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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 8, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. [ sound of gunfire ] >> a white police officer shoots and killing an unarmed black man in the back as he is running away. tonight, that officer has been charged with murder. >> christin ayers walks us through the video and the aftermath. this is shocking to watch. >> reporter: very disturbing video. tonight, leaders of the black lives matter movement telling me all of us should be disgusted by the video and what the officer originally claimed happened. it began as a traffic stop. but watch. the horrifying way it ended. [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: a south carolina police officer fires eight
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shots at walter scott, an unarmed man who is seen running away. watch as he later appears to plant a stun gun next to the victim. today, the mayor took swift action. >> he will be charged with murder. >> reporter: the officer is michael slager. he originally claimed he feared for his life when he pulled the trigger. >> we can't have any longer standards that are set so low that all that an officer needs to do is say they feared for their life as a justification for taking a life. >> reporter: alicia garza, one of the cofounders of the black lives matter movement in oakland applauded the swift action against the officer. >> we need a full and fundamental transformation of what placing looks like in the country. >> reporter: like changing the police officer's bill of rights and the system that allows officers to investigate themselves after shootings.
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as civil rights attorney john bures watched the video. >> he is a good 25, maybe 30 yards away, he is still shooting. >> reporter: he says it seems clear that slager had no legal standing for pulling the trigger. >> you are not supposed to use deadly force. you are not supposed to do that. it is defense of others and yourself. >> what do yes know about the victim? it was a traffic stop. >> reporter: absolutely. a broken taillight. the guy who was actually pulled over was a father of four who owed back child support. that may be why he was running but he had no history of violence. >> and the police officer wasn't a rookie. he had been there a while. >> reporter: he had been there a while. and tonight, he is behind bars. >> yeah. christin, thank you for that. town of north charleston where this happened is also about 50% black according to the justice department. the police department there is about 80% white. you know all the mandates
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about saving water? tonight, a lot of people aren't. a new report says water use statewide was down just 3% last month. 3%. when compared to 2013. and the drought is only getting worse. look at this map. it is extreme or exceptional in two-thirds of our state. we look deeper into the report and found some people are saving and saving a lot. but others? not so much. betty yu is with the savers, but first, mark kelly takes us to woodside. one of the worst water wasting town ins the bay area. >> reporter: if only everyone in woodside could be like debbie mendelson. >> i have to walk the talk. >> reporter: but hundreds of debbie's neighbors don't care like she does. >> hundreds of people don't have enough to drink. >> reporter: sucking up thousands of gallons to feed their green yards.
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one staffer says last week crews started irrigating the field three instead of four days of week. while the governor ising for fields to get ripped up, we found fresh sod seemingly ready to roll out in woodside. >> we took our patch of lawn out. >> reporter: not debbie. her grass is gone, replaced with these woodchips. >> there has to be a general attitude shift on how people think about water. >> reporter: debbie has not convinced her neighbors or town council to launch a large scale water saving plan just yet. but she is also not ready to back down. >> let the high-end users we have the do our part. >> reporter: i spoke with the deputy town manager who says woodside could do more, but maybe he has to look no further than just across the bay to newark where betty yu is now. >> reporter: mark, they really are using much less water here and it really shows. just check out this house
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behind me for example, the homeowners ripped out the lawn last summer and are think about putting in some drought- friendly plants. this is quickly becoming a trend here in this part of alameda county. judging by the dry lawns, fake lawns, and completely revamped ones. block after block, homeowners in newark are paying attention to the drought. >> this is an area that is all regular grass lawn. >> reporter: tom elken uses 70% less water now. >> i was around here going to graduate school in 1977-78 which i think was really the last bad drought. and i just thought we all should pitch in a little bit. >> reporter: turns out residents like tom are pitching in a lot. they cut their water use by 20% since 2013. >> we were very proactive in facing the drought head on and helping our customers conserve
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water. >> reporter: but it certainly doesn't hurt that they are offering rebaits for swapping out the grass. >> i'm proud to do it. you know what i mean? >> reporter: what do you say to your neighbors in woodside? >> well, what i say to our neighbors in woodside is it would be great if they could step up their conservation as well so that there's water available for all of us in the state. we are all in this together. >> reporter: well, this district also has some pretty strict rules. right now, you can only water your lawn once a week until june. the district also follows up on water waster reports by making phone calls, sending letters, and paying a few visits and liz action it seems to be working. >> we all have to pitch in right now. thanks betty. take a live look outside. sort of the calm after the
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storm if you will. it was a pretty wild 24 hours with a rainbow over the bay at the end. this was the view from our roof cam this afternoon. brian hackney says there are still a few showers out there i'm hearing. >> that's right. the low pressure is headed out, but on the topside of the low, there are a few showers working their way into the bay area tonight. it was quite a wild day around parts of the bay area. most of the moisture has moved east and some snow is falling in the mountains tonight. as far as the radar is concerned, there is one cell in 580 stretched from pleasanton and dublin. we have all the details in the forecast which looks pretty high and dry for the next week or so. we will do in a few minutes. but before it eases up, it was nuts. as liz is about to tell you. >> that's right brian. as you mentioned weather really ran the gamut today. we saw hailstorms in vallejo.
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in san francisco, the problem was flooding, drivers had to navigate through this pool of water. the 280 onramp. gusty winds meanwhile caused construction scaffolding to collapse in san francisco's laurel heights and firefighters had to rescue a guy stuck on the roof. and reporter kelly ryan shows us the sierra. >> reporter: this storm is a big surprise to many people who weren't expecting this much snow. a drive up to tahoe today took quite a few drivers by surprise. >> i didn't bring chains or anything. i wasn't prepared at all. >> reporter: just outside of pollock pines, chain crews were kept busy. not everyone was expecting much snow, so spring break visitors welcomed this winter blast. >> we thought this would be a nonsnow spring break like hiking and biking but we were pleasantly surprised. >> reporter: kelly ryan, for
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kpix5. >> also in the news tonight, we learned tonight that a man who gave santa clara county sheriff deputies the slip is back in custody. johnell carter is a suspected child molester. last month, he overpowered a deputy during a hospital visit. that led to a search for him. no sign of him until today. he was arrested in of all places, mississippi. we should find out tomorrow how he managed to get so far. solano county judge has told a violent sex offender he can't live in the county anymore. frazier smith is about to be released from a state mental hospital. he was sent to prison in 2006 after pleading no contest to assault with an intent to rape. he was committed to a state hospital in 2010. today, the judge ruled none of the 1700 proposed places in the county for smith to go is acceptable including this
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neighborhood in fairfield that was being considered. a hearing has been set for june to see if smith can be moved to an adjacent county. tonight, kentucky senator rand paul is officially off and running for the presidency. allen martin on how the tea party candidate hopes to ride into the white house. >> the washington machine that gobbles up our freedoms and invades every nook and cranny of our lives must be stopped. >> reporter: the 52-year-old senator and eye doctor laid out a vision that is one part libertarian, one part foreign intervention with a dose of fiscal restraint. >> i propose we do something extraordinary. let's just spend what comes in. >> reporter: as president, paul said he would seek a ball lapsed bum amendment, term limits for members of congress. >> i say the phone records of law-abiding citizens are none
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of their damn business. >> reporter: he came to the public in 2010 as a member of the tea party. >> let's build some bridges here at home! >> reporter: paul's father, former presidential candidate ron paul joined his son for his presidential kickoff. he starts off campaigning in new hampshire tomorrow. allen martin, kpix5. the building was on fire. people trapped inside. tonight, the high-rise rescue. >> and, this woman says that she was kicked off a flight to san jose because she has cancer. wait until you hear the airline's side of the story. tonight. >> plus, this bay area tech ceo tells employees they can't negotiate their salary. why she says it is good for women. >> plus a well known politician comes to california and compares vaccines
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>> tonight, firefighters battled a fire in a high-rise office building in los angeles. check it out. flames shot out the windows and the roof and several people were inside the building near korea town. firefighters used ladders to rescue them. >> what makes it more scary is there are people inside this building calling the fire department saying that they are trapped in lower floors. >> the fire is northeastly out right now. firefighters are going through it to make sure no one is still trapped. so much for a dream
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vacation. maria medina spoke to a northern california woman who got kicked off a flight headed to san jose because she has cancer. >> i have multiple myeloma. they are taking me off the airplane because i don't have a doctor's note saying i can fly. >> reporter: elizabeth's family vacation ended like this. >> i am being removed as if i'm a criminal. >> reporter: kicked off an alaska airlines flight that was supposed to get her pack to san jose monday evening. >> it was shocking. i have flown, we have flown five years with this same diagnosis. and i felt humiliated. >> reporter: she suffers from blood cancer and because she can get sick easy lingering, she put on a surgical mask at the airport just before her flight. that got the flight crew's attention. >> she asked me a bunch of times how are you? can i get you anything? >> reporter: the crew eventually agreed she could board. but as the family settled in,
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an alaska employee and security told her she needed a doctor's note clearing her to fly. >> if you look at me, you wouldn't know i was ill. >> reporter: the alaska airline crew suggested a hotel for her family, but didn't pay for their stay, didn't offer a refund on the flight or even apologize. still, elizabeth doesn't know if she will ever fly alaska air again. after her vacation in paradise ended like this. >> my family is being forcibly removed from an airplane because i have cancer. >> tonight, alaska airlines is apologizing for the way the situation was handled and have offered the cover the cost of the family's overnight stay. you can watch the entire unedited incident on a fight in berkeley over vaccines. city council wants to make sure all kids get inoculated against
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all common childhood diseases for going to school. they voted to close the vaccine loophole. that loophole allows parents to claim a personal belief exception so their kids don't have to get vaccinated. >> basically, it has to be done because a lot of people are not doing what is right. i almost died by measles. >> this fight reignited during the most recent measles outbreak. california has one of the lowest immunization rates in the nation and we are seeing increases in preventable diseases. tonight, robert kennedy jr. compared it to the holocaustment he told an antivaccination crowd, they get the shot, they go to sleep, three months later and their brain is gone, this is a holocaust what this is doing to
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our country. california lawmaker plan to vote on a bill to get rid of the personal belief exemption. the u.s. postal service unveiled a stamp for maya angelou, but the quote is from another author, they said it had been widely attributed to her, but it wasn't hers. a spokesman told the washington post, if we had known about this, we would have used one of her other works. the sentence held great meaning for her and she is greatly identified with its popularity. >> had we known about it beforehand? they couldn't have checked? >> a roomful of people and nobody bothered to ... >> one of the most quotable authors ever. >> are they rolling stone or something? [ laughter ] >> oh. one thing we know, we are probably saying good-bye to the rain for a while. >> for a while. for a while. we got a pretty good dose of rain. let's have a look at the high-
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def one more time to show you the last cell standing out there a little south of livermore stretching out to pleasanton. not much left of the rain. 5,600ths at livermore. and 67 up in oakland. three quarter of an inch in santa rosa and more of an inch in san rafael. in terms of the snow. the storm had not yet reached the sierra by sunset. so we will see storm totals tomorrow. they have winter warnings posted. they are expecting as much as two feet above 7,000 feet. as we look to the new span of the bay bridge. concord, 50. san francisco, 52. in santa rosa, 45. here is what is happening. you can see the rain translating to snow out on the mountains. for us, low pressure gets kicked out of the state. few showers are possible.
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but tomorrow, high pressure returns and so does sunshine and mild temperatures. to sum it up, a few showers lingering tonight. not much. it will clear up tomorrow and that is about it for the next five or six days. out the door tomorrow morning, though, if you want to really ere on the side of precaution, bring an umbrella. there could be a shower or two. i will say i have covered myself. and then for tomorrow afternoon, we have got sunshine and temperatures recovering to the mid 60s inlapped. a nice midweek on tap. overnight lows chilly. 40 in napa, 40 in santa rosa. for tomorrow, the numbers are back to pretty much where they should be this time of the year. 61 in the city tomorrow. south bay, sunshine, 68 at campbell. 64 hayward. a few clouds out by the coast. by diablo. and 64 degrees at brentwood. 67 at walnut creek. up in the north bay, a nice sunny day and temperatures about mid 60s . cooler in the
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north bay. extended forecast. we have sunshine all the way through the weekend. temperatures warm and we are right back where we started. >> we will put that on your postage stamp. i will have covered myself. we have it. it is done. >> okay. >> all right good. a bay area ceo makes a bold move to level the
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>> well, a bay area tech company has a unique approach to ending gender discrimination. >> reddit says no salary
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negotiations during the recruiting process. the interim ceo is ellen pao. she recently lost the dispute with cliner perkins. now she is working to increase diversity in the workplace. >> we are working to have a lot of diversity on the team. we could use more. we want different perspectives that represent the people we actually have using the site. >> so why get rid of negotiations in the first place? she says men tend to negotiation harder than women do and women sometimes get penalized when they try to do it. pao told the wall street journal we come up with an afternoon that is fair. if you want more equity. you can swap a little of your cash salary for equity. but we will not award better negotiators with more composition. >> hm, okay, try tell tag to a pro athlete. no negotiating. >> an agent wouldn't like that.
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wouldn't play that. so we will play here. the warriors and the giants. the as . they all have something in common. and steph curry. did he play superman tonight in new orleans? >> steph, four
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>> nba up top. the warriors home court advantage all locked up. here's the thing. the teams they are run with now, they are playing for something. anthony davis in oklahoma
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trying to make the playoffs. you think they wanted it? look here. davis, inside. and one. pelicans would lead by as much as five in the last minute-and- a-half. warriors made up time and the deficit, steph curry. launch. booked it. clutch. tied the game at 100. curry with 25. then this. they call this a foul, ken. yeah. he just fell down. come on, man! come on! anyway, new orleans makes their free-throws, curry last ditch chance to try and tie it again. no. no. no. new orleans wins it, 103-100. they become the eight seed in the west with the win. women's game, ncaa women's final. history made. uconn in white defending the paint against notre dame. here come the huskies. feeding it in.
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connecticut never threatened and they won their third straight national title 63-53. the coach's 10th national title. baseball. we got the giants and the as . they got a lot in common with the warriors. wrong side of the final score. matt cane already on the disabled list with a strained arm. ryan vogelsong had to step it up in arizona. buster posey, severely injured this baseball. his first home run of the year. two-run shot, they lead 2-0. this is in the 4th inning. brandon belt pulled up a strained groin. forced his exit. he is going to have an mri. man, bottom fifth, tied at 4-4. jake lamb, nothing sheepish about it. a three-run homer. vogelsong gave up two three-run jobs tonight.
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they rallied late but lost 7-6. jesse hahn in oakland made his as debut against texas. top third, prince fielder just out of reach. 5th inning. it happens in the little league and the pros. got right by craig gentry. oakland rallied in the 7th inning. bases loaded. the double play and the rangers won it, the final of 3-1. both teams will play tomorrow. lit be fine. just two games in. >> just calm down. >> calm down. >> take a deep breath [bulldog yawns] it's finally morning! i can't wait to get to mattress discounters good and early for the tempur-pedic bonus event. i'll have first pick from the huge selection of tempur-pedic mattresses. then i'll get to choose $300 in pillows, sheets and other free gifts. on top of that, up to 48 months interest-free financing!
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