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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> a deadly disaster off the bay area coast. two boaters have been killed. two more missing and no one knows how it happened. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> and i'm brian hackney. the boat and two bodies were found this morning at tamales point a day after the boat set out from bodega bay and christian hartnett shows us hope is fading tonight for two others also on board. >> reporter: search and rescue crews lower one of the two bodies recovered off the coast in tamales point in marin county. it comes one day after the small fishing boat and four
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boaters left bodega bay for a salmon fishing trip. according to the coast guard, the trip left 5:00 a.m. friday morning. but never returned. coast guard boats and sheriff helicopters began looking but rough conditions ton sea made it almost impossible. >> winds were pretty light, but the fog becomes a problem after dark. visibility was around 150 yards or so. and that makes it really tough to see, especially when the swells are ten feet in between as well. >> reporter: it is unclear what caused the accident. commercial fishermen we spoke with at bodega harbor say the rocks jutting out of the water can be a dangerous combination. >> it is like driving a boat with a bucket over your head. you get inside ten fathoms. >> reporter: sheriffs helicopters and coast guard boats will be out tomorrow morning. in bodega bay, christian hartnett, kpix5.
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>> there was a sizable debris field around the wrecked boat but the coast guard never received a distress call. a growing wild fire threatening hundreds of homes in southern california do night. it broke out near chino hills and growing to 175 acres around burning in an area that has not seen a fire in years. 300 homes have been evacuated. no one has been hurt. but the rugged terrain is making it difficult for the firefighters to reach the flames. it is unclear how the fire started. the state water board is imposing tough new restrictions to ease california's drought. turn new rules, san francisco would need to reduce its use by 8%. nothing compared to la. they would have to slash consumption by 36%. they could face fines of $10,000 a day if they fail to meet their conservation targets. reporter denise wong says we will all feel the squeeze. just some more than others.
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>> reporter: at green acres nursery in roseville, people are still buying plants for their homes knowing they have to cut back on the amount of water they will give them. some know they have to slash their water usage more. >> is there anything else you can do to cut back? >> tear out the lawn i suppose. >> it is pretty small at this point but yeah. >> i'm issuing an executive order with water reduction across the state. >> reporter: the governor prompted the state water control board to come back for targeted cutbacks ranging are the 20 to 35%. after several water districts complained about being unfairly targeted, the board revised its guidelines today. some districts like roseville now have to trim usage by 28%. that is up 3% from the initial goal. >> it is a dire state. it really is. i'm not sure what more we can do. >> we are having a water shortage. >> reporter: bob who pays the
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san juan water district is not thrilled with how he is being affected. now instead offcutting back 35%, he has to cut back more. >> i wish we didn't have to do it. >> reporter: it is not just residents who have to cut back on watering plants. the cities have to stop irrigating water guzzling plants in medians like this. while it means changing tough habits, we all have to pitch in. >> we all have to do our parts. >> green lawns could be history in hillsboro. it is one of the cities where people would have to reduce water use by 36%. other bay area locations include discovery bay and woodshed. the mandatory cuts would take affect in june. let's talk about the golden state warriors, they are off to a flying start. they built a big lead behind the sharp shooting of steph
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curry and then held out of a late charge by the new orleans pelicans to take game one at oracle. game two is monday night. fans told mark kelly they are more than ready for the team to make a championship run. >> reporter: the warriors sold out every home game this season. expect playoffs to be no different. >> they are just building the roof and building the roof. and this is where we get to. >> reporter: antoine ette flew to the east coast, but came back to watch her boys play. >> sorry, it's warrior time. >> reporter: even before playoffs, the warriors had 18 straight games at home. >> we are definitely pro warriors. >> reporter: an launching players like curry to household name status. >> what do you like about
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curry? >> he shoots the threes. >> can you make threes? >> no. >> some day. >> yeah. >> reporter: but all that popularity doesn't come cheap. some tickets going for thousands of dollars. the warriors will never forget their fans are dishing out the big bucks. the teams strength in numbers slogan this year meant to include the fans in their success which hopefully ends with a trophy. >> what do you think? are we going all the way? >> no doubt going all the way! >> reporter: in oakland, mark kelly, kpix5. >> we are going all the way. andrea will have all the highlights in sports. one of the toughest tobacco laws in the country could be coming to berkeley. they are going to create tobacco buffer zones banning its use within 1,000 feet of schools and parks. tobacco retailers say the law would cripple their business. the head of bay area based go pro is about to become the
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highest paid executive in america. founder and ceo nick woodman was granted a huge stock package worth $285 million. the restricted units will be paid out over several years but the value puts the 39-year-old at the top of the pay index. the san mateo based consumer electronics company is worth $6 billion. meanwhile, apple may be on track to become america's first trillion dollars company. that is according to one market analyst who predicts apple stock could hit $185 a share. that would push the silicon valley tech giant past the trillion dollars mark at $728 billion. am is already the world's most valuable company. gop leaders have descended on new hampshire for a republican summit, but most of the talk is about their democrat rival.
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>> i'm starting to worry when hillary clinton travels, there need to be two planes, one for her and her intent raj and the other for her baggage. >> it is a chance for the party's lesser known candidates to make a name for themselves. the new hampshire primary will be held at the end of january. the deadliest disaster in california history happened on this date and it happened here. today, san francisco commemorated the great earthquake of 1906 with sirens and silence. the sirens sounded at 5:12 a.m. the exact time the earth first shook 109 years ago. well, it was followed by a moment of silence at the fountain on market street. that fountain built in 1875 was a meeting point for survivors in the immediate aftermath of the quake. about 3,000 people died. nobody ever really came to a direct determination in that quake. and in the ensuing fire which
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burned from the waterfront to van ness avenue and beyond. it remains one of the worst natural disasters in california history and it is only a matter of time before the next big one hits. >> we encourage all of you to spread the message of how important preparedness is. the more we can spread that message, the quicker we can respond to the emergencies. >> magnitude 7.9, it is the largest quake ever to strike directly under a major metropolitan area in the u.s. it ripped the ground for 296 miles from san juan batista in the house to as far north as possibly shelter cove. in keeping with tradition, two city fire hydrants were painted silver yesterday. they were the ones used to fight the huge fires after the quake. they honor the firefighters two risked their lives to save the city. a heart-stops standoff from a police officer's point of
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view. >> get your hands up! >> an officer has his gun drawn and his body camera rolling in a show down with a murder suspect. plus, firefighters rush into a burning house after hearing calls for help. but it turns out, it wasn't humans who were at home. well sunday will live up to its name tomorrow afternoon. but changes coming in the week ahead. we will have the forecast as we look live toward the bay bridge coming up ♪ at kaiser permanente
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>> services were held in tulsa, oklahoma today for eric harris. the man shot and killed bay reserve deputy during an undercover sting. robert bays says he accidentally grabbed his gun instead of his tazer. he has been charged with second degree manslaughter. meanwhile, an officer in ohio is being praised for keeping his cool during a tense standoff with a murder suspect and his own body camera recorded it all. >> law enforcement officers across the nation deal with split second decisions dealing with life and death. i want today be absolutely sure before using deadly force. >> reporter: easier said than done as shown through officer jesse kidder's body camera. a homicide suspect gets out of the car and charges him. >> he jumped out and sprinted toward me. i had my firearm drawn on him.
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i told him to put his hands up in the air. and he was screaming as he was yelling shoot me. >> reporter: dispatchers had told officer kidder the suspect may have had a gun under his seat. but officer kidder relied on his own split second decisions. >> he has his arms at his side running at me. that's the first thing i notice. he put his hands in his pocket there. so my hands are watch tag hand and nothing else. >> reporter: knowing backup was on its way, officer kidder kept back pedaling while the suspect screamed at him to shoot. >> i was trying to open a dialogue with him but he wasn't having it. he kept repeating shoot me. >> reporter: then the suspect charged. >> he got toward my face right as i lost balance. i'm thinking if he goes in to attack me, i have to use deadly
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force to defend myself. >> reporter: just in the nick of time, there's the sound of backup. and a surrender. >> officer kidder says a relative gave him the body camera after the deadly police shooting in ferguson, missouri. the chief is looking for funding to outfit the whole department with cameras. pg&e investigators are in fresno looking for clues in the massive explosion and fire ball. 11 people were hurt when a gas pipeline broke at the sheriff's department gun range along highway 99 yesterday. flames and shock shot hundreds of feet into the air forcing the chp to close 99 for three hours. pg&e is looking into who is doing the digging. >> we know that there was a crew working in the area. one piece of equipment working in the area and other workers around that piece of equipment. they were doing some kind of earth moving work. >> pg&e says it was never told anything about any plans to dig near the gas line. but the utility says the line
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was clearly marked. it was not your typical fire call in boise idaho. fire crews heard voices inside and were worried it was people inside. but no humans were home. the calls for help came from the family's parrots. >> they were saying fire, fire! >> they were saying fire? >> that is what we got. help and fire. so yeah. it is smart birds! smart birds! but you know, there was actually nobody besides the birds in the house. >> the birds knew what to do. crews removed the birds and gave them oxygen and they are expected to be just fine. look at that. >> yeah. today is the anniversary of the quake. quakes are my thing. i collected newspapers about the 1906 earthquake. it is interesting to me how the news got out. this was in the headline of the cleveland press the night of the earthquake. already by that time, the word
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has spread that san francisco was being consumed by fire. the ham and eggs fire that began not far from this building causing much of the city to go up in flames. by the next day, april 19, the headline in the pittsburgh post was the same thing. earthquakes and fire ruin san francisco. hundreds dead. and yet, it was only four days later when the san francisco call, was able to say the swirl of fire has finally ended. four days after the 18th. and hope runs high. it wasn't long after that, the city began to rebuild an in fact, it is on the ashes of the 1906 earthquake that they built the pan pacific education position. and after that. that used to be a former lagoon. >> it is something. >> what are going to do?
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there is something about having that physical newspaper. nothing quite like it. we are looking at the bay bridge and the numbers around the bay. it is on the mild side in concord. 60 degrees, 52 oakland. livermore 61. san francisco 51. here is what we are expecting. we are looking for high pressure to ebb later in the week, a chilly breeze and a low pressure meandering over inland california very slowly, beginning on tuesday, it gets close enough, it will increase the low clouds and the clouds in general. and the temperatures will come down. maybe a few showers will come down by tuesday night and wednesday. out the door tomorrow morning of the mostly cloudy at the coast, inland begins in the mid 40s . later in the afternoon, a repeat performance. we get plenty of sun. future cast shows the extent of a low cloud. the low clouds melt. the sun comes out and it looks like a pretty good sunday. the numbers will tumble a couple of degrees so in
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general, tomorrow, it is nice. then we cool it down. the winds pick up tuesday. it will be unsettled all week long. and the giants are playing tomorrow. game time temperature under partly cloudy skies. partly cloudy, mostly sunmy. breezy and cool. there is also the cherry blossom festival in the city. forecast, close to average, close to the coast. but you go inland, it is warm. 81 concord. then in the south bay, it is 80 degrees in campbell. 60 at half-moon bay. 68 hayward. we are looking at numbers in the low 80s around pittsburgh, up in the north bay, 75 santa rosa. 75 san rafael. up by ewe ukiah, so warm. we will be calling for number to take a tumble tuesday. readings with more clouds, 70s inland. and just mid 60s around the bay. and it is going to be on the
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mild side the rest of the week. the important question, 109 years out from the 1906 earthquake, the next major earthquake, what to repeat on the san andreas fault? sometimes 200 years apart between the big quakes. and sometimes as little as 100
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>> for three quarters, it looked like he would cruise past the pelicans but a weird tension set in. golden state went 3-1 against the pelicans. two of those games without anthony davis. new orleans was held to 13 points in the first and the defense continued in the second. this lead to an incredible spinning shot for steph curry. plus the foul on anthony davis. 34 points for curry in the game. and curry only made four threes but he attacked the rim like an mvp. who says this is a jump shooting team? green splits the defense with a pass to curry. he flips it up and in. curry ask enjoying a 25 point lead in the third. anthony davis scored 20 of his 35 points in the fourth. they would get the lead down to five. and draymond green was three shy of a triple double. he gets the tough hoops on davis. so excited at that moment that
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he flexed in front of davis and then heard about it in the time out. the warriors win. >> if you score, it is not happening often. you better flex and pound your chest, too. it isn't going the happen often. you knowment you have what, four blocks a night? take advantage of the situation. >> the whole team was nervous. in a playoff setting. >> just found a way to get a win. that is the key. as you go through the playoffs. no matter how pretty or ugly it is. a win is a win. >> warriors on a collision course with james harden and the rockets. houston battling the mavericks and how does harden break the double team? somehow works through it and scored two of his 24 points.
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mavericks got burned by cory brewer. he scores 13 of his 15 and the rockets take game one 118-108. still to come, the giants celebrate in the middle of an eight-game losing streak and brent pays the price for this take-out slide. we will show you
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giants forget about an eight- game losing streak in how about a bunch of diamonds and some good memories? the championship ring came into at&t park. nobody deserves the jewelry more than madison bumgarner. three diamonds on the top and five big ones on the bottom to represent the three titles in five year. as for the game third inning, buster posey breaks his bat. but get it is r.b.i. single into left. joe panic scores to give the giants a 2-0 lead. seems like the only giant hitting home runs is brandon crawford. and it is 4-1 giants. leads the giants and chris has a great story count to trend. he replaced matt cane when the sin started. his e.r.a. under 1. so could the bullpen hold on? that is always a good question. two on, one out for santiago casilla who gets micah into the double play.
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the giants get their first win at home for the sin. the final is 4-1. royals and as . some trouble. two runs already in for oakland. josh reddick crushes a three- run blast. his first of the season. and last night, bret lori sprained the knee of escobar with a strike. the bench is cleared. but there were no fisticuffs. all the drama came in, in the middle of jesse hahn's masterpiece. 65 pitches in the sixth when he had to come up because of blister split open. they shut out kansas city 5-0. to the lpga in hawaii. kim in a playoff with park. holds out from 154 yards out
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for the win. that is an incredible shot. got into the playoffs by holding a chip and then pulls tout miracle numbers of the afternoon. it was deft nitly her day. >> that is beaut it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying bills at depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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>> everyone knows there is no crying in baseball, except when your 15-dollar beer spills. >> a guy scoop up a foul ball and lands right in a guy's beer. despite the mess, he seemed pretty excited about the splash down. >> yeah. and his wife or whoever he was sitting with. >> he was dripping it all over her. >> i think she is okay though. >> thanks for watching. ou
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