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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 9, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> huge problems with airport security. and sfo is worst in the country. >> reporter: we heard about the security problems at mineta san jose, but an associated press problem says the biggest problem is right here with 37 perimeter security breaches in the past decade, a 14-year-old tumbled out of the wheel well in maui. he became the poster child for
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airport perimeter breeches. the associated press crunched the numbers from the last decade and found them at the nation's airports are hardly uncommon. sfo the worst. the breaches at sfo range from the unmain from a driver taking a rental car to a secure area to the vague. unspecified security breach. that phrase appears eight times in the sfo data. yes. nine for car crashes at the intersection of central exprez way and de la cruz. >> we meet all the guidelines to our security program. >> reporter: but the federal guidelines are not working. so mineta, the fifth worst airport in the country are
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coming. mineta and cole man road, it is raised an additional four feet. east bay congressman eric swalwel has sounded the security awrap for years. >> reporter: we are very vulnerable to people wandering around the airport grounds before they are confronted. >> reporter: he wants all airports to incorporate new technology. >> motion detection. >> reporter: the technology is not cheap and could range from 100 grand to several million for an international facility like sfo. >> right now, we may be penny wise and pound foolish by not investing in this. >> reporter: now, so what does sfo have to say about this dubious distinction, i have try
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today reach the spokesperson to talk about this subject. he has not returned my phone calls in this afternoon and he says he wasn't available to talk about it until tomorrow. >> reporter: andria, you said there is a back story to all of the this. >> reporter: yes there is, liz. sfo was aware of the associated press as was mineta. just this afternoon, sfo announced a news conference for tomorrow to talk about their improvements in perimeter security. so this can't be a coincidence. it seems they are trying to head off an unflattering story. >> thanks andria. tonight, a woman attacked at a muni bus stop on market street in san francisco. those attackers? a group of girls. reporter mark kelly and photographer joseph cousins were there when it all went down. >> reporter: punch after terrifying punch. three girls, likely teens
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beating a 55-year-old woman at this muni stop hitting her in the face. my photographer and i were wrapping up another story when we heard the screams. one girl kicks, the second punches, and another man does his best to get the girls off the woman. the suspects then ran using the civic center bart as their chance to blend into the crowd and get away. the victim tells us the three teens were being loud causing a commotion. the victim asked the girls to be quiet but instead of shutting up, they beat her up. the woman tells us, she is strong, she will be all right. she is russian. in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix5. tonight, we know how an accused child molester who escaped san jose ended up in mississippi. johnell carter's month on the run ended this week when u.s. marshalls caught him in an apartment on the gulf coast.
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once carter gave them the slip sat a san jose hospital, his brother drove him to reno where he caught a greyhound bus and headed to mississippi. >> there is no indication that the escape was preplanned. it appears he was waiting for an opportunity and took it when it arose. >> tonight, johnell is awaiting extradition back to california. also tonight, we have obtained dramatic police dispatch calls in a deadly confrontation between sunnyvale police and dispatch. devin fehely has the story. >> i'm on the east end of the store. he is not complying. >> reporter: the police radio captures the moments right before the deadly confrontation. >> shots fired and suspect is down. >> reporter: officers were responded to a report of a robbery at a liquor and grocery store on tazman road. the suspect used a knife during the robbery.
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police cornered the suspect in an alley where the shooting occurred. >> our first officer who arrived at the scene contacted the suspect in an alley way near the business. >> all of a sudden, you hear pow, pow, pow. >> the officers will defend themselves if their lives are threatened. >> reporter: police have not released the suspect's name. the officer involved in the shooting has been placed on paid administrative leave while it is investigated. there is another deadly officer involved shooting here in the city of sunnyvale earlier this year, but that shooting involved an officer from santa clara. devin fehely, kpix5. tonight, the boston marathon bomber who killed three people and wounded 264 others is waiting to hear if he will be sentenced to death. allen martin on the jury's quick jury verdict today. >> reporter: the jury convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev on all 30
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counts against him after deliberating 11 hours in two days. >> i don't know what justice is. i'm grateful to have him off the street. i'm grateful to show everyone, the world, that it is not tolerated. this is not how we behave. >> reporter: this is the most digitally documented terror attack in history. they were showed photos of dzhokhar and tamerlan walking down the street on that faithful day. the defendant setting his backpack down and running away after it explodes. he showed little emotion as he looked at the defense table and fidgeted as the world guilty was repeated over and over. investigators culled from over 13,000 videos and 120,000 skills to track the tsarnaev brothers including the younger tsarnaev casually buying a
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bottle of milk. and them stalking and killing an mit police officer. tsarnaev's defense attorney conceded from the beginning that dzhokhar tsarnaev participated in the crimes. but that he was only following his older brother's lead. her goal has been to keep him off death row. the same jury that convicted him will decide whether he lives or dies. all it takes is for one juror to vote against the death penalty for him to get life in prison. in the news room, allen martin, kpix5. a martinez teenager injured in the bombings has recovered and is about to finish grade school. aaron was with his family in boston supporting his mom who was running the marathon. tonight, california is one step close tore making it harder for parents to avoid vaccinating their kids using the personal belief exemptions. phil matier was at the state capital today. >> reporter: both sides of the debate showed up in force
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today. while the antivaccination people in their red shirts were the most visible and the loudest, the pro vaccinators including doctors, nurses, much of the medical establishment were very busy behind the scenes garnering the votes to get this moving. where it goes from here is going to be a long and involved process. but from the looks of things, democrats in california say they have the votes to push this through. although they do concede, it will take some amendment to get there. in sacramento, phil matier, kpix5. >> turns out one of the bill's most outspoken opponents is robert f. kennedy jr. he told a crowd in sacramento yesterday "they, meaning kids, get the shot that night, they have a fever of 103. they go to sleep. and three months later, their brain is gone. this is a holocaust. what this is doing to our country. " today, he said this. >> i had all six of my kids
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vaccinated. i think that vaccinations save millions of lives. and we ought to have policies and courage for vaccinations. full coverage, but that is not going to happen until we have safe vaccines. >> well the vast majority of medical doctors say the current vaccines are safe. after almost 50 years with cbs news, tonight, bob sciffe are is retiring. >> that is where it all started for me. i wanted this to be the place and i wanted you to be the first to know. that this summer, i'm going to retire. >> aw! >> amazing journalist. he made the announcement at his alma mater, texas christian university. he got his first job in fort worth where tcu is based. he has been at cbs46 years. he anchors face the nation and is the chief washington
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correspondent. he is 78 years old. bay area police officers aused of sending racist and homophobic text messages. tonight, we are there as the chief apologizes. >> emergency action tonight. because of the drought. the new rules from brushing to flushing. the first reviews of the apple watch are in. tonight, the goods, and the bads. >> plus, it is one of the strangest defenses we have ever heard. a bay area guy claims he broke into an apartment because he thought it was a spaceship. and ...
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>> the south carolina police officer who was seen on video fatally shooting an unarmed black man has been fired. [ sound of gunfire ] cell phone video shows walter scott running away as the officer is firing eight times. officer michael slager has been charged with murder. he had pulled scott over for a broken taillight of all things. after a brief struggle, slager claimed he feared for his life. that is why he started firing. scott's family just doesn't believe those claims. >> i couldn't believe that a traffic stop could lead ... could go from a stop to a tazer to a shot. being killed. i just couldn't believe it. >> well, a lawyer for the family is vowing to file a
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federal civil rights lawsuit. police dash cam video of the incident could be released as soon as tomorrow. we don't usually hear police chiefs apologize, but that is what happened tonight in san francisco. christin ayers was there. >> reporter: even as san francisco police chief greg sur said he was sorry ... >> i apologize to the community. >> reporter: the community did not hold back. >> i hope you all fire every one of those seven police officers. give them no benefits. they don't have the right. they don't deserve to be on this police force. >> commissioners, terminate those officers on recommendation and do it now. >> reporter: this meeting, the first step in a process that could end in termination for a group of san francisco police officers caught sending racist and homophobic text messages. this san francisco officer remined the board of some of
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the deeply offensive epithets they called african-americans. >> silver back gorillas monkeys, n-words. >> reporter: chief sur says two of the eight officers have already resigned and a third has promised to. the others have all pended and the chief recommends termination. >> they never should have been police officers and i agree. we are going back to try and find out what we should have noticed in their background. >> reporter: the chief headed back inside for a closed session that will ultimately determine the officers' fate. an attorney for one of the officers told the san francisco chronicle today that the text messages were sent years ago and that the statute of limitations have expired. christin ayers, kpix5. >> the chief said he and some
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of his top created a biased training class next week. well, it is a new one for us, a guy accused of busting into an apartment building in the mission. and getting into a scuffle with the people who lived there was acquitted on robbery and other felony charges. why? because according to his defense team, he thought the world was ending so he tried to board a spaceship on the building's roof. his attorneys say he was suffering from a method fueled psychosis. he was, however, convicted of a misdemeanor, battery and assault. the first reviews are coming in for the new apple watch. betty yu is in los gatos. what's the word on this thing? >> reporter: well liz, the word is that it may not be for everyone. some say it is too expensive or not fashionable. and then others cannot wait for its release. if you want to check it out for yourself, you have to get online to make an appointment
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to preview it in store. >> that is kind of how i was sold on the first iphone. i had my doubts and i held it and fell in love. >> reporter: this apple fan will get a chance to see if there is a connection. a lucky few are already testing it out. >> it is one of the most feature-packed ambitious smart watches but it is doing it at the element of watt battery life and price. >> reporter: the battery life is only a day. >> i think $17,000 for a first time apple watch is pretty extreme. but you know, $350 is certainly more than i paid for my watch. >> reporter: the watch works with newer iphones and keeps you connected. you can track your fitness, play musics. use apple pay and apps. >> it is really easy to send tests, audio messages. make speakerphone calls. >> what i will do is wait to see what the market does. what the reaction of people is
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to the watch. and then, judge whether the bang is worth the buck. >> reporter: a lot of people out here tonight are debating whether to buy it now or next year, because the next generation apple watch is bound to be thinner, faster, and sleeker. the apple watch is due out on the 24th. live in los gatos, betty yu, kpix5. >> very interesting. >> they make a dick tracy model, i'll get one. >> inspector gadget out there. >> somewhere out there, chester gould is saying it happened. >> you have to be a certain age. you were looking at betty yu during the live shot. i was watching her hair and noticing there was a little bit of a breeze out there. that is ha we notice as we have the golden gate bridge with almost nobody on it. we have temperatures 53
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degrees. oakland 52. 47 livermore. 53 in san jose. a little bit of a breeze around the bay. at least around los gatos. high pressure off the west coast. the low has moved north of utah. way out there over the rockies so they are going to get some snow. for us, we have sunshine and it will be warming up for the bay area tomorrow. not dramatically. what is happening is the low exits to the east. and it is replaced by our old friend from all winter long. sunny skies for the bay area. tomorrow morning, high and dry. sunshine, chilly start. temperatures in the low 40s for the most part. and we recover all the way to the low 70s inland. still a little chilly. but a lot of sun for everybody tomorrow. the future cast bears that out, we are running a time lapse. and later in the day, some high clouds form and then blow off to the central valley. so we will have a mostly sunny day tomorrow. to sum it all up, sunshine, warmer temperatures tomorrow. and we look to be high and dry as far as the eye can see.
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a little sprinkle or two in the north bay. the snow pack is still only 8% of average to this time of the season. bad news. and we are not going to add to it. overnight lows, mid 40s for the most part. daytime highs where we should be this time of the year. in the mid 60s to the low 70s in the south bay. in the east bay, 70 danville. 68 pleasant hill. north bay looks okay with readings near 70 degrees tomorrow. north bay looks nice, too. 65 ukiah. plenty of sunshine. temperatures warm into the weekend. the only chance of a drop or two might come monday night in the north bay. aside from that, we are high and dry. >> i was watching her hair the whole time. perfect. >> looks good. it is all right. >> let me know if you are in the south bay. >> all right thanks. welcoming up, a nationwide
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hummus recall. >> and emergency action on the drought. we will show you the
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>> well, a hummus recall tonight. about 30,000 cases of sabra classic hummus could be
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contaminated with listeria. emergency action on the drought tonight, toilets and faucets have to meet tough new standards. toilets cannot use more than 1.28 gallons per flush and bathroom faucets, 1.28 gallons per minute. and kitchen faucets faucets 1.8 gallons per minute. the new rules take effect january 1. hi vern. >> have i got highlights for you. i know you saw me do the sneak thing. but these highlights will wake you up. what
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>> baseball up top. and somehow, despite injuries, brandon belt, matt cane, jake peavy. they got a rookie pitcher and threw him in the line of fire. chris heston. wow, he struck out five diamondbacks in six innings. allowed two runs. both enearned. one run lead in the fifth. here he comes and hits mcgee. casey mcgee blasted his first home run as a giant. they win 4-2 and open up a four- game series in san diego. cody ross in the field for the
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as tonight. he brought home a run with this shot. huge run. almost smashed a grand slam here in the third. look how close it was. first big league hit. a bases clearing double. scott kazmir was on fire. struck out ten in seven innings. won 15 games last year and picked upright where he left off. 19,479. final of 10-0. bubba watson will defend his title tomorrow. he seems like a charismatic guy. but in a recent anonymous sore say, 103 gofers 103 golfers said when asked who they would least likely help in a fight. no hard feelings from watson. >> it helps me improve as a person. i have had some messups. i need to try and get better.
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i'm glad people call me out when they do. if i don't know about it, i can't improve. >> give me the top five! here we go. number five, chris hesten. oh. a rough start, but it ended well. number four, rockies and brewers. fireworks in the middle of the game? somebody jumped the gun at miller park. oops! number three. one, two, three homers tonight for dodger slugger adrian gonzalez off of padres starter andrew cashner. watch this ken. chris davis. why wouldn't that be number one? because jack nicholas did his thing in augusta. fourth hole by an eight iron? it would be at 75! 75! it's a hole in run for jack
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nicholas! the bear has roared. big time. >> awesome. still got it. >> we'll be
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♪ mattress discounters ♪ >> david letterman is next. >> see you tomorrow morning at 4:30 for our next newscast. >> see you there. >> captions by:caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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