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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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another big debate is set for today. that's how riled up people are. the entire capital building is under heightened security. this is a live look at the capital in sacramento this morning. that vaccination bill heads to senate committee for debate. dr. richard pan, who wrote the bill that would make it harder for parents to opt out of vaccinations for their children, it would get rid of the "personal belief" exemption in the current law and a well organized opposition says that it tramples on parents' rights. pan received threats through email and on facebook. one post referred to him as hitler. the chp ordered extra security for pan but he says he is not concerned and stands by his bill. >> children who may have a chronic condition like cancer and on chemotherapy who cannot be immunized and they depend on the rest of us to protect them. to engage in bullying and -- and --and vitriol around this issue, that to me is very unfortunate. >> reporter: one to 5% of california's public schoolchildren are not vaccinated. the bill has hurdles to pass if it becomes law. if it does, it will only be the third state with such strict rules. anne makovec kpix 5.
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today the contra costa water district will consider mandatory water cutbacks of 25%. right now they are asking for a voluntary cut back of 15%. the board will also take a look at possible rate hikes and consider a ban on watering your lawn more than twice a week. as for the rate hikes, the board will have a public hearing in june. fremont residents will be seeing an 8% water rate hike. the alameda water district approved the increase last night. the lack of water isn't the only concern in fremont though. it's an aging infrastructure that needs repair. the district says it must charge its customers more to pay for those repairs. >> with this rate increase, the more water you conserve, the higher your bill will increase percentage-wise. >> a spokesman from the water district says a decrease in use means less money for them.
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in santa cruz, mandatory water rationing begins may 1. city council declaring a stage 3 water emergency there. everyone will be required to cut water use by 25%. yesterday, east bay m.u.d. declared a stage 4 emergency requiring a 20% cut back. fine for the first violation is $1,000. >> that's a lot of money. all right. 6:02. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, guys. and let's see, out the door, we will start with a look at westbound 580. it's because of an earlier stall that we're seeing the heavier delays than usual through the livermore valley. it was actually in the red while the stall was still there blocking a lane. so it's up to 21 minutes now. but again it was a stalled truck blocking one lane near the north greenville exit. you can see the backups still behind it from the 205/580 interchange all the way even past the scene to about vasco. we are seeing that slow traffic. and then highway 4 we also have a wreck this time near railroad and so we are seeing kind of one long line of continuous brake lights from antioch into
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concord. but the heaviest delays are still between hillcrest and "a" street. and over at oracle, later on this evening once again we have warriors versus nuggets 7:30 and right now, though, everything is still really quiet in that area past 66, high street, no delay all the way into downtown oakland. or you can ride mass transit to the game or just to get to work on time. so far everything is reporting no delay. with the forecast, here's roberta. that's exciting the warriors in their last game of the season. we also have the giants playing host to the colorado rockies. lincecum on the mound for the good guys, game time temperature of 58 degrees. right now out the door we do have temperatures in the 40s and 50s. that is a beautiful view from san francisco looking due east towards the port of oakland where it's currently 51 degrees there. it's 48 degrees in san jose. the winds are all under ten miles per hour right now. but we are looking at increasing winds at the delta today at the carquinez straight with the wind advisory in those
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location. numbers above average for this time of the year by 7 to 10 degrees. 60s common at the beaches today. low to mid-70s to high 70s around the peninsula. 80 in los gatos. we should hit 80 in gilroy. eastern portion of the bay area northwest winds 10 to 20 late day. 77 in concord where yesterday it was 67. livermore 11 degrees warmer today. north bay 61 stinson beach, mid- 70s sonoma. lake, napa, sonoma counties full-on sunshine today warmer conditions, dropping relative humidity, winds up to 20, 78 degrees in cloverdale. we do have a chance of rain in the forecast. we'll pinpoint that day, frank, that's still coming up. >> thanks, roberta. recent police killings brought protestors into the streets in the bay area in oakland yesterday. demonstrators sprayed graffiti on the walls of the police
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station downtown, others blocked traffic on the on ran at the nimitz freeway near jackson street. they held up signs that said stop murder by police. six people were arrested on the freeway near the west span of the bay bridge. there was a large demonstration outside san francisco city hall after this rally protestors going inside, blowing whistles and disrupting a meeting of the board of supervisors. and in san francisco's mission district, a boisterous crowd took over mission street. the "black lives matter" protestors blocking the streets there. there were no reports of damage. disturbing news this morning about a petaluma man who coached softball for more than 10 years. he's now being investigated for inappropriate sexual behavior. 43-year-old kurt ludwigsen is accused of nearly 100 sex- related offenses involving female players at a new york college. petaluma police investigated him for inappropriate behavior in 2013 but there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. the new york college fired him last month and police arrested
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him last week. >> we're talking about a repeated pattern of touching breasts, but the to kissing on the lips, unwanted contact. >> the coach pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in new york yesterday. petaluma police are now working with new york authorities. two bart workers killed on the train tracks in 2013 did not have a lookout. the ntsb released its report on the deadly accident yesterday. that was their finding. they say the workers received authorization to be on the tracks without a lookout watching for trains. general manager said bart has made significant changes to the trackside procedures to provide additional safety measurers for our workers. among the changes, slowing down trains with workers nearby and stopping trains if workers are within 6 feet of the tracks and a lookout is mandated to be in place. if you waited until the last minute to file taxes beware. just a few post offices around the bay area will be open late
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tonight for those last-minute returns. with more and more people filing online, most post offices will close at their normal times. the san jose main post office and the oakland main branch will be open until 8 p.m. while the airport post office in san francisco will be open until midnight including curbside mail drop-off. this morning biologists will try to determine why a large sperm whale washed ashore in pacifica. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live in pacifica this morning. rise the tied is coming in so the sperm whale is under water at this point. it's bleeding from the head so there is a lot of blood in the water. so we do have some video of this whale that's rolling around in the surf taken sometime at sunset last night. it looks like it is a 50-foot sperm whale that is the -- about the size of an adult sperm whale. it's not clear when it washed ashore. we did go down there to the network of trails where it is washed up did not smell anything just yet so it doesn't seem like it's decomposing very quickly.
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later today scientists from the marine mammal center and the academy of sciences will perform a necropsy. good luck on that. this thing looks like it weight about 50 tons from what we're hearing how big an adult sperm whale is. so they have their work cut out for them. not sure if they will leave it out here tow it out to sea. we'll just have to wait and see. live in pacifica, kiet do, kpix 5. time now 6:08. a police officer intentionally rams his cruise near a suspect and now he is earning praise from the chief. >> and the warriors didn't play last night. but steph curry still managed to amaze basketball fans from coast to coast. >> and did you hear the warriors have a brand-new coffee called warriors ground? it's true. from basketball to baseball, we have the giants forecast plus i'll tell you when it's going to rain again. >> and if you want to avoid the roads this morning, try mass transit instead. we haven't had any issues at
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all this morning. we'll take a check of bay area
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! it's april 15. good morning, taking a look at sun-up at mount vaca, you can see the 15% waning crescent moon in the foreground there. lots of clear skies, we have your full forecast straight ahead. hillary clinton spends her first day on the campaign trail in small towns meeting with small groups of voters. clinton is in iowa crossing the state in a van. she ended her first day on the campaign trail at a steakhouse outside cedar rapids trying to be seen as the champion day of all americans. >> i couldn't walk away from
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what i see as the challenges we face. i'm here in iowa to begin a conversation about how we do that. >> as for clinton's challenger, three republicans have launched bids so far. new jersey governor chris christie is among a handful of other conditions expected to ender the race. he will be talking to voters in new hampshire today. new this morning, europe's antitrust regulators say it plans to file charges against google. the charges will focus on complaints that google uses its search engine to favor its own services. google says it has a very strong case against the expected charges. an unfavorable ruling could cost the company more than $6 billion. police dashcam video shows an arizona police ramming into a suspect. video is graphingic is graphic.
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he was a home invader. the police chief is sticking up for the officer's actions. >> you can sit back and monday morning quarterback this until you're blue in the face. give him another two seconds and maybe he would have -- who knows, another 10 or 15 seconds and oh, my god we have a national tragedy. >> the police officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing. the suspect respect's lawyer says excessive force was used. in a statement, she says, it's disconcerting because it appears no officer ordered him to stop. recent police shootings across the country are putting pressure on police departments. some say officers need to be equipped with body cameras. it's something san jose has been talking about for years and as kpix 5's len ramirez tells us, now the cameras may be one step closer to reality. >> we have seen that body-worn cameras can be very effective in improving accountability, protecting the public and also protecting police officers. >> reporter: mayor sam liccardo is pushing for a pilot program
6:15 am
to begin testing body cameras this fall. in san jose it's all about how to pay for a system that could run into millions of dollars just for storing video and how the cameras will be used. >> we have been conferring with the police union and with other stakeholders, the d.a., public defenders and others, to ensure we find the right balance. >> reporter: independent police auditor ladoris cordell has been calling on san jose to do this for three years. >> cell phones have changed policing forever and since the public can record the police, the police should be recording what they do. >> reporter: but to one group, protesting recent police shootings, strict rules need to be in place for when the cameras are on and off. >> if they're going to turn them on when they already killed somebody or they're going to shut them off right when they're going to do it, how is that transparency? how are those valid? >> reporter: the city council will be trying to answer questions once and for all when it comes up with a policy. the other question is funding. the mayor has already said he wants no general fund money used for body cameras. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5.
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>> under that pilot program, 12 officers would wear the cameras for four months starting in the fall. the chevron re refinery are get the upgrade it requested. the judge is allowing the work to start on the billion-dollar project next year. environmentalists had sued over the plan saying it would increase pollution. chevron says it wants to up great pipe safety and make a new and more efficient hydrogen plant. the warriors wrap up the regular season tonight at oracle. steph curry is dialed in for the play-offs. yesterday at practice he hit an incredible 77 three-pointers in a row and 94 out of 100. we all know he isn't just a practice player. he already broke his own record for three-pointers in a season. warriors have the nuggets at oracle tonight then it's either new orleans or oklahoma city in round one of the play-offs next
6:17 am
week. that guy is unbelievable. >> i know. awesome. >> i have been watching the warriors since the '80s and this is the most exciting season. >> they're fun. >> yeah. just flash brothers. they are all class act and the one thing that amazes me anywhere you go in the community they are there. they give so much support and they don't publicize it. they do it very quietly but they are in our schools. >> i think it's their season this year. >> let's hope so. >> what do you think, liz? [ laughter ] >> well, i actually have something to say. there's a lot of traffic tie- ups that could be caused from the game tonight. >> good segue. >> well done. [ laughter ] the oracle arena warriors versus nuggets 7:30. it's quiet at 6:17 this morning from hayward into downtown. let's zoom on over to san francisco. a lot of sports tonight. giants at the rockies at at&t at 7:15. so on top of the usual evening congestion you may see a few
6:18 am
extra people out on the roads. so there's your warning. here's a live look out the door right now. westbound 580 everything is pretty clear if you are heading to the dublin interchange. it's farther east where we had that earlier stall. a stalled truck blocking lanes for -- it was blocking one lane for not too long but unfortunately it jammed up the works coming off the 205. you can see all red on the sensors. and then bottlenecking there so it's better than usual once you get past north greenville through the livermore valley and then into dublin- pleasanton. westbound 4 at railroad this is a wreck they are trying to clear it tonight right-hand shoulder but you can see the slow traffic conditions now all along the corridor from antioch and then straight into concord as you head towards 680 and 242. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. let's see, do we have rain in the forecast? >> we do! on tuesday. until then, the coast is clear. good morning, everyone i wanted to share this picture with you. i have been notices we are
6:19 am
seeing large swells. ocean beach could see large swells by late thursday night into friday morning. i would not be too surprised to see a beach statement for hazardous conditions issued. so be mindful with the offshore conditions there from today through friday if you are heading to the coast. we can see rip currents and sneaker waves. right now in the 40s and 50s. winds are under 10. but as we head towards the delta we are seeing increasing wind. north winds at 6 now in pleasanton. 7 in san jose. but again, right now in fairfield at 29. and that's where we have a wind advisory in place until 6 p.m. primarily the carquinez bridge carquinez strait and the delta. warmer by 10 degrees in many locations today and rain chance on tuesday. we have a huge dome of high pressure that's strong building in over the eastern pacific nudging closer to the state of california a lot of dry air mass associated with that.
6:20 am
so our relative humidity will come down. that's why we had the red flag warning in effect for the high sierra. 78 sacramento today. mid-60s in monterey bay. do you have allergies? who doesn't? liz is like the only person i know who doesn't "suffer" from allergies. it's off the charts for the next few days so you're forewarned. it was 67 in concord and livermore yesterday. today 77. and 78 degrees, 70 in san francisco. that's a good 7 degrees above average. 60s at the beaches. here's your extended forecast. we have near or record warmth thursday and friday. and then the return of the onshore push over the weekend. frank and michelle, make it a great day. >> thank you, roberta. we could see some fireworks at an east bay
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it's early in the season but the last place giants had a perfect opportunity to gain some ground on the division leading rockies last night but their offense has gone ice cold only scoring 7 runs while batting .172 in their last five games. the giants hosting the rockies on madison baumgarner bobblehead night. top of the 2nd colorado up 1-0. tim hudson pitch gets away allowing dickerson to score, 2- 1. hudson allowed three runs in evan sings. -- in seven innings. bottom of the 8th 3-1 rockies with a runner on. posey looks to tie the game but the catch is made. colorado wins 4-1 and the giants have now lost five straight. fans wanting to leave early after the game versus the a's. oakland rookie starter kendall graveman five shutout innings with his first career win in major league baseball. three strikeouts. top of the 6th, a's lead 1-0. butler doubles to right.
6:25 am
ben scores from first to make it 2-0 and butler has now had a hit in every game this season. oakland would win 4-0 over the astros, their first back-to- back wins of the year. a special day today. the warriors wrap up the regular season tonight. i'm andrea nakano with your sports. play of the day, coming out of new york city. we got the phillies, the mets top third, 4-1 mets. herrera down the left field corner but nieuwenhuis makes the nice grab, the backhander to his knees makes it look easy out there in left field. the bearded one, one more time, play of the day right there. 6:25 right now. one bay area city's plan to save water is being met with some resistance. why some homeowners are skeptical of the idea. >> public health or parental rights? the vaccine debate turns ugly. up next, what is ahead as the bill
6:26 am
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another day another vote on water restrictions in the bay area. the new rules under consideration. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live in pacifica. what to do with a dead sperm whale that washed ashore here in this city? we have a live report coming up. >> we have near report warm temperatures. we have rain and we have beach hazards. we have it all straight ahead. >> highway 4 between antioch and pittsburg-bay point, expect
6:30 am
it to take longer than usual. more coming up. good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, april 15. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. security has been stepped up at the state capital as debate continues on a bill to eliminate many vaccine exemptions. anne makovec is in the newsroom to explain. >> reporter: this debate got ugly since the first hearing last week. now the entire capitol building is under heightened security today. here's a live look at sacramento. that vaccine bill heads to a senate committee today for debate. dr. richard pan is the senator behind the bill that would make it more difficult for parents to opt out of vaccinations for their kids getting rid of the "personal belief" exemption in the current law. pan has gotten threats now through email and facebook. one post referring to him as hitler. the chp has ordered extra security for pan but he says he is not concerned. >> to engage in bullying and
6:31 am
vitriol around this issue, that's to me very unfortunate. >> under this bill only medical exemptions would be allowed for children with health problems. one to five percent of california's public schoolchildren are unvaccinated. a lot of parents opposed to the bill will homeschool if it passes. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. mandatory water reductions and possible rate hikes are on the agenda for the contra costa water district today. right now the district is asking for a voluntary cut back of 15%. the board will also take a look at possible rate hikes and consider a ban on watering your lawn more than twice a week. as for the rate hikes the board will have a public hearing in june. palo alto is considering new rules for new and remodeled homes to save water. the idea is to use purple pipes to recycle greywater. it would capture water from the washing machine and diverting
6:32 am
to a storage container. that water could be used for landscaping and gardening. homeowners would have to pay extra for the system. >> so i think it's a good idea but i latest mean it's unfair to force it on people that's going to cost them a lot. there should be some sort of government subsidy going on here i think. >> the city says the need to conserve water outweighs the financial concerns. 6:32. they do that now in the tri- valley, purple pipes. >> you know what's progress is the city of dublin but pleasanton has a purple pipes, too. very productive. and healdsburg and yountville to the north in the north bay, as well. i want to look ahead at something because i'm looking at the possibility of a beach hazard statement being issued thursday night into friday for some very dangerous swells and also the rip currents and sneaker waves. we have been noticing a lot of waves increasing out towards the far north buoys and that's the scene right now where the coast is clear. we're gointo see high clean
6:33 am
surf on friday. wax up the boards. on the beach looking at the beautiful waves, be careful of sneaker waivers. -- sneaker waves. we'll have clear skies and high pressure building in. we'll have temperatures in the 40s and 50s. today a difference, a big warmup especially in our inland areas by a good 10 degrees. 60s at the beaches, 70s at the peninsula, up to 78 in morgan hill. 80 degrees in gilroy. 79 campbell. at the delta a wind advisory in place. north bay numbers in the 60s and 70s. also around lake and napa counties up to 80 degrees. that full forecast is coming up at 48 minutes after the hour but first here's liz. >> okay, thank you, roberta. out the door, we have a couple of hot spots beginning to brought. it's past 6:30. highway 4 is a mess in antioch,
6:34 am
unusually backed up into pittsburg-bay point and concord. we have the usual delay in antioch you about then it continues all the way to 242. also at the bay bridge metering lights are turned on at 5:36 this morning. kind of blanking out right now, maybe 5:38. one of those two. [ laughter ] >> you are backed up through the maze. it's backed up through the macarthur maze on 580 jammed up through the 24 interchange and you can see the delays kind of at the base of the incline. they are trying to limit the amount of traffic getting on the bridge. 880 is fine now in oakland. that is "kcbs traffic." frank and michelle, back to you guys. >> it is early, liz. thanks. [ laughter ] 6:34. four months after a mystery goo spilled into the bay the final rescued bird is being released into the wild today. the substance killed hundreds of birds. rescue groups have been taking care of those that did survive. yesterday, a state bill designed to better protect wildlife cleared its first hurdle and now some emergency measures are only available
6:35 am
when oil is spilled. this bill would expand that to other substances. biologists are heading to the san mateo coast this morning. they will try to determine what killed an endangered sperm whale. kpix 5 reporter kiet do is live in pacifica with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we are live in pacifica. behind me the surf is rolling in, the tide is coming in so the whale is under water right now. but it is bleeding from its head and so there is a good bit of blood right now in the water. we have some footage taken at sunset last night that shows this whale rolling around in the surf. it looks to be an adult sperm whale about 60 feet long and that's pretty much as big as they get. it's not clear when it washed ashore. we did get fairly close to it. no smell just yet but it has been cool and as roberta mentioned we are getting some warmer weather coming soon here. so later today scientists from the marine mammal center and the academy of sciences will perform a necropsy. adults sperm what else can get
6:36 am
up to 50 tons. it can be interesting to see what happens whether they leave it out there or tow it out to sea. live in pacifica, kiet do, kpix 5. public unrest over recent police shootings brought protestors out in droves around the bay area yesterday. that police station in downtown oakland was the target of graffiti. others blocked traffic on the on-ramp to the nimitz freeway near jackson street. they held signs that read stop murder by police. 6 people were arrested for trespassing on the freeway near the bay bridge. some people in contra costa county are upset that planned parenthood is teaching sex education classes at local high schools. the controversy involves schools in the acalanes union high school district and it's not so much what they are teaching but the politics that is associated with planned parenthood. opponents and supporters would have their say at a meeting later tonight. for the fifth time this year a wave of illness sickened passengers aboard a cruise
6:37 am
ship. more than 200 people on two cruise ships are docked in san diego. 116 passengers on board the legend of the seas came down with vomiting and diarrhea. on monday, the celebrity infinity returned to port when 112 passengers and crew came down with the norovirus. passengers say it felt like food poisoning. >> i was in and out of the bathroom for quite a while the entire day and, um, ended up, um, you know, feeling very lethargic, very sick, rundown. um, couldn't really get out of bed. >> royal caribbean cruises owns both ships that had the outbreaks. the obama administration plans to remove cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. that could have some big implications for improving relations between the two nation and open cuba's economy to international trade.
6:38 am
it may be a question of how much the government of cuba is willing to give back in return. boston will mark the two- year anniversary of the bowlings today. there will be a moment of silence at 2:49 eastern time today. the time the first two bombs exploded near the finish line. church bells will then ring throughout the city. boston's mayor has declared today april 15 as one boston day. three people died and more than 200 others were injured in the attack. it is 6:38. all the parking restrictions in the bay area can cause a little confusion. how one city is now helping drivers avoid a trip to the impound lot. >> and we'll take you on board an alaska airlines jet as passengers realize someone is stuck in the cargo hold. >> and the market opened up about 10 minutes ago. looking good so far, up 91. coming up, an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
6:39 am
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so you can easily master the way you bank. welcome back to kpix 5 news. it is tax day, "hump day," 6:42. and it is going to be above average as far as our temperatures are concerned. 60s with the sunshine at the beaches today. notice the 70s to nearly 80 degrees across the peninsula and your santa clara valley. east bay northwest winds today 10 to 20 late day as we approach 80 degrees in brentwood and antioch, tracy and mountain house. meanwhile, north bay numbers stacking up in the low 60s in stinson beach to the mid-70s in sonoma and napa. lake, napa and sonoma county all topping off in the mid- and high 70s. your full forecast featuring rain is still coming up. >> european regulators are
6:43 am
launching an antitrust investigation against google. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks joins us. >> reporter: good morning. this case has been going on for years in europe where google's rivals allege that the company's search results favor google's own products and searches. google's search presence in europe is 90% of all search results in europe through google compared to about two- thirds here in the u.s. and the they are also launching a formal investigation into google's business practices regarding the android mobile operating system. corporate earnings coming in hot and heavy now and getting a couple of key influential bay area firms. intel mixed expectations. revenue up .3%. but the margin improved and cutting capital spending by $1.3 billion this year. charles schwab also missed
6:44 am
expectations. the online brokerage saw its revenue 3.4% to 1 1/2 building trading revenue down 8% in the quarter and that hampered its results. stock market over to a good start this morning. let's take a look at the big board. the dow is up 100. nasdaq up 15. s&p by 10 points. intel up 2.5% on its results. schwab meanwhile is down by 1.5% and google shares only down a .5% on the eu allegations. back to you guys. thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning,. >> reporter: good morning. hey, michelle, hello, frank. ahead, we're taking a closer look at the newly released video that shows an officer ramming a suspect with his car. the officer's defense? he was trying to save a suspect's life. plus a fast growing tax scam costing americans millions. why the government is not doing
6:45 am
more to stop it. and from being cold in cutoff jeans to complaining about chafing bikini tops, they tell us about their humorous takedown of female stereotypes in country music and how it's led to an acm, academy of country music nominations. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. michelle, here's a question for you. i have not worn a bikini since i was 15, 17. so what do you do with a chafing bikini top? i know you know the answer. >> you're asking me? i haven't worn a bikini since i was about 19. >> don't ask me. [ laughter ] >> frank, you can weigh in. >> i plead "the fifth." >> we'll get in trouble. [ laughter ] >> see you guys. 6:45. we have some video from inside the cabin of that alaska airlines flight when people realized something was not quite right. [ knocking from below ]
6:46 am
>> well, there you go. passengers heard banging from below shortly after take-off. alaska airlines says a groundworker fell asleep in a cargo hold monday woke up when the plane had already taken off. l.a. bound flight turned around and landing back in seattle. the worker wasn't hurt. we don't know if he will be fired. he is okay, though. park at a metered spot in san francisco and you might notice something new. the city is placing the stickers on many of its meters now. it lists specifically what times cars will be towed all part of an effort to prevent what many call unfair tows. >> i didn't actually understand the sign, the signs that you can't park there. >> two or three cars would be towed right in front of my shop every day. >> sarah owns an art gallery in san francisco. she says she had a front row seat to all the cars being towed but now the city rolled out these new stickers.
6:47 am
she sees cars getting towed only a couple of times a week. spacex had a great launch but not such a great landing. it successfully lifted off from cape canaveral carrying the robotic dragon cargo craft taking supplies including an espresso machine to the international space station. the climb to space was picture- perfect. the rocket's attempt to land on a barge atlantic ocean, not so much. it failed. it made it down to the barge but tipped over after touchdown. spacex's ceo elon musk tweeted attempt successful dragon on route to race station. rocket landed on drone ship but too hard for survival. >> so they will do it again one more time. check of traffic now with elizabeth. >> a few new accidents national last five minutes or so. marin county appears to be the worst. they are calling for tow crews right before you reach the golden gate bridge in the commute direction southbound 101 right past -- around the
6:48 am
waldo tunnel area. sounds like it's closer to the alexander exit right before you reach the golden gate bridge. crash in the left lanes so expect delays sensors haven't picked up much yet but, of course, that could change because again the accident was just reported very recently a few minutes ago. over to the bay bridge now, metering lights were turned on at 5:38. i checked to make sure. so now you are stacked up through the maze obviously in that 580 approach slow from the 24 interchange but things for the most part have cleared out on the span so they must be cycling through the metering lights relatively slowly to limit the amount of cars on the bridge itself. here's a live look at the nimitz 880 in oakland. no delay in either direction. things look great as you can see there. and it should be about a 16- minute drive time in both directions between 238 and the maze. this was actually slower earlier because we had a stalled truck not a big rig but a stalled truck westbound 580 at north greenville so it's still slow coming out of the altamont pass and through the
6:49 am
-- parts of the livermore valley but once you get past north greenville it improves quite a bit to the dublin interchange. just a heads up they cleared the trash in pittsburg but now heavy delays from south 242 and 680 into walnut creek. that is "kcbs traffic." with the forecast, here's roberta. hey, liz, frank and michelle, what time is it? >> it's weather watcher time! >> let's see who is awake with us this morning rise and shine. i know somebody is out there. how about this one right here? isn't seen that one for a while. peggi rodgers petaluma 44. now that she is a weather watcher she is literally a rock star at her job. you can a rock star, too. be one of our weather watcher at thanks, peggi, have a great day. let's head now from petaluma to san jose. skies visibility unlimited at this hour as high pressure builds into the bay area. number-wise 43 santa rosa to 51
6:50 am
degrees in oakland. it's now 55 in san francisco. winds are all under for the most part 10 miles per hour as you take a rook. when we head north in fairfield, we have a wind advisory in effect for the carquinez straight and other areas. light winds but increasing northwest 10 to 20 across the metropolitan area later today. chance of rain tuesday. until then, high pressure fully in command. very low humidity. sun-up at 6:35. already happened by the time it sets tonight our pollen count going off the charts for the next several days up been forewarned. i know frank is having a miserable morning as far as the allergens are concerns. thursday near or record warmth through friday. over the weekend it's a return
6:51 am
of the onshore flow. chance of rain by tuesday. frank? >> thank you, roberta. san jose is one step closer to adding body cameras for its police officers. mayor liccardo pushing for a pilot program to begin testing cameras. calls for body cameras have come from as high as the white house but some activists say first strict rules need to be in place. >> it's not transparent. >> san jose city council will be trying to answer some tough questions like that one when it comes up with a policy. the other big question is, funding the mayor has already said no general fund money will be used for the body cameras. take a look at this. these are color-coded placards used in san mateo county for restaurants. they will be posted on restaurant windows starting next year.
6:52 am
green placards would indicate a passing grade. and as for red, well, that would force a restaurant to close. a mountain lion hiding under a mansion in the hollywood hills finally came out on his own. the lion known as p22 has been spotted in the area for years. but on monday the big cat took cover in the crawl space under a house. crews tried tennis ball launchers and even beanbags to coax it out. yesterday it left. now no one knows where it is. seattle based tech company is giving employees a big raise. >> a big raise. ceo dan price announced a minimum $50,000 salary for everyone that works at gravity payments. increasing to $70,000 within the next three years. employees were stunned! >> i think it's life changing for everybody in various ways. i cried when i called my mom. >> the decision was inspired by a study that shows that
6:53 am
emotional well-being rises as income rises. the move will cut the company's profits in half. price slashed his own paycheck to $70,000 down from a million dollars. gravity payments has already received 535 brand-new resumes. >> of course. time now 6:53. the deadline to file your taxes is quickly approaching. and procrastinators will have fewer options this time around. >> and emotional arguments turn to threats up next what senators are facing as the
6:54 am
6:55 am
♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪ [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] five things to know at the :55. hillary clinton is in iowa for a first campaign stops as a presidential candidate. the former secretary of state is in a van driving from town to town to meet with small groups of people. today clinton will meet small
6:57 am
business owners in a town of less than 10,000 people. cubans are praising president obama's decision to remove the island nation from the state department list of terrorism sponsors. it's the latest step in the effort to restore diplomatic relations. congress could still vote to block the move but it's unlikely to generate enough support to override a presidential veto. deadline to file your taxes is today. but this year post offices won't stay open late. the bay area does have a couple of late night options though. the airport post office in san francisco open until midnight. the main post offices in san jose and oakland are open until 8 p.m. minimum wage protests are happening now across the country. this is a live look at 24th and mission in san francisco where protestors are gathering. labor organizers want $15 an hour and a union for fast food and other low wage workers. demonstrations are happening in more than 230 cities.
6:58 am
and marine biologists will be back in pacifica to examine a huge sperm whale that washed up onshore. nearly 50-foot whale was spotted near mori point. unclear how it died. i'm anne makovec following the vaccination debate that returns to the state capital today and there's extra security that ahead of another senate committee hearing. dr. richard pan is the senator behind that bill that would make it harder for parents to opt out of vaccinations for their kids getting rid of the "personal belief" exemption in the current law. pan has gotten threats through email and facebook. one post referring to him as hitler. the chp ordered extra security for pan but he is standing firmly behind his bill. >> children who may have a chronic condition like cancer and are on chemotherapy who cannot be immunized and they depend on the rest of to us protect them. >> reporter: unvaccinated children are 1 to 5% of california's public
6:59 am
schoolchildren. if this bill does become law, california would join mississippi and west virginia as the only states with such strict vaccine rules. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. i want to give you some updated information on this sausalito crash before you reach the golden gate bridge. southbound 101 was a multi-car wreck now cleared to the right- hand shoulder. so still waiting for tow crews still some activity out there some minor delays. but at least all lanes are now back open. this looks like a postcard and it just says, dear san francisco. wish you were -- [ laughter ] >> wish you were here. >> with love, sausalito. that's beautiful. here's san francisco where currently we have air temperatures into the 40s and the 50s it is 44 in santa rosa. going up about 10 degrees today to 76 degrees. 11 degrees warmer in throughout the tri-valley. 60s and 70s, near or record warmth, thursday and friday the return of the marine layer meaning cooler weekend temperatures. hey, chance of rain tuesday! >> all right!
7:00 am
>> yay. >> that sounds good. >> thank you for watching. captions by: caption colorado


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