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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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woman who stopped to try to help him out. the suspect then took police on a wild chase speeding through fairfax before crashing outside a home. just after midnight. suspect tried to get awe on foot but search dogs were able to find him nearby and police arrested him. happening today, tough new water restrictions for east bay water customers, kpix 5's ryan takeo is live in alameda with the measures on the table. ryan? >> reporter: well, one of the water districts that's voting today. that's east bay mud. and it has 1.3 million customers so it's going to affect a lot of people here in the east bay. now how about this for getting your attention? rate hikes, possible surcharges, and fines. that is because so far this year east bay mud customers only cut back the water use by 6%. that's in the good enough. here's a look at the fines at the rules on the table rather that includes fines. the new rules expected to be approved today. as the sprinkler just come on at this house that we're at.
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drought surcharge and a rate hike could also hit customers this summer. water wasters could face $100 fines per month. east bay mud's goal is to have customers cut back 20% compared to their 2013 water use. >> third of our water use is outdoors. the best way that we can achieve a 20% cutback in water use is through outdoor restrictions starting now. >> reporter: contra costa water customers could face a mandatory 25% cut when their board votes tomorrow. back here live right on cue. we have the sprinklers going here. we assume this family is on spring break or on vacation because there's in car in the driveway. these are the first actions by water districts. bay area water districts, in response to governor brown's cutback for -- call for a cutback of 25% for the average water district. we are live in alameda, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5.
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today's meeting is at 1:15 and the public is invited to comment on the proposals. a man who threatened to jump off a san jose freeway overpass brought traffic to a sneer standstill for over six hours. chopper 5 over the scene yesterday afternoon. police found the man on the connector ramp from highway 680 to 101 and officers say the man was aggressive and threatened to jump from there. police tried to talk him down and calm him down but when they tried to move closer he pulled out a knife. and then finally after hours of trying to coax him down, police sent the man a cell phone and some food and they were able to talk to him. he surrendered and was eventually arrested. a former 49ers running back is accused of killing his cell mate. lawrence phillips has been serving time for choking his girlfriend and plowing his car into a group of teenagers in los angeles. his cell mate was found dead saturday morning at the valley state prison in fresno. he played for the 49ers in 199 and also played for the rams
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and dolphins. no sign of a motorcyclist who fell off the bridge after a crash. he collided with a car sunday afternoon. the force of the crash sent him over the rail and into the san joaquin river below. this was what officers found when they arrived on the scene. his mangled motorcycle. dive teams have been looking for him but so far, they've come up empty. searchers are also scouring the river by helicopter and by boat. 6:03 right now. let's get a check on the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks guys and the accident information continues to come in on this wreck. it's now up to five cars in juneon city. it's also happening in the southbound lanes of 880 approaching the road but unfortunately we're seeing the slow and go conditions from 238. and our other slow spot is this accident came in right at the same time. near livermore near the intersection of vasco and tesla road. they're doing some traffic control in the area. the main lines of the freeway though coming through the livermore valley on 580. you can see just kind of the usual congestion right now. the drive time is about 22
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minutes from the altamont pass to here. you're looking at a live look near the dublin interchange. and then it remains sluggish on that southbound 680 ride from pleasanton to the sunol grade. just traffic now picking up. now that we're just after 6:00. he's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights have been on for about 20 minutes. a little bit more than that. as you are now backed up through the maze. it's gorgeous sunrise though. talk about the forecast. here's roberta. just thinking the same. looking at your picture there elizabeth. good morning everyone. in fact i have a live weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge as well. and keep this in mind as you see the beautiful wind swept skies, sun up is two minutes earlier today. sundown is one minute later so we will be the recipients of three minutes of more daylight hours today. and look at this. right now temperatures are into the 40s. and into the 50s. but what is most notable as you head on out the door, the gusty winds. out of the north 10 to 20 miles per hour. occasionally a stronger gust. but as far as our temperatures
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are concerned, quite close to seasonal highs. cooler than yesterday. a string of 50s and 60s will line the seashore. 60s around the peninsula. up to about 70 degrees in morgan hill. also los gatos and saratoga and in gilroy. east of the bay into the upper 60s again the strong winds up to 20. north of the golden gate bridge, 50s and 60s. 65 today in novato. bested by 66 in cloverdale. hay michelle a warm trend and i'll pinpoint the days you should expect it straight ahead. all right, roberta. thank you. clean-up crews are using an underground camera to help clean up an oakland creek. caked with cement. an east bay mud worker accidentally left a valve open on a truck last week. allowing over 100 cubic yards of cement to spill into glen echo creek. hundreds of plants and wildlife were put at risk. east bay mud says they are using the camera to see which parts of the creek are blocked the worst. they say the clean-up will take at least a few more days. today congresswoman jackie
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spear will demand accountability from the pipeline and hazardous materials safety administration. this comes after pg&e was slapped with a record $1.6 billion fine. an representation found safety violations committed by the company led to the 2010 san bruno pipeline disaster. spear will urge that stronger pipeline safety measures be passed into federal law. today marches against police brutality happening around the bay area and on the east coast. they come a few days after two deadly shootings were both captured on video. kpix 5's kiet do joins us live in san jose where one of those marches will happen in just a few hours. kiet good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they're calling it nationwide shutdown day and san jose is getting in on the action. there's a march going from san jose state ending right here at city hall sometime in the lunch hour. now speaking of marches, there's a big one happening right now. 100 people going from new york city to washington, d.c. to protest police brutality and covering 250 miles over nine days.
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[ sound of gunfire ] the latest police shooting caught on video comes out of tulsa. a reserve deputy has been charged with manslaughter after accidentally shooting his gun instead of his taser, he can be heard apologizing in the video. the suspect later died. [ sound of gunfire ] now as for the shooting death of walter scott in south carolina, that was caught on video, that officer's legal troubles just got worse. he's now being sued for using a taser on another man last august. here's a list of the demonstrations in the bay area today -- if you are in any of the areas plan accordingly.
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we're live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. a senate panel will weigh in today on having a voice on any iran nuclear deal. the senate foreign relations committee will likely vote on a bipartisan bill that gives congress the power to review and possibly overturn an agreement. secretary of state john kerry has been pleading with lawmakers to give the administration time to nail down a final deal with a deadline of june 30th. 2016 presidential campaign is getting more crowded. last night florida republican senator marco rubio he officially joined the race. the 43-year-old son of a cuban immigrant is billing himself as a fresh face ready to lead a new generation of americans forward. >> now just yesterday, a leader from yesterday -- [ booing ] began a campaign for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. >> today, the only announced
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democratic candidate hillary clinton is scheduled to visit a community college in iowa. republican senators rand paul out of kentucky and ted cruz of texas already in the race as well. well, a soldout crowd packing the stands for the giants' home opener on monday. >> the pre-game ceremony included pitcher bumgarner carrying out the championship pennant on a horseback. he later said he wanted to get the horse up to a gallop but figured the groundskeepers they wouldn't like that too much. and the park was just packed with fans. perhaps no one more excited than betty. she's gone to opening day for more than half a century. yesterday was her 52nd home opener in a row. and the pomp and circumstance also included showing off first the three championship trophies but take a look at catcher buster posey. he was carrying a trophy in backward and even set it down on the podium facing the wrong way. i think he's forgiven though. >> lincecum -- that's buster.
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>> giving the fans in the back the view. >> it's all good. they won it. all free. 6:09. the giant game though taking on a somber tone as the team honored a fan killed during a high speed chase. some new information police hope leads to an arrest. >> an unusual standoff continues in southern california. the showdown between animal control and a stubborn mountain lion. >> record warmth is returning to the area, i'll tell you which days you can expect it. >> and chp went ahead and issued the wind advisories for just about every bridge including the bay bridge. how it's affecting your morning drive we'll let you know after the break.
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it is 6:13 in the morning and taking a welcome outside at -- look outside at official sunup. a cooler day today. but we have record warmth on the way. we'll pinpoint the day you should expect it as the news continues. thank you roberta. new this morning, a young couple in their baby were killed when a concrete slab fell on their pickup truck. it happened yesterday in washington state. the concrete came from a construction site crews were working on an overpass when a large chunk of it fell onto the roadway below. it crushed the pickup passing by. officials are investigating what caused that concrete to come down. a moment of silence yesterday at at&t park for a woman killed in a san francisco intersection. andria borba reports on yesterday's observance and on the chain of events that police are describing. >> reporter: bridget klecker was a giants' superfan. who was planning on attending the giants' home opener and she was honored with a moment of silence at at&t. >> at this time everyone would you please rise and remove your caps and join us in a moment of remembrance as we honor bridget and the many other members of the giants' faithful.
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>> reporter: san francisco police say before the crime scene tape surrounded this corner of the financial district, the three men who ran over bridget inflicted a reign of terror friday night. three armed robberies, all people walking on the streets. first at 6th and folsom in selma. followed by golf and chestnut in the marina and finally clay and larken in nob hill. that's when an officer saw the small black sedan and tried to pull it over. but the driver took off. someone tossed a gun out of the moving car near the ritz- carlton before the crime spree turned fatal. >> not observing any signals at all. they just went straight down the hill and killed this poor woman. >> reporter: within seconds, 42- year-old bridget was mowed town in the crosswalk of california and kearny. of the three pursuing units, one stopped to help her. the others continued the chase, a move the department defends. >> essentially pursuing a homicide suspect because officers did see the suspects crash into miss klecker. >> reporter: the chase continued through union square back south of market before the
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suspects ditched the car on treasure island. that's also where police discovered two more guns. one replica, one airsoft. the suspects though were gone. >> i keep expecting it to be a mistake and she's going to show up. someone stole my id. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> well, worker at a mansion in the hollywood hills made quite a discovery understood beneath his home. -- underneath his home. you can see the ears there's the head right there. the home is right next to a park. and wildlife potentials believer the animal -- officials believe the animal just wandered into the home from the park. the cat didn't act aggressive. they tried throwing bean bags and tennis balls and he wouldn't budge. >> he just hides better. he's laying flatter than he's laid all day. i can just see one eyeball sticking up looking at me. >> the big eyeball. fish and wildlife crews were called to the scene just in case they needed to tranquilize the lion. authorities say the mountain lion has been in the area for
6:17 am
years. and we've seen the facebook page. and it's a big kitty. >> where's that again? >> southern california. >> because that's my biggest fear you guys know that mountain lion, the sunol pleasanton ridge all the time running and hiking. daylight mexican food. i don't like mountain lions, i just don't. >> salsa? >> that's my only fear in life. mountain lions. >> okay. >> this apparently was afraid of people. doesn't want to come out. >> you can see his eyes. okay help get you out the road and show you what's going on i know. yeah let's see you know we have better news now for the wreck. it couldn't have come at a better time and cleared to the right hand shoulder. there is what is going on southbound 880 at alvarado niles. you can see all the slow sensors heading into fremont the backups extend slow and go from 238. but again just cleared to the right hand shoulder so no longer blocking that number two lane. here's a live look out the door at the san mateo bridge. high wind advisory posted you can see that's what that glowing sign says there. in the distance. and you know there was a wreck
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just behind san mateo bridge toll plaza. that's what is slowing down that drive time. 17 minutes in the westbound lanes to take you out to foster city. but pushing it it onto the span just the gusty winds might slow you down a bit. the pleasanton area in fact we can show you the camera. all the headlights that's traffic welcomed. you can see traffic today yesterday it was a little foggy making it difficult to see. unfortunately traffic is pretty heavy this morning. coming out of the altamont pass. up to 24 minutes you can see just kind of all yellow on the sensors. and then remains slow through the sunol grade on southbound 6780 bay bridge backed up still through the mctar you this maze. that's the latest kcbs traffic. roberta. we have some wind swept skies this morning. good morning everyone. it's going to be a brisk start to your day. and look at the bay waters here. due to the wind very choppy. going to be a little rough commute for the ferry from alameda into the city of san francisco. currently it's a cool start as well. th degrees -- 49 degrees in san francisco and san jose. mid 40s in santa rosa and in
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the low 50s in oakland and 47 degrees in concord now. wind speeds have been fluctuating this morning. 13 miles per hour in san francisco. this is realtime data here. 12 in fremont and san ramon. looks like 16-mile-per-hour winds in novato. these winds will continue to blow today out of the north 10 to 20. with an occasional stronger gust. so brisk out the door. it's going to pan out to be a cooler and windy day today. but quite seasonal. and as far as my long-range computer models are suggesting, next chance of rain light rain in the afternoon hours on the 22nd. and some light showers on the 23rd. so let's cheep our fingers crossed on that. this is that fast moving cold front that moved through the bay area in the overnight hours. high pressure is building in? its wake and the end result is we're going to have a windy day because of the pressure grade gent and this high pressure is so strong it's going to produce near and record warmth on thursday and friday. until then, upper 60s low 70s
6:20 am
central valley. we have some light snow falling in the greater lake tahoe area. look at thursday. ouch. you've been forewarned. all right. temperatures today across the bay area a few 50s along the beaches, # #s and 70s -- 60s and 70s. your extended forecast calls for that warming trend to begin tomorrow. 10 degrees warmer and then near or record warmth thursday and friday. make it a great day everyone. all right roberta thank you. and airline worker may have thought no one would notice if he took a quick snap. in-- nap. instead he forced the plane
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good morning everybody. yesterday was all about the number three at at&t. the giants celebrating their
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third title but also trying to avoid their third ever shut-out on an opening day in the san francisco era. tim lincecum, bruce bochy, and buster posey running out the triplets in the home opener. madison bumgarner didn't get to ride the horse on the parade day but got to deliver that banner yesterday. could the giants' offense keep the momentum going against colorado? bases loaded. gregor blanco, no. same result for angel pagan. the giants 0-7 with runners in scoring position. 27-year-old rookie pitcher chris heston allowed just one earned run over seven innings. the one run provided by troy tulowitzki on the base hit. the giants lose 2-0. their fourth straight loss. crash davis in houston to watch the a's against astros' pitcher feldman. brett lawrie. gone. marcus semien. gone. then billy butler, this three run jack completely out of minute maid park.
6:25 am
>> anything travels that far ought to have a stewardess on it, don't you think. >> the a's beat houston 6-1 behind six innings of one run baseball from scott kashmir. the warriors sat back and watched clay thompson pull off his magic against memphis. he made 10-13 from the field and six from beyond the arc. in the quarter, 26 points. he had 42 in the game and didn't play in the fourth quarter. warriors win 111-107. their 66th win of the season. the last game of the year, tomorrow night against denver. giants will try to get back on the winning track tonight. and i wanted to tell you that michael crabtree is coming to a stadium near you. leaving the 49ers for the oakland raiders. one year deal, $3.2 million. see you tonight everybody. >> he's a raider. play of the day. let's talk some hoops here. timberwolves hosting the pelicans and 1:00 andrew --
6:26 am
first quarter andrew wiggins is going to throw down a monster dunk. he makes it look easy. even so the pelicans won it. and good chance the warriors will be playing the pelicans in round one of the playoffs which kick art in about a week. that's your play of the day. 6:26. b.a.r.t. riders have all been forced to squeeze shoulder to shoulder with fellow passengers. the plan to ease some of that overcrowding. >> fines, rate hikes and a drought surcharge. coming up, well, if that doesn't make you want to save water, i don't know what will. we'll tell you the plans on the
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and a series of police protests happening nationwide today at lunchtime. i'm kiet do, we've got a full down of all the bay area events coming up in a live report. a frightening trip for passengers on board a flight to l. a. all because an airline worker was sleeping on the job. record warmth is returning to the area, i'll tell you which days you can expect it. and kcbs mobile units have spotted this. a pretty bad hot spot between hayward and fremont. i'll tell you what's going on coming up. good morning everyone, tuesday, is here, it's april 14th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. new this morning, a suspected car thief led police on a wild chase before crashing into a north bay home. it started in west marin around 10:40 last night. police say that's where the suspect crashed a car and stole a car from a woman who stopped to try to help. the suspect then sped through fairfax before crashing outside
6:31 am
a home just after midnight. he tried to get away but search docks found him nearby and police arrested him. uc berkeley police arrested a student they say recorded classmates inside bathroom stalls and showers. 20-year-old alfred mendez is suspected of unlawful recording with an electronic device. investigators seized his phone, laptop several discs and found images of people taking showers. police first got a tip about two weeks ago when a student noticed the cell phone extended underneath the partition. a man who threatened to jump from a south bay freeway overpass was arrested after a six hour standoff with the police. chopper 5 over the scene yesterday afternoon. the man was on the connector ramp from 680 to 101 in san jose. traffic gridlocked for hours. as the negotiators tried to talk the man down. happening today, tough new water restrictions for east bay water customers. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo is live in alameda with the new
6:32 am
measures. ryan? >> reporter: and those tough new measures could go into effect today. right after the east bay mud board votes on it this afternoon. here's a look at the proposed rules. they include only being allowed to water outside twice a week. customers could face a drought surcharge starting in the summer. ranging from $5 to $120. water wasters could face fines of $100 a month. the goal is to have customers cut back 20% on water use from their 2013 level. >> this is a very slow moving emergency. and we can see that after a while maybe it gets boring. but it doesn't stop going away. our water supplies continue going down. >> reporter: customers with another east bay water district contra costa water could face a mandatory 25% cut when their board votes tomorrow. these are the first actions by bay area water districts since the governor called for an average cutback of 25%. live in alameda, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> today's meeting is at 1:15
6:33 am
and the public is invited to comment on the proposals. it is 6:33. a check of weather now on a tuesday. good morning. >> i -- i'm an east bay resident and i can water twice a week. it depends on where you conserve in other areas and i have a vegetable ask flower garden. i can do that. >> you take three minute showers. >> i'm so military on that. i really am. but it's doable. and you water at the proper time when it's not so windy. boy today a very difficult day to do any kind of watering. out the door this morning this is what will you greet you. some wind swept blue skies looking out towards the bay bridge and boy on the chilly side. 46-degrees in livermore and mid 40s in santa rosa and back in through occidental. upper 40s in santa clara. willow glen in san jose. it is 51 degrees in alameda and in oakland. a very fast moving cold front very dry cold front as well breezed through the bay area last night. producing a few sprinkles and in its wake now some cooler air
6:34 am
mass and also some very windy conditions but basically the bottom line is 50s and 60s beaches, 60s across the peninsula into the claire valley. east of the bay we're talking numbers 6 to # 7 to beaches. 66 petaluma. shame across lake county. we have record warmth it's moving in. we'll have the details at 48 minutes after the hour but first here's liz. okay thank you and you know we've been following and tracking kcbs' mobile 2 units and even traveling around 880 and this is certainly our hot spot of the morning. it's the southbound ride between hayward and it even san leandro and fremont. you can see all red on the sensors. it's because of an earlier stall. and we had a crash in union city. if you get off of the san mateo bridge, there is a bit of a bottleneck there reaching the san mateo bridge san mateo bridge. but on the span acaroid the worst backups heading into
6:35 am
union city and fremont. it's okay right now as you clear into foster city. even though high wind advisory is still in effect. dancing around including 880 in oakland. which is still hot spot free as you can see traveling northbound into downtown oakland. that is kcbs traffic. frank michelle back to you guys. thank you liz. b.a.r.t. having the highest ridership in its history but a new problem called crush loads. more passengers cramming into the cars than they were designed to hold. >> we've seen a huge jump in ridership and that's good news for the economy. but it's bad news if you're looking for a seat or the crowded train. >> b.a.r.t.'s new fleet of trains better able to handle the crush. don't go online though until the end of the year. until then, crews will be working overtime and on weekends to get disabled trains back on tracks to accommodate the overcrowding. b.a.r.t. is taking steps to prevent suicides. the transit agency is launching a suicide prevention campaign. b.a.r.t. officials have teamed up with
6:36 am
local suicide prevention and crisis intervention experts two recent deaths on b.a.r.t. tracks are being investigated as suicides. today protests are happening in the bay area and around the nation to speak out against police brutality. they come on the heels of two fatal incidents that were captured on video earlier this month. kpix 5 station kiet do is live in san jose. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, san jose is bracing for that march that starts at san jose state and ends right here at city hall sometime after noon. this is all part of the so- called nationwide shutdown day. a series of coordinated protests taking place in the lunch hour. now speaking of marches, a big one started yesterday where more than 100 people are protesting against police brutality walking from new york city to washington, d.c.. that is covering 250 miles over nine days. [ sound of gunfire ] the latest fatal police shooting caught on video comes out of tulsa.
6:37 am
a reserve deputy has been charged with manslaughter after inadvertently shooting his gun instead of the taser, the deputy is heard apologizing in the video. the suspect later died. [ sound of gunfire ] as for the shooting death of walter scott in south carolina, also caught on video, more audio is being released in the aftermath of that incident. listen closely and at one point it sounds like the officer is laughing. >> so when you get home. probably be a good idea to kind of jot down your thoughts on what happened. >> okay. >> you know what you -- the adrenaline first pumping and stuff. >> first pumping oh, yeah. >> so here are a list of the demonstrations today as part of the shutdown day --
6:38 am
plan accordingly if you plan to be in the area, live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. thank you. a denver judge says 12 member jury could be seated today. james holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the 2012 shooting that left 12 people dead and 70 others wounded. the jury will have to decide whether he was legally insane at the time of the shooting. if he's found guilty, holmes could be sentenced to death or life in jail. an alaska airlines flight had to make an emergency landing yesterday after a frightening noise is heard from the belly of the plane. >> i think we have a -- apparent noise from the baggage compartment. could be a person in therement we're going to come back around. >> one of the baggage workers was trapped underneath. the plane was on its way from seattle to los angeles when this happened. the man told police he fell asleep while he was loading the baggage. passengers say they could hear calls for help coming from underneath the plane. >> two of us thought something
6:39 am
was stuck in the wheel because that's kind of the sound of it. then we started hearing voices and pounding louder and louder. >> the man was rescued and is okay. the plane was able to make its way to los angeles. it is 6:39 now. some emotional moments at the giants' home opener and some team pauses to remember a fan killed just days before the game. >> when it comes to road conditions which bay area drivers have the bumpiest ride?
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it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying bills at depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. good tuesday morning, time check is 6:42. on this tuesday, taking a look at the average high temperatures. 63-degrees typically in san francisco. instead 64 degrees. it will be cooler today than yesterday and with the clear skies at the coast and the 50s
6:43 am
60s, 60s and 7 # santa clara valley. 68 east of the bay in san ramon. most notably today in all locations will be the winds out of the north 10 to 20. 50s beaches at stinson beach to good morning there with the wind up to 20. 68 degrees. thanks roberta. 6:43 now. rebound for retail sales up nearly a full percentage point in the month of march. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning michelle. good morning frank. we're at this point we've been expecting retail sales to head higher with lower gas prices and solid job growth in recent months. but we have three straight monthly declines until march with commerce reporting a .9% increase. certain categories were stronger performers than others. strong auto sales they're up 2.7%. building materials up 2.1%. and furniture and home furnishings had a big month up 3.8%. that could bode well for
6:44 am
companies like williams sonoma have been worried over the west coast port slowdown. slowing down those kinds of sales. also inflation is back on the rise and at least on the wholesale side. the labor department producer price index was up .2% in march a very modest increase. so that came after four straight declines largely because of falling gas prices. corporate earnings season also kicking enough earnest this week. a couple of big companies wells fargo and jp morgan each reporting their results. wells fargo saw a slight decline in the profit while the revenue was up a bit. better results for jp morgan. its shares are on the rise. market coming off a slower start to the week on monday. but opening up in positive territory today. and let's take a look at the big board and see how we're doing so far. and so far so good. the dow is up by 50 points. that had tack though down by -- nasdaq though down by 1. michelle and frank back to you. >> all right jason brooks from
6:45 am
kcbs news. thank you. a woman run down by a suspected armed robber is honored at giants' opening day. a moment of silence held yesterday to remember 42-year- old bridget klecker. she was killed in a deadly hit and run during a police chase in san francisco on friday night. a stolen toyota sped through the intersection. >> not observing any signals at all. just went count straight the down and hilled this -- straight down the hill and killed that poor woman. >> it continued on interstate 80 with the toyota hitting a second pedestrian along the way. the suspects ultimately ditched the car on treasure island and are still at large. the bay area street paving scores were released yesterday. it's a regional study done every year. and topping the list with the best paved streets? were brentwood, union city, clayton and el cerrito. the cities with the worst paved streets were --
6:46 am
>> my hometown needs to get busy there. >> come on. i know. all right liz? >> pretty bumpy there i have to say. all right thanks guys, out the door and things are getting kind of crazy right now and southbound 880. this is certainly our hot spot. kcbs mobile units confirmed it and our sensors show it. all red right now through san leandro into fremont. a five car fender wednesdayer union city. we had a stall on southbound 880 near highway 92. so -- everything is now cleared out of there but we're kind of scooping on over to 680 and you can see it's moving a lot better. still slow between pleasanton and the stew knoll grade but at least it's not in the red like it is there. it may take a while. because it's busy anyway. a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge at the approach. you can see some slight delays through just past richmond parkway. but pretty typical stuff for this time of the morning. we still have a number of high wind advisories in effect by
6:47 am
the way for several of our bridges. and if you're coming through the south bay northbound first quarter 1 begins to slow -- 101 begins to slow around capital expressway and now past the 880 interchange coming into the san jose area. and bay bridge the metering lights were turned on at 5:36 this morning. and so they've been on for a while. you are stacked up through the maze and you can't see it but the 580 approach is pretty slow from the 24 interchange. that's your latest kcbs traffic. i mentioned the wind advisories. get your forecast with roberta. it's a pretty brisk start to your day. good morning everyone. hey frank i'm going to need that drum roll later. we're going to talk about the weather watchers and right now ha look at the coast because it is clear. the coast is clear. and let's take a look at your current air temperatures. it's a chilly start to the day into the 40s and into the 50s. it is 45 degrees in santa rosa. the winds out of the north at 17 and current wind speeds right now. this is realtime data. 9 redwood city.
6:48 am
across the bay wow calm in hayward how about that but 12 in san ramon. these winds will continue to fluctuate and will blow primarily out of the north 10 to 20 miles per hour. and occasional stronger gust. a blustery day in the bay area. a seasonal day as far as the temperatures are concerned. and as far as my computer models are suggesting, next shot of precipitation will be april 22nd. albeit light. and then again on april 23rd. we had a couple of sprinkles in the overnight hours all associated with this very fast moving cold front. behind it high pressure is building in. we had that pressure gradient. that's why the gusty winds at times today. and then warming begins tomorrow and record warmth anticipated thursday and friday. right now we have light snow falling at 32 degrees winds up to 20 miles per hour in truckee. of # monterey bay. -- 64 monterey bay. sun up at 6:36. two minutes earlier than yesterday and the sun is setting one minute later and we get three minutes of extra
6:49 am
daylight today. albeit on the cool side. the pollen report suggests the counts as high that pollen is being swept away by the winds today but look at thursday. you have been forewarned. pretty much off the charts. temperatures into the 60s and the low 70s. upper 50s towards ocean beach. record warmth again on thursday and on friday. make it a great day everyone. frank and michelle? okay thanks. just in, 20 passengers are injured after an asiana airliner jet makes a hard landing. the plane took off from seoul korea was landing at japan's airport. they report seeing sparks coming from the aircraft as dytiscidded on the runway -- it skied on the runway surface. well, making your home smart is getting easier. >> cnet editor sharon profis is here to share a few ways to upgrade your home. all right share away. >> you don't have to premodel your entire house if you want to make it a little bit more tech savvy. there are a paw ways to use --
6:50 am
few ways to use plug and play devices. so the first set of devices are smart bulbs. probably heard of these. here are a few examples for you to choose from. basically, you screw in these lightbulbs and you can control them from your phone using bluetooth or wi-fi even when you're not home. these are the -- unique because they actually change in color. they range from the regular lightbulb color all way to red, purple. blue. i have them in my home and they are a crowd pleaser. [ laughter ] >> you leave your lights on and you're away and you can turn them off. >> or the other way around if you are on vacation and you want to trick people into thinking you're home you can just turn them on and off. >> get your news on right now? screw your husband. >> wake him up. and then the second category you have smart outlets. so think about it. how many times have you wonder whey there's some ladies out there if you left your flatiron on when you left the house? >> every day. >> every day. >> every morning.
6:51 am
>> if you have a smart switch, and you have your flatiron plugged into it. when you get to the office shut off the switch and ensure that anything plugged into it no longer has power. in theory one day this could also mean getting your copy machine to automatically start making copies for you. >> how much are they? >> range anywhere from $30 to $70. depending on how advanced you are. the one right here is $30 to $40. entry-level is a little bit smarter in your home. the third category, you have smart security. this one is really useful especially for those who don't want to hire a company to monitor their home. you have smart security. motion sensors. and cameras. motion sensors, they have a dog walker you can put a motion sensor on the door when it opens you'll get an alert. when it closes again you know. same thing did you leave the garage door open? now you can know. so then you have cameras like the develop cam and the -- drop cam and piper that you're looking at right now.
6:52 am
you can monitor your home from the smart phone and get a feed anywhere you are. >> that's something every morning i always think did i close my garage door? or not? and these are quick little upgrades you can do where you count have to fit your home or -- >> no wires nomes. >> exactly -- no mess. >> exactly. it's great for renters too. >> you download the app? >> exactly and more and more devices are also question separating with siri -- integrating witherer see. >> turn the lights off. >> amazing. all right sharon thank you. time now is 6:5 #. the race for the white house is ramping up. what's different about hillary clinton's campaign this time around. >> and two water districts are mandating water cutbacks and they're taking aim at our pocketbooks. coming up, we'll tell you about the fines and fees on the
6:53 am
6:54 am
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my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! five things to know now at the :55. today hillary clinton holds her first campaign event since announcing her run for president. the campaign will look much different than eight years ago. clinton hopes a more intimate approach will help her connect with voters that begins today with the event in the small town in iowa. senate panel will vote today on a bill to give congress partial authority over any nuclear deal with iran. the bill would create a 60 day period when president obama could not lift or ease any sanctions that congress has imposed. lawmakers could then accept or reject the president's plan or allow it to take effect without a vote. a reserve deputy in oklahoma is facing a manslaughter charge in the shooting death of a suspect. police say undercover cops were trying to buy gun from eric harris. harris took off and when officers chased him down, 73-
6:57 am
year-old robert bates opened fire. bathes said he thought he was using his taser. a group is marching from new york city to washington, d.c. right now. part of a nationwide protest against police violence. they want congress to pass new laws aimed at ending racial profiling and the militarization of police. protests are planned in at least five bay area cities later today. a cal berkeley student is accused of secretly recording his classmates inside bathroom stalls and showers. police say 20-year-old alfred mendez had the images on his phone and laptop. police were tipped off when another student caught mendez recording her in the bathroom. >> reporter: i'm ryan takeo live in alameda where today, there's going to be a vote in the east bay on new mandatory water rules. the east bay mud board is expected to approve the proposals which include only being allowed the water outside twice a week. customers could face a drought surcharge starting this summer.
6:58 am
and ranging from $5 to $120. water wasters could face fines of $100 a month. the goal is to have customers cut back 20% on water use if their -- from their 2013 levels. >> the best way that we can achieve a 20% cutback in outdoor restriction is through restrictions starting now. >> reporter: contra costa water could face a mandatory 25% cut when their board votes tomorrow. these are the first actions by bay area water districts since the governor called for an average cutback of 25%. live in alameda, ryan takeo, kpix 5. and a last check of the road ahead. this southbound 880 continues to be our hot spot. between hayward and fremont because of couple of earlier wrecks. a travel time up from 38 minutes right now from about that san leandro area down to highway 84. 880 northbound though is moving fine. from san leandro into oakland.
6:59 am
and our other big traffic story are with tends. chp -- the winds. chp issued high wind advisories for just about every bridge. that is kcbs traffic here's roberta. good morning san jose. don't you look pretty today? wind swept blue skies and current air temperature right there in the third largest city in the state of california is right around the upper 40s and right around the low 50s. little more -- livermore at 48- degrees and downtown santa rosa is at 45. now 51 in oakland. later today, cooler than yesterday. but when you look at these temperatures, they're actually quite seasonal. the winds will blow out of the north 10 to 20 and it's going to feel like a brisk day up to 70 the warmest location. ten degrees warmer tomorrow. then near or record warmth anticipated thursday, friday. dry through the weekend and you're looking for rain? i'm looking at april 22nd or 24th. write that down right now immediately. >> we're writing it down. >> holding you to it. >> thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. remember your next local update
7:00 am
is at 7:26. >> "cbs this morning" is coming up ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, april 14th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." an airport worker trapped in the cargo hold of an airline forces an emergency landing. cell phone video captures panic on the plane. we're in eye eye where hillary clinton arrived today in a state that derailed her last presidential bid. plus marco rubio calls for a changing of the gop guard. plus the new golden boy of golf is here. masters champion jordan spieth in studio 57 today. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> the


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