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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 14, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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there. good morning everyone, it is tuesday, april 14th. i'm michelle griego. >> and if you got a third, maybe not a bad idea. >> i know. >> it is really windy folks. hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30. yeah felt like a plane going over where it just gets blown from side to side. but -- that is mother nature at her best. how we doing guys? we have a fast moving cold front but it's really kicking up the winds and that will be the scenario today and that will be the key feature in your day. some very brisk conditions as well. we're currently in the 40s and 50s. the winds have been gusting up to 20 and 23 miles per hour. later today, a cooler day. 60s up to 70. the full forecast straight ahead. and checking the ride on 88 # right now. we do still have the full freeway closure in effect. major overnight road work northbound between 29th and 23rd. should have reopened in the next half hour but yeah, i think as we were crossing the bay bridge this morning, we all felt those winds. high wind advisory are definitely in place by chp. sometimes they issue the
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advisories and i'm not you know, i don't -- i don't feel it. this morning i felt it. >> look at this hair, that's wind. i know. >> that's wind. >> that's what happened? >> some very low humidity right? we're talking about the whole static cling thing. >> i gotted going on this morning. -- got it going on this morning. a woman was honored at giants' opening day. a moment of silence held yesterday to remember 42-year- old bridget checker. she was killed in a deadly hit and run in california during a police chase in san francisco friday night. a stolen toyota that may have been used to carry out three armed robberies sped through the intersection. >> not observing any signals at all. just went straight down the hill and killed this poor woman. >> the chase continued through union square and then south of market and on to interstate 80. with the toyota hitting a second pedestrian along the way. the suspects ultimately ditched car on treasure island and are still at large. a man who threatened to jump from san jose freeway
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overpass was arrested after six hour standoff with the police. chopper 5 over the scene yesterday afternoon. police found the man on a connector ramp from 680 to 101. officers say the man was aggressive and threatened to jump. police a tried to talk to the man but he pulled o it a knife. finally after hours of trying to coax him, police sent the man a cell phone and some food and finally able to talk to him. he surrendered and was arrested. sex hour ordeal -- six hour ordeal took a toll on traffic though. 280 backed up for miles in all directions right during the evening rush hour. and in many cases cars were moving at 7 miles per hour or less. happening today, east bay mud is cracking down on water wasters. the utility is expected to approve tough new restrictions today. this includes only being allowed to water outside twice a week. and people who walter too much -- water too much could face fines of $100 a month. the goal is to have customers
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cut back 20% on the water use. >> a third of our water use is outdoors. the best way that we can achieve a 20% cutback in water use is through outdoor restrictions starting now. >> east bay mud says customers have cut back only 6% since the beginning of the year. tomorrow, the contra costa water district will vote on mandatory reductions. this includes higher rate charges for customers that use an excess amount of water. get used to it. all summer long i have a feeling right? >> that is not too difficult to abide by. really isn't. you water on wednesday and sunday and i'm a huge gardener. i can do that. i really can and still thrive. i have been doing that and you have to really survey your area. make sure you're not watering the sidewalk which many people are still domestic as well. and -- doing as well. and don't water during the windy periods which we have a lot of wind today. good morning everyone. stepping out the door wind gusts to 23 and looking at sfo right now because we have winds
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like this. sometimes you have delays. because you have wind holds. so we'll keep you apprised of that situation. right now 44 degrees in santa rosa to 52 degrees in san francisco and in oakland. again the winds are going to be the key feature of the day. temperatures going down as well. pretty seasonal. 50s 60s beaches today and mid 60s will be common around the peninsula to the low 70s across the warmest locations of the santa clara valley. 70 degrees in gilroy and in morgan hill. 60s east of the bay today. west winds 10 to 20. occasionally a stronger gust and again we have that high wind advisory posted for the bay bridge. and elizabeth is going to tell you more about that. 50s at the beach today. we have the sunshine and we have the clarity, we have unlimited visibility. wind swept blue skies across lake county in the mid 60s. we're going to talk more about this wind event and also going to talk about record warmth and when to expect it. that's still straight ahead. but first, morning liz. good morning. let's go out the door and so
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we're going to talk about the winds and we're also going to talk about this whole freeway closure in effect for the next 25 minutes. it's northbound 880 between 29th and 23rd. it's a pretty major project. hop back on at 23rd and yesterday around 5:00, we saw this. okay? i take it back. we're seeing it a little earlier this morning. so they're running the traffic breaks already trying to clear the overnight road work. and sometimes that does cause a backup near oakland airport and oakland coliseum. so that's what these folks are waiting for now. it's the caltrans crews kind of just wrapping up the remaining lane closures and reopen everything. so give it another ten, 20 minutes and everything should be fine and back to normal. here's a live look at the bay bridge. the toll plaza where you can see some light delays and a few of the cash lanes but we also have high wind advisories in effect for just about every bridge including the bay bridge. definitely two hands on the steering wheel. i saw a motorcycle rider going across the bay bridge this morning and i felt bad for him.
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it's pretty gusty out there across the span. on both sides the oakland side of the span and the san francisco side of the span. you know we have one earlier wreck eastbound 580 at north greenville. that's been cleared and cleared right before 4:30. so now just seeing the usual backups coming out of the tracy area and the altamont pass. and the golden gate bridge still looks great. so far no delays out of marin county. that's kcbs traffic. frank michelle back to you guys. all right liz thank. b.a.r.t. seeing record ridership and now working to relieve overcrowding. it's calling the problem crush loads that's when trains look like this. more passengers cramming into the cars than they were designed to hold. >> we've seen a huge jump in ridership and that's good news for the economy. but it's bad news if you're looking for a seat or the crowded trains. >> b.a.r.t.'s new fleet of trains better able to handle the crush. don't go online until the end of next year and until then crews will be working overtime and on the weekends to get
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disabled trains back on tracks. no sign of a motorcyclist who fell off the antioch bridge. he collided with a car sunday afternoon. the force of the crash sent him over the rail and down into the san joaquin river. this was all officers found when they arrived on scene. his mangled motorcycle. dive teams have been looking for him. but so far, they've come up empty. searchers are also scouring the river by helicopter and by boat. former 49er running back is accused of killing his prison cell mate. lawrence phillips has been serving time for choking his girlfriend and plowing his car into a group of teenagers in l. a.. his cell mate was found dead saturday morning at the kern valley state prison in fell know. he played -- fresno. he played for the 49ers in 1999. a san pablo police officer faces felony drug charges. officer kenneth white was arrested wednesday for buying heroin and cocaine in san francisco while his 2-year-old daughter was in the car.
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police say this man timothy french sold while the drugs. officer white pleaded not guilty. an oklahoma deputy now facing manslaughter charges in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man. he says he instead pulled his real gun. betty yu reports on the deadly confrontation that was caught on video. >> it's a luger. >> reporter: in the moments before eric harris was shot to death on april 2nd, tulsa county sheriff's deputies say they were conducting a sting operation, trying to buy a gun from the convicted felon. but when police vehicles pulled up, harris ran. a build camera on one of the deputies captured the pursuit. >> stop right here. stop right there. >> reporter: among the officers chasing harris, 73-year-old volunteer reserve deputy bob bates. >> now. >> reporter: bates can be heard yelling taser just before a shot was fired. [ sound of gunfire ] according
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to sheriff's investigators, bates thought he pulled his taser. instead of his gun. immediately afterwards, you hear him apologize. >> oh. i shot him. i'm sorry. >> reporter: as harris laid bleeding, he complained of being unable to breathe. >> can you hear me? >> i'm losing my breath. >> reporter: someone replied. >> [ bleep ] your breath. >> reporter: harris was taken to the hospital and died. betty yu, kpix 5. >> at first, sheriff's department defended bates saying he made a mistake in the heat of the moment but yesterday, the district attorney disagreed charging him with second degree manslaughter. a nine day march against police brutality is underway on the east coast. it's being called a march to justice. about 100 people are making the entire 250-mile walk from new york to washington, d.c.. others are joining for different legs along the route. the march started yesterday in staten island. the borough in new york where a man died last summer after he was put into a choke hold by a
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police officer. sold out crowds turned out for the giants' home opener on monday. the pre-game ceremony included pitcher madison bumgarner carrying out the championship pennant on horseback and later said he wanted to get the horse up to a gallop but figured the groundskeepers probably wouldn't liable that very much. no one was more excited than betty there with the sign. she's gone to opening day for more than a half century. the pomp and circumstance also included showing off the three trophies the team has won in the last five years. take a look at catcher buster posey. carrying a trophy in backwards. even sat down on the podium facing the wrong way. but that's okay, it's buster. by the way colorado won the game 2-0. time now 4:40. still to come, with so many people in the bay area being priced out of their homes, push for rent control is creeping back to life. >> what is cool about your school? we want to know.
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you can e-mail your nomination to us at cool schools taillight
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2016 presidential campaign is getting more crowded. last night florida republican senator marco rubio officially joined the race. and today, the only announced democratic candidate hillary clinton kicks off her campaign event in iowa. susan mcginnis with more now out of washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton is ready to take on iowa after her 1,000-mile road trip. yesterday afternoon, she stopped for lunch at a chipotle restaurant near toledo. >> i'm running for president. >> reporter: today she holds the first campaign event since announcing the run for president. in contrast to her campaign eight years ago, this time, she's going small. today's event is at the community college in the town of monticello. population? 3800. clinton hopes a more intimate approach will resonate with voters. >> i already know she's very
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qualified. i know that she is an intelligence person. but i just wanted to meet her. >> reporter: so far, clinton is the first democrat to join the race. last night the republican field got another contender when florida's junior senator marco rubio became the third republican to announce his candidacy. the 43-year-old son of cuban immigrants is billing himself as a fresh face ready to lead a new generation of americans forward. >> just yesterday, a leader from yesterday -- [ booing ] began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. >> reporter: republican senators rand paul of kentucky and ted cruz of texas are already in the race. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. all right, 4 listen 44 right now. lets get another check on the very windy weather this morning. >> did you notice any sprinkles around the house last night or earlfully morning. >> -- early this morning?
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>> yeah we did. to the north and east of the bay area and very fast moving cold front breezed through in the overnight hours. and now in its wake? some very windy conditions. good morning everyone. taking a look out towards sfo. we'll keep a watchful eye on the possibility there soft winds to hold. the skies are clearing it's 50 livermore and also in concord. low 50s in oakland. let's take a look at some soft those wind speeds. as of right now this is current information. pretty much up to about 15 miles per hour around the peninsula at this hour. 13 san jose. checking in at 12 in san ramon. up we go towards the northern portion of the bay area. a west wind at 13. we'll see those westerlies 10 to 20 miles per hour throughout the day today. and occasionally a stronger gust. it's all because of this. a very fast moving cold front. the tail end whipped up against the ridge of high pressure. fell apart at the seams. produced a couple of sprinkles but that's about it. blustery behind this front as it continues to dig to the
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south. high pressure's nestling in? its wake and the end result is rebegin a warming -- we begin a warming trend on wednesday with near or record warmth anticipated on thursday and friday. meanwhile, 60s and 70s in throughout the central portion of the state today. 60 mendocino and currently in the 20s going up to 47 degrees in the high sierra with a wind advisory in place there as well as a red flag warning. we could possibly see some red flag warnings here as we enter the weekend with our extremely dry conditions moving in. today's high temperatures coming down in comparison to yesterday but pretty seasonal. 64 san francisco. average high is 63-degrees. mid and high 60s across the santa clara valley to right around 70 in morgan hill and gilroy. mid 60s in order of the golden gate bridge and to the west we have temperatures into the 60s. oh it is updated. the giants' baseball action in game time tonight. temperatures should be into the 50s. all right, here you go with the extended forecast. record warmth thursday and on friday.
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you'll see today's outside number will be 70. besting by a good ten degrees warming on wednesday and temperatures approaching mid and high 80s away from the bay on friday. the dry weather pattern will continue all the way through monday. liz? double white knuckler. yeah i know really is really windy you know we're even seeing a wind advisory on the golden gate bridge. that's how you know there's some gusts going on out there. often when there's a wind advisory on just about every bridge some of the north and south bridges like the golden gate bridge don't have one. well they actually issued one just before 4:30 this morning. so the golden gate bridge and the san mateo and the other bridges have been in effect since just after midnight. here's a live look at the golden gate commute. be careful this morning but otherwise the zipper crews a few minutes ago were heading northbound getting another southbound lane open. here's a live look at 880. so in our last traffic report, if you were watching, you may have seen that bottleneck and it was pretty bad traffic jam growing right there near the oakland coliseum. well, it's all cleared out. so they did the traffic breaks to clear the overnight road work and it was a full freeway closure actually overnight.
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northbound 880 heading towards downtown oakland between 9th and 23rd. anyway it's all gone now. all lanes are back open and not seeing a problem any longer between the oakland airport and the macarthur maze. bay bridge definitely a high wind advisory in effect here. you'll really feel it this morning coming across the span both directions. eastbound a little bit of road work continuing approaching the center anchorage. westbound nothing really to speak of so the east shore freeway is a fine drive time. 18 minutes from the bridge to the maze and any kind of earlier delays we saw in the cash lanes nose are gone as well. here's a live look at westbound 580. gosh overnight we had the overnight road work and also had a wreck eastbound 580 for a while there at north greenville. we were seeing delays through the livermore valley. not the case any longer, just seeing the usual slowdowns right now out of the tracy area beginning around mountain house and just clear up past north flynn. and we'll go ahead and show you the san mateo bridge. because obviously there's a high wind advisory in effect here as well. it is right there. i know it's a little hard to
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read. but it does say high winds in the back. so just be extra careful this morning heading to foster city or you can always stay off the roads and ride b.a.r.t.. everything is on time. that's your latest kcbs drive to work. frank michelle back to you guys. all right thank you. a fast food breakfast war is heating up. this week mechanics donald's is offering -- mcdonald's is offering a free egg mcmuffin to any customers in pennsylvania who have a breakfast receipt from taco bell. it's an effort to win back customers as the chain struggles with declining sales, no word if they will offer the deal at the restaurants outside of pennsylvania. a worker in the hollywood hills made a discovery underneath the home yesterday. came face-to-face with this. you see him there he is, a mountain lion right next to the park. wildlife officials believe the animal wantered from there -- wandered from there. he didn't act aggressively and officials in fact couldn't get him to leave. tried throwing bean bags and tennis balls at the animal but
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he wouldn't budge. >> he just hides better. he's laying flatter than he's laid all day. i can just see one eyeball sticking up hooking at mement -- looking at me. >> well, crews final little called it a -- finally called it a night. they'll say they'll try to get the animal outside this morning. >> he has a facebook page. all new homes will soon have to be solar friendly in palo alto. they will adopt a new law requiring 500 square feet of roof surface on new homes to be prepared for solar panels. the builder would also have to provide support for wiring of a solar system. new rules are part of the city's effort to adopt a green building code. and a similar law was passed in tiburon in february the city mandated that 75% of home electrical use in new homes be covered by solar installation. not a big secret. renting an apartment or house in the bay area can be very expensive. kpix 5's dover feely tells us about a movement to get more bay area citiesen board with
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rent control. >> reporter: faced with a red hot housing market and rising rent, aye sac made a difficult decision, to pack up his family and move to the central valley. >> no raises. and just the cost of living going up is just -- been ridiculous, that's why i moved out to the central valley. >> reporter: the skyrocketing cost of housing spurred renewed interest in an old idea. rent control. >> you're not doing enough to make sure there's affordable housing for everyone for homeless population and it's far too large. >> reporter: san jose city councilman acknowledges that state law currently prohibits communities from enacting new rent control ordinances but understands the desire to address the bay area's runaway housing costs. >> rent control is one of many different ideas being looked at right now. as a bay of making sure that people can still afford to live here. >> reporter: many landlords say that rent control isn't the solution. they argue it's costing the landlords money for maintenance and upkeep. that's all small consolation to those who find themselves completely priced out of the market.
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>> i grew up and raised up down here for most of my life. and i just want -- i mean i don't know if i'll ever come back actually. >> reporter: in san jose, dover feely, kpix 5. >> enacted a rent control ordinance in 195 in san jose. in 1995 they panned new rent control measures. a beach vacation and it's all ruined. tillness spreading during a --
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an alaska airlines flight had to make an emergency landing yesterday after a baggage worker became trapped in the belly of the plane. the man told police he fell asleep while he was loading the baggage. the plane was on its way from
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seattle to los angeles when this happened. passengers say they could hear calls for help coming from underneath the plane. the man was rescued and is okay. the plane was able to make its way to los angeles. 4:55 now. convicted killer jodi arias will spend the rest of her life behind bars. yesterday an arizona judge sentenced arias to a life in prison without parole for shooting and stabbing her ex- boyfriend to death in 2008. the judge decided on the sentence after a mistrial last month took the death penalty off the table. arias expressed remorse before the judge announced his decision. hundreds marched to the state capital yesterday demanding health care for undocumented immigrants. the protesters are supporting state senate bill 4. the health for all act. under the bill, low income immigrant families would get health coverage through the state's medical program and also be able to buy insurance through covered california.
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those against the bill are worried about the cost to taxpayers. it's up for debate tomorrow in the senate. only kennedy jr. is sorry for describing the number of kids injured by vaccines as a holocaust. he said it last week in sacramento at a screening of the film trace amounts. it studies the link between mercury poisoning from a tetanus shot and autism. kennedy says he's pro vaccine but he's against the bill that would limit vaccine waivers for school kids. well, there's seasickness and then there's a nasty stomach bug that sickened more than 100 people on a cruise ship off the coast of mexico. cdc says the passengers can crew members on the celebrity infiniti contracted the norovirus. they immediately sprang into action with cleaning and disinfecting procedures before the ship docked yesterday in san diego. the office says a royal caribbean ship has 114 passengers on board sick with gastrointestinal virus as well.
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good morning, i'm ryan takeo. coming up, two bay area water utilities, they are cracking down on water use. coming up we'll tell you about the mandatory regulations that are going to be voted on today. >> and a day of coordinated nationwide protests is happening at noon today. i'm kiet do with a list of all the bay area locations coming up in a live report.
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good morning everyone, it's tuesday, april 14th. i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 on this tuesday. and happening today, east bay mud is cracking down on water wasters, kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo live with the fines customers could soon face if you're wasting water.
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ryan good morning. >> reporter: hey frank, good morning. and these are mandatory restrictions and rules that are going to be felt all over the east bay. we're talking about 1.3 million customers affected because they're east bay mud customers. now those restrictions being voted on today by the board and they are expected to be approved rather include only being allowed to water two times a week, everyone could face a surcharge in the coming months, and water wasters could face $100 fine. if goal is to have customers cut back on 20% of the water use from 2013 levels. contra costa customers could also be facing a mandatory 25% cutback when their board votes tomorrow. these are the first actions any water districts have taken in the last couple of weeks since governor brown called for an average cutback of 25% statewide. live in alameda, ryan


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