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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 14, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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etting on the freeway. they ended back at city hall where they appear to be ending their demonstration in oakland as we speak. this was the scene earlier today in san francisco. organizers there said they wanted to shut down city hall. though you might even recognize some of the faces there as some of the supervisors participated in this rally. it was all part of a nationwide call to shut down business as usual, part of the black lives matter demonstration going on across the country. this story still developing. we'll bring you the latest as we get it. joe vazquez back to you. in new york there were clashes between protesters and police. several people arrested on the brooklyn bridge as they marched around cars and blocked traffic. this group was joined by family members of some of the victims of recent police confrontations. high profile police shootings are prompting more
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departments to deploy body cameras on officers. len ramirez is live with san jose's plan to roll them out and why it's taken them so long. >> this is not the first time this issue has come up before. there have been two previous tries. it never went beyond the pilot stage. in this particular program they're talking about starting a pilot next fall that would involve 12 officers wearing body cameras over a four-month period. >> reporter: from san rafael to tulsa, police are making body cams standard equipment like handcuffs or a gun. in the heart of silicon valley, san jose police have yet to adopt the latest technology, though that may be one step closer. >> we need technology that functions well and that's affordable. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo is pushing for a plan to implement body cams this fall.
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>> we've been conferring with the police department, the public and others to ensure we have the right balance. >> reporter: ledoris has been asking for three years. >> since the public can record the police, the police should be recording what they do. >> reporter: in the wake of incidents like ferguson and tulsa where a body-worn camera reported a reserve deputy fatally wounding a suspect in a sting operation the call for body cameras has come from as high as the>> it promotes transparency in policing it promotes accountability. people tend to behave better, members of the public and police when the cameras are rolling. >> reporter: to one group protesting recent police shootings, strict rules need to be in place for when an officer turns the cameras on and off. >> if they're going to tirn them on when they already killed somebody or shut them off right when they're going to do it, how is that transparency?
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>> tough questions like that are why they've yet to come up with a policy. the mayor has been very clear he wants to make sure the funding for this cuz not come -- does not come out of the general fund. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez kpix 5. >> the volunteer deputy who shot and killed an unarmed man in oklahoma turned himself in today. reserve deputy robert bates arrived at the tulsa county jail this morning. the 73-year-old insurance executive is facing manslaughter charges for the shooting death of eric harris. >> it's a luger german luger. >> police video recorded the last moments of harris' life. the convicted felon was the target of an undercover gun sting. harris tried to run but an officer tackled him. that's when deputies say bates pulled out his taser instead of his gun and shot harris. pulled out his gun instead of his taser. bates is heard apologizing afterwards.
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harris' family members are disturbed about how officers acted after the shooting. >> he's hollering out for help and there's no aid. you see the blood running out his side. >> the shooting has raised questions about the use of volunteer deputies to supplement full-time police. documents show bates had been a long time supporter of the department, buying vehicles and equipment. new information on the man shot and killed by sunnyvale police last week. he was an army veteran apparently battling post-traumatic stress disorder. police say 28-year-old joseph jeremy weber was armed with a knife whether he robbed a liquor store wednesday. officers confronted weber in an alley. police say weber moved toward one of them while holding that knife. the 13-year veteran officer then opened fire. weber died at the hospital. but in a strange twist weber has the same name as a missing army veteran from sunnyvale.
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joseph george weber iv. police say a woman stopped to help a driver who crashed his car in west marin. the man jumped in her new car and took off. that sparked a high speed chase with the suspect tearing through fairfax before crashing outside a home. the suspect then tried to run away but a police dog sank its teeth in to him and officers took the man in to custody. police say the first car he crashed was also stolen. right now a bay area water district board is getting an earful from customers about the latest round of water restrictions. kpix 5 reporter ann notrarangelo is live with why utility bills will be going up no matter how much water is saved. >> absolutely right. ev mud officially declared this a stage 4 drought. that's the most critical. beginning tomorrow,
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they'll start pumping billions of dollars of water in to the reservoirs and that will cost millions of dollars. >> reporter: everyone knew the news would be bad and it was. the drought sonel -- is only getting worse. >> we cannot get enough rain in april, may and june to make up for the severe shortage. >> reporter: it will cost about $16 million to complete the water transfer and initially the utility will pick up the bill. but customers are being warned, expect sticker shock in late summer. >> people are going to be opening their september bills and they're going to -- their eyes are going to pop out. >> reporter: the board is expected in the next few weeks to approve a 25% surcharge to cover this and other drought costs. ev mud customers have historically done a good job with water conservation but the last few months they've slipped with only 6% savings. effective immediately, everyone will be asked to conserve 20% from 2013 levels.
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people here were for it and more. >> i want to urge the board to raise the rates as proposed by staff. neighbors have talked about this. >> the only landscape feature that uses more water than a lawn is an uncovered swimming pool. i'm asking you to consider requiring pools and spas be covered to save water. >> evmud also wants excessive water users to start paying more. coming up at 6:00, we'll explain why not everyone agrees on how to go about doing that. ann notrarangelo, kpix 5. >> once approved, the new rules will go in to effect immediately. the fines and surcharges won't be in place till the summer. your car gets towed and you never saw it coming. >> right in front of my shop every day. >> the plan that could save bay area drivers from making a pricey parking mistake. >> hillary clinton's new style
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of low key campaigning. how she's using chai lattes to connect with voters. >> meteorologist paul deanno on a very windy tuesday. wind gusts got entire 60 miles per hour in higher elevations of the blue area. the mercury will change significantly. find out which day we're talking record heat
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democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton hit the road for the start of what she hopes will be a more intimate campaign. her first stop was at a coffee shop in iowa. veronica de la cruz with a look at clinton's first day out on the trail. >> it's a whole new thing for her. clinton will be hosting small events that will allow her to speak to individual voters. it's her new up close and personal approach. she won't be holding a large kick-off rally for several weeks. young voters in iowa came face to face with hillary clinton during a roundtable
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discussion at kirkwood community college. >> i'm here in iowa to begin a conversation. >> this is clinton's second bid for the presidency. this time around her campaign says it's trying a low key approach that includes more time listening to voters. >> i'm going to work hard to meet as many people. i'll be rolling out ideas and policies about what i think will work. but i want it to be informed by what's actually working. >> clinton is taking advantage of every moment here in iowa. using each stop as an opportunity to connect with residents. the democratic copied sat down for breakfast at a coffee shop in la claire. >> i always vote for the person i think is going to do the best for the country. i think she's got my vote. >> some iowans appreciate her approach but question how she handled the benghazi attack when she was secretary of state. >> too much baggage. i'll listen to her but i can't support her. >> clinton is trying to raise $100 million for the primary
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campaign but is working to do that with lots of smaller donations. on the republican side, marco rubio is now the third gop senator to enter the 2016 race. senators rand paul of kentucky and ted cruz of texas have already announced their campaigns. so the horse race is on. president obama says he will sign a compromise bill. a senate committee approved the bill. it will give congress 30 days to reject the deal. it will require the white house to tell lawmakers within 90 days of any violations. the u.s. is hoping to finalize the deal with iran in june. an asiana plane skid off the runway today. the hiroshima airport has been shut down ever since this happened. the plane's tail touched the runway while landing.
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passengers say it felt like the plane bounced before sliding in to a grassy area. 74 passengers did evacuate using the escape chutes. 20 people were taken to hospitals for minor injuries. new video from aboard a seattle flight where a groundworker was trapped in the cargo hold. passengers could actually hear him banging from below. alaska airlines say the stowaway fell asleep in the cargo hold yesterday. shortly after take-off, he started pounding to get someone's attention. the pilot turned around and landed back at seattle tacoma airport. the worker wasn't injured but he was taken to the hospital to get checked out. sea lions starving, and now scientists zero in on their favorite food. the small fish that could be to blame for a coastal crisis. >> surprise, your car's been towed because you didn't see the sign. how one bay area city is taking action to protect drivers.
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a new and now clear warning for drivers parking at some meters. you'll see the times you've been towed. on the embarcadero, julie watts. >> if you park in the city
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hopefully you've noticed these new meters and some of them have actually gotten a new makeover. notice these stickers. they're rolling them out in effort to prevent people from what many are calling unexpected and unfair tows. >> reporter: no stopping, no parking, no stopping or no parking depending on the day. the signs and the signs on signs in san francisco are blamed for many of the city's tows. >> i didn't actually understand the sign. >> the trees i didn't see the 3:00 to 6:00 sign that you can't park there. >> reporter: no one knows better than sarah stockton who's had a front row seat for years. >> two or three cars would be towed every day. >> reporter: unsuspecting car owners on the hook for more than $500 a pop often due to a genuine misunderstanding. >> we'd go out and get people to move. we put stickers on the meters themselves. >> you put stickers on the meet -- meters? >> and so did my neighbor.
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>> reporter: now they're taking a cue from sarah and her friends, rolling out these new tow warning decals. >> merchants and residents wanted more information about when the tow hours were. we came up with these decals to give more information. >> without the sticker it's easy to understand how someone might not realize how this sign in front of this yellow curb applies to that meter half a block away. the mta says it's still too soon to tell just how significant the impact will be, according to sarah's stats -- >> before the stickers, every day two to three times. >> and now? >> two to three times a week. >> the city may have just lost a steady revenue stream. >> these new meters are also programmed not to accept credit cards during these tow periods however there's no shutter on the coin slot. you can still stick the coins in. there are so far 2700 of these stickers on the new meters.
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>> can be confusing but in this case i think the more information is better. that sticker makes it pretty clear. >> right. now you look at the sticker before you put money in. a mountain lion hiding out under a hollywood hills mansion has slipped out. the lion known as p22 has been spotted in the area for years. but yesterday the big cat took cover underneath the house where a home security worker discovered it. crews tried tennis ball launchers and bean bags to coax it out but overnight the lion came out on its own. now authorities are trying to find out where he went. starving sea lions stranded along the california coast. more and more turning up every day. as kpix 5's don ford reports, scientists think they know why. >> reporter: hundreds of sea lion pups washed up on shore malnourished underweight and often abandoned by their moms. >> these huge number of sea lions are all basically starving to death.
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>> reporter: scientists say it's what they eat or rather the lack of it, which has led to a new theory about what's happening to the sea lions' favorite food. >> they real do like sardines and anchovies. with decreased opulations -- populations of these fish, it's difficult for them. >> reporter: sardine population has plummeted 90%. scientists think ocean water cooling near shore and overfishing are to blame. the sea lion moms have to go further out to sea to find food for their pups and sometimes they never come back. a record number of pups were left abandoned. today the marine mammal center is caring for 253 sea lions and more coming in every day. sardine fishing season is ending six months early because of the shortage. this small fish is having a big impact on sea lion up and down the coast. >> the first four months of the year have been incredible. over 800 little sea lions have come in this year. >> don ford, kpix 5. space
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x today successfully launched supplies to the international space station. >> lift-off. the falcon sores sores -- soars from its perch. >> thousands of pounds of groceries and equipment arrives friday. the shipment includes the first ever espresso maker in orbit. another attempt to land the booster rocket on an ocean platform failed. space x founder elon musk said it landed too hard to survive. two other attempts also failed. >> i wonder what a cappuccino in space tastes like. >> caffeine at any elevation is just fine. hard to do the pete's coffee walk when you're in space. >> you're up there for a year, you might as well have some coffee. we had some wind around the bay area. i'm showing you wind
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gusts from today. 59 miles per hour. very windy in our mountains today. 46 miles per hour. ocean beach you had 40 miles per hour. clear lake, napa and martinez all with wind gusts today in excess of 30 miles per hour. video to show you from earlier today. flags were whipping around. chilly when you were walking the kids to school this morning. that shot from alameda where the bay looks beautiful but it was a chilly start and a windy start. throughout the bay area. kpix weather watchers. very few 70s. all about the 60s. charlie rains report ing in from vallejo. sunshine breezy, 66 degrees. only 61 in marin county. novato sunshine. dana reports windy all day long. must be allergens in the air as well. she says just call me sneezer. overnight tonight the breeze will begin to relax. san jose, chilly night in the south bay for you. san francisco dropping to 50 degrees. cold enough tonight.
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there's a freeze warning in effect for inland mendocino county. temperatures around 30 degrees tonight. that does include the city of ukiah. mendocino dealing with a freeze tonight and tomorrow. all of this because of a front. gave us a few showers around 10:00 or 11:00 last night. look at all the activity to our north. lots of rain and mountain snow. denver will get in on the action as well. our focus is not the front that's leaving. it's the ridge of high pressure that's now set to arrive. it gets here tomorrow. wind goes down and temperatures for some of you will be 15 degrees warmer tomorrow. the only change over the next several days will be that ridge sliding south beginning saturday tapping in to the chilly air above a chilly ocean. 52.1 degrees exact temperature of the buoy sitting west of san francisco. once we grab the air from the chilly water, temperatures near the bay will go down starting saturday. quite warm for the next three days. chilly start tomorrow. milder on wednesday . near record highs thursday and friday. especially friday. how about a
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pattern change? how about another round of april rainfall? that is possible coming up next week. let's talk about the warm first. it will be tomorrow. san jose, oakland concord, all. redwood city, 75. union city 75. close to 80 in danburg pleasanton. petaluma 76. widespread 80s perhaps close to 90 coming up on friday. even near the bay we'll have highs around 80 degrees. notice temperatures going down a bit over the weekend. low cloud cover comes back and there's another chance of rainfall by next tuesday. that's your kpix 5 forecast. >> love to see that rain in the forecast. >> that would be nice. one company's new minimum wage $70,000 a year. the ceo who took a huge pay cut
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actress rita wilson is
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going public with her decision to undergo a double mastectomy and reconstruction because of breast cancer. the 58-year-old wants to encourage other women to get a second opinion which she says saved her life. wilson tom hanks' wife, said her first test showed no cancer. it was a second doctor that discovered it. wilson's expected to make a full recovery. he may be the most generous boss in america. a ceo wants all his employees to make at least $70,000 a year. dan price is the founder of credit card company gravity payments. he plans to raise the salary of all 120 of his workers. he was inspired after reading a study that shows extra money makes a big difference for people who make less than $70,000 a year. price makes nearly a million dollars. he plans to cut his own salary to $70,000. >> nice boss. tonight jill slesinger has the top skills to make you a
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competitive job candidate. >> college acceptance season has begun. landing a job can get very competitive. there are some areas you should focus on if you're looking for a job now or in the future. the national association of colleges and employers surveyed its members for what they seek in new hires. the number one quality? leadership. nearly 78% of employers who participated listed leadership as one of the most important qualities. if you want more leadership experience, consider taking a course in leadership management or administration. an equally important attribute is the ability to function as a team. participating on a sports team or an editorial board can show employers that you can work with others. another important skill is written communication. more than 73% of those surveyed ranked written communication high on a new hires list of
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abilities. finally, relevant work experience is preferred by almost 3/4s of respondents.
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ken bastida in the kpix news room. new at 6:00 tonight california's vaccination fight heating up. a bill would require all kids to be vaccinated before going to school. opposing parents have a plan that could hit school districts in the wallet. plus a construction project on the verge of completion.
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>> see you in 30 minutes. thanks for watch ing at 5:00. >> pelley: a tulsa reserve deputy surrenders on a manslaughter charge in what he calls the accidental shooting of an unarmed black man. also tonight, a judge gives educators long sentences in a cheating scandal that he calls the sickest thing that's ever happened in atlanta. panama city beach is out to stop spring break violence after shootings and an alleged gang rape. and workers at a company called gravity are walking on air. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. the white tulsa, oklahoma, reserve deputy who shot an unarmed black man to death earlier this month turned


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