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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  April 19, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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another vote is set for this week for the controversial bill that would force most california kids to be vaccinated before attending public schools. anne good evening. another vote is set this week for the controversial bill that will force most california kids to be vaccinated before attending public schools. ann has more on what is an
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emotional issue and a sticky one for lawmakers. hundreds of parents came to speak out against the vaccine bill at a senate building. >> reporter: it would require people at public and private schools to be vaccinated unless they can not for medical reasons. in response to a measles outbreak traced back to disneyland. >> how are we protecting society? >> reporter: assemblymen represents marine county that has the highest opt-out cases. he spoke out about the line legislatures are walking. >> the senator is trying to be responsive but they want to make sure it is effective. >> reporter: effective enough to protect kids who had had to stay home from school -- who had to stay home from school after chemo weakened his immune system while measles outbreak
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was going on. >> a vaccine preventible illness because other families were not choosing to immunize. >> reporter: it will have to go through the commity and senate. leaving question -- committee and senate. leaving questions. >> will we end up with a bill that meets the intended outcomes or unintended consequence or a watering down that does not address the corp issue? >> reporter: they put off a vote last week because they did not have the support to pass. the next vote is for wednesday. in the news room, back to you. >> previously voting in favor of the bill. a couple ride share regulations leaving for debate this week. one bill is aimed at passenger privacy. prohibiting ride sharing requiring passengerring to --
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passengers and to destroy passenger personal data information. another bill set for a vote tomorrow will give ride-sharing companies more rights by allowing them share rides through on-demand carpooling services. the author assemblyman of san francisco says they will update an old state law on how the services are run. last call for a san francisco institution. caps corner will close the doors for good tonight. probably. the forth beach restaurant is a popular spot for 50 years. the current owners run the eatery for 30 years. but they say issues over insurance liability with the landlord are forcing them to close. there is a glimmer of hope. >> there is a supervisor for the local supervisor for us working on a -- trying to negotiate a plan with the owners. but it is -- we don't have much
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for it. >> for now it looks like tonight is the last night. the owners say they plan to retire to hawaii. doctors medical center is set to close its doors on tuesday. current patients are being transferred. the plan is to close the hospital and sell the property. whatever money comes from the sale will go towards paying off debt. a new urgent care clinic is opening across the street to pick up some of the slack but it will not offer emergency services. >> we would really prefer that the hospital have continued to exist. given that it is not going to we are also interested in what can we do for the community. thousands of people are expected to fill san francisco with a cloud of smoke tomorrow. annual celebration of 4/20. might be the highlight of the year for marijuana enthusiasts,
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not everyone is high on it. >> reporter: chaos, good chaos. good for the business. as business owners prepare for the thousands to show up for 4/20, the unofficial marijuana celebration day. >> we will be prepared for it. >> reporter: city leaders are preparing for the gridlock and the trash. >> it took five tons of garbage out of the park, public urination and garbage all over the neighborhood. >> that was the chief last year talking about 2013's 4/20 when people came out to get high. last year the city cracked down and spent $100,000 on extra cleanup. this year they hope they are peaceful and clean. this year it lands on a monday and not on a weekend. >> a lot of people come to san diego on this day. they enjoy coming together for this event and we don't know what to expect. >> traffic but for muni buses
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will be diverted. no street closures are planned but it could change. meanwhile the city is trying out a new trash system to keep the park clean. adding a recycling and compost system. containers where people can sort out their garbage. volunteers to help what goes where. a quick look at today and it appears to be working somewhat. there is still trash lying around the park. still to come, a dramatic rescue at sea. and a bizarre
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evacuation orders are lifted for 300 southern california homes located near a large wildfire. it broke out near corona near riverside county. it is 25% contained. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the search is still on tonight for two missing boaters. they left from bay. the boat was found yesterday. four people were on board the boat. two bodies were found yesterday. one on the beach near the
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wrecked boat and another in the water. today, the marine county sheriff's office identified them as 69-year-old and 59-year- old. two other men are missing tonight. it is not clear what went wrong with the boat but the coast guard says it never received a distressed signal from the crew. the coast guard had to rescue a man off of san diego after he got sick. the rescue was caught on camera. the 30-year-old man was on the passenger boat yesterday. 62 miles west of san diego when he suffered some sort of attack, possibly from kidney stones. a helicopter was called out. the man was taken to the hospital. in los angeles the police are looking for a man who took a baby sea lion from the beach. of course this is file video. witnesses say four men tried to grab two pups. one got away. one wrapped them in a blanket
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and took off in a car. an malgroups say sea lions may look cute but they are wild animals and can bite. -- animal groups say sea lions may look cute but they are wild animals and can bite. the
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oakland raiders may be moving forward to los angeles. they are putting their plan to nfl owners along with the san diego chargers and the rams. it is a proposal for a joint/raiders and chargers stadium in the city of carson.
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the presentation this week are said to include details on financing and the political process in their efforts. at the same time oakland's coliseum city plan is taking a step forward. the oakland city council has passed several environmental and planning measures clearing the way for a developer to come in. the coliseum city still needs signed deals for the raiders along with a financing plan to move forward. the investor back the deal needs to present a plan by the middle of august. thousands of people came out for the cherry blossom festival. a lot of happy kids, this is the 48th year for the festival that sell pwraeuts traditions. the 2-day event has per--
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celebrates traditions. the 2 day event has been positive. along the shoreline, still, even as the fog comes in along the shoreline a beautiful view from atop the county. mount boco looking into crystal clear sky. that is nice. temperatures in the east bay, 77 at concord. a little chilly by the shore. 56 in san francisco, 76 for livermore right now. and in between the mall, santa rosa at 56 degrees. and here is what is happening. warm inland, cool along the shoreline as we got a fairly good line of fog. the marine layer deepening, low pressure on the way for the pacific northwest. keeping us cool along the shoreline. and it will go south. cooling off more tomorrow. the low approaches it will cool off more on tuesday and we could get drizzle along the shoreline and around the bay. but, inland should be -- partly cloudy. everybody will come down in terms of the temperature,
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though, as we head into the week. shoreline, tomorrow morning, upper 40s to start the day out with. clouds, drizzle tomorrow morning, too. around the bay. 52 degrees to start out monday and be close to that. low 50s inland. tomorrow it afternoon, sunshine, middle 70s inland, around the bay. upper 60s. a far cry from where we were a few days ago. but, more seasonal. we are close to average. as we look at the future cast. low clouds coming in tonight. sunrise tomorrow morning, then, everything melts back down to the shoreline, cloud comes in and we just repeat that unending summer-like pattern along the clouds in the shoreline and clearing in the afternoon. but, it will stay that way much of the week. and, we will expect it to cool down, too. increasing clouds on the coast. more cooling, drizzle on tuesday. and, unsettled all weeklong. clouds and sun. inland, along the shoreline, pretty light in overcast for a good deal of the day. then, heading out of the bay area, a lot of warm air.
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84 in sacramento. 89 in fresno. now, 53 degrees and 63 with the clouds at monterey. over night lows tonight, not bad. about where we should be. 48 degrees in santa rosa. we will have drizzle on the shore. back to livermore. average, close to where we should be for this time of the year. 62. average, 63. coming out at 73 degrees. in the south bay, a beautiful monday, middle 70s for the most part. over in the east bay, pretty much the same. a few degrees cooler. 75, now, up in the north bay, upper 60s, cooler in the north bay. then, in the cheer lake region, looking for 76 degrees. in the e extended forecast, numbers cooling down on tuesday. down to the low 70s inland. rain -- in the extended forecast. numbers cooling down on tuesday. down to the low 70s inland. rain, yes. now, it looks a heck of a lot like july here in the middle of
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april. never the less we have warm hearts for richard starky. you know him by another name, though. >> yes. >> yes it was a big weekend for the beatle and local bands, ringo star, among several people inducted in rock 'n' roll hall of fame. he was recognized for his solo work. and other artists as well. six strings in north texas. the country music awards kicked off. expect to see big stars and bigger surprises. >> fans started lining up early to get a look at their favorite performers. >> a country girl's dream to be here. >> country music is celebrating its 50th anniversary in a huge way. gathering in a texas stadium and promising a blockbuster show. >> i can not wait to see what
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everybody sings and what everybody wears. >> songwriter turned artist has two nominations. facing fierce competition in category from lambert. she is nominated for 8 awards and up for entertainer of the year. to win she will have to beat a legend, garth brooks. >> let's talk about the word "entertainer" it is a sweet word. that means that you are not only playing music but playing music for the people. >> for many fans and performers the party starts here on the red carpet. what people wear can be just as important as what they sing. "little big town" admits to fashion mishaps over the years. >> looking back we go oh, god, who let us wear that? ♪ i got a little girl crush. blake shelton, hosting the acm's for the third year in a
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row. they are promising a few surprises. back to you. the academy of country music awards starts at 8:00 right here on kpix5 followed by kpix news at 11:30. >> dennis, absolutely immediately knew that richard starky was ringo star, honored for his solo work. maybe you would care to say some of his solo work? >> oh my god you got me. >> the "no, no" song. >> "it don't come easy". >> that is it. yes. [ laughter ] >> yes. and how appropriate. [singing] >> oh, yeah. good one. giants are looking to start a miniwinning streak today against arizona. who did he replace?
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ by the way, ringo star replaced pete bast as the drummer in "the beatles." now, slugger on friday night, turning into three days of bad blood. ejections, 5 more, royals, kicked out. scott trying to run the record 3-0. 1st inning, hitting on the
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back foot. warnings are issued. but, royal skipper hops out of the dugout. he is mad. he thought he should have been ejected. instead he gets it. 5th inning, now, sends one back up the middle. off of danny, scoring, a's lead 2-0. going 2-2, 2 batters batted in. now, today, a 100 mile-an-hour heater. flies behind him here. immediately tossed. then, points to his head. suggesting throwing it at his head next time up. she tries to go after him. held back by the umpire. acting manager, has a bid. tossed, the suspension is coming in the mail. now, walking a batter. erica flattery. getting it. the dive, missing the cane liner. game tied at 2. still in the 8th. 2 on. hammers one to center. does not make it out of the
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yard. two runs come around to score. kx, 4-2 lead. they win by that, taking it. the rematch will take place on june 26th. in oakland, a well proven fact, at&t park is not head of entertainment. tell that to the diamondbacks, 8 home runs and 31 rbis in that cracker jack box. is the ship sinking yet at at&t? top of the 1st. now, off of hudson. 5th home run of the season. that is just 3 let's than the entire giants team. three more double-plays, including casey mcghee who's average fell below the line. now, pitching 7th in each of the first 2 starts, not today. now, chris, broke it open. a 2-run base hit in the 3rd. he back s it in to win. giants are 4-10, folks. >> i don't really care who we are playing. right now we have to worry
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about ourselves and play better baseball and pitch better and feel better and hit better. you know, hopefully we can do those three aspects of the game. we will be better. >> i think we all know. it is time. it is time that we pick things up. especially here at home. >> it is a tough home standing. >> one world champion to maybe another. look at that man. curry, warriors, flex their muscles to take game 1. now, back to work today. preparing for game 2. he takes it. one of the guys needs to spend his time in a different gym. >> do you ever make a muscle? >> yes, but that is because i did not have one. >> i knew you were going to say that. what does this signify to you? >> well, with him it looks right. with steph it looks wrong. >> quite ironic.
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>> the muscles about the size of mine. >> i am going to do push ups. >> now, he has the muscles, he has the points. now, the coach, now, celtics, now, hoping for another cinderella run. leading at 30. now, getting to the final 4, easy compared to lebron james, got to the rim, threw 20, now, taking game 1, 1then-100. lakeside view, final round. heritage, now, kaiser, never one an event. now, game 1, beautiful approach. but, he has got to sink the putt and he did. he tied him in the clubhouse. 18 under par. he is looking for the first pga tour win in 5 years. both birdied the first play off hole. he did not read it properly
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there. now, he was 0-stkphaoáeupb holding a 54 lead -- 0-9 and he wins it. 17 times on the p ga tour. >> so, warriors game 2 tomorrow night. jim barnnet in
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> pelley: about 2:00 in the morning, august 21, 2013. morning, august 21, 2013. hundreds in the suburbs of damascus were awakened by the panic of their last breath stuck in their throats. they were experiencing the horror of a sarin gas attack. no one has been held responsible, but we've been gathering evidence and much of what we found has not been public before. >> nobody knew what was going on. people were just praying for god to have mercy on them. >> this is a real human brain. >> rose: one of the earliest ted talks posted was literally about what was going on inside the


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