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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. time now is 6:00. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. an update on the fire in walnut creek. the fire at a massive home is under control. you can see flames and smoke coming out of the rooftop here. the fire broke out around 3:45 at the 600 block of la casa via. so far this have been no reports of injuries. the home, though, a total loss. no word on what may have caused that fire. a key vote on requiring most california schoolchildren to get vaccinated and the proposal has amendments. kiet do joins from us san jose to tell us what the senate education committee will be considering. >> reporter: good morning. author of the bill has made some compromises this after some parents threatened to pull their kids out of school rather going along with the vaccinations. here are the changes to senate bill 277. children without vaccines would be allowed to enroll in home- based private schools. those sites could serve other families. kids could take part in independent study projects overseen by school districts but don't involve time in
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classrooms. the big push for a vaccine mandate came after a measles outbreak that started in disneyland back in january and spread throughout the country. since then lawmakers introduced a bill to close some of the loopholes and eliminate some exemptions except for medical reasons. it passed through the health committee. today members of the education committee are optimistic it will happen there. assemblyman mark levine from marin which has the largest number of parents who opt out of vaccinations says that they need to make sure this bill doesn't get watered down. >> will we actually end up with a bill that meets the intended outcomes or will there be some unintended consequences or a watering down that does not address the core issue? we'll see if it meets these legislative hurdles but can we forge consensus? >> reporter: and the big education committee vote happens at 9 a.m. this morning in sacramento. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. water customers in
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pleasanton will have to pay dearly if they don't start conserving more. the city council voted to reinstate fines. they will be levied against customers who don't cut water use from 25% from the 2013 levels. >> we can only cut back so much more at this point because we already are not using much. >> customers who do cut their usage by 25% will pay a lower rate for the water. the new system takes effect on may 15. the effort to keep the raiders in oakland is taking on more urgency. in southern california, councilmembers in the city of carson approved plans for a stadium to house the raiders and san diego chargers. anne makovec joins us live from the newsroom to explain what this means for the team's future. reporter: it means pressure on east bay officials is increasing big time. they are holding a forum this morning about what's next for the coliseum city plan. it's centered around a rich investor from san diego who wants to move forward, and that meeting adds new urgency after this. [ chanting ]
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>> reporter: so cal football fans cheering last night as councilmembers in carson voted to approve plans for an nfl stadium that would be shared by both the raiders and the chargers. the privately financed project would not have to go to a public vote. the raiders and chargers want to share the stadium if they can't reach deals in their current cities. >> if a deal were made in san diego or oakland that's an obstacle to overcome here in carson. >> reporter: meanwhile, oakland and alameda county still working on that coliseum city plan in hopes of keeping the raiders. this is a sketch of it bearing a privately financed stadium with thousands of new homes, hotel, shopping center and office complex privately funded. nfl executives have expressed concern about the plan saying all that extra development around the stadium will slow up the process. they are pressuring east bay officials to make a deal fast. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5.
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all right, anne. biggest raider fan in all the land is doing our traffic this morning. >> that's right, sir. i'm from oakland. so there you go. all right. let's go out to the east bay. let's go to oakland actually. to the bay bridge the toll plaza. it is officially stacked up through the maze. so up to 20 minutes to get through the toll plaza. it sure doesn't take long. the metering lights were switched on at 5:37 this morning. but this is probably our worst problem area a couple of different accidents through the dublin interchange. everything is out of lanes but unfortunately, drive time is in the red now. so heavy 28 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. and just slow-and-go sluggish all the way out near the 205- 580 interchange straight on to 680. highway 4 always slow. well, this morning no exception. 12 miles per hour as you pass "a" street. and now we are seeing slow
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traffic as well coming into pittsburg-bay point into concord. golden gate bridge out the door everything looks great so far out off sausalito. no delay in either direction. and while the richmond/san rafael bridge, we are seeing a few more cars on the road, so far it's problem-free between the east bay and marin county. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. roberta has our -- it's been cold, hopefully warmer forecast. >> you know, it's blustery yesterday. we were picking up strong winds over 20 miles per hour. more of an onshore wind. today those winds lesser. they will be out of the southwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. right now, though, i'm watching the ceiling drop. it's roughly touching the very tip-top of the transamerica building. which leads me to believe that ceiling is 1,000 feet right now. no airport delays so far. the southwest winds at 10 in concord. otherwise concord today realizing an average temperature pretty seasonal spring day here in the bay area
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socked in with the clouds at the coast with partial clearing. we'll see sunshine later today 60s, 70s and the peninsula, low 70s across the santa clara valley. back to you. >> thank you. a local whistle-blower will appear on capitol hill this morning to speak to a house committee about veterans affairs problems. are yousty ann brown will help the committee look into allegations that the oakland and philadelphia va offices had mismanaged benefit claims from veterans. brown was part of a team that reviewed such allegations and found cases of veterans who actually died while waiting for help from the va. city of oakland is paying out a large settlement to a 16- year-old shot by the police. officers say they mistook the person as a robbery suspect. he was hit with bullet fragments in the jaw. he will receive $230,000 and one of his friends will get the other $45,000. investigators say he and his
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friends did not commit the robbery. a theft of a high-priced musical instrument plays out on surveillance video. two suspects stole a teenaged girl's $8,500 cello right out of a car on april 11. it was parked at the o'farrell and stockton street garage in san francisco. the woman suspect rummaged through the car while the man acted as a lookout. san francisco police released these surveillance photos. the man has a shaved head and is 30 to 40 years old. the woman has dark brown hair and is 20 to 30 years old. vandals spray-painted the whale carcass in pacifica. there are burned chunks of blubber on the beach there. an east bay motorcycle gang tagged its name on the carcass. the woman was shot when she took her kid to see the whale before it washes back into the ocean. >> it's awful! you know, i think it's bad enough what happened to the poor whale. why do they have to make it
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worse? >> marine biologists performed a necropsy on the whale. but they have not determined yet the cause of death because tissue samples weren't fresh enough. today is earth day. and mayor ed lee and others are making a bus tour as part of a campaign to reduce carbon emissions. lee will be joined on his climate action bus tour by the president of the giants and the warriors. they will set out this morning on a muni bus from a recycling area near at&t park. the city has a goal to send zero waste to landfills and eventually to use 100 renewable energy. a grand opening celebration is planned today for puck toilings in -- toilets in san francisco. some new locations for the pit stop which brings portable toilets and sinks to parts of town with especially large homeless populations. the new location is at 6th and jesse streets. the festivities begin at 3 p.m. falcons fans can watch some chicks on top of san jose city hall. it's falcons nesting season and
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biologists are marking falcon chicks on city hall. the band something for tracking purposes and you can watch online at 7:30. we have posted a link on our website, after the banding, falcon fans will find out if they are male or female. back in march, the female falcon laid three eggs. the fbi is warning airs to be on the lookout for mile high hackers. the incidents that has the feds sounding the alarm. >> a lot of youth soccer players and parents upset over the 49ers and last night the two sides came face to face. >> foggy at the coast, sunshine inland but we have your full pollen report straight ahead. >> and let's get a check of the south bay, where as you are, a lot of green, the only slow traffic we're seeing is coming up on northbound 101
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"hump day." is it raining? that's drizzle. it's all associated with a very deep marine layer. but there is a chance of rain later tonight. i'll tell you where in just a matter of minutes. the pope will visit cuba before coming to the united states in september. the vatican confirmed it but didn't offer details or dates. the pope helped with the thawing of relations with cuba and the united states. government is telling airlines to be on the lookout for hacking by passengers. the fbi and the tsa say they have no evidence that someone could commandeer a plane's navigation system through passenger wi-fi or in-flight entertainment systems but a security researchers has told "wired" magazine and the fbi he connected to the airplane's networks including when he was
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flying to sfo for a security conference. we're now the getting afirst and if account from the san jose police chief about his pursuit of a murder suspect who broke out of jail. as we first record yesterday, 26-year-old hector arias is back behind bars. this picture shows his scrapes and bruises. arias slipped out of a holding cell on monday. he flipped his cuffed hands from back to front and then scaled a barbed wire fence. he scrambled across the police parking lot and straight into police chief larry esquivel, who was just arriving at work. the chief described what happened next. >> and i attempted to unsuccessfully tackle him and, uhm, more of a kind of forearm shiver and he lost his balance and i lost my balance and fell on the ground got scraped up a little bit. >> you can see what happened to chief esquivel's elbow and his shirt. he got up, chased arias for a few blocks and finally took him back into custody. 49ers are running into some
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stiff opposition not from the opposing football team but from people who live in santa clara. they don't want the city to sell soccer fields to the 9ers. betty yu shows us the turf war. >> reporter: they chanted. they made sang. [ singing ] >> reporter: even created a video based on the beverly hillbillies theme song and tonight they packed the santa clara city council meeting to say -- >> we are not for sale. i hope you make the right decision. which is not in favor of the 49ers. >> reporter: 49ers want three used soccer fields for parking lots and the rights to develop the 11-acre property. >> they need to own up to the, um, responsibilities to build a replacement soccer facility for the league and for the kids. the value of that property next to it the levi's stadium is worth $70 million. >> reporter: the 9ers offered to give the city $15 million in
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rent which it believes will be enough to cover a new sports complex and give $3 million to the school districts to upgrade their fields. the proposal was a tough sell to the crowd. >> i'm not stupid! okay? i need to see something in the ground, some fields built, paint dried, before we leave santa clara youth soccer park! >> there are so many times the kids say we're not for sale and you guys are disingenuous. how do you respond to that? >> we're trying to find a long- term solution. >> reporter: no decision was made at the meeting. the 9ers and the city will continue to meet and go over different proposals. so right now there is no timeline for this field's future. in santa clara, betty yu, kpix 5. a big meteor shower will be visible for much of the northern hemisphere tonight and tomorrow morning. at its height observers can expect to see 10 to 20 meteors
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in rapid succession. right now the crescent moon is small so that means fireballs from the meteor shower will be highly visibility in the darkened sky. >> always fun to watch. >> oh, my gosh, yeah. >> i think we'll all be asleep. >> did somebody say fireball? [ laughter ] > different kind. [ laughter ] >> the one up there. >> running over from the weather [overlapping speakers >> you'll be up though in the middle of the night? >> we'll be driving to work. >> it's going to be cloudy here. >> hi. how is the commute, liz? [ laughter ] >> i was preparing my response. [ laughter ] it's okay. we have a couple of slow areas but overall no major hot spots. you can see the slow traffic out of pleasanton. i mentioned the early-morning fender-bender right there at the sheraton road off -- sheridan road off-ramp. it's cleared. it's slow between pleasanton and the sunol grade and the drive time is in the red
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between the altamont pass and 680. they cleared those earlier problems through the dublin interchange so now the worst traffic especially on the approach to vasco road you can see it kind of bottlenecking right there but yeah, that's kind of a rough commute every morning so bay bridge kind of a similar story. they switched on the metering lights a minute earlier today than they did yesterday. i know those minutes count when commuting into the city in the early-morning hours. 580 backed up into the interchange now. i can show you a live look where they are cycling through the metering lights relatively slowly limiting the amount of cars on the bridge but it helps improve the flow of traffic on the span. everything is fine actually end to end between oakland and san francisco. if you are traveling on the nimitz freeway, oakland traffic is fine near oakland airport and it's clear from hayward all the way out to the maze. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. with the forecast, here's roberta. we are peering towards the bay bridge from the city of san francisco trying to look out towards the port of oakland and
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one thing i have noticed in the past "60 minutes" is the visibilities has been deteriorating. that's probably because we are picking up some drizzle around the bay and around the coast all due to a very deep marine layer. it is currently 51 degrees in san francisco to 55 in livermore. these temperatures have barely seen movement because that marine layer streams inland at least a good 50 miles. the clouds continue to stack up at the coast all day long today because of that right there. it is an upper-level disturbance. this was the one yesterday that provided some rain across the central valley. this is the next system. that could drop a few raindrops across the northern mountains and also around henry coe park in the morgan hill area. this is your lunch hour. it does indicate that we'll clear out a little earlier today than yesterday. but this is interesting. towards it the later portion of the evening commute right around mount saint helena, we see a chance of some rain showers there and then that cell wants to drift in towards the south bay as well so we'll keep a watchful eye on that but
6:20 am
we're not talking about anything measurable. 80 sacramento today thunderstorms a possibility in the high sierra through yosemite. 80s around the redding areas. pollen still medium to high. 50s beaches today, 60s, 70s bayside to 70s across the peninsula today. warmer today than yesterday. 75 degrees in livermore. bested by antioch at 77. and then a dry weather pattern for your weekend. frank and michelle, happy earth day! >> all right, roberta, thank you. 6:20 right now.
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turnstiles in anaheim were
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good morning, everyone. what better medicine to cure the giants' ills than to host the red-hot los angeles dodgers? listen to the pre-game prognosis of dr. jeremy affeldt. >> you know, maybe them coming in maybe it will spark something and kind of give us that play-off atmosphere that we need. >> scully has been calling dodger games since harry truman was in office. bottom of the fourth 2-0 giants. aoki down the first place line. there's the dodgers we all know and love. two runs score, 4-0 lead for tim lincecum. timmy got offense and defense. look at the human vacuum cleaner aka brandon crawford to panik, 4-6-3 double play. justin maxwell his first home run since 2013. giants win 6-2. and that snaps l.a.'s seven-game win streak. turnstiles in anaheim were like the angels running the bases they just kept turning and turning. a little higher octane off drew pomeranz his first of the year and that was no cheapie. how bad was it? they were down 14-1. oakland
6:25 am
brought in first baseman ike davis to pitch. he set down l.a. in order in his first career game on the pitchers mound. first a's position player to pitch since frankie mana keno. a's lose 14-1. the nba coach of the year is not steve kerr. it's mike budenholzer of atlanta. it's a decision i agree with and you can check on my blog on that story at have a great day, everybody. play of the day, the world of soccer. we are going to take you to europe. check out robert who plays for munich with a great header right there. boom! finds the right side of the net. munich won 6-1 over puerto after a terrific head shot right there. play of the day.
6:26 am
6:25. starting today, international travel to and from san francisco will get a whole lot easier. >> reporter: mandate bill that's going through the state legislature right now is still very much alive. i'm kiet do. we h
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the ante is upped. i'm anne makovec. east bay officials prepare to meet on the move of the raiders
6:30 am
to los angeles. a virus depleting the nation's egg supply. >> if you are taking flight today we have delays at sfo due to the weather. we'll have your full earth day forecast straight ahead. >> and if you are heading out of pleasanton on southbound 101, that would be petaluma, we have an injury crash reported. we'll show you where the grass that begin coming up. thank you, good morning. it's wednesday, april 22. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. time now is 6:30. we're following breaking news in martinez. firefighters are battling a two- alarm blaze at an apartment complex. it started at 5:45 on pine and howell. two people are being treated for smoke inhalation including a martinez police officer. no word on how the fire started but we have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll update you as the story develops. and a fire at a large home in walnut creek under control. it took firefighters about an hour and a half to put out the flames this morning. that fire broke out around 3:45 on the 600 block of la casa
6:31 am
via. so far no reports of injuries. the home though is totaled. no word on what might have caused that fire. a crucial vote today on a law designed to ensure most california schoolkids get vaccinated. the proposal has undergone some major changes after stalling last week. kiet do joins us from san jose to tell us what the senate education committee is taking up. kiet. good morning. we are getting a realtime look at the law making process here, the deals, the compromises. this is how the sausage gets made. so here a look at the latest changes coming to senate bill 277. children without vaccines would be allowed to enroll in home- based private schools. and those sites could serve multiple families. also kids to take part in independent study projects overseen by school districts but to not involve time in classrooms. the big push for a vaccine mandate came after a measles
6:32 am
outbreak that spread from california through the country. they are trying to close vaccination loopholes. it already cleared the health committee. today members of the education committee are optimistic the same will happen there. assemblyman mark levine from marin weather has the largest numbers of parents who opt out of vaccinations say the key is to reach a consensus without watering it down. >> will we actually end up with a bill that meets the intended outcomes or there be some unintended copses kenya or in watering down that does not address the court issue? we'll see this as it meets the legislative hurdles. but can we forge consensus? >> the education committee vote happens at 9 a.m. in sacramento. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. the san francisco board of supervisors is moving to ban spoke less tobacco at sports fields -- smokeless tobacco at sport fields including at&t park. new study says boys are more
6:33 am
likely to chew tobacco if they see pro athletes doing it. yesterday giants infielder recalled the death of tony gwynn from cancer. >> i think he is a big name that died because of it. so i think some people have seared clear. >> i think it's good for the kids. we try to set an example. >> minor league banned chewing tobacco in 1993. the majors have tried but run into resistance from the players union. a final vote by the supervisors set for next week. things are more urgent for efforts to keep the raiders in oakland. in southern california, the city council in carson has approved plans for a football stadium to house the raiders and san diego chargers. anne makovec is live in the newsroom to explain where things stand. >> reporter: we have dueling plans now for the raiders. east bay officials are holding a forum this morning. but what's next for the coliseum city plan, that's centered around a rich investor from san diego and that meeting
6:34 am
has new urgency after this. >> mr. city clerk, the motion carries. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: southern california football fans cheered last night as councilmembers in carson voted to approve plans for an nfl stadium to be shared by the raiders and the chargers right south identify of l.a. that's a private -- right outside of l.a. that's a privately financed project that won't have to be voted on by the public. the raiders and chargers want to share the stadium if they can't reach deals in the current cities. >> the community has spoken. football needs to come back to los angeles. >> but not so fast. oakland and alameda county still working on a coliseum city plan in hopes of keeping the raiders here. this is a sketch of it with a privately financed $1 billion stadium with thousands of new homes a hotel shopping center and office complex. but the difficulty with that
6:35 am
plan no real funding source besides the private financier and a lot of red tape. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. 6:35. i just blogged about that i know the nfl is anxious to get an nfl team back in l.a. but to rip a team from two different fan bases that love their teams? just doesn't sound right to me. >> i know. then l.a. would have two teams. >> two teams. oakland would lose -- what about us? >> we'll see where it goes. >> i'm verklempted here. i didn't know you had a blog. >> i do. >> i blogged about it. >> check it out. >> one thing i'll be blocking out later today is that -- one thing i'll be blogging about later today is that it's earth day. we are starting off with an area of low clouds and fog. right there at sfo, we have delays up to one hour and 11
6:36 am
minutes on some arriving flights. that ceiling has dropped under 1,000 feet now. temperature-wise, holding steady. 51 to 55 degrees. the winds are relatively slight. will pick up out of the southwest at 15 later. san francisco at average today, same in concord. very little clearing today at the coast in the 50s. otherwise, 60s and low 70s with partly cloudy conditions along the peninsula. low 70s you will see the full sunshine today across the santa clara valley. east of the bay that breeze to 15. numbers into the 70s. north of the golden gate bridge, 50s through the 60s to 72 degrees in santa rosa. we'll have your pollen report coming up at 6:48. the only woman in the world that is not suffering from pollen is liz. >> the only person? all right. thank you, roberta. [ laughter ] we have to give you a quick traffic check before you have leave the house. southbound 101 ride. brutal now with delays picking up in the last few minutes.
6:37 am
we also southbound 101 problem south traffic already stacked up in washington. we are seeing delays even further back than that on our sensors. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up through the maze and the approaches are very slow. the berkeley curve and 580. it is stacked up through the 24 interchange. san mateo bridge, a little bit of fog out the door low clouds but otherwise traffic just kind of starting to slow a little bit. you can see on the right side of your screen, that's obviously the commute direction. we did have an earlier stall near the high-rise. that's long since cleared. golden gate bridge, fine for this time of the morning out of the sausalito. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. international travelers will have a smoother re-entry into the u.s. sfo rolling out automated passport kiosks and the customs arrival area. the kiosks will speed up the long lines. travelers from 38 countries can take advantage of the new system. happening today, more protests planned in baltimore over the death of a man in police custody.
6:38 am
[ chanting ] >> these protestors organized outside the baltimore police department yesterday. 25-year-old freddie gray suffered a fatal spinal injury under mysterious circumstances while handcuffed. officers chased after gray in a well known drug area in baltimore on april 12. a week after his arrest, gray died from the injuries. the department of justice is investigating his death. also today, federal prosecutors will make their case to give convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev the death penalty. the prosecution describes tsarnaev as a man who did not care that he had killed several people. the defense argues the older brother was the mastermind behind the attack. if the jury is not unanimous, tsarnaev will receive life in prison. southern california woman plans to take legal action against u.s. marshal service. all because of a smashed cell phone. someone across the street captured the incident on video
6:39 am
sunday in southgate. it shows a deputy marshall throwing the woman's phone on the ground and stomping on it. the woman was using the phone to shoot video as law enforcement detained several people in her neighborhood. >> about 8 to 10 people being held in front of a lawn at gunpoint, um, all on their stomach with their hands behind their back. >> u.s. marshals service says it's aware of the video and is reviewing the incident. the livermore police department is the latest in the bay area to have body cameras for its officers. some officers say there are benefits but the cameras are not perfect. there's only a limited field of view so they don't get everything the officer's see an hear. the video from those cameras will be stored between a year and three years for most cases. for homicide and sexual assault cases, the video will be kept indefinitely. major effort is under way in the midwest to contain a big outbreak of the bird flu. it's considered the largest outbreak in the u.s. in three
6:40 am
decades. a highly infectious h5n2 virus has hit egg and poultry producers in 13 states. experts believe the disease is spreading state to state by migrating flocks of wild ducks and geese. experts say there is little threat to human health, but an economic effect is likely. >> you're going to have a reduction in supply and increases the price. >> initial cases were confirmed yesterday at turkey farms in minnesota and south dakota. and a farm in iowa has started destroying 3.8 million hens. the federal government is now working on a possible vaccine. time now 6:40. the family of a northern california boy is filing a complaint against the police department who brought him home after his abduction. >> and we are going to take a first look at the plans for a super bowl city when the n
6:41 am
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time for business news now. some new data out confirms what bay area renters know prices are through the roof. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks with more. >> reporter: good morning. great news if you are a landlord. but boy if you are a renter it's tough in the bay area. zillo says the two hottest markets in the country continue to be san francisco and san jose. in march, san francisco rents up 14.8% from a year earlier, san jose up 12.3%. rents there averaging $3,000. that's $800 more than the metro new york city area, $600 more than l.a. across the country, rents were up on average by 3.7% in march were a year ago. the "wall street journal" reports that google may unveil
6:45 am
its new wireless phone service today. it will only work on its nexus 6 devices and it will work over sprint and t-mobile's wireless networks depending which one has the stronger signal at the moment. in a departure in what could be revolutionary for the wireless phone business, google will reportedly only charge for data used as opposed to the traditional data bucket which we have a lot wasted minutes for users averaging $28 in wasted minutes per subscriber per month. the stock market off to a slightly positive start this morning a lot of earnings in. some disainter30ing and some doing well -- some disappointing and some doing well. yahoo on the positive side. on the big board so far the market is just turned negative in the past minute or so dow lower by 7 points. nasdaq meanwhile is also heading just a little bit lower while the s&p is flat. frank and michelle, back to you. >> thank you. it the will come back. thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. time now for a look at
6:46 am
what's coming up on "cbs this morning." let's check in with gayle king. she joins us live in new york with everything. good morning. >> reporter: well, i don't have everything. just 99% of things, frank. >> there you go. >> reporter: hello, frank and michelle. it's good to see you guys. ahead, the man who shot president reagan could soon be free. major garrett is at the scene of the assassination attempt regarding john hinkley. cheaper easier way to find out if you are at risk for breast cancer developed by a burlingame startup. this is the most dangerous movie ever made. john blackstone finds out why the 1981 film starring tippi hedrin and others is just being released in the u.s. the news is back in the morning. here's trivia for you. what is the relationship
6:47 am
between tippi and melanie griffith? >> mother and daughter. >> i knew michelle would know. i knew she would know it. frank, you were a little slow on the up take. i'm giving that to michelle. >> he was looking at my answer. >> we need another boy on the set here, don't you this? i i'm getting it from all ends. >> see you guys. have a good show. all right. liz, did you know that by the way? >> i actually didn't know that. >> okay. >> i know a lot about hollywood news. i did not know that. thanks, guys. let's go out the door and show you what he is going on. so we have a live look at our sensors now coming into petaluma. they just cleared that wreck. petaluma boulevard south, southbound 101. so you can see unfortunately we still have these residual delays. there may be activity on the right-hand shoulder. chp gave word of that a couple of minutes ago. here's the richmond/san rafael bridge. and within probably the last 15 minutes we started seeing traffic stack up at the pay gates westbound heading into marin county from richmond.
6:48 am
slows just past richmond parkway and here's a live look near the dublin interchange. one of our slowest drive times has been all morning long. fender-bender were cleared to the shoulder. drive time 34 minutes from the altamont pass. the south bay is relatively clear of accidents but northbound 101 seeing delays. that's "kcbs traffic." here's the forecast. >> everybody knew that except for frank. [ laughter ] >> but that's okay. good morning, everyone. hey, we find it very difficult to get all the conditions, the current conditions, around our microclimates because we're so diverse. that's why we call on our weather watchers and we have at least 100 of them across the bay area at this time. let's check this one out 49 degrees, lindsey, he made a comment that the weather today very similar to yesterday which is overcast and drizzling along
6:49 am
the coast and bay. right now 52 degrees in san francisco with calm winds. that's the difference between yesterday and today. we were downright blustery yesterday! but what's similar is the gray slate the lowering ceiling and that's why we have delays at sfo up to 1 hour 11 minutes on some arriving flights. numbers have been stagnant into the low 50s. we have yet a secondary upper level disturbance this one right here as it slide down south it's been enhancing our marine layer. and it will also produce at least a chance of some light rain showers across our highest terrains in the microclimates later on tonight. this is futurecast check that out. just look how close that rain gets to the north bay and then we have a chance of it making it into the mount saint helena area. also a chance of rain around henry coe park in morgan hill. sopollen count still medium to high. sunrise 6:25. we can't see it because we're
6:50 am
so overcast. temperatures today into the 60s and 70s. upper 50s at the beaches with very little clearing if any at all. a string of 70s until we hit monday then back into the 80s. make it a great earth day, everyone! frank and michelle? >> thank you, roberta. a if couple angry at their treatment by the police plan to file a formal complaint about officers' reaction to their son's kidnapping. the distraught mother was even placed in handcuffs. derek shore shows us the video. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the video picks up as fairfield police decide to take an emotional suzanne guzman to the ground. the fairfield mother had called these same officers to her home after her car was stolen from her driveway with her 8-year- old son brock if the back seat. >> fairfield 911. the cop dragged her down to around the corner where two cops slammed her to the ground and handcuff her. >> reporter: brock's father paul is the one recording the
6:51 am
incidents of his wife being restrained and cuffed. he says fairfield officers insisted on first searching their home. he says suzanne stopped them from doing that until paul returned to corral their dogs. >> we have two dogs and one of them would bite somebody that they didn't know coming into the house. >> reporter: with suzanne on the ground, the video shows the officer trying to explain what is standard procedure. >> the first thing you do anytime you're looking for somebody missing is you start where they last were and check there first. >> as soon as they got here we just felt like we were being treated like we had done something to our son. >> reporter: eventually the suspect would abandon the car. their son asleep in the back seat. the eight-year-old read this statement. >> i just wanted to say thank you to everyone that was looking for me. i'm very happy to be home. >> reporter: his parents grateful he is home but planning to file a complaint against police showing us those photos of the bruisings left behind. >> obviously officers need better training on how to deal with somebody that their kid
6:52 am
just got kidnapped. >> reporter: in fairfield, derek shore, kpix 5. breaking news now in martinez. firefighters have controlled a two-alarm blaze at an apartment complex. it started around 5:45 on pine street and howell road. contra costa fire officials say at least two people are being treated for smoke inhalation including a martinez police officer. this is a live look from the scene. no word on how the fire started. super bowl 50 in santa clara a long time away but excitement is building around the bay area. yesterday, kpix 5's ken bastida emceed a preview of the street fair called super bowl city that will actually be held in san francisco at the embarcadero. the event at justin herman plaza will include interactive games, food, drinks, music and plenty of football-related activities. other pre-super bowl events will be held in santa clara. time now 6:52. hacked at 30,000 feet? why the fbi is warning airlines
6:53 am
about the potential for a midair cyber attack. >> why a move to l.a. looks more plausible this morning for the oakland raiders as east bay officials move forward with their own plans. (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester
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how many gasolines clean better than chevron with techron? the answer is a big fat zero. chevron with techron. care for your car. five things to know at the :55. the sentencing phase begins today for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. prosecutors began arguing in favor of the death penalty yesterday. if the jury is not unanimous he gets life in prison. the justice department will investigates the death of a man who suffered a fatal spinal injury while in baltimore police custody. the feds will try to determine whether freddie gray's civil rights were violated. the incident has sparked protests in a city with a history of tension between the police department and blacks.
6:57 am
airlines are being warned to watch for passengers trying to hack on board wi-fi and entertainment systems. it comes in response to a government report speculating that hackers could use unsecure networks to access the plane's navigation system. the fbi says it's unclear if that's actually possible. starting today sfo has a new plan to reduce wait times for international travelers. new automated passport kiosks set up into the customs facility. travelers can use them to scan their passports and answer custom declaration questions before getting into the custom area. a bill to required more students to get vaccinated faces a vote. it stalled last week when hundreds threatened to pull their children from school rather than comply. the bill was revised to address concerns but we'll have to see if that's enough. dueling plans for the oakland raiders. there's a meeting this morning about the coliseum city project in oakland. it has new urgency after this.
6:58 am
>> bring them back, bring them back! >> reporter: last night the city of carson approved plans for an nfl stadium that would be shared by both the oakland raiders and the san diego chargers if the teams can't reach deals in their current cities. the privately financed project would not have to go to a public vote. >> if a deal is made in san diego or oakland, that's going to be a obstacle to overcome here in carson. >> and meanwhile, oakland and alameda county are still working on a coliseum city plan in hopes of keeping the raiders. this is a sketch with a privately financed $1 billion stadium with thousands of new homes, hotel, shopping center and office complex. now, a lot of the money for that would come from an investor from san diego floyd kept heart. he is the focus of the meeting this morning. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a quick breakdown of a couple of more popular bridges. bay bridge backed up to the maze and you know if you are coming down the east, delays begin around richmond parkway,
6:59 am
a little before. and the 580 approach is slow from the 24 interchange. and the san mateo bridge also picking up speak trying to get out of hayward now on westbound 92. >> all those traffic shots do show nothing but a gray slate as this weather camera looking towards san jose. good morning, everybody. temperatures have been holding steady into the 50ss across the board. because of the gray skies we have delays at sfo of over an hour on arriving flights. we'll be in the 50s today with no coastal clearing. partial bay clearing in the 60s and 70s. going to the giants game tonight guys? check it out. 59 degrees madison baumgarner on the mound for good guys, kershaw for the bad guys. >> are you going. >> why not? >> yes. >> that means yes. >> there's too much to do, too much fun. >> very true. >> thanks for watching five kpix 5 news this morning. remember you next local update is 7:26. >> "cbs this morning" is up next. have a great day, folks. see you during the updates and at noontime, as well. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, april 22 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." an alleged terror plot is foiled in paris. police say an islamic militant was about to shoot church goers. should the would be assassin who shot president reagan be set free? today a court considers that question. a big bust in the bluegrass state. kentucky police break up a ring accused of stealing rare bourbon. we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> an islamic extremist with an arsenal of weapons was planning to a


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