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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 15, 2015 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> we have breaking news tonight. the state capitol is on security alert. serious threats over a bill that would tighten vaccine rules. >> andria borba is following these developments. >> reporter: the antivaccine crowd is passionate about their belief and some have resorted to death threats. the chp has increased security at the state capitol. they will discuss a bill that will make it much harder for parents to claim a personal belief exemption. the threats are against dr. richard pan who cowrote the bill. the chp has stepped up his
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personal security detail because of e-mail and facebook threats including at least one post referring to him as hitler and one that talks about hanging him from a noose. >> to engage in bullying and vitriol around this issue, that is very unfortunate. >> reporter: unvaccinated children represent about 1 to 5% of california's public school children. senate bill 277 will get its hearing in the senate health committee tomorrow. senator pan said he did not ask for the extra security, but that the chp ordered it. he says he is not concerned tonight. in the news room, andria borba, kpix5. tomorrow at first light, marine biologists will start a necropsy on a huge sperm whale that washed up. it is nearly 50 feet. people spotted the whale today, but nobody is quite sure how long it has been there.
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saving water, we are all supposed to be doing this. but get this. tonight, people find they will pay a pretty penny even if they do the right thing. mark kelly is in fremont tonight with that story. mark? >> reporter: people in this part of the east bay are some of the biggest water savers in the state. but what are they going to get for it? not a trophy, a higher bill. >> the last time i watered my land was last year. >> reporter: no good deed goes unpunnished. >> the design was my wife's idea. >> reporter: that senate committee especially true for bali jodan. he ripped up his grass and put in this drought tolerant yard. but how does his water district thank him? with an 8% hike to his water bill. they say they need the money to keep the pipes an infrastructure in tiptop shape.
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>> we have to keep the revenue up somehow. >> i think it is a ridiculous idea. people conserving should be given some incentive. >> reporter: this room agrees. not often a tuesday night water district meet sergeant standing room only. but, people like eric tyei say they are fed up. >> with this rate increase, the more water you conserve, the higher your bill will increase. >> reporter: they want to hike the water surcharge. for the water savers, that is the biggest chunk of their bill, so in the end, they will take the biggest punch. customers like bali says the water district need to find a message and stick with it. >> you conserve? oh, at the same time, because you are conserving, we have less revenue, you have to pay more. that's not right. >> reporter: the vote just came down five minutes ago. the bill will be going up here in fremont. one member says he has sat on
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this board 20 years and never seen a turnout like he did tonight. live in fremont, mark kelly, kpix5. >> fremont not the only town. water rationing in santa cruz begins may 1. that city council declared a stage 3 water emergency. everyone will be required to cut water use by 25%. earlier today, east bay mud declared a stage 4 emergency requiring a 20% cut back. the fine for the first violation? $1,000. that's right. $1,000 if you violate the rules. tomorrow, contra costa water district board considers mandatory cuts of 25%. trying to take this drought to one yard to one city to talk about how much water we have missed out. that city is concord. where you have missed out on 36 inches of rainfall since this drought began. now you are lucky, you have one- third of an acre yard. the math works out well. one-third of an acre yard, that
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is one acre foot of rain that you have not received that you should have. how much water is that? in just that one yard, since the drought began, that one yard has missed out on 325,851 gallons of water. every yard for the entire city. every city in the bay area. that is how much water we missed out on. we will talk about more prospects for rain in the next seven days coming up. >> thanks paul. so, what uses more water? heating a steak or taking a long shower? you will see how much water you use really takes. a lot of people in the bay marched to protest recent police killings. some sprayed graffiti on the police station.
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others backed up traffic holding banners saying stop murder by police. the chp also arrested six people on the freeway near the western span of the bay bridge. there was also a large demonstration outside san francisco city hall. after this rally, protesters went inside, blew whistles and disrupted a meeting at the board of supervisors. another noisy black lives matter protest took place in the mission district. protesters blocked traffic on mission street. no reports of damage. after tulsa and ferguson, police departments are under pressure to equip officers with body cameras. san jose has been tucking about it for years. tonight, len ramirez tells us the cameras may be one step closer to reality. >> we have seen body corn cameras can be very effective in improves accountability and protecting the public and police officers. >> reporter: major sam liccardo is pushing for a pilot program to test body cameras this fall.
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it is all about how to pay for a system that could run into the millions of dollars just for storing the video and how the cameras will be used. >> we are working to ensure we find the right balance. >> reporter: independent police officer ledoris cordell has been calling on police officers to put on body cameras for three years. >> cell phones have changed everything. since the public can record the police, the police should be recording what they do. >> reporter: strict rules need to be in place for when an officer turns the cameras on and off. >> if they are going to turn them on when they are going to kill somebody or shut them off right when they do it, how is that transparency? >> reporter: the city council will be trying to answer tough questions like that once and for all when it comes up with a policy. the other big question is funding. the mayor has already said he wants no general fund money used for body cameras. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. >> under the pilot program, 12
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officers would wear the cameras for four months beginning this fall. well a guy who coached softball in sonoma county more than ten years faces serious allegations tonight. 43-year-old kurt ludwigson is accused of nearly 100 sex related offenses involving female players t a a new york college. petaluma police investigated him for inappropriate behavior in 2014. he was arrested last week. >> touching breasts, buttocks, kissing on the lips. unwanted contact. >> the coach pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in new york yesterday. petaluma police are now working with new york authorities. the ntsb has released its report on the bart accident that killed two workers in
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2013. they were inspecting the track between walnut creek and pleasant hill when a train hit them. it happened during a strike. the workers got authorization to be on the track without a lookout. they have mandated a lookout always be in place. the the general manager released this statement saying bart has made significant changes to the track side procedures to provide additional safety measures for our workers. among the changes, slowing down trains when workers are nearby, and stopping trains if workers are within six feet of the tracks. tonight, chevron says it has the go-ahead to modernize the richmond refinery. a contra costa county judge lifted an injunction today. and that clears the way for chevron to start work on the billion dollar project next year. environmental groups had sued over the plan saying that it would increase pollution. chevron says it wants to upgrade pipe safety and make a new and more efficient hydrogen plant. some good news an some bad
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news for space x. the falcon 9 rocket successfully lifted off from cape canaveral. it is taking supplies including an espresso machine to the international space station. while the climb was picture perfect, the rocket's attempt to land on a barge in the atlantic ocean failed. it made it down to the barge but tipped over after touchdown. space x, ceo elo n musk tweeted it was too hard a land for survival. a cop in arizona runs over a suspect on purpose and is called a hero tonight. >> hillary clinton has a way to connect with voters, lat tee. >> tonight, this tech ceo talks about why he just
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>> this crazy new video out of arizona tonight going around. a police officer mowing down a man with his cruiser. as cate caugurian reports, he is being praised for it. >> reporter: when arizona police took down a man suspected in a local crime spree in february, they didn't use a tazer or a service weapon. they used a squad car.
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police say the suspect identified as mario valencia had stolen a car and a gun from a wal-mart. in the video, he is seen and heard firing a gun into the air with police close by. moments later as one police user follows closely behind valencia, another speeds into frame and mows him down crashing through a cinder block wall. the police chief says the officer's actions saved lives. >> if we are going to choose between maybe we will let him go a little further and see what happens or take him out now and eliminate any opportunity that he has to hurt somebody. you are going to ere on the side of in favor of the innocent people. >> reporter: valencia was seriously injured in the crash. but after two days in the hospital, was sent to jail. in the news room, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> police were following valencia to see if he was connected to three other crimes committed in the tucson area. it has been almost three years since the asiana airline jet crash landed at suf.
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tonight, an asiana plane landing in japan had some trouble. the tail of the air bus touched the runway and the plane slid into a grassy area at an airport in hiroshima. passengers say it felt like the plane bounced. the plane's wheel may have clipped a radio facility on final approach. 20 of the passengers were treated for minor injuries. we have video from inside the cabin of an alaska airlines flight when people realized something was not quite right. the passengers heard banging from below shortly after takeoff. alaska airlines says a ground worker fell asleep in the cargo hold and woke up when the plane took off. the flight turned around and landed back in seattle. the worker wasn't hurt and we don't know if he will keep his job. hillary clinton made her
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first campaign visit in iowa. she popped into joe street java house and ordered a caramello latte and chatted with the locals there. >> reporter: clinton's road trip ended at a one-building community college surrounded by fields in tiny monicello. >> i want to thank you for having me here and a few of my friends. >> reporter: inside, there was no podium, no tell prompter and almost no audience. just clinton in an automotive lab talking with several students and instructors. >> what i love to do is just ask a few questions and hear from folks about what their experiences have been. >> reporter: it was a marked contrast to the way she kicked off her first presidential bid in des moines in 2007. >> well, i'm hillary clinton.
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and i am so happy to be here in iowa. >> reporter: clinton explained in the greatest detail yet why she is running again. >> i just felt like i couldment walk away from what i see as the challenges we face. and i want to build on what we have done. to get out of the terrible recession. and get back on our feet. >> hillary clinton's campaign is expected to raise a record $2 billion. come by the end of the week, we will probably want some iced coffee. it will probably be a little warm. >> you can tell how warm or not warm it is by how warm people's coffee choice is. here is a peek outdoors. a great shot from treasure island where we will be warming up. the lights of at&t panning over
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to the lights of the san francisco financial district. beautiful shot there from treasure island. cool tonight. 50 in san francisco. san rafael, 45. santa rosa, down to 43. san jose, 43, fairfield tonight, 43 degrees. how about this? mid april, freeze warning. inland, mendocino county, temperatures dropping below 32 degrees tonight. but we are turning things up. it is the iced latte away from the water. highs will approach 90 degrees inland friday. getting warm in san jose tomorrow. 77 for you. the biggest thing may be the decrease in wind. quite a windy day in the south bay today. will not be tomorrow. sunny and warm on thursday with a high of 84 degrees. so what is happening? we had a front coming through this time last night. a couple of sprinkles in the east bay causing snow as far south as the mountains of north dakota. but the front is exiting. the wind is moving away. the cloud cover is moving away. what is moving in is a big
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ridge of high pressure. but the location of the ridge is critical this time of the year. we get an on-shore flow and temperatures don't go up that much. we will not get the on shore flow over the next three days so we will warm up to near record territory by friday. then the ridge moves a couple of miles to the south. not a big move, but it induces the flow. the ocean is chilly. the air above it is chilly and we will cool down and get some morning cloud cover in here starting friday. chilly start tomorrow. but much milder by tomorrow afternoon. it will be near record warmth on thursday and friday. and a patter change next week may bring us another round of rainfall. 77 tomorrow for concord. san jose upper 70s . palo alto, union city, mid 70s . how about a 70-degree day in san francisco tomorrow? it gets warmer. thursday and friday, 80s inland. right around 80 near the bay. we will cool down a little bit near the water over the weekend and another chance of rain next week. couldn't get it in january.
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april is turning out to be a rather wet month. more rain in april than in january and march combined. >> that is messed up. >> it is. ken, it is messed up. >> well, april showers bring may flowers. >> may flowers bring pilgrims. coming up, a tech ceo explains his company's new minimum wage. $70,000 a year. >> but first, remembering percy sledge who died today at the age of 73. ♪ when a man loves a woman! can't keep his mind on nothing else. he'll
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>> one tech company just gave everyone a big raise that a lot of people are talking about tonight. >> here is cbs reporter anthony mason. >> reporter: dan price made the announcement of the pay raise at his company's quarterly meeting. >> and we are going to have a
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minimum $70,000 for everyone working here. >> reporter: as the ceo explained that minimum salaries at gun from a wal-mart gravity payments would john to 60,000 immediately, and 70,000 within three years. his employees sat? stunned silence before bursting into applause. for jose garcia, with $54,000 in student debt, his 33,000 salary jumps to 50,000 immediately. price was inspired by a princeton study shows that well being rises when income raises to $75,000. >> there is an emotional cost people have everyday making less than that amount and you only live once. >> reporter: entrepreneur of the year in 2014, price says the move will cut his company's
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profits almost in half for now. to cushion the blow, he slashed his own million dollar paycheck to $70,000. >> i want to be a part of the solution to inequality in this country. and so, if corporate america also want to be a part of that solution, that would make me really happy. >> reporter: today alone, gravity payments received 535 new resumes. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. coming up next in sports, the as looking for their first back to back win of the season. and the giants looking for offense as they try
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>> it is early in the season, but the last place giants had a perfect opportunity to gain some ground on the division leading rockies but their offense has gone ice cold only scoring seven runs and batting .172. the giants hosting the rockies on madison bumgarner bobble head night. tim hudson's pitch gets away allowing corey dickerson to score. hut son allowed three runs in seven inning. buster posey, looks like he is going to tie the game, but charlie blackmon comes up with the catch. the giants have lost five straight. astros fans wanting to leave early after their game versus the as . rock key
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starter kendall graveman picked up his first major league win. butler, ben zobrist. butler has had a hit in every game this season. oakland would win 4-0. their first back to back win of the year. and the warriors wrapped up the top seed in the western conference playoffs more than two weeks ago. but they won't know who they will play in the first round until tomorrowment it is down to new orleans and oklahoma city. the pelicans can get in with a win while the thunder need a win and a pelicans loss. if it is new orleans, they will face star center anthony davis and if it is okc, they will go up against russell westbrook. shawn livingston says he doesn't care which team they face. >> we are worried about us right now. we can't think about what is going. we do have an eye on it so we can prepare, but either one.
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pick your poison. >> it is time for your tuesday night top five. and number five, texas rangers first baseman prince fielder with an interesting pregame routine. squatting while carrying a teammate on his shoulder. that looks painful. texans defensive end can impress on and off the field. he defeated in the 61-inch box. jumped over five feet high. number three, mets and fill lease. kirk nuenheis. bucks third baseman with the great stop and throw. for the out. that number one, back to the giants game. in the 8th inning. gregor blanco popped up on down the left field line and colorado third baseman nolan arenado slides over into the
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stands. looks like josh donaldson there. there is a reason why he is a two-time gold glover. >> very impressive and he didn't run anybody. i was worried about that woman up front. >> they female announcer: get on board for better sleep! it's sleep train's interest free for 3 event! get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster serta icomfort even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. you'll never find an interest rate lower than sleep train's interest free for 3 event, on now!
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