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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 14, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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most important of the day. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. a high speed chase, a giant fan struck and killed, tonight new clues about the three suspects still on the loose right now. >> andria borba is in the financial district tonight. >> reporter: sfpd says three suspects came tearing down california street in what we now know to be a stolen vehicle with little regard for human life running over two pedestrians, killing one of them. bridgette clecker was a giants superfan planning on attending the nome opener this afternoon. she was honored way moment of
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silence this afternoon -- with a moment of silence this afternoon. san francisco police say before the crime scene tape surrounded this corner of the financial district the three men who ran over bridget inflicted a reign of terror friday night. three armed robberies, all people walking on the street, first at sixth and folsom in selma followed by goff and chestnut in the marina and finally clay and larkin in nob hill. officers tried to pull it over and the crime spree turned fatal. >> not observing any signals, they just went straight down the hill and killed this poor woman. >> reporter: in seconds 42- year-old bridget was mowed down in the crosswalk of california and kerney. of the three pursuing units one stopped to help her. the others continued to chase, a move the department defends. >> essentially pursuing a homicide suspect because officers did see the suspects
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crash into ms. clecker. the chase continued through union square back south of market before the suspects ditched the car on treasure island. that's where police discovered two more guns, one replica, one air soft. the suspects are gone. >> i keep expecting it to be a mistake and she's going to show up, yeah, someone stole my id. >> reporter: now that stolen car is in custody of the san francisco police department. they have crime scene technicians pouring over it trying to find fingerprints trying to figure out who these three men are. they're trying to figure out whether or not they got off treasure island that night and if they did, who might have drove them. police used a robot to deliver a pizza to a man who spent hours on the san jose freeway threatening to jump. he first showed up on the connector ramp from 680 to 101 about 12:45 this afternoon.
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officers tell us he was aggressive and combative and threatened to jump onto 280 below. the standoff went on for hours. finally about 6:30 this evening police sent the man some food along with a cell phone so they could talk to him. finally at about 7:30 tonight, almost seven hour later, he surrendered and was arrested. look at what the whole thing did for traffic. you can imagine. it was backed up for miles in all directions through rush hour tonight. in many cases cars were moving at only 7 miles an hour or even less, no word what charges the man is facing. tomorrow tough new water restrictions, customers are to cut back 20% from 2013 levels. customers will be allowed to water outside only twice a week, excessive use charges could top $100 per month. >> 1/3 of our water use is outdoors. the best way this we can achieve a 20% cutback in water
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use is through outdoor restrictions starting now. >> east bay says customers have cut back only 6% since the beginning of this year. the water district is ready to declare this a stage 4 drought, which is the worst. it has been a four year drought. rain last week on a monday night because of a cold front. this monday night there is another cold front heading our way. kpix5 hi-def doppler showing rain to our north, reports of rain in marin county, sonoma county and drizzle now in san francisco. we'll talk about how much rain this will bring and how warm we'll get in 10 minutes. tonight a former 49er running back is accused of killing his prison cellmate. lawrence phillips is serving time for choking his girl friend and plowing his car into a group of teenagers in los angeles. phillips' cellmate was found dead saturday morning at kern valley state prison in fresno. phillips played with the 49ers in 1990 and he played with the rams and the dolphins.
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san pablo police officer facing felony drug charges, officer kenneth white arrested for buying heroin and cocaine in san francisco while his 2- year-old daughter was in the car. police say this man, timothy french, is the one who sold white the drugs. officer white pleaded not guilty. in a case that sounds a lot like the b.a.r.t. police officer who shot and killed oscar grant in oakland, tonight an oklahoma deputy says he meant to grab his stun gun, but instead he grabbed his real gun. betty yu with the chaotic confrontation that was caught on tape. >> it's a luger, a german luger. >> reporter: in the moments before eric harris was shot to death april 2nd tulsa county sheriff's deputies say they were conducting a sting operation trying to buy a gun from the convicted felon, but when police vehicles pulled up, harris ran. a body camera on one of the deputies captured the pursuit. >> stop right here.
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stop right here! >> reporter: among the officers chasing harris, 73- year-old volunteer reserve deputy bob bates. >> now. >> reporter: bates with be heard yelling taser just before a shot was fired. according to sheriff's investigators, bates thought he pulled his taser instead of his gun. immediately afterwards you hear him apologize. >> i shot him. i'm sorry. >> reporter: as harris lay bleeding he complained of being unable to breathe. >> i'm losing my breath. >> reporter: someone replied. >> [ bleep ] your breath. >> reporter: harris was taken to a hospital and died. >> at first the department defended bates saying he made a mistake in the heat of the moment, but today the district attorney disagreed charging him with second degree maps. betty yu, kpix5 -- manslaughter. betty yu, kpix5. the south carolina officer charged with killing an unarmed black man laughed about his
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adrenaline rush after the shooting. >> about the time you get home probably be a good idea to kind of jot down your thoughts of what happened once you -- the adrenaline quits pumping and stuff. >> it's pumping. [ laughs ] >> oh, yeah, oh, yeah. it's been more than 24 hours now. tonight there is still no sign of the motorcyclist who flew off the antioch bridge. he collided with another car yesterday afternoon. the force of that crash sent him over the railing down into the san joaquin river. this was all the officers found when they arrived on the scene, his mangled motorcycle still up on the bridge. dive teams have been looking for him, but so far they've come up empty. searchers are scouring the river by helicopter and boat. caltrain has taken possession of some old train cars from southern california. the plan is to put them into service here. tonight we wanted to know why are bay area commuters getting
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l.a.'s hand me downs? sharon chin went to find out. >> reporter: several metrolink cars are here at the caltrain railyard in san francisco, the rest at the san jose maintenance yard. we discovered why these used cars are better than brand-new ones. a passer-by took a look at the railcars that just arrived from southern california. >> cars look pretty beat up, pretty old-fashioned. >> reporter: caltrain bought 16 from metrolink. >> if these trains are expendable in l.a., why are they good enough for the san francisco bay area? >> as i understand it, metrolink had a surplus of railcars that they were able to sell and we were looking to purchase some because we have an on board capacity issue. >> reporter: caltrain is smashing ridership records. it averages 60,000 passengers a day. >> we're at standing room only. >> reporter: during peak commute hours each metrolink car will add 145 more seats and standing room for 150.
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but getting them on the track could take up to a year. >> each car has to go through an inspection process. >> reporter: wouldn't be it faster to get new trains? we called silicon father's father of transit and he said no. caltrain is paying $15 million to buy and refurbish the metrolink cars. new cars would cost much more and take years of environmental reviews and public hearings. besides caltrain plans to make its system electric by 2020, so it only needs a temporary solution to crowded railcars. some commuters can't wait. >> if they're adding more, i'd love to see that. definitely a soldout crowd for the giants open opener today. madison baumgartner carried out the pennant on horseback. he wanted to get the horse up to a gallop but figured the groundskeepers wouldn't like that. the park was packed with fans today, perhaps no one more
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excited than betty sincely who has gone to opening day over half a century. today was her 52nd home open -- opener in a row. also the three championship trophies were shown off in the last five years, the triplets as they call them now. buster is carrying one trophy in backward, even set it down on the podium backward. dennis o'donnell will have the highlights coming up in sports. tonight marco rubio says he's in and hillary clinton's campaign video gets an adult warning label. >> a plane took off and someone heard screaming and sounding, how a man got trapped in the cargo hold. >> he's a top nba prospect and he's still in high school. tonight this bay area senior
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marco rubio wasted no time getting in a dig on hillary clinton. >> i announce my candidacy for president of the united states. >> florida senator marco rubio added his name to the official gop field with an announcement this evening in miami. the 43-year-old confirmed his candidacy earlier in a call with donors taking a jab at hillary clinton and saying the election should be about the future, not the past. >> yesterday is over. >> rubio joins two other senators, ted cruz of texas and rand paul of kentucky, already in the race.
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other big names are expected soon including fellow floridian jeb bush. meantime clinton has already hit the road in a van nicknamed scooby. clinton headed from her home in the new york suburbs to her first campaign event in iowa, the road trip where she's meeting voters her idea after officially jumping into the race with this video. >> i'm running for president. >> hillary clinton's campaign strategists say they are taking nothing for granted. the white house press secretary placed president obama's support in that category. >> there are other people who are friends of the president who may at some point decide to get into the race. >> clinton is focusing on smaller events and one on one time with the voters, a change from her 2008 chain with large public gatherings and sweeping speeches. lent on's first big -- clinton's first big rally is not expected until next month. hillary clinton made a pit stop at a chipotle in ohio today and
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nobody inside recognized her, must have been the sunglasses. the manager didn't realize it was her until reporters began to call. he had to check the surveillance tapes to confirm it. a tv channel in russia gave clinton's campaign video an r rating because of this. take a look. >> i'm getting married this summer to someone i really care about. >> it features two guys holding hands. a rep for the channel says they slapped an over 18 warning on it because they didn't want to fall out of line with russia's so-called gay propaganda law. you can check out clinton's entire campaign video and marco rubio's as well at a flight had to make an emergency landing. why? reporter kris van cleave tells us a guy was trapped in the cargo hold. >> reporter: this is alaska airlines flight 448 making an emergency landing at sea-tac airport 14 minutes after leaving from seattle bound for
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los angeles. banging from underneath the plane alerted the crew to an unexpected passenger. >> i think we have a noise from the baggage compartment, could be a person in there. we'll come back around. >> reporter: passengers also heard something. >> someone on the flight heard screaming from the cargo area. the captain told us that he couldn't tell us any information and we had to land. >> reporter: emergency crews followed the plane as it taxied to a stop, then opened the cargo door. >> that's him. i think he's standing in the middle. >> reporter: alaska airlines says the man who was part of a four-person crew loading baggage fell asleep before takeoff in a pressurized and climate controlled cargo area. the cbs news national transportation safety expert and former ntsb chairman. >> was he trying to catch 40 winks and sneak off a little from the job? whatever it was, he clearly cost the airline a significant amount of money and he's got a lot of explaining to do. >> reporter: the man walked out of the plane and was
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briefly examined at a hospital. the airline is now investigating. a home security worker came face to face with of all things a mountain lion while on the job at a mansion in hollywood hills. >> the lion was spotted hiding under insulation and pipes. authorities have tried to get him out for hours. they've shot beanbags at the animal and thrown tennis balls, but he hasn't budged. now that it's nighttime he may be more inclined to come out on his own. >> he just hides better. he's laying flatter than he's laid all day. you can just see one eyeball sticking up looking at me. >> fish and wildlife crew were called just in case they need to tranquilize the lion. the mountain lion has been in the area for years. >> i'm guessing no one is going in there to drag him out. >> you take a little can of cue that and put it -- tuna and put
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it right by him and then you leave. >> 10, 15 seconds, 20 maybe. it's raging outside right now. >> great. -- raining outside right now. >> great. clearing out the air. >> two nights in a row we have rain on the camera lens at sfo. roger on twitter reports light rain in fremont. one of our weather watchers. he said our friend had light rain in humboldt and we have reports that it is drizzling with light showers in san francisco, not much. the majority of it will stay to our north as evidence on our kpix5 hi-def doppler. chilly breezy night, san rafael and fremont 45, napa 42 and mountain view 46 degrees. remember this. it will be breezy and chilly coming up tomorrow. we do chilly differently, talking mid-60s, but it won't feel that warm because of the breeze. microclimate forecast,
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cupertino 67 tomorrow, different ballgame on wednesday, 75 with sunshine. pretty strong front especially considering its mid-april bringing rain and mountain snowfall as far south as mount shasta, so nosh california getting in on the rain, but -- northern california getting in on the rain, but the majority of it stays to our north. windy day tomorrow, temperatures about 5 degrees cooler than average away from the waters. we'll see winds in the higher elevations up to 40 miles per hour. that's tomorrow. this guy is back and in april when we get a ridge of high pressure over top of the bay area, it's going to get warm. 70s on wednesday, 80s thursday and once you hit the 80s in our inland communities we're not leaving for four or five days. a couple quick showers overnight tonight, tomorrow sunny and windy, warm weather beginning on wednesday, highs tomorrow not hitting 70. 2 degrees below average for you in san jose, hayward 67, san
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mateo 66, napa 67 tomorrow, breezy, 63 in san francisco and lake port only 62 degrees. we're warmer on wednesday, 80s on thursday, oakland hits 80 friday and we'll stay sunny and mild through the weekend, but it is raining right now in parts of the bay area. >> every little bit helps, i guess. >> if we don't have to water the lawn for a day, it's a victory. he is one of the hottest basketball players in the country right now. this oa
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by chase. one of the top five basketball recruits in the country says he's going to continue his career here in the bay area. >> mark kelly was there for tonight's big announcement. >> i was going to announce that i'm going to the university of cal-berkeley. >> that was exactly the answer this room wanted to hear. >> california, california! >> the country's top five basketball programs have had their eye on ivan ram all
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season. he wrestled in his head between two, arizona and cal, for weeks, but being a golden bear felt right. >> felt the most at home. i felt like it was family from day one. >> got it. >> last month ivan sunk the game winning free throw making the bishop odell dragons state champs. he's able to shoot both lefty and righty. coaches say he's a humble person. >> he never talks back, never disrespectful, just an incredible young man. >> ivan made the announcement at his mom's cafe in oakland surrounded by those who love him most. >> reporter: how do you raise a well rounded kid? >> keep a lot of good people around him, keep him in the church, keep god first. >> reporter: ivan says he's relieved to put this big decision behind him, but will this 3.0 student stay all four years at cal or bounce on to the nba? that decision is still up in
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the air. >> right now i don't know how to answer that question. we'll see what happens. >> you'll probably be talking about him pretty soon. >> we were talking about him a month ago. we were doing march madness. i was trying to get it out of the coach is he going to sign with cal? he's a big sign for the golden bears. the giants could probably use a little bit of that offense, san francisco trying to avoid a fourth straight loss and another
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today was all about the no. 3 at at&t, giants celebrating their third title but trying to avoid their third ever shutout on opening day in the san francisco era. tim lincecum, buster posey, brought out the triplets. madison baumgartner got to deliver the banner on one today. bases loaded again in the 2nd, angel pagan let 12 runners on base, 0-7 with runners in scoring position. 27-year-old rookie chris heston allowed one run over seven innings by troy tulowitzki on a base hit. giants lose 2-0, their fourth straight, but what about baumgartner on that horse? >> reporter: were you telled to set that thing off on a -- tempted to set that thing off
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on a gallup? >> yeah, man, but our outfielders might have been upset about it. the a's play home run derby against astros pitcher scott feldman. lawrie? gone. simeon gone. billy butler hits a three-run home run completely out of minute maid park. >> anything travels that far ought to have a damn stewardess on it, don't you think? >> i think. so a one run baseball from scott cashmere. you guys remember that movie. michael crabtree signed a one year contract with the oakland raiders. $3.2million. the 49ers former no. 1 pick will now haul in passes from derek carr. the warriors, their bench sat back and watched them play. 26 points and 42 in the game, did not play the 4th quarter. how about it?
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warriors won 111-107, 66th of the year, last game of the season wednesday against denver. we still don't know who they're going to play in the playoffs. have my hand on the top five, thunder and blazers, okay, steve really wants that. look there. no. 4, the pelicans, andrew wiggins, new orleans wins which means they're in the driver's seat for that eighth seed. no. 3, phillies and mets, watch the guy behind the chain link fence. he threw his $11 beer at grady sizemore, what a complete waste of money. no. 2, same game in left field, the midnight ride of ben revere on his horse and he takes it away from curtis granderson. what? the red coats are coming. college track, the steeplechase. he hotdogs his way to the
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