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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 24, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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♪ a disaster. more than a dozen students are hurt when a stage in a high school collapses during a performance. >> it was a big pile. everyone was piled on top of each other. fatal error. the white house calls its counterterror policies in questions after president obama takes responsibility for the death of two u.s. hostages including an american killed by a u.s. drone strike. >> on behalf of the united states government we offer our deepest apologies to the families. comcast appears to be
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pulling a plugging a major merger walking away from the acquisition of time warner cable. >> i long believed that doctors should never fight their battles or each other in public but now i believe i must. >> and dr. oz goes on the attack. the popular tv host uses his show to fight back against the group of doctors calling for his ouster from columbia university's med school faculty. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday april 24th, 2015. good morning. i'm alison harmelin in for anne-marie green. it was supposed to be a school celebration. instead an indiana high school auditorium turned into a disaster seen on thursday night. the stage collapsed during the finale of a student concert.
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more ominous taken moments before the collapse. it reads never stop believing westfield. westfield high school will be open to students today and counselors will be on hand. president obama is oi apologizing for the death of two american hostages. the president says the u.s. did not believe civilians were in the area. mark albert is in washington. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, alison. even though the drone strikes occurred in january, it wasn't until this month that the cia
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realize edd it killed the two hostages and the safeguards president obama promised would keep civilians safe failed. >> on behalf of the united states government we offer our deepest apologies to the families. >> reporter: president obama ordered a full review of the january counterterrorism operation in pakistan that ined a a. after weeks of aerial surveillance, cia analysts concluded the compound targeted was being used by islamic militants. on thursday, president obama took full responsibility for the loss of civilians blaming the mistake on the fog of war. >> i can't begin to imagine what the families are enduring today. >> i'm addressing this video to president obama.
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>> reporter: flowers and yellow ribbons now line the road leading to the 73 year old's maryland home. >> this is not the outcome any of us hoped for. >> reporter: the death of the aggressive since 2008 have prevented another 9/11 style attack in the united states. >> reporter: two other americans were also killed in the january operation. both the administration says were members of al qaeda. congress plans to launch its own investigation. in a statement, the family said his captors bear ultimate responsibility for his death, but they also question why help from elements of the u.s. government was inconsistent and disappointing. alison? >> mark albert in washington. thank you, mark. an investigation by the tulsa county sheriff's office
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into the training and treatment of reserve deputy robert bates conducted back in 2009 found the sheriff's department followspolicy was violated. bates received special treatment and deputy in charge of the reserve program didn't know bates had become a reserve deputy. when the coordinator made known his concerns about bates, he was told by a superior you need to stop messing with him because he does a lot of good for the county. bates is a 73-year-old former insurance executive and good friends with the sheriff. bates said he confused his handgun and taser when he fatally shot eric harris. the judge hopes to decide whether to recuse himself. he worked for the sheriff's office and his daughter still does. new details in the case of freddie gray who apparently suffered a fatal spine injury while being held by baltimore police. gray was not wearing a seat belt while being driven to the police station. reinforcements have been called
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in to contain protests which are expected to continue. >> reporter: demonstrators stopped traffic and scuffled with police. the fourth day of police since the death of 25-year-old freddie gray who died sunday of a severe spinal injury. gray was hospitalized after his arrest was recorded on video. police don't know how he was injured. >> emotions are running high. >> reporter: president of baltimore's naacp group says protests can help vent frustration. >> sometimes when terrible things happen, this is what people do. people are looking at it on tv and if it were your son, what would you do? >> reporter: the protest march ended here at the police station which has been a scene of passionate demonstrations all week long. officers took their own video of the demonstration. the mayor has asked the governor to send state troopers to baltimore to help keep the peace. city leaders are promising answers. >> i guarantee that we're going to get to the bottom of this and justice will prevail.
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>> reporter: all six officers have been suspended with pay during the investigation and five of the six have already given statements. another large protest is planned for saturday. craig boswell, cbs news baltimore. relatives of convicted marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev are in boston this morning as the penalty phase of his trial continues. the prosecution wrapped up its case with emotional testimony thursday. kris van cleave said the jury heard and saw how his victims suffered. >> reporter: martin richard suffered an ex-death. david king testified martin's body was shredded by the force of the bomb but the child did not die instantly. a survivor found himself on the ground next to the boy saying i saw martin's face and i could see a boy who looked like he was fatally injured. he lost a leg. his 3-year-old son suffered a skull fracture.
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the same blast left mark withouts actions in their final push to convince the jury to sentence him to death. a survivor walked into court on thursday on a prosthetic leg designed for her beloved high heels. abbott told jurors her choice to amputate was probably the hardest decision i ever had to make. >> i think it will be a relief when the sentence is handed down. it's another part of this whole experience that will be put in the past. >> reporter: the defense makes its case to spare tsarnaev's life when court resumes monday. kris van cleave cbs news boston. former cia director david petraeus says he's ready to move on this morning. he was sentenced to two years probation and fined $100,000 on
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thursday. the retired four-star general gave his mistress classified material while she was working on his biography. his guilty plea carried a possible one-year prison sentence. the senate confirmed loretta lynch in a vote on thursday. she replaces eric holder and becomes the first black woman to hold the nation's top law enforcement post. coming up on "the morning news" takeover trouble reports that comcast will walk away from its bid for time warner cable. the royals and white this is the "cbs morning news." benches. this is the "cbs morning news." you've got to be kidding me. i've had enough! it's time to talk to the doctor. ask your doctor how myrbetriq may help treat... ...oab symptoms of urgency frequency, and leakage.
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than six miles high. nearby towns are covered in thick soot, ash coats cars and streets. flights are grounded in chile and argentina. on the "cbs money watch" a major merger may be dead and another ice cream recall. >> good morning. it looks like the comcast dropping its plans to buy time warner cable. the $45 billion takeover bid would have produced one of the largest media mergers in years. the reported comcast withdraw comes in stiffening opposition by fcc regulators. comcast officials met with the fcc earlier this week trying to salvage the merger. several media outlets including "the new york times" and "wall street journal" say an official announcement is expected this morning. the nasdaq opens trading at an all-time high. the tech heavy index gained 20 points yesterday closing at 5,056. beating the record set in the march of 2000 at the height of the dotcom bubble. both the dow and s&p closed higher as well. dow rose 20 points and s&p
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gained four points just below its own record set last month. for the second time this week an ice cream company is recalling all of its products after listeria was found in a sample. jeni's ice cream says it was distributed in u.s. retail outlets and online. listeria was found in a sample of jeni's ice cream taken at a whole foods in nebraska. on monday blue bell creameries recalled its ice cream. so far there's no evidence the cases are connected. today is the global launch of the apple watch but it will only be available in a small number of upscale boutiques and department stores and not at apple stores. customers can order online instead. apple began taking preorders april 10th. the apple watch comes in 38 variations priced from $349 to more than $10,000. alison? >> what am i getting for $10,000 apple watch here? gold, diamond?
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>> it's the gold edition. i hope it's special. >> i bet it's very special. thank you, jill. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange. straight ahead, dr. oz fights back. the celebrity physician uses his popular show to answer his critics. we'll hear what he has to say. headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels. meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas.
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armenians around the world are marking 100 years since the start of a genocide at the hands of ottoman turks. survivors and their relatives placed flowers at a memorial in armenia's capital thursday. 1.5 million armenians were killed. president obama pledged solidarity on thursday but refused to call it genocide. that's going back on a campaign pledge. turkey's president says the death toll is inflated. television personality dr. oz says he won't bow to what he calls a smear campaign. on "the dr. oz show" thursday, dr. oz said critics that want him removed from columbia university's faculty are upset about his opposition to genetically modified foods and he says he never promotes treatments or cures for his own financial gain. >> these doctors are criticizing me for promoting treatments and cures in interest of personal financial gain. something i tell you every day on this program i never do.
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>> last week ten doctors sent a letter to columbia university saying that dr. oz promotes "quack treatments." columbia says it's committed to its academic freedom. the hubble telescope turns 25 years old this morning. there are 20,000 light years away. hubble is considered one of the most powerful scientific instruments in the world despite relying on 1970 technology. nasa hopes it operates until 2020. when we return, pete rose and major league baseball show signs they are starting to make up. but on the field, things are not so friendly. we'll show you what triggered this brawl between the royals and the white sox. we'll show you what triggered this brawl. not only faster. stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil ♪ ♪ ♪
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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in sports, we begin with the nba playoffs and a stunning collapse by the new orleans pelicans. the pelicans held a 20-point lead over golden state at the beginning of the fourth quarter but the warriors surged back with under five seconds left in regulation golden state's stefan curry hit a game tying three. curry ended up 40 points. the warriors held on in overtime beating new orleans 123-119 and lead the series three games to none. game four is saturday. the cleveland cavaliers are on the verge of a sweep. in the first playoff series in five years. lebron james led the cavs with 31 points as cleveland beat boston. 103-95. cleveland leads best of seven series three games to none. game four sunday in boston. this morning there's signs that pete rose's lifetime ban from baseball could come to an end. major league commissioner ron
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manfred is allowing rose to participate in activities at the all-star game in cincinnati. that's where rose was managing when he was caught betting on the team. that's what prompted the ban. rose applied for reinstatement when manfred game commissioner this year. in chicago, less than polite exchange between kansas city pitcher yordano ventura and adam eaton. resulted in a nasty seventh inning bench clearing brawl. the fight started near the first base line and spread to second and restarted again near first. punches were thrown and five players were ejected. the royals won in 13 innings 3-2. the super bowl champion new england patriots visited the white house bringing all four lombardi trophies the team has won since 2002. quarterback tom brady did not make the trip and maybe that's why president obama brought up the deflate gate scandal. >> i usually tell a bunch of jokes at these events but with patriots in town i was worried that 11 out of 12 of them would fall flat.
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>> it definitely fell flat with head coach bill belichick on the left giving a big thumbs down. news, russell crowe. i'm alison harmelin. this is the "cbs morning news." alison harmelin. this is the "cbs morning news." r lunch and tap, swipe, and go. chili's. fresh is happening now. nervous whitening will damage your teeth? introducing listerine® healthy white™. it not only safely whitens teeth... ...but also restores enamel. lose the nerves and get a healthier whiter smile that you'll love. listerine® healthy white™. power to your mouth™! my feet felt so heavy at the end of the day. they used to get really tired. until i started gellin'. i got dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. when they're in my shoes, my feet and legs feel less tired. it's like walking on a wave. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles . i'm a believer!
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here's another look at this morning's top stories. the stage in an indiana high school auditorium collapsed during a musical performance last night. more than a dozen students were injured at westfield high school. one is in critical condition. president obama says a cia drone strike in january accidentally killed an american and italian, two hostages held by al qaeda in pakistan. american aid worker weinstein was kidnapped in 2011. the president has ordered a review of the drone program. government scientists said thursday that man is to blame for the surge in earthquakes. oklahoma surpassed california in seismic activity. as manuel bojorquez reports, drilling for oil and gas play as
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role. >> we're having an earthquake. role. >> we're having an earthquake. >> reporter: this is some of the shaking in oklahoma where since 2009 there have been 300 times more earthquakes than in previous decades. >> the house was shaking violently. >> reporter: sandra showed us last month the damage she still has from the largest quake there. could you believe this was an earthquake happening? >> it was hard to because i had never been in anything like that. >> reporter: a portion of oklahoma is now one of 17 regions identified by the u.s. geological survey for human caused earthquake activity possibly triggered by oil and gas production. waste water from fracking operations is typically ingested deep underground and that could reactivate dormant faults. in oklahoma, scientists announce this week they believe the majority of recent earthquakes in some areas were likely triggered by those types of disposal wells. and while mostly minor, the
4:27 am
quakes are happening in areas where homes are not designed to earthquake building codes. the scientists at southern methodist university studied a swarm of earthquakes near azle, texas, and it shows natural gas wells have gone from a possible cause to the most likely. >> you can never say with 100% certainty but the pressure caused by oil and gas activity are at the right depth, right location and the right time to provide the most stresses to cause earthquakes. >> reporter: but the scientists also point out there are thousands of wells that are not associated with earthquakes. the american petroleum institute said safety is the industry's top priority and it supports further studies of this issue. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, irving, texas. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more
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on the western hostages killed in a u.s. drone strike. we'll speak with michael morrell and the comcast drop merger plans with timer warner and charlie chats with oscar winning actor russell crowe about his new movie. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday. thanks for watching. i'm alison harmelin. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. taking a live look out
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there at the golden gate bridge right now, it's still a little foggy out there, but some weather is coming. good morning. it is friday, april 24. i'm michelle griego. >> happy friday, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30 right now. and get you out the door with a little traffic and weather. a little bit of rain coming late tonight, early tomorrow, right? >> good call there. but today in advancement of it we have the areas of low clouds, the patchy fog, as michelle was alluding to over there by the golden gate bridge. hi-def doppler radar pick up a thunderstorm in the fresno area. that's the closest rain to us right now. no rain today, partly cloudy. currently in the 40s and 50s. later today with a breezy west wind 10 to 20, temperatures in the 50s and 60s, we'll track the incoming rain together. first, elizabeth. >> thank you. it's just your overnight roadwork on a friday. we hope we'll see "friday light" traffic so far today. that appears to be the case on the nimitz freeway.


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