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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. i'm brian hackney. the motorcyclist was apparently knocked over the side of the antioch bridge.. after colliding with a car this afternoon. a motorcycle rider vanishes without a trace after a crash on a bridge. >> the motorcyclist was knocked over the side of the antioch bridge. >> reporter: right now it is unclear how this accident happened. according to chp they received calls of a motorcyclist speeding southbound this way over the antioch bridge, soon after that motorcyclist slammed
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into the back of the car. when law enforcement showed up this bike picture was all that was found on the bridge. witnesses say the driver went over the bridge into the water. now, chp shutdown lanes on both sides of the bridge. emergency search and rescue efforts got under way. a coast guard boat and a rescue boat were out on the water as a chp helicopter flew over head. the operation was called off. earlier this afternoon, we were over on the other side of the bridge. that is where the shoreline park is. it has a little fishing dock that extends into the water. we were speaking with some of the people that had been fishing there all day. they tell us they saw family and friends of this motorcyclist run out on the docks shortly after the accident happened. obviously visibly distraught and panicked. some of the family and friends were riding motorcycles over the bridge as well as the accident happened. one family member we were able to speak with, did not want to
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go on camera, was told search and rescue efforts will pick back up tomorrow. live at the bridge, back to you. >> all right, thank you, christian. the police are looking for the shooter that opened fire outside of a busy restauranta fisherman's wharf. it happened a little after 6:00 p.m. witnesses say they heard the motorcyclists revving their engines and a loud boom. the bullet shattered the glass out of a store. they found a casing at the scene. nobody was hurt. widespread shaking reported in southern california tonight as a moderate earthquake rumbled through down downs los angeles. magnitude 3.5, a small earthquake shot around 7:00 tonight in the baldwin hills area. hundreds of people checked it in on the u.s. gs web site to say they felt it. a smaller quake struck in the same area, no reports of damage
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from either quake. mud customers could be getting a shock, they are asking residents to use less water and pay more. stage 4 drought conditions, on the table, a mandatory 24% cutback use. all cust meres will pay a surcharge to fund more water supplies and those that are classified as excessive water users will pay a penalty. >> the bottom line is the drought is costing east bay mud more. costing us more in additional water supplies, ebb forcement and conservation outreach. at the end -- sup plies, enforcement and conservations outreach. >> penalties will be given to customers that use 4.5 times what the average customer uses. east bay mud expects water storage to be record lows at the end of the summer. a tough new set of water restrictions took effect in morgan hill. they include strict limits on
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outdoor watering, a ban on filling and refilling swimming pools and no residential car washing. now limited to commercial facilities that recycle the water. the drought is forcing state and local fire agencies to start staffing up early for fire season. tomorrow the state will add more personal and equipment in monterey and other counties. srepb toura -- ventura and santa barbara are doing the same. now, the field is getting ready, one more shot of water and it is all ready. kpix5 is at the ballpark tonight, maria? >> reporter: hi, ann. thousands of fans will go through the gates and one man has been going to the home openers are for more than a quarter century. this year it will be special for him. >> in less than 24 hours at&t
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park will be filled. >> it is the first game tomorrow. >> reporter: fans making opening day a tradition. >> nice enough to say yes to come out for our anniversary and make it for opening day. >> reporter: one giants fan that can top that. >> my god, i went to opening day in '90, '91. >> reporter: this fan never missed a day. first home opener 1989. >> the year they went to the world series. >> reporter: a lot of home openers for mark. the year they signed on berry bonds or the first at at, and t park but the stories how he kept the 26 year streak going that is unforgettable like the time he lied to a college professor. >> i told the professor that my dad was sick and i needed to go home. he bought it. >> reporter: years later his dad did get sick. >> a few years ago he was diagnosed with cancer, he overcame that. >> reporter: now, cancer free, tony flies to san francisco to sit next to his son as he
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continues his nearly three decade streak. >> honestly my favorite opening day is going to be this year and any year that i get to spend opening day with my dad. >> reporter: so, mark ands his dad and thousands of other its will watch the giants take on the colorado rockies, game time is 1:35. we are live at at&t park, back to you. >> if you are heading into san francisco tomorrow, give yourself plenty of time. signs are up, warning drivers to accept heavy traffic from around the ballpark from 11:00 until 7:00. stay with kpix5 with the giants opener, we will have live reports starting tomorrow at 4:30 on the kpix5 news. golf has a new master tonight and he is only 21 years old. >> one of the epic performances ... >> you saw it right here on kpix5.
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that highlight, jordan spieth, at 18 under he equaled the tournament record held by woods. becomes the second youngest player to win the master's, tiger still holds that title. this is his first major championship. >> it is incredible. one of the best feelings i ever felt. this is arguably the greatest day of my life. >> how good was he? he is the first golfer to lead the tournament wire to wire since 1976 and no one got within 3 shots of him at any time. hillary clinton surprised exactly no one today when she announced she is running for president. >> every day americans need a champion. i want to be that champion. >> clinton kicked off her campaign for the 2016 democratic nomination with this online video. the former senator and first lady's second run at the white house. of course, she lost the nomination to barack obama in 2008 before serving as his secretary of state. >> i think she say complete
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person. the most important thing is that what her experience has given her. >> do you think it will be harder for a woman to run for president even in 2016? >> oh, i think it is harder. and i think she knows it is harder. and women are tested in ways that men are not. and that is another discussion. [ laughter ] >> in a statement today, senator barbara boxer said i have never seen such a strong consensus. i will work hassard haza can -- as hard as i can to get her to be the first women president. >> she has been running for president for 10 years and running from scandal longer than that. no surprise to us. you know, we feel the country needs to go in a different direction. >> here we go. the republican field could be a crowded one. marco rubio is expected to throw his hat in the ring
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tomorrow. he will join kentucky senator, paul, and ted cruz. jeb bush has not said anything yet. many in the hollywood community wasted no time to throw their support. social media was buzzing with the news. >> celebrities took to twitter on sunday morning, everyone from carol king to grande weighing in on the hillary clinton candidancy. magic johnson tweeting i feel she will be a great president. she will count on stars to put their money where their mouth is with estimates for the campaign could spend $2.5 billion to get her in office. >> the entertainment industry and silicon valley tend to be financial pillars for successful democratic candidates and the level of enthusiasm that exists in hollywood for barack obama in 2008 is now shifted almost to
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hillary clinton. >> reporter: showing stars can be enthusiastic. tom hanks, rita will son, will smile, donates hundreds, speilberg, more than $1 million to candidates and causes. mingling with the a-list might not help. it will be clinton's challenge. >> the challenge she was not able to get over, showing the average american that she understands the challenges they face on an everyday basis. >> some voters say they might not care who celebrities support it gets their attention. >> i think it is great they endorse who they want to endorse and get the dialogue started and going with fans who support them or don't. >> it more reflects my opinion of that celebrity. >> california has not voted if a republican candidate in for
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president since 1988. experts say there is no indication it will change next year. >> still ahead, a family trip to the zoo nearly turns tragic. what happened when a mom tried to give her toddler a better look at the cat. big changes
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another fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white law enforcement officer. this time in tulsa, oklahoma. i have to warn you, by the way, this video is hard to watch. we have this story now. >> reporter: convicted felon hairis was the cover of undercover drug and gun sting operation on april 7th. he saw police vehicles pull up he ran. a pursuing officer, wearing a body camera chased down and tackled harris. and other officers joined the struggle the sheriff's department says one of them yelled a warning he was about to use a taser. that was 73-year-old reserve deputy robert bates. insurance executive and former police officer. he then pulled out what he said
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he thought was his taser. immediately afterwards a gun shot is heard on the video. [gunfire] as is an apology from bates. >> i thought it was my taser. i'm sorry. he complained of losing his breathe. someone replied -- [beep] -- he was then taken to the hospital where he died. bates is not allowed to perform police activities while an investigation is ongoing. prosecutors are reviewing the case. cbs news, new york. the sheriff says reserve deputy bates did not commit a crime because he was under duress and he accidentally grabbed his gun. a toddler's mother was dangling her toddler over
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protective. >> you heard a kid screaming. at first you wonder why. there is a kid in a cheaty tank. >> the 2-year-old hurt his leg in the fall but the cheetahs -- cheetah tank. the 2-year-old hurt his leg in the fall but cheetahs never did not hurt him. reynolds was hurt today in a hit and run. a photographer pumped into reynolds with a car. the driver then took off. reynolds was not hurt. the actor is in vancouver shooting his new film "dead pool". here is something you don't see, a rowing team under attack by flying fish. >> the washington university rowers were practicing when asian carp shot out of the water. some of the fish landed in the boat. one of the rowers said one of them grabbed his leg but he could not get a grip. nobody was hurt in all of this. no reason for why the fish leapt out.
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>> that is something. [ laughter ] >> it is cool to see. >> i know. we got golden gate bridge for your viewing pleasure tonight. it it looks as you gaze at this -- it looks as you gaze at this, fog but i think it say dirty lens. temperatures right now, 30 degrees in concord, oakland, 56. livermore, 61, san francisco, 54 degrees in santa rose a51. we have high pressure giving us warm weather today. all this past weekend. it is short-lived. pushed aside by pressure. as the low gets closer to the west coast the high pressure gets pushed out of the way. as a result on tuesday, the winds will pick up, northwesterly's at 25 miles an hour. more than we have seen lately. the temperatures will cool down. well, let's see where were we today? 50 degrees, we have a cooling trend coming in tomorrow. transition day, cooler but not
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traumatically cooler. on monday, plenty of sunshine tomorrow, changing later in the day. it brings cool weather but also a few light showers for the forth bay that, again, not amounting to much. then the headline in this coming week, high pressure rebounds and the temperatures will reach the middle 80s by thursday. and, it will stay there right through the weekend, too. so, sunny and warm on the way. first, we will deal with the pressure trough coming in on monday night. and there is not much to deal with. out the door tomorrow morning, temperatures in the low to middle 50s. and plenty of sunshine. and, so, that say nice start for the workweek. by the afternoon the numbers will recover inland. near 70 degrees around the bay. but, future cast, mostly toil state -- keeping an eye on the top left corner of the screen. it will materialize by midafternoon and then tomorrow night, we have a weak cold front dying on the vine as it comes through the bay area. this time tomorrow night, back from vacation, he will present
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over this computer board. you can see a few light showers coming in by tomorrow night at 11:00. a possibility. again, not amounting to much. it gives me something to talk about. as we got the giants coming in for opening day at at&t, mostly sunny skies, giants taking on the rockies at 1:35 tomorrow afternoon. that is something fun to talk about. 62 degrees around the time of first pitch. here is what we expect tomorrow. it is nice. plenty of sunshine, late in the day, high clouds coming in. a few showers coming in. cooler, window tuesday. wind gusts up to 25 miles an hour, warming up big time by wednesday and thursday next week. all right, let's cover the lows, overnight tonight, middle to upper 40ss, 48 at vallejo, 48 in oakland and 48 in san francisco. now, ladies and gentlemen, the average highs, little bit below where we are right now. sanfrancisco, 65 tomorrow, warmer than average.
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same for concord, 75, san jose, 73, all above average for middle april. down in the south bay tomorrow, going to be nice, 67 in mountain view, 74 in santa clara, 68 in union city. closer to the shoreline, cooler, getting away, warms up, 71 in concord, 72 in walnut creek, north bay, 71. extended forecast, we got mostly sunny skies tomorrow as you will notice on monday, showers in there that suggest tomorrow night we might get a few light sprinkles, then, tuesday, it is cool. wednesday, thursday, friday, warms up in the middle 80s by the end of the week. so, expect a warm one ahead after we get a little bit cooler, ann? >> still ahead, are california drivers getting safer or sneakier? the reasons behind a sudden drop in cell phone tickets. daredevil missed a hair rising crime with only chalk and paste as his tools. yes, we have the master's,
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this time tomorrow, the people living in palo alto's only mobile home park could be told to move. for the past few years they have been fighting the plans by the owners to close it. about 400 mostly low income people live there. they have been given a compensation offer to move but they say it is not good enough. tomorrow night the council is hearing an appeal by the residents to stay f. they lose they are expected to be evicted and the park will be closed. california seeing a drop in citations it for cell phone violators. between 2011 and last year the number of citations went down by 25% statewide. the state says part of the reason could be the chp going back to prerecession levels, it does not make sense because they use 2011 as a reference and the staffing levels were not up then, either. but low fines not night be a
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detour ant for many. >> make it a $1,000 fine. >> if you got a $1,000 ticket from an officer would that make you stop? >> for sure. >> another reason for the ticketing swap might be this one. spending more time dealing with traffic jams. just ahead, some unusual cargo is about to blastoff for th
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take a look at these
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pictures. this say french biker man, he scaled one of the tallest buildings using just chalk and tape on his hands, it took him an hour to go up the 75 story tower. >> good time was held by all. astronauts on the space station will be able to enjoy a caffeine high. an unmanned space supply ship is expected to blastoff from the cape tomorrow morning carrying an espresso machine from italy. it is for italian astronaut. she is seated on the left, bottom left there in the picture. she has been there since january. she says she is getting tired of instant coffee. >> lego road show is making its way to malls across the country. it feetures statue of liberty, white house, capitol building and other u.s. structures. the models are from 6-15 feet tall and made out of legos.
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took 320 hours to build them
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