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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 2, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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arrived on the scene of a despondent man armed with a rifle. >> as a police chief you never want to get that call. >> reporter: police chief larry he is ceo develop called it a horrific event -- esquivel called it a horrific event. >> made it feel like a small close-knit town. >> reporter: johnson was remembered as a dedicated officer in his element every day he wore the badge. >> officer johnson, or mike as we know him, dedicated 14 years of his life to the most mobile of professions. >> whenever mike and i played cops and robbers as kids, he always insisted on being the cop. >> reporter: but it was johnson's older sister who tugged at the heart strings and represented the family. officer johnson was 38. >> mike, we will not only miss you, you have left an emptiness in our lives that cannot be refilled. today and every day we will honor you. rest in peace, my little
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brother. >> reporter: it was a very public trinity today at the s.a.p. center but veronica, following the events here, there was a private burial service for the family only at oak hill memorial park. >> thank you, len. officers from around the country came to pay tribute to officer johnson. kpix 5's maria medina has the story. >> reporter: and veronica, it has been such an emotional day for the san jose police department. some officers i spoke to said they didn't want to go on camera to do an interview because they thought they would just lose it but they are so grateful and so thankful for the support from the law enforcement community. >> guy doing exactly what he loved to do. >> reporter: from those who knew him to those who never met officer johnson -- >> it impacts all of us deeply. >> reporter: the law enforcement community stood together today to say good-bye to one of their own. >> it's nice to see so many agencies from across the country show up and honor mike.
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>> reporter: they came from across the country a tradition in the law enforcement world to support a department, family and community of a fallen hero. >> it's tragic. it's something you don't want to have to do. >> he is an all-star. >> reporter: the lieutenant supervised officer johnson. he said we're his uniform with pride. they say he died doing what he loved. >> i want to give mike a standing ovation for the life that he lived and for the life that he gave. [ applause ] >> reporter: and i know a lot of officers left the s.a.p. center to get together to be there for one another today. a lot of them going to fundraisers at businesses for officer johnson's family. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> police officers from other bay area departments were patrolling san jose streets during the today's funeral. this photos shows the unusual
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morning briefing. you see all the officers wearing different uniforms from the various departments. they were briefed on what to keep an eye on and where patrols were needed. a fundraiser is under way right now to help the family of officer michael johnson. they set up overflow tents to handle crowds expected tonight at britannia arms in san jose. the all day fundraiser is being held at the pub's two locations and all the proceeds go directly to michael johnson's family. >> we felt it was the right thing to do. to help this family out that's going through a tough time raise as much money as we can, make sure that that's not a problem for them or they have to worry about that. >> as part of the event these cupcakes were made in officer johnson's badge number. the san jose earthquakes will also hold a fundraiser for the family on sunday. it wasn't just police officers lining the streets to remember michael johnson. kpix 5's christian hartnett with neighbors even schoolkids who came out to show their
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support. christian. >> reporter: well, we're here on winchester boulevard, less than a mile way from where this procession started at 10 a.m. if you follow the route all the way to the s.a.p. center, you will see signs like this on the side of the road showing support for johnson and his family and tokens of appreciation for the san jose police department. a lot of tears and emotions today from people who didn't even know officer johnson personally. [ bell tolls ] >> reporter: there's a hearse carrying the body on winchester boulevard in campbell. the motorcade roared through as people gathered on the sidewalk and watched in style. more than 300 students at st. lucie's catholic church saluting the motorcade. man many of the people want to show their appreciation. >> i know it's very difficult probably for the family and, um, it's just good to see a lot of people supporting the
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police. >> this is such a tragic event. but it's also an amazing sacrifice and i want to pray that the officers of the valley here continue to removed violent criminals from our streets. >> while many law enforcement officers from all over the bay area and the country were on hand for the funeral today, there were also firefighters, police dispatchers and retired servicemen watching from the sidewalk, as well. obviously the death of officer johnson hitting very close to home for some of the people that we spoke to on the sidewalks today. one woman was especially emotional. we'll tell you why and you'll meet her at 6:00. for now live in los gatos, christian hartnett, kpix 5. >> the outpouring of support has also been felt on social media. you can see and share comments on our kpix 5 facebook page. two officers headed to today's funeral crashed before they could even get there. they were traveling to stay from elk grove riding in
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formation on their motorcycles. the officers came upon a 60- foot-long diesel spill. that is when they both dumped their bikes to avoid a bigger crash. one officer was taken to the hospital. he is going to be okay. the other was not hurt. new at 5:00 the pictures from chopper 5 show all that is left of a house after it collapsed in oakland just before noon. neighbors say the home on 46th street was being renovated and it had been lived up off its foundation. it shows the debris following the collapse a homeless man who was sleeping inside somehow managed to get out without a scratch. no word on what caused the home to crumble. the call has gone out to save water. but how much you will have to cut back is a bit of a numbers game. kpix 5's da lin on past savings and a water crackdown that's already in full swing. >> oh, wow, that's bad. >> reporter: a tip led a water cop to the san jose home. you can see the problem
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neighbors are complaining about. excess water spilling on the street and driveway. >> i had some bad ones today. but not like this. this is by far the worst one i have seen today. >> reporter: no one was home. the water cop left a notice for the homeowner to fix it. >> it's a high success rate of getting things fixed once they call back. >> reporter: the water district hopes stepped up patrols will result in less water wasted. >> if you are wasting water, you could get a friendly water waste inspector may come to your door. it's one of the many strategies we are using. >> reporter: the santa clara valley water district is asking customers to cut water use by 30%. other bay area water agencies are asking for similar reductions. the governor is asking for 25% cut statewide. but how much you will be asked to cut depends on how much you and your neighbors are already saying. the bay area overall is below the governor's 25% mandate of savings. we took a snapshot from june
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2014 to january 2015. we found bay area customers saved roughly 14%. in the central valley, water use went down around 13%. in l.a. and san diego, people only conserved about 7%. >> so there's one up the street. >> reporter: the santa clara valley water district says until they reach the 30% reduction goal, water cops will be out looking for wasters. [ knock knock ] >> reporter: san jose, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the santa clara valley water district doesn't issue citations to violators. instead, it tries to warn the homeowners and work with them to solve the problem. flying blind. a sudden scare in the cockpit. how a bay area pilot's quick thinking avoided a major disaster. >> boycott at the ballpark. an oakland a's pitcher and his girlfriend take a stand to fight bigotry. their plan to pack the stands on pride night. >> live weather in san
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francisco tonight. did you know there is a wildly popular bocce league right outside the ferry building? there is. we're at the kickoff party for the 2015 bocce season. we'll have your forecast
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a close call for a bay area pilot blinded by a laser. this is what a laser strike looks like to a pilot. the intense light blinding when your eyes are adjusted to night flying. it involved a kcbs traffic plane around 7 a.m. in san ramon. the pilot landed safely but went to the hospital after reporting burning in his eyes. now the fbi is investigating. a late-night earthquake rattled the east bay. it was a magnitude 3.6 hitting about a mile northwest of san ramon. officials say it was about 7 miles deep. thousands of people said they
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felt it. >> i heard a noise and felt a shake. my girlfriend woke up at the same time. and we thought somebody fell. >> we had to go and check the bottom of the house because it felt like the house was lifted up and dropped down. >> there are no reports of damage or injuries. a big investigation now a lawsuit against a san francisco port commissioner accused of flouting city building codes. the trouble began when a twin peaks home collapsed down a hill in 2013. after checking inspectors found the property and others owned by mel murphy did not meet city housing and safety codes. prosecutors say what's worse, murphy was a former building inspector who knew the rules. putting aside their differences. the u.s. and iran finally come together to reach a nuclear deal and president obama promises it's airtight. >> angry a's fans boycott the team's first "pride night." a pitcher's
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president obama says a nuclear deal with iran cuts off all other countries' pathways to building a nuclear bomb. >> if iran cheats, the world will know it. >> the u.s. its european allies
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and iran reached a framework deal including limiting the country's enhanced uranium stockpile and allowing ongoing inspections of current nuclear facilities. in exchange, most economic sanctions against iran would be lifted. >> i am very concerned that ee ramp is going to come out of this stronger than before and we will have lost our leverage. >> some republican lawmakers say the deal doesn't go far enough saying iran's nuclear infrastructure will still be in place. a new deadline of june 30 has been set to work out final details. terror in kenya. gunmen rampaged through a college campus killing up to 150 people today. at least 70 of those victims were students. the terrorists shot past two security guards at garissa university and started chasing down students in their dorms. witnesses say they killed anyone who said they were christian. it ended in a hostage standoff with four of the gunmen dead. the group is linked to al
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qaeda. potential republican presidential hopeful jeb bush is in san francisco today. the former florida governor is raising money for his super pac and a likely run for president. this is bush's second trip to the bay for campaign cash in recent months. an oakland a's player and his girlfriend are stepping up to the plate after backlash over gay "pride night" t ryan takeo reports. >> reporter: baseball is back. a's and giants tonight preseason game. but it starts at 7:00. the a's have gained a lot of fans in the last week thanks to a star pitcher and his girlfriend. >> reporter: the oakland a's recently announced june 17 will be "pride night." that upset some season ticketholders. sorry, but i like my sports without a side of political agenda one fan wrote. stephanie parente says the backlash got even darker than that. >> people making negative comments about, um, wanting to fill the stands with lgbt
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folks. >> i can't believe it happens in the bay area. >> they can just not go. >> reporter: and get paid for their tickets. a's reliever sean doolittle and his girlfriend have offered to buy the angry fan seats for that night. then dolan reached out to stephanie out of the blue. she heard about stephanie's hayward nonprofit our space through a friend and offered them any tickets the pair bought back. >> is that okay with you? and i said, absolutely. and i had no idea that it was going to get -- it was such a gift to wake up to this. >> reporter: the group held lgbtq youth many of whom are homeless in foster care or have mental illness. >> most of them would never get the opportunity to go to a game like this. >> reporter: now they are the center of attention. dolittle and dolan sent up a "go fund me" account that raised more than $25,000. most goes to our space and another nonprofit. that will definitely help. stephanie says the uplifting message is even more valuable. >> the community saying we want to celebrate you and we want to
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show love to you, is such a powerful message that really negates a lot of the hateful things that they hear every day about themselves. >> reporter: that nonprofit feels like it basically won the lottery. dolan has two moms and says that's what compelled her to step in once the backlash started. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. new rules will soon go into effect to make water heaters more efficient. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains why there's no rush to buy old water heaters. >> reporter: you generally don't think about them until something goes wrong. >> my roommate, my sister, um, tried getting a bath in the morning and had no hot water. >> reporter: when that happened the water heater suddenly becomes the most important appliance in your house. you may want to consider replacing your current water heater sooner than later because they tanks are going the way of the incandescent bulb being phased out in favor of more efficient models. >> the tanks are going to get
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significantly larger and significantly more expensive. >> reporter: effective april 16 the federal law requires all manufacturers to make most water heaters more efficient. and that means a bigger tank with more insulation. up to two inches wider and taller which may require some remodeling if yours is in a tight space. >> if it's in a cubby hole under a countertop that will be a problem. >> reporter: the new improved version could be hundreds more which has many rushing out to buy a new old model. manufacturers can no longer make them after april 16 and the remaining old models are going fast. >> the standard life of a water heater is 7 or 8 years. so if you have reached that point it's a good time to consider replacing it. >> reporter: most warranties expire after six years so if your water heater is nearing that mark, it may be time to think about replacing it before your next cold shower. >> can't go without hot water. >> reporter: now, while the new models will cost more up front you will save on those energy
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bills. another option, are the tankless water heaters which are more expensive up front but more energy-efficient because they only heat the water when it's needed. and remember, if you have a consumer story idea, give us a call 888-5-helps-u. >> it's a "tankless job" > thank you very much. i just replaced my water heater. i didn't know there were new ones coming. >> good for you just in time. >> thank you. now let's check in with paul deanno. >> he is live in san francisco. of course you have the weather and a little bocce activity. >> this is a very, very fun place to be. an amazing view of san francisco bay and the ferry building. chances are the first thing you think of is not bocce at the ferry building but there is a beautiful bocce court right in front of the ferry building. there is a bocce league which is highly competitive and hundreds of folks who play it in the heart of san francisco's financial district. we are here live tonight at the
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opening or kickoff party set to begin at 5:30. kpix 5 is a proud sponsor of the ferry bocce league and it gets pretty competitive and we also field a team which i'm told does quite well. we had the ferry bocce league officially for 2015 kicking off this evening and the weather for an outdoor event like this could not be any more beautiful. temperatures outside we have 63 degrees right now in san francisco. 65 in san bruno. 70s for some of you. santa rosa 71. livermore 72. oakland currently 70. now, tonight, with clear skies and a cool air mass we'll see once again some isolated upper 30s maybe even some mid-30s in the north bay valleys and east bay valleys. livermore 42. santa rosa 41 tonight. so it will be a chilly start as kids get off to school or sleeping in for spring break. there is a weak ridge of high pressure but it's centered to our south and it's moving farther away over the next couple of days which will allow a low pressure area to move in from the pacific northwest. this will give us a shower
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chance on easter sunday. it will not feel like it is outside right now coming up on easter sunday. it will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler, cloudy, breezy and for part of the day it will be raining. so some big changes coming. tonight it's clear and chilly. we are sunny and mild coming up on friday. easily the warmest day of the next week. we get cloudier on saturday. and then on easter sunday, it will be cooler with that shower chance. not an all-day washout. don't cancel anything outdoors. so many of you may be doing a backyard easter egg hunt or going to church. don't cancel anything but for a couple of hours throughout the day it may be raining lightly on easter sunday. highs tomorrow, for your friday, fairfield 71. vallejo 68. concord 72. fairfield 71. and san jose your high tomorrow 72 degrees. saturday we don't hit 70. it will be cooler and cloudier. sunday near the bay you don't even hit 60 with a chance of showers. but it's not just one rain chance. another low pressure area passes by to our north giving us an additional rain chance on monday. and yet another rain chance on
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tuesday. three days with the rain chance in a row. that's the first time we have done that in the entire calendar year. back out here live a few minutes away before the kickoff party begins for the ferry bocce league. we are right here at the corner of spear and market. this venue is phenomenal. a great view of the ferry building, san francisco bay, the bay bridge, and folks are going to be enjoying a very nice weather evening outside and guys, it's a good thing we're not doing this early next week because we would need a really, really, really big umbrella. >> perfect weather today. >> it is. >> another bit of advice, don't hide the easter eggs on the bocce ball court. >> reporter: good point. that could be disastrous. >> could be bad. >> thank you. bringing down candlestick. the 49ers' former home disappearing before our eyes. a new look at all the progress.
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stanford university just got a little more affordable for some students. if the student's family earns less than $125,000 a year, tuition is free. the previous mark was $100,000 a year. students whose families earn less than $65,000 will also be exempt from having to pay room and board. baseball is back in the bay area. tonight the giants host the a's in one of the last preseason games. take a look at the top of the california center to welcome both teams back, both an a's flag and giants flag flying high. and while a new season starts at at&t park, demolition work continues at candlestick. chopper 5 with these pictures this afternoon. a whole section of the old stadium now demolished. the work got started in february and is supposed to take another month or so. >> anybody shedding a tear?
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>> i don't know. >> i don't know if anybody is shedding a tear. in tonight's jobs report jill schlesinger explains how a career coach can jump-start your job search. reporter: every giants or a's fan knows that ballplayers hit slumps every now and again. so too for employees. if you feel like your career has stalled, it's time to take action. career coaches are a good place to start. they encourage rigorous self- assessments in areas where you feel like you're falling behind. this can help you turn things around. you should make an honest assessment of your skills and options. set specific new objectives. daryl your goals and outline the steps required to realize them. another more direct option? talk to your boss. find out what gaps there are to be filled. inquire about potential transfers. if possible, switch responsibilities with a colleague to enhance your career. you can look into acquiring new skills and credentials with
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part time education or certification. experts say keep your eyes on the prize. short-term demotions or lateral moves can reinvigorate your career and may increase your earning potential
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coming up at 6:00 building a waterpark in the middle of the drought. the backlash growing as people question the east bay project. plus, in danger of the big one. the new information that says we could be in for larger quakes around the bay area. >> oh, yeah. not if but when. thanks for watching us at
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5:00. we have the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" coming up >> pelley: a tentative deal to keep iran from going nuclear. >> it is a good deal. >> pelley: we'll look at what's in it and the chances of success. also tonight, two new york women are accused of plotting a boston marathon-style bombing. a terror attack kills nearly 150 at a college in kenya. and the lush landscape of the golden state succumbs to the history-making drought. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. a world with a nuclear-armed iran would be a different and dangerous place. and that is why the announcement


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