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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 23, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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ow you. neighbors called around 3:00 this morning about a fire on the 700 block of lola lane in mountain view. when the firefighters arrived, the entire rear of the house was on fire. flames were shooting through the roof. they went inside anyway found one adult male dead inside a bedroom. the fire also burned the main power line to the house. that dropped a live electrical wire in the backyard. as if that wasn't dangerous enough the fire traveled to the garage and heated up some ammunition. >> you heard some popping noises coming from the garage? >> correct. we believe that there was live ammunition going off in the garage. it's a hazard to firefighters. >> reporter: that's crazy. >> what happens when you have a fire and there's live ammunition that gets involved in the fire. >> reporter: and an arson investigator is en route. that's standard procedure. also the coroner is on the way, as well. that's because the victims' remains are still inside the house. live in mountain view, kiet do, kpix 5. a seven-year-old boy has critical wounds after bee shot
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in front of his house in south vallejo just before 5:30 last night on 5th street near cherry as dozens of people gathered for a wake. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us from vallejo police headquarters. ryan. reporter: michelle, so far no one has been arrested in this gun battle that happened yesterday afternoon. a stray bullet hit that 7-year- old during that gunfight. it happened as about 40 people were gathered at a wake for a man who died yesterday of natural causes. the gunfire happened at a nearby intersection. police say up to five people were involved and were firing randomly. as police look for them, those who live in the neighborhood are furious. [ indiscernible ] >> this used to be a very, very peaceful neighborhood. never thought that it would end up being like this. >> reporter: the boy was hit in the torso. last night we found out he was in surgery with a torn spleen
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and a torn aorta. we have calls in to police about updated condition on him. live in vallejo, ryan takeo, kpix 5. san jose has adopted new rules on outdoor water use to try to cut overall consumption by 30%. the city council approving the rules unanimously on tuesday. they restrict watering of lawns and homes and businesses to two days a week and only before 10 a.m. or after 8:00 at night. residents cannot top off swimming pools with more than a foot of water and they cannot use potable water to wash cars. the rules are in effect now. so a lot of rules in effect, a lot of people conserving water. you always have good tips on conserving water. >> i think awareness. as long as we're having open dialogue with your children that helps. >> it's usually the children having the open dialogue with the adults. >> what are you doing, mom? >> i don't think people are mean-spirited as far as the water is concerned. sometimes they just aren't aware. i know i called out somebody just the other day saying you know a helpful tip here with
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your sprinklers going awry and they had no idea but it was very wasteful for them and all of us at the same time. so we all have to police our situation. this is the scene towards the bay bridge. we have overcast skies every skies. we have a hints of fog next to the coast a little bit of drizzle but not as foggy as just 24 hours ago. numbers from 43 degrees, wow in santa rosa to 55 apiece in oakland. sunny from the coast inland today. 57 at ocean beach and half moon bay. 60s across the bay and peninsula. 70s inland. elizabeth, we'll talk about rain for the weekend. that's coming up in a matter of minutes. >> we are. all right. out the door right now, we are already seeing a number of kind of minor fender-benders no huge
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delay. there's a ramp blocked. westbound through antioch the usual congestion past hillcrest into "a" street but nothing bad so far. and i mentioned a couple of different accidents out the door. there is this other one still there on the right-hand shoulder. a couple of cars involved northbound 101 just past the 280/680 interchange. chp is waiting for tow crews and the rest of the east bay still looks clear. all the approaches to the bay bridge toll plaza look great. we haven't seen many delays in the cash lanes yet. it's clear all across the span. same thing with the golden gate so far looking good out of sausalito. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> elizabeth, thank you. bart's budget for the next fiscal year will focus on relieving crowded trains. the preliminary budget plan includes more cars during peak hours and extra shifts for workers who repair the trains. the budget plan will be discussed today as bart's board
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of supervisors meets at 5:00. richmond police say a seemingly routine traffic stop led to a big drug bust. investigators say the driver was unlicensed so they searched the car yesterday and found thousands of dollars worth of illegal drugs inside. they say that more drugs were found in the driver's home. estimated dollar amount of all the drugs, more than $200,000. mainly meth and heroin. it's a legal victory for former baseball star barry bonds. a federal appeals court overturned his obstruction of justice conviction. in a statement, bonds said, quote, i am humbled and truly thankful for the outcome as well as the opportunity our judicial system affords to all individuals to seek justice. the conviction stems from bonds' 2003 testimony before a grand jury investigating the balco laboratory steroids scandal. bonds gave a rambling answer when asked if his trainer gave him steroids. the grand jury probe led to several convictions including balco founder victor conte who
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spent four months in prison. >> i'm happy for barry bonds that he gets the opportunity to move on and live his life. all along i said that i believe this is nothing more than a trophy hunts and it's a waste of federal taxpayer dollars. >> the u.s. supreme court is now the justice department's only option to revive the conviction. no word what the prosecutors plan to do. four bay area high school athletes will be arraigned today, three football players one basketball player. clayton valley high. they are accused of robbing a drug dealer. the contra costa district attorney decided all four should be charged as adults. all of them are 17 years olds. one had a gun. he faces 17 years if convicted. other three could get up to eight years. a house committee is hearing about unprocessed claims at the veterans affairs office in oakland. last year, a former employee revealed that compensation and disability claims were found standard in a filing cabinet in
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2012. yesterday, that whistle blow rusty ann brown said claims were often labeled no action necessary and put aside. in other testimony yesterday, a va inspector confirmed the number of unprocessed claims may be as high as 13,000. a big hurdle cleared for a bill that calls for almost all california schoolkids to be vaccinated. the state senate education committee approved it yesterday, would ban exemptions to vaccinations except for children who can't receive them because of medical reasons. the bill was amended to also exempt homeschools designated as private schools and students working an independent study curriculum. >> we think we have struck a fair balance here that provides more options to parents who are concerned about not vaccinating their children. >> that bill now heads to the state senate judiciary committee. time now 5:07. a new report shows more jobs will be available for college grads this year. what experts say is behind the hiring spike. >> and the next "big one" could
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trigger even bigger ones. the new warning about a super cycle of large earthquakes. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everyone. we have rain. rain! it's back in the forecast. i'll tell you when and where. >> out the door, we have a new crash and it's right before you reach the caldecott tunnel. so kind of in a problem spot anyway on westbound 24. we'll tell you 30 where it after the break. but -- we'll tell you pour about it after the break. but first we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air.
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if you are heading into the city of san francisco today, it's so dark outside, you will be able to see the blue and gold lining the top of the embarcadero. that's because our golden state warriors are playing today against the new orleans pelicans. yes, they will be in new orleans. the warriors are up two games if the seven-game series. back at home we'll have your full forecast still straight ahead. some earthquake researchers say when the so-called "big one" hits along the california san andreas fault it could trigger more earthquakes on other nearby faults. usc scientists say the san andreas fault had two quakes
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above magnitude 7 in southern california in the 19th century. >> the historic period in l.a. 150 years has been a period of relative quiet. that has to end at some point. >> scientists say the research is not meant to be alarmist but to remind californians to be prepared. yesterday was earth day but for a group of high schoolers in san anselmo it's every day. >> and some of them just returned from ecuador on a reforestization mission. this week's "cool school" is sir francis drake high school. reporter: students are hard at work in the garden at drake high school. >> we're not only growing our own food in a sustainable way but we're also, like, encouraging or community to be more sustainable. >> reporter: they plant kale, broccoli and other veggies, harvest them and then share with the school cafeteria. this is all done by drake's global student embassy club committed to improving the environment and raising awareness. >> they are, like, oh, like, if
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these young people care about this then i should care about this too and so they do. >> reporter: they put their planting skills to good use in a recent trip to ecuador. 38 drake students traveled to help with reforestation efforts in the country's dry tropical forest. >> it was a lot harder than i thought it would be because we had to, like, walk the trees to the place where we planned them and carry huge water jugs, really hard. it was totally word it very rewarding. >> reporter: they planted about 1,000 two-foot tall trees during their ten-day trip. each tree was named, some after parents, pets and teachers. >> it gets more of an emotional attachment with the tree gets you closer with it and in a way it kind of makes you friends in this sort. >> they see the problems and they don't see adults maybe solving them as quickly as they would like. >> reporter: he helped start the club at drake six years ago and credits the students for finding solutions that can last a lifetime. >> people are willing to reach
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across cultural divides and give up some of their ease of living and really try and dig in and see what they can do. >> i hope that the rest of the community can see what we're doing and, um, other schools can see what we're doing as well and follow our lead. >> hm. >> so they take turns every year. this year was ecuador. next year will be nicaragua. the year after that back to ecuador. not only are they doing this in other countries but right here in their neighborhood about 12 restaurants, they have gone to those restaurants and said you should cut back on straw usage and they have. >> what kid a freshman, sophomore, go to ecuador, south america what a great experience. >> it's amazing. >> and ownership when you plant something it just means so much more. >> i love that they name the trees too. >> very, very cool. what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. i'm up next! i would like to hear from you. we might come out and feature your school on the program. hey, part of van ness avenue in san francisco is
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shutting down for the weekend. it's the second phase of construction projects for the new california pacific medical center campus. the closure on van ness is between ellison pine and geary and post closed friday to sunday. underground walkway is being built. van ness avenue will be open to muni and golden gate transit buses. there are detours for drivers but steer clear if you can. i think van net might be a good place to stay away for a few days. >> it's had it's going to be closed all weekend. there will be another closure on labor day weekend in september so this will give you practice. out the door right now, we have a couple of fender-bender but we're doing well. they are not causing major delays. we are seeing the usual kind of slow and go conditions now out of the tracy and altamont pass. it's the livermore truck scales even though the drive time is still good. it's still 16 minutes between
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the altamont pass and 680. we have this wreck and -- i take that back. we are seeing slow traffic now. it turns out one lane is blocked. this is in orinda right before you reach the caldecott tunnel. so again just west of it. westbound 24 approaching wilder road. we do have that wreck there and yeah, you can see some of the delays right now as you try to get through the caldecott. actually before the caldecott. once you get past it everything should be fine in oakland. this is still there, still partially blocked this connector ramp. they are waiting for tow crews in concord northbound 242 to westbound 4. so again, all these accidents kind of rolling in in these early-morning hours. there's not a whole lot of traffic on the roads. no huge traffic jams behind it. baby no problems here. no overnight roadwork to speak of any longer. everything is great in both directions of the bay bridge. between the east bay and the city. if you are traveling the san
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mateo bridge they were doing roadwork overnight. eastbound is scheduled actually until 11:00 so you may want to watch out for that. no backups because of it though. roberta is saying the four- letter word, rain! >> that is is in the weekend forecast. right now, frank, my drum roll. >> here you go. >> time for our weather watchers. let's see if anybody is awake. out of 100 people we have three awake this morning. let's. >> hi, he had williams, thanks for that current reading. he says we have some high clouds there as well, ed williams. >> let's see if there are any pictures. bill moon, that's from walnut creek of mount diablo. thank you. yes, we had some clearing there yesterday. thank you so much for the picture, bill. this is my picture live looking out towards mineta international airport. air temperature is 54 degrees. it's cool this morning, santa
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rosa 43. 55 in oakland. we had a hint of fog lining the seashore today otherwise everybody becomes sunny today with near normal temperatures. we have an upper-level disturbance making tracks toward the bay area. as it does so it's scrubbing out the marine layer a little bit earlier but meanwhile we have a series of storms upstream. and let me show you what's going to happen over the weekend. friday mostly cloudy. and then here comes your saturday during the morning hours only. it looks like we'll have some very light rain from the north bay all the way into morgan hill. .10" or less and we dry out saturday afternoon and sunday. 81 in sacramento. thunderstorm possible in the high sierra. pollen count is medium to high again. blame it on the mulberry, oak and grass count. temperatures across the bay area similar to yesterday. 50s and 60s around the coast and peninsula. 70s away from the bay.
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slightly cooler tomorrow. and then warmer by sunday into monday. if you are heading out to today's baseball game 12:45, vogelsong is on the mound for the good guys. game time temperature, boy, in the 60s. so not bad. the college graduation class of 2015 may have cause for optimism on the jobs front. a new survey by career builders says this year 65% of employers plan to hire recent college grads. the highest percentage since 2007. civil rights leader cesar chavez will get navy funeral honors this morning 22 years after he died. the idea for the ceremony came from a current navy sailor who learned that chavez did not receive the honor at the time of his death. chavez served in the navy just after world war ii. he later founded the united farm workers union while living in san jose. it's 5:19. right now, a big decision is made in the class action suit
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begins the nfl over concussions. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, can the a's rebound from a 14-2 loss and the two best pitchers ♪ ♪
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alert to tell you about. there's a ten-minute delay out of daly city pretty much in all directions. we will take a check of the roads, "kcbs traffic" is coming up in just a little bit. tickets to the fight of the century could go on sale as early as today. but if you are hoping to see floyd mayweather, jr., versus manny pacquiao in person, might need to take out a loan. the cheapest seats will be $1,500 a pop. the casino requires a $250,000 line of credit just to buy a ringside seat. good morning, everyone. history at at&t park last night. for the first time ever, the last year's mvp dodgers clayton kershaw faced off against last year's world series mvp, madison baumgarner. kershaw was the best pitcher april through september but this guy owned october. and that's what counts. bottom 3, 1-0 giants. matt duffy's blooper drops in. brandon crawford scores. kershaw allowed two runs in six
5:24 am
innings. did not figure in the decision. baumgarner had a shutout. i was screaming, take him out before this pitch. gone! two-run shot. that's his last pitch. neither pitcher figured in the decision. bottom of the 9th, tied at 2, joe panik bases loaded. is it deep enough to get the runner home? yes! gregor blanco game winner. and the giants win 3-2. they will go for the sweep later today. other matchup of ace, angels jared weaver going against oakland's sonny gray. gray allowed two hits one run in seven innings struck out to end the 6th. he had seven strikeouts. he was dominant. a's offense picked him up. tied at one, vogt brought home sogard, 2-1. the gates broke open. the a's had five straight two out hits in the inning. none bigger than billy butler's home run. he had four runs batted in. the a's had 18 hits. they win 9-2 after losing the previous game 14-1.
5:25 am
round one of the swinging skirts today if you are into the lpga, that's out in d.c. and the giants go for the sweep over the dodgers. going to be a great day in bay area sports. we'll have it all for you tonight at 6:00. play of the day, how about some mlb? we have atlanta at new york. got a great catch. peterson of the mets goes back deep center, he is going to catch it over the shoulder. man, that's good! got it with the left hand. one more time. your play of the day. on the run. he pulls it in. new york went on to its tenth straight win, too, with a big win over atlanta. your play of the day. 5:25 now. a big win for barry bonds in the steroids scandal. what the latest ruling means for the former giants slugger. >> and a 7-year-old hit by gunfire in a gun battle. coming up, what's making this tougher for police to solve.
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i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. increased effort this morning to find a cupertino teenager who disappeared earlier this week. >> and a new bill would require most children to get vaccinated. how some parents are working around it. >> we have rain back in the forecast. i'll tell you when coming up. >> this orinda crash is causing grass that heading causing delays going to the caldecott tunnel. more details coming up. good morning, it's thursday, aim 23. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. the latest developments in mountain view crews are on the
5:30 am
scene of a deadly house fire. kpix 5's keit do johns us live from there with more. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. still very active scene out here to mountain view as firefighters wait for this scene to cool down and for the sun to come up before they can go inside that house and figure out what exactly happened. multiple neighbors called around 3:00 this morning about a fire on the 700 block of lola lane. when firefighters arrived the entire rear of the house was on fire. then flames were shooting through the roof. neighbors also tell us the entire house was filled with thick dark black smoke. they went inside. they found one adult male victim dead in a bedroom. the fire also burned the main power line to the house. that dropped a live electrical line in the backyard. as if that wasn't dangerous enough the fire traveled to the garage, heated up ammo and bullets started going off. >> the fire is to the rear of the structure heavy flames and smoke showing through the roof of the structure. victim was located in one of the rear bedrooms. >> reporter: we saw what looked
5:31 am
like ammunition packing equipment in the garage. neighbors confirm to us that, yes, the neighbor did do some of that as a side business. investigators are coming to the scene here. that's standard procedure. the coroner is en route as well as the remains are still inside the house. live in mountain view, kiet do, kpix 5. santa clara county sheriff's department is searching for a missing high school student. 17-year-old connor sullivan was last seen on monday in an early class at monte vista high school in cupertino. deputies and volunteers have been searching for him throughout the cupertino area. sheriff's investigators don't suspect foul play. but they are concern. >> he doesn't have a vehicle. we don't believe he has any cash on him. we know he has a cell phone but it's turned off. >> he's a steady kid hard working. great student. very unusual. >> connor sullivan is about 5'5", 150 pounds. he was last seen wearing a
5:32 am
black shirt, faded black sweatshirt, black shorts and blue and white athletic shoes. he reportedly enjoys running at the fremont older open space preserve, as well. san jose has adopted new rules on outdoor water use to cut overall consumption by 30%. the city council approved the rules unanimously on tuesday. they restrict watering of lawns at homes and businesses to two days a week and only before 10 a.m. or after 8 p.m. residents cannot top off swimming pools with more than a foot of water. and they cannot use potable water to wash cars. all of these rules are now in effect. well, the lawns are going to get a break i guess, what, saturday morning? early? >> saturday morning a very fast- moving upper level disturbance. right now if computer models are correct it will breeze through for the morning hours producing a tenth of an an inch of rain and then the remaining part of the day will be dry for all those little league baseball games and soccer games going on. take a sneak peek.
5:33 am
it's just so pretty this morning. it's the embarcadero lined in blue and gold which means what, frank? >> the golden state warriors! >> when do they play? >> they are playing the pelicans tonight. >> they are up two games to nothing in the seven-game series. at home temperatures 45 in santa rosa to 55 apiece oakland and livermore. it is currently 50 in san francisco. see these numbers? today, very close to average as far as our daytime highs are concerned. in fact, we will reveal sunshine all the way back to the beaches today in the upper 50s. 60s around the peninsula and low and mid-70s across the santa clara valley. east of the bay, the winds are going to blow west 10 to 20 miles per hour. that is an onshore wind pretty robust late day as we top off in the mid-70s. north bay numbers 59 in stinson beach with those gusty winds. 71 in petaluma. 75 degrees towards sonoma and 78 in cloverdale. we have your giants baseball forecast, that's still coming up at 48 minutes after the hour but right now, liz, big traffic? >> you know, there is. especially if you are trying to
5:34 am
get out of tracy this morning. we have been watching this big rig accident and it's already cleared to the right-hand shoulder. but i know it's kind of farther out there but look at those delays. it's backed up all the way to 132. so the crash, there must still be some activity on the shoulder westbound 580 approaching corral hollow road. once you get past all that we are seeing backups through the altamont pass. so there could be a long slow ride to work for some people trying to get through it. then livermore valley filling in a little bit, as well. slow-and-go out to vasco. clears up then slowing around the dublin interchange. we have a confirmed injury accident westbound 24 in orinda near wilder right before you reach the caldecott tunnel blocking the center divide and the left lane and we are seeing delays. give yourself some extra time through there. that is "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. 5:34 now. a 7-year-old boy has major injuries after beal hit with a stray bullet during a gun battle in vallejo just before 5:30 last night at 5th street
5:35 am
near cherry. kpix 5's ryan takeo is at the vallejo police headquarters and joins us with more. ryan. >> reporter: frank, the shooters are still on the loose. while the boy's family was busy mourning the loss of a loved one, that's when gunfire erupted. >> gunshots. came out and seen a bunch of people running around. >> reporter: in the midst of a family gathering to mourn a friend who just died, he says another tragedy struck a burst of gunfire a 7-year-old boy hit by a stray bullet. >> the boy's father pick him up and put him in a car and i guess take him to the hospital. >> reporter: the boy was shot in the torso. last night, sources told us he was in surgery with a torn spleen and a torn aorta. police tell us this was a gun battle involving up to five people and that the shooters were firing randomly. so far, no shooters have been arrested. people in the neighborhood are angry. [ [ indiscernible ] ]
5:36 am
>> this used to be a very, very peaceful neighborhood. never thought that this would end up being like this. >> reporter: police need a lot of help to figure this one out, too. right now they don't have a clear description of the shooters or even a vehicle description. live in vallejo, ryan takeo, kpix 5. a federal appeals court overturned barry bonds' obstruction of justice conviction. in a statement, bonds said, quote, i'm humbled and truly thankful for the outcome as well as the opportunity our judicial system affords to all individuals to seek justice. the convictions stem from bonds' 2003 testimony before a grand jury investigating the balco laboratory steroids scandal. bonds gave a rambling answer when asked if his trainer gave him steroids. the grand jury probe led to several convictions including balco founder victor conte who spent four months in prison.
5:37 am
>> well, nome. >> i'm happy for barry bonds who gets the opportunity to move on and live his life now. all along i have said that i believe this is nothing more than a trophy hunt and it's a waste of federal taxpayer dollars. >> the u.s. supreme court is now the justice department's only option to revive the conviction. so far no word on what prosecutors plan to do. a former hayward police sergeant is in jail. 55-year-old michael scott beal facing nine felony counts. he is accused of stealing nearly half million dollars from a mentally ill woman he once arrested for prostitution. he allegedly told the woman he was going to marry her and they would buy a home together. beal retired in 2013 after 27 years with the hayward police. san francisco's catholic archbishop will not go to an annual march in washington on saturday against same-sex marriage. archbishop dolan bishop had originally planned to take part but now he says other bishops will take his place.
5:38 am
cordileone spoke at the event last year provoking criticism from several san francisco residents. he has been under fire lately from fellow catholics for demanding that school staffers sign a morality clause. it is a big hurdle cleared for a bill that calls for almost all california schoolkids to be vaccinated. state senate education committee approved it yesterday. it would ban exemptions to vaccinations except for those who can't get them for medical reasons. the bill was amended to exempt homeschools designated as private schools and students working an independent study curriculum. the bill goes to the state senate judiciary complete. a federal judge approved a settlement weiner the nfl and thousands of former players. -- between the nfl and thousands of former players with payouts over 65 years for players who have concussion or brain trauma. average award will be $190,000 but could go up to as much as $5 million in more serious cases. lawsuits have claimed the nfl
5:39 am
failed to protect its players from the risk of concussion. tomorrow is national teach children to save day and it could be a good time to educate children about saving habits. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins with us suggestions for mentoring different age groups. good morning. >> good morning. >> all right. so how early should we start talking to our children about money? >> reporter: how about between the ages of 3 and 5? yes. that early. that's when you should identify coins and their value. you also want to discuss the difference between something that's free like playing with a friend and an item that costs money like a snack. you should also introduce the concept of work and the idea that you may have to wait for something you want. >> so i have a daughter in elementary school. what should parents focus on when their children are that young? >> well, we usually start paying allowances when your kids get into grade school probably around age 6. the reason you want to do that is that's when they start to
5:40 am
understand that this is a value that you're spending money on already. so this is a good idea you look at what you're spending on small discretionary items, things that your child likes but doesn't necessarily need like a toy. now, here's the critical issue. you have to make it clear that the amount that you're giving as an allowance replaces what you have been spending on your child. no double dipping. and you should encourage your children to save 10% of that allowance by opening a savings account at a nearby bank or credit union and that way you can explain the concept of earning interest. if you want to reinforce the savings habit you might consider a matching plan for your child's savings. maybe you put in 25 cents for every dollar she saves. >> wow. getting them ready for the 401(k) later in life. what about high schoolers? what should you tell them? >> i think as early as high school we start having these big conversations about debt and you know a lot of these kids are attuned to this already because they have lived
5:41 am
it over the last five years. but you want to explain why it's so important to avoid using credit cards to buy things you can't afford to pay for with cash. now, for kids who are working, explain the difference between gross and net pay so they don't have a heart attack and wonder who that evil fica is who is stealing all their money and encourage them to open roth i ira accounts to begin saving for retirement. for more on teaching your children to save the american bankers association has a special kids and money section. you can go to >> jill, when my kids get their bank statements, they both have savings accounts, they love looking at the amount. and they want to always add to it. so i think that kind of helps them, too. >> absolutely. >> i went to cal my freshman year i had to commute into cal. my dad gave me a credit card for gas. he said if you're good with it you can keep it. after a month he took it back. i learned a lesson. [ laughter ] >> enough of that. all right. jill schlesinger, thank you. happening today, retired
5:42 am
four star general david petraeus is getting sentenced. he admitted sharing top secret documents with his biographer and lover paula broadwell. he struck a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor charge. the government is expected to ask for two years' probation and $40,000. it is 5:42. the next big earthquake could really shake things up. why one scientist says it could trigger a flurry of other big quakes. >> let's take a live look at 880 right now in oakland. traffic moving along well. elizabeth will be back to let
5:43 am
it takes nature 90 days to grow the
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5:45 am
international airport in the foreground levi's stadium. in the air 54 degrees, looking out towards norman y mineta international airport. we'll have your forecast at 48 minutes after the hour. earthquake researchers say when california's big one eventually happens, it could trigger even more big quakes along other faults. juan fernandez has details of the new findings. >> reporter: >> the historic period in l.a. 150 years is quiet. that has to end. >> reporter: the scientists at this week's seismological society conference in pasadena there's no doubt a major earthquake along the san andreas fault is overdue. new research by professor james dolan suggests that shaking from the big one could trigger large earthquakes along nearby faults. >> every fault, every earthquake on every fault, it communicates with other earthquakes and helps influence the future occurrence of other earthquakes on other faults. the stresses don't go away.
5:46 am
they just get redistributed to all the other faults. >> reporter: dolan says the upon the of his study was to get a deeper -- the point of his study was to get a deeper understanding of the quakes. >> what the study is showing is the pace of earthquake occurrence is extremely inconsistent. it's not regular. it's not bang, bang, bang, bang. what it's showing is we can have long periods of quiet. >> reporter: they focused on southern california's second largest faults for the story the garlock fault in the mojave desert. data collected there showed how earthquake faults can stop moving for thousands of years and then go into a super cycle releasing seismic strain. >> it doesn't mean it will happen tomorrow or 10 years from now but within our lifetimes. >> reporter: the professor says his research is in no way to be alarmist, but to keep in mind that we can all survive the big one by simply being prepared well ahead of time. in the newsroom, i'm juan fernandez for kpix 5. parts of van ness avenue in
5:47 am
san francisco closing for 72 hours and it all starts tomorrow. it's the second phase of construction project for the new california pacific medical center campus. the closure on van ness is between ellis and pine and from geary and post. closed friday to sunday. an underground walkway is being built. van ness avenue will stay open to muni and golden gate transit buses. there are detours for drivers. but good idea this weekend you might want to steer clear of van ness, take franklin or take a walk. >> there you go. >> that too. >> bicycle ride. van ness is going to be a big thoroughfare a big issue for commuters this weekend. all right. for right now, we do have a few issues of our own already. the metering lights are turned on over at the bay bridge. they have been turning them on a minute earlier every day this week. it all started monday at 5:39 then 5:39, 5:37 now it's 5:36 this morning. so it's already stacking up
5:48 am
pretty close to the maze in the cash and fastrak lanes. it doesn't take long there. the santa cruz mountains, we are also getting word of this overturn wreck. it doesn't sound good. a car is on its side northbound 17. this is around glenwood. once you get past it heading into los gatos, everything looks fine. this crash second one in the morning, this is heading to the caldecott tunnel westbound west of the orinda exit crash blocking the center divide and left lane. traffic jams already this morning. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. roberta has your forecast. we have over 100 weather watcher in and around the bay area. so this morning let's see who is with us who is working with us. this one right here. let's take a look at that temperature. 44 degrees by kathy munch. she is in sebastopol. she wrote a little description saying that we have lots of stars out there this morning. so the low clouds, the fog,
5:49 am
scrubbing out a lot sooner. she also says she has a weather stick. and the weather stick says it's going to rain. it's true. but first the live weather camera looking out towards sfo. so far no reports of any local airport delays. numbers are stacking up from 45 to 55 degrees out the door. a little breezy with a southwest and west wind up to about 15 miles per hour. those westerlies will be pretty robust later today 10 to 20. we will realize temperatures near average for this time of the year. and also lots of sunshine all the way back to the coast. now, the clouds are stacked up there right now. but they will clear out. area of low pressure is on the approach. that low pressure system wants to bring us some rain showers saturday morning. we have a good shot of it. but what welcome to the futurecast. we cloud up on friday, watch what happens saturday morning. very fast-moving cold front and as it descends, if this is correct, 6:00 on saturday morning, all of us will be
5:50 am
hearing raindrops on our rooftops. great sleeping in weather for the weekend. about .10" and that's about it. pollen report suggests that the count is medium to high. lots of allergens in the atmosphere. sun-up 6:24. by the time it sets tonight, temperatures 50s, 60s to the mid-70s. your extended forecast: >> good chance of rain saturday morning and then partly cloudy during the afternoon hours for all those little league baseball games. dry sky and warmer sunday and monday. >> all right. looking good. >> okay, roberta. thank you. apple is acknowledging the launch of its new watch acknowledging that it could have gone a little more smoothly. customers started preordering the watches online on april 10 and in apple stores they could only try them on. apple said this would stop people in having to wait in long lines but it backfired. the device sold out so fast that the company told customers they won't get their watches until august instead of this friday.
5:51 am
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5:54 am
dodgers. game time at 12:45. expect sunshine and a high of 61 degrees. and new problems in hayward. the "kcbs phone force" is letting now about two left lanes blocked on 880 approaching tennyson. more on the commute coming up. it's 5:54. happening today, a big crackdown on drivers that litter. chp and caltrans have teamed up for the annual litter enforcement day. they will be looking out for people who throw trash out of their car window or drivers with unsecured loads. there will be more chp officers on the roads handing out tickets and more crews cleaning up trash. a debate over more officers or more preventative programs at last night's oakland school board meeting. last month, the district placed two officers on leave for excessive use of force. a group called the black organizing project says they want the district to use the money for more prevention and intervention programs. but the district says safety is a basic necessity. >> there is a reason to have a school police department.
5:55 am
oakland pd is not going to be able to support the requests from these schools. they have enough issues that they deal with within the city and they are understaffed. >> the school police department says in just the last 11 months, they responded to almost 2,000 calls for help. baltimore protestors say they will keep marching for justice after the death of freddie gray. the 25-year-old had a fatal spinal cord injury after his arrest a week ago. officers involved have given statements as to what happened but they are still private. protestors want the officers charged for his death and plan to march in his memory. the family of michael brown junior is filing a civil wrongful death of suit against the city of ferguson, missouri. nine months ago brown was killed by police officer darren wilson. family members and their attorneys are holding a news conference this morning. the incident sparked weeks of protests in ferguson. and started a nationwide movement against police brutality. the senate expected to put loretta lynch in charge of the
5:56 am
justice department today. this comes five months after she was nominated by president obama. lynch would become the nation's first black female attorney general. she is replacing eric holder. a 7-year-old boy injured by a stray bullet in a gun battle. more coming up. >> in mountain view
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, april 23. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. new this morning, sonoma county sheriff's deputies shot a driver that drove a car into
6:00 am
three deputies. a high-speed chase started after deputies got a call of a wrong-way driver on the freeway. eventually the driver pulled over in a parking lot in sebastopol. deputies surrounded the car but say the driver refused to surrender and the driver put the car in reverse and allegedly hit three deputies. other deputies shot the suspect who was then taken away in an ambulance. one deputy was treated and released and the others had minor injuries. developing news out of mountain view this morning. one person is dead after a house fire that involved explosive materials. kpix 5's kiet do is there live to explain how neighbors tried to save that victim. kiet. >> reporter: good morning, this is still a very active scene here in mountain view as we are waiting for the coroner to arrive because the victim's remains are still inside the house as we speak. this all began around 3 a.m. when multiple neighbors called about a fire on the 700 block of lola lane. when the firefighters arrived, the entire rear of the house wa


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