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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. tonight a san jose murder suspect escapes from his cell, escapes the fence while in handcuffs. >> betty yu tells us he ran straight into serious trouble, the chief. >> reporter: a day in the office, not for taking down a bad guy on the street, but he is a top cop and a department spokesperson said he did what any officer would have done this morning. a 26-year-old san jose man made the bold escape all while his hands were still in cuffs. police say hector flores arias managed to slip out of the station through the holding cell door which should lock automatically.
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he slipped his handcuffs around from behind before scaling a tall barbed wire fence, but then he ran into a problem, the police cliff in the parking lot. a department spokesperson says larry esquivel immediately saw that something wasn't right when he pulled in past the gates for work this morning. he hopped out of his car and tackled the suspect who was running toward him. arias managed to get away for a moment and there was a brief chase, but the chief eventually took him down. he was left with a torn shirt and a few scrapes. arias was recently extrjose from mexico where police believe he was hiding out. he is a suspect in the 2009 shooting death of a san jose man. the department says right now it appears that a malfunction with its security system or some kind of equipment led to the breach, not human error. the department said they will be doing a thorough investigation into the cause of
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this security breach. meanwhile arias is at the santa clara county jail. betty yu, kpix5. from the top cop to a top recruiter at cal, this guy is on leave tonight after he was arrested in a prostitution sting. >> reporter: yeah, that sting happened and that coach and recruiter was arrested right here at this motel 6. his name is pierre ingram. he was arrested for soliciting a prostitute here. his lawyer called all this an embarrassment. it started when coach ingram made contact with the woman online. police say he agreed to meet her at this motion 6 in oakland thursday -- motel 6 in oakland thursday. turns out she was an undercover police officer and ingram was one of five men caught in the latest sex trafficking sting. this is just a horrible example for the community. >> obviously doesn't look good for cal and i would rather not have a coach that had done something like this. >> reporter: cal students shocked by the news, a new blow
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for its struggling football team. today uc berkeley announced ingram has been put on administrative leave. in a statement his lawyer told us despite the arrest there was no exchange of money or physical interaction. mr. ingram is extremely sorry for the embarrassment this event has caused his family and the school. >> i don't know that cal really has to double down on punishment. >> i think sexual violence and assault has been such a prevalent issue on campus these past semesters and months and i think that just suspending a coach isn't going to be enough right now. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix5. tonight san francisco sheriff ross's record has been wiped clean. he grabbed his wife's arm during an argument leaving her
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bruised. he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years' probation. >> this is not a fancy footwork tactic. in fact, it would be ill advised of me or anyone in this position not to seek a 1203.4. it's quite commonplace in our criminal justice system. >> the sheriff's department is dealing with a number of scandals right now. no, it's not the fog rolling in. it's actually a cloud of smoke, pot smoke. today marked the annual 4-2 smokeout in san francisco. tonight andria borba tells us the partiers left behind a huge mess. >> reporter: after the purple haze cleared from hippie hill the buzz of 10,000 marijuana revelers trying to recreate the summer of love wore off, the aftermath came into focus. sfpd restrained and detained at least one person.
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before getting hauled away he protested his punishment as the van was headed for the station. more than the mayhem it was the emergencies of munchy wrappers and assorted paraphernalia that turned golden gate park into a dump. >> there's trash bins everywhere, but it doesn't make it in there. >> reporter: brittany hernandez packed her trash out, though it was clear not everyone did the same. as the tie dye and cannabis crowd left, public works employees moved in clearing the mess that partiers left behind. >> people should pick up after themselves. >> i think it's really messed up how they just trash everything. i'm glad there's people out here cleaning it up. that's cool. >> reporter: in san francisco andria borba, kpix5. >> the clean-up costs for this year, not in yet. last year 4-20 cost the city more than $100,000 between the cleanup and the extra police.
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tonight police in fairfield are interviewing a person of interest in a car theft turned kidnapping. it all started with this frantic call for help. >> 911. >> someone stole my car. my son is inside of it. >> did you see which way the car went? >> no, no. i was inside. i was coming out to get in the car. >> that trig ired an amber alert -- triggered an amber alert for 8-year-old brock guzman. his parents say the car was warming up in the driveway this morning when it was stolen with brock in the back seat. the thief ditched the car a short time later after realizing what had happened. >> the guy looked back and said i didn't know you were in the car and pulled over and got out and walked away. >> the car was found four hours later about 2 miles away. brock was asleep in the back seat unhurt. so far police aren't releasing any details on the person of interest in this case. students in hayward sleeping easier tonight after police arrested a suspect in a
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string of attempted kidnappings. police tell len ramirez the man used a fake gun to terrorize teen girls who were walking home from two high schools. >> reporter: word that a suspect in a series of attempted kidnappings was arrested spread fast bringing relief for the first time in weeks. >> we can feel safer now walking around at the school or in their free time they will feel safer now because the guy won't try to kidnap any more girls. >> reporter: police announced the arrest this afternoon of 22- year-old student at east bay. >> we were actually conducting a covert operation in the area when the suspect in his vehicle was spotted in the area. so it may very well have prevented another incident from occurring. >> reporter: patel whose arrest photo was not released because he is a person of interest in a separate case was charged with three counts of attempted kidnapping for the string of cases dating back to
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february 20th. police say he used a fake gun and wore a beanie while he target teenage girls walking home alone from school, but in each case the girls fought back and ran to safety. they also gave police good descriptions of the suspect and his car. police and the superintendent of schools praised the girls, two from tennyson high and one from hayward high. >> they're made of the finest quality, so we got a few scrappers and we made sure you understand when you bother a child in hayward, we will fight back. >> the fbi and department of homeland security stepped in to help crack this case along with local police. another security scare at the white house, this time a hayward man is facing charges, but tonight he says he never intended to do any harm. the secret service says 54-year- old jerome hunt climbed over the south side fence. he made it about 15 feet before he saw the dogs and gave up. that's when agents arrested him. hunt pleaded not guilty to unlawful entry.
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he's been released from custody with an electronic monitor until his court date. this was the scene outside oracle arena less than an hour ago, fireworks going off, exploding to celebrate another warriors playoff win, second in a row. it was even louder inside if you can imagine. fans in a frenzy as the team took a two games to none lead over new orleans. the opposing coach wishes they would quiet down a little. >> i'm not so sure that the decibel level is legal there. i'm serious. they've done studies on that. >> reporter: it's the comment by pelicans coach monty william creating waves in the basketball world. >> i don't think he has a right to say that. >> reporter: and warriors fans are responding. >> probably was too loud for them because they lost. >> reporter: williams made the comment after his team's loss saturday and went on to say this. >> they've got some of the best fans in the league here and
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they show up early and the music before the game, they're playing old school music and it's right above your locker room and you're like these people are crazy, man. >> reporter: the oracle arena is nothing new to the game built almost four decades ago and is known to be one of the loudest arenas, but these die hard fans say the volume during the game isn't any louder than any other arena. and maybe william should hit the mute button on his comments. >> i think i have every right to cheer as loud as i want to. >> reporter: when williams said illegal, he mountain by nba standards. >> warriors got off to a slow start, a tight 4th quarter for the second straight game. dennis has the highlights coming up ahead in sports. talk about a close call, how did a car wind up here on a bay area playground? we find out tonight. >> and the flight from the bay area was about to land and something went wrong. tonight why this woman says the southwest airlines crew let her
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husband die. >> this could throw a big wrench in the governor's drought plan, the new court ruling
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look at this, hard to believe no one was hurt after this car ended up on a playground slide saturday in richmond. police say the driver got distracted, drove onto the sidewalk into a fence, then slid down an embankment before landing on its side. she was issued multiple citations including not having a license and not using a child safety seat for her 7-year-old son. a california woman is suing
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southwest airlines tonight. she claims a flight crew left her husband to die in an airplane bathroom when he needed help. he was on a flight from oakland to orange county when he had a deadly blood clot. flight attendants reported hearing crying sounds from the restroom and called the secretary of state describing an unruly passenger. they later found him slumped over wedged against the door. >> one flight attendant said that she opened the door and she saw the top of my husband's head and his head was down and he was just wimperring. and left him there. >> the airline claims crews treated the situation as a medical emergency and immediately arranged for help, but the man's wife said if they had done more, they could have saved him. in less than eight hours doctors medical center in san pablo will shut down. this follows years of financial trouble there. the hospital serves primarily low income and uninsured patients. it will close its doors for
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good at 7 a.m. a new urgent care center is opening in san pablo to help patients who would have gone to doctors medical center. bay area golf course has gone to the birds tonight. at walnut creek's rossmoor retirement village the golf course has become a haven for hundreds of canada geese. that means a lot of goose poop. the golf course's solution? putting up a small wire fence around the lake to prevent young goslings from getting to the water for protection. critics call it cruel. >> there were literally hundreds at one time. we counted 22 a few days ago. now we only see five. >> yesterday there were more. there were probably about 20 here and most of them didn't survive the night. >> there's a petition out now demanding the fence be removed, but it might be too late. reps for the golf course could not be reached for comment.
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this could be a blow to the governor's drought plan tonight, mark kelly on today's big court ruling. >> the ruling takes on tiered water rates, you use more, you pay more, maybe not for long. a three-judge panel called that unconstitutional. >> it certainly gets everybody to sit forward if one of the major tools at the governor's and state's disposal is put into question. >> reporter: water attorney tom hicks says the decision today in orange county is turning the water world upside down. the court upheld a ruling that slapping big water users with higher charges is unconstitutional. governments cannot charge more than the cost of delivering the water. hicks says this ruling could change tier the water rates like those at east bay m.u.d. >> i don't think the issue is dormant after today. if anything, it's very much alive. >> reporter: but in year four of the drought governor brown has called for water districts
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to double down on tiered water pricing, not back off. he said today, "the brag effect of the court's decision is to -- practical effect of the court's decision is to put a straitjacket on local government at a time when maximum flexibility is needed." san juan capistrano charged its users four time the normal price all in the name of conservation. >> here's a new solution for the drought tonight. actor william schatner wants to build a pipeline from seattle to california kind of like the alaska oil pipeline. in an interview with yahoo the star trek star said, "how bad would be it to get a large 4- foot pipeline, keep it above ground because if it leaks, you're irrigating? " schatner said he's launching
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a $30 million kickstarter gain to try and make it happen. read about it on our website >> it's a resourceful plan. >> the fine folks of seattle may say we're conserving, too not sure if we want to give you any, california, but thanks for asking, but it's good to have an idea, right? you're saying there's a chance. let's see what's going on outdoors. we have fog at the golden gate. we have low cloud cover already inland to concord and fairfield, already south to san jose. it will be a very foggy start tomorrow. wide temperature spread, over the course of 45 miles which separate brentwood and daly city it was a 26-degree temperature spread today, daly city, your high 55, brentwood 81 degrees. we all level off around 50. it's interesting. we start at the same place, oakland tonight 50, concord 50,
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san jose 48, everybody hugging that 50-degree mark. everybody will be foggy tomorrow morning. even though there's no widespread rain chances in my forecast, you'll need to use your windshield wipers because we'll have widespread drizzle. you will be using your wipers tomorrow morning. low pressure area to our south. low pressure area to our north and west, good news. no organized rain chance. the onshore flow got cranked up today, temperatures down, cloud cover up. the load to our north will cause a lot of rainfall, but it won't cross the oregon/california border. we'll have a shelf of fog every morning for the next several. that low scoots by to our north. the low oh southern california will scoot by to our south and bring rain to utah, new mexico, arizona, even san diego may get a few showers, but both these guys will miss us and we'll be left with skies that look like rainfall, but it's not going to rain unfortunately.
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afternoon sunshine away from the water, temperatures below normal and a tiny chance of a shower here or there wednesday, thursday and friday. fremont 65, widespread morning clouds in walnut creek and antioch, highs upper 60s. berkeley tomorrow 62, foggy start, novato 65, clearlake 75. temperatures kind of meander, a lot of morning cloud cover. we're left wondering what star trek actors would do with solving the drought because mother nature is not helping now. >> 4-foot pipe will do it for 40 million people. >> and if it leaks, you're irrigating. what are you going to do? at least it's got people thinking. >> it's a place to start, isn't it? >> yes, it is. >> maybe. maybe not. coming up tartine and blue
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website owners are bracing for mobilegeddon tonight. google is about to launch a new search algorithm favoring mobile friendly sites and that means smartphone and tablet users will get those results first. traditional sites will land much lower on the list. according to website tech crunch, 44% of fortune 500 websites fail to meet google's mobile friendly standard. you could call it a match made in bay area foodie heaven. tar steinbach rei is merge -- tartine bakery is merging with blue bottle coffee. dennis o'donnell standing by at oracle arena and man, it was touch and go for a little while. >> nail biter. >> reporter: a lot of lead changes tonight. it was a lot of fun, the
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warriors trying to get their first 2-0 series lead since 1989 and now head back to new orleans. we'll have that and ca
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mmmm, they made french toast out of banana bread, then topped it with candied pecans and bananas? it's like a match made in heaven. like bacon & eggs... ...oh look, bacon & eggs. the new banana bread french toast slam. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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dennis o'donnell joins us from oracle arena with tonight's sports report. >> reporter: yeah, ken, the warriors have won 19 straight games here at oracle and were 41-0 when holding opponents to under 100 points. those are not good numbers for a pelican team trying to even the series at 1 game apiece. golden state nearly blew a 25 point lead saturday night and in the 1st quarter pondexter finds an uncovered davis, throw down two of his 14 1st half points, anthony davis on fire early, they led by as many as 13, but in the 2nd klay thompson cut it to three. next possession down the floor, another three ball for thompson and the crowd began to erupt. it went deafening on the warriors' final poeing is of the half, curry from downtown, 55-52 golden state at the break. the warriors were outstanding
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tonight. especially leandro barbosa, 12 points in 15 minutes and the defense held new orleans to just 35 points in the 2nd half, a steal by green leading to an iguodala dunk and warriors lead by eight points. eric gordon did his best to help out, two-point game after three, still close, but klay thompson found his touch in the 4th. the hoop, the foul, nine-point lead. warriors win 97-87 and curry didn't even score in the 4th. game three on thursday night. >> i was moving well without the ball and moved from side to side and happened to catch me in rhythm and do what i do best. >> coach told me coming out to start of the 4th hey, davis is wearing down. continue to defend him. i fought him going to the hole like maybe i'm wearing down,
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not him. >> the pace is different. the calls are different. so i mean it's tough. it's all new to me. >> we've got to get better with our decision making. we always sort of walk the line. this team, between explosive and careless. >> reporter: 20 straight twins now for the warriors here at oracle. ice hockey news, san jose sharks took a page out of the 49ers playbook explaining why todd mclellan is no longer their head coach. >> he and i mutually agreed it was in the best interest for himself but most importantly the organization. >> reporter: like jed york and jim harbaugh. doug wilson parted ways with mcclellan, the franchise all time leader in wins, but he did miss the playoffs for the first time since 2003. so let the search begin. baseball, a's opening up a four-game set on the dark side
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against the angels. 3rd inning stephen vogt tells matt schumaker he's his father and they beat the angels 6-3. sad news tonight, 49ers hall of famer tackle passed away today. he played pro football in san francisco and played on usf's undefeated team in 1951 and was known for eating
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