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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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do joins us live in san jose to tell us what the senate education committee will be considering. reporter: the bill's author defends these changes. he is saying that they are not being watered down, they are just compromises. this after parents of some children threatened to remove their children from school rather than go along with some of these vaccinations. here are the changes to senate bill 277. children without vaccines would be allowed to enroll in home- based private schools. those sites could serve other families. kids could take part in independent study projects overseen by school districts but don't involve time in classrooms. the big push for a vaccine mandate came after a measles outbreak that started in disneyland back in january and spread throughout the country. since then lawmakers introduced a bill to close some of the loopholes and eliminate some exemptions except for medical reasons. it passed through the health committee. today members of the education committee are optimistic it will happen there. assemblyman mark levine from marin which has the largest
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number of parents who opt out of vaccinations says that they need to make sure this bill doesn't get watered down. will we actually end up with a bill that meets the intended outcomes or will there be some unintended consequences or a watering down that does not address the core issue? >> we'll see if it meets these legislative hurdles but can we forge consensus? >> reporter: and the big education committee vote happens at 9 a.m. this morning in sacramento. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. there's suddenly more pressure on oakland and alameda counties to find a way to keep the raiders. in southern california, councilmembers in the city of carson approved plans for a stadium to house the raiders and san diego chargers. anne makovec joins us live from the newsroom to explain what this means for the team's future. reporter: it means pressure on east bay officials is increasing big time. they are holding a forum this morning about what's next for the coliseum city plan. it's centered around a rich investor from san diego who
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wants to move forward, and that meeting adds new urgency after this. [ chanting ] >> reporter: so cal football fans cheering last night as councilmembers in carson voted to approve plans for an nfl stadium that would be shared by both the raiders and the chargers. the privately financed project would not have to go to a public vote. the raiders and chargers want to share the stadium if they can't reach deals in their current cities. >> if a deal were made in san diego or oakland that's an obstacle to overcome here in carson. >> reporter: meanwhile, oakland and alameda county still working on that coliseum city plan in hopes of keeping the raiders. this is a sketch of it bearing a privately financed stadium with homes, hotel, shopping center and office complex. nfl executives have expressed concern about the plan saying all that extra development around the stadium will slow up
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the process. they are pressuring east bay officials to make a deal fast. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. pleasanton must conserve more. the city council voted to reinstate fines. they will be levied against customers who don't cut water use from 25% from the 2013 levels. customers who do cut their usage by 25% will pay a lower rate for the water. the new system takes effect on may 15. everybody is cutting back. >> everybody is. >> yeah, which is -- it's easy to do. you always tell us that. easier than you think. >> especially if you have the open dialogue and you can create ideas together. this is probably the first time we have cut back so much since the late '70s when we had a drought. this is our live weathercam over levi's stadium. overcast there. current temperature in the
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santa clara valley 53 to 54 degrees. low 50s in san francisco where we have at drizzle associated with a deep marine layer. that's going to hang tight to the coast today in the upper 50s. partial bay clearing in the 60s and low 70s. we'll have full-on sunshine later today in the mid-70s inland. seven-day forecast is coming up. but let's say good morning to elizabeth. >> thank you, roberta. and ted with kcbs tells us that the southbound roadwork on 880 has already been cleared up. so everything looks good right now between downtown and the oakland coliseum. bay bridge, we haven't seen the incidents since we have been on the air. it's only been a little more than a half-hour but it's quiet now into san francisco. in fact, yeah, no major hot spots around the bay area. just some caltrans crews still hard at work there. you can see a little slow traffic on the sensors southbound 280 right there on the extension between cesar chavez and 101. they have various lanes blocked. and mass transit still off to a great start on this wednesday
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at 5:04. everything is on time. back to you guys. >> thank you. a fairfield couple plans to file a complaint against police for the way officers responded after their 8-year-old son was kidnapped on monday. they say the police treated them like criminals. police took the boy's mother to the ground and put her in handcuffs. she had called 911 after a car was stolen from her driveway. and the father recorded the video. >> the cop grabbed her and they dragged her down here to the -- around the corner where two cops slammed her to the ground and handcuffed her. we have two dogs and one of them would bite somebody they didn't know coming into the house. >> guzman says his wife stopped police from searching the house until he could corral the dogs and that delay led to an altercation. the boy was eventually found in the abandoned car hours later about two miles away. 5:05. baltimore protestors demanding answers over the death of freddie gray. the 25-year-old died after suffering a spinal cord injury
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while in police custody. andrew spencer has the story out of baltimore. reporter: the familiar refrain no justice no peace is this time heard outside the western district police station where baltimore police brought 25-year-old freddie gray after his arrest before they called for an ambulance and before his death 7 days later as the result of a spinal injury. >> how do you take a man put him in handcuffs and didn't feel as though you want to hurt him dead. >> it's not acceptable to keep doing this. it's no reason for this. it's no justification for some of the things that's being done. >> we want to see justice for the people who have been killed by police. we want to see justice for freddie gray who was brutally murderrd. >> reporter: officials say they don't know how he got a spinal cord injury which killed him. six officers are suspended pending the officer but haven't been forced to give statements. >> the officers who were directly involved because of our law enforcement officers
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bill of rights, we have yet to fully engage those officers. and we will get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: baltimore police officials say they hope to finish their investigation by may 1 so they can turn it over as to the state attorney's office. >> most importantly, the gray family, who is suffering right now, deserves answers and we're trying to get them. >> mr. grey's family deserves justice, and our community deserves an opportunity to heal to get better and to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: i'm andrew spencer reporting. the city of oakland is paying big bucks to a 16-year- old shot by police. officers say they mistook francois as a robbery suspect. he will receive $230,000 and one of his friends will get the other $45,000. investigators say he and his friends did not commit the robbery. a local whistle-blower will appear on capitol hill this morning to speak to a house
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committee about veteran affairs problems. rusty brown will help the committee look into allegations that the oakland and philadelphia va offices have mismanaged veterans claims. brown was part of a team that reviewed such allegations and found cases of veterans who died while waiting for help from the va. the government is telling airlines to watch for hacking by passengers. the fbi and tsa said they have no evidence that someone could commandeer a plane's navigation system through passenger wi-fi or in-flight entertainment systems. but a security researcher has told both "wired" magazine and the fbi he connected to airplane networks including when he was flying to sfo for a security conference. happening today, international travel through sfo will get a little easier and it starts today. the airport rolling out an automated passport kiosk in the u.s. customs arrival area. the kiosk will speed up the arrival process. travelers from 38 countries can
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take advantage of the new system. time now 5:08. rent prices soar in san francisco. what experts say is driving up the cost. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. from the kpix 5 weather center, it is "hump day"! it is earth day. so we are going to get a little help with our forecast with our weather watchers. >> and we are checking can the road ahead and the only thing going on now is a lot of overnight roadwork including both directions of the san mateo bridge. we'll have all your drive times coming up. but we also want we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we may come and feature your school on the show. or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back.
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just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. good morning, it's earth day. it is 5:12 on this wednesday. taking a look towards the transamerica building. we can see the top today. i use that as a barometer to see if there will be delays at sfo. we'll keep an eye as the news continues. some 2500 people spent a difficult night at sea in a storm off the coast of australia. the ship endured swells up to 30 feet high. and the storm forced the closure of sydney harbor.
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it was reopened today and the carnival spirit was able to pull into port. over the past couple of days they got the most rain in 17 years. big meteor shower will be visible tonight and tomorrow morning. you can see 10 to 20 meteors in rapid succession. the crescent moon is only a small fraction so fireballs will be highly visibility in the darkened sky. electricity rates would go up for many california households under a new proposal going before state regulators of a couple of judges proposed a rate structure overhaul that charges less for households using less electricity. california has been giving cost breaks to energy thrifty households since the 2000-2001 energy crisis. the sierra club says the rate change would mean higher electricity bills for 70% of customers. a grand opening celebration is planned today for public
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toilets in san francisco. some new locations for the pit stop which brings portable toilets and sinks to parts of town with especially large homeless populations. the new location is at 6th and jesse streets. falcons nesting season and biologists are marking falcon chicks on city hall. the band something for tracking purposes and you can watch online at 7:30. we have posted a link on our website, after the banding, falcon fans will find out if they are male or female. back in march, the female falcon laid three eggs. and construction workers in china have unearthed 43 fossilized dinosaur eggs while doing roadwork repair. the city already boasted the largest number of dinosaur eggs in the world. the latest were found on sunday. the repair work had to be
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halted as researchers jumped in the ditch to dig out those fossilized eggs. >> that's amazing. there they are. let's get a check on the roads with elizabeth. >> take it away. >> thanks, guys. just your overnight roadwork continuing around the bay area. so we have had a quite 45 minutes since we have been on the air once we get past 5:00, you see a change on the road sensors especially here through the livermore valley. sea the yellow sensors begin around mountain house on 205 and then extend to at least north flynn and actually they are turning red right now so yeah, the drive time is still about 16 minutes but that will likely change here any minute. still looks okay as well if you're heading toward the dublin interchange. highway 4 always competing for that worst commute at this time of the morning. and hillcrest you will see delays just a few taps of the brakes and then it looks okay
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past that into the concord area. here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge approach. overall everything is moving fine in all directions. overnight there was that roadwork eastbound. we only had the left lane open but everything should be -- no delays reported. and this is where we are seeing a little bit of slow traffic. it's on southbound 280 between cesar chavez and 101. they have caltrans blocking lanes, again, construction. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." roberta has our -- it's been chilly -- a cool forecast. >> it's downright raw yesterday. good morning, everybody. it's earth day. i want to call on our weather watchers to assist us in giving local conditions in the microclimates. we have a brand-new weather watcher this morning. let's look at kathy munch who is rising and shining with us bright and early from sebastopol reporting 52 degrees, love your picture, kathy. and she is reporting some areas of clouds, as well. let's check this reading here. 50 degrees, george hughes. oh, he gave us a brand-new
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picture. i'm liking that, too. you think he flies? i think so, huh? not so much this morning, though. because we are overcast. we are socked in with areas of low clouds and fog and, in fact, we could see delays at that particular airport which is sfo due to the very low ceiling. we'll keep a watchful eye on that and keep you abreast of the situation. right now 51 san francisco. 53 in santa rosa. mid-50s in livermore. also with overcast conditions, winds are relatively under 10 miles per hour throughout all of our reporting sites but will blow today out of the southwest 5 to 15 miles per hour. this is an upper-level disturbance. that is what's enhancing our marine layer today. and it's so deep. it's causing that condensation in the form of drizzle along the coast and into the bay. now, as this upper level disturbance exits this one is going to take an inside slider route bringing a chance of thunderstorms to the high sierra also yosemite and we could see a couple of those showers in the highest terrainof our local mountains.
5:18 am
this is futurecast. did you see the counterclockwise rotation of the clouds? that's because of the area of low pressure passing through the area. watch during the afternoon hours. that's when you see towards the evening hours that chance of a hit-and-miss scattered showers in the highest terrain. meanwhile around the state today a chance of thunderstorms in the high sierra. pollen report medium to high. i'm blaming the grasses. and our temperatures today according to highs, 50s, 60s, 70s. warmer than yesterday. 77 degrees with the sunshine inland. barely any clearing at all along the coast. and we'll be dry through the weekend. you know, earth day kind of verklempt i always plant a tree on earth day but if i do, i have to use more water. >> what are you going to do? >> i'm going to do it in other ways. maybe a two-minute shower instead of three. [ laughter ] 5:18. an emerald cut 100-carat diamond sold for about $22 million at sotheby's in the
5:19 am
promotional video for the diamond a woman's sultry voice proclaimed it to be the ultimate object of natural beauty. the internally flawless stone is the only one of its time over 100 carats to come to auction. >> beautiful. >> big. it is 5:19. still to come, chewing tobacco strikes out at san francisco playing fields. reporter: and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, which a's position player actually had to pitch last night? and could four double plays save tim lincecum and the giants? dodger blue coming up. >> watching puppy videos is one way to manage stress. in today's job report cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has some tips for keeping you cool at work. reporter: april is stress awareness month. according to the american psychological association, more than a third of americans, including 40% of people here in california, say they're living with stress. 60% report that work is the source. the easiest place to begin reducing work-related stress
5:20 am
may be in the way you deal with email. researchers have coined a term, telepressure, to describe our urge to respond immediately to emails. according to a recent study, these fixated employees had poor sleep quality and were more likely to miss work for health reasons. not only may your obsession of responding to email make you anxious; it could also be hurting your productivity by becoming focused on instant responses. to foster a healthier pattern, ask your boss to set clear expectations about response times. additionally, instead of asking for information asap, managers should spell out the exact deadline for their requests. teams can also set periods during the day to go through email. these small steps should help you reduce at least one stressor in your life. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5.
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more now on a developing story in walnut creek. firefighters have just controlled a two-alarm fire on the 600 block of la casa via. the call came in at 3:45 this morning. firefighters tell us this is a residential fire. so far, there have been no reports of injuries and we have a crew at the scene. we'll have more updates on the fire a little later in the newscast. good morning, everyone. what better medicine to cure the giants' ills than to host the red-hot los angeles
5:24 am
dodgers? listen to the pre-game prognosis of dr. jeremy affeldt. >> you know, maybe them coming in maybe it will spark something and kind of give us that play-off atmosphere that we need. >> scully has been calling dodger games since harry truman was in office. bottom of the fourth 2-0 giants. aoki down the first place line. there's the dodgers we all know and love. two runs score, 4-0 lead for tim lincecum. timmy got offense and defense. look at the human vacuum cleaner aka brandon crawford to panik, 4-6-3 double play. justin maxwell his first home run since 2013. giants win 6-2. and that snaps l.a.'s seven-game win streak. turnstiles in anaheim were like the angels running the bases they just kept turning and turning. a little higher octane off drew
5:25 am
pomeranz his first of the year and that was no cheapie. how bad was it? they were down 14-1. oakland brought in first baseman ike davis to pitch. he set down l.a. in order in his first career game on the pitchers mound. first a's position player to pitch since frankie manakeno. a's lose 14-1. the nba coach of the year is not steve kerr. it's mike budenholzer of atlanta. it's a decision i agree with and you can check on my blog on that story at have a great day, everybody. play of the day, the world of soccer. we are going to take you to europe. check out robert elevendowski who place for munich a well down head shot. there it goes. finding the back of the net. munich won 6-1 over puerto after a terrific head shot right there. play of the day.
5:26 am
5:25 right now. a new tool could help women find out if they have the breast cancer gene. the affordable at-home test invented by a bay area startup. >> reporter: and the vaccine mandate bill faces a huge vote today. i'm kiet do. we have a li
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. another bay area city approves tough penalties for water wasters. i'm anne makovec following the quest for a stadium for the oakland raiders a move to l.a. looks more plausible this morning as east bay officials
5:30 am
prepare to meet. >> happy earth day, everybody. we are going to talk about the fog and chances of it burning off at the coast today. >> and this is it. our slowest commute around the bay area. you can really see why on the sensors. more coming up. good morning, it's wednesday, april 22. good to have you with us. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. a crucial vote happens today on a law designed to ensure most california schoolchildren get vaccinated. the proposal has undergone some changes in just the past weak. kiet do joins us from san jose to tell us what the senate education committee is taking up. kiet. reporter: good morning. we are getting a real-time look at the law making process here, the deals, the compromises. this is how the sausage gets made. here are some of the changes coming to senate bill 277. children without vaccines would be allowed to enroll in home- based private schools and those sites could serve multiple families. also, kids could take part in independent study projects that are overseen by school
5:31 am
districts but do not involve time in classrooms. the big push for a vaccine mandate came after measles outbreak that started in disneyland in january then spread throughout the country. since then, lawmakers moved to close some of the loopholes and eliminate many exemptions except for medical reasons. senate bill 277 has already cleared the senate health committee. today members of the education committee are optimistic the same will happen there. mark levine from marin with the largest number of parents who opt out of vaccinations says the key is to make sure they reach consensus without watering it down. >> we'll see. will it protect the number of children that we need? will this bill raise just the conversation, the dialogue in the state of california, raise awareness about the importance of vaccinations so that parents start thinking again who are considering opting out maybe this isn't a wise decision for my own child. >> reporter: the big education committee vote happens at 9 a.m. this morning in sacramento. we're live in downtown san
5:32 am
jose. kiet do, kpix 5. water customers in pleasanton will have to pay hefty fines unless they start conserving more water. the city council voted last night to reinstate fines in the city. they will be levied against customers who don't cut water use by 25% from the 2013 levels. >> we can only cut back so much more because we already are not using much. >> customers who do cut their usage by 25% will pay a lower rate for water. new system set it take effect may 15. let's check the weather with roberta. it's warming up a bit today. >> it is going to warm up in comparison to yesterday. the winds won't be as ominous as yesterday. it felt blustery yesterday. >> it was cold like winter. >> good morning. out the door, sure, we still have overcast conditions due to very impressive marine layer. it's roughly about 1500 feet deep at this hour. that's going to cause some possible chase in at sfo. we are in the 50s across the board. winds under 10 miles per hour. and our numbers very close to average today.
5:33 am
50s beaches with little clearing if any. 60s, 70s peninsula. 70s east of the bay. north bay today southwest winds to 15, high 60s, low 70s. your full forecast minutes away. first here's liz. >> thank you, roberta. and you know, just a couple of minutes ago we got word of a new wreck around the dublin interchange westbound 580 around the hopyard exit. so it sounds like it's already cleared to the right-hand shoulder. they are waiting for tow crews to get out there so if anything it's a visual distraction and the drive time was already slow out of the altamont pass. 21 minutes now that stretch of drive time between there and the dublin interchange. but just a long line of continuous slow traffic from end to end and over at the bay bridge it's the cash lanes filling in backed up to the end of the parking lot. that's traffic. back to you guys. thank you, liz. it is 5:33 now. the pressure is turned up a notch for efforts to keep the raiders in oakland. in southern california, the city council in carson has approved plans for a football stadium though house the
5:34 am
raiders and the chargers. anne makovec is live in the newsroom now to explain where things stand bright now. reporter: it's a standoff. east bay officials are holding a forum this morning about what's next for the coliseum city plan. that is centered around a rich investor from san diego who wants to move forward in the east bay. that meeting has new urgency after this. >> mr. city clerk, the motion carries. >> whoo! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: that was a southern california football fans down in the city of carson last night as councilmembers voted to approve plans for an nfl stadium that would be shared by both the oakland raiders and the san diego chargers. the privately financed project would not have to go to a public vote. the raiders and chargers would share the stadium if they can't reach deals in their current cities. >> the community has spoken. football needs to come back to los angeles. >> reporter: but not so fast!
5:35 am
oakland and alameda county still working on a coliseum city plan in hopes of keeping the raiders. this is a sketch of that pairing a privately financed $1 billion stadium with thousands of new homes, a hotel, shopping center and office complex. nfl executives have expressed concern about that plan saying that all of that accessory development around the stadium would slow up the process. they are pressuring east bay officials to make a deal fast. anne makevoc, kpix 5. a registered sex offender is in custody accused of sexual assaulting a woman while giving her a massage at a nail salon. investigatorrings say it happened at week at murphy's style salon at north kingston in san mateo. the victim says she is went in for a pedicure then decided to get a massage. once she was on the table, she says 53-year-old troy murphy assaulted her. >> began like any other massage but then shortly into the massage he began touching her inappropriately despite her
5:36 am
saying no and stop. >> police say murphy was trying to take off the victim's underwear when another worker arrived and stopped him. investigators say the salon is not licensed or permitted to give massages. we are hearing from the san jose police chief about his pursuit of a murder suspect who escaped from jail. as we first reported yesterday, 26-year-old hector arias is back behind bars. this picture shows his scrapes and bruises after. arias slipped out of a holding cell on monday, then he managed to flip his handcuffs in front of him, then scale the barbed wire fence. he ran across the parking lot straight into chief esquivel who was driving into work at the time. the chief described what happened next. >> and i attempted to unsuccessfully tackle him and more of a kind of a forearm shiver and he kind of lost his balance and i directly lost my balance and fell on the ground got scraped up a little bit. >> but he got his man. you can see what happened here.
5:37 am
cleave esquivel's elbow and his shirt. he got up and chased him for a couple of blocks and took him into custody. a woman in southern california vows to sue the u.s. marshal service after a deputy marshall smashed her cell phone. someone across the street captured the incident on video sunday in southgate. it shows the marshal throwing the phone on the ground and then stomping on it. the woman was shooting video as law enforcement detained several people in her neighborhood. >> about eight to ten people being held in front of a lawn at gunpoint all on their stomach with their hands behind their back. >> the u.s. marshal service says it's aware of the video and is reviewing what happened. happening today, more planned demonstrations from baltimore protestors over the death of a man in police custody. [ chanting ] >> these protestors organized outside the baltimore police
5:38 am
department yesterday. 25-year-old freddie gray suffered a fatal spinal injury under mysterious circumstances while handcuffed. officers chased after gray in a well known drug area in baltimore on april 12. a week after his arrest, gray died from his injuries. the department of justice is investigating his death. the cost to rent a home in the bay area keeps skyrocketing. according to the real estate data firm zillo, last month's rent went up 14.8% in the san francisco area compared with a year earlier. it was up 12.3% in the san jose area and nationally, it was up 3.7%. >> time for a raise. >> for everybody. >> i like that idea. [ laughter ] google is poised to launch a new wireless phone service that goes mostly through wi-fi. >> jill wagner of joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's all about corporate earnings here on wall street. mcdonald's and coca-cola are two of the big companies that just reported their earnings before the opening bell.
5:39 am
yesterday the dow fell 85 points. the nasdaq gained about 20. comcast and time warner executives are scheduled to meet today with the justice department. they are going to try and salvage the proposed $45 billion merger. the combined company would control 57% of the high-speed internet market. yesterday 6 senators urged the fcc to block the deal saying it would, quote, lead to higher prices, fewer choices and poorer quality services for americans. and google could launch its own wireless phone service as early as today. according to the wall street journal, customers would only pay for the data that they use like to make phone calls and surf the internet. google would mostly route those calls through wi-fi. that means that would cut down on costs even more. frank and michelle? >> all right, jill. first it was amazon and now we are hearing the u.s. postal service could be delivering packages by drones. tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah. the postal service has narrowed down the companies bidding to
5:40 am
build the next generation of delivery trucks and one company is offering a truck that doubles as a drone launcher. the horsefly drone weighs about 15 pounds and it can carry a 10- pound package. the postal service is expected to award the winning bid i 2017. >> here comes your christmas gift! [ laughter ] >> jill wagner of, thank you. it is 5:40 now. an update on that two-alarm fire in walnut creek this morning. contra costa county firefighters say they now have the fire under control. earlier flames and heavy smoke pouring out of the rooftop there. the fire broke out around 3:45 at the 600 block of la casa via. so far there have been no reports of injuries there. the home is a total loss. 5:40 right now. california schools experiment with a new program in science classes. what administrators hope to get out of it.
5:41 am
>> and a sneak peek at the bay area's massive super bowl bash. super bowl 50. a look at the village that will indiana hundreds of thousands of fans. >> -- that will entertain hundreds of thousands of fans. >> first, i-80 in oakland traffic moving along smoothly. we'll have traffic and weather coming up.
5:42 am
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5:44 am
monday with symptoms consistent with the illness. it can cause inflammation of membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord. tests came back inconclusive but about 60 students, faculty and staff were given antibiotics just in case they were exposed. testing for breast cancer is getting easier and less expensive thanks to a method developed by a startup in burlingame. testing for key gene mutations called brca1 and two used to cost up to $4,000. but a company called color genomics is now offering testing for those two genes and 17 others for just $249. a woman with the brca1 mutation has a 55 to 65% chance of developing breast cancer by age 70. the test must be ordered by a doctor either the patient's own doctor or one provided by the company. the lower price is possible because of improved lab and software automation. san francisco's board of supervisors is moving to ban
5:45 am
smokeless tobacco at all sports fields including at&t park. it includes both ecigarettes and chewing tobacco. supervisor mark farrell says such products have no place at sporting events. a study says boys are more likely to chew tobacco if they see pro athletes doing it. final vote set for next week. kids and parents in santa clara who don't want used soccer fields sold to the 49ers are voicing their opposition. they turned out at a city council meeting last night. the 49ers are offering $15 million for three fields for parking lots and development right near levi's stadium. the team would also provide $3 million to santa clara unified school district to upgrade other fields but the proposal is a tough sell. >> they need to own up to the responsibility to build a replacement soccer facility for the league and for the kids. >> we're trying to come up
5:46 am
with a long-term solution. >> a coach in the league says the 49ers made promises at the time the stadium was built to protect the soccer community. super bowl 50 will be played in santa clara next winter but a megastreet fair called super bowl city will be held in san francisco. kpix 5's ken bastida emceed a preview yesterday at justin herman plaza. super bowl city events will include interactive games, food, drinks, music and football-related activities. >> you don't need a ticket to super bowl 50 to come to the fan village to come to super bowl city. you don't need a special ticket to come to super bowl city. it will be a truly open inclusive free to the public celebration. >> other pre-super bowl events will be held in santa clara. a reminder super bowl 50 can be seen right here on kpix 5. now, we can only get the raiders or the 49ers into the game, you know, that would be a party. >> it works right? it would be so much better. yeah. but we'll have to see. >> we have some work to do.
5:47 am
>> we'll have to wait. let's go out the door. what do we have going on? we have two separate accidents now. i hope this isn't a repeat of yesterday. we had accidents in the same locations. so we are seeing a similar pattern forming, unfortunately, near the dublin interchange. first the wreck near hopyard and now a new one approaching santa rita road. they are both off to the right- hand shoulder but we saw the early-morning backups early through the altamont pass to 29 miles per hour right there. the drive time says 23 minutes. but those accidents in pleasanton are not going to help that stretch of commute. over to the bay bridge now and metering lights are on. they switched on the metering lights one minute earlier every day so far this week if i'm remembering correctly. this morning was 5:37. so yeah, get a head start on your morning commute. a lot of other people r you can see the congestion now forming too about the foot of the maze cash and fastrak. and highway 4 always bogged
5:48 am
down always a bottleneck particularly brutal yesterday with a couple of early-morning wrecks but this morning it's mainly focused on antioch where all that congestion is and the san mateo bridge bridge the roadwork continues eastbound but not seeing a delay in either direction. that is "kcbs traffic." with the forecast, here's roberta. the weather is so diverse today i'm going to call on our weather watchers to see what we can forecast at this particular time it. we have 52 degrees, thanks to gordon steele. winds under 5 miles per hour. we are socked in with overcast conditions. here's the gray slate over sfo at this hour. we will keep abreast of the situation at all our local airports for the possibility of airport delays due to the very low ceiling. temperatures in the 50s across the board. we have a series of upper level disturbances. one rolled through the bay area yesterday enhancing our marine layer. this is the next one. it's stacked up to the north of us. and that will breeze across california later today enhancing the marine layer.
5:49 am
also, as this one from yesterday exits it makes tracks for that one. it has carved a path on the so therefore we have the opportunity of a rain shower today in the highest terrain of the bay area. this is futurecast. this is towards the lunch hour. and we clear out a little earlier than yesterday. but look at this. a lot of instability in the atmosphere. we could see a light shower around the mount saint helena area by the evening compute, also around henry coe park in the morgan hill area. and then partly cloudy overnight before we see the redevelopment of some stratus right offshore again. temperature-wise 80 at the state capital today. a chance of a thunderstorm from the high sierra all the way into yosemite as well as in redding. 79 in fresno. pollen count is high. i blame it on the grasses as far as i'm concerned. sun-up 6:25. sunset 7:53. smack in between, 50s beaches, 60s, 70s bayside to the mid-70s inland. not as windy today.
5:50 am
southwest winds at 15. you will notice it's a gradual bumpup in the temperatures by early next week in a string of sunshiny days there, as well. as were you saying frank, earlier, april showers, not seeing it no may flowers. >> and you already got a super bowl forecast? >> i have a super bowl -- >> 67 degrees, partly cloudy. >> yeah. that's what it's looking like as of right now. >> that crystal ball is big. [ laughter ] >> i got my weather stick for me on that one. >> we are going to play this back in february. yesterday state schools superintendent tom torlakson visited a middle school in galt in sacramento county. it's one of 10 early implementation areas that will serving as models for the state emphasizing hands on experiments and critical thinking. >> a lot of it came from teachers who realized that the
5:51 am
world was changing and to prepare students for the real world after college and high school they needed to go to more challenging work. >> in the bay area oakland unified and aspire schools are also rolling out the program early. the new standards will be implemented statewide start next year. 5:51 on this wednesday. city supervisors vote on whether muni guards shut keep their guns. the results coming
5:52 am
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there are signs of affection. and then... there are signs of affection. use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. good morning. it's "hump day,ers" day. let's call on our weather watcher and see the current conditions around the bay area. good morning, linda! san rafael 45 degrees. 55 degrees in fremont according to brian steele. and one more we'll check in, 53 degrees and that would be keith rodriguez in san leandro. thank you for the current observations. >> thank you. out the door, let's see we have a wreck now in the sunol grade. it sounds like it's on the sheridan road off-ramp. look at the backups already beginning on southbound 680. we'll show you where those begin plus the rest of your morning drive all coming up. the san francisco board of
5:55 am
supervisors voted to allow the mta to keep armed guards. the guards protect muni employees transporting cash boxes. san francisco supervisor jane kim wanted to disarm muni guards. [ indiscernible ] >> i think the better circumstance is to give the money. >> the city has a $38 million contract with cypress security. about a million dollars pays for the armed guards. doctors medical center in san pablo is closed for good. long-time employees gathered outside as the last patient was discharged yesterday morning. icu was eerily quiet. empty beds left behind. the 60-year-old hospital has limped along with a $20 million deficit every year. 80%. patients were low income or -- 80% of the patients were low income or uninsured. the building will be up for sale. day 2 of the sentencing phase for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar
5:56 am
tsarnaev. he faces the death penalty. the prosecution describes him as a man who didn't care that he killed three people. the defense argues the older brother was the mastermind. if the jury is not unanimous, he will get life in prison. it is 5:56. in the next half-hour, why a move to l.a. looks more plausible this morning for the oakland raiders. east bay officials move forward with their own plans. >> reporter: the vaccine mandate bill faces a key vote today. i'm kiet do with a live report on how the author says they are not watering it do
5:57 am
5:58 am
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good morning. time now is 6:00. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. an update on the fire in walnut creek. the fire at a massive home is under control. you can see flames and smoke coming out of the rooftop here. the fire broke out around 3:45 at the 600 block of la casa via. so far this have been no reports of injuries. the home, though, a total loss. no word on what may have caused that fire. a key vote on requiring most california schoolchildren to get vaccinated and the proposal has amendments. kiet do joins from us san jose to tell us what the senate education committee will be considering. >> reporter: good morning. author of the bill has made some compromises this after some parents threatened to pull their kids out of school rather going along with the vaccinations. here are the changes to senate bill 277. children without vaccines would be allowed to enroll in home- based private schools. those sites could serve other families. kids could take part in independent study projects overseen by school districts but don't involve time in


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