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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  April 18, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a deadly mystery off the bay area coast. tonight, two bay area boaters are dead. two others are still missing. and no one knows what went wrong. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> i'm brian hackney. the boat washed up this morning at tamales point after setting
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off yesterday from bodega bay. there was a body in the sand nearby. and another in the water. tonight, two boaters are still missing and search crews are fast running out of daylight to try to find them. according to the coast guard, the boat and four passengers left bodega harbor early friday morning around 5 a.m. the coast guard says someone who knew the boat's captain gave authorities a call later that evening to report the boat had not returned. coast guard boats searched all night last night all day today. helicopters from the county sheriff and the coast guard have helped, as well. the search will continue through the night tonight if need be. one coast guard boat will have rotating crews so they can keep searching. we'll have new details at 11. the body of a missing motorcyclist has been found nearly a week after he vanished over the side of the antioch bridge. a jet skier spotted dillon wrath's body in the water this morning. the coast guard has been searching for him since last sunday when he flew over the
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guardrail after colliding with a car. he leaves behind a 3-month-old daughter. bugs, blood, even bubbling sewage. those are just some of the disgusting conditions inside one san francisco apartment building. and now, kpix 5 has learned health inspectors are getting involved. they plan to visit this building in the midmarket area. and these are pictures taken by the residents. they say that some units have a terrible mold problem and then there's this. there's blood supposedly from a murder that happened last year. inspectors were sent out to see the problems after seeing our report. but joe vazquez found out that they never went inside a single unit. he asked the city's chief housing inspector, why not? >> we may be asking the city attorney to consider this for a task force inspection or independently ask the property owner to let us into the entire building. >> reporter: you may follow up with this, this may lead to the city attorney getting involved. what will actually happen?
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what can you promise will actually -- are you going back out there? >> yes, we are. >> reporter: you did not spend very much time out there before i saw that. >> we are going back out there. we have to be able to observe a violation. >> the owner of the building was nowhere to be found but he is expected to be meet win specters next week -- to meet with inspectors next week. three dozen tenants have filed a $10 million lawsuit in the meantime. a new report slams the oakland police department for failing to discipline problem officers time and time again. an independent investigation found in the last four years the city lost about 75% of its arbitration against suspended or fired police officers. and some so-called problem cops who lost their jobs were back on the force within a matter of weeks. they were also given back pay. and the city's new mayor is not happy. >> when we don't have good discipline and accountability systems we do harm and we have done harm >> the report says the officers
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didn't win because they were right; they won because the city attorney's office did a horrible job and failed to take the necessary time to properly fight those cases. the state water board proposes tough new restrictions tonight to ease california's crippling drought. under the new rules, san francisco would have to reduce its usage by about 8%. but that's nothing compared to l.a. they would have to slash their consumption by 36%. water utilities could also face fines of $10,000 a day if they miss their conservation targets. the drought is taking its toll on the russian river, too, and putting the endangered coho salmon at greater risk. farms and vineyards are now being urged to cut back on what they legally pump from the russian river. at the rate the water level is lowering, biologists say the coho salmon population will be decimated. it's possible only one in 50 could survive. the golden state warriors play-off run is off to a flying start. the team built a big lead
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behind the sharpshooting of steph curry and then held off a late charge by the new orleans pelicans to take game one. game two is monday night at oracle. fans told mark kelly they are more than ready for the team to take it all the way to the championship. >> let's go warriors! >> reporter: the warriors sold out every home game this season. expect play-offs to be no different. >> they just built and grew and this is where we get to. this is where we supposed to be. >> reporter: she moved to the east coast but she flew back to the bay this weekend just to watch her boys play. >> love my friends for the other teams, but sorry, it's warriors time. >> reporter: even before play- offs, the warriors clinched 18 straight games here at home turning many parts of the bay area solidly blue and gold. >> oakland pd is definitely pro warriors. we are behind them 100%. >> reporter: launching players like curry to household names status. >> what do you like about
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curry? >> he makes threes. >> reporter: can you make threes? >> no. [ laughter ] >> reporter: someday? >> yeah. >> reporter: but all that popularity does not come cheap. some tickets going for thousands of dollars. the warriors never forget their fans are dishing out those big bucks. the team's strength in numbers slogan this year meant to include the fans in their success which hopefully ends with a trophy. what do you think are we going all the way? >> all the way! >> reporter: in oakland, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> yeah. we're going all the way. andrea nakano will have highlights from game one coming up in sports. still to come, the deadliest disaster in california history happened on this date and it happened here. how san francisco is remembering april 18, 1906. >> and dramatic new video tonight of a massive gas pipeline explosion in fres
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okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too. some terrifying minutes. peter reese wanted to try his car on the sand at ocean shores. that's up in washington. but the car got stuck then a tide came up the waves pick up, trapping his mother and young daughter inside the car.
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>> i was just trying to get us out as quickly as possible. because i know when the tide gets higher, it takes everything with it. and another wave hit and the car was on its top. so we stayed in about -- we stayed in 30 seconds longer, we would have been upside-down. >> wow. police and fire rescue showed up just in time and got the grandmother and baby out of the car just as another wave knocked the car on its side. the car was left badly damaged but reece is just happy that all he lost was the new car. it still isn't clear tonight what caused this massive explosion and fireball in fresno. a gas pipeline broke at the sheriff's department gun range right along highway 99 yesterday. 11 people were hurt, three still in critical condition. the county was digging in the area with the help of a jail inmate crew. >> at the time of the explosion the backhoe was turned over. the whole area is kind of a
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crater was created. >> the blast and fire were so intense, some railroad tracks warped. a team of pg&e investigators arrived today to figure out what happened. firefighters made quick work of a deck fire in san francisco this morning. the fire started in the back to you of an apartment building on pine street near powell. crews are in the area responding to an alarm at a different complex. the fire did get into the walls and attic area but firefighters were able to keep it from spreading. no one was hurt. san francisco will hold a series of events this weekend to mark the anniversary of the great 1906 earthquake. it started early this morning with sirens and silence. [ sirens ] >> the sirens sounded at 5: 5:12 a.m. at the exact moment the earth first shook 109 years ago on april 18. people then paid their respects with a moment of silence at lotta's fountain. the fountain was built in 1875.
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it was a meeting place for survivors in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. that quake and the resulting fire killed about 3,000 people and remains the worst natural disaster in california history. san francisco's mayor, police chief and fire chief attended the ceremonies this morning. and they say of course, we all need to be ready for the next one. >> we take the time to really encourage all of you and most of you i know are very good at it but to at least spread the message about how important preparedness is. the more we can spread that preparedness message, the quicker we'll be able to respond to emergencies and get into the recovery phase. >> experts say it was 7.9 magnitude lasting for between 45 seconds and a minute and it was felt over 296 miles. in keeping with tradition, two city fire hydrants were painted silver yesterday. the hydrants are the ones used to fight the fires that raged after the quake. the annual ceremony honors the
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firefighters who risked their lives to save the city. it is beautiful weather to visit yosemite and it won't cost you a dime. why the feds are offering a free pass at our national park. >> a beautiful saturday. sunday will be the same as fog and low clouds filter in over the waterfront. we are actually looking toward the golden gate bridge. and we're looking towards changes next week which we will docume
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if you are thinking about taking a trip out to yosemite it's a good weekend to do it. all national parks are offering free admission today and tomorrow. it's in honor of national park week which started today. there are more than 400 national parks across the united states. earth day is this coming wednesday and today volunteers got a jump on it at candlestick point. about 100 people are showed up to clean up the recreation area. they pulled weeds, removed graffiti, put together picnic tables and did some planting, as well. while it helps the environment, one volunteer told us it's also an easy way to give back to the community. >> i work in san francisco. and my family is here in san francisco and it's fun to be out here with my family doing good work reflecting the community, getting out, showing my kids how important it is to be part of the community and giving back. >> this is one of several earth day cleanups held around the state. now it's time for weather,
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miss notarangelo. we had a lot of sunshine around the bay area. temperatures in some parts all the way up to 80 degrees. tomorrow looks like much the same but there are changes ahead. >> first to the bridge that opened on november 12, 1936, if my memory serves me correctly. the numbers around the bay area concord 78, oakland 61. livermore 79 degrees. san francisco just 58 here. san jose and santa rosa are sharing a pair of 70s. clear except at the shoreline and the chief put these graphics together and they are such beautiful things i didn't want to toy with them at all. they show high pressure off the coast so we have chilly by the shoreline as you can see in the city only in the upper 50s. and later in the week, we're looking for low pressure a series of low pressure systems to work their way down inland california into the southland by the end of the week so with this slow-moving low that will eventually end up abeam los angeles, by thursday or friday,
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as it sinks closer to the bay area on wednesday, tuesday, wednesday, things are going to cool down. we'll get clouds and maybe a shower or two but not much. as we have a look tomorrow is okay. we have all the low clouds we had this morning they will be back again tomorrow so a cloudy start along the shoreline. temperature of about 47 degrees. bay will be in the upper 40s and inland just about the same but more sunshine close to the shore and later in the day we'll have sun coming out with 81 degrees inland. 70 around the bay. and at the shoreline, we'll send in the clouds again by tomorrow night and temperatures there for highs just 60 degrees. well, this is what it should look like tomorrow. futurecast as we roll the time lapse on shows low clouds at the shore, inland plenty of sun and by this time tomorrow night, the low clouds march back inland. so we are already into the summertime pattern. here we are only in mid-april. so we'll see more sunshine tomorrow again be cooler and windy by tuesday though as though low approaches. and then all week long from tuesday through the weekend
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will be unsettled variable clouds, maybe late tuesday and wednesday we'll get a sprinkle or two. stay tuned on that. the ama supercross that began at 6:30 degrees. 70 degrees mostly clear skies at levi's stadium for that. cherry blossom festival all weekend and actually andrea nakano told us how to pronounce cherry blossom festival in japanese last week. how do you say it again? >> i'm sure you remember, brian, right? [ non-english language ] >> very nice. >> there you go. >> spoken like a native. overnight lows looking at 49 in san rafael, 47 santa rosa, 50 at fairfield and forecast highs for tomorrow, close to where we should be near the shoreline but much warmer than average. concord 81. 69 degrees on average for this time of the year. campbell tomorrow 80. 79 in morgan hill. 75 for milpitas. and then 81 degrees at walnut creek. the same for brentwood. up in the north bay nice day tomorrow fog and low clouds along the shoreline chilly at
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the coast and then the extended forecast we are going to be looking for increasing clouds on tuesday leading to a chance of not much. temperatures are going to come down rain won't. temperatures will be in the mid- 60s around the bay and we'll keep them there rest of the week. warm today and tomorrow and then a chill in the spring air. >> thank you. east bay students showed off their very best bird calls for a chance to appear on "the late show" with david letterman. [ bird calls ] >> the 50th anniversary bird calling contest was held at piedmont high school last night. the two winners will be the very last bird calling guests to appear on letterman before he retires this year. >> didn't johnny carson start that? >> i think so. >> there we go. >> encyclopedia of knowledge! we are wearing our warriors blue. there was something else going on in the east bay today. despite losing eight into a row something to celebrate for san francisco giants plus game one of the play-offs is out of the
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way. highlights and reaction on the warriors big win coming up next in sports. mmmm, they made french toast out of banana bread, then topped it with candied pecans and bananas? it's like a match made in heaven. like bacon & eggs... ...oh look, bacon & eggs. the new banana bread french toast slam. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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for three quarters at oracle this afternoon, it seemed like the warriors weren't shy of the pressure build up during the season. golden state went 3-1 against the new orleans pelicans in the regular season. new orleans star anthony davis making his play-off debut. right out of the chute in this game draymond green to barnes in the corner for three. and the 10-point lead. new orleans was held to just 13 points in the first.
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the defense continued into the second. the steal leads to an incredible spinning shot for steph curry high off the glass plus give anthony davis the foul. 34 points for curry in the game. curry only made four threes but he attacked the rim like an mvp. green slipped the pass to curry who flips it up and in. 25 point lead at the end of the third. new orleans had a run in them. davis abuses green if the paint ---- in the paint with the mismatch. davis cuts it to six and he scores 20 of his 35 points in the fourth. and under 30 seconds to go in the game, eric gordon rattles one in to cut the lead to 5. new orleans outscored the warriors by 11 in the 4th and part of the reason why? the warriors with some bad free throw shooting down the stretch. curry can't extend the lead but barnes comes up with the offensive board. that would ice the game and the warriors win 106-99. but the pelicans take the momentum into game 2.
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>> when teams get down a lot it's pretty much we either give up or have nothing to lose so it's just --you know --feel more relaxed shooting. there's not as much pressure even before you know it you back in it. >> i give it a big c-minus --i mean a b-minus, c-plus. you know, um, because there's a lot of things we can do better. >> i think the whole team is nervous. this is our first time as a units in the play-offs. you know, our pace was good. we were moving fast. >> just find a way to get a win. that's the key as you go through play-offs no matter how pretty it is or ugly it is, a win is a win. >> ball just seemed to drop out of the sky right through the hoop. one of those plays that very few people can make but steph seems to do it pretty often. >> i don't know how that went
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in. that was an amazing shot. really put the spin on the ball and finished on the rim. clearly amazing. >> so here's an upcoming look for this series. game 2 on monday at oracle. game 3 and 4 in new orleans on thursday and saturday. game 5 if necessary would be back in oakland tuesday the 28th. the wizards veteran paul pierce said the raptors didn't have it to make you feel worried. he backed it up with a big game in toronto. nine point lead, the raptors down by 3 with under 30 seconds to go. vazquez hits from three-point land to send the game to overtime. neither team shot over 40%. and guess who got the big shot in overtime. pierce put his money where his mouth is.three-point washington lead. pierce scores a game-high 20 and the wizard won game one. to baseball the giants placed jake peavy on the disabled list with a back strain. he allowed 8 runs in two starts this season.
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catcher andrew suseck will replace him on the roster. the giants in an eight game losing streak had a chance tonight to remember better times though. they got their championship rings before the game against the diamondbacks once again they were designed by tiffany, have three diamonds on top and five on the bottom to represent the three titles in five seasons. in trouble against the a's two runs already for oakland in the fourth. josh redick crashes a three-run blast. his first of the season. last night there was a hard slide. so this was bound to happen. tonight he paid for it with a 99-mile-per-hour fastball to the arm. ventura was immediately tossed. benches cleared and the final in this game was 5-0. an interesting game.
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>> ouch. >> it was bound to hatchet it was not a surprise. lowery took the pitch and he just went on with the game. but both of the benches came out and that's when all of the drama escalated. but he knew it was coming. >> is this a good thing that it ended so tight towards the end? gets them more motivated? >> it is a good thing because it will just -- the way they have been playing in the last few weeks, too. they want to kind of get something going and get into a better rhythm. >> okay. you hear
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. hello. ola. aloha. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> hello. i'm jesse draper. the valley girl. come on you're impressed. okay i'll wait for you guys to realize how impressive that was. i've got all day.
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