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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  April 4, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. every time they remember his name, they cry. >> a rebel attack in yemen claims an oakland man's life tonight. his family says it didn't have to happen. i'm juliette goodrich in for
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ann notarangelo. >> i'm brian hackney. kpix 5's christian hartnett is live in hayward where the victim's family is gathered tonight. christian. >> reporter: brian, jamal al- labani is the first u.s. citizen killed in yemen during this recent conflict. family and friends gathering in hayward today are still in shock and believe more could have been done to save him. a prayer to remember the life of jamal al-labani, the pain of his death still strong. every time they remember his name, they just cry. >> reporter: mohammed is jamal's cousin. he says jamal left for yemen about two months ago to see his 2.5-year-old daughter and wife, who is pregnant. he wanted to bring them back to the u.s. where he lived in oakland and owns this gas station in the city. but chaos caused by terrorist activities and civil unrest in yemen made it impossible to leave. >> he was pretty good. he was pretty worried for the past three weeks. >> reporter: jamal died tuesday when he and his 14-year-old
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nephew were hit by mortars in a rebel attack. family and friends say this could have been prevented. the u.s. state department issued a travel warning for yemen on friday but so far there are no plans to help americans safely escape. >> it's really upsetting and sad. i talked to other families here, they have some american relatives back in yemen and they don't know what to do. >> reporter: loved ones here today and the bay area council on american-islamic relations are hoping news of jamal's death prompts the u.s. state department to action and order government-led evacuations of all americans in yemen as soon as possible. live in hayward, christian hartnett, kpix 5. >> there's concern tonight about another bay area man trapped in yemen. [ non-english language ] of san francisco says that he was stopped by an armed militia group in the port city. he was there hoping to board a ship he heard was taking u.s. citizens aboard. the 26-year-old went to yemen
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to work with coffee farmers on improving production and trade skills. an east bay school board member is in the hot seat tonight over comments she made about whether two elementary school in martinez john swett and la juntas should be air- conditioned. mark kelly on why she said certain kids can make due without it. >> i would say 95% of the students at las juntas do not have air-conditioning in their houses. so whether that means the students are more acclimated and can handle a little bit more heat than the john swett students is i would say 95% of [ indiscernible ] residents have air-conditioning in their house. >> reporter: denise elsken says her words were twisted. >> i'm sorry that was taken in a way that sounded disdiscriminatory. it wasn't discriminatory. it was fairly factual. >> reporter: denise was okay with putting ac at the more affluent john swett elementary school but when it came to lower income las juntas elementary she said it would be
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better spent on education and teachers. sh roofs and shade trees at las juntas would keep students cool. >> it wasn't i think planting trees as a solution. it was just an option that we could use at the school. >> reporter: ricky webb called elsken's words offensive. webb says his kids went through las juntas and complained that the school needed more than trees. it needed ac. >> i used to volunteer in there and do a lot of work in the classrooms and it was really warm. >> reporter: elsken says the backlash against her hurts because she is not affluent herself. her own kids went to las juntas without ac. >> i was from the school that i live in this neighborhood. that i care deeply about these kids. >> reporter: in martinez, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> the martinez school board says by the end of the month it should settle the ac issue for both schools. even as we're looking for rain a wildfire is forcing some evacuations tonight in the sierra foothills near fresno.
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it's burning near a campground in sequoia national park. it's only covered about a mile and is not threatening any buildings. but park visitors in the area are being asked to leave as a precaution. the park is busier than usual right now because of spring break and the holiday weekend. speaking it, this hour increasing clouds will set the stage for showers arriving in time for easter. the system producing them is spinning in the gulf of alaska. it will send bands of showers our way by sunrise. futurecast gives us an idea of when the showers begin. we are going to freeze this. this is the forecast for 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can see most of the activity from san francisco north but the showers spread quickly south later in the morning. we'll have the complete forecast in just a few minutes. every drop of rain certainly helps right now. earlier this week governor jerry brown ordered mandatory 25% water cuts across the board to help deal with california's devastating drought. the alameda county water district held a public meeting in fremont this afternoon to
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discuss its own conservation plans. and how customers can help cut back. but many who came to hear what is being done told us they are already making sacrifices. >> i haven't water the my lawn for over a year and a half. i'm taking two showers a week. i'm trying to do the best i can with water conservation. >> about four years ago, we got rid of our front lawn and so we don't water that the way -- because we used to. and i walk around fremont and i think some of these people with pristine green emerald lawns don't understand what the word drought means! >> the alameda county water district supplies water to more than 340,000 people in fremont, newark and union city. another bay area water district is doing its part to help by giving away water for free. there's a catch. bring your own bucket. and you don't want to drink the water. it's recycled but it's great for other uses, like
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irrigation. the dublin/san ramon valley water district came up with it last year. instead of dumping it into the bay they let people take it and use it. >> and i think it might be the first in the country. it's awesome. why not? we are already facing the drought. right? and we definitely don't want to waste water. >> you don't have to be a dublin/san ramon valley water customer either to fill up. the district says anybody can have it. all right. want to take your water savings to the next level? why not give the toilet sink a try? before you say no way, watch how it works. >> what will they think of next? well, this. a brazen heist caught on camera. thieves hit the gas station at an east bay service station and drag an atm away.
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police in walnut creek are looking for a trio of brazen thieves who hauled off an atm full of cash. surveillance video shows one man distracting the clerk at this shell station on ygnacio valley road friday night. another hooked the atm to a cable attached to his truck and off he goes. he hit the gas ripping the machine right out of the ground. the men loaded the machine in the back of the truck and off they went.
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when the weather is nice, many san francisco residents flock to dolores park in the mission but lately it's an eyesore. city park rangers have been handing out citations left and right for trash. that's why the group friends of dolores park organized a major trash clean-up today. they started by handing out trash bags. >> any trash they leave in the park they pack it out to provide a way they can contain their trash instead of having it strewn out all over the ground with the hope that as the rangers have said, they're here passing out many citations because of the trash. so we are hoping that by eliminating that trash problem we can get the rangers to cool out a little bit. >> the group is also trying to get the city to add more trash bins around the park and more toilets, as well. they say public urination is also become a problem in dolores park. this really is an interesting idea. sacramento area woman is taking the concept of water conservation to a new extreme. but watch. robin weld ordered a toilet
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sink from japan for $100. despite what you might think it's sanry. the adapter kit routes freshwater to the sink first so you wash your hands as she demonstrates. it's sanitary. the used water goes to the toilet for the next flush. it saves about 5 to 10 gallons of water a day. coming up a new gadget that promises to protect swimmers from sharks. the high-tech way it works under water. >> and for the first time in a long time, cool and wet weather in the bay area just in
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recreational salmon season opened on the west coast today but fishermen are warned to watch out for rough seas this weekend. despite the drought, it could be a good year. it's estimated there could be well over a million adult salmon out there. the outlook is not so favorable for sardines. stock is so low right now, west coast sardine fishing could be shut down altogether this year. well, an australian company is in california now rolling out a high-tech shark repellent. it's called shark shield. it promises to protect swimmers from sharks by creating a 3d electronic field around the swimmer. the company says it works a bit like a taser but does not harm the shark. they are showing it off in la jolla this weekend. >> we have two electrodes and
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when they are submerged in sea water we create a three- dimensional field and it affects their receptors in their snout and keeps them 15 to 20 feet away from the wearer. >> the shield is strapped to the ankle or a surfboard. i bet you have to sign a release, though, right, before you use it? just in case? >> well, yes. and don't leave home without one, that's what i say. if you are out there with the sharks in la jolla. as the moon sank slowly in the westerly this morning, a total lunar eclipse as the moon sank into the shadow cast by earth on to our satellite. a rare sight. we are lucky we have a moon. earth is the first planet out from the sun, mercury and venus don't have a moon. we are the first planet with a moon and it was putting on a show. that's what it looked like, a deep orange or as is fashionable lately to say blood moon, last one until september. as we look live toward coit tower now increasing shield of clouds coming in over the bay area. concord 60 degrees.
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oakland at 58. san francisco just 54. chilly night in the bay area tonight. if you are heading out expect the clouds and temperatures mostly in the low 50s by 8 p.m. expect showers tomorrow morning out the door. there will be cloudy skies and scattered showers moving from north to south the sort of pattern we never got all winter long. it used to be a fairly classic winter pattern storm in the gulf of alaska, moves north to south and it got cold and windy. hadn't done it all winter until now. finally we're going to get a couple of systems like that. first one comes in tomorrow morning. sweeps south by the afternoon. things begin to ease up. temperature highs tomorrow only near 60 degrees. that's about it. here's what's happening. high pressure that's down south combines with that low in the gulf of alaska, that ridge will now instead of giving us warm weather steer those storms toward the bay area. so we'll be wet tomorrow morning, not a lot in terms of rainfall. you will see in a minute it will be from .10" to a half inch. but the system that's coming in on tuesday is more turbulent and it's also wetter. we'll get twice the rain on
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tuesday than we get tomorrow morning. futurecast draws a bead on the timing. we'll show you this again so you can see that it's 7:00 tomorrow morning. the rain pushed as far south and east as the's bay shoreline scattered showers in the north bay at 7 a.m. as the time goes on the showers march south it clears up and then will go clear but you will get some sunshine in the north bay and increasing sun from the north for san francisco as well in the afternoon. in terms of the futurecast, time lapse of the rain shows us that green over spreading much of the bay area shows you where as much as half inch of rain could fall by the time all is said and done by tomorrow night so expect it to be wet and cold for easter sunday. cooler, showers and then it will ease off in the afternoon. not to say we won't get any rain but it will ease up. cloudy break on monday, mostly cloudy monday. tuesday thunderstorms. and in excess of an inch of rain more rain up top, snow levels fall to 3500 feet on
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tuesday. that's a cold one. overnight lows, tonight santa rosa down to 40. san francisco 47. livermore 40. tomorrow for the first time, i think all winter, i have been able to say that the temperatures will be lower than average for tomorrow. couple of degrees lower than average in the south bay, looking at low 60s. 63 in san jose. east bay low 60s, same for the north bay. wet tomorrow morning, that rain spreads south. and way up in the far north bay ukiah 56. the extended forecast, expect to get wet tomorrow morning and then the showers head south tomorrow afternoon. monday a little break. and then on tuesday, we will have rain and maybe even thunderstorms on tuesday. we shall see. latter half of the week we clear out around warm up but in the meantime finally juliette something to talk about in the weather department. >> we do. all right. and vern has something to talk about. >> i wondered if he has such inside information i bet on any given day somebody wants to go
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to the beach and go, eh, wouldn't do it. yeah. he just knows. >> you know what we got here? we are going to go ahead and close the door and dot the is on baseball spring training. and one half of the men's monday ncaa title game is known.
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i would say basketball will figure prominently in your headline, mr. glenn. >> absolutely.
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two games a day and the big finale monday night with the men. college basketball up top. men's final four saturday. we got one in the books. here we go. two-game one officially in the record books. big crowd in indianapolis, duke and michigan state in green. fast start spartans hit four quick three-pointers. valentine 14-6. not even four minutes in. but duke woke up and shook it off with vengeance. he threw it down and the blue devils got the lead by two. oakafor throws it down and the blue devils got the lead by two. three minute mark. duke up 8. jones side pocket 3 ball. yeah. it's 33-22. if it was a car, duke put it in cruise control. turnover, quinn cook easy lay- in duke up 15. feeling like number one, 90 seconds later you want the dagger shot in here it is. jones ahead, the tomahawk jam, 44-27. off the inbounds, see it, shoot
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it, no. but yes! duke by 20. 81-61 final. advancing to their first championship game since 2010. >> after the first four minutes, we were a different team. we played great basketball tonight especially on the defensive end. i'm so proud of my guys. they beat an outstanding team. we got hit with a couple of hits. for my guys to show that, i'm really proud of 'em. waiting for the kentucky- wisconsin final. baseball, finally we close the door on spring training. a's and giants saw to that this afternoon in oakland. here's tim hudson a one-time oakland a five scoreless innings for the g man. bottom of the fourth some giants offense. justin maxwell ripped what would be a double off of drew pomeranz. buster posey scores. 1-0. 6th inning barry zito
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first a's start since 2006. pitched a scoreless inning. most of the 29,000 gave him a standing ovation. zito then accepted a aaa minor league assignment to nashville. giants won the game 2-1. both teams start their season on monday. so it's the new look a's. one of them new third baseman brett lowry for the mondy opener came in over from toronto in the josh donaldson trade. talked to him last night. and let me tell you something, the guy has a high motor. >> if i were to say the energetic hyperactive brett lowry, would i be accurate? >> i think you would be pretty accurate. >> look at your knee already going. >> exactly. i'm pretty dialed back right now to be honest with you. but, yeah, i know when to dial it up or back. right now stretch, relaxing. but i can dial it up.
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>> judging from the way your knee is going, you don't strike me as a guy who requires a whole lot of sleep. >> that's one of the big things that i do require. i got to charge my batteries for when i get here. >> really. okay. [ laughter ] >> fair enough. looking at this infield, the thing that bob melvin stresses, that onlookers take a look at, i mean, it's been overhauled. it was a car lot, maybe the ford was traded in, it's like a sports car out there, huh? >> no doubt. we have a lot of guys that can move around the infield. we have a lot of good athletes out there that can move and that's one of biggest things when we can take care of the baseball and make the routine play. make one of the good ones when we can, we'll be a lot better off. you look around the infield and outfield and look at the speed we have and some of veterans we have, we have a lot of --we have some talent out there and it's going to be good to get some balls that some teams couldn't get to. the more opportunities you take away from teams the better off our team will be the more times we can get back in our dugout and getting our pitcher back in
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for rest. we are going to be a lot better off for it. >> you certainly fit into the character of the clubhouse. they play hard year in and year out, have fun and for whatever reason they make the play-offs. >> we have to go out and take care of our own business. nobody needs to go out and hit 100 homers each. nobody needs to do anything above and beyond what they're supposed to do. everyone just needs to play the game that we have been playing for the last number of years and, um, nobody needs to press. this is going to be a long year and it's a marathon not a sprint. so we need to take that in stride and put a smile on and go having some fun and just go do it. all right. golf in houston, the pga stop. patrick weed at 16. -- patrick reed here at 16. 178 yards out. five iron. going to drop in for ace. four shots off the lead. same hold , jordan spieth. putting off the green for birdie. and the native texan sank it for the outright lead. spieth leads the field by a single shot. by the way, kim leading the lpga by two shots.
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see young kim if you are scoring at home leads by 3 shots at the first lpga major that is in rancho mirage, california. the old dinah shore classic. >> is that right? >> yeah. >> that's when you won, they throw you in the pool and champagne and burt reynolds shows up. >> those days, huh? [ laughter ] >> thanks for watching. we'll see you again at 10:00 and 11:00.
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valley girl. if you want to talk tech, stay here. you want to talk ceos and entrepreneurs? found the right place. want to talk '80s movies and boy bands? still the right place. spoiler alert. -- diamonds are a girl's best friend. it's not a myth. it's a real thing. i just wanted to get that out of the way because we're going to be talking about diamonds today,
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i don't want anyone to be confused. also, if anyone has been looking to get me a gift recently, i'm just saying. i love diamonds. i'm a size 7. today we're talking about the 3-ds, not like 3-d like three-dimensional. although two of these things are technically 3-d products. i'm not talking about that. i'm talking diamonds, drones and digital currency. the three ds, that could be a great name for a boy band. what happened to boy bands? in sync, i am looking at you, where is the reunion tour? i mean justin, you're great, but give me some nick carter up in here. backstreet boys, am i right? man, i miss those guys, have you seen the backstreet boys documentary? it's pretty good. not that i watched it. twice. anyway, the three ds, enlightening things we don't always get to talk about. diamonds are one thing, but drones? we're headed to control me


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