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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  April 5, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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been there -- for years. good evening, i'm maria medina -- in for ann notarangelo. a gruesome discovery inside a boarded up house. a mummified body that has been
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there for years. good evening. the richmond district the body was just found last night. kpix don lynne is outside. hi. >> hi, brian. the body was wrapped in a blanket for 5 years and believe to be a 90-year-old woman. that body was removed from the house yesterday. the big question, how she died and why her daughter did not say anything while living with a corps. >> the mystery of a mummified body found inside of the house is deepened by a case of hoarding. >> cleanup workers and firefighters had a hard time getting in, once they got in the smell was so bad. firefighter his to wear oxygen masks. >> public health is dealing with the rats and reported reported black widows and my
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department of health and the contractors are looking into the infestation of things. >> reporter: the supervisor of the neighborhood says it took workers a few days to remove some of the trash before discovering the body on saturday. the police believe it was the body of a 90-year-old woman who died about five years ago. her 65-year-old daughter, who lives here, apparently knew about the body but nobody knows why she did not say anything until recently. many neighbors are creeped out by what is described as a mummified body wrapped in a blanket. >> i am afraid. i am afraid. >> reporter: she lives across the street. she says she had not seen the 90-year-old woman in a long time and the women's daughter is pretty quiet. >> i wanted to make friend with her and i say hello and she will just turn away the face and did not want to make
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friends. >> reporter: the medical examiner's office has taken over the case. they need to confirm the identification of the body how she died and when she died. as for the 65-year-old daughter, the supervisor says she is getting help from a local hospital. we are live in san francisco, k pix5. >> the body had it not been for a daughter making to a tax consultant she mentioned there was a body it in the house and the tax consult ant called the police. eight san francisco police officers implicated in a racist texting scandal. the chief wants them fired. meanwhile kpix5 reports many cases those officers worked on are about to get a second look. >> this is just so over the top. >> the police chief spoke this
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morning about the racist bia stphaorbgs this just knocked me down. -- racist bias. >> the cases are up in the air. more than 1,000 cop sreubgzs that could -- convictions that were overturned. >> the public defender is starting the process goffing through those cases now. >> so, what we need to do next is to find out who said what. which officers made which statements and based on that evidence we are going back to court. >> reporter: he is calling for a deep are investigation into the police department itself. >> these are only detectives, is there other bias. calling for a tafpg force to
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investigate. >> i think we are accountable. we welcome the criticism and come out of this thing better than we were. >> it is the police commission that will decide whether or not to fire the officers involved in the texting scandal. that commission meets on wednesday. in the news room, back to you. a gray start to easter today. the rain fell pretty good at times. there was also some fog out there. taking a live look outside right now. you can see it is mostly cleared out for now as looking live looking towards golden gate bridge. keep the umbrellas handy. there is more ahead. we did not pick up much. more than 1/10th of an inch of rain at most. oakland recorded 22/100th. in the north bay, not much to shout about, either. the doppler going east and south of the bay area. bus, a system winding up off of the pacific northwest that will produce much more rain within
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30 hours. and much stronger winds. the forecast will be up in a few minutes. >> the bay area lost one of its broadcast legends tonight. the sports announcer, simons, died, he was 91 years old. vern glen joining us now. calling some of the most memorable moments in the bay area. >> picking your favorite moment, go ahead, pick your favorite kid. so many of them. i can remember the 49ers steve young touchdown run against vikings, touchdown 49ers f it is the giants, a's, familiar home run call. way back, way back, tell it good-bye. five decades in this market. dry humor but played down his successes. just a pro at capturing the moment. >> there is a pitch to willie. swung on, deep to left t it is way back, way back, tell it good-bye number 600 for willie mayes. i got to know him when i got to
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this market forever ago. we all sponged material from him. i bet if dennis was here he would say the same thing. i got a text from larry bear who is out of town. he weighed in with this. earliest memories were listening to him and russ on my transistor radio. hearing it ignited mine and other passion for giant's baseball. he will be deeply missed by all of us. we will have more on this later. especially on "gameday" at 11:30 with more great, great sports moments in this market. >> my earliest memories of sports was my grandfather listened to them. it is -- he is a guy you really will miss. >> it was funny, too, i remember playing a tennis tournament, a charity tennis tournament. i am playing against him. i walked up to him. he looked at me and stared me down and said i am going to kick your ... >> and he did. but, i mean, it is -- he was a
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really, really great guy. he will be missed. a bay area running dry, not just their primary source of water they are worried about, it is the back up system, too. big delays ark long the b.a.r.t
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a big project got started today. the b.a.r.t tracks will reopen by the time of the morning commute. b.a.r.t is replacing 1,000 ties and 3,000 feet of rails. at least 10 more weekend closures are planned between now and august to get the work done. and the closures, b.a.r.t will run a bus bridge between those two stations. the airport connectors up and running. but you should allow yourself more time to get there. tonight, the drought emergency is hitting one community hard. many wells are running dry.
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now, even back up source has been cut off. >> in rural valleys, lance foxfeels at home. >> it is dry and scary. >> as bad as it has been. >> reporter: one of his two wells, struggles to pump up the water at all. >> reaching a pitch right now entering this summer where we have not had the rain we needed. >> 100 customers are on edge. the drought claims one well after another. folks say typically they truck in water from east bay mud but they have been cut off. >> that has been an unauthorized use of east bay mud water supply. >> reporter: the spokesperson says east bay mud has an obligation to serve the 1.3 million customers, first, and that does not include them. >> you can not legally authorize access to communities
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outside of our service area. >> worries what that will mean for her apmals. moving there for piece and quiet. without water that lifestyle, her horses could all be taken away. >> we can not keep them on the property if we don't have water. we can not keep our family in the home if we don't have water. >> he put in astro turf but keeping it alive threw this drought meaning truck loads of water. >> i would like choices and help. mark kelly kpix5. >> east bay mud is considering stiffer fines and other measures to crack down on water theft. we can use as much of this as we can get. spring snow is slamming the sierra tonight but the sudden storm is catching drivers off guard. >> and it is going slowly west. a bigger
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skiers and snowboarders are racing to the resorts today. the ones that are open today. but, we are shown drivers are not having such a good time. >> reporter: on 80 east outside of the resort this truck was flipped on its side. another truck with damage parked across the highway. a few good samaritans with yellow light flashing signals pulled over to help before the crews arrived. weather-related it may be going a bit too fast. but i went out and talked to him and he is okay. >> the snow is falling fast and
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sticking to the ground. >> now, several closed but we found this group of tourists from the bay area playing outside of sugar bowl. they did not expect the resorts to be open but drove up to see the snow any way. >> the teams will be required for all on highway 20 and then on interstate 80 east and west. all trucks will be required to have chains. they are out checking that. >> that was a rare sight. the sight of the reporter in the snow over the past season. here we are now in april. now, the storm on the way and a classic system in the good old days in 2008 and 2008. a storm coming out of the gulf of alaska and heading south towards the bay area bringing a lot of cold air and moisture with it. well, this is a spring storm
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now and it is anything but unheard of. it will not have that kind of moisture. >> looking at the golden gate bridge. concord, 56. santa rose a57 degrees, a beautiful finish. to what was a wet start for much of the bay area this morning. heading out tonight. the rain is done, the temperatures in the low 50s. a few clouds out there. not bad. same thing for tomorrow morning, a few clouds out there. a little chilly. upper 40s, inland, near 50 degrees at the coast. it is tomorrow afternoon, beginning to increase the clouds, so the clouds and the plot thick eps tomorrow night. as we have another system on the way. you can see that high pressure is -- plot thickens tomorrow night. as we have another system on the way. you can see that high pressure is coming in. the showers in northern california by tomorrow night. so, it will be rainy, more rain than we had with the last system. it will be windy. windier with gusts up in the peaks around skyline, east bay hills, as high as 50 miles an
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hour by tomorrow night. then we don't clear out on tuesday. tuesday, we get a turbulent day, we get a few thunderstorms and hail in the wake of the cold front. snowfall, 12 inches above search,000 feet. not a lot of moisture with this. we will average to an inch to an inch and a half of rain in the bay area. the future cast shows timing on this. freeze it at 11:00 tomorrow night. cold front you can see it at that moment, directly over the city. and that is the time lapse, tuesday at noon we go to scattered showers, a thunder bumper or two. by wednesday morning there are a few lingering showers. tell will be thursday before we clear it out. here is what we are expecting, showers easing up. rain spreads south tomorrow night. after sunset for the most part. tuesday, a mix of everything. by the time all is said and done, an inch of rain out of
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this. good news. over night lows in the 40s for the most part. tomorrow, the temperatures close to average in the city, 60 degrees, 2 degrees shy of average. palo alto, 63, cupertino, 62, increasing clouds, north bay, temperatures near 60 degrees. extended forecast, increasing clouds tomorrow. rain tomorrow night, lingering into tuesday. wednesday we clear it out. thursday through sunday looks sunny. >> nice to have that rain. >> i have a question for you, are you feeling the power? >> i am feeling the power of sitting in the anchor desk. >> now, on the other side, we will share thoughts on an old friend and big stage, big moments and
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radio play-by-play simons died today. we will share key radio calls tonight on "gameday" at 11:30. awkward segue to the games. nba. warriors have not won in a regular season since 1997. first quarter, here comes
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leonard. finish it off. they will put it out of reach. 3rd quarter, saegt curry got the touches, got his points, he had 24. look at the score. by then, it is out of hand. so, spurs kept rampaging inside. now, duncan, i am telling you, the regular season in san antonio, the spurs, they are the warriors daddy. 4th quarter. now, 3 ball. it is a 28 point game. the spurs woup it 107-92. the first team if the nba to win the season series against the warriors. james arden. mvp candidate. three minutes left. another candidate. a 3-ball to tie it at 100. next possession, james, saying, you know what? i can do that, too. launching it up and hit. he answered with 41. rockets are up 3. last three seconds, now, no heroics this
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time. houston, getting a road win. 115-112. oklahoma city last run for the play off last game on new new. after a leg injury, it is complete. some speculated that his career was in jeopardy. >> are there any plans to have to wear a patch or anything like that during the season for him or in any way honor him? >> he is still alive. [ laughter ] >> alive and kicking today. a standing ovation in indiana. host of the miami heat. george is rusty. yes, got to work on the lay-up. by the 4th quarter. his throat was back. look at him drilling this 3. he had 13 points, 15 minutes to play. pacers beat the heat to keep the playoff hopes alive. women's ball, now, south carolina can they do it against
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notre dame? irish down 1. now, madison cable. the baseline jumper. oh, luck of the irish. they win 66-65. playing in the national championship game against the winner of yukon and maryland. it is the eve of the national title for the men. wisconsin against duke. badgers ended kentucky's perfect season yesterday. it looks like they are anything but anxious in the q&a session. >> i don't know low to answer questions, i thought i was here to say words and make you laugh. >> do you want intellectual answer or? >> the head coach, ryan, does not have to worry about telling his players how big tomorrow night's game is. >> by the time we drove in the golf cart, to get to here, i
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don't know how many text messages that sam had and i said sam why do you have your cell phone when we are going to the press conference? he said coach, it is tradition. i do it all of the time. you know how big you are on tradition, okay, bring your cell phone. that is good. but these guys are getting it all ready. they are going back now, they are out there, alice, uncle harry and whatever other friends. >> all right, hey, golf, no sunshine on a cloudy day in houston. pga stopped final round. this guy, johnson wagner. got to make it put to force a play off. he does. i guess he is excited. yes, 2nd play off hole. this fella, holmes he says take a look at this one. he would 2 putt for par. put the heat on wagner to extend the playoff and -- >> oh. >> that is how he picked up the 4th career win heading into the
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master's next week. lpga in progress. soccer, here is the earthquakes new house. san jose, now, real salt lake. now, getting it right the second time. the only goal of the game. now, calling it 2-3 in this young season. >> feeling the power of vern. >> no, no, no. >> now, plenty of the
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> out of what happened right here came the department of homeland security. >> stahl: jeh johnson is now in charge of the department of homeland security, protecting the country from another terrorist attack, especially now with the rise of homegrown terrorism. now, as i understand it, of the 180 americans who have gone overseas to fight in iraq and syria, 40 have come back. >> we have, in fact, kept close tabs on those who we believe have left and those who've come back. but you can't know everything. >> pelley: easter time marks a 17-year truce between catholics and protestants in northern ireland. gerry adams was a central figure


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