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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 20, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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april 20. i'm michelle. >> hi everyone i'm frank. it is nearly 4:30 and where did the weekend go? >> where did it go? very quickly here. >> it sure did. >> we had stunning weather lots of sunshine and a big transition for your day today. into the 50s across the board from 53 in san francisco to 55 in livermore. the numbers are coming down. 50s, 60s, 70s your full forecast coming up. and they should have picked up the closure. various lane locks in the area so crews are going to be out there between oakland airport and downtown oakland for a while longer so we'll tell you how it's effecting your monday morning drive. >> monday, monday, monday. >> elizabeth thank you. >> thank you liz. san francisco gearing up today for the biggest pot party of the year. thousands of people are expected to flood the city for
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the annual celebration of 4/20. it might be the highlight of the year for marijuana enthusiasts but not everyone is looking forward to it. >> it's the one day police in san francisco turn a blind eye on pot smokers getting high in public because there are too many to ticket. >> that's just crazy. >> but city leaders do try to control the chaos on 4/20 as much as they can. >> we never know what to expect. we prepare for large crowds. >> last year the city spent $100,000 on extra police and cleaning up the mess left behind. still business owners said it wasn't enough. >> it's pretty sketchy. >> she works on way street and last year the crowd got out of control. >> you can't really work. there's people throwing trash
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everywhere and disrespecting the streets. >> it's good for business. >> this will be the store's first unofficial national marijuana celebration day. >> the goal is to have everybody check out our product. >> while he hopes sales are high city leaders hope the trouble is low and the fact it lands on a week day could be a buzz kill for some. >> people think well it's a monday but you never know. >> the drive will be closed from 3 to 7:00 p.m. as far as the trash people this year have created a facebook page saying clean up after yourself. we'll see if that happens this year. kpix5. >> and you can expect traffic delays and possible street closures around golden gate park during today's celebration. nothing can test drivers for drugs. a portable machine analyzes saliva to detect drugs including marijuana.
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a bill would allow this type if a driver is showing signs of impairment from alcohol. >> one of the most strict toba c.c. o laws to create buffer zones and the thousands feet of a school or park. it's intended to discourage other smokers to quit. retailers don't like the proposal. they say it would cripple their business. >> wild fire forced hundreds of evacuations southeast of l.a. 35% contained an unattended cooking fire broke out on saturday close to the dam near corona. firefighters directed the flames away from 300 homes and evacuation orders were lifted more than 1,000 acres have burned so far. >> fire is something you don't want to see in dry conditions. >> exactly. we do have a daily chance of showers throughout this entire
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week but mainly in the mountainous areas across the bay area but we have an unsettled weather pattern. let's look at the bay bridge with a little bit of patchy fog. temperatures wise great out the door. 52 santa rosa to 57 degrees san jose. the winds are in the but those winds blow today south west 5 to 15. pretty close to average for this time of year. oakland average high of 57 and that's what we have in the forecast today. we are counting on mostly cloudy skies today. you are going to notice a difference. 50s 60s beaches 60s 70s peninsula wrapping around the bay area. to the north of the golden gate bridge up to 70 is santa rosa and clover dale at 80 degrees. we are going to talk more about that but first is liz. >> pretty much your overnight road work at this hour. crews are pretty busy in a
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couple of spots including lafayette. it is a calm commute but a lot of lights and lane brokerages from eastbound 80 to oak hill road. that is scheduled to be picked up by at least 5:30. so right now not seeing any delays. 63 miles per hour in both directions. they of course have the freeway closure overnight on southbound 880 between 23rd and 29th. that should have been picked up. now various lane slots not causing a huge delay and things look good through the liver moore valley to the dublin interchange. drive times in the green. that's your latest, back to you guys. >> thank you liz. a new report out today says many people wrongly convict made cases where the f.b.i. provided evidence using flawed technologies. hundreds of cases are under review. >> before he was oxon rated he
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spent half of his life in prison. he had been convicted for a 1979 murder based on flawed f.b.i. hair analysis. >> i didn't know too much about law when i got arrested and locked up but i knew i was innocent. >> a new report by the innocence project found from the 1970s through 1999, 25 of 29 f.b.i. forensic examiners had errors in their testimony impacting 251 cases. the report also found that out of 18 people executed 12 of them had errors in their cases either in the testimony or lab reports. >> the f.b.i. and doj has to redouble their efforts to get the transcripts of the hundreds and hundreds of cases of people where f.b.i. agents gave exaggerated testimony. >> before d na the f.b.i. relied on visual analysis of evidence but larry says the testimony of f.b.i. agents was not based on scientific fact.
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>> they are very sharp and very trust worthy. it doesn't mean their experimentation was done properly. >> in a statement the justice department says effective defendants will be notified of past errors and promised justice will be done. don champion cbs news new york. >> not all the cases depended on flawed hair match analysis so some may have trouble making successful appeals. a clean record before he seeks reelection and today his attorney will go to court to ask for it. he was sheriff elect in 2011 when he grabbed his wife's arm during an argument leaving a bruise and pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and put on three years probation. it's common to have crimes ex- sponged if they comply with all
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terms of probation. two people missing off the coastline. four people left friday morning for a fishing trip and their damaged boat was found saturday. two bodies were found near the boat. the sheriff's department identified them as 61-year-old diane kelly of windsor and 59- year-old richard junior out of santa rosa. still unclear what may have caused that accident. it never received a distress signal. more than 30,000 runners are expected to hit the road a short time from now for the 119th boston marathon. dinners were held throughout the city for the athletes who filled their plates up with all kinds of pasta and today's will be the second sense the bombings that killed 3 people and injured 260 others. security is tight for today's event. the man convicted in the bombing case is due back in court tomorrow as penalty phase
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of his trial begins. he was convicted on all 30 counts against him on april 8. the penalty phase will come down to two options life in prison or the death penalty. the defense is expected to put his family members friends and experts on the stand to portray him as a young man led astray by his older brother. one man who lost a leg in the attack says he's eager for this to end. >> i want this to be over for our city, for the families. >> regarding the death penalty for the bomber victims and their families have varied opinions. as for the public in general 60% of americans favor the death penalty for him. 30% oppose, among people in boston those numbers are almost exactly reversed. a person carrying a suspicious package scaled the white house fence but didn't get very far. officers arrested the jumper after a series of embarrassing
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incidents for the secret service. last month two senior secret service agents crashed their car into the white house barrier and in september a man jumped the fence and made it through an unlocked door onto the grounds and into the white house. pg and e says a gas pipeline had been inspected twice this morning. the line erupted after county workers struck it with a backhoe. 11 people injured 4 critically. the line was inspected for leaks after a vehicle damaged it and no leaks were found and the office says it's detected a drop in the pressure seven minutes before that blast happened. and to get a sense of the scale of the explosion take a look at the crater it caused below here. pg and e crews are getting ready to remove and restore that gas line. a bill that calls all school kids in california will be vaccinated up for a vote by
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the state senate education committee to require all kids who attend public or private schools. kids who cannot be vaccinated because of medical issues. the bills intended to prevent the spread of measles and other childhood diseases but is opposed from parents who don't want their kids vaccinated. the balance has to pass through four committees before heading for vote by the full state senate and assembly. shut down tomorrow. current patients being transferred to other facilities. the plan is to close the hospital and eventually sell the property and money from that sale would go towards paying off the debt. new urgent care clinic called life long medical care center is opening directly across the street and plans to pick up some of the slack but won't offer emergency services. >> we really prefer to have the hospital continue to exist.
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given it's not going to we are interested in what can we do for the community we are capable of doing to provide services. >> life long medical care center is set to open later today. a bill that would enforce new privacy rules for ride sharing companies faces a hearing in sacramento today to prevent from uber to prohibit the companies from requesting or disclosing personal information except to complete consumeer initiated transactions including an incident in february when it posted names and phone numbers of dozens of customers on a public website. san francisco police are investigating another incident involving an uber driver 38- year-old emerson was arrested after a road rage incident with a bicyclist at fisher man's warp yesterday. after a heated exchange he sped up and intentionally struck the
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back of the bike. the bicyclist was thrown to the ground and is now in the hospital. if you needed more proof that the san francisco real estate market is completely out of control wait until you see this film that just hit the market, a sweep between sanchez and the asking price just a smidge under $2 million and looking at the pictures you would think this is pretty nice. posh modern interior and look at the entrance. it's pretty stunning right? well don't judge the book by it's cover here. this is what your money really gets you as you can tell from the video this baby needs a lot of work. it's a fixer upper not a dream home as the flyer leads you to believe. you are going to have to build it yourself. as for the price it's listed at just under $1.9 million and believe it or not it's expected to go for well over the asking price. >> that's just not right. >> it's all about location
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baby. time now 4: 43. counter indutyive but could having a pool actually save you water in the long run. coming up a new campaign that could change your perception about pools in drought. and we might come out a
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the water board is proposing tough new restrictions from the lingering drought. under the new rules san francisco will be among the places least effective having to reduce water usage by 8%. los angeles by 36%. utilities could also face fines of $10,000 per day if they fail to meet their targets. and there are signs of possible drought relief. it's a mass of warm water in the pacific ocean nicknamed the
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blob. scientists could not say for sure but could lead to el nino conditions capable of creating heavy rain. is it a good idea to have a swimming pool? one expert says yes. how a pool could actually save water in the long run. >> prior to having a pool we had a huge 50 year old lawn that pack up a lot more water. >> you'll notice minimal grass in the large back yard. they recently decided to get a pool and relandscape. >> we looked into it and found out landscaping with sprinklers used more water than filling a swimming pool. >> the association is hoping to change the way they view pools in the drought with the let's pool together campaign. >> it uses less water than the lawn so cover up a lot of the back yard with concrete right
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there you have a net savings. >> it can be challenging to change public perception and that's why the state pool and spa association is working with water districts. >> the number one way is to put a cover on the pool. >> check pools for leaks, cutting down on water features and something that can be hart to do. >> it's real simple, cut down on the splash out. >> for deborah she feels confident she's helping with the drought. >> i wanted to make sure when we were going to put this in we did the diligent thing right for our community. >> well some cityies have already restricted building swimming pools and how often people can refill them during the drought. >> let's get a check on weather. >> you guys know i'm diligent about my three minute showers. i was in oklahoma and i took a five minute shower and it felt
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really good and i felt responsible. >> you were in oklahoma. >> i was having a field day. >> you can tell us about your trip which was quite the ordeal. >> just because of the thunderstorm activity then i visited the national weather service. 52 degrees in santa rosa, 57 degrees in san jose low to mid 50s in between. here's what you need to know. it's going to be pretty unsettled all week long, daily chances of light rain showers primarily in the mountainous areas. you are going to feel the difference along the beaches, cooler and cloudy all week long. there you have a deep marine layer stacked up over the coast and clouds drifting out as well. smack in between mostly cloudy
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today with sunny breaks an area of cooler air mass as well with the south west flow. we do have the cooling today. this area of low pressure continues to dig into southerly fashion and carves a path for cooler air to move in. back to average high temperatures for this time of the year. 84 degrees the state capital. 68 in the high sierra. meanwhile our numbers coming down outside number really about 80 and the far reaches of the north bay around the cloverdale area 60s in san francisco and 70s to low 80s across the valley 70s to the east and these temperatures again cooler than yesterday with additional doolittle down on tuesday. bump the temperatures up on wednesday and thursday. otherwise a daily chance of a light shower with mostly cloudy skies. that's the early look at your weather forecast. here's liz. >> thank you roberta. we've been watching the flashing lights near the coliseum and crews heading
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farther north with the road work happening overnight. southbound 880 between 23rd and 29th you may hit road work in the northbound lanes as well. also more road work that could slow you down in the eastbound lanes through lafayette. likely it won't because we are not seeing much of a delay but expect crews to be out there for awhile longer approaching the exit. here's a live look where we are seeing slow downs in the area on 205 extending to north flynn. once you get past there everything is fine for the valley and dublin interchange and southbound 680 still looks great into the pleasanton. there's a live look. see how crowded it is for a monday. right there near the dublin interchange headlights are the commute direction. a quick look at the south bay 101 moving at the speed limit through san jose and mass transit off to a great start
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with no delays for the bart more than 25 trains. that's kpix traffic. >> thanks. it was the last call at caps corner early this morning. why
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good morning everyone. on the 20th day of april average high temperature 63 today pretty near close to it under mostly cloudy numbers in the 50s and 60s at the beaches 60s and 70s around the peninsula and santa peculiara valley. good morning danville your high today cooler than yesterday at 75 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. playing tag with the sunshine
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today santa rosa at 70 degrees south west winds 15 miles per hour. warm spot today far reaches cloverdale at 80. >> thanks. it's 4: 54 in the wee hours of the morning regulars showed up for one night at a bar and restaurant. >> and at the north beach institution served up good times for more than 50 years. >> please give it up for tom and marie [applause] >> one last toast as they prepare to shut it's doors. the north beach land mark has been around 50 years. tom and maureen have owned it for nearly 30. >> everyone who comes in here says where are we going to go now. >> they had no intention of closing and retiring to hawaii but a dispute led them to this bittersweet night where regulars interact like relatives. >> i hate everything.
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it's cultural genocide. >> this is a place to hang out and have an old style family meal and drinks. >> it's a sanctuary for a sharing of the story where people came to after a long day of hard work sit down break the bread listen to the mate yack of the family and pate yack if they were allowed to speak. >> the thing about trends is they don't last. >> i'm just disappointed. it's like a sign of the times. >> while there isn't a threat of the future there is a deep appreciation of the cast. it summed up tonight's feelings the best. [singing] >> and look who came out for one last huer yeah, governor jerry brown tweeted this photo saying sorry to see this great restaurant closed. class of 55 had lots of good times here. and a supervisor has not
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givenning up the fight. julie christian schenn is hoping to negotiate a deal to keep it open. the search continues for survivors after a ship packed with migrants cap sizes in the med terrain yan. they found only 28 survivors on a ship that set sail with as many as 700 people on board. and the f.b.i. admits one of their testing
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. good morning everyone. it is monday april 20. i'm michelle. >> hi everyone i'm frank. it is nearly 5:00 and it is incredible what four seconds where people can come and go.
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nobody was here an all of a sudden here we go. >> we sprinted. >> our weather forecast and tweaking traffic reports. >> that's what it is. >> just to give you the very latest information. >> good morning. heading out we do have combinations of patchy fog lining the sea shore and clear skies lining our inland. numbers to 56 in san jose going to feel the difference today. cloud cover 50s at the beaches 60s across the bay to 00s inland. that full seven day forecast is still straight ahead. >> putting in the very latest traffic information new rack in caskor valley commuting eastbound 80 approaching eden canyon road involving a semi and car. we are not seeing delays yet at least and the road work continues. unfortunately parts of the east bay southbound 880 not a


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