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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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killed. >> reporter: game wardens are walking up and down the creek to investigate the damage. the spill happened yesterday morning. east bay m.u.d. said its subcontractors accidentally spilled about 14 truckloads of lightweight foam cement. most of that into the creek. >> east bay m.u.d. is sorry this happened. this valve was accidentally left opened. we need toand make sure it never happens again. >> reporter: much of the cement had hardened. east bay m.u.d. says it will take two more days to clean it up. workers have to break it into chunks and remove it one bucket at a time. they are also using vacuums to speed up the work. game wardens say it will take months if not years for this stretch to return to normal. >> it smells bad. it looks get. >> reporter: we got updates from east bay m.u.d. at the say it wasn't subcontractor but east bay m.u.d.
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employees responsible for the spill. it wasn't 14 truckloads but 12 truckloads spilled into the creek. game wardens say the cement isn't toxic to people but it's not good for the wildlife obviously. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> that creek feeds into lake merritt. game wardens say the drought prevented the cement from being washed into the lake. the water level at the creek is very low right now. sfo is doing damage control after it was ranked the worst airport in the country for security problems, 37 breaches in sfo in the past 10 years. four of those involve the fence. six incidents came from the waters of the san francisco bay including boats and windsurfers coming near buoys. 16 cases where homeless people from a nearby shelter. airport spokesman doug yagel says the high number doesn't tell the story.
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>> i say we share the most information on perimeter issues of any airport. call it a perimeter incident, a breach. we view its as a violation of our access control. we investigate it. we take it seriously. >> he said two of the incidents involve people gaining access to planes. one at a corporate facility on the property, and a second involving a pilot's son accessing a plane without clearance. sfo has already launched a number of measures to enhance security including thermal imaging cameras, improved night lighting, increased patrols and motion sensors to detect intruders. meantime, mineta san jose airport was ranked fifth worst in the country for perimeter breaches. the most well known incident which a san jose teen scaled a fence and stowed away in a plane's wheel well to maui. they are adding a fence and barbed wire. new at 5:00 dashcam video shows the moments before a south carolina police officer
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shot and killed an unarmed black man. kpix 5's veronica de la cruz with the new perspective. this is the second camera we have been hearing about. >> reporter: it is the dashcam video. and it doesn't show the actual shooting. but it does show the traffic stop leading up to it. it starts out routine. officer schlege's patrol car pulse over walter scott for a broken light and asked for license and insurance. scott doesn't have insurance for the car because he is in the process of buying it. slager returns to his patrol car and shortly after, you see scott get out and run away. the new video comes as the man who recorded the actual shooting is speaking out for the first time. >> the witness told nbc news he never saw walter scott grab officer michael slager's taser. >> i remember the police had control of the situation. he had control of scott. and scott was trying to get away from the taser.
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>> reporter: the cell phone video begins as scott attempts to flee and shows officer slager firing eight times. it also shows slager dropping something next to the victim's body. records show the officer a coast guard veteran had two other complaints during his five years on the force. one was in 2013 filed by 33- year-old mario givens. >> i threw my hand up and he still tase me. >> he and his attorney express concern the north charleston police force has a deep-rooted problem. >> if they try to investigate he probably would have been alive because he won't have been a officer if the field. >> reporter: the naacp chapter president says the police force needs to be more accountable to the community. >> we need to get them convicted. there has to be consequences for the behavior of these officers. >> slager is currently being held without bond. 7 other officers who arrived on
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scene are also under investigation. ken, back to you. >> thank you. the sunnyvale officer who shot and killed an armed robbery suspect was a 13-year veteran of the force. the police confronted that man yesterday outside a liquor store. dispatch tapes reveal an officer ordered the man to drop the knife and then fired shots. the suspect died at the hospital. the officer is on paid administrative leave. pg&e slapped with a record fine for that deadly san bruno blast. the utility will pay $1.6 billion, much of that going toward pipeline safety but as anne makovec reports the state utility watchdog says pg&e may be too big to operate safely. >> i never dreamt that that day would end up buying the most horrific day of my daughter's and my life. >> reporter: sue bullis lost three family members on the day of the san bruno explosion on september 9, 2010. eight people died, 66 were injured, and dozens of homes
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were destroyed. >> it's been a rough road since that day filled with loneliness, anguish, loss, anger, grief, and despair. >> reporter: today the state public utilities commission voted to fine pg&e $1.6 billion for 2500 violations of state and federal law that led to the deadly blast. >> you couldn't put a value on eight lives. that's why we have been working so hard in their memory. we never want this to happen again. >> reporter: the blame is on pg&e but also lacks regulations by the puc. the agency now has a new president who is questioning if pg&e is too big to operate safely. >> still troubled that i can't say whether we will we really see that culture of safety and attention to detail that we need from a large utility. >> reporter: pg&e says it has improved safety training and spent almost $3 billion in natural gas safety improvements
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since the blast. but for san bruno's victims, it's too little too late. >> i have no confidence in the infrastructure underground, those who operate it and i have to say the cpuc. >> reporter: $850 million of that fine will come directly from pg&e shareholders that could include you in your 401 come. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> pg&e says it's not planning to appeal the fine. in a statement it said, quote, our focus is on moving forward to complete the important safety work we set out to do. new video tonight that some say is proof of a racial bias among some san francisco police officers. the video was recorded during undercover drug busts. kpix 5's christian hartnett on what the video shows. christian. >> reporter: ken, operation safe tools was an undercover drug operation that ran between 2013 and 2014. 37 people arrested all of them
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black. and now some say this video proves that the operation was racist. >> reporter: sf weekly obtained this body cam footage that shows an asian woman approaching a police informant in the tenderloin. she may be offering drugs. but the informant's attention is on a black woman next to him who was on the phone. they talk and then the video cuts to the informant in a car. he explains why he chose to buy drugs off the black woman instead. >> when the other girl act like she wasn't paying attention on the phone i got her attention i said i want the good [ censored ] >> reporter: that's not allful during more surveillance footage of the operation you can hear someone make a racial comment. [ censored ] >> reporter: bms is police lingo for black males. >> i think it's disturbing. i think it shows selective enforcement, discriminatory enforcements of the law. >> reporter: the attorney of the public defender's office says operation safe schools showed an implicit racial bias
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in the all black drug dealing roundup. attorneys for those arrested have asked for charges to be dropped but legal analyst melissa griffin-caen says racial bias doesn't erase the crime. >> when -- there's evidence that you sold drugs for money, whether or not you're part of a group that was targeted does not technically get to you out of that conviction. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of the creation of three task forces by the d.a.'s office to, among other things, look into racist and homophobic text messages that involved over a dozen san francisco police officers. we reached out to the san francisco police department to comment on this video today. so far we have not heard back. live in san francisco, christian hartnett, kpix 5. they make millions on the field only to go broke when they retire. now nfl players head back to school. the crash course in life lessons. >> parking meters jumping the gun, bay area vehicles on the
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hook for pricy tickets. >> anyone can track you to see if you open an email. >> they know when ♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ a warning that california's drought emergency could last as long as a decade! experts meeting in sacramento said the state should brace for a possible australian type of drought. that country was hammered with dry conditions for 10 long years! the message today, we better ramp up conservation efforts now. >> we don't know when it will rain again. we can hope for it. but we need to prepare now as if it won't and there's no time like the present. >> state ag officials are defending their water use. they say most of the water in the state naturally flows to the ocean or is released for the environment. farmers say their 40% feeds 7
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billion people worldwide. another black eye for the u.s. secret service. a senior supervisor is now under investigation for sexual assault. javier morales is accused of trying to kiss and grab a female employee after hours after agency headquarters last week. morales is on leave and his security clearance has been suspended. last month two other supervisors were suspend after driving true an active bomb threat investigation. and in september, you will remember that fence-jumper who made it into the white house before being stopped. vice president joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden are in the bay area this evening. vice president is attending a democratic fundraising event in san francisco. tomorrow, he will discuss job training at a pg&e facility in oakland. meanwhile, his wife will be at de anza college in cupertino to talk about the importance of community colleges. football is only, you know, so much of your life.
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>> rolling in riches but what happens when they stop playing? the school teaching athletes how to survive life after the nfl. >> and it's like someone snooping in your in box. the easy way people can track when you read an email and how to stop it.
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pro football players can make millions during their time in the spotlight. but after those careers, it can be a riches to rags story. kpix 5's don ford on the business course designed to keep nfl players financially healthy. >> he lose the football! >> reporter: it's a high risk game. nfl players can be seriously injured or seriously rewarded. players earn millions. but many end up broke within just a few years of retirement. that's why current and former nfl players are filling this nfl sponsored business management and entrepreneurial program at the wharton school in san francisco. >> football is only, you know, so much of your life. i just turned 30. you know? hopefully i plan to live until i'm 100. so i have 70 more years left to do something impactful. >> reporter: maurice played runningback for the jaguars and
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the oakland raiders. the runningback was more than 8,000 yards rushing. he wants to focus on a new stat his net worth. >> it's very exciting. and i think a lot of guys, they are taking this serious and you will see more guys if the nfl, because a lot of kids are more educated coming in. >> i think the difference between football and the business world is the business world is a little more ambiguous. >> reporter: the nfl and the wharton school are helping players learn to execute crisp business and investment plans in addition to the complicated playbook. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> and players need to learn quickly. the average career length in the nfl is just a little less than 4 years. baseball season just started but today the san francisco 49ers announced their preseason schedule. the 9ers will play houston, then host the dallas cowboys in the second game. the team has one more road game against the broncos before their final tune-up against the chargers at levi's stadium. you can catch the games right
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here on kpix 5. of course, all of this leading up to super bowl 50 at levi's stadium. the countdown for the biggest super bowl ever is already on! there's the countdown clock. kpix 5 is proud to be the media partner and home of super bowl 50. speaking of numbers, there's a flaw with the new parking meters in san jose. and guess what? you are paying the price. it turns out even if you pay up, when a large truck drives by, some of the meters reset to 0, like you never paid! it's because of the design, the motion sensors in the meters mistaking the heavy vehicle for a car leaving the parking spot. this little hiccup has led to hundreds of parking tickets. most people just end up paying the fine. >> i looked at my watch before i went in and -- and -- and also it tells you how much time you have. so i made sure i looked at my watch and make sure i have enough time. >> the faulty meters are mostly
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downtown near the courthouse. city has acknowledged the problem, says the reset function has been disabled on dozens of meters. the hotly debated san jose police drone is closer to liftoff. the city's neighborhoods commission is backing a one- year pilot program. it found the drone could be useful in protecting the people. but the drone program still needs to go through a committee and pass the city council. the drone was bought last year without any public input. a move that sparked some criticism. you may already know that data brokers are tracking what you browse on the internet. but did you know your email can be tracked too? kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on the creepy ways people can check up on your in box. reporter: bob jonsen is looking for a job where he can use his photography and editing skills but using his tracking skills to find out who is opening his emails and reading
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his resume'. >> i know how many times it's gone if an email has been opened six times there may be interest. >> reporter: he says email tracking gives him peace of mind. >> beside marketers anyone can track to see if you opened an email. this can be a collection agency, attorney, your dentist, your doctor, could be anyone. >> reporter: cyber security expert gar explains the tracking software puts a code or image in the email and when opened the sender automatically gets access to a lot of information. >> when you read the email how long you were reading it, where you were geo-located, what kind of computer you're using, what kind of web browser or email client. if you clicked any hyperlinks, downloaded attachments or sent that email to others. >> reporter: experts say it's all legal. no disclosure needed. now, you may be able to avoid being tracked by reading your email in text only mode so it doesn't automatically download
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tracker images and attachments. often it's the image that allows them to track you. bob says he doesn't notify anyone about the emails he tracks. but he thinks everyone should be aware, it is possible. >> the best thing i think for anyone to keep in mind is that anybody can track your emails. >> reporter: so some tracking companies charge people according to the number of emails they want to track. and there are alps that provide similar services and send you a report to your phone with email tracking details. >> any way you can keep yourself hidden? it seems like your anonymity is out the door in so many ways. >> unfortunately these days no. when it comes to email if there's one you get and you're afraid someone might be tracking you view it in text format only not in html. it's the photos in the email when they load or when you open an attachment so if you don't allow anything to load or open, in many cases they won't track you but i'm sure it's not all
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the time. >> thank you. from tracking to looking at the skies. >> tracking clouds. >> patterns. >> yes. >> actually nice out there today. >> it was not bad at all. you gave a full thumbs up, didn't you? >> yeah. it was almost like the -- the -- the bay area was in hd, the golden gate bridge was that great color of red. it was just gorgeous. i know we need the rain so it comes with a little, you know, caveat. >> but nevertheless the rain we got rinsed out the atmosphere and the visibilities were fantastic. the weekend is looking good, too. outside looking at the old thrust fault that produced this mount diablo a reminder that the concord fault at any moment could spring a magnitude 6.7 or so. but in the meantime the top of this, right at the -- it bumps up a couple of millimeters a year just because of the strain in the earth underneath it. so it's an active fault out there. right now concord has 69 degrees. oakland 65. livermore 69. san francisco 61. very pleasant in san jose near
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70. a little upper level -- that low pressure is going to wreak havoc on the forecast monday and tuesday. it looks like it's going to head south. we shall see. they are hard to get a handle on. but in the meantime we have high pressure over the west coast and sunny skies. it will be warming up tomorrow. not dramatically but nice day. we'll start out cool. temperatures in the mid-40s to begin friday morning. and afternoon highs recover into the low 70s inland. plenty of sunshine and temperatures around the bay in the upper 60s. futurecast shows not too terribly much. just a few buildups over the hills as you can see as the day goes on. generally the feeling tomorrow is going to be sunny and we will maintain that state of mind right into saturday. so it's going to be a great go do it kind of weekend. more sunshine tomorrow, mild temperatures for monday and mostly dry with one exception. there's a little hint of maybe something coming into far northern california and producing some rain up by the border. and there's just a chance of a few showers coming into far -- the far north bay like, you
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know, parts of northern marin county and parts of sonoma county. we shall see. aside from that it looks like it's going to be dry. forecast if you want to head to the beach not a bad idea for saturday. 64 degrees there. and if you are heading out of the bay area, things looking a- okay. 64 degrees at mendocino and 73 at redding. partly cloudy skies up at eureka and 51 degrees at yosemite. in the extended forecast, we are going to be looking for numbers to stay in the low to mid-70s tomorrow through monday. we'll warm up again and generally dry weather with maybe a sprinkle or two monday in the north bay. we shall see. we shall see sports, aren't we? we're going to do so
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i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, a major flaw in california's 911 system. the life-saving information operators can't get when they need it most. >> plus, a big time bay area fixer-upper sold for over the asking price. the new owner's big plans. join us for that and more at
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6:00. >> thank you. thank you for watching. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> pelley: what happened in the moments before the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white south carolina cop? we have the just-released video. also tonight, while the t.s.a. is screening folks inside the terminal, others are easily breaching security outside. shedding light on darknet, an alternate internet where predators stalk children. and the surrender at appomattox, 150 years ago today. >> what's at stake is the future of this country. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. for days, we have been seeing how it ended. today, we finally got to see how it began. the encounter between a white


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