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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  April 19, 2015 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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i'm phil matier. i'm mark kelly. there's a good morning. it is 7:30. thanks for joining u . >> we have lots to talk about in the next half-hour. >> parents and healthcare workers on both sides make sure workers know where they stand. >> and we'll have mark levine from marin, one of the hot spots in this issue. he's going to weigh in as well as our political insiders as well. plus new water restrictions announced just this weekend. >> we take a look at the pros and cons of de sal nation.
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>> plus almost all of the bay areas big league sports teams are talking about possible moves. >> we have the latest on the possibility for the raiders and the a's, so lots come up in the next quick hour. let's take a quick check on your weather starting with a live look at the bay bridge. it is cloudy and foggy along the coastline. temperatures in the upper for thes around much of the bay area. we'll see quite a temperature spread as we reach our highs today. sunshine formost and a chance of showers. we'll take a look at your seven- day forecast coming up. but first here's mark. >> fires forcing people to evacuated their homes in california. more than 300 firefighters are on the front line now battling the flames on the steep and rug
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ed terrain there. so far the fire is 50% contained. no one has been hurt. it is still unclear at this point how it started. the search is on this morning for two people who went missing after a boating accident. two of the four people on the boat are confirmed dead. their bodies were found were found. the blast killed 168 people including 19 children and injured more than 500 others. timothy mcvey and terry nichols were convicted of the attack. rescuers are racing to save hundreds of people from the mediterranean sea after a boat capsized overnight. around 700migrants from libya are reported to have been on board. at least24 bodies have been recovered, but they expect that
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number to rise. the boat was heading to italy. one of the toughest tobacco laws in the country could be coming to berkeley. the city is considering an ordinance to create tobacco buffer zone bang tobacco products near schools and park. the tobacco retailers say the law would cripple their business. the golden state warriors run is off to a flying start. the team built a big league behind the sharp shooting of steph curry. game 2, coming up monday night. >> that's your top stories. the state water board has a new plan to trim water usage during the trip willing drought. >> san francisco would have to
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reduce its usage by 8%. l.a. would have to slash its consumption by 36%. waterutilities could save fines of $10,000 per day. >> it's a dire state, but i'm not sure what more we can do. >> earlier this month governor jerry brown mandated a 25% cut statewide. and that prompted the control board to come up with targeted cutbacks for each district. >> people are finding out they'll pay a pretty penny even if they do the right thing. people in the east bay are some of the biggest water savers in the state. several waterdistricts are planning big hikes in water ways on pipes and infrastructure. >> when revenue decreases, we have to make up that revenue in some way which means we have to raise our water rates to do that . >> people who are conserving
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should be given some incentives. the alameda county district wants to hike the service charge and also it says that water savers out there they're the biggest chunk of their water bill, so it would take at least the end to take the biggest punch. >> we're going to talk about regulations about using gray water. and the companies that is cashing on taking california water out of state. there's a new breathalyzer that can tell if a driver is on drugs. >> lawmakers are going to show off their technology at the state capitol. it analyzes the driver's slooif ah. the bill inthe a -- saliva. supporters saywith increased acceptance of marijuana use we need to crack down on those who drive while high. there are, of course, other tests that are in use.
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>> if the move goes on to legalize marijuana possible for recreational use here in california, one of the biggest concerns about law enforcement officials is driving while high and this could be a step to try to curb or control that. speaking of marijuana, tomorrow is 4/20 which is a holiday of marijuana users. this is a video from the gathering in san francisco. city officials say they will have extra police, garbage and make sure they don't get out of hand. >> they've been planning for this for months. really they'veleft a huge mess. >> that's right. one of the biggest problems out there is the trash. the sew called healthcare bringing out some mixing views of healthcare and immigration. >> under a new california senate bill low income
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immigrant families would be able to get regular medical care through the state's medi- cal program. to purchase insurance through covered california. they can't get checkups. theysometimes have to wait until it's so critical that they had to go to the emergency room. >> i don't think that i should get a special tax to pay for somebody else's inability to pay for their own stuff. >> california republicans are are going to the l.a. "daily news" saying without money from congress it will be difficult and costly for california taxpayers to fund all of these bills proposals. the difficultthing is that we all pay when they go directly to the emergency room. >> but the fact is as the federal money moves out of this program and the state is supposed to come in, it is going to be very expensive for california one way or the other. >> but speaking of expenses, that is weighing in on another story we're going to be talking
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about in the next half-hour, the closure of the medical center in san pablo and that is because of this reason that's going to happen this week. >> right. the reimbursementlevel isn't matching the expenditures. now here'sanother hot topic. >> cam law harris -- kamala harris. >> the attorney general's comments have struck a coraled saying harris's stance is in direct constitution. she'ssworn to uphold the law. sheshould be doing so. >> i personally prosecute everything from low level offenses to homicide. i knowwhat crime looks like. i knowwhat a criminal looks like who's committing a crime. anundocumented immigrant is not a criminal. >> everything she says is under increased scrutiny because she's a candidate for the
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senate. >> the minute you're running for senate everything becomes a constitutional question. there is a movement to get more bay area cities on board with rent control. >> state law prohibits communities from enacting new rent control ordinances. somebay area residents say they are challenging those rules. it is amazing to me the difference. imoved here to the city about five years ago, and the people who had rent control at that point and those who did not get rent control, the difference in what we're paying is shocking. i mean, it's creating a different sort of class of stuff. >> it has long been the case here in the bay area. unfortunately some people argue that by putting controls on the rent, again, we saw some places like berkeley, some of the properties start to decline. it's not an easy answer for that.
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>> speaking of housing, an affordable housing project is on the rise in the north bay. >> but it's not like any others we've seen. the man behind it is george lucas. he's offeringto build 224 affordable homes and he wants to pay for it all by himself. >> we have enough millionaires here. we need some housing for regular working people. >> plus by not using any federal money he cuts through a lot of red tape that usually shows up in projects like this. >> but some neighbors are fight thatting already. >> but it's going to be interesting if he can say it's going to be police, fires and teachers. what kind of argument can they have? and i have to admit, there's a little bit of pay back here. lucas wanted to expand his skywalker ranch. hesaid okay if i don't get what i want, i'll have a new thing, and that will be affordable housing. the oakland raiders may move to l.a.?
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the raiders along with the san diego charge ers are presenting their plans for the nfl in new york. the presentation this week are said to include details on architecture, financing and the political progress for their efforts. >> but oakland's coliseum city plan is taking a step forward. the council has passed several environmental and planning measures. that clears the way for a developer to come in but the coliseum city still needs deals with the raiders and the a's and a financing plan before shovels can go into the ground. the backing deal needs to present a plan by the end of august. >> because while the city and county are giving the developer that kind of time, the nfl met with city and county officials this past week and said no, we need it faster. and carson is definitely in the running. somepeople feel the nfl is leaning towards southern california to move the raiders. so time is running out.
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a bay area leader calls it a sure fire drought solution. find out why water agencies are pushing back against that plan. we'll be right back.
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our drought emergency is prompting one bay area county to take a new look at another source for water building to turn salty ocean water into water we can use at home. butthe costs and concerns about the environment have been real obstacles. >> joining us is david cortez who proposed a plant like this for northern california and run into a buzz saw of objections. people say that it will cost too much. people say it uses too much electric advertise tea. and it could harm --
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electricity and. >> we have a long record in california about being concerned about those kinds of things. the whole state is trying to get on to alternative energy, but we have to have water and people need to be able to turn the tap water on in their kitchen sink every day of the week otherwise we have real problems. >> how has this gone in other parts of california? >> san diego will open up a new plant that will generate millions and millions, about 50 million gallons of water per day. that's a $1 billion plant. there's about a dozen desalination plants. i thinkit's not just a drought, i think people are looking forward to the fact that we've got to look at new technologies. >> every time we look at
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something long term for this problem, whether it is reservoirs, dams, underground, conservation, changing salmon -- fish versus farm, it hits roadblocks. what makes youthink this is going to be different? >> i don't think it's going to be any different. i think anytime you talk about water in california or in the west, you know, you have serious political deliberations and it's a contentious issue. >> but if we can't agree how to take care of the water let's say on the land side, whether it's going to be fish or farm or north or south, what is the strongest objection or the biggest problem from getting it from the obvious source, the pacific ocean? well, at some point we have to look at that. it's interestingbecause there's mobile desalination plants, just like the barges you see coming in and out of the san francisco bay here, but in the pacific ocean there hasn't been one. i spoketo the firm that de
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employs those barges out of texas just last week, they say there's not one here but there could be one here very quickly. so i think that's the way it's been. >> what's the biggest problem? is it environmental? is it cost? what seems to have stopped this? >> i think it's a combination of environmental and cost concerns. but we believe for 4 or $5a month you could support a desalination plant in santa clara county. we see those figures in san diego. we thinkfor fooich bucks a month -- 5 bucks a month people will be able to turn their tap water on. >> it's going to last as long as some people are predicting it, why aren't we doing this? well, we have to. we need to. i think one of the important things about public service or politics is to be able to see a little bit around next quarter and anticipate what's going to
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happen. governor brown when he diverted a billion dollars to drought release specifically called out desalination plants is something that needs to be done. so he's a future is. healways has been. had we need to be as wel . >> at the same time i'm looking around and the almond growers are using the water and we see high-rises going up all over the are . >> well, you know, that's an even more contentious issue in this state. this state is projected to grow in the next 50 million. we have to build 600,000 homes if we want to keep up with job growth. everybodywants jobs then everybody's going to need water. >> thanks for joining us. it'sgoing to be interesting. rightnow we're going to take a look at the weather. what do we got? >> later on in this week there will be. there are some low clouds and
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fog looking very similar through much of the bay area this morning. morning lowclouds and information, some afternoon sunshine as lock as you're away from the coast. aswe head on in into this workweek it will get cooler with more clouds. so let's fly around the bay and take a look at those temperatures. we're going to see a widespread today. a 25degree difference. first to the south bay with a lot of upper 70s, low 80s, 77 sand claer ah -- santa clara. as we slide over to the east bay brentwood, you win for the high temperature today, 84 degrees tying antioch. pittsburgh at 72. san franciscois going to get to 63. cooleralong the coast. in the north bay san rafael 74. petaluma 72degrees today. so you can see this cooling trend as we head into monday and tuesday with more clouds
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rolling in on tuesday. then wednesday and thursday we have that slight chance for rain showers both of those days. california's vaccination vaccination site heating up. it requiresall kids be vaccinated before going to school.
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steph curry steph curry a bill to prevent parents from operating out of vaccines
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for their kids is put on hold because there are not enough yes votes. it requires vaccinations with no exemptions. the senateeducation committee put off its vote until wednesday. >> that's why we sat down with our political insiders and asked how hot is this issue when you're talking about parents. here's car lean willie. >> you haven't seen a hotter issue in a long time. hundredsof people showing up to protest ayla that would get rid of the appropriate rental exemptions. we have a problem in california. one in four kinder gart ens in this state -- kinked gart ens. >> so complicated medically speaking now. all of the things that we've done to alter the nature from natural to something less than
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natural, it has become incredibly dangerous in many -- okay. but the minute it enters the political arena and becomes the subject of law, it becomes a question of debate. it becomesan emotional issue and appears that the legislature is reacting to the push pack. they'realready talking about amendments for religious exemption and others. >> and in part, it is because of the nature of who you's now in the legislature. people whowould develop the level of security by virtue of tenure where they could push back oo all of these demands, it would be a brand among their particular voters. that's nolonger the case. everyone ofthese people who currently hold elected office is almost as if they're on their first bus trip, their first ride and they don't have
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the comfort level of being able to sper suede the right ers -- persuade their voters that they are courageous in trying to do the right thing. >> so is this a classic small but special interest group, whether it be vaks nation, bike lobby if you put forth on the legislature? >> that's right. this is a lot of pressure on them, hundreds of people winding around the capital and look, there are questions about whether you can tweak this law but the bottom line should be the health of california's kids. and we'llsee if these legislatures are going to pay. >> should it be something a health administrator dictates? no. clearly it has been demonstrated throughout this country over the last 12 to 15 to 20 years that you have to mandate certain kinds of tests, certain kinds of vaccinations and things of that nature for the rest of the population. notjust for your kid but for every other kid.
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and in that regard, it's important legislatively that it happened as ayla. >> question, when we regulate utilities. when we regulate even schools, oftentimes we hand it off to an appointed body in order that it be supposedly political free. but onsomething like health, we keep it to 140 lawmakers who appear to be scared of their own shadows. >> they are your elected representatives. the fears that they have will not interfere ultimately. profiles waswritten for this reason, bill. and believe me we need people who qualif . >> this is getting attention across the country. on thedaily show john stewart did a skit making fun of marin county. >> yes. because there are a lot of kids
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not vaccinated. >> so stay tuned because it's a classic. individual rightsversus the rights of everybody else. it's an interesting one. >> how is an international company still bottling california water in the middle of a drought? we'll be right back.
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welcome back to kpix 5. the time is 8:00. good morning. >> we have a lot to talk about in the next 30 minutes. >> i can only imagine that church services are a little tense this morning. >> that comes after a group of arib nurse made their wish to get rid of the church's leaders very public. >> plus prent al rights versus public healt . >> it's going to be up for a vote this week. >> and state assemblyman mark he vine is here in the studio with a look at the last week's heated hearing. >> and, of course, perception is everything. >> for hillary clinton's campaign roll out. her nextmove under scrutiny. political insiders are going to weigh in.
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>> little cloudy out there, a little cool. a live look at sso. no delays this morning but plenty of clouds in the skies. temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. most everywhere except the north bay, sanity rosa wing and now 49 degrees. sunshine today. the wild range of temperatures. we're seeing those micro climates in full effect today. chance of showers we'll have that coming up. first here mark with a look at your headlines. a raging wildfire forcing hundreds of people to evacuated southern california. chinospent hills since 6:00 last night. they're battling the flames on that terrain. so farthe fire is 50% contained. noone has been hurt but it is still unclear how this fire started. the search is on for two people who went missing after a boating accident friday night
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near the bay. two of the four people who were aboard the boat are confirmed dead. theirbodies were found near tamalas point. today marks the 20th year of the bombing of the federal building in oklahoma city. theblast killed 168 people including 19 children and injured more than 500 others. timothy mcvey and terry nichols were convicted of the attack. mcvey claimed he targeted the branch. rescuers are racing to save hundreds of people from the mediterranean sea after a boat carrying them capsized overnight. around 700 migrants from libya are reported to have been on board. 20 for bored ease have been recovered but they expect that number to rise. so far 28 people have been rescued. the boat was heading to italy. one of the toughest in the country could be coming to berkeley.
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the city is considering an ordinance to create buffer tobacco zones bang them to come near the schools or parks. it encourages other smokers to quit. but the law would cripple their business. the golden state warriors playoff run off to a flier start. the team built a big league hipped a sharp shooting of curry yesterday and held off a late charge by the new orleans pelicans to take game one at oracle. game two coming up monday night. back to you. the state water bored has a new plan to get -- water board has a new plan to trim the water usage. >> if you don't, you're going to pay big under the new rule. sanfrancisco would need to reduce by 8% compared to los angeles which is going to have to slash its consumption by a whopping 36%. water utilities could face fines of $10,000 per day if
8:04 am
they fail to meet their conservation targets. in the bay area, one city is looking at tough new water conservation requirements. palo alto could be requiring purple pipes to recycle some water used in the home. theproposed order thanes would require them to capture water from the washing machine, divert it to a storage container where it would be used to water landscaping or gardens. >> i think california is desperate and this is a lot easier to do in a construction phase than as a retrofit. >> it's a good idea but it means unfair to people that's going to cost them a lot of money. thereshould be some sort of government subsidy going on here. >> and the city does acknowledge that requirements would add to the overall price of a house, but it says the need to conserve water is even greater. >> it's interesting this is a mandate. a lot of people respond better to incentives. >> they haven't responded so
8:05 am
far. there's out range of nissley's bottling over what california water has. >> they're calling the multimillion dollar producer unethical to pump water out of california drinking ground water supply. . >> we have learned from the service that they have made the renewal of our permit a priority. >> it shows that water regulation in california has major room for improvement. >> that's the director for environmental coalition which has gathered 150,000 signatures petitioning the state water board to shut down all nestle operations. but it does not regulate water bottling operations. >> there's been an outrage on social media. >> that would be -- that's two strikes against you. we havethe environmental and
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the environmental. on the otherhand it's a business and makes money. so far when it comes to these regulations they're trying to keep the economy going. on tuesday a hospital in the east bay is finally closing its doors for good. >> this comes after months of fighting to stay open. it couldbe all over for the cash strapped facility in san pablo. doctors medical center which served the community for over 50 years treated a large number of low income patients who are covered by medicare and medi- cal. ambulances will now be rerouted to other bay area hospitals. >> i talked to a lot of people who live around there and they're scared. a lot of the hospitals where they'll be diverted to the next emergency room is a half-hour away. >> but a lot of this comes down to how much reimbursements the hospitals are getting back and whether they can keep their doors open. >> that is a business. here's another thing that's going to be a lot of talk about. a couple new regulations for ride share is up for votes at the state capital.
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>> specifically for uber after some scary mishaps in which their locations were revealed, they'll prohibit uber from giving out data unless it's being used to help solve a crime. >> it gives ride sharing companies more rights allowing them to offer shared rides through on demand carpooling services. it will update the old state law that puts too many restrictions on how these services are run. an unprecedented move from within the catholic church, more than 100 prominent catholics want the pope to remove the archbishop in san francisco. you can see the ad on the screen asking the pope to replace archbishop. it they're talkingabout that for the past several months. that clause would reclassify teachers asman sters who must
8:08 am
live up to -- as minister's. it caused a great divide within the local communit . >> it's my way or the highway which is totally inconsistent, where we have been and where we want our children to go. >> the signers presumed to speem for the catholic community in san francisco. i was at that press conference of the people that actually took out that ad and what's the purpose of this? you think the pope's reading the san francisco chronicle? andthey said no, they're tend of the of their rope. they'vegotten no response. so theydidn't know what else to d . >> some of these are the biggest donors to charity as well. butother people are familiar with the church tell me if you put an ad like that in the paper that becomes the issue rather than the bishop's pronouncements and you've
8:09 am
cemented them in for a while. meanwhile the supreme court may weigh in on whether or not the oakland a's can move south. >> san jose wants to build a park for the a's. major leaguebaseball has been standing in the way. and the territorial rights belong to the giants. it >> huge broadcasting and media contracts, licensing revenues, baseball is not just a sport on the field. baseball is a business and should be treated like every other professional sport. in fact every other business in america. >> last week i asked a's owner lou wolf about the battle and he seemed reluctant. >> but it's still hanging out there. >> it is they're taking it out to the supreme court. even ifthey get this clear and go to trial, the a's would become the most unpopular team
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amongst the owners. >> in the meantime oakland is trying to make a home for them in the east bay. >> yes. >> still to come temper flaring over a build up for parents to vaks nate their kids car --
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ccinate their kids car -- vaccinate their kids. a bill to prevent parents from operating out of vaccines for their kids is on the shelf because there aren't enough yes votes in the city. it wouldrequire no exemption for the personal belief of parents. thesenate education committee put off its vote until next wednesday. joining us is mark levine. i was up at the hearings, this is a classic case of individual rights versus the right of the community.
8:14 am
meeting in a highly emotional contentious issue. >> it's incredibly emotional but i think the legislature is trying to hear out all of the points of the legislation. uniquely with this bill, it has four different policy committees to get through before it gets through the senate. so thereare opportunities for opponents and proponents of the bill to come out and argue the points of the legislation really in a thoughtful manner. >> but there's also in each one of those stops the chance to amend it. something that is legendary in law making in sacramento or in washington as well. at every step of the way somebody says i'll go for it but only in this kin. you have to -- -- only in this condition. then somebody raises the question i want a religious exemption. you can wind up watering this thing down and everybody's smiling at the end saying they
8:15 am
have done something when they haven't. >> then you get through all of these hearings. so will we actually end up with a bill that meets the intended out comes or will this be consequences or water down that does not address the core issue. we'll see this as it meets the hurdles, but also will the senators over in that house figure out a way to get this bill through after hearing from hundreds and hundreds of opponents. if welook at the education committee hearing last week, we saw about seven minutes of testimony from proponents of the bill. butover two hours of testimony from parents, carrying their children in the capital with their concerns. so senators trying to be responsive but they want to make sure the bill is effective. >> i can make the argument that those parents we see right here on the screen, they took the time off but a great number of people probably a vast majority went to work that day, dropped their kids off at school and expecting the lawmakers to do what they want them to do.
8:16 am
arethey reacted to what's going on in that room? they put it on hold for a week. >> there was an interesting issue that came up, if parents are threatening to pull their children out of school to home school them, what are the effects of that? and so will the legislation protect the ability for children to be home schooled or not? i think that's a legitimate question. the mostimportant point of course is how are we protecting society? howdo we make sure that there is that heard immunity. that iswhat the actual objective of the bill is. we have to figure out are we going to pass the bill that actually accomplishes something or does very little? >> one of the issues being raised by these parents up there was the power of the pharmaceuticals and of the medical establishment. and theysay okay you have seven minutes behind that, but they're moving a lot more than we are. and wemay be in visible at this point but they're. >> this bill would have been a
8:17 am
slam dunk. but with four committee hearings, that's not even including what's going to happen in the assembly. amultitude of issues are being considered by the other committees that don't have that pharmaceuticals. >> if you were to predict how this goes, how strong do you feel it's going to get pulled back? >> it's -- it's interesting to look at. i talked to senator allen wednesday night where he is going to be looking at amendments. and you will see, will it protect the number of children that we need? willthis bill raise just the conversation, the dialogue in the state of california raise awareness about the importance of vaccinations. maybe thisisn't a wise decision for my own child. >> is this something that should be handled by 140 lawmakers? wedon't do this with building codes, we don't do it with utilities. is this something that elected officials should be dealing with?
8:18 am
well, i don't think that's the case. the science is in. thedata shows how effective vaccines can be. i think that when we're considering public policy for the state of california, this is very much in the scope of the legislature. >> good luck. if pit finishes the senate, it comes over to your house and we're going to have you back again. >> this is a wonderful lesson in law making in sacramento. >> back to you. let's take a look at weather. here's a look at ocean where is it is stocked in with fog and clouds. so here's what you can expect today. morning lowclouds and fog. that's going to give away afternoon sunshine as long as you're away from the coast. it's going to get cooler with more clouds, even a chance of rain in our seven-day forecast. we'll talk about that in a few. first here's your temperatures. a lot of high 70s in the south
8:19 am
bay. redwood city74. the same for fremont. union city you're going to get to 73. antioch and brentwood getting to 84 degrees today. pleasant hill, 80 degrees, walnut creek, 79. oakland 70degrees today and over in san francisco 63. cooler along the coast, bodega bay, 58. soyou'll see that cooling trend as we head into monday and tuesday with a chance of rain rolling in. rain showers for both wednesday and thursday. hillary clinton is taking a different approach to become more likable. coming up next our political insider on whether or not that's working.
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mmmm, they made french toast out of banana bread, then topped it with candied pecans and bananas? it's like a match made in heaven. like bacon & eggs... ...oh look, bacon & eggs. the new banana bread french toast slam. denny's. welcome to america's diner. presidential hopefuls are out making a name for themselves more than a year-
8:22 am
1/2. earlierthis week hillary clinton wrapped up her two-day swing in iowa. >> now american politics have been driven by imagining ever since its inception. the latesthillary clinton video flying around is of her flying coach and walking her own bags through the iowa airport. we asked why she's doing this and here's carla and willie brown. >> because she wants to get in touch with every day people, phil. that's what this is all about. the question is are we in the media buying this ridiculous coverage in which we focus on the ridiculous -- at chipotle, she didn't tip at the counter. is this what the presidential election is to me? yes, it's important for these politicians as we all know, but i think the media goes insane
8:23 am
on this stuff, especially in social media age. >> i've always been of the impression that you can really throw the media off on substantive issues and one of the way in which you do it is to come up with all these crazy things that they consider significant. and when that happens, you can get away with not having to explain yourself on the nuclear treaty between i ran and the u.s. >> if you can sit there and talk and have a cup of coffee, that is bigger than a discussion on something substantive. >> and far more interesting frankly because after the first 18 seconds of discussing no boots on the ground or boots on the ground, people have already left you. >> but look, you politicians with all due respect like to surround yourselves with the handlers and keep the media away. >> not me. oh, no. let me tell you, in the world of politics, you know, i teach
8:24 am
through my institute that the first thing you want to do is to make sure they know how to spell your name and pronounce it correctly and make sure they're interested in giving you an audience. andfrom that point on -- >> it's interesting because jeb bush was outside campaigning and he said yes to a piece of blueberry pie. and that's what made it as opposed to anything substantive. >> it's because they don't give us anything substantive to answer real questions. they'redoing all the fun image stuff. i have to say you're right. >> question, what gets you more votes, a stand on minimum wage or a hot doing at the county -- hot dog at the county fair? these days it's the internet is what's important. >> i can tell you without a doubt there are more people that can identify what that hot
8:25 am
dog and what you put on it than have any interest in minimum wage. usually they don't acknowledge that they need minimum wage. everybody wants a hot dog. >> there's this whole approach to rebrand hillary clinton. show a new hillary, it worked for the company, worked for apple. >> people have very deep seeded opinions on hillary as it is. sgl >> this is the first i heard, so she should have tipped. she hasenough cash.
8:26 am
looking good today once this fog and low clouds get out of the bay area. it's going to be sunny. monday and tuesday starting to
8:27 am
cool off with that chance for showers both wednesday and thursday. tonight the academy of country music awards takes over the dallas cowboys stadium. >> miranda lambert doing a dress rehearsal. because of the huge venue can actually break a world record for the most people at a live show. >> it's going to be on tonight on kpix 5 at 8:00. we will all be watching. >> thanks for joining us this morning. face the nation is coming up next. we'll jump over to the cw channel 44 cable 12. enjoy your sunday.
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>> schieffer: i'm bob schieffer today on "face the nation," it may seem a long way off to the rest of us but the republicans have descended on new hampshire and campaign 2016 is off and running. >> when hillary clinton travels there's going to be two planes, one for her entourage one for her baggage. >> schieffer: most of the huge republican deal was there and to the surprise of no one hillary clinton was there. >> hilary going to raise $2.5 billion. which that's lot of chipotle my friends. >> schieffer: we'll hear and talk to martin o'malley who may actually challenge clinton for the democratic nomination. west virginia senator joe manchin will be here to


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