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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a car into three deputies. a high-speed chase started after deputies got a call of a wrong-way driver on the freeway. eventually the driver pulled over in a parking lot in sebastopol. deputies surrounded the car but say the driver refused to surrender and the driver put the car in reverse and allegedly hit three deputies. other deputies shot the suspect who was then taken away in an ambulance. one deputy was treated and released and the others had minor injuries. developing news out of mountain view this morning. one person is dead after a house fire that involved explosive materials. kpix 5's kiet do is there live to explain how neighbors tried to save that victim. kiet. >> reporter: good morning, this is still a very active scene here in mountain view as we are waiting for the coroner to arrive because the victim's remains are still inside the house as we speak. this all began around 3 a.m. when multiple neighbors called about a fire on the 700 block of lola lane. when the firefighters arrived, the entire rear of the house was on fire.
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flames were shooting through the roof. they went inside anyway though and found one adult male victim dead inside a bedroom. the fire also burned the main power line to the house that dropped a live electrical wire into the backyard. as if that wasn't dangerous enough, the fire traveled to the garage, heated up live ammo, pops and small explosions could be heard as rounds went off. neighbor gary mccleod tried to wake up his neighbor but it was too late. >> i was in the front pounding on his window because i knew where his bedroom was and by accidents you broke the glass and when the glass broke, a thick plume of black smoke came out so i knew at that time there wasn't anything i could do because the smoke was too thick. >> reporter: fire investigator is en route to the scene here. that is standard procedure in a situation like this. live in mountain view, kiet do, kpix 5. four bay area high school athletes are scheduled to be arraigned today. three football players and a basketball player all out of clayton valley high are accused of robbing a drug dealer.
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the contra costa district attorney decided all four will be charged as adults. one had a gun. he faces 17 years if convicted. the other three could get eight years. they were all 17. a 7-year-old boy is in a life-threatening condition right now. he was shot in front of his house in south vallejo. it happened just before 5:30 last night on 5th street near cherry. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us from vallejo police headquarters. >> reporter: so far no one is in custody. no one has been arrested for this gun battle. the 7-year-old hit by a stray bullet yesterday, here's a look at the scene. you can see the bullet casings littering the street. it happened as about 40 people gathered at wake for a man who died yesterday of natural causes. the gunfire happened at a nearby intersection. police say up to five people were involved and were firing randomly. those who live in the
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neighborhood are furious. >> this used to be a very, very peaceful neighborhood. >> never thought it would be like this. >> reporter: the boy was hit in the torso and the chest. last night we found out he was in surgery with a torn spleen and a torn aorta. we have calls in several calls in to police to update his condition. live in vallejo, ryan takeo, kpix 5. part of van ness avenue in san francisco shutting down over weekend. it's the second phase of construction project for the new california pacific medical center campus. the closure on van ness between ellis and vine and from geary and post all starts midnight friday through sunday. an underground walkway is being built. venice avenue will be open to muni though and golden gate transit buses. there are detours for drives. van ness avenue will be open to muni and golden gate transit buses. let's check in with our morning commute with elizabeth. >> so if you are searching for
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alternates this weekend you may be searching for alternates this morning already. we have a number of hot spots out the door. first to hayward i mentioned a member of the "kcbs phone force" first alerted us to this. southbound 880 at tennyson. it is backed up to highway 92. and if you are coming through the santa cruz mountains another issue car on its side with injuries northbound 17 at glenwood backed up to laurel. once you get past all that things are fine. los gatos into san jose. and then we also have this wreck in the final clearing stages. this is right before the caldecott tunnel on westbound 24. as you head out of orinda it's still backed up to right around st. steven but if you are used to it being free and clear this morning you will have a little wait trying to get out into oakland. the usual congestion right now through the livermore valley, you can see that drive time up to 24 minutes. and just kind of slow-and-go all the way to the dublin interchange which you're looking at live here. that's your latest "kcbs" drive
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to work. here's roberta gonzales. >> it's our live weather camera from our kpix 5 studios to the port of oakland. see that right there? that paints the picture. we have low clouds and patchy fog. it's all going to burn off sooner than in recent mornings. right now 43 degrees in santa rosa where we have some clearing. it is 50 in san francisco. 55 degrees in oakland. temperatures really close it average today from the 50s at the beaches and you will have the sunshine. 60s around the peninsula today. then we jump into the low to mid-70s across the santa clara valley. 74 degrees anticipated towards gilroy. a pretty late day breeze. 72 in walnut creek. warmer than that towards right around mountain house and brentwood. now north of the golden gate bridge from the 50s at the seashore to 69 san rafael, breezy in petaluma with westerlies. and 78 degrees, good morning to you in cloverdale.
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pollen report i'm just about ready to sneeze here. frank, that's still coming up at 6:18. >> we have tissue coming jury thank you. >> right away. an unprecedented cancellation in the sierra for the first time the state has actually called off its may snow survey. with no snow on the ground at echo summited, there's nothing to measure with no snow on the ground at echo summit. french and family are concerned as the santa clara county sheriff's department searching for a missing teenager. 17-year-old connor sullivan was lease seen monday in an early class at monte vista high school in cupertino. deputies and volunteers have been searching for him throughout the cupertino area. sheriff's investigators do not suspect foul play. but they are concerned. >> he doesn't have a vehicle. we don't believe he has any cash on him. we know he has a cell phone but cell phone is currently turned off. >> he is a steady kid, hard working, great student, very unusual. >> connor sullivan is about
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5'5" and 150 pounds. he was last seen wearing a black shirt, faded black sweatshirt, black shorts, and blue and white athletic shoes. he will reportedly enjoys running at the fremont older open space preserve. former baseball star barry bonds has scored a legal victory. a federal appeals court overturned his obstruction of justice conviction. in a statement bonds said, quote, i am humbled and truly thankful for the outcome as well as the opportunity our judicial system affords to all individuals to seek justice. conviction stems from bonds' 2003 testimony before a grand jury investigating the balco laboratory steroids scandal. bonds gave a rambling answer when asked if his trainer gave him steroids. the grand jury probe led to several convictions including balco founder victor conte who spent four months in jail. >> well, i'm happy for barry bonds that he gets the opportunity to move on and live his life now. all along, i have said that i believe that this is nothing
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more than a trophy hunt and it's a waste of federal taxpayer dollars. >> u.s. supreme court is now the justice department's only option to revive the convictions. so far no word on what the prosecutors will do. a settlement of lawsuits on brain injuries from pro football now has the go-ahead from a federal judge. the nfl will provide payouts over 65 years to players who suffer symptoms from concussions or other brain trauma. the average award will be about $190,000. but in more serious cases, it could be one to five million. the lawsuits have claimed the nfl failed to protect its players from the risk of concussion. it is 6:08 on this thursday morning. new details on how postal worker was able to land his gyrocopter at the capitol building and lawmakers are furious. >> and a sign that all the recent outrage directed at san francisco's archbishop may be having its intended effect. >> rain is back in the forecast. i'll tell you when to expect it and how much.
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>> and bart is still recovering from some earlier issues still 15-minute delays out of
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there are signs of affection. and then... there are signs of affection. use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. 6:12 on this thursday morning. good morning, everyone! take a look at that. the coast is not clear but it will clear out later today with sunshine with highs in the mid- and high 50s. otherwise 60s across the bay to low 70s on the peninsula and mid-70s inland. a bit breezy. we are going to have your pollen report coming up at 18 minutes after the hour. the head of the house oversight committee says the gyrocopter that landed on the capital lawn last week should have been shot down. the postal carrier doug hughes faces up to four years in prison for the political stunt.
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security teams had the gyrocopter in their sights but didn't shoot it down, to protect civilians on the ground. members of congress want to know why they weren't notified of the breach right away. >> wake-up call for all of us and for all of the agencies. >> the house oversight panel plans to have a public hearing never next we are archbishop salvatore cordileone will skip the march for marriage on saturday in washington. the archbishop had originally planned to take part but now he says other bishops will take his place. he spoke at the same event last year provoking criticism from san francisco politicians. he has been under fire from fellow catholics for demanding that school staffers sign a morality clause. well, yesterday was earth day. but for a group of high schoolers in san anselmo earth day is every day. returned from ecuador on a reforestization mission. this week's "cool school" is sir francis drake high school.
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reporter: students are hard at work in the garden at drake high school. >> we're not only growing our own food in a sustainable way but we're also, like, encouraging or community to be more sustainable. >> reporter: they plant kale, broccoli and other veggies, harvest them and then share with the school cafeteria. this is all done by drake's global student embassy club committed to improving the environment and raising awareness. >> they are, like, oh, like, if these young people care about this then i should care about this too and so they do. >> reporter: they put their planting skills to good use in a recent trip to ecuador. 38 drake students traveled to help with reforestation efforts in the country's dry tropical forest. >> it was a lot harder than i thought it would be because we had to, like, walk the trees to the place where we planned them planted them and carry huge water jugs, really hard. it was totally word it very rewarding. >> reporter: they planted about 1,000 two-foot tall trees during their ten-day trip. each tree was named, some after parents, pets and teachers.
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>> it gets more of an emotional attachment with the tree gets you closer with it and in a way it kind of makes you friends in this sort. >> they see the problems and they don't see adults maybe solving them as quickly as they would like. >> reporter: he helped start the club at drake six years ago and credits the students for finding solutions that can last a lifetime. >> people are willing to reach across cultural divides and give up some of their ease of living and really try and dig in and see what they can do. >> i hope that the rest of the community can see what we're doing and, um, other schools can see what we're doing as well and follow our lead. >> they are amazing students. and they also went to their local restaurants and got about a dozen of them to cut back on straw usage. so -- >> hey, if you can plant broccoli and kale and get the students to eat it there? [ laughter ] >> that's saying something right there.
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>> that's big. >> and the kids go down to ecuador and other south american central american countries? >> next year is nicaragua alternating years nicaragua and ecuador. what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. i would like to hear from you. he needs some ideas. come on in. >> i think we went to needles one time in death valley because we were in the mojave desert. >> doesn't sound like as much fun. >> hotter than barstow. >> we got a lot of issues going on, on the roads. i'm not sure why. people need to pay more attention on the roads out there. >> we have seen a half dozen different accidents blocking lanes. so this is one southbound 880
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at tennyson. it extends beyond 92, southbound at tennyson. it was reported as a four-car accident. it's a serious traffic jam in the area. you can see the red on the sensors. this accident has been out there for a long time. injury crash westbound 24 in orinda around the wilder exit. another one around willow pass exit on 4 stacked up to pittsburg and bay point. that's are the problems. let's show you some good spots. here's the richmond/san rafael bridge. the approach here is looking really good. no delay all across the span. i like this shot with the fog and low clouds. westbound 92 traffic-wise we look great right now out of hayward. no delay up and over the high- rise. eastbound 92 there is some roadwork scheduled until 11:00. no major delays out of foster city. bay bridge stacked up to the
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maze. 21 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. 580 getting slow from the 24 interchange. and if you are a bart rider we still have these delays. we have problems at the daly city line. they are in recoverly mode. 15-minute delays in all directions out of daly city. the rest of the lines are on time. that's "kcbs traffic." roberta standing by with your forecast. >> it's live our weather camera looking towards sfo. and look at that deck of clouds. that's the reason we now have one hour and 20-minute delays on some arriving flights. santa rosa 43. 54 livermore. breeze out of the southwest at 12 miles per hour being reported in concord. it will be a little breezy today with a west wind 10 to 20. we'll have the sunshine all the way back to the coast and our high temperatures close to where they should be for this time of the year. we do have rain in the offing on saturday. more on that but right now we have those clouds stacked up at
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the coast. we'll retreat somewhat in a westerly direction. otherwise we do have yet another upper level disturbance. this one is a cold front. it will be the third one breezing through the bay area this week. watch our futurecast a little bit of mountain rain later on today. otherwise, friday becomes mostly cloudy. and then watch what happens on saturday. this is very optimistic. we are painting the picture of rain from the north bay all the way into the santa clara valley. very light. about .10" of rain because it's a very fast-moving cold front. but we should hear some raindrops on the rooftops early saturday morning. then becoming partly cloudy with dry skies for sunday. 81 at the state capital. currently 54 degrees. 28 with limited visibility in the high sierra due to fog. pollen report medium to high. and speaking of high, numbers 50s beaches, 60s bayside, 60s few low 70s across the peninsula into the santa clara valley. warmest numbers east of the bay but again that west wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. we do have that rain on
6:20 am
saturday morning. and then dry skies near 80 by monday. that's your thursday report. back to you. 6:19. the bay area's biggest city laying out its plan to make the governor's water conservation mandate -- to meet the governor's water conservation mandate. new restrictions in effect now. coming up. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, can the a's rebound from a 14-2 loss and the two best pitchers in baseball kershaw versus baumgarner, straight ahead.
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is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. good morning, everyone. history at at&t park last night. for the first time ever, the last year's mvp dodgers clayton kershaw faced off against last year's world series mvp, madison baumgarner. kershaw was the best pitcher april through september but this guy owned october.
6:24 am
and that's what counts. bottom 3, 1-0 giants. matt duffy's blooper drops in. brandon crawford scores. kershaw allowed two runs in six innings. did not figure in the decision. baumgarner had a shutout. i was screaming, take him out before this pitch. gone! two-run shot. that's his last pitch. neither pitcher figured in the decision. bottom of the 9th, tied at 2, joe panik bases loaded. is it deep enough to get the runner home? yes! gregor blanco game winner. and the giants win 3-2. they will go for the sweep later today. other matchup of ace, angels jared weaver going against oakland's sonny gray. gray allowed two hits one run in seven innings struck out to end the 6th. he had seven strikeouts. he was dominant. a's offense picked him up. tied at one, vogt brought home sogard, 2-1. the gates broke open. the a's had five straight two out hits in the inning.
6:25 am
none bigger than billy butler's home run. he had four runs batted in. the a's had 18 hits. they win 9-2 after losing the previous game 14-1. round one of the swinging skirts today if you are into the lpga, that's out in d.c. and the giants go for the sweep over the dodgers. going to be a great day in bay area sports. we'll have it all for you tonight at 6:00. play of the day, how about some mlb? we have atlanta at new york. got a great catch. peterson of the mets goes back deep center, he is going to catch it over the shoulder. got it with the left hand. one more time. your play of the day. on the run. he pulls it in. new york went on to its tenth straight win, too, with a big win over atlanta. your play of the day. the mets have won ten in a row. it is 6:25.
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the bill to require more vaccinations in california moves forward over strong objections from parents. but the battle isn't over yet. >> reporter: and i'm kiet do. we're live in mountain view at the scene of a fatal fire where firefighters had to deal with
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a 7-year-old boy seriously injured hit by gunfire in a gun battle. coming up what's making this tougher to solve. >> as scrutiny on police violent intensifies, new developments on the case has started it all. >> from the kpix 5 weather center, we have rain back in
6:30 am
the forecast. i'll tell you when and how much. >> and we got advice from chp that this may be an area to avoid san leandro into hayward even though all lanes are reopened. tell you all about it coming up. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. good morning, thursday april 23. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. new this morning a high- speed chase in sonoma county ends with gunfire. it started with a call about a wrong-way driver eventually that driver pulled over in a parking lot in sebastopol but deputies say the suspect refused to surrender but instead put the car in reverse hitting three deputies. that's when the other deputies on scene shot the suspects. no word on that suspect's condition at this time. one deputies was taken to the hospital and treated and released, the others have minor injuries. a man is dead after an early-morning house fire in mountain view. kpix 5's kiet do is on the scene where neighbors did their best to save the victim. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. the scene is winding down here in mountain view.
6:31 am
the only thing that we are waiting for is the investigator from the arson unit and the coroner because the victim's remains are still inside the house. this started at 3 a.m. multiple neighbors called about a fire on the 700 block of lola lane. when the firefighters arrived the entire rear of the house was on fire. flames were shooting through the roof. they went inside anyway and found one adult male dead inside a bedroom. the fire also burned the main power line to the house. that dropped a live electrical wire in the backyard. as if that wasn't bad enough, the fire traveled to the garage and then heated up some live ammunition, pops and small explosions heard as rounds were going off. gary mccleod banged on his neighbor's window and tried to wake him up but the house was filled with thick, black smoke and it was too late. >> he was a wonderful quiet guy who would do anything for you. it's really unfortunate and it's hard to see somebody's
6:32 am
life end like that. >> reporter: the victim's name hasn't been released because the family members have not yet been notified. live in mountain view, kiet do, kpix 5. 7-year-old boy has critical injuries after he was hit with a stray bullet in vallejo. it happened just before 5:30 last night at 5th street near cherry. kpix 5's ryan takeo is at the vallejo police headquarters and has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: she shooters are on the loose while the boy's family was mourning the loss of a loved one yesterday when the gunfire started. >> i heard gunshots. i came out and seen a bunch of people running around. >> reporter: in the midst of a family gathering to mourn a friend who just died, he says another tragedy struck. a burst of gunfire a 7-year-old boy hit by a stray bullet. >> the boy's father pick him up and put him in a car and i guess took him to the hospital. >> reporter: the boy was shot in the torso. last night sources said he was
6:33 am
in surgery with a torn spleen and aorta. police tell us this was a gun battle involving up to five people and that the shooters were firing randomly. so far no shooters have been arrested and people in the neighborhood are angry. [ [ indiscernible ] >> this use to be a very, very peaceful neighborhood. i never thought it would end up being like this. >> reporter: police don't have a clear description on the suspect on the shooters or even a vehicle description. so they need help. live in vallejo, ryan takeo, kpix 5. san jose has new rules affected immediately on outdoor watering use. the city council approving the rules unanimously on tuesday. they restrict watering of lawns and homes and businesses to two days a week and only before 10 a.m. or after 8:00 at night. residents cannot top off swimming pools with more than a foot of water and they cannot use potable water to wash cars. the rules are in effect now.
6:34 am
the goal is to cut overall use by 30%. the chief of the water police in pleasanton and your tri-valley area, ladies and gentlemen, it's roberta gonzales! >> simple things. being mindful. >> be aware and have an open dialogue about it all. we have rain coming our way and beneficial for our lawns and our plants and our flowers. some rain early saturday morning measuring up to .10" then remainder of your day you could have little league games. right now sunrise over vaccination where we have layers of clouds and currently 43 degrees in santa rosa to 54 in livermore. this is the scene right now. we had some thunder bumpers over the high sierra yesterday. we still have the clouds stacked up next to the coast. we'll have some sunshine there today and our temperatures very close to average highs for this spring day. 50s beaches, few low 60s around
6:35 am
sunset district. otherwise, 60s common around the peninsula and then the low and mid-70s across the santa clara valley. these are the numbers today. anywhere from 73 degrees in pleasant hill to 78 degrees in brentwood. low 70s also in pleasanton backing all way through blackhawk. we have 59 degrees with a robust west wind 10 to 20 in stinson beach and good morning to you in windsor with a pair of 7s. pollen report coming up at 6:48. we are going to run through the problem areas. we have a -- we have a lot of them. wreck in willow pass in the center divide jammed up to bay up. an accident in hayward is all clear but it is still backed up into san leandro. it's also affecting traffic on northbound 238. 880 farther north in oakland near the coliseum everything looks good there. hey, major delays this morning in the santa cruz mountains. northbound 17 at glenwood, over
6:36 am
turn wreck still there still blocking a lane and traffic now back up nearly to scotts valley. and another tweet from the "kcbs phone force," you can see right there on your screen, san jose northbound 101 before capitol expressway, a three-car wreck belonging a lane and those phone forcers keeping us in the know. yerba buena island it begins to stack up. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are turned on at 5:36 this morning. and you are stacked up well east of the maze. that's "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. seemingly routine traffic stop in richmond led to a drug bust. the driver was unlicensed so the investigators searched the car yesterday and found thousands of dollars worth of illegal drugs. they say more drugs were found in the driver's home. estimated dollar amount of all that, more than $200,000 meth and heroin mainly. former hayward police sergeant behind bars. 55-year-old michael scott beal faces nine felony counts. he is accused of stealing nearly a half million dollars from a mentally ill woman he
6:37 am
once arrested for prostitution. he allegedly told the woman he was going to marry her and they would buy a home together. beal retired in 2013 after 27 years with the hayward police department. the battle over vaccinations has taken another turn. a state senate committee that proved a bill that would require vaccinations for nearly all schoolchildren in california. more now from derek shore in sacramento. with that vote, the controversial sb277 passed another major hurdle on the way to becoming law and what a difference a week makes. a bill to remove the parent's right to choose stalled in the senate education committee. >> these are my kids. this is totally -- this is totally taking away a right of mine to choose how i want to get to medical care for them. >> reporter: .inence packing in but this time without public comment. expressing outrage after the
6:38 am
vote. >> i think that that's a discussion that's left between the parents and the doctor and that is a decision that does not belong in government. >> reporter: after hearing concerns last week, senators dr. richard pan and ben allen amended the bill now making it clear homeschools and students working in independent study curriculum are exempt. >> we think we have struck a fair balance here that provides more options. >> reporter: while not everyone agreed -- >> this will not go far enough to help a two-income family who cannot homeschool their child or a single working parent. >> let's call the roll. >> reporter: -- it was 7 votes that carried the bill. >> there is a very large number of people who are supporting this bill. >> reporter: at the stated capital in sacramento, derek shore, kpix 5. >> the bill now heads to the state senate judiciary committee. today the senate will likely confirmed loretta lynch as the u.s. attorney general five months after she was nominated by president obama. the vote is delayed because of
6:39 am
a fight over abortion funding. lynch, who is now a federal prosecutor, would become the nation's first black woman attorney general succeeding eric holder. demonstrates in baltimore are calling for justice in the death of freddie gray who suffered a fatal spinal cord injury his arrest a week ago. the officers involved have given statements as to what happened but they are not public. protestors want the officers charged for the death and plan to continue to march in his memory. michael brown, jr.'s parents will sue ferguson, missouri for the wrongful death of their son. nine months ago, brown was killed by police officer darren wilson. family members and their attorneys are holding a news conference later this morning. the incident sparked weeks of protests in ferguson and started a nationwide movement against police brutality. 6:39. bart has unveiled its initial budget for next year and along with it new ways to reduce overcrowding. >> google is rolling out a new
6:40 am
wireless service and one unique feature should have
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it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. but only moments to master paying bills at
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depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. good morning. time check at 6:43 on this 23rd day of the month. forecast highs today close to average. along the coast today we'll see some cleaning in the upper 50s. otherwise along the peninsula today good morning, san mateo. at 67 degrees. low and mid-70s common across the santa clara valley. now, east of the bay, pleasant hill at 73 degrees. antioch will top off at 77. a robust sea breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour stinson beach, kind of blustery today. and the upper 50s. 74 in sonoma. and the warm spot today will be
6:44 am
cloverdale at 78 sunshiny degrees. thanks for the tour, roberta. time now with a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning"." charlie rose joins us from new york. >> we are standing by for the president announcement that two hostages being held by al qaeda were killed! plus this google tries to shake up the wireless industry. we'll take a closer look at the new cell phone service and how it is different than what is on the market. and from a needle free vaccine to a [ indiscernible ] that teaches you to cook, "popular science" magazine shares the list of the 10 greatest inventions of the year. that and more. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> thank you. "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. earnings for facebook and ebay are moving in different directions. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. high expectations for facebook. it turned a solid quarter overall when you look at it
6:45 am
revenue up 41% to $3.5 billion. but that came up just shy of expectations. it had weak ad sales. that was because of the stronger dollar impacting overseas sales. overall monthly active user growth continues to rise for facebook up 4% from the quarter before to 1.44 billion worldwide. ebay turned in solid growth. its paypal unit which will be spun off in the 3rd quarter of this year to a separate company, paypal saw 11% increase in active accounts to 165 million. and transactions were up 24% topping one billion. and its shares ebay shares are rising this morning. first time weekly jobless claims up slightly this past week up 1,000 to 295,000, four- week average also up slightly to 284,000. claims still below 300,000. that's the good news there. wall street coming off a strong
6:46 am
day yesterday opening up a little bit lower this morning. let's take a look at the big board see how we're doing. dow down 60. nasdaq also down this morning by about 8 points. the s&p 500 moving lower by 3 points. facebook shares have just turned positive up slightly, ebay doing well early on up 4.25%. michelle and frank, back to you. >> all right, jason brooks thank you. a house committee is looking into the extent of unprocessed claims at the veterans affairs office in oakland. last year, a former employee revealed that compensation and disability claims were found standard in a filing cabinet in 2012. yesterday, that whistle-blower rusty ann brown, said claims were often labeled no action necessary and put aside. in other testimony yesterday, a va inspector confirmed the number of unprocessed claims may be as high as 13,000. bart's budget for the next fiscal year will focus on
6:47 am
relieving crowded trains. the budget plan includes more cars during peak hours and extra shifts for workers to repair the train. the plan will be discussed today as bart's board of directors meets today. let's check in with liz for the traffic report. >> bart has had a few issues as well as the roads taking a beater all because of some accidents in the 5:00 hour. so one of these is this one here long since cleared but it's still causing a big traffic jam between antioch and concord. the rest is closer to willow pass at one point 9 miles per hour. southbound 880 between san leandro and hayward another early-morning wreck. thanks to the "kcbs phone force" for alerting us to that one at tennyson. still has traffic jammed 237 as well as the castro valley y. northbound 17 near glenwood, glenwood cutoff, we have had an earlier wreck overturn accident took tow crews a while to get out there still backed up to
6:48 am
scotts valley even though my producer just got off the phone with chp who says that all lanes are open. 880 in oakland a bright spot everything nice into downtown. bay bridge metering lights on 5:36 backed up through the maze. the 580 approach is heavy from 24 and the eastshore freeway slows from pinole into emeryville. it looks okay right now on the approach to the san mateo bridge. once you hop on the span, though, it's sluggish as you can see there as you head on the flat section and over the high-rise. that's "kcbs traffic." roberta here with your forecast. >> frank, i need the drum roll. >> drum roll. >> time for the weather watcher program. this is where we have people automatic around the bay area who assist us in giving us the current conditions at that hour. let's call on this one right here. 55 degrees that would be steve in los altos. thank you so much, steve. it's a barometric pressure is steady and that will be dropping with an approaching area of low pressure by saturday. so thanks for checking in. you can be my weather watcher too, you just need a rain gauge
6:49 am
couple of pieces of equipment. go online at live weather camera looking out past mount vaca currently 41 degrees now in santa rosa. 54 degrees in livermore. here's what we need to know as we head out on this thursday. a hint of the fog at the coast, everybody should have sunshine today and temperatures close to average. rain is back in the forecast. that will be saturday morning. a cold front will sweep through rapidly with minimal rain, nevertheless we'll get wet. sunnier and warmer for your sunday. let's take you through our futurecast. because we'll have some mountain rain around 1:00 this afternoon. otherwise, we caught up on our friday. then watch what happens on satisfied. this is really interesting. everybody gets wet before 6:00 in the morning from the santa rosa area all the way into morgan hill. but again, it's descending to the south very rapidly with only about .10" of rain expected and then partly cloudy
6:50 am
skies for the bulk of saturday. 81 at the state capital today, everybody has medium to high pollen count. sun-up at 6:24. by the time it sets, we'll have realized numbers 50s, 60s beaches to the mid-70s inland. west winds 10 to 20. again, rain on saturday. enjoy your day. >> thanks, roberta. google entering new territory. as mark kelly reports, the mountain view internet giant is getting in the wireless business. >> reporter: say high to "project fi." google says its brand-new wireless pushes the boundaries with what your cell phone is capable of doing. >> if are you in an area that would maybe be, like, a dead zone, instead of you scrambling to try to find some other way to stay connected, that may or may not be secure, google is promising to do all this for you. >> reporter: google will piggyback off cell towers from two of the country's biggest carriers t-mobile and sprint plus millions of open wi-fi hot
6:51 am
spots. "project fi" canada detect which has the strongest -- can detect which has strongest signal at any time. >> consistency is something that needs to happen in wireless now. >> reporter: starting at $20 a month, price is where google can really give competitors a run for their money. each gig of data will cost $10. that makes a two gig plan 40 bucks a month no contract required. but one catch. it's only for t-mobile and sprint customers. would you care enough to switch carriers? >> if it's that much cheaper yes. >> reporter: don't use all two gigs by the end of the month? no sweat. google will give you your money back. >> definitely makes it interesting anytime google enters a space. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5. >> "project fi" is set to roll out next month. initially the service will only be available on google's nexus 6 smartphone. san francisco's catholic archbishop will not participate
6:52 am
in a march in washington on saturday against same-sex marriage. archbishop salvatore cordileone had originally planned to go but now he says other bishops will take his place. cordileone spoke at the same event last year provoking criticism from several san francisco politicians. and he has been under fire from fellow catholics for demanding that school staffers sign a morality clause. civil rights leaders cesar chavez will get navy funeral honors this morning 22 years to the day after he died. the idea for the ceremony came from a current navy sailor who learned he hadn't received such honors. he served in the navy after world war ii and later founded united farm workers union while living in san jose. this morning's service will be at the cesar chavez national monument in kern county. warriors basketball is back tonight. >> no sleep tonight. golden state is bringing a two games to none lead off to new
6:53 am
orleans with the warriors with something else to be excited about. they earned a play-off bonus. the nba has a $14 million play- off hole that goes to the players. that money is spread morning the players from the top six teams in each conference. if the warriors win the whole thing they could earn slightly more than $4.1 million. more incentive to win. >> not bad. time now 6:53. we are getting a spectacular show after a south american volcano erupts for the first time in half a century. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live at the scene of a fatal fire in mountain view. we'll have more coming up after the break on how neighbors
6:54 am
6:55 am
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6:57 am
arrive on scene because the victim's remains are still inside the house. this began around 3 a.m. when neighbors called about a fire on the 700 block of lola lane. the firefighters arrived. the entire rear of the house was on fire. flames were shooting through the roof. they went inside anyway and they found one adult male dead inside a bedroom. the fire also burned the main power line to the house and that dropped live electrical lines in the backyard. as if that wasn't dangerous enough the fire traveled to the garage and heated up live ammunitions where rounds went off. gary banged on the neighbor window and tried to wake him up but it was too late. >> i was in the front pounding on his windows because i knew where the bedroom was. i broke the window, smoke came out and i into at that time there wasn't anything i -- i knew at that time that there wasn't anything i could because the smoke was too thick. >> reporter: the neighbor's name hasn't been released because the family hasn't been notified. live in mountain view, kiet do,
6:58 am
kpix 5. a final check out the door, northbound 101 coming into santa clara, we have a new wreck with five cars before montague expressway. it's slow coming out of san jose. hayward westbound 92, slow. after our earlier bart problems out of daly city, everything is finally back on time. roberta? >> this is a beautiful view from lick observatory. you can see the blanket of low clouds sweeping over the santa clara valley. meanwhile, we have sunshine in mount vaca and the current air temperatures dipping into the 40s in santa rosa, otherwise 50s from san jose through san francisco east of the bay bridg and to the north. 50s at the beaches, 70s inland. 71 degrees in san rafael. a robust west wind 10 to 20 miles per hour later today. and then you will notice mostly cloudy skies and cooler
6:59 am
conditions on your friday. we do have a cold front that's going to sweep through the bay area very rapidly on saturday with about a tenth of an an inch of rain. we could hear those raindrops about 6:00 in the morning on saturday turning partly cloudy for all those little league baseball games during the afternoon. it will be sunny and brighter on sunday and approaching near 80 degrees on monday but again, i just wanted to take a look at this. look at the low clouds sweeping across the santa clara valley at this particular time. they will retreat as far as the clouds are concerned. and if you're heading out to giants baseball action today at 12:45, we got vogelsong on the mound for the good guys. game time temperature in the 60s. but again a bit breezy so you always want to dress in layers if you are heading out to at&t park. >> giants going for the sweep, too. they won the first two. >> you know, they are finally coming on, right, after that horrible seven-game losing streak and what a great time to bring it against the dreaded dodgers. >> dreaded dodgers! yes.
7:00 am
that is great. >> frank's wearing dodger blue. >> go home now. >> on a serious note, "cbs this morning" coming good morning t good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday april 23 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." the white house just announced a u.s. raid on al qaeda killed two hostage s hostages including one american. president obama will speak in just a few minutes and you will hear it live. we begin with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. a broken alarm at former president george h.w. bush's home took more than a year to fix. another black eye for the secret service. >> a government report revealed the secret service received a warning that the system was out of date but that they


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