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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  April 4, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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a racial firestorm erupting in an east bay school district. the comments from a school board member over air- conditioning that has some parents future. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. ann notarangelo is off tonight. >> i'm brian hackney. tonight, kpix 5's mark kelly with the recording that has some parents called for the board member to resign. >> i would say 95% of the students don't have air- conditioning so whether that means they are more acclimated and can they handle more heat i would say 95% of [ indiscernible ] >> school board member denise
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elskin says her words got twisted. >> it wasn't discriminatory. it was factual. >> reporter: denise was okay with putting air-conditioning at a one school but said $2 million would be better spent on education. she said trees would keep students cool another school. >> it was an option. >> reporter: he calls her words offensive. webb says his kids went through last fuentes and complained that the school needed more than trees. it needed air-conditioning. >> i used to volunteer and do a lot of work in the classrooms and it was warm. >> reporter: she says the backlash against her hurts because she is not affluent herself. her own kids went to las fuentes without air- conditioning. >> i was from this school that
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i live in this neighborhood. that i care deep less about these kids. >> reporter: in mark kelly, kpix 5. >> they plan to settle the issue about air-conditioning for both schools. an oakland man killed in the latest round of fighting in yemen. jamal al aban any was in yemen visiting his wife and daughter who live there. he was on the way home from mosque tuesday when he and his 14-year-old nephew were hit by mortars in a rebel attack. his nephew who was not a citizens, was also killed. >> most of us believe that u.s. citizenship is the ultimate protection a person could have. here what's happening is that u.s. citizens are trapped in yemen and unable to get home. they have been contacting the state department and the white house and their elected
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officials. and everyone is saying no evacuation plans right now, we'll let you know if it changes. >> jamal moved to oakland 15 years ago. he was part owner of a gas station. there's concern tonight about another bay area man trapped in yemen. [ non-english language ] says he was stopped by an armed militia group in the port city of aiden. he was there hoping to board a ship heard was taking u.s. citizens. the 26-year-old san franciscan went to yemen to work with coffee farmers on improving production and trade skills. near the yemeni capital 11 civilians including children were killed by the latest air strikes. survivors searched through the destroyed buildings hoping to find any personal items that survived. a military campaign is being carried out by a saudi-led coalition to push back houthi rebels. tehran and a terrorist group behind
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the attack on a kenya campus says there will be more violence. they said kenyan cities will run red with blood. 148 people were killed in the attack at the kenyan college on thursday. many who survived hid inside the campus too afraid to come out. one student said the only way that he survived was by playing dead. >> i smeared blood and played dead. turned me around, kicked me. >> reporter: kenya's president said his administration will respond in the severest way possible to the latest threat. there is a $220,000 bounty for the mastermind of the attack. basketball and politics in indianapolis today. the city is hosting the ncaa tournament final four. as adriana diaz test us, protestors used the national spotlight to make their voices heard about indiana's new religious freedom law. [ chanting ] >> reporter: gay pride flags
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flew in the shadow of lucas oil stadium where the final four is under way. before saturday's first tip- off, at least 500 demonstrators aimed to keep national attention on equal rights in indiana. >> this week public pressure pushed lawmakers to add an amendment to the law giving some protections to gays and lesbians but activists say that's not enough. >> we are not satisfied with your fix and we're not going away. we want protection everywhere every county if the state. >> reporter: their goal to add gays and lesbians to the state civil rights code which prohibits discrimination against race, gender and religion but not sexual orientation. [ chanting ] >> reporter: while some basketball fans opposed protestors others supported their cause. even gay athletes joined the chorus. jason collins was the first openly gay player in the nba. >> the sports world is watching. and we won't settle for
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anything less than fairness, respect and inclusion. >> reporter: but many of the 70,000 people here for the final four are only focused on basketball. next door to the stadium, fans got in on the action. >> final four, baby. >> reporter: the championship game is set for monday evening. adriana diaz, cbs news, indianapolis. >> indianapolis is increasing its police presence this weekend. the city has designated and area south of lucas oil stadium for protesters to gather. tonight growing support for memories pizzeria in indiana. forced to close after the owners voiced their support for the religious freedom law. they said they wouldn't cater gay weddings. it gained national attention and a lot of backlash. so much so, the owners went into hiding. but support is pouring into a "go fund me" site for the pizzeria. by this morning, close to $900,000 have been raised.
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still ahead, tough new water cutbacks soon going into effect for much of california. how one east bay city is taking it one step further as we head into year number 4 of drought. >> hope tonight to keep your thirsty lawns and gardens green this summer. where anyone
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a wild brawl in a casino in queens last night. people were throwing chairs and beating each other up shattering glass. the reason? a daiquiri bar just opened up. police say people were upset about the long lines. one police officer and several people were injured. three people were arrested for disorderly conduct. in walnut creek three guys stole an atm full of cash. one man distracts the clerk at the shell station while another man attached a cable to the atm from that pickup. watch the cable is attached. the third man hits the gas and rips the atm out of the ground. then the men load the machine in the back of the truck and take off!
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governor brown's executive order on water use will be the focus of tuesday's hayward city council meeting. it will consider even more restrictions. but among the ones imposed by the governor, restaurants can only serve water to diners if they ask for it. and outdoor water something banned for 48 hours after it rains. tonight, we may have a solution for people who just can't bear to let their lawns and plants die in the drought. free water, recycled water. christin ayers shows us all you have to do is bring your own jugs. >> reporter: pull up, grab a hose, fill up, and repeat. 21 gallons. >> 21 gallons, yeah. probably do about 12 trips a week. >> this would be my, um, third trip. >> reporter: they come for the free water. >> it's awesome. why not? means we are already facing the drought, right, and we definitely don't want to waste water. >> reporter: this water is not for drinking. it's been used and treated. but instead of dumping it into the bay as they have always
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done, the dublin/san ramon water district is giving it away for free so people can water lawns again despite the drought. >> the lawn was starting to turn brown and, you know, i have always had a green lawn and it was tough to see it start going away. >> reporter: sue stevenson a district spokeswoman says this was the brainchild of an operations manager here and it's the first of its kind in california. >> and i think it might be the first in the country. >> reporter: the district started out with three stations last june. the program is so popular that they have 8 now, they are expected to double that soon. they are going to need those extra stations. the first six months of the program, people hauled away 2.3 million gallons of free water. and stevenson says that number will only go up. >> you know, we're in desperate times right now with the drought. >> reporter: in dublin, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> they are open noon to 7 every day except thursday and
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sunday. anyone in the bay area is welcome to the water. fidel castro appears in public for the first time in over a year. how people describe the appearance. >> another rare appearance this time in the skies over california. tomorrow rain on the way. so is t
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fidel castro is alive. he appeared in public for the first time in more than a year. castro made a surprise visit to a primary school in havana this week. people described him as vibrant and energetic. he showed up to greet a group of venezuelans visiting the capital and shook hands with many. he turns 89 in august.
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folk music legend joni mitchell is getting better. she is still in a los angeles hospital tonight after being found unconscious in her home on tuesday. it's unclear what happened. a note on her website says, mitchell suffered a minor medical incident. mitchell is 71 and is one of the symbols of the woodstock generation. pope francis led the easter vigil service tonight at st. peter's basilica. the pope walked into the dark in church. the easter vigil mass is the solemn service before the joyful easter sunday mass. several people were baptized. the great bells rang to signify the end of lent. some children of san francisco got a jump-start on the easter egg hunt organized by glide. they do this every year for low income or homeless families. the kids hunted around a park across the street from the
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church for eggs. tomorrow glide will host of an easter sunday service as well as a breakfast and dinner. everyone is welcome. and the sun was out today. >> sun was out. it was a good day to do it. tomorrow not quite so good. i'll bet many of you didn't see what's in the monitor behind me which was the total lunar eclipse. you had to be up early this morning with the racoons just before sunrise and it wasn't that long of a total eclipse, either. but as the moon sank slowly into the west, it was a beautiful sight for the west coast, wasn't visible over much of the country and that's a time lapse as you see it there. that's it for total lunar eclipses until i think in september. owe stay tuned on that. in the meantime, stay tuned for this. this is a rare sight. the first time in a long time there's been a classic winter like storm coming out of the gulf of alaska with cold air behind the front. it's picking up moisture off the pacific. that will be on the way for the
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bay area in the early-morning hours tomorrow in the north bay and south over much of the rest of the bay area in the rest of the day. wherever this camera, somebody put the cap on it. 60 in oakland now. 56 in san francisco. 63 in san jose. 63 in santa rosa. heading out tonight you will have the moon behind a gauze of clouds out there. temperatures would -- you won't see it. temperatures in the mid-50s for the most part. and then out the door tomorrow morning, we'll have showers over the bay area spreading from north to south in classic fashion. the sort of thing we didn't see all winter long will come in dead on cue for easter sunday. and by later in the day, though, we'll get some clearing by the afternoon. we'll go to variable clouds and a few scattered showers by the afternoon. and that will lead to cloudy conditions on monday. futurecast gives us an idea what to expect. we are going to freeze this around sunrise. you can see a few showers in the north bay at sunrise. then they spread south more moisture comes in so a showery day until the afternoon. then we go to clouds and actually some sun will come out
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in the north bay tomorrow afternoon. not much accumulation but as we roll on rain spreads over the coast and you can see that little finger of greater precipitation right along the san mateo, santa cruz county line. here's what we expect. clouds increase tonight, cooler, showers tomorrow morning. some clearing in the afternoon. a cloudy break on monday. and then thunderstorms a possibility on tuesday for the bay area. the tuesday system stronger than the one that we'll see tomorrow morning. overnight lows we'll see them cool with readings in the mid- 40s and temperatures for the first time in a long time cooler than average in the bay area down in the south bay low 60s will do it. same for the east bay. we'll be near 60 degrees. out of the north bay we'll get rain showers tomorrow morning. and then clear off in the afternoon and up in the far north bay we'll be in the mid- 50s. extended forecast showers tomorrow morning, monday cloudy, tuesday thunderstorms, then latter half of the week clear it out dry it up
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temperatures coming up into the mid-70s but between now and then for the first time in a long time, juliette, we'll have rain to talk about. >> thank you. a tennessee woman may have struck it rich just by enjoying her usual plate of oysters on the half shell. the surprise happened in this oyster house near nashville. tony elliott was starting to enjoy her feast when crunch. >> she put an oyster in her mouth and pulled out a pearl. she ended up pulling 50 pearls out of this oyster. >> what?! 50? you think 50 pearls? her server grabbed a cup and started collecting. since the pearls were in an oyster that she ordered, toni elliott gets to keep them all. no word on what they might be worth. not bad. >> pearls would look good on you. >> i'm glad a tooth didn't come out! >> actually happened to me one,
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bit into a sandwich, cracked a tooth, no pearls. at least the oakland a's as we segue to baseball, their roster is set. the giants tomorrow for the 2015 season. and we
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college basketball up top. men's final four saturday. we got one in the books.
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here we go. big crowd indianapolis duke and michigan state in the familiar green. quick start spartans. raining four three balls from the jump. valentine 14-6. not even four minutes in. but duke woke up and shook it off with vengeance. he threw it down and the blue devils got the lead by two. first half duke up 8. look at the ball movement. jones side pocket 3 ball. yeah. it's 33-22. if it was a car, duke put it in cruise control. turnover, quinn cook easy lay- in duke up 15. feeling like number one, 90 seconds later you want the dagger shot in here it is. jones ahead, the tomahawk january, 44-27. off the inbounds, see it, shoot it, no. but yes! duke by 20. 81-61 final. advancing to their first
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championship game since 2010. >> after the first four minutes, we were a different team. we played great basketball tonight especially on the defensive end. i'm so proud of my guys. they beat an outstanding team. we got hit with a couple of hits. for my guys to show that, i'm really proud of 'em. waiting for the kentucky- wisconsin final. baseball, finally we close the door on spring training. a's and giants saw to that this afternoon in oakland. here's tim hudson a one-time oakland a five scoreless innings for the g man. bottom of the fourth some giants offense. justin maxwell ripped what would be a double off of drew pomeranz. buster posey scores. 1-0. 6th inning barry zito first a's start since 2006. pitched a scoreless inning. most of the 29,000 gave him a
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standing ovation. zito then accepted a aaa minor league assignment to nashville. giants won the game 2-1. both teams start their season on monday. so it's the new look a's. one of them new third baseman brett lowry for the mondy opener came in over from toronto in the josh donaldson trade. talked to him last night. and let me tell you something, the guy has a high motor. >> if i were to say the energetic hyperactive brett lowry, would i be accurate? >> i think you would be pretty accurate. >> look at your knee already going. >> exactly. i'm pretty dialed back right now to be honest with you. but, yeah, i know when to dial it up or back. right now stretch, relaxing. but i can dial it up. >> judging from the way your knee is going, you don't strike me as a guy who requires a whole lot of sleep. >> that's one of the big things that i do require. i got to charge my batteries
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for when i get here. >> really. okay. [ laughter ] >> fair enough. looking at this infield, the thing that bob melvin stresses, that onlookers take a look at, i mean, it's been overhauled. it was a car lot, maybe the ford was traded in, it's like a sports car out there, huh? >> no doubt. we have a lot of guys that can move around the infield. we have a lot of good athletes out there that can move and that's one of biggest things when we can take care of the baseball and make the routine play. we'll be a lot better off. you look around the infield and outfield and look at the speed we have and some of veterans we have, we have a lot of -- we have some talent out there and it's going to be good to get some balls that some teams couldn't get to. the more opportunities you take away from teams the better off our team will be the more times we can get back in our dugout and getting our pitcher back in for rest. >> you certainly fit into the character of the clubhouse. they play hard year in and year out, have fun and for whatever reason they make the play-offs.
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>> we have to go out and take care of our own business. nobody needs to go out and hit 100 homers each. everyone just needs to play the game that we have been playing for the last number of years and, um, nobody needs to press. this is going to be a long year and it's a marathon not a sprint. so we need to take that in stride and put a smile on and go having some fun and just go do it. all right. golf in houston, the pga stop. patrick weed at 16. 178 yards out. five iron. going to drop in for ace. four shots off the lead. same hold, jordan spieth. putting off the green for birdie. and the native texan sank it for the outright lead. spieth leads the field by a single shot. by the way, kim leading the lpga by two shots.
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>> axelrod: militants threaten another bloodbath as survivors share horror stories of the terror attack in kenya, that left nearly 150 dead. california's drought is so severe, some farmers say they can make more money selling water than using it. a sailor's remarkable story of being stranded at sea. is it too remarkable? an outbreak will dog flu in the midwest. five pets are dead, shelters are closing amid fears it's spreading. and an iphone lost in new york turns up on the other side of the world in the hands of the mysterious orange >> who is this man and why are his pictures showing up on my phone? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good eveni


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