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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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kiet do at san jose police headquarters with the latest. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. in about an hour here we'll see the true meaning of the brotherhood of police. that is when deputies and officers from all over the region begin arriving here at san jose police headquarters to take over and patrol this city while san jose police officers attend the funeral of michael johnson. we are told that these law enforcement officers will be riding two-man, one of them will be driving, the other one will be navigating these unfamiliar streets. when these officers arrive, this is what they will see, a memorial that grows larger by the day now stretching more than 40 feet long flooded with children's letters, flowers and candles and officers have been returning to this memorial while off duty often bringing with them their families. they told me that they are shocked by all this. deeply touched by the public outpouring of support. now, this was the scene yesterday at s.a.p. center where crews sent the day setting up for the funeral. they are expecting anywhere from 4,000 to 7,000 people to attend today. throughout this entire week,
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stories are emerging of officer michael johnson's warmth and kindness and dedication of service. this woman's son was steered away from a life of gangs. would you say that officer johnson saved your son's life? >> i would say so. just like every day he put on that badge. >> reporter: angela is singing amazing great today during the funeral -- amazing grace today during the funeral. there are going to be a number of rolling street closures as the procession passes through. the motorcade will start at north santa cruz avenue. you can see the procession. 6:15 north santa cruz avenue and expect traffic tie-ups on the route. the procession will head north
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on winchester boulevard actually crossing through downtown campbell on its way to the s.a.p. center in downtown san jose. so mass transit might be your best bet. , the caltrain station diridon station there's also vta, caltrain. back to you guys. >> thank you. we are going to have live coverage of the funeral procession and the services starting at 10 a.m. if you are away from your tv watch online at breaking news an earthquake jolted parts of the east bay this morning. it struck shortly after midnight and had a magnitude of 3.6 about a mile northwest of san ra mole. it woke up people. no injuries or damages. andrew bogut took to twitter and said earthquake! and then, with as much trouble as this newly built house i'm
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in, i'm just happy it's still standing. he added hopefully the next earthquake takes out the oak tree in my backyard that the city won't let me touch. there you go, andrew the earthquake specialist. >> i woke up. things were rattling in the house. i said what's that? someone's in the house? earthquake. >> then back to sleep. >> your proximity to san ramon roughly how many miles? >> i'm in martinez so not too far away. >> i'm roughly about 11 miles away in pleasanton but i'm on the hayward fault. that was the calaveras fault that was shaking. that has more of a jog to the right slip there. so that's why you guys felt it and i didn't. but my dog barked and i woke up and said what you want? go back t bed, i have another hour of sleep! [ laughter ] temperatures into the 50s. we have 40s to the north of the bay bridge also 40s right around pacifica, 40s to the north of the golden gate bridge, as well. later today slightly warmer than yesterday but most
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notably, less wind northwest 10 to 15 late day the easter forecast is straight ahead. seeing that congestion continuing through the altamont pass livermore valley, we really aren't seen too many hot spots in the last half-hour. drive times in the clear traveling 880 or the eastshore freeway. a lot of the overnight roadwork is wrapping up at 5:00 usually the deadline time for overnight roadwork including across the bay bridge no delay so far into san francisco. that's a live look at the toll plaza where the delays have actually cleared out now in the cash lanes. san mateo bridge traffic westbound roadwork has officially ended but east bound you will hit it between foster city boulevard and clawiter until 11 a.m. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. an extra bart track is expected to improve service on a heavily used line we'll tell pittsburg-bay point and -- between pittsburg-bay point and san francisco. a crossover track opened yesterday between pleasant hill and san francisco. trains moving with high speed
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can move on it and around problem trains. for the first time ever in california, the governor is calling for mandatory water reductions across the state. that's because most of the state is now in an extreme or exceptional drought. as allen martin reports, governor jerry brown made the announcement at echo summit where the state does its monthly snowpack measurement. >> reporter: governor brown would normally need snowshoes to walk on this section of the sierra. >> we're standing on dry grass. and we should be standing in five neat of snow. >> reporter: surveyors are seeing a record low snowpack 6% of normal. the melting snow is supposed to fill our rivers and reservoirs providing a third of our water. >> we're in an historic drought, and that demands unprecedented action. >> reporter: governor jerry brown's executive order to cut over ally water use by 25% -- overall water use by 25% will include a plan to replant california lawns with landscapes that don't need water, golf courses, cemeteries
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and campuses reducing their water usage. and brown is asking water agencies to raise rates to discourage waste. >> we're in a new era. the idea of your nice little green grass getting lots of water every day, that's going to be a thing of the past. >> reporter: allen martin, kpix 5. >> and you can find more drought saving tips on robert durst back to court today. his lawyers firing back against law enforcement agencies. lawyers for the millionaire real estate heir says the fbi illegally went through his trash for evidence to arrest him and they claim the new orleans police department helped cover it up. durst faces murder charges in l.a. an hbo documentary revealed that durst may have killed three people. one of the chowchilla kidnappers is close to getting out of jail. the parole board has approved the release of james schoenfeld. he and his brother and another man hijacked a school bus in 1976. they took the 26 children on board along with the bus driver
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hostage. they held them captive underground near livermore but the hostages dug their way out to freedom and the men were caught and sent to prison. a deputy d.a. spoke at the parole hearing yesterday. >> we're disappointed. we don't feel that the community is prepared to receive this inmate back in at this point. >> many who were abducted as children say they still suffer from fear and anxiety but some said they forgive him and they want to move on. schoenfeld says if he is released, he will move in with his mother and brother in mountain view. governor brown still has to sign off on his parole. 5:07. new jersey senator bob menendez is vowing to fight federal corruption charges. democratic senator is accused of accepting nearly a million dollars in unreported gifts and campaign contributions. investigators say his long-time friend gave him the money a doctor in florida. federal prosecutors say menendez used the power of his seat to support his friend's personal and financial
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interests. meanwhile, state lawmakers are busy tweaking the religious freedom bill in both indiana and arkansas. the bills were touted as a way to ensure people could conduct business based on their religious beliefs but critics say the bill could pave the way to discrimination against gays and lesbians. >> the question is removing the specter that's been raised of discrimination and denial of service facilities and other things so that's what we're focusing on. >> indiana state lawmakers could vote as soon as today to amend the law to include protections for gays and lesbians. time now 5:08. it's played by adults but now rugby is gaining interest from some east bay tots. the details coming up. >> and the warriors have been on fire this season. we all know that. the high-tech shorts that might have something to do with it. >> warriors are in town tonight against the phoenix suns. good morning, everybody! if you are going to be heading out to that game, we have that forecast plus rain, when to expect it, the details straight ahead. >> and we'll show you a live
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look right now at a very quiet richmond/san rafael bridge approach. you know, i am just getting word of a new accident on vasco in the east bay. we'll tell you more about that after the break. but first, we want we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air.
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rugby getting more popular in the u.s. especially as it will be reintroduced into the olympics next year first time since 1924. some toddlers in benicia and vallejo are learning how to play. st. dominic's elementary school is this week's "cool school"." reporter: rugby isn't a support we often see in the u.s. >> ready, yeah! >> reporter: it's very physical and gets a little rough sometimes. but these tots are having loads of fun learning how to play. >> yeah! >> it's so much fun. you get to hold the ball.
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i like playing with balls. >> reporter: nick an american raised in the uk got the idea to teach rugby watching the u.s. play new zealand last year. >> one of the reporters turned round and said the reason why the americans aren't so good at the rugby is because the new zealanders learn it from a very early age. >> reporter: so he bought the first rugby tots franchise in the u.s. and partnered with st. dominic's in benicia. now he teaches these preschoolers the core skills of rugby through play. >> yeah! >> do we remember how many points a try is worth? >> five! >> five, that's right! >> reporter: nick says it's the greatest team sport in the world. >> doesn't matter what size, shape, age, ability you are, there's always a position for you playing rugby. >> reporter: and his dream for these young rugby tots? >> to see some of the kids that we have been teaching today taking part of the 2029 world
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cup or the 2030 olympics and raising the gold medal for the u.s. >> good job, olivia, good job! >> and the cool thing, they have so much fun learning it. i still don't understand the game but -- >> i went to cal and some of my best friends have played on their national championship teams from years gone by. i still don't know the rules of rugby. >> i know. it's so confusing. >> i learned a little bit. a try is worth 5 points. >> but nick has rugby tots then hopes to do kids 7 to 11 next year. >> all right. well, hey, we want to hear from you, too. what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. well, there's a new type of wearable technology that's helping the warriors get the most out of their workouts. it's called at those compression shorts. they aren't just lycra. they are wired to tell you
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exactly how you're working out. the shorts have glut, quad and hamstring sensors built in along with a heart rate monitor believe it or not. those sensors send a bluetooth signal from the core device that snaps into the shorts right into your smartphone. >> the ability to track what muscles are doing in the gym on the court is such an advantage for injury prevention, efficient sir, muscle fatigue. the pro sports community has come out and support us tremendously. >> price of the shorts? 99 bucks. the core device to power it $199. >> so about $300. >> yeah. >> my shorts would say you're not doing enough. [ laughter ] >> get off your chair. work out. >> exactly. >> get off the couch! let's go outside. we have been relatively hot spot-free. i think a traffic tease that accident on vasco road, turns out it's in brentwood and it's partially blocking the intersection so we don't have sensors in the area so we can't
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tell how bad any kind of delay may be but again it's early so i'm not expecting make traffic delays northbound vasco at marsh creek though, there is an accident there. it must be at least partially blocking. we know crews are heading to the scene now. if you are continuing in antioch on highway 4 itself, a few delays not bad at this time of the morning hillcrest to "a" street. you can see a few brake lights but obviously the real commute where we see all the red sensors and it gets ugly for that stretch, that hasn't begun yet so everything is good there. golden gate bridge, about a half-hour ago maybe less than that we saw the zipper crews pass by. no delays coming into san francisco. westbound 580 out of tracy 205 sluggish and once you hit livermore valley everything slows down grinds to a halt to at least north flynn and the altamont pass. then sluggish i should say through the livermore valley
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then fine once you reach the dublin-pleasanton area. to the south bay now northbound 101 looks great from morgan hill. 280, 87, northbound 17 no delays through the santa cruz mountains. caltrans should have backed up their overnight roadwork southbound 880 south of where this camera is in san leandro between davis and marina. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. let's check the forecast with roberta. 95, liz, we have 95 weather watchers here at kpix 5. three are awake at this hour, yay! we have 44 degrees reported by keith rodriguez in san leandro. nice job there, keith. let's check out what this is right here. i bet that's linda. yes. linda is reporting 50 degrees in san rafael. and one more reading at this time. 56 degrees, brian, thanks for waking up with us in fremont
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this morning. around the area 40s and 50s. 45 degrees in santa rosa. winds have been picking up into interior sections of the bay area. winds at the coast 6. calm in san jose. towards the delta north winds at 14 miles per hour. 15 in novato at this moment. and those winds will pick up late day today but not as windy as it's been for the past 48 hours. when you see this right here, this is a shot of cold air that's worked its way into the bay area with the passage of that dry cold front. today with this area of low pressure to the north, high pressure right here, tight squeeze, northwest breeze again to 15 miles per hour. but meanwhile, a new area of low pressure moving in for easter will break open the storm door. a series of impulses moving into the bay area one by sunday afternoon in the north bay. one day at a time on this
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thursday. 56 in monterey bay. 73 redding. currently in the 20s going up to 52 in the greater lake tahoe area. our numbers will be slightly warmer than yesterday. 60s and low 70s few mid-70s outside number today right around, oh, 76 degrees. hearst the pollen report on the higher side -- here's the pollen report on the higher side today. check out the extended forecast: >> rain on sunday through tuesday. >> thank you. here's a new reason to fight over the window seat the next time you fly. airbus has filed a patent for a new smart window. the interactive display will allow passengers to tap the touchscreen to learn more about the landmarks below. and peace every mind for airline passengers traveling with pets. delta just rolled out a new gps service to keep track of
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animals in the cargo area. it can monitor their location, the temperature and other conditions. the cost, 50 bucks per flight. 5:20. girls forced to eat dirt to be part of a high school softball team. what the school district is saying. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, an nba player tried to spoil steph curry's mvp party. we'll show you how and the a's are in search of an outfielder,
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before you head out to work this morning, let's check out some travel times before you head out the door. westbound 580 is one of our slowest spots. 18 minutes already through the livermore valley. so those delays are already beginning out of the altamont pass. 880 is fine overnight roadwork gone. same thing with the eastshore freeway. we'll take a check of mass transit on this thursday morning. "kcbs traffic" is all minutes away. good morning, everyone. the "chronicle" is reporting that a's centerfielder coco crisp needs surgery to remove bone spurs from his elbow. he is expected to miss six to eight weeks. ouch! todd mclellan sharks needed to run the table to have a shot at the play-offs. and they got a statement win last night against the avalanche. scott hanen tips it to brent burns shoots and scores. 2-1 san jose third period logan couture finds marleau for a two goal lead.
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sharks win 5-1. but they are still five points out of the final play-off spot. remember the name ivan rav. have a basketball player at bishop o'dowd high whose coach thinks he might become a household name. >> the bay area i think you mention jason kidd, leon po, ivan rabb. i think you can mention them in the same breath. >> lofty for the nation's fifth highest recruit. rabb scored 10 points last night at the mcdonald's all america game in chicago but he didn't announce whether he is going to go to cal or arizona. so keep your ears open. that announcement could come later today. over my shoulder, the mvp race will likely come down to steph curry and the rockets star james harden. curry turned voters' heads with fancy dribbling a couple nights ago. last night harden responded. >> anything you can do i can do better ♪ >> harden came out against the kings and he scored a career- high 51 points. it's his second 50-point game
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of the season. the last game, 13 days ago. houston beat sacramento 115- 111. curry, it's your turn. that race coming down to the wire. >> the a's and giants bay bridge series. we'll see you tonight. >> that starts tonight. play of the day, we'll take you back to the mcdonald's all america game in chicago. jaylen passes to zimmerman who finishes with a little two- handed dunk right there. these kids are in high school. some of the best in the nation doing their thing in chicago. east beat the west 111-91. your play of the day. it is 5:25. up next, a new report finds more people are looking to buy a second home. what areas experts say could see a boost from vacation home buyers. >> plus, an overnight earthquake shake the east bay. did you feel it? >> reporter: and today is the day san jose police lay to rest one of their
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california's drought brings tough new water restrictions. >> what led to an attack on a bay area cab driver. >> and we have now learned that the intersection is blocked northbound vasco in brentwood. we'll have more coming up. rain is back in the forecast. police officers from all over north america are in san
5:30 am
jose today for the funeral of officer michael brown who died in the line of duty last week. we have team coverage including elizabeth wenger in our traffic center looking at the route of today's procession, but first let's go to kiet do at san jose police headquarters. kiet. reporter: good morning. in about 30 to 45 minutes, we will see an extraordinary display of respect and professionalism here at san jose police when officers and deputies from all over the region begin arriving here at police headquarters to patrol this city while san jose police officers attend the funerals of officer michael brown. we are told the visiting officers will be riding two- man, meaning one of them will be driving the other navigating these unfamiliar streets. and when they arrive here at the police headquarters this is what they will see. a memorial that continues to grow larger by the day stretching now more than 40 feet long flooded with children's letters, flowers and candles. officers had been returning to the memorial off duty often bringing with them their families. they have told me that they are shocked by all this and deeply touched by the public
5:31 am
outpouring of support. this was the scene yesterday at s.a.p. center. crews spent the day setting up for the funeral. they are expecting anywhere from 4,000 to 7,000 people. throughout the entire week, stories are emerging of officer michael brown's warmth and kindness. angela tirado said he talked to her son once and helped steer him away from a life of gangs. he set your son on the right path? >> yes, he did. >> reporter: what do you think it would have been life if your son hadn't met michael johnson? >> i don't think he would be as good a person today if he hadn't met him. >> reporter: by the way, that angela tirado. she is singing amazing grace during the funeral today. the procession begins at 10 a.m. in los gatos. it's going to be a busy day for commuters trying to get around. so the motorcade for officer johnson starts in los gatos as kiet just said along north santa cruz avenue. we put together this map.
5:32 am
and basically the main street continues north to winchester and stevens creek passing by santana row valley fair, already a busy intersection before arriving at s.a.p. center in downtown san jose. so that is set to arrive around 11:00. expect traffic tie-ups along the route. they are going to be doing some rolling street closures as you go through. use mass transit. i know public officials are really encouraging folks to use mass transit to kind of get around this morning especially caltrain. there's a diridon station right there by s.a.p. center also vta and there is caltrain, as well. so we'll be following this throughout the morning in the meantime frank and michelle, back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. we'll have live coverage of the funeral procession and services starting at 10 a.m. on kpix 5 and on new this morning, an earthquake jolting parts of the bay area this morning waking people up including yours truly. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us
5:33 am
live from san ramon the epicenter with more on the earthquake. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it wasn't a huge earthquake, a 3.6. take a look at this map. this is where it was centered this morning on the calaveras fault just west-northwest of san ramon and over 3,000 people felt it according to the usgs website. we spoke with one of them this morning. >> so i was awake at 12:00 and all of a sudden i heard a noises and i felt a shake. my girlfriend woke up at the same time and we thought something fell but it was like a big shake. it was just, you know, subtle. >> reporter: social media lit up right after that quake at 12:06 a.m. one of our producers brad tweeted well, that was fun. the few seconds it lasted. had one glass get knocked on the floor from that earthquake. also got a tweet from sandy saying everyone is freaking out over the earthquake in san ramon. man up, east bay!
5:34 am
it was only a 3.5. we don't trip if it's under 4. and again it was a 3.6. the usgs going to have a lot more data on that. and they like to gather all the observations that people get. we have a lot more information on how to prepare for earthquakes on our -- on our website, >> both of you are approximately 23 miles away from san ramon and felt it. i'm 11 and we did the feel a thing. the difference is the fault. that was the calaveras fault that runs from san ramon into martinez. in pleasanton i'm on the hayward fault so that's the difference. it doesn't matter how close you are. >> you're a bigger sleeper. >> actually my dog heard it and woke me up. so i went to the bathroom. that's what we do, right? [ laughter ] heading out the out this morning, we have clear skies and currently our air temperatures are pretty much in
5:35 am
the 40s and 50s across the board. we have breezy conditions toward the delta. the winds have dialed back. it will pick up this afternoon northwesterly 10 to 15. numbers average above normal and slightly above yesterday's temperatures. 60s and the 70s across the board. north of the bay bridge temperatures in the 60s and 70s. and in lake county today with the sunshine 73 in cloverdale. we have the bay bridge series forecast liz coming up in about 10 minutes. thank you, roberta. speaking of the bay bridge, things are heating up. likely they will be turning on the metering lights in the next 10 minutes. cash lanes stacking up. fastrak users this is your time to take full advantage of those fastrak passes. so far there's no delay there all the way into san francisco. but the rest of the lanes are backed up to the end of the parking lot just to the first overcrossing. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. eastbound roadwork still out there from foster city
5:36 am
boulevard to clawiter. westbound 92 looks okay and one of our slowest travel times. two passenger planes had to turn around after take-off from san francisco airport on the same day. both of yesterday's incidents involved united airline flights. the first plane was headed for calgary until 30 minutes into the flight. passengers smelled smoke. it turned around. the second plane was on the way to boston when a flight attendant got sick and went to the hospital. meanwhile, in san jose, police have released a photo of a woman they say got on the tar mark. the 20 -- tarmac. the 20-year-old woman was arrested on tuesday. she was spotted walking inside the fence and called it in to authorities. the current fence is 6 feet high. the airport is now pushing for taller ones. it's also testing the use of cameras, radar and motion sensors. for the first time ever, in california, the governor is
5:37 am
ordering mandatory water reductions statewide. that's because as you can tell from this map, most of the state is in an extreme or exceptional drought. the state does the monthly snowpack measurements in lake tahoe. for the first time in 75 years, there was no snow for the early april measurement. the melting snow is supposed to fill the state's rivers and reservoirs. >> we're in an historic drought calling for drastic action. >> 25% state reduction in urban water use compared with 2013 levels and includes a plan to replant lawns with landscapes that don't need water, golf courses, cemeteries and campuses will have to reduce water use. and governor brown is asking water agencies to raise rates to discourage waste. two homeless men won't be charged after a fight between them and a berkeley city ambassador. a video popped up on youtube
5:38 am
showing the ambassador hitting one of the guys in the face and it only got worse from there. two homeless men were going to face charges until the d.a. saw the video and charges were dropped and the ambassador is out of a job. one of the chowchilla kidnappers is close to getting out of jail. the parole board granted james schoenfeld parole. he and two others hijacked a school bus in 1976. they took the 26 children on board along with the bus driver hostage. they held them captive in an underground bunker near livermore. the hostages dug their way out to freedom and the men were caught and sent to prison. but now not all the victims think schoenfeld should stay in jail. >> every victim is affected differently by this event. each one is coping in a different way. and i'm happy and proud to help them each through their journey. >> many victims say they still suffer from fear and anxiety
5:39 am
stemming from their childhood trauma. but some say they forgive him and that he has paid his dues. friends of andrew getty say he had not been eating or sleeping before his death. the 47-year-old grandson of oil tycoon j. paul getty grew up in san francisco. he had been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. former girlfriend found his body on tuesday in his l.a. home. getty had a restraining order against her, but so far, police see no evidence of foul play. toxicology report could take weeks. state lawmakers are making adjustments to religious freedom bills in indiana and arkansas. the bills were touted as a way to ensure people could conduct business based on their religious beliefs. but critics said the bills could pave the way to discrimination against gays and lesbians. indiana state lawmakers could vote as soon as today on new language that would amend the bill. encouraging news for consumers with bad credit. a company that creates widely used credit scores is testing a
5:40 am
new product that could help millions. let's find out. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us live in new york and tell us, what is the new credit score and how does it different from existing fico scores? >> reporter: well, this new score is calculated based on consumers' payment history with their utility companies and it also incorporates data which tracks how much people change addresses. that's because frequent changes often suggest less stability. now, compare that with the traditional fico score which is cal late base on the information in the credit reports from the big three firms equifax, experion and transunion. >> what's the rationale behind the new score? >> reporter: well, they are developing this alternate score to sell to its clients which is basically all the nation's largest lenders. now, those banks are trying to figure out how they can make loans to and money from consumers who otherwise would
5:41 am
not qualify to borrow. as a result, those folks have been shut out of mainstream borrowing overall. this is a huge market. according to fair isaac, 53 million americans have credit scores that are unacceptable to lenders right now. they say with the new score they could easily get credit for 15 million of those people. that's good news. is there a downside to the new score? >> oh, there's always a downside, isn't there? chances are banks are likely to charge riskier borrowers higher interest rates and they could even pile on some extra fees. and in the bigger picture here, you know, we have seen this movie before, many believe that lending money to shaky borrowers is one of the factors that contributed to the financial crisis. so they worry about that. we are going to get more news on this. looks like fico will roll this out nationally by the end of the year. >> thank you, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. 5:41 right now.
5:42 am
a history making road trip that started in the bay area ends on the other side of the country. the major milestone that was also completed. >> and a taxi driver tries to do a passenger a favor but instead, gets this life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. 5:44 looking towards s.a.p. center in san jose where funeral services will be held for officer michael brown killed in the line of duty later last week. we currently have clear skies in the san jose area. later today a high temperature of 72 degrees. new this morning, kenyan police are in a standoff with gunmen right now after a mass
5:45 am
shooting at a university dorm. at least 15 people were killed and dozens more treated at the hospital. police officers are quickly securing the area now that they have the gunmen surrounded. investigators believe the attackers are a somali islamic extremist group. an attack on a taxi driver was captured on video. >> it happened around midnight on tuesday at 7th and market streets as the drive was dropping him off. the passenger in the back seat allegedly attacked the driver in an party robbery attempt. the attacker tried to take electronics from his dashboard. a new york city police detective's tirade against an uber driver was also caught on camera. the uber driver honked at the cop. he berated the driver for three minutes. the detective is out of the light unit. a driverless car developed in silicon valley has completed
5:46 am
a successful trip from the bay area to new york. delphi automotive suv finished its 3500-mile journey this week. for most of the trip the car was driving itself. the vehicle uses gps sensors cameras to steer through traffic and brake on its own. >> it handled well. when it saw other cars around it, it slowed down, it followed the lane lines too. >> the path to total autonomy on the road faces a major roadblock. most states haven't passed legislation to make self- driving cars street legal as well as issues about insurance coverage and accidents with suc cars. >> are you ready for that? are you in the back seat with your phone? >> what are we going to do without all this congestion and kickback and relax? that's not the case this morning. you could get stuck in a backup already over at the bay bridge toll plaza in fact.
5:47 am
you're going to be waiting for a while. at least there's those things you can put the tapes, the books on tape? you can use those if you are waiting for a while at the toll plaza. right now you're waiting for 15 minutes trying to get on the bridge itself and then see it looks okay on the sensors once you get on the span into san francisco. it's just all that backup behind the metering lights. they were switched on i believe at 5:41. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. westbound 92, 13 minutes 880 to 101. still looks clear. eastbound roadwork does continue out of foster city. but again, it's counter-commute so we're not seeing any delays. here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. the approach pretty typical stuff for this time of the morning, as well. the cash lanes, a few delays filling in right there. but overall, big picture, no problems driving the richmond/san rafael bridge. in fact, relatively quiet on our major freeways. this has been our one hot spot that we have been watching since earlier this morning. northbound vasco road this is out in booth approaching marsh creek road. we know that intersection is
5:48 am
blocked so we don't have sensors but again expect some delays. that's "kcbs traffic." with the forecast, here's roberta. good morning, everybody. we are going to be taking a look at our weather watchers. we have 95 of them in and around our microclimates. i want to see who is up and awake with us early this morning. let's check this out right now 50 degrees currently linda in san rafael. another reported reading from one of our weather watchers this morning 41 degrees, who is is that? that's gordon. thanks, gordon from san mateo for checking in with us. 43 degrees reported by phil. 43 in vallejo. it's a cool start to your morning. we do have the clear skies and the winds have been dialing back this morning. current temperatures pretty much consistent with our weather watchers into the 40s and 50s. speaking of the bay bridge, we have a series tonight at at&t park, giants host my oakland a's game time temperatures 60 degrees tumbling into the mid-
5:49 am
50s. dress in layers. all right. that's a pool of cooler air mass with the passage of that dry cold front that breezed through the area, 48 hours ago. still another breezy day due to this area of low pressure to the north of us but not as windy as it has been. northwest winds will blow 10 to 15 miles per hour late in the day today. okay, this is what we're looking towards. area of low pressure is poised and positioned to move into the bay area scoot down the coastline on easter sunday primarily affecting the north bay with chance of rain. >> today warmer than yesterday by a couple of degrees and above average. upper 60s in san francisco. 70 in mountain view. 70 in american canyon. pollen medium to high, escalates with warmer weather friday. all right. here you go. here's your extended forecast.
5:50 am
chance of rain sunday through tuesday, but no rainout of the a's home opener on monday evening. >> yes. and we welcome the rain, right? >> we do. and the a's have never been rained out except once. somebody forgot to put the tarp out. remember that last season? >> oh-oh. >> yeah. >> all right. monday night. hey, you guys bought a home lately? >> no. [ laughter ] >> that was four nos by the way. this could be a positive sign about the u.s. economy though. more americans purchased a vacation home last year compared to 2013. 21% of all homes bought last year were vacation homes. good for them. the most desired location for a second home is near the beach. >> i want them as a friend. [ laughter ] was it harmless bonding or a horrific hazing ritual?
5:51 am
check out this video from southern california circulating on social media. [ inaudible woman speaking ] >> it shows members of a high school softball team eating dirt from the field. you can hear someone possibly a coach egging them on making them swallow it. the district confirms the woman at the beginning of the video is an employee. now they are investigating. 5:51 on this thursday morning. a san jose hospital getting a major upgrad
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at gots of billboards on the freeways commemorating the armenian genocide. this is over treasure island. armenian genocide centennial funded the dozens of billboards which also promotes the monument. people in one san francisco neighborhood want to get rid of parking. a stretch of eddy in tenderloin area is a hotbed for drug dealing. they are circulating a petition to eliminate all parking between taylor and mason streets and they hope to curtail drug use and crime. the city removed parking on a
5:55 am
stretch of turk street after a survey said it was one of the most violent parks of san francisco. there is a fight over a large piece of land in oakland. the empty lot on east 12th street sits across the street from lake merritt. a developer wants to build a luxury apartment tower there. taxpayers paid for the land but the city want to bridge its budget deficit by selling it to a developer for $4.6 million. the developer's plans call for a 298 units in a 24-story building. problem is the average rent would be $3,100 a month and dozens of long-time neighbors are trying to stop the sale saying the high-priced units will only deepen the affordable housing crisis. >> this is not housing for oaklanders. >> i'm for exampled on moving this project forward because we cannot wait to build more housing in oakland. we have a shortage problem. >> critics claim the city hasn't been transparent about selling that piece of land. the deal was worked out back in 2012.
5:56 am
many say they found out three months ago. one of san jose's busiest emergency rooms just got bigger. regional medical center's expanded emergency department is finally open. the three-year project added trauma and treatment rooms as well as specialized cardiac rooms. the $350 million expansion is supposed to make it more efficient. it will also help it keep up with an increase in patients. did you feel it?! little east bay shaker this morning. coming up, we'll hear from some people who are going to work this morning with some stories to tell. >> reporter: and today san jose police will lay to rest one of their own. i'm kiet do. we have a live report on the funeral of officer michael brown.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
6:00 am
good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 6:00 now. did you feel it? an earthquake jolted a large part of the east bay. the magnitude 3.6 quake hit just after midnight. people reported feeling it as far away as napa. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live from san ramon near the epicenter. anne. >> reporter: it wasn't a big quake. but it was a 3.6. and plenty of people felt t take a look at the map there on your screen. you can see where the epicenter was just northwest of san ramon on the calaveras fault. at least 3,000 people reported feeling it on the usgs website. we spoke with some of them this morning. >> all of a sudden i know this sounds a little weird, but i felt a little dizzy. and then all of a sudden, i saw my screen started moving back and forth. and i just sat there and i was like, you know, backed up off my chair and lasted for 3 to 5 seconds. >>


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