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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  April 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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customize yours today. as california's drought worsens.. bay area neighborhoods are facing stiff new penalties.. desperate times call for desperate measures. as california's drought worsens, bay area neighborhoods are facing stiff new penalties for water usage. good afternoon everyone, i'm
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michelle griego. frank is on assignment this afternoon. an east bay water district is getting ready to figure out how to enforce water cuts. kpix 5's ryan takeo with the breakdown for what this could mean for residents. >> reporter: there are some drought resis at that particular time lawns like this one in alameda. but many look like that one across the street. nice and green. so east bay mud, they're trying to get customers' attention with fines and surcharges. >> there are not a lot of lawns drying up here. >> reporter: if anyone would know the state of east bay lawns, it's ron malone. he owns the landscaping company the lawn mower man. >> not quite as green perhaps. but they're not letting their lawns go. >> reporter: that could change soon. after the governor called californians to cut back by an average of 25%. now it's up to local water districts like east bay mud to get customers to cut use. the new rules being voted on today limiting watering outside to twice a week, fining water wasters $100 a month, and billing customers a drought
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surcharge starting in the summer ranging from $5 to $100. >> they charge us more for using less. >> reporter: cut use by 20. >> we have to cut back even more. i don't know where. >> reporter: beth has already done her part by ripping out the old lawn and replacing it with drought free plants. >> we don't even have irrigation run to the plants. and so they've just kind of taken off on their own. >> reporter: now she's relying on her neighbors to pitch in. and hoping to see their green lawns start to wilt away. also tomorrow, the contra costa water district board is voting on 25% mandatory cuts. you have those customers with the east bay customers, you have 1.5 million people who are going to have new water rules real soon. in alameda, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> once approved they will go into effect immediately. the fines and surcharges won't be in place until the summer. the city of santa cruz
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could be soon under a water shortage emergency. meaning everyone will have to cut water use by 25%. the city council will consider the issue tonight. santa cruz was under the same emergency declaration for most ovolos year. new at noon, the oklahoma reserve deputy aciesed of accidentally using his gun instead of a taser has turned himself in. hannah daniels reports robert bates faces second degree manslaughter charges. >> reporter: volunteer reserve deputy only bates arrived at the tulsa county jail this morning. the 73-year-old insurance executive is facing manslaughter charges for the shooting death of 44-year-old eric harris. police video shows the last moments of harris' life. the sheriff's department says the convicted felon was the target of an undercover gun sale investigation. >> it's a luger, it's a luger. >> reporter: harris tried to run away but an officer tackled him. that's when bates is heard saying he was going to use his taser.
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instead a gunshot goes off. bates apologizes. >> oh i shot him. i'm sorry. >> the circumstances were not intentional. it was an accident. >> there's no way an officer can get this confused for this. >> reporter: when harris plained he's having -- complains he's having trouble breathing he hears this in response from another deputy. >> [ bleep ] your breath. >> reporter: harris' family says the treatment is what disturbs him the most. >> there's no -- no aid. he's hollering out for help. you see the blood running out his side. >> reporter: it has called into question his relationship with the sheriff's department. documents show the volunteer deputy has been a longtime supporter of the department. buying it vehicles and equipment. he faces up to four years in prison if convicted. hannah daniels for cbs news. >> bates was full-time officer with the tulsa police department not the sheriff's department for one year in the 1960s. the use of reserve officers is common across much of the
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nation. law enforcement agencies often turn to them for extra manpower because of a lack of resources and tight budgets. demonstrations are happening today in the bay area and around the country to protest police brutality. in response to the recent rash of deadly shootings captured on video. a big march started yesterday on staten island in new york. 100 people are continuing on a 250-mile route to washington, d.c.. once there, they'll meet with members of congress. and looking at the bay area, a protest is already underway at uc berkeley and demonstrations just got started in san francisco at city hall and in the mission. other events are just beginning at mills college in oakland and in san jose. and in about an hour a demonstration is planned at frank ogawa plaza in oakland. the police body camera debate will be heard by the san jose city council today. they'll be discussing a possible pilot program for san jose police officers. if approved, san jose would be one of the largest bay area
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agencies to give its officers body cameras. the pilot program could start as soon as next year. a suspected car thief has been arrested after a police chase and crash. it started in west marin around 10:40 last night. police say that's where the suspect crashed his car and stole a car from a woman who stopped to try to help. the suspect then took police on a wild chase speeding through fairfax before crashing outside a home just after midnight. the suspect tried to run away but search dogs were able to find him nearby. and police arrested him. the 2016 presidential race is off to a busy start. three republicans are now officially running for the white house. and democrat hillary clinton is holding a small event with voters today in iowa. reporter marlie hall has the story. >> reporter: hillary clinton is holding her first 2016 presidential campaign event at kirkwood community college in eastern iowa. students and educators are eager to hear her message.
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>> i'm just really hoping that people don't just vote because she's a woman. and i think they need to vote because of her beliefs and they agree with them. >> reporter: back in 2008, hillary clinton lost the iowa caucus us the now president -- caucuses the now president obama. this time around it's not taking anything for granted. and trying a low-key approach that includes more time listening to voters. >> she's had some time the think about what the best -- to think about what the best approach would be. and this is probably hopefully going to work out for her. >> reporter: the former secretary of state faces questions about how she used her personal e-mail account. and handled the benghazi attacks. but she's entering the race as the favorite to win the democratic nomination. >> martin o'malley the former governor of maryland is running and doing all the things you have to do to run but people rate his chances as slim. joe biden has aspirations but he's not doing the spade work. he'd like to be president. >> reporter: on the republican side, marco rubio is now the third gop senator to enter the
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2016 race. the 43-year-old son of cuban immigrants calls clinton a leader from yesterday. and says he has the vision to move america forward. marlie hall, cbs news, monticello, iowa. >> rubio will have to defeat what is expected to be a very crowded field of gop challengers before facing clinton or any democrat. an asiana airlines plane skidded off the runway after making a hard landing today in western japan. 23 people were hurt. it happened in tokyo when the airplane's tail touched the runway while landing. passengers say the plane bounced when it landed then slid into a grassy area. 74 passengers evacuated using escape cutes and 18 people were taken to hospitals for treatment of minor injuries. travelers on the united states' no-fly list may soon be able to find out why. the obama administration says it will start telling suspected terrorists if and why they are
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banned from flying to or from the u.s.. under the new policy, a traveler who has been banned would have to petition the government for that information. feel cramped when you fly? it could be bad for your hell. at a hearing in -- health, at a hearing in washington today a union testified that shrinking personal space has led to more cases of air rage. ics perts also question -- experts also question if having seats closely packed together might make it harder to evacuate in an emergency. the faa says it runs tests on how fast passengers can evacuate but transportation officials say those tests don't factor in human panic. alaska airlines is investigating how a baggage worker managed to fall asleep inside a plane's cargo hold. the flight had to make an emergency landing yesterday. sparking panic on the aircraft. >> i think we have -- a noise from the baggage compartment. could be a fern in there -- person in there and we're going to turn back arnold. >> the plane was going from seattle to los angeles when the this all happened -- this all happened.
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the man told police he fell asleep while he was loading the baggage. passengers say they could hear calls for help. >> two of us thought something was stuck in the wheel. because that's kind of the sound of it. and then we started hearing voices underneath us. and pounding. significantly louder and louder. >> the man was rescued and is okay and the plane was able to make its way to los angeles. two separate cruise ships had to dock in san diego after more than 200 people on board got sick. passengers on the legend of the seas cruise ship arrived this morning. 116 people got sick. halfway into the two week trip after a stop in guatemala. it's the second cruise ship this week to arave with more than 100 sick passengers on board. officials say the first outbreak was from norovirus. >> i was in and out of the bathroom for white a while the -- quite a while the entire day. and it -- ended up you know, feeling very lethargic, very, very sick. very rundown. couldn't really get out of bed. and ended up throwing up.
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>> crews are scrambling to disinfect both cruise ships. this is the fifth outbreak of sickness on a cruise ship just this year. hackers posted on restaurant windows may sway your decision about eating at certain spots in san mateo county. officials are considering adopting a color coded system to grade restaurants like santa clara county. they would get a green placard for a passing grade and yellow for a conditional passing and a red placard would require the restaurant to close. wildfires wreaked havoc on the west coast and for one burned bear the long road to recovery is almost over. >> and chilling winds blow through the bay area. the gusty blasts creating danger on the roadways. >> did somebody say wind? i am live in the kpix 5 studios in san francisco but let's take you to the east bay. you can see the flags are on the in dublin. -- fly in dublin. we'll talk about how hard those winds
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taking a lack at the big board -- look at the big board right now. you can see the dow is not doing too bad. up about 84 points. well, nearly every county in the bay area is building half the amount of housing needed to keep up with population growth. the new data explains one reason the bay area is one of the most expensive places to live in the nation. milpitas, redwood city and dublin are the few cities that have built close to the number of housing that are needed. cities like san francisco and berkeley and palo alto don't even come close. l. a. could be closer to getting an nfl team but the big question, will the raiders be making the move south? owners of the raiders, the rams and the chargers have been trying to get new stadiums.
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they say they'll consider a move to l. a. if they can't reach a deal with their current cities. the three teams will present their stadium plans at a meeting next week with nfl officials. the bay area's street paving scores were released yesterday. it's a regional study done every year. topping the list with the best paved streets were brentwood, union city, clayton and el cerrito. the cities with the worst paved streets, were petaluma, o reason da, lark spur -- orinda, lark spur. the mayor said yesterday that voters approved a $20 million bond issue to restore neighborhood roads in orinda. it is getting hit with high winds today in the bay area. advisories in effect right now for four bridges and you can see the wind whipped waters out in the bay. drivers are advised to be careful and roberta is the two hand on the steering wheel kind of day. >> absolutely, you can't even fly a kite today because it's that windy. the weather watchers and see if anybody is reporting any winds at this particular time.
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63-degrees frank keenen and his winds are on the slight side relatively. out of the northwest at about 4 miles per hour. thanks frank for that photograph. as well as your weather day for us. -- data for us, take a look at this picture, this is the view from the transamerica pyramid. out towards the golden gate bridge. this ability is -- visibility is unlimited due to the wind- swept blue skies in fact we could see to the fair lawns islands a little bit earlier. san francisco currently is in the upper 50s. it's brisk in san jose in the low 60ed with some wind gusts up to 22. concord now reporting 63- degrees. okay just how windy is it? let's take a look at this live data. it is reporting 11-mile-per- hour winds in san francisco. 12 in san jose. but again the wind gusts are up to 22. 13 to the east in livermore. and in the north bay, winds are still anywhere from calm to about 15 miles per hour antioch now at 14. the winds will continue to increase as the afternoon progresses. out of the north 10 to 20 miles per hour. your weather headlines today, we have clear skies but brisk
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winds. it's definitely cooler than yesterday. but seasonal. and my long-range computer model suggests we have a good chance of rain at least light rain on the 22nd and on the 23rd. this is the passage of the cold front that produced a couple of rain drops in the overnight hours. now we're picking up the gusty winds in its wake. we also have high pressure nettle in later this afternoon as that does so it's causing that pressure gradient. so that is why we have the winds as well and the warmer weather by tomorrow. 60s common in throughout the central valley today. 62 in monterey bay where currently it's 56 degrees. we had a couple of snow flurries earlier this morning in the high sierra. this is really important to know because the wind is ushering in the pollen around. i know i'm having problems with the mulberry count myself. but i want to forewarn you, if you suffer from allergies, thursday and friday readings off the charts. today, on this chart, we have anywhere from 60 to about 70 degrees, 58 degrees in ocean beach and mid 60s around the
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bay. sun goes down at 7:44 a minute later than yesterday and tomorrow morning a couple of minutes earlier. about three minutes more of delay light and you will -- daylight and you will probably enjoy it if you like outdoor activities because we have nothing but a warming trend on wednesday we jump up almost a full ten degrees inlad areas and check out thursday and friday with the near or record warmth. heading to the giants' baseball game tonight against the colorado rockies, we have a game time temperature at 7:15 of 58 degrees. blustery winds out of the west- northwest up to 20 miles per hour. so dress in layers. bundle up and cheer loudly. >> yeah you said it was a little chilly out there at 1:00 in the afternoon yesterday. >> yeah. >> tonight could be a little worse. >> okay. >> all right roberta thank you. many demonstrations are happening right now across the country to protest police brutality. this is the live look at 24th and mission in san francisco. where you can see people are gathering for a nationwide shutdown day. the protests are in response to
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the recent rash of deadly shootings captured on video. a washington bear who was treated for serious burns in lake tahoe is almost ready to get back into the wild. fendser was first found last august in north washington crawling on heifer elbows after -- her elbows after being burned in a wildfire. she was rushed to the wildlife care for several months of therapy and burn treatment. and the 2-year-old is now in rehab in idaho. toughening up her permanently damaged paws. >> she's pretty aware that her hind claws aren't as sharp as they could be. when she climbs down she's -- she's learned to adjust for that. >> if all goes well, cinder will be released in washington in early june. get the caffeine kick without a morning cup of joe. the new specialty brew coming to the u.s.. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers out there sends us your questions about their health and well-being.
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just e-mail or on the facebook page and we'll have our pet expert give you an
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welcome back.
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tony and stephanie tantillo add a crunchy twist to pasta. >> you know with saw some beautiful broccoli at the market this morning, let's make a simple pasta. >> that is going back to the roots of course. because we're adding in raise sinst and nuts, adds a nice earthy and sweet balance. >> a variety of different newts and raisins with raisins, limited? got the golden ones and black raisins in there. and together, they give out a sweetness to this dish that's incredible. >> i think -- >> angel hair pasta cooks up like this. >> only -- may less than 50% before you put it in here because angel hair is al dente so quickly and it will cook so fast in this pan. >> the sweetness of the raisins and going to add some red peppers in here. i'm going to top it with little bit of extra virgin olive oil. >> this just gives this one last little stir. >> beautiful. look at all the flavors going
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on. receive? >> i love it. >> beautiful, thank you. pasta time. well, a green tea popular for centuries in japan has crossed the pacific ocean and is finding a new niche here in the u.s.. it's called macha. it gives you the morning jolt of a coffee drink but has health benefits to boot. it includes the entire tea leaf and it has more fiber and ten times the amount of antioxidants than regular green tea. a reminder to you if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline 888- 5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now. we'll be
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demonstrators are taking to the streets. this is a live look at 24th and mission in san francisco. protesters are getting ready to march to city hall. it's part of a nationwide shutdown day to protest recent cases of alleged police brutality caught on video. that's
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