy day tomorrow. futurecast we can show you not only where the rain is but how strong the wind will be. and we'll see gusts upward of 30 miles per hour in places like san rafael, san francisco, fairfield and napa. overnight tonight and especially for the first half of tomorrow. so what to expect moving forward? we're clear tonight with gusty winds. it will be sunny and mild tomorrow and friday. the two warmest days before the pattern begins to change. cooler and cloudier saturday. and rain, rain showers are possible on easter sunday and also beyond. let's take a tour for your highs tomorrow. everybody close to 70: >> the first half of the
6:49 pm
extended forecast is exactly what we have had for the past three or four months. the second half of the extended forecast is a pattern change unlike anything we have seen on the calendar year where we have back-to-back-to-back rain chances. 0 for january, 0 for march but now that we hit april, we are talking about rain chances moving in. easter sunday and monday and tuesday. all with the chance of
6:50 pm
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if you watch this sportscast often you know we like to cite presidential references. today chris mullin's introductory press conference legendary hoops coach lou carnesecca beat me to the punch. >> i'm not going to say that mo got a lot of apron. president eisenhower after winning world war ii didn't get that much [ indiscernible ] >> how do you like it? you know, mullin got the hero's welcome at his alma mater just like harbaugh at michigan. one fan screamed out that mullin is the messiah. he doesn't have to walk on water. he just got to resurrect a basketball team and it starts with anointing some prized disciples. >> kids probably know me from
6:53 pm
videogames. [ laughter ] i see hear a lot just walking around town, i played you on this game. you scored 35 points. [ laughter ] >> says well, i wasn't that good but makes me feel good. guarantee you, you'll see me in the public school gyms and the catholic school gyms and at u gyms all over new york city. you don't have to tell me where they are. i played at all of them. i know how to get in the back doors. if not i know the janitor in the gym. i'm going to get there. think it's really important that we dominate new york. >> his old team beat the clippers last night to win 3 games to one in the series. golden state fans turned the staples center into oracle south. >> i love our crowd tonight for the most part. i didn't like their crowd. >> yes. steph curry gave them plenty to cheer about when he unleashed a crossover on chris paul and the
6:54 pm
warriors bench couldn't contain themselves. it turned social media into a frenzy. photo shopping skills on full display. here's paul doing his best tony hawk impression. even paul reposted this one of him playing twister. and, of course, the tnt guys got in the fun with shaq playing the role of chris paul. [ laughter ] >> no laughing matter in san jose where the sharks will host the avalanche and their play- off lives are on the line. ♪[ music ]♪ >> the sharks find themselves in the same position trying to convince anyone who will listen that despite being 8 points behind the flames with 6 games to go, their post-season hopes aren't dead yet. >> we're not out of it yet. still not out of it. but, um, you know, there's people probably watching and
6:55 pm
reading and going this guy's nuts but who knows? we'll see. >> a's and angels portman with his second home run of the spring. oakland beat l.a. 4-1 to wrap up its cactus league schedule. if you have been keeping track they are 21-9. the best in baseball. giants wrapped up their stay in scottsdale 5-2 win over the indians. madison baumgarner allowed one run over four innings. the next time he will take the mound is going to be opening day in arizona monday. pacers star paul george has missed the entire season with a broken leg. that has not stopped him from competing in another sport. >> good night, that is a huge fish!! >> that might be a little bit of a stretch. i wouldn't say it's a huge -- but george pulled in a crappy and it was exciting enough to post it on instagram. he becomes our first celebrity to crack the catch of the day line-up. you think you can do better?
6:56 pm
i'm sure you can than george. send us your pictures to catch of the day at and finally, we are going to go across the pond where one horse felt the jockey should also have to clear the hurdle. he goes airborne lands hard. he would walk off on his own power amazingly and avoid any serious injury. this was just his fifth professional ride, mount. and so i looked up on his biography and it said, pain is temporary. victory is forever. >> he better go back and change that. >> no kidding. >> thank you. thanks so much. for news throughout the evening the latest is always on >> join
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! steve: let's go. let's go. come on, let's go, danny. let's go, baby. good, good. how y'all? i appreciate it. thank you very much. thank you very much. i do. i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,950 bucks from san diego, california it's the champs. it's the circuit family. [cheering and applause] and from marietta, georgia it's the willis family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and hopefully drive away in a brand-new, head-turning ford fusion hybrid.
7:00 pm
let's play. give me april, give me stacy. let's go. ladies, top 6 answers on the board. a wife might say to her husband, "ok, if you're gonna wear a speedo to the beach, i'm gonna wear" what? april. >> nothing. steve: nothing. >> g-string. steve: g-string. >> play. >> we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. chris, how you feeling today? >> i'm feeling good. steve: all right, a wife might say to her husband, "ok, you gonna wear a speedo to the beach, i'm gonna wear" what? >> a muumuu. >> that's good. steve: i'm gonna wear a muumuu. darci--i'd have never got that. i would have never, not in a million years. darci wife might say to her husband,


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